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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 7, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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orange here today. that means more businesses can reopen. but in just two months, those tears are expected to go away. we have reaction to the governor's plan to re open the economy, plus, a person was hit and killed on highway one. no. one in burlingame more on how it involved a san mateo county sheriff's deputy and what we're learning about the moments leading up to that incident, and we are learning new information about the crash that injured golf star tiger woods. how fast police say he was going at the time that crash the news at noon starts now. this'll is ktvu. fox two news at noon and good afternoon to you. i'm quoting long infer gasia mikaelian and how everyone i'm frank mallicoat in for mike, this new, we don't know what investigators say was the cause of the car crash involving tiger woods and southern california back in february. l. a county sheriff's department completed their
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investigation last week and released a report this morning with woods permission, they say woods was going nearly twice the speed limit that morning in a 45 mile per hour zone, according to the car's data recorder. he was driving at an unsafe speed for conditions on a curvy road where that crash happened. the primary cause of factor for this traffic collision was driving in a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway. estimated speed that the first area of impact were 84 to 87 mph in the final estimated speed when the vehicle struck the tree was 75 mph. there were no citations issued and there no signs of impairment. the sheriff added a citation was not given because no police officer personally witnessed the speeding for his part, tiger woods told investigators he has no recollection of the crash. he did suffer serious leg injuries, and after weeks in the hospital, he is now recovering at home
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and on the men fleeing d u i suspect struck and killed by sam ato county sheriff's deputy vehicle in burlingame. this happened in the north bound lanes of highway one. oh one ktvu is elissa harrington as. been following the story. it tells us what happened. california highway patrol officers say a deathly collision between a d u. i suspect and the sheriff's deputy could have been avoided. they say the suspect made the fatal decision to run across the highway to avoid being arrested soon as he was advised that has been placed under arrest. he took off running. this happened in the north bound lanes of highway one, a one around 10 30 last night in burlingame. officers say they were called to a report of a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the south bound lanes just south of the millbrae off ramp when there arrived. they made contact with the man inside, he appeared to be intoxicated officer aren't montiel with chp said when officers place that driver under arrest, he ran. the driver took off running across
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all south by means of us. won one onto the center divide, and as he was about to see jumped into the north timelines hey, was struck by a cemetery kind of sheriff's vehicle of seven and number one name. deputy's car was seen with a broken window. multi disciplinary accident investigation team was called to the scene. they were seen taking measurements and looking in the suspect's car, monte l said the deputy was not responding to this call. it was by chance that he was driving in the same area just happened to be in the north and is yeah, there was there was no pursuit at all of their vehicle. willis originally disable on the right shoulder. the suspect, a man in his thirties, died at the scene. three north bound lanes were blocked. hours during the investigation, but have since reopened. i'm elissa harrington ktvu. fox two news. well, businesses in contra costa sonoma napa counties are opening today in the orange tear that means places of worship restaurants, wineries,
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bars, gyms and moves eaters can increase their indoor capacity to 50% solano county is now the only bay area county that is still. in that red tear, and even though the state's color coded tier system is coming to an end, the governor said the statewide masked man date will remain in place indefinitely. ktvu rouz amberleigh reports on tuesday evening and alameda on busy park street people wore their masks. it was the same scenario at a nearby shopping center parking lot where people were buying groceries. this man tells me he received his johnson and johnson vaccination monday. we need to keep going with the masks until you know the experts in the signs say that that we're ready, tolo that everything safe, this woman says the governor's announcement that california may reopen june 15th is premature, since there is no covid vaccine for her 14, year old daughter and other minors under 16. make you kind of nervous because the virus is
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still out there and i feel like he should wait until everybody's vaccinated. but a u. c s up, doctor says the june 15th reopening date makes sense since everyone 16 and older will be eligible for a covid vaccine starting april 15th. that's two months to get most adults vaccinated. she says. the governor could also lift the mast mandate on june 15th. if you're vaccinated, you're protected from the verse, right and those who declined to be vaccinated. who were the unvaccinated? there's not gonna be enough virus around that. they're even gonna be exposed to the virus, the cdc says more than 34% of californians have already gotten at least one dose of the covid vaccine. doctor monica gandhi estimates that number will increase to 85% by june if supplies are available. try to wear that mask. let's get to really low cases. everyone who wants about seem to get it and i know those
