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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 5, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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are mourning the loss of maria take sarah and her daughter, elizabeth korea, both work in schools in the east based tri valley area. mother and daughter died when the toyota rav four went over 100 ft cliff and crashed into the rocks below in bodega bay, fact that two lives were lost in this tragedy. it is. is especially are, the chp said. the mother drove through the parking lot of an area known as west bodega head without slowing or stopping the raft for hit along barrier and then plunge over the cliff. it landed upside down, authorities say the circumstances of the crash are under investigation. witnesses said texeira did not appear to be speeding or driving on safely before the crash. take sarah was lead custodian at montevideo elementary in san ramon korea was under 16th year of teaching and light. it's an elementary school in pleasanton, where she grew up. it's a heartbreaking loss for pleasant and especially for the light x in community. elizabeth touched the lives of countless countless students on a paid
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for her first grade class, korea wrote, whether we're learning remotely or in person i know we will have a year full of learning adventure and fun together, school principal jacob bird told me. korea always put her students first. hanako owning president of the school's parent teacher club, agreed. elizabeth woz. one of those teachers that just oozed enthusiasm and a love of her students. this is a photo korea sent in for a holiday video for students. she was. like a mother mother like to some of those kids in the class of just how much she cared about them. no word yet as to whether this crash was accidental or intentional of the ready mechanical or medical factors in this crash. i spoke briefly today to tim korea. is the son and brother of the victims. he was at his mother's house, making arrangements and trying to make sense of this double tragedy. reporting live. henry lee ktvu fox. two news. yeah,
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they're family must be devastated. henry do we know why they were in bodega bay? were they there for the holiday weekend? at this point, we don't have anything further from the family. they were understandably very heartbroken and did not want to speak further. henry lee reporting for us tonight. rouz henry, kamala harris returned to her hometown for the first time since she was elected vice president. she wasn't here long. her first stop was a water treatment plant in san leandro. from there, she went to a small business in oakland. harris was in the bay area to try to sell president biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan. our political reporter greg lee followed the vice president today and it's here doubt was more greg. frank good evening, you said it a quick trip home for vice president kamala harris. she spent about four hours in total in the bay area, her main focus touting the impacts of the administration's last bill and pushing for the next one. vice
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president kamala harris touchdown in oakland, her first official visit to her hometown since being sworn in first stop a tour of east bay mud's upper san leandro water treatment plant, joined by governor gavin newsom the american jobs plan looks at it in terms of the infrastructure, peace and in particular what we need to do to build back up and to build a new. what we can do to preserve and to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water. harris his visit to the plant part of a concerted effort by the white house to build support for sweeping $2.3, trillion infrastructure and climate proposal, introduced by president biden last week, the so called american jobs plan includes 621 billion for transportation improvements. 213 billion for affordable housing, school and government facility upgrades. 100 billion for the nation's power grid and 111 billion for water infrastructure, including 45 billion to replace lead pipes. let us 100% of our lead systems
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and lead pipes. let's upgrade them. why because drinking lead will kill our children. literally it's a game changer to complement the efforts that are happening at the local level to address the needs here in the east bay. the governor supports the plan, but some congressional democrats have raised concerns and lawmakers on the right lining up in opposition republicans say they support improvements to physical infrastructure, but believe this goes beyond those issues. they also opposed the corporate tax increase and to pay for it what the president proposed this week is not an infrastructure bill. it's a huge tax increase for one thing, and it's a tax increase on small businesses after the tour, the vice president visited a small business in oakland for a roundtable discussion. red door catering benefited from the recently past covid relief bill, including provisions to help the smallest minority and woman known businesses receive funding from community banks. i believe not only take care of
