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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and grill on first street and venetia can only allowed 25% of capacity inside in the orange tear. that number would double to 50% 25% isn't cost effective. 50% get you up to where it's probably worth wild, open up with pleasure to put on. so the owner limits service to outdoor. only you basically have to reinvent your business every time the rules change, so we've gone from, you know, indoor to note to nothing to some amount to go pick up a few blocks away at this women's clothing store. the owner says she notices the trickle down effect. fewer people in bars and restaurants means fewer people coming around the shop. and she says it doesn't help that other nearby counties arm or opened up. there is a huge competitive disadvantage because, like i said, if we don't have bars and restaurants open a certain capacity, people are going to go to neighboring towns and not come here where you could do multiple things. so why is solano trading and red waters
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and not moving forward? some of it is geography. solano also borders the sacramento region, which is still in red. and besides that, there are the covid metrics. we're doing well without. our positivity rate and we're doing very well with our health equity metric. both of those are actually quite solidly in the orange for us, but our case rate, the number of cases reported each day is in the red. those new covid infection numbers, he says, mostly involved 20 and 30 year olds. i suspect a lot of this is march madness get togethers. get togethers for sporting events on the weekends to watch them and it is for don lee younger people. the good news is that it's not older at luca's. the owner says he's seeing covid fatigue firsthand, and in the beginning, people were understanding and very understanding that's starting to go away. they're starting to not be so understanding about what we have to do to you know, maintain the rules. there was some concern earlier in the week that solano would slip down into the purple tear. but
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county health officials say that now appears unlikely they do expect solano do move up into the orange tear sometime before the end of april. rob rob ktvu, fox two news. contra costa sonoma and napa counties officially moved into the orange tear today that means stores, gyms and restaurants can let more people inside. we spoke with one worker who says increasing indoor dining really makes a difference, especially for elderly customers. they love to come in because get out the cold or whatever the heat and suddenly be able to sit here enjoy their food. the orange tear also allows bars to reopen for outside service. only there is no longer a requirement that bars must serve food in order to be open. the san francisco school board now says it is committed to bringing back all students and teachers to the classroom for in person instruction. by this fall. during its long meeting last night, the school district presented its reopening plan,
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which begins with two waves of lower grade schools. next monday, middle and high school campuses are set to reopen at the end of the month. some elementary school parents voiced concern that their kids will be in class without their teachers. i have a kindergartner, his teacher just let us know. i think yesterday that they'll remain remote and having the students on zoom in the room. with a sub, i guess for supervision. um this is pretty sad and disappointing, especially for the young learners in kindergarten. the meeting ended with a 6 to 0 vote to suspend the renaming of 44 schools, which the district says honored figures linked to racism, sexism and other injustices. the vote means the school board will revisit the matter after all students have returned to full time in person learning sama tail county has updated their school guidance on physical distancing and quarantines. one of the key changes. is this allowing the desks in the classrooms to be a minimum of three ft apart in
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accordance with the cdc, new guidelines, students and staff who are fully vaccinated would also be able to skip testing and being quarantined after they travel within the county unless they have symptoms of the coronavirus and students can also plant modified in person graduation ceremonies that align with state guidance. the city of piedmont is offering free childcare to teachers at. as an incentive to increase the amount of in person learning there, according to the east bay times, the city council approved the program where teachers can enroll their children in childcare programs run by the piedmont recreation department for free, the city's mayor says teachers can return to the classroom knowing that their children are cared for in a safe location. students in piedmont schools began returning to the classrooms on hybrid learning schedules back in february, and you covid-19 vaccination site opened in san francisco is excelsior district today. that site is on norton street near mission in the
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diverse neighborhood where many latinos and essential workers live. the city says it is part of their effort to provide equity in the ongoing fight against the pandemic testing shows the latino community is still has more than doubled the test positivity rate compared to the general population. what we're really trying to do and i think this is what we've learned from the excelsior strong and the latino task forces create low barrier access points. make sure that it's very easy to get the services that we need to ensure. that the community is safe. the vaccination site is open by appointment only from wednesday through saturday. the city says it will have an initial capacity of 150 dose. is a day statewide coronavirus vaccinations are now up to 21,000,003. average doses a day, nearly eight million people in california are now fully vaccinated. santa clara and alameda counties of both
