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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 6, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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needs to be met for california to officially get rid of the color coded reopening system plus getting the covid-19 vaccine into the arms of more americans. the announcement expected from president joe biden today, surrounding vaccine eligibility, the news that new starts now this is ktvu. fox. two news that new. thank you the afternoon to you. i'm andre senior in for mike mibach, and i'm quoting long infer gasia mikaelian afternoon and we want to begin with some breaking news. just a short time ago. governor gavin newsom announced plans to fully reopen california's economy if the vaccine supply is sufficient and equitable and hospitalization rates are stable. and low. this all comes as three more bay area counties contra costa, sonoma and napa are entering the less restrictive orange tear today, let's bring in ktvu xem accost with more on the governor's plans to go beyond those tears
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and what we still need to do once all those tears are lifted, emma. claudine on june 15th exactly two months after vaccine eligibility expands in california to residents 16 and older governor newsome is planning to move beyond the color coded tier system and mostly do away with restrictions on businesses and occupancy while still asking that californians wear masks get vaccinated and avoid large crowds. the department of health and human services said. when the economy is fully reopened, will be able to go to the movies. the beach. and fear families while still using science and data as a guide, and governor newsome today use the words getting back to business as usual. we can confidently say by june 15th that we can start to open up as business as usual subject to ongoing mask. wearing an ongoing vigilance. it is
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incumbent upon all of us not to announce mission accomplished not to put down our guard, but to continue that vigilance that got us where we are today, the lowest case rates positivity rates that is in america. we are seeing bright light at the end of the tunnel. this announcement from the governor comes as california reaches two major milestones california has now administered 20 million vaccines statewide, millions more than any other state and four million doses administered in the communities hardest hit by covid-19. the state has also vaccinated 70% of older california residents with at least one dose. but even after the economy does fully reopen, convention centers will not be able to fully see other maximum. capacity right away and there will be requirements regarding attendees being either vaccinated or tested. reporting live and my gosh, ktvu fox two news, those big
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news, emma will continue to watch and hopefully our case rates and vaccine rates go up in our case rates go down. thanks so much for that report. all those states continue to slowly reopening vaccinations are at a record high health officials are warning of a possible fourth wave, mostly due to covid-19 variants. reporter david lee miller has more from new york city. more than 160 million shots have been administered and the covid vaccination program is still expanding, and today fox news has confirmed president biden will move up his deadline for states to make all adults eligible, saying it should happen by april. 19th not may 1st as originally planned, but it's not clear if that's an achievable goal, with many areas still reporting a shortage of doses were so close. to coming to the end of this virus. we think it would be a shame that they stop it right now. we don't have enough thinks that scene's about a third of adults have now received at least one shot. but case numbers continue to rise.
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the cdc says the spike is being driven by new strains that are spreading more quickly than the original. and the biggest uptick is in young americans, sports and other extracurricular activities being blamed for a number of recent outbreaks, according to cdc guidance, these activities should be limited. but if they are not the wrists of clusters can be prevented with cadence testing strategies. despite warnings of 1/4 surge, just around the corner, most cities and states are moving ahead with re opening plans, hoping the vaccinations will help slow the spread of the virus as the summer approaches as our county's residents are businesses and health officials have all come together to keep one another safe. now residents can be begin enjoying some fun, recreational and leisure activities safely and responsibly. the cdc says. the u. s is now averaging more than three million covid vaccine shots every day. in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. well, students of
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families in san francisco are going to hold a rally today calling for a return to in person learning they will be outside san francisco unified's main offices afternoon before the board of education meeting. the organizer's want middle schools and high schools to fully reopened in the fall. and while there is no data, no official plan to bring those grades back this year, the fall is another story that you just heard from governor newsome announcing today that he wants to open up the economy out june 15th, so we'll see how that impacts these plans. the last day of instruction is june 2nd. and today, the san francisco school board is going to vote on a decision to name renamed 44 schools. those names said to be linked to racism, sexism or other injustices. ktvu is candese charles has the details surrounding that controversy. names like john muir, paul revere and abraham lincoln could be on the chopping block for the names of san francisco schools. a little over two months ago, the city's elected board of education voted to