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national come off, but people tell us they've noticed an increasing number of folks already taking off their masks, and we take our dog for the walk on the water for a walk on the water, and sometimes people aren't wearing masks, then in berkeley college students tell me they will likely continue to wear masks to protect those with compromised immune systems. that's something that i still want to protect the community against that possible transmission protects against like the common cold. there's been a lot less like flu cases this season as well. one student tells me she contracted covid-19 in february and suffered only minor symptoms. she says. she always wears a mask around others. i think i'd be comfortable not wearing a mask once most people are fully vaccinated or if i'm fully vaccinated if there's not many cases, and most people are vaccinated, and people are comfortable to go out of their house without a mask, then i guess i don't really understand why people would be continued to force to be forced to wear a mask, amberleigh. ktvu fox two news. well, governor newsome
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expects all k through 12 schools will be opened full time in the fall. now the governor stopped short of saying that there would be a mandate, but he is considering extra measures to make sure children do not fall further behind. california school superintendent said yesterday that he shares the view that there will be a return to in person teaching this fall. superintendent tony thurman added. while we are encouraged by improving conditions, we must also continue to proceed with caution and with the continued focus on science and safety, there are still many unknowns about the covid-19 variants that public health officials are monitoring and have observed spreading among some youth. the san francisco school board says it's committed to bringing back all students and teachers to the classroom this fall. ktvu is candese charles is here with results from the district's long marathon meeting last night, candese charles. frank you got it right. it was a long one with a lot of hot topics. good afternoon to you. good afternoon, folks. it was a big meeting for all involved. the
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board has faced some big controversies, including schools re opening the group decreasing distance, held a rally before the meeting last night, calling for more efforts to bring middle and high schoolers back to class district plans to reopen schools to lord great next week. but there's a concern that some students won't have a teacher in the classroom. there's also come start about the board's internal issues in battle school board member allyson collins is now suing the dishes for hot number here. $87 million after cause for her to resign, poured in following discovery of old alleged racist social media post this last night's meeting. it was a 6 to 0 vote to reverse the renaming of 44 schools and moves to avoid expensive litigation. get the focus back on reopening schools, the board hearing someone passionate pleas from the public during that meeting. we're scared. it feels like as if ust is falling apart. and i'm not. i'm not a part of a family that can afford private
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school. if as if you speed crashes and burns, which it feels like it is, we have no other options that is their first and foremost job is to be student centered and to do what's best for students, and they have not been doing that this year on dates, so yeah, i'm frustrated. definitely a lot of emotions. there. now the district has been working out the kings of a safe return with teachers and staff for weeks now as a parent to make begins to stabilize, but i tuesday's night's meeting the school board committed to my full time in person schooling my fault as of us. see, superintendent vincent matthews was also at the virtual board meeting last night, he agreed to postpone his retirement to help the district and the board get through with the pandemic for not reporting live. i'm candese charles ktvu fox two news. alright, candace. thank you for that. yeah, well still to come at noon and incentive to help increase the amount of in person running and one bay area city what piedmont is
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offering two teachers so they could return to the classroom plus new video of an abandoned child at the border is shiny new light on the challenges of the current immigration influx. i'm ray bogan coming up. we'll show you that video. plus a slight cool down today and then a warm up in store for the rest of the week. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is going to have your full forecast that's coming up.
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mexico asking for help is now intensifying the debate over what should be done about the increasing number of unaccompanied children arriving each and every day. ray bogan has the very latest at the border. heartbreaking video of a frightened boy sing crying alone in the desert is shedding new light on the challenges at the u. s. southern border. the boy asked a border patrol agent for help and said he was abandoned. these cartels are ruthless in the bite administration need to get back to some of these policies because these policies that trump ministrations had save lives. the video comes is health and human services opens another 1500 bed emergency and take site for unaccompanied children in texas customs and border protection projects, 100 84,000 unaccompanied minors will cross the u. s border this fiscal year. as of monday,
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approximately 4200 children were in customs and border protection, custody and 15,000 are being cared for by health and human services. the incentive now is if you come as a child alone. we're gonna welcome you. it's a business for these people. this surgeon migrant crossings comes his customs and border protection also announced to yemeni men apprehended in california are on a terror watch list tuesday, house minority leader kevin mccarthy formally requested a classified briefing on the matter, saying, we simply have no way of knowing if other terrorists have crossed the border undetected. encounters of known and suspected terrorists are very uncommon. well this is rare. this is a reflection of them doing their jobs. homeland security secretary alejandro my yorkis, maybe considering resuming construction of the border wall, he reportedly told employees he's considering plugging gaps in the current wall rape. bogan ktvu, fox two news. all right. it is 12 14.