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administered more than one million vaccinations. cdc said today that the coronavirus variant that was first discovered in the uk is now the dominant strain here in the united states. scientists say the b 117 variant is more contagious, which is adding to concerns about a possible fourth surge of cases. health officials say it's now a race to get shots in people's arms, even as the u. s is vaccinated, an average of nearly three million people per day. getting trusted messengers, be they clergy sports figures, people that the community trust and look up to better articulate the need and the importance to get vaccinated. with more people getting vaccinated. the debate is heating up over so called vaccine passports, the biden administration has said that they don't support vaccine passports on the federal level and that a number of governors are also against the idea. while some states are implementing bands on vaccine passports, california is moving
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forward with the plan to require vaccinations or proof of a negative test for people who want to attend large indoor events. this will start on april 15th. public health officials say initially proof on paper will suffice, but eventually they say the program will become digital. the european union's drug regulator says it has found a possible link between the astrazeneca coronavirus vaccine and a rare type of blood clot. however it's said the benefits still outweigh the risks and recommended that vaccinations should continue an adult's last month. many countries temporarily halted using that vaccine over this very issue. u. s regulators have not yet approved it for use here. carnival cruise line says they may take their ships out of the 14 ports in the united states where they operate, including san francisco and then resume operations elsewhere. carnival says it wants to be treated like other sectors of the travel industry, including airlines and hotels, which have
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been allowed to open with at least limited capacity during the pandemic. carnival says they're still working with the cdc and the biden administration to try. find a way to get back to business, there was action at golden gate fields today, but not on the horse racing track. animal rights activists held a memorial protest to demand an end to the sport after 1/9 horse died during a race there last weekend. the activists say that golden gate fields is now the deadliest track in california. ktvu is jesse gary has more now on today's demonstration and the state's response. the horse racing industry is inherently cruel and dangerous for horses with songs and signs. about two dozen protesters gathered outside golden gate fields race track. their collective call draws attention to the names of horses that have died recently. okay killed february 23rd and to push officials to end the sport of horse racing that this
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place this'll place is using animals, a center tainment exploiting their bodies. and torturing them to perform as entertainers for humans. the horse racing industry has been under the microscope the past few years following dozens of deaths that tracks around the state. nine so far this year at golden gate fields, many more in southern california. i wake up every morning and try to figure out ways to, you know, protect horses. scott cheney's the executive director of the california horse racing board, he says. injuries and deaths are inherent risks, regardless if the horses are grazing in the wild or racing around a track. but a spate of deaths in 2019 and 2020 sparked the board to enact in nearly two dozen regulatory changes to better protect the animals. the result has produced a 13% decline and deaths two years ago and a 25% reduction last year. what we are really addressing and. are the preventable fatalities and preventable injuries. and i
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think we've come a long way no matter how far the state has moved to protect these animals, it's not far enough. these demonstrators say the race now is not to the finish line, but to finish the sport of horse racing. i just think it's a sign of a sick society when we're allowing centeon beings to be to be exploited. demonstrators say the golden gate fields site could be better repurposed as housing for the homeless in the area. we reached out to the racetrack to get a comment or response, but never heard back from them in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news coming up in unarmed man shot and killed by police in san jose, the civil rights lawsuit just filed on behalf of the family of david tovar jr and in east a woman in need of help after losing her home and one of her beloved pets in a fire more from the heart breaking owner heartbroken, rather owner coming up next. then kind of a cool one. today, temperatures generally cooled off a few
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degrees. it's gonna warm up is we head to the next few days and the weekend we'll go looking for rain in the five day forecast. i'll see you after the wah! it. who has we fr
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sexually assaulting a child. 46 year old man well, ricardo ramirez sig lanza is suspected of raping a child under the age of 14. he is described as latino with black hair and brown eyes. five ft. eight inches tall, weighing about £170. he has associates and family in sacramento, san jose, fresno and southern california. anyone with information is asked to call union city, police, civil rights attorneys today filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit in the police shooting of an unarmed 27 year old man, david tobar jr was shot and killed by san jose police outside an apartment complex on january 21st. at the time, police said tovar appeared to be reaching for a