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our boys, but we also have the opportunity to restart, but there's a certain connection with the folks that is not about the money, it's about growing the community and the economy of that community. vice president harris flew black. excuse me flew back to los angeles tonight. for the night she will travel to chicago tomorrow to talk about vaccine equity reporting live. greg lee ktvu fox tuners. do we expect kamala harris to doom or visits like the one she did today? to try to sell that? that plan? yeah, frank, i think absolutely. we have seen several members of the administration sort of fanning out doing a number of network interviews and effort to get some support from their constituents. obviously, this is up for a big fight in congress with republicans against it, and we have certainly seen vice president harris in this role as sort of spokesperson and sales person for this administration, so it is likely we will see much more of this is more details come out about this infrastructure
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bill. all right, greg lee live for us tonight, greg. thank you. supporters of the vice president turned out today to try to catch a glimpse of her on her first visit back home as vp of the united states. ktvu tom vacar join snell live. he's in west oakland with more on her visit to a catering company that represents the nation's small business enterprises, tom well, those long workers who came learned something about just how big federal security really can be, but for them, it was the homecoming of a daughter of oakland. ah homecoming of a person who will forever be in the history books. even though adeline street in oakland was closed to traffic for several blocks, a steady stream of on workers came to see the huge motorcade bringing vice president harris on her visit to the red door catering company. it was an entourage complete with staff many levels of law enforcement, medical teams, dignitaries. she
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came to oakland, her hometown for the first time since the inauguration to discuss the biden administration's vision for small businesses almost definitely come back to her roots than like, get. tow the people and like, just make sure they like she stays touched her roots. that's that's respect. that's much love right there. i mean, somebody not only been had on they've been this and they work duties, but they still thinking about that. people shows that if you you know, put in hard work, and you put your mind to something that you can accomplish anything, it was particularly endearing to the folks that live in the diverse and involving west oakland area loving it. very glad she's come back home for a quick visit. this is great. i wish i had known sooner. i as my neighbor and mike here said we could have had her in for coffee on. we're just proud as heck do you have the vice president be from here? a little weird to see them setting up right across from my house. we didn't clean up for coffee or anything. it just saw amazing that you know that our create a color, you know it be able to stand at a higher
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office and hopefully i would think that she would look up to a more thing that we need out here. but given the enormity of the security and the tightness of the vice president's schedule, though, those spectators came hoping to see her. what in fact happened was, they saw only the spectacle of the entourage, which was quite something to see. but the vice president simply came and went after talking to the people she had to tom vacar ktvu. fox two news, tom. thank you in cupertino children headed back to class today, parents dropped off their elementary students, it said. school this morning, kids said they were glad to be back, and so are their parents. makes aided and religious. why you nervous? there's a few changes. i'm excited because i get to be in 1st and 2nd grade for the first time, the cupertino school district is
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starting with the hybrid schedule. it'll allow kids back on campus part time, but in the coming weeks, the plan is to expand the amount of time they spent in the classroom. new numbers released today by the california department of public health show almost 20 mil. in vaccines have been administered in the state. in fact, the state is averaging 350,000 vaccine doses per day. right now, 18.3% of people in california are partially vaccinated. 22.7 are fully vaccinated. that's out of a total population of about 40 million people in california, santa clara announced today that more help is on the way for small businesses in the south bay county supervisors are set to vote tomorrow. i want a plan to waive certain fees for weights and measuring devices that just scales and scanners this year, supervisor cindy chavez said. places like small grocery stores and gas stations will benefit, she said the average registration fee for weighing devices as about $120 the fee for a scanner
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certificate ranges from 200 to $495. we think waving these fees will really help the smallest businesses in our community and many of them, you know, they can't afford really literally another dollar way. think by really focusing on on the small businesses. also, it will help us address inequities, supervisor chavez says the measure will save south bay business is about $500,000. san francisco, the superintendent of public schools, said today that he's going to delay his retirement for a year. vince matthews had planned to retire on june 30th. but on twitter this morning, he said that the board of education asked him to stay put and not retire for another year. he said that he plans to stay on with the district until june 30th of next year. district is facing a number of challenges, including terms of reopening potential recall of three board members and the school renaming controversy. it's the final