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now time to check in with ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo, who has moved outside. it looks like or has a beautiful shot for us of the sun that has made an appearance. it took a little while for it to come out. mark. yeah they had a sunshine, finally making a comeback. good morning to you about claudine and frank. yeah. backyard weather once again. nice. nice to be outside as long as the wind is not too strong and temperature is actually comfortable out here. so the one thing we have been missing over the past. spent nearly two weeks that is the rainfall. in fact, over two weeks, i should say so. lots of sunshine. we're waiting for the rain and this dry stretch, unfortunately, continues not only for today, but into the weekend and into the next week. last storm is actually march 18th that rolled through the bay area. here is the a forecast model. if we have any signs of a hope here, it's not giving us much. you can still see maybe point to one up on the north coast, maybe point to one of the former some drizzle in monterey. typically, april we're talking about some pretty good rainfall, but that's not the case april
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2021 here is the satellite show you some of those high clouds drifting across the region throughout the afternoon hours and still some areas of fog hanging out your portions of the coastline. we'll check in right now. it's on the current numbers fifties were. it's chilly, where he was still some lingering fog out there. temperatures inland under mostly sunny skies already in the sixties as we check out the wind speeds, at least for today, we already have a bit of a breeze out toward fairfield. that's augusta to 28. miles an hour, san jose seven miles an hour in a westerly breeze out toward sfo, and that's where i live camera is this afternoon so kind of a perfect snapshot of what's happening. weather wife today you could still see some evidence, some trace of patches of some cloud cover here. but then more sunshine into the afternoon hours. here is a set up. you think we've two areas of low pressure once up to our north and one is to our to our west. we would be talking about some rain chances, but there's really it's not to setting up a rainy pattern for us just of keeping temperatures caps and not talking about a
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major warm up anytime soon, at least by the weekend over no bump up those numbers, but it's just a minor warming trend. today, fifties and sixties were acted in hye's, we should begin to warm things up just slightly as we head into your friday. here's the forecast model today showing you some patchy cloud cover as we had in the thursday and then more such cipher from thursday afternoon and then on friday, start out the day of some cloud cover and then more such done by the afternoon hours, so we're kind of a repeating the forecast. asked each and every day temperatures for highs mainly in the fifties to the sixties. the war spots could be close to 70 degrees this afternoon. once again, it will be breezy, little changed by friday. the weekend, though, if you like sunshine and warmer temperatures, i think you'll like the forecast we have coming up warm spots will be approaching the mid seventies for both saturday and sunday. hopefully we could eventually talk about some rain chances here in the bay area, but not just yet is he can't take a look at least over the next five days. all right. thanks mark. well, yelp is making it
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easier for people to sport. asian american owned businesses. the san francisco based company is launching a tool that's going to get businesses. the idea ability to identify themselves as asian owned if they want to. now this is a tool. it's similar to a feature that identifies businesses that are black owned or owned by women, and the announcement comes after yelp revealed a 130% increase in searches for asian american owned businesses in february of this year compared to the same period last year. seven. come here at noon. dozens of horses killed in the past year. we're going to take a look at the death of racehorses, a golden gate fields here in the bay area and the memorial service held today in their honor. stay with us.
