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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 7, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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predominately younger people from ktvu, fox two news. this is the. four and welcome everyone to the four on this wednesday afternoon. i'm heather holmes that monetary senior in for alex savage solano county did not meet the state's requirements to move on to the orange here and then it's frustrating. many small business owners, ktvu is rob roth joins us now live after speaking with the county health officer robb andrea, there was even concerned earlier in the week that solano would slip down into the purple tear. but health officials say that's no longer likely still, the covid metrics just aren't good enough to get solano out of the red remaining in the red tear means lucas bar and grill on first street and venetia can only allowed 25 of capacity inside in the orange tear. that number would double the 50. 5% isn't cost effective. 50% get you
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have to wear it's probably worth wild, open up with close yet to put on. so the owner limits service to outdoor. only you basically have to reinvent your business every time the rules change. so we've gone from, you know, indoor to note to nothing to something to go pick up a few blocks away at this women's clothing store. the owner says she notices the trickle down effect. fewer people in bars and restaurants means fewer people coming around the shop, and she says it doesn't help that other nearby counties, arm or opened up. there is a huge competitive disadvantage because, like i said, if we don't have bars and restaurants open at a certain capacity, people are going to go to neighboring towns and not come here. where where you could do multiple things. so why is solano trading and red waters and not moving forward? some of it is geography, solano also borders the sacramento region, which is still in red. and besides that, there are the covid metrics. we're doing well with our positivity rate, and
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we're doing very well with our health equity metric. both of those are actually quite solidly in the orange for us. but our case rate the number of cases reported each day is in the red. those new covid infection numbers, he says, mostly involved 20 and 30 year olds. i suspect a lot of this is march madness. get togethers. get togethers for sporting events on the weekends to watch them and it is predominately younger people. the good news is that it's not older at luca's. the owner says he's seen covid fatigue firsthand. and in the beginning people were understand and very understanding. that's starting to go away. they're starting to not be so understanding about what we have to do to, you know, maintain the rules. county health officials do say they expect solano to reach the orange tear by the end of april. andre or at least there's some good news in all of that, rob. thank you so much. meantime the san francisco school board says it is committed to bringing all students and teachers back to
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classroom for in person instruction by this fall during its long meeting last night, the school district presented its opening or reopening plan, which begins with two waves of lower great schools. next monday, middle and high school campuses they're set to reopen at the end of the month. some elementary school parents voiced concern that their student will be in class with their teachers. i have a kindergartner whose teacher just let us know, i think yesterday that they'll remain remote and having the students on zoom in the room. with a sub, i guess for supervision. um this is pretty sad and disappointing, especially for the young learners in kindergarten. the meeting ended with a 6 to 0 vote to suspend the renaming of 44 schools, which the district says honored figures linked to racism, sexism and other injustices. the vote means the school board will revisit the naming after all students have returned to full time in person learning,
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sama te'o county updated its guidance for schools on physical distancing as well as quarantining. one of the key changes is to allow students desk to be a minimum of three ft. apart in accordance with the cdc, these new guidelines, students and staff who are fully vaccinated can also skipped testing and quarantining after they travel within the u unless they have covid symptoms. schools may also plan modified in person, graduation ceremonies that aligned with state guidance. and the city of piedmont is offering free childcare to teachers as an incentive to increase the amount of in person learning. the city council approved a program where teachers can enroll their children and childcare facilities run by the piedmont recreation department for free. the city's mayor says teachers can return to the classroom knowing that their children are cared for in a safe location, students in piedmont schools began returning to classrooms on hybrid learning schedules
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back in february. we'll #### three years in san francisco, they're voicing their support for the bike administrations american rescue plan. ktvu christien kafton joins us now live and christian, those health leaders partnered with speaker of the house. nancy pelosi to tout the benefit of that federal stimulus package. yeah that's exactly right. this health leaders that you were talking about say that that plan will provide funding to get through the covid pandemic and beyond. this location of san francisco's most influential healthcare leaders gathered with the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, at northeast medical services names in the city. the speaker saying, the newly enacted american rescue stimulus package will first speed vaccine delivery and help the country take the first steps towards an economic recovery. we want to make sure that the rescue package, was successful and what it set out to do vaccine in the arms money in the pockets of the american
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people, doctor kenneth tie from nimes said his practice, which focuses on delivering medical care to chinese speaking patients will be able to continue its mission. with added funding from the rescue plan. the plan will allocate, seven point billion with a b dollars inflexible emergency covid-19 fundings for committee house centers like names across the u. s. names won't receive 11 million for the next two years. the city's director of public health, also weighing in saying the plan will help speed vaccine delivery. a critical element to controlling the pandemic and allowing the city to flourish again when we receive a steady and increased vaccine supply, we will be well on our way to getting 80. 80% of san franciscans, vaccinated by mid may. this is exciting as this is our ticket out, the doctor's saying the funds will also help with non covid related issues in years to come this funding is especially