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week of vaccine operations of the oakland coliseum. coming up at 5 30, california's u. s. senators say they're not ready to give up just yet what senator alex padilla said today after visiting the mass vaccination site, plus testimony of the derrick sheldon murder trial turns to police policy as the chief takes the stand. i'm mike tobin in minneapolis. details coming up and if you're looking for a home in the bay area, your budget better be more than a million dollars. how the current home buying surge is driving people farther and farther to the east. kind of a cool, foggy day for many parts of the bay area. some areas still haven't seen the sun today. the rest of us have. i'll have the details on how warm it got and whe
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taking the stand for the prosecution box news, mike tobin tells us, the chief said show been violated department policy, impressing his knee on george boyd's neck as well as the department's ethics and values. yes. mr sheldon's right there. the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin continued into its second week. on monday, police chief materia arredondo testifying on children's conduct on the day of george floyd's death last spring to continue to apply that level of force to aim. person prone doubt, handcuffed behind their back that that in no way she perform is anything
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that is by policy is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics or values. redondo fired. show them the day after floyd's death, and last summer, he called it a murder. earlier on monday, the emergency room doctor who pronounced floyd dead, said he believed floyd died from a lack of oxygen, not a drug overdose or heart attack. i determined that the likelihood of any meaningful outcome was far below 1% and that we would not be able to resuscitate mr floyd. and so i then pronounced him dead and doctors there another name for death by oxygen deficiency. as fix cia is commonly understood. turn the trial of derek sheldon is expected to take three more weeks in minneapolis. might tobin fox news, the surge of migrants that the us mexico border appears to be bringing down the president's approval ratings, according to a new associated press and o r. c
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poll. a majority of americans approve of biden's job performance overall, but when it comes to immigration on lee 42% approved 56% disapprove. our focus is not on looking at the pole. it is on implementing solutions. i think president baden just doesn't care. i think he he plans on admitting between two and three million illegal immigrants into our country this year. the same poll also found that 40% of americans disapprove of the administration's handling of migrant children, customs and border protection, said that they think up to 180. unaccompanied migrant children could show up at the us mexico border. this year. the golden state warriors, they're teaming up with oakland's clorox company as indoor venues are
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set to start reopening on april 15th. clorox will provide disinfecting products for the center in san francisco. it's part of their so called clean initiative, officials say the warriors are committed to the safest and cleanest indoor environment possible. the partnership includes the santa cruz warriors and the kaiser permanent. day arena there. way had a nice day. today. i'll tell you what. well, we did have a lot of cloud cover on and off throughout the bay area, um, life camera shot outside. you could see the sun is out in many places, but for the most part, the fog hung in especially long pacifica and parts of the east bay, where the fog kept temperatures today through lunch time in early afternoon just in the fifties. now the sun's coming up for most of us today. another live camera shot. this is the freeway, the bayshore. you can see that this is ashby avenue crossing here. so this is aquatic park and then
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berkeley's up on the hill and albany. that's all benny hill right there, but just the sun came out. there's a nice day, but the temperatures were didn't have an opportunity to really warm as you can see here right now. temperatures if you get away from the water, said 67 fairfield, 67 brand would but look at san francisco just 54 degrees right now. 50 just 58 panels, a santa's days, effectively almost 10 degrees cooler than the inland valleys. temperatures running about where they were yesterday, maybe a tad cooler with this hour. the pattern is kind of see this guy here see that spin like this. it's kind of a couple things going on. but there's a little bit of a low pressure right here, and that's not what we could bring us rain if it went this way, but it's not doing that. it's just lingering off. our coast is going to do that. pretty much. throughout the day, and throughout that week, and that's going to keep temperatures from being as warmers last week it's going to keep us from getting rain. unfortunately on it's going to keep us generally in the sixties and seventies, so it's kind of a flatline week if you will not expecting anything major. now there were some snow