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gun. it turned out he had a screwdriver in his pocket and a phone was found nearby. police say tobar was a person of interest in several crimes, including a shooting and a homicide lawyers for his family say no matter what he did was. matter what he was accused of. he did not deserve to be killed. if you're wanted or suspected, or thought to have engaged in some type of activity, you're entitled. to your day in court. that is something that these officers denied. david. the suit also says tobar was running away when he was shot and that he lay bleeding for at least two minutes before receiving medical care. the officers involved have not been identified. san was a police would not comment on the ongoing litigation in the east bay. a woman is heartbroken after one of her cats died in a fire and another one was seriously injured. ktvu is henry lee tells us that she got
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very emotional today and she talked to him about what happened. i'm just numb. and i don't even know what to think that i just it's all lost. it's like death. laura oh, stratos, struggling to cope after early morning fire tour through and destroyed her home in san pablo, one of her cats, stuart little, was badly burned and survived. another cat, isabella, the gray and white one wasn't so lucky. she didn't make it and then i had to look at her late in the street dead for a while, he covered her up like looking at my child. ah, third cat named mouse is still missing. ghostwriters legally blind is now living in a motel, a local venice treating stuart. but the bills keep on going up at one point, oh, straw thought she had to do the unthinkable. i was gonna have him put down because i couldn't afford it after having part of the cost cover to insurance that that treating stuart started go fund me page to help cover the rest of the costs. a lot of gratitude. thank you. to me
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doesn't seem like enough to say that all the vet tells me stuart little isn't out of the woods yet, but that his prognosis looks good. for roast route, her animals or everything to her. i know animals don't mean things to people that there's all this just a cat. that's the dog, and i hate when they say that because they do have feelings. this is a picture of her cats and happier times like cats don't deserve this. they didn't they were interested. the fire broke out early the morning of march. 30th that the homo straw tone on 18th street in san pablo, the contra costa county fire protection district, says smoking materials left on the back porch started the fire those trucks as she believes one of our tenants didn't completely put out a cigarette and then fell out of the ashtray and flames word. we're going across the room, and i kept trying to get my cat's out, and they kept running back in most try to escape with her dog. pepe le pew. she tells me her insurance is trying to find her a rental home. you could find a link to the go fund me in our story on ktvu .com. henry lee ktvu fox two news. a second
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large gray whale has turned up dead in san francisco bay. the well was found yesterday floating near the berkeley marina and then dragged to angel island. buy a boat today it joined another gray whale towed to angel island. just last week, marine mammal experts will do a necropsy to try to determine how the latest whale died. they say they're also looking into the death of another whale found along the san mateo county coast over the weekend. oh wait. we're looking into your weather, which turned out pretty nice today but slightly cooler than yesterday. just fine. i mean, kind of spring like pattern, but these inland numbers like fairfield in antioch and vallejo down a couple of degrees around the bay and at the coast. about the same couple years might have been a little bit warmer. but overall, we had more wind today and so it more when we saw more of an onshore push of air, and with that we dropped a few degrees today want to be the coolest day of the week? and then as we go through the next few days and warm up so here's the story that low through the
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low sitting there. that's why we've been kind of cool, kind of greasy kind of cloudy for the last couple days, the highs nudging in now and so that sets us up a special on friday with a gradual warming trend, but you'll notice it tomorrow you'll notice a few degrees warmer tomorrow. for sure. outside we got a little bit of haze little bit a little cloud hanging out along the coast. just some stratos and the marin headlands even in over in the berkeley hills myself since traitors earlier current temperatures and you can see how cool it is along the coast. those blues represent fifties. so what's the plan? tomb or the same tomorrow? that's slightly warmer and less wind. and then as we go through time, you see the winds blowing. it's pretty significant wind out there. see these air sea level winds 22 miles an hour, the sfo probably gusting to 28 there, but these winds will die down tonight will be less win tomorrow. plenty of sunshine tomorrow and a nice day with lots of. you know, lots of sunshine except riot, the immediate coastline where they'll be some fog again. temperatures tomorrow little bit warmer than today. but the main weather headline is where's the rain? and, secondly, a gradual warming