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important for a work to care for and protect. vulnerable asian seniors who threatened targeted in recent months. but hate and violence. well pelosi and health leaders in san francisco support the american recovery plan. it was passed without any republican lawmakers support opponents of the plan say it's too expensive, too broad and doesn't designate enough specifically to covid relief reporting live christien kafton ktvu, fox two news, but fight over their plan just gearing up, christian. thank you, civil rights attorneys today filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit in the police shooting of an unarmed 27 year old man. david two of our junior was shot and killed by san jose police outside of a department complex back on january. 21st now at the time, police said that tobar appeared to be reaching for a gun. it turned out he had a screwdriver in his pocket and a phone was found here by police said over was a person of interest in
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several violent crimes, including shootings and a homicide. lawyers for his family say no matter what he was accused of. he did not deserve to be killed. if you're wanted or suspected, or thought to have engaged in some type of activity, you're entitled to your day. in court. that is something that these officers denied. david. i hope the suit also says that tovar was running away when he was shot and that he lay bleeding for at least two minutes before receiving medical care. the officers involved have not been identified. san jose police would not comment on the ongoing litigation. was suspected driver drunk driver he was driving under the influence. police think when he was struck and killed last night. it is a bizarre story involving a stalled car, a man running from police and a sheriff's deputy who just happened to be driving by ktvu is elissa harrington walks us through this strange story,
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california highway patrol officers say a deadly collision between a d u i suspect and a sheriff's deputy could have been avoided. they say the suspect made the fatal decision to run across the highway to avoid being arrested soon as he was advised that has been placed under arrest. he took off running. this happened in the north bound lanes of highway one a one around 10 30 last night in burlingame, officers say they were called to a report of a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. of the south bound lanes just south of the mill break off ramp. when they arrived, they made contact with the man inside. he appeared to be intoxicated officer art monty with chp, said when officers place that driver under arrest, he ran the driver, took off running across all. south remains of us. 11 onto the center divide and as he was about to a c jumped into the north family, eins hey, was struck by a summit. that kind of sheriff's vehicle of seven and number one name. deputy's car was seen with a broken window. ah, multi disciplinary
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accident investigation team was called to the scene. they were seen taking measurements and looking in the suspect's car. monte. l said the deputy was not responding to this call. it was by chance that he was driving in the same area. you just happened to be in the north and is yeah, there was. there was no pursuit it all their vehicle. willis originally disable on the right shoulder, the suspect a man in his thirties, died at the scene. three north bound lanes were blocked. hours during the investigation, but have since reopened. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox. two news. new information about tiger woods crash in southern california, including how fast the legendary golfer was going and if you face any charges, and president biden is expected to take executive action on guns, the new restrictions he is set to announce. tomorrow. and a very weather a cloudy start this morning. more sunshine
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speed was the cause of the crash involving tiger woods. back in february, the los angeles county sheriff's department completed its investigation last week and released the report today with woods permission, according to the data recorder in woods, lone arrest you ve he was going nearly twice the speed limit in a 45 mile per hour zone, and officials say there was also evidence no evidence of breaking during that collision. instead there was evidence of accelerating. the primary cause of factor for this traffic collision was driving in a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway. estimated speed that the first area of impact were 84 to 87 mph in the final
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estimated speed when the vehicle struck the tree was 75 mph. there were no citations issued and there no signs of impairment. tmz was first break details of the crash report and michael babcock of tmz joins me down live this afternoon and boy michael that data recorder inside the suv revealed a lot of information about what happened that day back in february. hey heather, thanks for having me. yeah, a lot of information and it zraly astounding to think about it. i mean, i was just on that road about a week and a half ago had there and it is it zilly, and it's curvy and just the. lot of tiger woods driving 85 miles an hour and trying to keep that car on the road. is it zhar to imagine it is a again it's a very it's a treacherous stretch of the road, and i don't think anyone could have kept the vehicle on that road, let alone an suv like tiger woods was driving and you heard with the sheriff said there he first made contact with the median
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going 85 miles an hour. then he ends up, you know, driving about 150 more feet before striking a tree, ripping the routes out of the ground. going? 75 miles an hour. and when you take all that into account, you have to say, even with the really serious, lower leg injury that tiger's sustained, you got to say that he's lucky that he's alive. it was that serious of an accident. yeah woz. i mean, it could have been a lot a lot worse, michael, though one thing that we don't know is if tiger woods made a conscious effort to try to avoid this crash, that's something that the. the black box doesn't reveal. yeah, unfortunately, we have some answers, but i don't think that we have the whole picture here. i mean, for some reason, the sheriff's department did not attempt to get a warrant to see tiger woods phone now what that would have been able to show them is whether or not he was texting or he was making phone calls before he got in the accident. and like you said he did not press the brake, and in fact, he actually kept applying the