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you're going down! down to the recycling center! >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. week in the capitol rotunda. evans was killed in friday's attack at the u. s capitol. he was an 18 year member of the force and served on the agency's first responders unit. the procession was held this morning as his body was moved from medical examiner's office to a funeral home. we're learning more about the criminal charges filed against p jeannie all related to the 2019 kinkaid fire. ktvu rouz deborah villalon has more on how the community is reacting. is where it all started. started up on the guys is that late that night the town of guys orville first to evacuate as the kincaid fire began its two week run, charring about 80,000 acres, destroying some
12:22 pm
400 structures and on the heels of the tub's firestorm, leaving sonoma county traumatized people are just exhausted. i'm exhausted. nobody wants everybody wants things to just be better. nobody wants this wants these type of things that keep happening almost as soon as the first flames were spotted pg any equipment was suspect and the company admitted a piece broke on a transmission line lines energized even though many communities had no power at the time for fire safety. pg and e had already caused the deadly campfire a year earlier and was in bankruptcy and promising better maintenance. pigeon is deeply sorry for the role that our equipment hadn't those fires and the losses that occurred because of them, the ceo testified in washington. after the kincaid fire, the new ceo, in a statement today says we remain committed to making it right and working to reduce wildfire risk. however, we do not believe there was any crime here. but sonoma county d a. jill ravage has filed five
12:23 pm
felonies and 28 misdemeanors finding the utility reckless in causing the property damage injury to four firefighters and sickening smoke that endangered health, said ravitch in a statement. we have been working with cal fire and independent experts, this criminal complaint reflects our findings. at the height of the danger about 200,000 people evacuated and firefighters made a stand in windsor beating back disaster house by house and so whatever it's going to take two to make some substantial changes, so this doesn't keep happening. year after year. that's all that's all i want. i'm sure that's a lot of what sonoma county residents want. the kincaid was california's largest fire of 2019 followed the next year by the widespread complex fires, mostly caused by lightning deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. oakland fire officials say squatters may have started a huge house fire on west oakland last night. it
12:24 pm
started around nine p.m. on 20th street. the fire severely damaged the three story victorian home where it started and damage the two neighboring homes, displacing up to 16 people. talking to some of the neighbors. it is still under investigation, but talking to some of the neighbors and didn't sound like there may possibly invent some squatters inside of the house. it is tough to investigate because the house has been so heavily damaged due to fire. the battalion chief, says the house where the fire started is a total loss and the homes on either side will now need ah lot of repair work before people could move back in. fortunately nobody was injured, an animal rights group is holding a memorial in the east bay for the race horses that have died at golden gate fields this year. that memorial is taking place in front of the racetrack in berkeley, according to the group, direct action everywhere. nine horses have died at that track. this year, two horses died. there last week, and they say that brings the total to 37 deaths
12:25 pm
since last year, making golden gate fields the deadliest track in the state. that animal rights group wants golden gate fields to be shut down. i would like golden gate fields to be closed. i would like the cities of albany and berkeley to come together to work to close this facility and to use the property for something that serves the entire bay area and isn't simply. a playground for billionaires with the owners of the track filed a lawsuit last month against the animal rights group over a protest that owners claim forced them to cancel one race and post poem six others and acenas. a church is trying to find out who hacked it's online easter service and spewed hate speech over it soon broadcast. the racist rant occurred during the live stream of the grace baptist churches, first outdoor service since the pandemic began, a hacker could be heard shouting racist slurs and threatening violence against african american. jewish and lgbt q communities. no one attending that service in person heard that rant. but
12:26 pm
there were about a dozen people, mostly seniors, who heard it while they watched the service on line. one should have to face on such on the high holiday like easter. what we faced here at this church, it was upsetting. um i'm old enough to have seen and heard just about everything in my life. i felt very sorry that young people have this kind of an attitude. the pastor believes his church was targeted because of its support for gay rights in the black lives matter movement, the pastor says his congregation it's still in pain from last november, when two people were killed and three others wounded in a stabbing. sonoma come here at noon. president biden gives an update on the american rescue plan will take a closer look at the life saving resource is in that plan that will help people living right here in the bay area, plus, the latest data shows nearly half of the nation's new covid infections come from five
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states. i'm david lee miller in new york. the details coming up
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this year... let's bring. on. spring.
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use your phone to grow a garden. rent tools from the world's biggest toolbox. have an idea then have it delivered. with more ways to bring your fresh ideas to life... this is doing like never before. this is today's home depot. how doers get more done. governor's big announcement yesterday that the economy could reopen june 15th. she could imagine this is welcome news for millions of business
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owners who have struggled to stay open during the pandemic. ktvu jesse gary tells us how they're gearing up for the big reopening. we're ready to transition back into indoor dining and welcome our customers back. jennifer cotman says her to restaurants stayed afloat during the past year. thanks to a loyal clientele now hurried spring cleaning precedes the next obstacle to normalcy. finding good help. my biggest concern is being able to staff the right amount of people so that we can provide the quality of service that our customers are used to around the south bay and the state business owners are gearing up after the governor's tuesday announcement. gavin newsom says to return to normal is ticketed for june 15th. it's amazing. it's like this big weight has been lifted. the easing of economic hardships is equally enjoyed by businesses large and small in the pre pandemic world.