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trend into the weekend? so we'll look at that when i see you next. bill thank you. violence and crime against asian americans has become more commonplace. now. two siblings from the east bay are fighting hate through song. before. no more ago, feel so, you know nothing. always always lie our fourth generation chinese americans, their song chasing reversal is just their latest form of expression. last year at the onset of the coronavirus, they produced a short film to confront xenophobia and his hate crimes have gone up, so has their motivation. to speak out. our mothers are being attacked. our grand parents are being attacked. every day we leave the house and we fear we feel fear. we're scared toe go to the grocery store to buy water to buy food. ktvu
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brooks jarocz sits down with the brother and sister to hear how they're overpowering those feelings and the advice they have for all of us to learn and grow together. that report coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news. coming out more potentially damaging testimony on day eight of the derrick show been murder trial in minneapolis as the focus remains on police use of force on george floyd plus los angeles. authorities confirmed the cause of tiger woods. terrifying february car crash. i'm jonathan hunt in los
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derrick show vin for a second day today, sergeant jody steiger of the l. a police department said that he thinks show vin used deadly force by kneeling on george floyd's neck. he said that sheldon was bearing down with most of his wait for 9.5 minutes as floyd was lying face down. in handcuffs at the time of the strange period. mr floyd was not resisting. he was in the prone position. um hey, was handcuffed. he was not attempting to, evade he was not attempting to resist and the pressure, um, that he was that was being caused by the body weight. uh wood to cause position like six year which could cause death. the defense
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has suggested that bystanders at the scene of floyd's arrest distracted officers. but steiger said after seeing body camera video, he didn't view the crowd there as a threat. new information now involving that solo car crash back in february that seriously injured tiger woods. tonight we finally know the cause. the los angeles sheriff's department says excessive speed is to blame. investigators say which was going 87 miles an hour in a four five mile an hour zone seconds before that crash. fox news jonathan hunt is in los angeles with the latest. the l. a county sheriff's office on wednesday officially confirmed the cause of tiger woods. cart crash primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving in a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway. investigators examined the black box data recorder from woods, lona 2021 genesis suv on
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march 1st. it is speculated and believe that tiger woods inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. authorities say they did not zaman, tiger woods phone. but given the speed, even if woods had been distracted, it would only have bean an associate id factor, not the primary cause on they said there was no evidence of impairment from drugs or alcohol. there was no order of alcohol. there were no open containers in the vehicle, and there are no narcotics or any evidence of medication in the vehicle or on his person. woods told officials he could not remember the moments leading up to the february 20. the crash in southern california when he struck a raised median cross through to oncoming lanes and hit a tree. the golfing legend was seriously hurt and is now recovering from multiple surgeries to repair his leg injuries would release a statement wednesday, thanking first responders and supporters and saying quote i will
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continue to focus on my recovery and family and thank everyone for the overwhelming support and encouragement i've received through this very difficult time, officials say the body camera footage from the first officer on the scene will not be released, and woods will not be cited for any violations in los angeles. jonathan hunt fox news coming up on ktvu fox two news at 6 30, house speaker nancy pelosi and san francisco health leaders touting the financial benefits of the biden administration's coronavirus relief bill. and later in sports, a huge hit for one of the newcomers is the aids walk up the dodgers for their first win of the season, plus border patrol agents are finding maura abandoned children lost at the border. i'm ray bogan with the story of how two children were found, with their mother's phone
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mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden,
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and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again. sonoma counties all entered the less restrictive orange tear today you can see from this updated map that brings most of the bay area to the orange tear. solano county is the only one that has not moved into the less restrictive category. debate is heating up about so called vaccine passports. the biden administration says they don't support them at a federal level, and some states have
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already banned them. starting april 15th here in california, the state will require proof of vaccinations or a negative coronavirus test if you want to attend a large indoor event, you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 san francisco health leaders today joined house speaker nancy pelosi to publicly celebrate the biden administration's american rescue plan. ktvu is christien kafton tells us the federal stimulus package passed by congress last month is directing billions of dollars to state and local government. this location some of san francisco's most influential healthcare leaders gathered with the speaker of the house. nancy pelosi, at northeast medical services names in the city, the speaker, saying the newly enacted american rescue stimulus package will first speed vaccine delivery and help the country take the first steps towards an economic recovery. we want to make sure that the rescue package was