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strip schools of names a committee of educators deemed unjust. what i view it, as is an opportunity for our schools to embody the characteristics of. and feel a sense of pride in the chosen means. the board's january resolution gain support for moving the names of historical figures with abroad or direct ties to slavery, sexism or other injustices. representation matters. representation matters and having a school. with. someone who represents this youth and the people who make up this district is very important. the board 6 to 1 vote came after months of debate. and while san francisco's public classrooms remained closed due to covid-19 leaders that comedian members argue this is not the time to focus our renaming schools. mayor london breed called the action offensive and completely unacceptable, and some parents agree. the issue of the renaming the schools the way it was done haphazardly without any kind of historical basis was put on the back burner and i'd like to know is that plan
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being scrapped as it should be, because it wastes just so much money that should be allocated to schools to help. help the schools we open and provide all the materials they need. the process began in 2018 with a resolution to create a committee to advise the board. but the committee and their efforts received criticism for historical and accuracies when they confuse the name of alamo elementary. what the texas battle rather than the spanish word for popular tree amongst other things, parents say they want the process to be done properly, and some say they would have done as soon as possible. i think it is very important work and i was very sad to see out it was done. and so i am hoping that you will pick it up as soon as possible and give it back the credibility that it should have and employed the right people to do this right because this is very mindful, important work to move ahead and we should do it the way that it's supposed to be done. yeah the more the scheduled to vote today on whether or not to re thin that january decision and revisit the issue at a later date or go
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ahead and vote again today. be sure to tune in here tonight for the is for now i'm candese charles reporting for ktvu fox two news. well, educators in oakland or re launching an initiative to raise funds for low income students of color now. last spring, a group of oakland unified teachers, principals and staff members started stimulus pledge dot org's allowing people to donate some of the stimulus checks to hard hit immigrant families who didn't receive any funds. well a year later, the focus is on students who've fallen behind and have been disproportionately impacted by remote learning. english language learners who need. gavels like visual aids hands on learning. ah, lot of student to student talk. um, to make meaning and to access the pretty academically and language dance text. those opportunities are just not there. the scaffolds that just not there. on zoom. the money raised will help provide individual and small group
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tutoring and other academic intervention tools. now. last year's effort raised more than $250,000. san jose is announcing a $200 million investment from google as part of its proposed downtown west development. now the project, if approved, would bring to downtown san jose 4000 homes 15 acres of open space, small businesses and restaurants. the google community benefits package directs $200 million towards creating economic opportunity focusing on training and jobs for the most vulnerable the most in need. now this morning, san jose mayor sam accardo talked about the google investment, saying while other company he's asked for subsidies or text breaks. the relationship between san jose and google is different. this is, i think, setting a pattern for a new kind of synergistic relationship. between tack in the surrounding community. it's not about extracting it's about adding it's about collaborating. it's about being part of a larger community. google gets it. i've
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heard the community there. eager to respond to the needs of the community, and we look forward to this partnership. the google project will go before the san jose planning commission april 28th and is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the city council on may 25th. yeah still to come at noon terminal one of the oakland airport was forced to evacuate this morning. we'll tell you what. we're learning about that investigation and the impact it had on passengers. plus, we are expecting to hear more police testimony during the derrick shop in trial what the minneapolis police chief told jurors over the use of force leading up to doordash floyd's death. and let's talk about this slight warm up. we're seeing when you compare things to yesterday. and guess what, even warmer weather is on the way. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo is going. to have your full forecast coming have your full forecast coming up.