12:31 pm
santa clara county enjoyed basketball tournament games nhl all stars and college football's championship game, not to mention the plethora of conventions in downtown san jose. since covid, the capital of silicon valley, has been quiet cost. thing. the area tens of millions of dollars. i think a lot of pent up demand for people to get back into some of the rhythms that they used to have. we should be cautiously optimistic in the state of california. and for the nation, economist dr brian mark says the return of california is good for this state and the other 49 in the nation but re engaging the sixth largest economy in the world is broader than a date on the calendar. it is not binary. we just don't flip the switch on june 15th and everything will revert to pre covid-19. many business owners are hopeful continued slow and steady progress will return them to the way things used to be. eventually anything
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positive, especially. coming out of this is such a great thing. uh i i'm ecstatic if things do fully reopen on june 15th it will do so, with covid restrictions in place. people still wearing masks and socially distancing because business owners do not want to be in the position where they re opened and then have to close down because of a setback in san jose, jesse ery ktvu fox two news. well new numbers show that while california is making. progress against the coronavirus. just a handful of states account for almost half of the country's new coronavirus infections. david lee miller has the latest from new york. nearly half of new covid-19 infections in the u. s come from five states. that's according to a report from the associated press and data from johns hopkins university. new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, michigan and florida accounted for 44% of new cases in the country over the most recent seven day reporting period. the
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report comes as president biden announced he's pushing states to make the vaccine available for all adults by april, 19th instead of may 1st. he also issued a dire warning. we're still in a life and death race against his fires. until we get more people vaccinated. the push for vaccinations comes as health officials fear 1/4 surge of the virus could be on the way they blame new increases in cases on young americans, and that's why public health officials are encouraging them to get vaccinated once they're eligible. i'm especially asking millennials generation z 8 16 and up and their parents, please get on your phone or get on your computer and sign up and just my concerns about new variants. some states are hoping to move ahead with reopening plans, kelly. for mew governor. gavin newsom wants to keep the mask mandate in place and he wants to fully reopen the state on june 15th. if hospitalization rates are stable and low, it is incumbent upon all of us to continue that vigilance that got us where we are today. the lowest case
12:34 pm
rates positivity rates that is in america. we are seeing bright light at the end of the tunnel and as the push to reopen schools continues, the cdc says nearly 80% of teachers and child care workers. have received at least one vaccine shot in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. well, governor newsome says california's now sentence sending ventilators to help those states affected by a rising coronavirus cases, newsom said 500 ventilators are going to the national stockpile where they will be sent to states in need. governor newsome confirmed he plans to keep the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site open beyond this coming sunday. fema has been running the federally funded vaccination site and plan to shut it down this weekend. but now governor newsome says officials and elevated contra costa counties we'll work with fema and state officials to keep distributing the vaccine counties will provide the vaccine doses in
12:35 pm
the state will match that new neighborhood covid-19 vaccination site is now open in san francisco. success your district that site located on norton street intermission opened this morning in the diverse neighborhood where many latinos and essential workers live. it is the latest site the city's opening to make sure everyone in san francisco has access to the vaccine, city leaders and community activists taking part in the launch in their effort to provide equity in the ongoing fight against the pandemic. what we're really trying to do. and i think this is what we've learned from the excelsior strong in the in the latino task forces create low barrier access points. make sure that it's very easy to get the services that we need to ensure that the community is safe. the vaccination side is planning to operate by appointment only from wednesday through saturday, and we'll have an initial capacity of 150
12:36 pm
doses every day. well the city of piedmont is offering free childcare to teachers as an incentive to increase the amount of in person learning, according to the east bay times, the city council approved a program where teachers can enroll their children in child care programs run by the piedmont recreation department for free city's mayor says teachers can return to the classroom knowing their children are cared for in a safe location. students in piedmont schools began returning to classrooms on hybrid learning schedules back in february. and president biden did speak today about his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. he says he is willing to negotiate with democrats and republicans on proposed corporate tax rates hikes in that plan. will be listening will be open to good ideas and good faith negotiations. but here's what we won't be open to. we will not be open to doing nothing and action simply