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gas. the accelerator through the crash in the. moments are second before he actually hit that tree. now the sheriff did throw a theory out there, and they said that maybe tiger in a panic actually tried to hit the brake, but instead hit the accelerator. that was the theory that they threw out there, but still it it doesn't paint a complete picture. also we know the day of the accident when tiger was in the hospital, the sheriff's department again they failed to apply for a warrant to draw blood from tiger woods s o. we don't know if he was on anything that might have impaired his driving tiger woods and his reps have been adamant in saying that absolutely not. he was completely sober, and the sheriff has said that there are no signs of impairment. no bottles of alcohol in the car or anything like that, but still, if they would have drawn that blood, it would at least showed that tiger didn't have anything in his system. and i think that actually would have been beneficial for tiger. because now without that information, there is a cloud over his head. there's just
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there's a cloud of suspicion from people out there who believe that this could not just have been an accident and speed could not have only been been the only factor that caused it. so again. we have some answers, but we don't have the complete picture and unfortunately, i don't think that we ever well yeah, one thing, though, that we do know michael is that tiger woods will not be cited for any sort of traffic violation here, right and again, the speed limit is 45 miles an hour and he was almost double the speed limit. but the sheriff said, taking into account that nobody else was. injured in the fact that tiger has now had to go through great, you know, great bodily pain grow big injuries that he sustained that they will not give him a ticket. now there were people who have then said. that's a celebrity who was getting you know this selective treatment, the sheriff made a point. oh address everybody that was at that press conference today, and he looked out and said all of you out there if this were you who got in that crash, you would not be getting a ticket
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either again because nobody was hurt and tiger woods sustained serious injuries. whether or not you buy that or not, i guess that's for everyone to decide, but not even so much as a ticket to tiger woods. yeah, the sheriff also saying that in order for them to give a citation for let's say speeding at officer a deputy has to witness that speeding. so that was the that was the reason that we heard today michael babcock of teams he really appreciate it. tiger woods, of course, still recovering from those broken bones in his right leg. appreciate it, thanks. well tomorrow, president biden is set to announce executive actions to address gun violence. now they're expected to include tighter regulations, including a federal background check requirement for buyers of so called quote ghost guns. now those are untraceable weapons, often made from parts that are purchased online. california's among the states have passed laws requiring serial numbers on those guns. president biden is also expected to name gun control advocate david chipman
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to head the 80 f that agency. not had a confirmed director. since 2015. we'll bury a weather temperatures cooled off a bit today. as expected, we had some low clouds and fog this morning as you can see, just with the sun glaring in my face more sunshine across a good portion of the bay area this afternoon, we will be a warming up those temperatures by just a little bit as we head towards your thursday and beyond taking a look at the maps right now, as you can see the satellite, the low clouds and fog from this morning, clearing back to the other. coastline also a big batch of high clouds moving in late this morning and into the afternoon hours, so right now looks like on the satellite. we have some patchy fog coast side even right around the middle of the bay out toward the bay bridge approaching oakland at last check. we'll check on some. the current numbers out there a bit cooler out toward the coast. with temperatures on lee in the fifties, the warm spots in the sixties approaching 70 out toward fairfield right now, 68 degrees, there is a breeze
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right now. wind you could see gusting over 20 miles an hour and. airfield oakland airport, not the west wind at about 20 and sfo out of the west and 23 miles an hour so that typical springtime breeze is setting up. here's a live camera above san francisco, where we do have partly cloudy skies and some patchy fog nearby that we could have some more development of the we head into early tomorrow morning for your thursday, so to start out your day, partly cloudy skies and patchy fog and temperatures most areas in the forties. the cool spots, though up in the north bay could be starting out to thursday morning in the third. so here's the plan tomorrow. we should have more sunshine once again and your thursday should be warmer. we're thinking upper fifties to the sixties. warm spots could be approaching the lower seventies by about this time tomorrow. so here is the breakdown either kool, mild or warm with a bump in the numbers. not so much coast side butt out toward the san francisco will warm up the three days too right around 61 degrees and the coast you could see mainly most beaches in the fifties. the
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warming will continue as we head toward the weekend, and we'll have the forecast update coming up it just. a little bit. our mark will see then the fremont city council has approved a new noise ordinance on a first vote last night. now, city officials say that all's due to noise from parties, loud music and sideshow activity have steadily increased over the past three years. the new ordinance will allow fremont police to issue citations to people found to be disturbing the peace. there are exceptions to this for permitted events, construction work and garbage removal. among other activities, pressure that he was that was being caused by the body weight would cause position zixia which could cause death by use of force expert continued his testimony today at the darren chauffeur murder trial here. how he answered the defense's questions about officers interactions with bystanders.