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successful and what it set out to do vaccines in the arms money in the pockets of the american people, doctor kind of tie from names, said his practice, which focuses on delivering medical care to chinese speaking patients will be able to continue its mission with added funding from the rescue plan. the plan will allocate. seven 0.6 billion with a b dollars inflexible emergency covid-19 fundings for committee house centers like numbs across the us names will receive $11 million for the next two years. the city's director of public health also weighing in saying the plan will help speed vaccine delivery, a critical element to controlling the pandemic and allowing the city to flourish again when we receive a steady and increase vaccine supply, we will be well on our way. getting 80% 80% of san franciscans vaccinated by mid main, this is exciting as this is our ticket out. the doctor's
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saying the funds will also help with non covid related issues in years to come. this funding is especially important for a work to care for and protect. vulnerable asian seniors who threatened targeted in recent months, but hate and violence while pelosi and health leaders in san francisco support the american recovery plan, it was passed without any republican lawmakers support opponents. the plans say it's too expensive too broad and doesn't designate enough specifically for covid relief. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. tomorrow. president biden is expected to announce executive actions to address gun violence. they are expected to include tighter regulations, including federal background check requirement for buyers of so called ghost guns. those are untraceable weapons after a rather often made from parts that are purchased online, california is among the states that have passed laws requiring serial numbers on those guns.
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president biden is also expected to name gun control advocate david shipman. had the 80 f. that agency has not had a confirmed director since 2015 new pictures showed just how desperate the situation is on the us mexico border for young kids. fox news ray bogan has a heartbreaking example. the border patrol says these two children being comforted by an agent were abandoned at the border line by two adults. they were found with their mother's name and phone number, written on a note and therefore arms. this video shows another crime child rescued in the desert. he says he was abandoned by a large group. that 10 year old boy all he did was fell asleep for a short period of time, and they left him. they left him and he would have died. if you wouldn't have been able to find those agents as the body administration tries to get a hand. on the immigration search, homeland security secretary alejandro my or kiss is reportedly considering resuming border wall construction to
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fill in existing gaps. well construction remains paused. there is a review, uh in underway, taking a look at the funds that had been allocated. there are some components of the wall that had already been allocated the funding to continue building by congress. the white house says they're taking a long term diplomatic approach to immigration and trying to address root causes in central american countries like poverty and violence. they're also trying to find solutions for those who are already here. last thing we should do we just turn our back on and say the #### with you go home. the white house is being criticized for not doing enough. it's really unacceptable that biden is so obsessed with trump reversals that what president trump did on the border worked. vice president harris is leading the administration's immigration response, but so far she doesn't have any trips to the border plan. ray bogan, fox news elections officials are still verifying and validating signatures in the
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effort to recall governor gavin newsom. but by all accounts, we are likely headed for a special election in the fall today, the sacramento press club held a virtual event featuring one of the major supporters of the recall and governor newsome's chief strategist, giving their contrast thing views on what is likely to come. question today is do we stand stand by and let the trumpers and the republican party. due to california what they did to america or do we fight back? and do we allow them to sew the same hate and division that was sewed in america here in california, or do we fight back and i can tell you the answer here is we intend to fight back and we intend to win. there's one thing that's more important to california citizens and partisan politics and that star quality of life and that's where i think we've gained our mo mentum. we've linked arms with people. all across a very broad spectrum, and the longer the gavin newsom team continues to be in denial about that kind
6:36 pm
of thing, the happier we are working with the county in the case of northern cal counties have until april 29th to verify signatures. we will likely no 10 days later whether the measure has qualified for the ballot. coming up a d u i suspect hit and killed on highway 101 in burlingame more on how it involved a cemetery county sheriff's deputy who just happened to be driving by and what we're learning about the moments leading up to the incident, plus a killer show a pod of killer whales, giving quite the show to a whale watching group in monterey bay more when we come back.