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. kincaid, fire district attorney jill redditch announced that after a thorough investigation, criminal proceedings against p jeannie were father for its role in causing the fire. the kincaid fire resulted in the largest evacuation in the history of sonoma county, including the entire towns of
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healdsburg, windsor and guys, orville. the fire destroyed 374 structures, including 174 homes. ah court hearing has been scheduled for april 20th. well, terminal one at the oakland international airport was evacuated early this morning while law enforcement work with the man they say was suicidal. it happened in the baggage claim area. terminal one around six o'clock this morning, and it all started when a man handed a t s a agent, a note asking for help and then pulled out a knife and threatened to harm himself. after three hours of negotiation, law enforcement agencies say they were able to bring that situation to an end. they decided to basically start to do some things to change the environment in the inside the airport, they turned off the air. it started to get really, really hot in there, he started to pace back and forth. he started to shed his clothing. hey, still had the knife. he did not put the knife down, and as he was being distracted by
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being uncomfortable. they started to close in on him a little more and a little more and decided that they would try to go hands on with him. but again, he was very agitated at the last minute, they decided that. they would deploy a taser and the man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. during the incident, terminal one was evacuated and so several flights were delayed. terminal two was not affected. terminal one has since reopened and operations we're told are back to normal. there is. critical factor for jurors to consider during derek sharpens trial as c. j. poppa reports their test was deciding whether he violated the department's policy on neck restraints leading up to george floyd's death. during the six day of testimony in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show up in one of the prosecuting attorney's question, police material our dondo, who condemned the tactics used by shobin during the arrest of george floyd, to continue to apply. that level
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of force to a person prone doubt handcuffed behind their back. um, that that in no way, shape or form is anything that, uh, is by policy is not part of our training. did you? certainly not part of our ethics or values are redondo continued, telling jurors on monday that is not part of a policy. that is not what we teach. and that should be condoned, describing officer derrick show opens knee that prosecutors say was on floyd's neck, but defense attorney eric nelson compared those images with angles from a police body camera. you would agree. chief that from the perspective of miss frazier's camera, it appears there. officer show van's need is on the neck of mr flight. yes as the state
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continues to make its murder case against the former officer, and that events continues to pick it apart. more expert testimony expected today show been faces charges of 2nd and 3rd degree murder and manslaughter after he kneeled on floyd's neck for nine minutes and 27 seconds. in new york c j. poppa fox news. you can watch the derrick show in a murder trial. every day court is in session. we're streaming it live on ktvu calm and the ktvu mobile app. well, now it's time to check in with key ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo rosemary. it is sunny where i am, and it feels like things they're warming up for. really chilly morning. yes it feels just like a early spring like day we've been all over the place. fight clubbing hello to you. hello andre. and to all of you out there we started out. mostly cloudy will be partly cloudy to mostly sunny for the afternoon. but it wasn't that long ago. we were breaking records in the eighties and then we felt. low average. it
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felt a little bit like winter over the weekend. and now here we are finally being met by well, what is a typical spring like day? here's a look at what's going on over sfo started out with the low clouds in the fog around the bay area that is burning off and we will again have mostly sunny skies around the bay area. we're looking at just a modest form of for today. at this hour. some areas are even a little bit cooler than where we were yesterday at this time, santa rosa being one of them at 50 degrees, low fifties and san francisco 56, oakland, livermore, checking in a 60 degrees in san jose 59 at this lunch hour, there's a look of the 24 hour temperature change, you could say for the inner east bay of livermore up by five degrees, so you're feeling a change there, but you get along the east face shores very similar to yesterday into the north bay napa and santa rosa only up by a few degrees there. are i should say down by a few degrees, so really hard to tell the difference on the temperatures by with the second part of the afternoon should feel a little bit better. with the sunny skies. the lighter winds and temperatures coming up a little bit for today.
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start tech or two. they're showing you we do have a still some fog along the coastline looks like right around point reyes and on the north base. sure, as we get closer to half moon bay, a little bit of fog there, perhaps either right on the coastline or just off the coastline. when it comes to the winds. nevada reporting six mph. oakland reporting six fairfield, a little breezy, conquered 13 mph or so, but nothing like that wind we saw out and about yesterday your future cast shows you here will go mostly sunny for the afternoon. and this we get into the evening hours, turning mostly cloudy once again with mid and high level clouds in the forecast. unfortunately no rain to speak of. was a comparison from yesterday into today. temperatures coming up just a little bit for santa rosa few degrees over oakland, redwood city four degrees for you expected there in san jose 67 year afternoon high yesterday it was 63. here's a look at some of those afternoon highs for today along the peninsula will go 63 san matteo for the inner east bay upper sixties and conquered. and in the north
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bay napa looking at about 65 temperatures won't budge a whole lot going into the next few days, we will get into a little bit of a warm up into your bay area weekend. better details on that coming up in the extended forecast are rosemary alcs, then still the compass. new housing prices continue to soar here in the bay area, just how much prices have gone up and how the real estate market is adjusting as more people look to buy homes.