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day in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin ah, use of force expert from the lapd took the stand for the prosecution, he said the showman should have taken george floyd's distress into account as he kneeled on floyd's body, fox's mike tobin tobin has more. police use of force policy remains the focus of the second week of testimony in the trial of derrick show vin sergeant jody steiger of the lapd returned to the stand for a second day, the prosecution's expert witness testified he believes show vin used deadly force by kneeling on george floyd's neck from more than nine minutes at the time of their strength, period. mr floyd was not resisting. he was in the prone position. hey was handcuffed. he was not attempting to evade he was not
4:25 pm
attempting to resist and the pressure that he was that was being caused by the body weight would to cause position like six year which could cause death. the defense has suggested that by standards at the scene of floyd's arrest, distracted officers, steiger said after seeing body camera video. he did not view the crowd as a threat. they were merely filming, and they were. most of it was their concern for mr floyd during cross examination show, vin's attorney eric nelson, further press steiger on how a crowd can impact officers when dealing with the suspect. he asked how a reasonable officer may view onlookers who are name calling or cursing at officers. this could be viewed by a reasonable officer as a threat as a potential threat. correct jurors are also hearing from special agent james ryerson of the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension. he served as the lead case agent for the bureau's investigation. fema floyd's death. prosecutors have called more than two dozen
4:26 pm
witnesses to the stand. the state could wrap its case in the coming days in minneapolis, mike tobin fox news. and you can watch the derrick shelvin murder trial live every day. the court is in session. we're streaming it both on ktvu calm as well as on the ktvu mobile news app. our golden ticket or an invasion of privacy up next the national debate over covid vaccine passports and can stress and lack of sleep effect. al you're covid vaccine works coming up next. the new study being conducted by ucsf and how being conducted by ucsf and how you can participate open talenti and raise the jar. to gelato made from scratch. raise the jar to all five layers. raise the jar to the best gelato...
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vaccinated questions remain about whether states or businesses should require americans to have so called vaccine passports as fox's david lee miller shows us. this comes as health officials said today, the covid variant first discovered in the uk is now the dominant train here in the u. s. nearly a third of the u. s has received at least one covid vaccine shot as america's largest vaccination effort ramps up. on tuesday, president biden announced he's pushing states to make the vaccine available for all adults by april, 19th instead of may 1st and is more americans get inoculated. there are concerns about whether states or businesses will require vaccine passports for participation in certain events. biden administration has said it doesn't support vaccine passports at the federal level, and a number of governors are
4:30 pm
against the idea if somebody and a private business says, hey, i want to be able to see a card when you go in here to have a meal if you want to go to a ball game, okay, so be it, but government should not mandate that, texas governor greg abbott says he's prohibiting government agencies in his state from requiring proof of vaccinations. just some extent it is a violation of people's freedom to force them. to have a vaccine. meanwhile public health officials are worried about a possible fourth surgeon cases. they say new variants are spreading quickly and the latest uptick in cases is being driven by young people. and that's why they're working to prevent vaccine hesitancy getting trusted messengers be they clergy sports figures, people. at the community trust and look up to better articulate the need and the importance to get vaccinated. more than half of americans age 65 older are fully vaccinated against the virus in new york. david lee miller fox news.