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because that's power down time. bank. it happened at a bank of america branch on fourth and san fernando streets, police say. when officers arrived, they found a man inside the a. t. m best of you'll of the bank. he was arrested and police say was set to be booked on charges of commercial burglary. police didn't say what he is suspected of stealing inside that area of the bank. an investigation is underway into a shooting involving a santa cruz county sheriff's deputy. it happened last night, a napa toss while deputies were investigating a suspicious vehicle. the deputies say they noticed the man was armed with a gun and when they tried to detain him, he fired at least one shot at them. a deputy returned fire and hit the driver who's expected to survive. the deputies were not hurt. ah
6:40 pm
fleeing dy suspect was struck and killed by osama tail county sheriff's deputy it happened. late last night. the deputy was driving his vehicle when it happened. it happened late last night in the north bound lanes of highway one, a one in burlingame. ktvu elissa harrington has more on what happened. cafornia highway patrol officers say a deadly collision between a d u i suspect and the sheriff's deputy could have been avoided. they say the suspect made the fatal decision to run across the highway to avoid being arrested soon as he was advised that has been placed under arrest. he took off running this happened in the north bound lanes of highway one, a one around 10 30 last night in burlingame. officers say they were called to a report of a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the south bound lanes just south of the millbrae off ramp. when they arrived, they made contact with the man inside, he appeared to be intoxicated officer aren't montiel with chp said when officers place that driver under arrest. he ran the driver took off running across all
6:41 pm
south by means of us. won one onto center divide and as he was about to see jumped into the north timelines, hey, was struck by a cemetery kind of sheriff's vehicle of seven number one in the deputy's car was seen with a broken window. ah multidisciplinary accident investigation team was called to the scene. they were seen taking measurements and looking in the suspect's car. on t. l said the deputy was not responding to this call. it was by chance that he was driving in the same area just happened to be in the north and is yeah, there was. there was no pursuit, all of their vehicle willis originally disable on the right shoulder. the suspect a man in his thirties, died at the scene. three north bound lanes were blocked for hours during the investigation, but have since reopened. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. temperatures did cool off today, but we're headed for a warming trend as we hit the end of the week and the weekend we'll see you back here with
6:42 pm
that. right now we go to ktvu is heather holmes with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news, okay to be a plus, frank knew tonight and seven looking at the impacts of covid-19 in our covid conversation. well, look at the new study showing a possible link between the coronavirus and mental health. also a lot of people tonight, talking about tiger woods and that crash that he was involved in back in february. we now know the cause earlier today i spoke with tmz's harvey levin, who has some exclusive details about the crash investigation will share that with us coming up tonight at seven over on ktvu. plus, we'll see it. but first after the break, helping local residents in an emergency situation, the equipment handed out in santa rosa today to help alert people during large scale emergencies. lines. a eva. thougn
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spring, calif, i reports 717 wildfires already this year compared to 608 at this time last year. ktvu tom vacar tells us now about an innovative program in the north bay to give people another form of early warning. wednesday was another bone dry day in santa rosa with little prospect of any meaningful rain going forward. that was a major reason santa rosa officials handed out thousands of free emergency alert radios and oakmont village, a senior community of 4500, often plagued by wildfires, with all the different fires and different things that we've had. hopefully this will keep us up to date. we've been through a lot up here was a. in recent years, and one of the issues
6:46 pm