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suspect in an active shooter situation was killed and two other people were left critically injured. military officials say. the 38 year old shooter was a navy medic. police say he went to a business park in the city of frederick this morning and shot two men who are now in critical condition. they say he then drove about 10 minutes to the fort detrick army base, where he was shot and killed by military personnel who confronted him shortly after he drove through those gates. imagine this is a very active scene. right now. we have two different scenes. all i can tell you is that we have confirmed there is only one shooter. the public is no longer at risk. everyone is safe. no officers were injured. okay police are still trying to determine a motive and the identities of the victims have not yet been released. but we have learned that they were both sailors in the u. s. navy assigned to fort detrick, the
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cia tree is investigating the crash that killed a pleasant, an elementary school teacher and her mother. the women were identified yesterday as the people who were found inside an suv that plunged off a cliff in bodega bay over the weekend. maria text, sara was the lead custodian at montevideo elementary in dublin. daughter elizabeth korea was a teacher it like dixon elementary in pleasanton. it's a heartbreaking loss for pleasant and especially for the light x in community, elizabeth touched the lives of countless countless students. witnesses said take sarah did not appear to be speeding or driving on safely before the crash happened. and orson investigation in east san jose at a fast food restaurant. it started around 4 30 am at wienerschnitzel on story road. firefighters tell us this is the third fire at that very same restaurant and an arson team is investigating when firefighters arrived, they had to take a different approach to finding the flames because of how the restaurant is built.
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way it's made with a frame and large pitch of it. it was tough to get access up in there. you can see we have our aerial ladders of above there were doing exterior overhaul the extinguish the fire from that vantage point. it was also tough, forcible entry was getting in there, so it was a little stubborn at first, but cruz made good knock of it got in the past got knocked. investigators want to know if the fire started inside the building or outside. no injuries were reported. and in the city of campbell of fire damage to mexican restaurant there. the fire started shortly before six o'clock late last night in west hamilton avenue. flames spread to the neighboring sushi restaurant. but the damage there is minor. the cause of the fire is under investigation. well services go. firefighters are preparing for rescues along the coastline as the weather begins to warm up and as people head on over to the beach this morning cruise simulated a surfing cliff rescue along the coast near the cliff house they used rescue boat, smaller watercraft and a
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rescue surfer, and then firefighters used to rope to repel down the cliff to a simulated victim while crews in the water rescued a second simulated victim. the fire department is also reminding and warning beachgoers about the dangers along the san francisco coastline. our coastline is beautiful, but does have some hazards know that this beach has very strong rip currents that the water is cold that we have sneaker waves, very turbulent surf conditions and the rocks are something you don't need to be home because you could become. a victim. just like we saw today. but the fire department is also warning people to stay on those trails and off of those rugged cliffs last year, crews carried out more than 200 waterways. yes, also the countless noona warning that the u. s might already be in 1/4 wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the impact it's having on children this time around, plus major league baseball is moving its
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all star game. i'm ray bogan with more on where it out. the sy
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reopen california's economy and it could happen as soon as june. 15th the governor made the announcement while visiting a vaccination side of san francisco city college. he says
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california will be getting rid of the color tears in its reopening plan and that the state's economy can fully reopen if two criteria are met. the vaccine supply has to be sufficient and so california 16 years and up who wished to get vaccinated conduce oh, and hospitalization rates must also be stable and low. we anticipate over 30 million people will have been vaccinated at least one dose by the end of the calendar month with the expectation of an abundance of doses coming in from the federal government through the end of this month and into may, we can confidently say by june 15th that we can start to open up as business as usual. subject governor. newsome also says all schools could fully reopen safely. foreign person instruction on june 15th if all the criteria are met, contra costa and napa counties are moving to the less restrictive orange tier of the state's current reopening plan, the health department just announced that contra costa and