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flurries up around like tahoe today, which was kind of kind of, you know, interesting. truckee area had some snow flowers. showers. um but we are still as you know, waiting for the rain, you click through a little farther here. i got behind on my computer. you can see that. let's get to the fog clears the fog. okay, so now this is the satellite images you're seeing fog in alameda and belmont. still so right now, so that's why temperatures in burlingame in san bruno in brisbane that's low cloud and fog. that's just lingering there. the temperatures for tomorrow morning. not that cool, kind of like where they were this morning, but you could see the cloud cover. there. it is that san francisco, but that works for sandra fell works for probably works for you for napa and perhaps fremont hayward lunchtime. partly cloudy. coastal clouds linger and temperatures tomorrow. san francisco under partly citing mostly sunny skies, temperatures tomorrow in the low sixties in the city, get away from the water. get out into the livermore valley. you
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get up into rincon valley up in the north, but you're gonna find yourself some upper sixties and perhaps some of those seventies but still kind of a cool mile pattern. so what's the plan? no, ray. that's the big story. that's the headline and kind of a flatline week ahead with temperatures really just hovering in the sixties. low to mid seventies, right through the week. i'll see you back here at the five day forecast and we will go down the road trying to find us some rain here in the in the long range models. let's hope we find it, bill. thank you. i haven't seen anything as crazy as you know, the surge that we have right now ever. i've been in the rose state business for 21 years care from realtors who say the current surge in home sales is like a reshuffling of the various population farther and farther east and coming up at six, a former south bay juvenile court councilor under arrest what we're learning about the man accused of sexually assaulting one of his own clients. on police were sent on a wild to our chase
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after a suspect stolen ambulance from a fire station in ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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is jesse gary tells us that the central valley is kind of like the new bay area as more and more people are being priced out, open concept, you know, kitchen south bay religion joe velasco put four large fremont town homes on the market the past two weeks. they've all sold for seven figures after bidding wars. i haven't seen anything a scrape easy as you know the surge that we have right now ever and i've been in the well, it's a business for 21 years, the bay area has experienced sharp increases in the cost of housing before, but this time that ascent results in real estate wealth spreading beyond the region. this as many people choose to leave the bay. we have a one third of the inventory that we had last year around this time. welcome to
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the central valley, a new bay area in the making, modesto based realtor pete do you wish says home prices have skyrocketed nearly 20% year to date as home buyers. from the bay flock east. they come here and make offers non contingent with huge deposits at something that central values not used to. this is all about housing for rich people. when san jose state real estate development program director professor kelly snyder says the upward surge is shuffling the landscape, but there isn't the population decline. it's turning homeowners along the san francisco peninsula in tow, east bay. home buyers and people in the east bay. i'm moving to the central valley. so much of this is. people wanting space. were you thinking? i think what our permanent changes to help people approach work and life and balance and home and health, which just of re sorting of people based on where they want to be and where there's availability that matches their
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consumer choices for agents such as joe velasco, the beat goes on with six more town homes poised to hit the market and apparently no shortage of buyers in san jose, jesse gary ktvu. two news. we've been very grateful for what they've done so far, but we're so close to coming to the end of this virus. we think it would be a shame that they stop it right now. it is coming right down to the wire. sunday is the last day of vaccinations at the oakland coliseum up next, the latest on efforts to try to keep this mass vaccination site up and running was welcoming the champs back to campus. were there is the stanford women's basketball. team celebrates winning the championship with fellow students also ahead and infectious disease expert will join us live to talk about a new covid variant
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to keep the mass vaccination site of the oakland coliseum up and running. this comes after fema announced it is shutting it down this weekend. today, senator alex padilla of california toward the facility and offered some hope ktvu is robbed rock joint us now with more on what needs to be worked out. rob well, julie, there's late word coming in that fema is willing to offer its support to keep the site running beyond sunday, but the exact details
5:29 pm
all that has to be sorted out. with the federal emergency management agency set to close the oakland coliseum, mass evacuation center this sunday. california us center alex padilla visited the site monday, saying the goal is to keep it open. beyond that date. we have federal, state and local governments committed to working together to extend the life of this site. the details in terms of who's the point on operations, etcetera still being hashed out, produces three major details have to be worked out funding the operation. staffing it and especially getting the vaccine supply. we don't have a final plan or commitment, but i think the willingness but of all parties to figure out how to go forward, so we still have several days before sending arrives toe figured out the coliseum site has been so efficient. it's been able to give shots to about 15% of all those vaccinated in the county since fema opened its seven weeks ago and its streets a