has been getting out. a quick communication about conditions. a first of its kind. fema grand allows the city to hand out 12,000 battery powered radios. retail value $30 each. oh happy with that radio free for information for everything. i layers is good right to help a lot of people. it's necessary. i haven't told one that's about ready to give out the radios. will also be handed out in santa rose's other threatened wildlands urban interface district's rincon valley bennett valley fountain, grove, skyhawk on montecito heights, all of which were attacked by the tub's kincaid, nuns and glass fires. that's the beauty of these days, they can be activated remotely, obviously, but activated without relying on cell service and power. the radio's also alert to national weather service watches and warnings for all severe weather phenomena. including fire, heat and wind, and it's not in place
6:47 pm
of its in addition to all the other notification tools, they have soco alerts. they have other things that they have through their cell phone. the uia alerts whether researchers have all the proof they need to be worried, but we've been sampling this one site for 13 years, and this is the 1st april where we had no new growth. the fuels air starting off so dry in the spring. they're only going to get dryer through the summer millions of california tree our drought, disease and insect infested, making them very weak and highly prone to fires. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, a group of whale watchers got quite the show in monterey bay, a photographer who went out with the wheel watching group from princess monterey tours captured these photos and video of a pod of killer whales swimming near their boat. the whales swim underneath the boat and appeared to pester a pair of adult gray whales. awhile before swimming off, the
6:48 pm
photographer says will watchers have spotted the killer whale pod several times over. the past few days? yes nice to see killer wells out there. i have a guy i used to know. back in the long time ago, he was a surfer. it's steamers laid in santa cruz. he's just talk about in the fifties. this killer whales would come inside, you know, with lighthouses there at the point or out by the pier that there's the in elaine there, the. killer whales would come inside right offshore. which is amazing, because i've never seen a killer well outside the fair lawns in this area. okay so dry pattern right? it's 20 days since we've seen rain. last time, a rain was march 18th, and it looks like we're not going to see any rain until a couple weeks into april for sure, obviously, right? and then here are the temperatures from today a little cooler in those inland valleys. i picked up some when they went, we had the surface winds, and then i went up to the mountain tops, and you could see diablos blowing 36 months. miles an hour, but it's almost breezier
6:49 pm
down the surface and it is a pie. which is interesting, so we've got some pretty brisk winds, and that's the responsible, uh, factor for the cool down today was those winds coming onshore, just blowing. ah, lot of cool. they're up into the delta up into sacramento up into davis, so they've had significant cooling there as well, as evidenced by all the green showing you just a ton of cool air sliding in fairfield 61 degrees right now. and it's 58 in san jose. so it's only a couple degrees warmer and fairfield, which is kind of unusual for sure. a zoo. look at those salads that loop. you can see a lot of stuff out there, but nothing really defined in terms of potential rain potential storm but have you so we got more of the same. it's a holding pattern if you will, in the holding pattern includes a day tomorrow a lot like the day that we had today, which means temperatures in the sixties will see a little bit warmer. tomorrow because of the lack of winter because of less wind will be plenty of sunshine and it's going to be a very comparable data today, and the
6:50 pm
plan is for this next few days into the weekend will be for temperatures to warm a little bit each day, so it's spring. it feels like spring. it's acting like spring. we'll see more seventies tomorrow, especially in the inland valleys. and when we talk about warm up here, we're not talking about warm up. we're talking about warm up. it's kimmy just a little bit warmer to each day we get into the mid seventies would be about as warm as it gets around here in the weekend. you'll see that in the five day forecast, so it's fine whether you know it wouldn't be a such a drag, and i'd be more excited about it if we weren't below 50% of rainfall average and the reservoirs are all in about 50% so we need rain, and it looks like there's gonna be another dry year. no real way around it. at this point. i'll see you back here tonight at 10 and 11. we'll see them. bill. thank you coming up in sports. extra inning day games for the giants of the a's sports director marco bania says the exciting finishes next and in prime time tonight on fox. it's the group b finals on the mass singer
6:51 pm
that starts at eight, followed by an all new game of talents at nine and then we hope you stick around for the 10 o'clock news and the 11 o'clock news, all right here on ktvu.