4:31 pm
while some states are implementing bands on vaccine passports, california is moving forward with the plan to require vaccinations for people who want to attend to certain events. starting on april 15th. the state will require those attending big indoor entertainment venues to show proof that they've had their shots, public health officials say. initially the vaccine card will service proof, but eventually they say the program will be digital. alabama is lifting its statewide mask mandate on friday, republican governor kay ivey said that daily coronavirus case numbers are some of the lowest in a year. however a mandate will remain in place in the cities of birmingham and montgomery. on monday, vaccinations were opened up to anyone 16 and older in the state. alabama ranks last in the u. s for people who have at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. the european union's drug regulators. as it found a
4:32 pm
possible link between the astrazeneca coronavirus vaccine and a rare type of blood clot. however it said the benefits still outweigh the risks and recommend that vaccinations should still continue an adult's last month, many countries temporarily halted the use of that vaccine over this very rare issue. us regulators have not yet approved this particular vaccine for use here, are so for those of you who haven't received the vaccine yet, reese pictures that you see san francisco one of here from you. they even they will even pay you rather for your time on the project that's called the building. optimal antibodies study. 20 guan is the clinical research coordinator for the study at ucsf. they want to thank you so much for taking some time with us this afternoon. yeah thank you for having so you're giving me this opportunity. for sure. now you are investigating how things like age sleep, stress and emotional well being affect the vaccine. are these known to cause issues with other
4:33 pm
vaccines. yeah s oh, there's a lot of evidence from the flu vaccine that shows that people of older age are not as protected as people who are of younger age from the flu vaccine, and also things like insufficient sleep or sleep quality. um and psychosocial stress off also affect the amount of protection that people receive from the flu vaccine and their anti body response, so we're really interested in examining the link between psychosocial stress aging and the covid-19 vaccine response. that's gonna be very interesting. so how many people are you looking for? and what will the study need them to do during it? yeah we're looking to enroll about 600 people from the bay area. anyone was willing to travel to our. mission bay campus for the first what'd raw on the subsequent blood draws? also here in san francisco on by pretty much participants just fill out an online screener, and then they'll complete a baseline questionnaire if
4:34 pm
they're still interested in participating, and then they'll also come in for a blood drop before their vaccine. and then once they get their vaccine, they'll be completing daily diaries for about seven days. and then if, depending on whether they get one of the two does vaccines the one dose one if they get too does vaccine they'll come for follow up blood draw at about one month after the second maxine or one month after the only dose of the johnson and johnson if they received one of the windows vaccines on ben another six month follow up that's following up at six months after the second dose or six months after that, the only dose if they get johnson and johnson, so it runs all together about six months for everything, and you only come to the campus of certain about times everything's done online. it sounds like most things were done online, other than the blood draw that's done on our campus, all right, and so since money is often a big motivator in all of this, what do folks
4:35 pm
get in exchange for their time? yeah people get up to $300 of compensation for completing all parts of the study so that the compensations up to $300. and so is there anything that the person who volunteers? is there anything that they just can't have the vaccines? are there any other requirements? yeah there's s o. they can't have taken any doses of any vaccine yet. um, and they cannot have and. uh me, um, autoimmune disorder. um and i highly encourage people who are interested to visit our website. ucsf boost dot or toe. find out the exact eligibility. um but other than that, i invite everyone to take the screener to see if they're eligible. yes 600 people who are looking for it, since you know everyone's getting vaccinated. there's still so much we don't know about about the vaccine and
4:36 pm
we're still going through a wave of people's particularly young people who were getting the virus now, so there's still a lot going into this just because the vaccine is that doesn't mean we're all good to go just yet. so you wanna go on clinical research coordinator for the building optimal antibody studies at ucsf. thank you. so much for your insight today and just for more information on how you can participate in the study. sure long on the ktvu dot com and look under the web links section. well, coming up next. here on the floor, you two kids under fire the concerns over content and ads and what parents can. do to better protect their children, and a very a weather tracking a bit of a cooler breeze today, but we have warmer temperatures. as we head into the weekend. we'll have the forecast update coming up. plus, guess who's under the mask is just part of the fun play the fox super eight mass singer sweepstakes and you could win your share of to hunt