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large percentage of communities of color, but fema has said it would all we run the site for eight weeks, and that ended comes this sunday. we'd be very grateful for what they've done so far, but we're so close. to coming to the end of this virus. we think it would be a shame that they stop it right now, chin says. alameda county currently doesn't have the manpower to run the site or anywhere near the vaccine supply. the county is opening up vaccines to anyone 16 years of age and older on april 15th. we don't have enough thinks that scenes they give about 42,000 doses. a week and we don't we don't have that much extra that we don't have extra at all. but former fema presidential appointee, mark nouveau, says the plan was never for fema to run the operation long term on lee to get it going until the county could step in if they want to assume responsibility for i'm sure fema is gonna help him get there, but ultimately they've got to take it on themselves. yeah. and fema and the state
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are in discussions, so there is still a chance, the oakland coliseum site could stay open beyond sunday. julie i know we'll continue to follow to see what happens, rob. thank you, mobile vaccine clinic that doesn't require appointments is now vaccinating people in monterey county. the clinic set up shop in seaside today in hopes of getting vaccines out to people who don't have a lot of access to appointments. this was made possible through a partnership between central avenue pharmacy, which is an independent pharmacy that provides the vaccine and the staff and the group all in monterey. vaccinating about 175 people today who were having difficulties making appointments, and that's what's important. on friday, the mobile clinic will move to salinas. it also plans to visit several homeless homeless encampments 75% of people 65 older have had at least one
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coronavirus shot, according to the cdc. along with that news comes news that younger people are driving a rise in the number of new coronavirus cases in some areas. the director of the cdc said today that the spread of a more highly transmissible bury it could be one cause as well as more use. sports and extracurricular activities starting to open up your learning that many outbreaks in young people are related to youth, sports and extracurricular activities, according to cdc guidance. these activities should be limited. the white house says covid-19 respond or the white house's covid-19 response team continues to advise states against letting up on mask and social distance requirements too quickly, the cdc says 167 million doses of the coronavirus vaccines have now been administered nationwide. more than 30% of americans have had at least one dose. that's more than 107 million people close to 20% more than 62
5:33 pm
million people are now fully. vaccinated joining us how to talk more about all of this is dr john schwartzberg. he's an infectious disease and vaccine expert at uc berkeley. professor thanks for joining us. let's start with these variants, including the indian variant that was just discovered here in the bay area. how concerned should people be and if they've already gotten their shot? well that protect them against these new variants? well these new variants, of course, or disconcerting and people should be concerned about them, but not overly concerned. um, we know that this is the behavior of the virus. it's going to try and survive in the only way conserve i've is either to find not immune people at his people who haven't been vaccinated previously recovered from the disease or to change and that's what it's going to do so with this particular one from india, it shares a lot of the properties that we see from the strains out of brazil and the
5:34 pm
ones out of south africa and these don't respond as well to our vaccines. they do respond, but not as well. we don't have much data yet on how well this particular strain the one from india will respond to our to those people who have immunity from vaccination. we still have to figure that out. professors who we just reported fema is ending their mass vaccination site of the oakland coliseum. they say that their work is done, but some people are saying they wish they'd keep on going. it almost seems like they hit a home run and then decided to stop at third base. what's your thought about that? well, it doesn't feel like that, you know, from a medical standpoint of public health standpoint, we need to continue the oakland coliseum giving out vaccines. it's working beautifully s. oh, that's that's an easy question. chin from a republic health person or a physician. it's a bureaucratic issue that really should be worked out because god knows we just need to get
5:35 pm
the vaccine people's arms right now. exactly the excuse me, the director of infectious disease at the university of minnesota said today. quote we are really in a category five hurricane status in the next two weeks will see the highest number of cases reported globally. since the beginning of the pandemic, however, on the flip side, dr scott got leave, the former fda commissioner says he doesn't think we're going to see 1/4 wave. where do you stand on that? yeah, we've got we've got excellent people saying one thing and excellent people on the other end, saying things that are diametrically opposed, you know the way do knows. i mean, there is a reality here, and the reality is that there are many places in the world western europe. india, brazil, just a name, three that are exploding. um we know that ontario canada just had to go into lockdown. so we know that the rest of the world's having problem. we also know that this virus comes here when it's