12:37 pm
is not a nop shin. the president says his american jobs plan calls for putting millions of americans to work to fix, broken and run down infrastructure across the country. and house speaker nancy pelosi is in san francisco. today, she says the american rescue plan is entrepreneurial and based on something the country needs in the fifties, the late fifties, president eisenhower for security purposes, instituted a big, transformative plan. interstate highway system again to unify the country for security reasons, and now it's a time for us to have a big transformative, a system that is again in the keeping with our founders and. leaders throughout the country history and that is something that is entrepreneurial. that is again based on. what the country
12:38 pm
needs. speaker pelosi says she is hoping to get the plan through the house by the fourth of july. francisco is looking to expand their slow streets program that blocks certain roads to vehicle traffic. but yesterday, the city delayed a vote on that expansion. ktvu is christian captain, too. also supporters say they want to make sure everyone has access to a safe place to get outside and exercise. as san francisco lockdown in 2020. it opened up slow streets throughout the city. more than two dozen street's closed down to through traffic to help create areas where neighbors could walk, bike and exercise. many san franciscans say they love the car free streets. i do a gardening job out in the elven. no, the de young museum and i take a lot of the slow streets are walking home and it's really, really nice. i don't have to worry about their traffic or staying on the sidewalk clan, the city's municipal trance. rotation agency board considering
12:39 pm
expanding the program and adding nine more slow streets. some san franciscans called in with concerns, especially with making some of those changes permanent resident concerns include an increase in the leads congestion, crime, trash conflict and the decreasing quality of life. the new slow streets would be in some of the city's historically underserved areas, including the southeast portion of san francisco. president of the board of supervisors, shaman walton, saying slow streets aren't always a perfect fit for every neighborhood, but he says he's pleased to see that those areas that have weighed in saying they want to see slow streets are now getting them. community is excited about the opportunity and some areas in some areas they are having conversations or whether or not this is something that. is what they need for this specific year. sf mta also considering a slow street in the western addition, supervisor dean preston saying the slow streets have become important community gathering spaces where they have community support and
12:40 pm
where they're done. well they're just make a transformative impact on neighborhoods and just allow level of connection that folks aren't used to seeing in their streets going forward, he says. the city will have to wait, which, if any slow streets will become permanent fixtures. it's really helpful to see how it works in reality on a temporary basis on ben, use what we've learned in informing our decision of whether these should be permanent or not. the sf mta board decided to delay their vote on this. the board now sent to take up that issue again in two weeks. currently the slow streets will revert to normal use. four months after the city's covid-19 emergency orders expire unless steps are taken. to make them permanent christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon, a growing number of ranking million oculus police department officers testifying against their shamans use of force, but one lieutenant says video may show that sheldon's knee was on george ford's
12:41 pm
shoulder. we'll have the latest on week two of testimony. plus the sun is out across the bay area, and ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is going to have your full forecast. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything.
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i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
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use of force policies, and prosecutors are calling more witnesses to the stand today met fit has the latest now from minneapolis. it's the eighth
12:44 pm
day of testimony in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvet. prosecutors continue to build the case that showman acted against protocol by pressing his dion george floyd's neck for more than nine minutes yesterday, they called several law enforcement officers to the stand, including an lapd use of force expert sergeant jody steiger, returning for questioning today does defendants use of force during that time period. need to be reasonable within the entire time period. yes, on tuesday, steiger said in his opinion, showman's use of force was excessive to the league in a normal situation where you don't want someone that's ah, counterfeiter or someone who was using a counterfeit bill. typically you wouldn't even expect to use any type of force. jurors also heard testimony yesterday from minneapolis police department lieutenant johnny marcel, who trains officers and use of force and restraints. he testify that officers are trained to use the lowest level
12:45 pm