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you two kids, they're looking into the company's advertising practices and whether it's doing enough to protect children from ads as well as inappropriate content. joe jerome of the nonprofit common sense media joins me now live this afternoon and thank you so much joe for being here. explain to viewers exactly what you kids is accused of doing here. thank you, heather. so i think with this letter highlights is that lawmakers nationally and even in sacramento are increasingly concerned about how tech companies monetize our attention. the idea is with youtube, kids, that sort of hook kids when they're early,
4:40 pm
get them watching a lot of videos, and i think lawmakers air really concerned. what does that mean for kids in terms of their ability to stay focused and to consume a lot of media? uh you know, the youtube mothership is sort of a mess. it's endless streams of videos that feed folks extremism, all sorts of problematic content, and i think youtube kids was pitched as a better version of that, and i think today we're sort of seeing congressman not entirely sure that that's the case. yeah as you mentioned congress, using some strong language here, saying that silicon valley companies, especially those in in this type of providing this type of service are are in their words. looking children on addictive tech products from a young age. so what can you two kids do better here? well so i think the reality is ultimately need to understand the business model here, um, congressman krishnamurthy is really concerned about longstanding issues that folks have had with youtube things like
4:41 pm
manipulative auto play. um, hugh, like, basically prioritizing quality quantity over quality, and you're always gonna have that sort of challenge with ad supported platforms. they're going to present issues for kids, but i think the real issue here is that quality or that quantity over quality issue to use. ah tek buzzword. the issue is scaled. youtube wants tons and tons of videos, and that volume is huge, thousands and thousands of clips taking up you know millions of hours, and they're just there's none of humans that can look at this and ensure that the content that's being fed kids on youtube kids is actually appropriate. okay so what can parents do to try to better monitor the content that our kids are consuming? that's the $64,000 question. i mean, let's be honest and let's give everyone a sort of pat on the back. there's no silver bullet here. um you know, i think we had common sense think laws need to be passed. but in the meantime, you know, common
4:42 pm
sense thinks that parents need to view themselves as sort of media mentors. you sort of have to get involved with what your kids are watching. it's important to sort of talk things through with them. like what are you searching for on youtube? kids what did you learn from these videos? is there anything that made you? you know, that was weird. order made you feel uncomfortable. we think it's really important to sort of help kids subscribe to channels and follow certain videos that they have positive experiences rather than just sort of following, endlessly recommended feeds. it's really essential that parents sort of help their kids develop digital literacy skills, and that's it. it's hard. yeah, yeah, it certainly is back, though, to what congress is doing. obviously this letter was the first step. they have requested a lot of information from youtube kids, do you think. think that ultimately some new legislation will will come out of this. well absolutely on. you know, this is just part of a pattern that we've seen out of lawmakers in washington d. c
4:43 pm
there have been letters recently sent to facebook with respect to sort of its instagram kids product. we've seen federal regulators sent letters to tiktok snap all the social media companies. seeking a whole lot of really information that we don't have. i mean, the real challenge that i think lawmakers face and even folks, it's common sense faces. social media platforms are like giant big black boxes. we don't know a lot of stuff, and it's really important to get more information out of these companies so we can move forward with some really strong laws, and there are a number of those proposals on the table. yeah, as we mentioned members of congress now requesting a lot of information from you two kids. we'll see if they in fact, deliver that information. joe jerome of common sense media. thanks. again for your time today appreciate you. well children's fairy land in oakland reopened. it arrives today for the first time since they were shut down by the pandemic last year. now the park reopened its gates last month, but on lee offered limited activities, including
4:44 pm