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napa are among 16 county statewide change in tears tomorrow, they've held covid positivity rates at or below 2% for the past two weeks and have had fewer daily new cases. solano county is not among the county's changing and will remain in the red tear. it's now the only barea county in that that most restrictive tear for contra costa napa. moving to the orange means restaurants, wineries, bars, gyms, places of worship and movie theaters can increase their indoor capacity to up to 50. a new warning that the u. s might already be in 1/4 wave of the coronavirus pandemic and that children are being impacted by the new variant of the same rates as adults. ktvu jana katsuyama with more now about these concerns and coming coming just as many students rather or returning the class. as more school district's begin to welcome students back to campus. there are some parents who say they'll wait. we're going to keep him in full time distance learning until we feel more comfortable. one concern raised
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this week by the director of the cdc is the growing number of covid infections among school children were learning that many outbreaks in young people are related to youth sports and extracurricular activities, the recent up taking covid cases nationwide has prompted some experts to say the u. s is already in 1/4 wave now driven by the newbie, 1, 17, or uk variant, which is more transmissible. we are the only country in the world right now experiencing this increasing number of cases due to this variant and unlike previous waves, children seem to be equally impacted by the uk variant. you see, the kids are playing a huge role in the transmission of this so all the things that we had planned for about kids in schools with this virus. are really no longer applicable. many schools say they're trying to prevent outbreaks by maintaining social distancing, requiring masks and even going beyond cdc guidelines. we will ask students to stay home if
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they've traveled. out of the county, 150 miles or more, and we are also expecting that our students will participate in our surveillance testing work for covid milpitas unified school superintendent cheryl jordan says on lee about 1700 of their 10,000 students have returned to campus. so far there have been three students and 20 teachers with covid infections. parents say they are concerned and trying to balance student's education with health and safety bar in ways to rally around the school board's the ones that are doing the job that they need to do and the teachers so that we can get through this as one community because working together is the only way we're going to solve these challenges. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. well, the federal government may keep the mass vaccination center at the oakland coliseum open longer than planned beyond the scheduled shutdown day. that was for this coming sunday, now
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u. s senator alex padilla said yesterday. fema is not trying to get the necessary staffing the funding and the vaccine doses to keep it open far beyond this weekend. we have federal, state and local governments committed to working together to extend the life of this site. the details in terms of who's the point on operations, etcetera. still being hashed out on the coliseum site has administered 15% of all vaccinations and alameda county since fema opened its seven weeks ago. it has also reached a large percentage of communities of color. fema is now expanding its efforts to provide covid-19 shots to oakland's underserved communities. yesterday the federal agency set up a mobile vaccination clinic in the fruitvale neighborhood. it is famous latest attempt to administer more shots to people living in west and east oakland. it's so important that we get our community served the first time around. we gave about two a little over 2000 doses, but it really did not meet the demand that that was
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out here in our community s o for them to come back and reach this underserved communities truly important to us. the first people to receive a covid shot at this new mobile vaccination clinic were given the johnson and johnson single dose vaccine. well, one medical expert at stanford is proof is proving war for providing rather more information about the new covid varied that's been detected here in the bay area, dr ben pinsky says. it's still not clear exactly how this variant is now spreading around the world. we think that this variant will probably be more transmissible. less likely to be less likely to be neutralized by antibodies and potentially the vaccines, maybe less effective at preventing infection with this particular variant. now it's being called the double mutant because it carries two mutations of the virus. there is one confirmed case in santa clara county and medical experts say they're investigating seven other
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possible local cases. you see san francisco doctors they're looking for bay area people to help them discover what could make coronavirus vaccines more effective than they already are. researchers already know insufficient sleep, chronic stress and age can affect how well flu vaccine works. flu vaccines work, and now they want to know if those also affect the covid vaccines. they'll pay up to $300 to people who answer questions several times a day about their mood, stress levels and how well they slept on lee people who have not been vaccinated yet can participate, and they must agree to get vaccinated during the study. well despite job losses during the pandemic bay area home prices just keep going up, and that is forcing many buyers to look elsewhere. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary says the central valley is fast becoming the new bay area as people are priced out here at home. there is, but it's a open concept, you know, kitchen south bay religion joe velasco put four large fremont town