5:36 pm
elsewhere, so it's anticipated that we will have it and we already are. look at the state of michigan right now up over 120% in terms of the number of cases so if the question is, are we having a surge now in the united states? the answer is, yes in parts of the united states, but when you look at it through the eyes of the california things look awfully rosie right now. so where do i stand? i stand right in the middle of their. i'm very concerned about where we'll be in the next couple weeks. yes. but i'm very pleased where we are with california right now. we need to go very slowly with opening up and we need to vaccinate more and more people. that kind of leads into my next question. everyone is so tired of this pandemic, but i'm assuming that you would tell people not to let up when it comes to masks and social distancing that now is not the time. oh, boy, you are absolutely right. in your assumption. i think that april
5:37 pm
is really a pivotal month for us if we can get through april without having this virus explode again, with the major surge and in the states that aren't experiencing it now, i think we're in for a really good summer. but contrary rise if we let this virus just get out of hand in this month of april, we're gonna have a tough summer. so yeah, i think we should be very slow. about opening up. i think we should be very cautious and taking baby steps in terms of what we're doing over there throughout the month of april, professor, we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. thank you so much. thank you. napa county is expected to join five other bay area counties in advancing to the orange tear this week. that means the county's world famous wineries can reopen indoor tasting rooms. it would also reduce restrictions on other businesses such as restaurants. retail shops and movie theaters, a recent rise in the number of covid cases kept napa county in
5:38 pm
the more restrictive red tear longer than first expected and in los angeles county covid restrictions have loosened now that the county moved into the orange tear, the state's largest county will now allow bars that don't serve food to open outdoors. dodger stadium will allow more fans inside and theme parks could now expand from 15 to 25% capacity. thank you, celebrating their championship on campus today. the stanford women's team got a chance to show off their brand new trophy up next look at their special day that came after a very special season.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. these pictures of stanford's women's basketball team during
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a parade to show off their new championship trophy. they beat arizona last night by one point in a game that was literally up in the air until the last few seconds. all of this, of course, the culmination of a very long season that was spent mostly on the road because of restrictions from the coronavirus. ktvu is joe fonzi is here. now, with more on the celebration. i still can't stop thinking about that game last night. it looks incredible. yeah, it was quite a game. franken in fact, stanford won its second straight heart stopping game in that win over arizona. it was the cardinals third all time ncaa basketball championship. icu win a national championship. and of course you have a parade. when you return to campus. we've been saying for a while now that these are not the usual times, the stanford campus is nowhere as busy as it would be during non covid times, and the players were masked. but you
5:42 pm
couldn't ask for a better day to celebrate an accomplishment that required negotiating a lot more obstacles than just identifying your opponent's basketball strength. and weaknesses. and performing accordingly. today's parade was the final leg of a season long journey that featured a good dose of history along the way. the cardinal opened the season with a home blow out of cal poly on november 25th with no knowledge at the time that there would not be another game and maples pavilion until february because of santa clara counties, covid shut down three stanford home games were canceled. and in early december that cardinal set up shop in las vegas, beating unlv as a visitor and washington as ah, home team. then it was back to california. but. not the bay area on december 15th, the cardinal rolled over university of pacific and stockton and tara vanderveer became the winningest coach and women's college basketball history, the
5:43 pm
good humor and unity of her team demonstrated by the t dog jacket. she was presented at stand for, then traveled to southern california and arizona while changing home headquarters to santa cruz home games were played in the arena, usually occupied by the santa cruz. warriors it was in santa cruz that stanford suffered the second of back to back losses. the teams on lee two losses of the season. finally in early february, the all clear was given and the team returned to campus. but of course it was back on the road for the pac 12 tournament in the already familiar city of las vegas, and then onto the san antonio bubble for what turned out to be six games that led to the celebration of a national championship. throughout that time, the players juggled practice, sometimes in an unheated high school gym. covid protocols and classes via zoom. the season may be the greatest and most satisfying accomplishment, and tara