of four was possible when trying to control a suspect, but under cross examination from defense attorney eric nelson mursal agreed that some angles a body camera video appeared to show showman's neon floyd's shoulder blade instead of his neck. here we have what appears to be the shin coming over the top of mr floyd's shoulder blade. that's what it appears, and that would be angled in towards the squad car. correct correct. and here in downtown minneapolis, we are in the middle of the second week of this. trial the state is expected to wrap up its case in a few days in minneapolis, matt finn ktvu fox two news, you could watch the derrick show venmo murder trial. every day court is in session. we're streaming it live to ktvu. com and you can also watch on the ktvu mobile knew zappa's well well. today, the city of santa rosa took an additional step to improve communication in the event of an emergency. the community has been hit hard by
12:46 pm
wildfires in recent years. today, they handed out 2000 free weather radios, hundreds of people lined up for that event. those radios are made possible, in part with noah and fema 12,000 will be given out over the next few months, officials say. with drought conditions across california they're preparing for an early and a long wildfire season and these radios will make communication easier. we've seen over the last several years. the effects of power outages the effects of power tower of cell phone towers going down. this is a system that doesn't rely on them and were able to activate in the event that there is need to get that emergency information out. well the distribution will run until three o'clock this afternoon at the burger center on oakmont drive off of highway 12. and take a look at this. this is the monterey coast. we have some video this morning of a pod of killer whales. the princess maria will watching had their boat out yesterday and got this close up view those killer whales from underneath their boat and then
12:47 pm
caught up with a pair of adult gray whales, the whale watching company says it is the same pod artist seen the same pod. i should say. during three of the last four days now yeah. what a treat of your well watching good. see, the video is well, kind of a chilly start this morning, mark, but judging from your backyard, it looks like the sun is finally making an appearance. yeah, nice to be in the sunshine frank, including this afternoon. yeah, we have the cloudy start to some stubborn fog as well. but the thing is beginning to clear out few spots still partly sunny skies, but overall, another mild a spring day across a good portion of the region. but today one of the cooler days of the week so cool the mild beaches old in the fifties and the warm spots will be in the sixties this afternoon. one thing that has been completely absent from our forecast for nearly three weeks. now that is the rainfall, so really the only number changing is that percent number with each passing day that continues to go down, and unfortunately, there's no real significant rate in our forecast. as we
12:48 pm
take a look ahead into it next week. in fact, no real rain in our forecast. we'll see if that can change between now and then satellite showing you some of the high clouds streaming across the bay area and the fog from this morning, clearing back to a near the coastline. we'll check in on some of the current numbers for the 12 o'clock hour. right now, we have some sixties out toward conquered and fairfield's and fifties, though still only in san francisco, 52 half moon bay 52. there is a bit of a breeze that fairfield site gusting to 28 miles an hour. oakland airport westerly winded 13 and these wind speeds that you see right now, these numbers will probably pick up into the afternoon hours by about three or four o'clock. here's a lot of care. we're looking out toward sfo. you see that tree on the bottom portion of your screen moving around a bit. so there is a bit of a breeze here as we showed you nothing too strong, but those winds will likely increase as we mentioned this afternoon. here's the set up offshore. we actually have a couple systems out there, but i wish we could they could produce rainfall. not the case is just kind of reinforcing that cool down we are experiencing today here in the
12:49 pm
bay area and then into thursday and friday, we will gradually bump up those numbers a little bit. but for today, partly sunny, breezy. the temperature is a warm spots in the upper sixties, maybe flirting with 70 degrees later on this afternoon, so if we take this into your thursday, start out the day of some clouds and then more sunshine into the afternoon hours friday, once again start out today with some clouds but then clearing out into the afternoon hours and temperature is this afternoon as i mentioned one of the cooler days of the week, so fifties, the warm spots in the mid to upper sixties by this afternoon, and here's a look ahead as you can see temperatures just some slight changes by wednesday night. thursday and the weekend will be sunny and warm. in fact, the warm spots could be approaching the mid seventies. so it is spring. it will feel like spring, especially as we head toward the weekend. all right, mark will take it. thank you, sir. san francisco supervisors have taken the final step to approve of free summer program for students. the board of supervisors previously delayed a vote on
12:50 pm
spending $50 million on the summer together initiative. there were some concerns that a nonprofit group involved was. registered with a tax status used by lobbyists. but according to the chronicle organizers say they will not use money for any political purposes. board approved the funding yesterday in the nine week program will kick off in june. till the common noon after a year of weddings being put on hold, more couples are planning to tie the knot this summer. we're going to take a closer look at how the industry is changing to help keep people safe, plus guessing who is under the mask is just part of the fun by the box. super six. masked singer sweepstakes and you could win your share of $250,000 being given away this season, download the free app and watch the masked singer tonight at eight on ktvu box, too.