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homes on the market the past two weeks. they've all sold for seven figures after bidding wars. i haven't seen anything as crazy as you know, the surge that we have right now ever. you know, i've been in the real state business for 21 years the bay area has experienced sharp increases in the cost of housing before but this time that ascent results in real estate wealth spreading beyond the region. this as many people choose to leave the bay. we have a one third of the inventory that we had last year around this time. welcome to the central valley. a new bay area in the making. modesto based realtor pete do you wish says home prices have skyrocketed? nearly 20% year to date as home buyers from the bay flock east. they come here and make offers non contingent with huge deposits at something essential values not used to. this is all about housing for rich people. san jose state real estate development program director professor kelly snyder says. the upward surge is
12:38 pm
shuffling the landscape, but there isn't the population decline. it's turning homeowners along the san francisco peninsula in tow, east bay. home buyers and people in the east bay moving to the central valley. so much of this is. people want a space. where do you think i think what our permanent changes to how people approach work and life and balance and home and health, which just of re sorting of people based on where they want to be and where there's availability that matches their consumer choices for agents such as joe velasco, the beat goes on with six more town homes poised to hit the market and apparently no shortage of buyers in san jose, jesse gary ktvu. two news major league baseball's all star game will reportedly be held in denver after the league pulled out of atlanta ray boca and has the latest on the move as well as a political fall out. course field in denver, is expected to
12:39 pm
host this year's mlb all star game. it comes after the league pulled out of georgia. in what mlb commissioner rob manfred said was quote. ah way to demonstrate our values. i think they're alienating their fans. the controversy surrounds georgia's recent voting law, which critics say makes it too difficult to vote and will disproportionately hurt people of color. we should not be limiting. anything when it comes to our voters and their rights. we should be helping them doing more. ah, long list of companies are speaking out against the law. it requires an idea to vote reduces drop boxes and changes how voters can request absentee ballots, but they're being accused of hypocrisy because states like new york and colorado have similar laws. florida senator marco rubio wrote. commissioner manfred quote. i am under no illusion that major league baseball will sacrifice business revenue on. behalf of its alleged corporate values. are they going to now cut ties with chinese party, chinese chinese communist party? the
12:40 pm
answer to both is, of course, no republicans are fighting back. texas governor greg abbott backed out of throwing the first pitch to open the season for the texas rangers. they need to stay out of politics, especially when they have no clue where they're talking about. all he's doing is trying to agitate as opposed to collaborate and to see how we can move forward, not as republicans and democrats but as americans. former president trump is calling for a boycott of baseball, while former president obama congratulated the mlb in washington, right. bogan ktvu, fox two news. and still to come. a new new developments surrounding the man killed by police in danville, the federal civil rights lawsuit that was announced just a short time ago. plus some changes to our barrier forecast with some warmer temperatures on the way, ktvu meteorologists rosemary oroczo is going to have your full forecast coming up.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores
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and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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was fatally shot almost five years ago outside of his grandmother's berkeley home. investigators do believe that he was targeted, but the trail has since gone cold. our crime reporter henry lee talked with the victim's family, who is desperate for answers. it was my right hand. anything he
12:44 pm
could do for his grandmother he would do. sarah patterson is still struggling over the loss of her grandson in 2016 22 year old alex goodwin was shot and killed outside her home in berkeley, still healing from this because. it was just like nonsense like a bad dream, a nightmare that started on maple street near san pablo park on august 18 2016. someone rang the door just before midnight. goodwin didn't recognize who it was, and went out the back door to get a better look. i just heard the three gunshots. goodwin sister, annika patterson heard the gunfire. she waited for officers to arrive and then saw her brother on the ground. ah, life taken too soon. i don't like you boys. i don't pretend to just set the next show trapping up. the big goodwin, known by his initials eiji was an aspiring rapper a proud product of berkeley schools. his mother committed. goodwin says she doesn't want people to make assumptions about him. she says he's not just another number. a gangbanger who lived by the gun die by the gun. that was not alex. us was not what he was about. he was a college kid
12:45 pm