5:44 pm
vanderveer is 43 year collegiate coaching career. i'm so proud of this team, not for just their basketball, but for being able to get through this covid and be so mature and we stayed in it and we found ways to, um. really enjoy each other and be be excited to play. and we're really happy to win this championship. so what a journey. it was 29 years between national championships number two and three, and coaches are always reluctant to compare teams. there have been some really good teams between those national championships, but you can't blame tara vanderveer for thinking this might just be her favorite team when she thinks back about all the obstacles, this team had to overcome and how they all came together, joe, i'm wondering how many of the starting players on her team will be graduated, and how different will the team. look next season. well, frank, there are two key seniors. kiana
5:45 pm
williams, uh and anna wilson, who will not be with the team. they're graduating seniors. uh but the good news for stanford and bad news. if you're a stanford opponent is ah, lot of the other key players are back. both of the whole twins are back friend. but friend, believe be eyes. only a sophomore cameron break as a freshman. those were all key contributors. so expect stanford to be potentially justus. good next year as it was this season. yeah, i'm guessing they're gonna have a great recruiting uras well as a result of winning the title there, joe. thank you. you bet. more than $2 trillion infrastructure bill is in the works in congress by the way to pay for the project is running into some resistance, even within the president's own party. also expect to hear more stories like this one. the unusual reason why delta had to cancel. 100 flights yesterday, and we had a pretty mild day today around the bay area tuesdays about the same, but
5:46 pm
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her ear. remar it is his next big project, but lawmakers are divided over whether they want to pass it. fox news ray bogan has the latest from washington. president biden and the first lady taking a moment to delivering easter message of the white house, saying there is hope even in the midst of a pandemic. we will rebuild our nation. we will. reengaged and reimagine. what we can be the president's remarks, hinting at his multi trillion dollar infrastructure bill that he wants passed by congress. as the bill is this today, it needs to be changed. this bill will not be in the same form. you've seen that introduced in a radio interview, democratic senator joe manchin says the nation is overdue for an infrastructure overhaul, but says the president's plan for
5:49 pm
paying for it with a 28% corporate tax is way too high and should be closer to 25% but the president doubled down in defense of his plan. addressing the topic head on during his return to the white house this afternoon, i'm gonna of course his heart is like chan, to change the circumstances we can compete with the rest of the world is full. expect that from senator manchin, other members and we expect the question of how to pay for the package if we should pay for the package to be part of the discussion, moving forward, republicans are also pushing for the bill to be re crafted. there's a way to do infrastructure without charging it or completely reversing the tax policy that every single one of my members believed was in the best interest the country, senator manchin says. there are at least six other democrats who disagree with president biden's corporate tax proposal and to get this bill through the senate, the president will need all democrats onboard. great bogan.
5:50 pm
fox news, delta airlines had to cancel about 100 flights over the weekend because of a shortage of staff. delta says that some of their employees were having adverse side effects from the coronavirus vaccine. the majority of the customers were re booked for another flight the same day. delta says that they had over a million passengers during the past few days and had to open up middle seats to accommodate the increase in passengers. i still think it's a little too early to let people sit in center seat just because, i don't know not enough people have immunity to it that i think it's a good idea, but on the other hand, i can understand from a business standpoint, why people would want to do that. considering how many people want to fly right now, delta says that the middle seats were opened on lee for yesterday and today, but delta as they plan to stop blocking middle seats beginning next month. the u. s. supreme court has ruled in favor of google in an $8 billion
5:51 pm
copyright dispute with oracle. the case concerned more than 11,000 lines of code that google used to create its android operating system that were copied from oracle's job, a. oracle sued google over the use of its code and won its case in appeals court. but this morning, the high court reversed it, saying google's use of the code was protected. the copyright doctrine of fair use. the court's decision was 60 to justice amy coney barrett did not participate. in this case. looking outside, we got a beautiful day it started off pretty cloudy. and if you look out on the upper right of your screen, you'll see some of the low straight us up in here. it's been around all day. it's been lingering and it kept temperatures definitely on the cool side for much of the day today, right now, right? so last week at this time, this time but yours, especially the fifties were in the seventies at upper sixties and now oakland's just 55 degrees pacific is just 49. fairfield's