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does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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caitlyn jenner is reportedly considering a run for california governor. this comes as democratic governor gavin newsom faces a possible recall election later this year. now, the report says general would challenge newsome as republican sources close to gender say she is currently talking to several political consultants general would not be the only gop member in the race. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer businessman john cox and former congressman doug ose have all said they're going to run final word on the recall election is expected later this month and one of hollywood's most recognizable voices is encouraging people to get vaccinated. i'm morgan freeman. i'm not a doctor, but i trust science. and. i'm told that for some reason people trust me. so here i am to say i trust science and i got the vaccine if you trust me, you'll
12:55 pm
get the vaccine. and math is called the district award winning actor morgan freeman filmed a public service announcement for a nonprofit arts advocacy group. he is the latest on a long list of celebrities who are encouraging people to get the vaccine whenever you can. high school junior from san jose, won a contest for creating an app that lets you track a person's location in real time. dea hi to volley of valley christian high school one. the 2020 congressional app challenge for california's 19th congressional district, she created the app called keep me safe that allows users track anyone who gives their permission to do it. annual challenge is aimed at creating interesting coding stem and computer science education for students in middle and high school and to bury high school students are being honored for their work on documentaries that competed in c span's 2021 student cam competition. ktvu is rob rob
12:56 pm
met the teenagers to find out what motivated them. dear mr president and congress that is the beginning of a documentary by this high school junior from garrity valley high school in san ramon, innit? agam rube core explains why elected leader should tackle what she says is a huge problem facing young people today, vaping. this problem we speak of is a youth e cigarette epidemic and our generation needs you to fight it. head on agam room recently found out her documentary. big tobacco, bigger epidemic won second place in the west in c span's video documentary competition for students in grades six through 12. she won $1500 i was actually in tears. she span says they received some 1200 entries for its 2021 student cam competition. third place went to philip abdi from amador valley high and pleasant in for his documentary on the importance of space exploration.
12:57 pm
he won $750 and says he couldn't believe the news. it was really shocking. my hands are like shaking. i was like, oh, yeah, i don't know. it was really big surprised the 26 minute documentaries are among those playing on c span throughout tuesday. agon groups documentary delves into how big tobacco markets e cigarettes to young people. it's an issue that's concerned her ever since middle school. our bathrooms always smelled like strawberry or watermelon, or like bathrooms. they're not supposed to smell like flavor is, he says she never made a video before, but was up for the challenge, and i could have an opportunity to do. something bigger than myself. i think i'd like to take some whether or not they actually end up as a success, so i think that's something that's part of me. i learned about like interviewing people because i had interviews for the video. um, and i've never done that before. the students say they may decide to make more documentaries and hope they can make a difference. i really value like passing on, sort of like a better world for
12:58 pm
future generations. so that's really why i think what really motivates me. rob roth ktvu. fox. two news. well, children's fairy land in oakland re opened its rides for the first time today since they were shut down by the pandemic. last year. the park re opened its gates last month, but only offered limited activities including slides and animals, but now the rides are back open. the park says they are excited to offer a place for families to get away after being inside during quarantine. well, there's so much to hear it very land. you can't forget. we have storybook sets that the kids can use their magic key to hear stories and play on the sets that all throughout the park. we also have our gentle animals and lots of things. do throughout the park. it's eight acres of fun, not just the rights. well, puppet shows. they're gonna return on april 14th and live performances will return on april 24th people
12:59 pm
over the age of two are required to wear masks and wedding vendors are expecting a very busy year. that's after countries couples across the country where has left to postpone their weddings because of the pandemic. this comes as more americans are getting vaccinated and states continue to ease those look. social restrictions. wedding planners say more couples are also opting for outdoor venues and increased demand means fewer options than usual. ah lot of venues and vendors are fully booked, so they're having to push out a little bit later or consider ah friday or a sunday or even during the week. we actually have several weddings they're happening during the week this summer. vendor safe. all bookings are also up in previous years, and some couples are already looking ahead to 2022. all right, claudine, i'll see again tomorrow. are you ready? yes, i'm ready. my gosh you're doing here, join a couple of days off when i thank you for watching ktvu fox two news that new for
1:00 pm
the very latest news of whether your check out and download the ktvu app. see again it for dr oz "oz." we're your covid-19 headquarters. i'm sitting down with the top doctor. he's breaking down the race between the virus variant and the vaccine and answering the question, how could we end this pandemic for good. then -- >> punky brewster star reveals the shocking dark side of her life in hollywood. ♪ dr. oz: today, i'm sitting develop with the top docker to in the nation, the surgeon general who is sharing his insight on all things pandemic from the variants to the vaccines. and he's answering the question, how could we end this pandemic


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