just four days before he died. good. wouldn't posted this chilling tweet when i die. turn up for me on mabel in front of gram's house, like i would want you to l o l. now this mural in his honor still painted on the wall of his grandmother's house. his family says that tweet wasn't a premonition just him using about life and death in general. police have said goodwin was targeted, but with no hard evidence, the case has gone cold. our investigators are following up on any leads that they get. but we haven't had any like thus far. police say they need the public's help to move forward. we haven't pieced together all the details of what happened. and we're hoping you know that someone somewhere you saw what happened and will come forward. you did the crime. you've been out living your life, but you know our family deserves justice. alex goodwin's family is desperate for answers. they hope a $50,000 reward will revive the investigation and lead to an arrest. henry lee
12:46 pm
ktvu, fox two news. well federal civil rights lawsuit has now been filed against the city of danville over the shooting death of tyrell wilson. it happened last month when police responded to calls of a man throwing rocks onto interstate security while standing on the sycamore valley road overpass. wilson's family has hired civil rights attorney john burris. he says the family decided to file that lawsuit after new cell phone video of the shooting surfaced. it shows the officer advancing on wilson, who is backing up before the officer fired her singing. gun shot at close range became pretty clear to us that shooting death by this officer was unconscionable and surely ktvu illegal straight up excessive force. according to the officer's statement, wilson pulled out a folding knife and opened it after the officer approached him and attempted to speak with him. oakland's new
12:47 pm
police chief, has been on the job for about two months now and in addition to dealing with the pandemic, chief laurent armstrong is also raising awareness to help stop asian american hate crimes in the city chief armstrong spoke strong spoke to us today on mornings on two he told us extra patrols were added to oakland's chinatown and he's committed to protecting the asian american community. i want to make sure that we understand our community understands that when a crime is committed in this motivated by hate, that's something that we take very serious. we have a hate crimes investigator assigned to investigate those cases. we also have a partnership with the alameda county district attorney's office. what their hate crimes task force that is also looking into those cases as well. chief armstrong also said the department has received additional funding from the city to crack down on side shows and that officers are now aggress. you're really breaking up. those side shows, towing cars and making arrests. all right now it's time to check in with ktvu meteorologist
12:48 pm
rosemary oroczo to talk about how this week in these temperatures are shaping up, captain rosemary. yeah. s o a little bit warmer than yesterday. but not quite hitting the average hello, clubbing and andre to all of you out there mostly sunny skies over the bay area at this hour after we started out with some fog alive, look here. it s f o r. still trying to burn off their little bit of haze there and that sky and you can see a little bit of cloud and fog cover in the background, strong tracker to will show you it's banked up against the coastline ride around osama tail county coastline and then farther north over areas near point race. we've got some low cloud cover their the winds are generally light. i'm gonna show you what we do expect over the next few days, we are looking at dry weather, not only through the business week, but all the way into the weekend and as we get into the weekend going to sea temperature has warm up just slightly in the meanwhile we are going to remain just very mild. so checking in on the numbers right now. 54 degrees at half
12:49 pm
moon bay low fifties over san francisco, the east bay shore mid to upper fifties and far inland cities. some of the warmer spots conquered walnut creek reporting 66 or 63. brentwood reporting 66. and in the north bay upper fifties over nevado low fifties and santa rosa. let's go north. take a look at a few more numbers here where we have 55 in petaluma upper fifties reported american canyon and 56 reported for ken would along the peninsula upper fifties to low sixties los altos hills. 63 for you, belmont, your 59 into the east bay. we've got low sixties over danville, dublin, 65 in areas of clayton and one of the warmer spots 67 in brentwood. ah, comparison. where we typically are for this time of year and where we will stand for today. 50 60 afternoon hyper san francisco typically about 63 upper fifties and oakland as 66 is our average in oakland and upper sixties in livermore, suggest a tad below that seasonal norm as well. a san jose going to 67 a better look
12:50 pm
at some of these afternoon. highest for today, a cool 54 expected for pacifica in the north base. 65 napa for the inner east bay will go 70 degrees for antioch and for ourself a 68 over morgan here. all your extended forecast here. so temperatures not budging a whole lot notice that as we get into wednesday thursday, even in a friday upper sixties in the forecast for the afternoons with cool overnight lows, morning clouds afternoon sun going to research remain in this pattern as we get into the weekend temperatures do bump up some low seventies on saturday, right now, sunday looks to be a little bit warmer 74 with mostly sunny conditions back to you. okay thanks. so it's very well still to come at noon, a group of friends in the south bay are now millionaires. we're learning about their winnings and just how much money they're each going to walk away with, plus guessing who is under the master. just part of the fun play the fox super six masked singer sweepstakes and you