slides and animals, but now the rides are back open. the park says they are excited to offer place for families to get away after being stuck inside. during the quarantine. well, there's so much to hear fairy land you can't forget. we have storybook sets that the kids can use their magic key to hear stories and play on the sets that all throughout the park. we also have our gentle animals and lots of things to do throughout the park. it's eight acres of fun, not just the rights. can you puppet shows will return april 14th and live performances. will return on april 24th. we'll bury a weather lots of sunshine today out there. in fact, after some lots of low clouds and fog this morning temperatures are warming up a bit. but today, in fact, one of the cooler days of the week it looks like we'll trend upward a bit as we head into a friday and into the weekend as you can't see our our live roof camera. right
4:45 pm
now. we do have still some lingering patches of us and cloud cover out there, but still more sunshine across a good portion of the bay area this afternoon. that would be the story all week long and into the weekend with the warming trend setting up it looks like we'll talk about the forecast is my weather computers kind of locked up this afternoon. but as we do, take a look outside. i can't tell you what tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than today with some patchy morning fog, mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours and then by the afternoon no, not by the afternoon. most neighborhoods should be in the sixties and the seventies. the warm spots, in fact, will be approaching the lower seventies. so check it out here. let's see, i might be able to see if i'm successful with the wifi and the weather computer and we might actually have luck as we take a look at the forecast for you, and here we go. so we're ready to go. we're all revved up, ready to go. sorry for that little bit of a delay. but the overall trend here is as we work with the weather computer is working with us right now. temperatures this weekend will
4:46 pm
be warming back up and then into next week, still a fairly mild weather pattern as well. here's a satellite from earlier today we had some areas of fog, but then some high clouds drifting over head throughout the afternoon hours. still lots of sunshine with the exception of some patchy fog hanging out right near the immediate coastline. current numbers out there right now, fifties for san francisco and oakland, conquered 64 san jose, checking in 61 degrees. here is our live camera. another one looking out toward the bay bridge, and you can see some of the clouds out there in the distance, so not completely in the clear. some areas of fog working their way back to the assure line later on this laced into the evening hours as we head into your thursday forecast ties under mostly sunny skies, upper fifties to the sixties to the lower seventies, and it looks like this mild weather pattern actually will actually continue into the weekend and this weekend in general will be warm. now. here's the set up all week long. we've been talking about this big area of low pressure off shore. what's going to happen? it's going to
4:47 pm
kind of go in reverse. we kind of set up that animation for you as its area of high pressure rebuilds. this will be the source of some warming into the weekend and into a next week's it looks like. mostly sunny skies that warmer forecast and i've not mentioned that our word at all. there's no chance of any rainfall at all. it seems like every every week we're talking about at least a chance, but those chances have been fizzling away. here's the forecast model. here we are. tomorrow morning. some patchy cloud cover and then more sunshine by the afternoon hours by thursday afternoon, and then into friday, pretty much the same story in temperatures on the warm side tomorrow, the hot spots not incredibly hot, but still in the lower seventies out toward fair. field in antioch, oakland, 65 pacifica in the upper fifties. here's look ahead your five day and you will notice this temperatures trading up just a little bit each and every day into the weekend with fair skies. lots of seventies some sixties right near the immediate coastline, and hopefully we can have us some more forecast models that'll
4:48 pm
bring in that rain chance eventually, but it's all clear as we head into the weekend. how way would like that though some rain for sure. thanks mark were coming up here on the floor of former olympian a reality star and now a potential candidate for governor. moron caitlin, generous rumored run against governor newsome and the hits keep on coming for bay area woman first or house burned down. she lost everything, but that wasn't the worst of it. two of her beloved cats were inside. only one survived. barely i was gonna have him put down. because i couldn't afford it. but the vet treated person driving cat and total strangers are now coming to the rescue to what they could do what they can to save stuart, how you can help coming up in just a couple of minutes. son ktvu news at five o'clock.
4:49 pm
it was when she started forgetting things. i didn't know how much mom was struggling. when i pictured us growing old together. i didn't envision this. i did think of it, but i also thought of her happiness, and i would never put my mom into a facility. i love caring for him. we've been together for so many years,
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he's my best friend. but i can't do it alone anymore. if he's at home, getting the best care... home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. thekey would be the perfect solution. they'd play her favorite music, cook her favorite foods... and walk everyday, safely! his days will be filled with joyful moments. she'd have her dignity and i wouldn't have to do myself.