6:52 pm
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tonight. both the a's and giants taken care of their business early, and it is the business of winning and most specifically for the oakland a's. they did not want to get off to an historically bad. oh and seven starts. so for them, they're the walk off specialist right, and that's what eventually works today for victory number one against the dodgers, couple of kids there. be fighting on the car ride home when he'd spend what dodger bed 8131 to see austin barnes in the fourth inning. hit it deep off a through slits. arto seth brown says, now hearing that could continue this and i think this is the play that really turned the momentous for the eight beautiful catch. lazaro five of the third, two runs, six strikeouts, seventh inning to one los angeles with sergio romo on the mound for the 8 to 1. wanna start justin turner's off to stop brown's not gonna be able to corral this thing
6:55 pm
that rattles around. got himself in r b. i double dodgers have themselves up 31 lead and trevor bauer pitching. you didn't like their chances at this point, last year's cy young award winner would like to have this pitch back because match chapman. a ticket to ride about 425 ft. solo homer, his fans open he breaks out of his early season slump, three to ninth inning time running third. elvis andrus, one of the newcomers will hit it deep enough for matt chapman to score on this play in the a's find themselves in a ties looking chapman just beat the throw from chris taylor. catch you're never really corralled it. it's a 33 ball game, and here's especially for the a's take him dex training's still tied another newcomer, mitch moreland, bullet too, right? that's gonna end it. mark canha will score and the. is have something to celebrate. finally 43 final first win of the year
6:56 pm
there, one and six that now hit the road for houston. mitch moreland getting involved in the way the a's do their business after a victory kind of been a tough go, but we kept battling way killed, battling and. you know, came up big there in the night celebrate? yeah. welcome to oakland and 10 innings also did the trick for the san francisco giants, who are not exactly pounding the baseball right now, but you know what? coming back, often opening season road trip three and three. they will take it against the supposedly overpowering padres and the giant fans always make that excursion down to san diego. pandemic or not. we got scoreless second, any darren. run deep off blake. snell watch this play or hate. matteo thought he was gonna make a great catch came very close to it. he actually helps us through the ball over the wall
6:57 pm
to nothing. giants will take it another homer for them. they've got 11 on the year. great defense. everybody worried about the giants defense, not on this play. mauricio do bond takes it away from eric hosmer. that's sensational behind kevin gossman. who turns in his second really solid start when seven innings gave up only one run, he approves of that work. eighth inning to one giants leading this guy just own separate cisco pitching wil myers. another homer, this one comes up up 71 mile an hour pitch from tyler rogers to two in the eighth inning and so again another one like the aids, the giants go to extra innings to take care of it. and 1st and 3rd occupied donovan solano, donnie barrels not ahead, but a fly ball deep enough out there to myers. dickerson not exactly a speed machine scoring, they'll take a 3 to 1 be paroled to the save and the
6:58 pm
giants come home for their opener friday and willie mays ballpark against the colorado rockies. let us get to someplace stuff. i guess it's fun. you need to check it out. tell me what you think we're calling this camera in danger mint. look at this foul ball off the bat of time, neil, that that's gonna be an expensive little foul temper. right there. behind the plate is think that that would probably happen on more occasions than it actually does, and we're gonna go to some chip penis on the pitch. this is the conquered cap champions league debut of the team. philadelphia gets up. oppressor and ricardo blanco just knocks out jack wagner and philly will win one mil. and you don't often see that full on fight. remember senator that's the sporting life back to you guys. all life back to you guys. all here's what i wonder about zombies. (others groaning)
6:59 pm
what happens if they can't get any human flesh to eat? they can't starve to death-- they're already dead. you take this one. i spent an hour last night on "how do vampires shave when they can't see themselves in the mirror?" well-groomed vampires meet in pairs and shave each other-- case closed. yeah, okay, so, zombies. i guess it depends on the zombies, raj. are we talking slow zombies, fast zombies? like, in 28 days, if those zombies didn't eat, they starved. you're thinking of 28 days later. 28 days is where sandra bullock goes to rehab and puts the audience into an undead state. hey, don't bag on sandra bullock! you think it makes you look cultured, but you just come off as bitter. dr. siebert, twelve o'clock. wolowitz: why's the president of the university slumming in the cafeteria? perhaps he's emulating shakespeare's henry v, who dressed as a commoner and mingled among them to find out how he was being perceived by his subjects. of course, if he'd have read any of the 1,300 e-mails
7:00 pm
i've sent him on the subject of his administration, he could have saved himself the trouble. or maybe he heard it's tater tot tuesday. that's why i'm here. hey, there's my favorite geniuses! how are we doing today? that depends-- how much longer do you plan on fondling my shoulder? sorry, dr. cooper, i forgot you have a touch phobia. it's not a touch phobia, it's a germ phobia. if you'd like to go put on a pair of latex gloves, i'll let you check me for a hernia. siebert: yeah. so, listen, fellas, who's up for a little party this saturday night? open bar, good eats, might even be a few pretty girls. sounds great! i'm in! hold on. just because the nice man is offering you candy, doesn't mean you should jump into his windowless van. what's the occasion? just a little fund-raiser for the university. aha! the tear-stained air mattress in the back of the van. i understand your reticence, dr. cooper, and i sympathize, but the hard facts are, occasionally, we have to shake a few hands and kiss a few butts to raise money for our research.


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