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could win your share of $250,000 being given away this season. just download the free app and watch the masked singer went easy on ktvu. you to be. ril
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12:54 pm
therapy is now being called revenge shopping. retail analysts say. people are looking to make up for the time that they lost during the pandemic. they say the trend will help businesses of all sizes but especially small retailers that do not have a sizable online presence. fascinating it's really ah, phenomenon that we're seeing now where consumers are spending more taking revenge against covid. you know, they're spending more on those things that they didn't get to spend on before the national
12:55 pm
retail federation is forecasting an increase in consumer spending by at least 6.5% in 2021 compared to last year. the baylor bears ended gonzaga's perfect season and the men's ncaa tournament championship game. the zags never actually lead in last night's game and became the first undefeated team since indiana state in 1979 to enter that title game and lose the bears made 10 3 pointers on the night and went on to win that game 86 to 70. baylor guard gerard butler was named the most outstanding player. and the women's national champions are back home here in the bay area sky, fox got a bird's eye view of the stanford women's basketball team during a parade where they got to show off that championship trophy yesterday. they beat arizona sunday night by one point in a game that was literally up in the air until those last few seconds. the road to that national championship was not an easy one. it had lots of challenges because of the pandemic s ktvu
12:56 pm
joe fonzi tells us, the players had to juggle practice covid product protocols, and there. classes via zoom. today's parade was the final leg of a season long journey that featured a good dose of history along the way. the cardinal opened the season with a home blow out of cal poly on november 25th with no knowledge at the time that there would not be another game and maples pavilion until february. because of santa clara counties. covid shut down three stanford home games were canceled. and in early december that cardinal set up shop in las vegas, beating unlv as a visitor and washington as ah, home team. then it was back to california, but not the bay area on december 15th, the cardinal rolled over university of pacific and stockton and tara vanderveer became the winningest coach and women's college basketball history, the good humor and unity of her team demonstrated by the. t dog jacket. she was presented
12:57 pm
donations stand for then traveled to southern california and arizona while changing home headquarters to santa cruz. home games were played in the arena, usually occupied by the santa cruz warriors. it was in santa cruz that stanford suffered the second of back to back losses. the teams on lee two losses of the season. finally in early february, the all clear was given. and the team returned to campus. but of course it was back on the road for the pac 12 tournament in the already familiar city of las vegas, and then onto the san antonio bubble for what turned out to be six games that led to the celebration of a national championship. i'm so proud of this team, not for just their basketball, but for being able to get through this covid and be so mature. the season may be the greatest and most satisfying accomplishment, and tara vanderveer is 43 year collegiate coaching career joe fonzi ktvu. fox. two news.
12:58 pm
well, jim nous from the university of illinois has proved he's a real champion, especially when it comes to taking some vaccine cell fees. 14.75 against the buckeyes. same vault is diab. ladies sticks the landing, not sure what that is may seem well turns out that was his coronavirus vaccination card. jim this evan man, yvonne had that card tucked in his leotardo, and then he probably showed it to his teammates to that cheering crowd. and of course to the tv cameras after he nailed that routine and stuck that landing. the 20 year old sophomore tied his career high score during that event last months well, a group of five friends have become overnight millionaires together after they bought the winning $18 million super lotto ticket in san jose. the group bought that $50.50 tickets rather cafe paradise on monterey road the
12:59 pm
day after christmas, they found out one of those tickets was a winner last night but opted not. to go public group decided to take the cash option, which left them with $13.6 million and splitting it five ways. each is walking away with more than $2.7 million before taxes. well, we don't know when disneyland tickets will go on sale to the public. does. he announced today that tickets will be available to all california residents starting april 15th now people who previously held tickets can select their dates starting april 12th, both disneyland park and california adventure. parker scheduled to reopen april 30th on lee, california residents will be able to visit the park what it initially reopens. there will also be limited capacity. the parks have been closed since march of last year. all right. well thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download our ktvu news after
1:00 pm
our website ktvu .com. it's also lots of information there and the latest on our news stories. that'll do it for us. dr. oz starts next. >> the 36-year-old's mother was overwhelmed. >> so what can we have done to prevent this? one of the most disturbing stories we have ever told. >> 20911 calls. 20. nothing happened! >> how could it happen so many times band alive. dr. oz: who can be done to protect the most vulnerable? coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. horrif


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