4:51 pm
effort to recall governor gavin newsom. but by allah counts, we are likely headed for a special election in the fall. and today, the sacramento press club held the virtual event featuring one of the major supporters of the recall, as well as governor newsome's chief strategist, giving their contrast in views of what's to come. the question today is do we stand stand by and let the trumpers and the republican party due to california what they did to america or do we fight back? and do we allow them to sew the same hate and division that was sewed in america here in california, or do we fight back, and i can tell you the answer here is we intend to fight back and we intend to win. there's one thing that's more important to california citizens and partisan politics and that star quality of life and that's where i think we've gained our mo mentum. we've linked arms with people. all across a very broad spectrum. and the longer the gavin newsom team continues
4:52 pm
to be in denial about that kind of thing, the happier we are working with the county in the case, no counties have until april 29 to verify signatures. we will likely no 10 days later. whether or not the measure has indeed qualify for the ballot. and former olympian turned reality tv star caitlyn jenner is reportedly considering a run for newsome's job report says jenner would, of course challenge newsome as a republican sources close to generous, say she is currently talking to several political consultants. general wouldn't be the only gop member in the race by the late former san diego mayor kevin falconer, businessman john cox and former congressman doug oc have said they will run final word on the recall election is expected. later this month, carnival cruise line says it may take its ships out of the 14 ports here in the u. s where it operates, including san francisco and resume operations elsewhere, carnival says it
4:53 pm
wants to be treated like the other sectors of the travel industry, including airlines and hotels, which have been allowed to open with at least limited capacity. the company says it is still working with the cdc and the biden administration to find a way to get back to business and stay. on the issue of travel is more and more people begin to travel car rental companies will car rentals, in fact, are surging. and now companies don't have enough cars to keep up with the demand here is why there is reduced supply of rental cars because some companies scaled down their fleet last year during the pandemic, as the man declined well, now there are fewer cars for them to purchase due to the shortage of conductor chips, which are a key component of vehicle electronic experts predict the high demand for car rentals toe last about last for several months. interrupted by hate speech and loud music. how a hacker ruined in east easter sunday's says. hey, chew, easters
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
service was life stream on zoom well, it was hacked by people shouting out hate speech, ktvu as a smith talk to the pastor in san jose about what happened. first interrupted by loud music, the night tirade of hate speech laced with expletives and racial slurs, man, i can't even stand off stinky. i think some of the people counted as many as 40 times using the f word and the inward they made disparaging remarks about the african american community, the latter next community, the lgbt q community. can you show my friend? monkey noises? y'all was some might for monkey noises dog is that audio captured on zoom five minutes
4:57 pm
long on easter sunday during grace baptist church in san jose's first outdoor worship service. since the pandemic no one should have to face on such on the high holiday like easter. what we faced here at this church? nobody in person heard it, but it doesn't people, mostly seniors on zoom did, including barbara tapped from arizona. no, it was upsetting. um i'm old enough to have seen and heard just about everything in my life. i felt very sorry that young people have this kind of an attitude. she saw the culprits described as two young men and a kid allowed to speak during prayers of the people when congregants were asked to share prayers, the pastor believes the progressive institution was targeted a sign outside reid's black lives matter. rainbow banner reads. god is inclusive everything that they were too crying is everything that we stand for. the hate speech comes after two people were killed, three injured as the
4:58 pm
church housed homeless one november night. they're not over that, and now they have to prepare themselves to try to get over this to zoom, issuing a steam it we have been deeply upset to hear about these types of incidents. zoom strongly condemns such behavior, the company says it's updated default settings and added features to help host access. security controls, the pastor says if the incident was meant to deter them, it hasn't they didn't do anything but amp. us up to keep up the good fight. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now, way want to make sure that the rescue package was successful and what it set out to do vaccines in the arms money in the pockets of the american people? nancy pelosi spent the day in san francisco pumping up the coronavirus relief package and the help that's coming to speed up. vaccine delivery. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville
4:59 pm
and i'm julie julie haener, a prominent list of san francisco's top politicians and health officials, all voicing their support for the biden administration's american rescue plan. ktvu is christian captain joins us now live with how the money will be spent locally. christian? health leaders said that they really like this plan in san francisco. they say that it will help provide for the needs now to get through the pandemic and beyond. this location. some of san francisco's most influential healthcare leaders gathered with the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, and northeast medical services names in the city, the speaker, saying the newly enacted american rescue stimulus package will first speed vaccine delivery and help the country take the first steps towards an economic recovery. we want to make sure that the rescue package was successful and what it set out to do vaccines in the arms money in the pockets of the american
5:00 pm
people, doctor kind of tie from names, said his practice, which focuses on delivering medical care to chinese speaking patients will be able to continue its mission with added funding from the rescue plan. the plan will allocate 7.6 billion with a b dollars inflexible emergency covid-19 fundings for committee health centers like names across the u. s. names will receive $11 million for the next two years. the city's director of public health, also weighing in saying the plan will help speed vaccine delivery, a critical element to controlling the pandemic and allowing the city to flourish again when we receive a steady and increase vaccine supply, we will be well on our way to getting 80. 80% of san franciscans vaccinated by mid may. this is exciting as this is our ticket out. the doctor's saying the funds will also help with non covid related issues in years to come. this funding is esci


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