5:52 pm
just 67. so it's very, very mild out there and it's a lot has to do with that low pressure else kind of outlined it earlier, it's sitting offshore just a little bit, and it's just enough to keep us from warming up too much. it's just enough far enough offshore to keep us from getting rain. it's in a great position to keep the coastal fog and low clouds coming our way. and so you see where the fog is right now, or low clouds? pacifica half moon bay, you can see this area's been shrouded in fog. most of the day. they've been so breaks out specifically for a time, but for the most part, it's been pretty foggy. that's why temperatures in those coastal areas have been upper forties low fifties and then across under the peninsula. you could see the fog in brisbane, san carlos over by the airport. it's there right now. this is not the model. this is the actual satellite imagery showing the low clouds and fog and it is extending across the babe to hayward's. it was just a slow, slow burn off tomorrow. it'll be a quicker burn off. it'll be a nicer day tomorrow, mostly to partly sunny little bit warmer, but still because of that low little guy sitting
5:53 pm
up short, it's just gonna keep on the mild side, so tomorrow's forecast highs in san francisco are just gonna be in the upper fifties and sixties and you see the clouds lingering tomorrow, too, especially along the coast to coast does not get much of a break it all the forecast for tomorrow morning. it's above freezing. for sure. temperatures will be in the upper thirties low forties we're getting to that time of year we were fortunately for gardeners and farmers and things like that, at the freezes that freeze conditioning is that freeze warnings and frost advisories are starting to kind of get in the rear view mirror forecast tomorrow morning. there's the cloud cover and you could see what the cloud does it sort of just kind of hangs out and then slowly burns off. then tomorrow forecast size yellows are seventies greens or sixties blues or fifth so it's going to be a very similar day tomorrow to what we had. i think we'll see more sunshine tomorrow. forecast ties coupled them or sunshine's inland, you'll see temperatures a little bit warmer. so the downside is we've got this great low sitting offshore, but it's not
5:54 pm
doing anything but keeping us from getting from getting rain staying offshore, and it's continuing to keep us on the mild side. i'll see you back here at six. coming up here. nasa reaches a milestone on mars, the important step just completed before the first ever helicopter flight on mars and coming up on ktvu news at six, a former south bay juvenile court counselor is under arrest. what we're learning about the man accused of sexually assaulting one of his own clients. also it's six. vice president kamala harris makes a stop here in oakland, her focus on jobs, small business and the importance of investing in infrastructure. enjoy. fema helis
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
survived its first cold night on its own. fox news, phil keating with more on the mission that could possibly pave the way for future space exploration. small but mighty nasa's mars ingenuity, helicopter making history survive against first night alone on the red planet, despite the possible impacts of the upto minus 130 degree temperatures at the jet zero crater. those frigid temperatures have the potential to freeze and crack unprotected electrical components. damaged the onboard batteries required for flight, and researchers say the graft has the right insulation, the right heaters and a strong enough battery, as is as it prepares to make the world's first powered, controlled flight on another planet. in the coming days, ingenuity will open new possibilities and all sparked questions for the future about what we could accomplish with an aerial explorer. the £4
5:58 pm
helicopter, which is really more like a drone was deployed from the perseverance rover on saturday. touching down on the surface of mars and taking this photo using its color camera ingenuity is on the red planet alone, using the rover as a communications relay between the helicopter and mars and earth. its sole mission, a technology demonstration in the thin martian atmosphere for 30 martian days and will hopefully give scientists insight. into how to survive the harsh mars. nice could we support future human missions with ariel capabilities? on wednesday, ingenuity is restraints are expected to be released for in flight testing. and then on sunday that big historic maiden voyage on the red planet. in miami. phil keating, fox news. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six. it is great to be in oakland and to be home vice
5:59 pm
president kamila harris returns home, marking her first visit to oakland since being sworn into the second highest office in the nation. today's visit was all about touting the biden administration's more than $2 trillion infrastructure plan. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. this is video of harris, arriving in oakland this morning, she was greeted by the lieutenant governor. also congresswoman barbara lee and senator alex padilla. she spent part of her time touring a water treatment plant in san leandro with governor newsome. now she was only here for about four hours are political reporter greg lee followed her visit and tells us where she went and what she said. vice president kamala harris touchdown in oakland, her first official visit to her hometown since being sworn in first stop a tour of east bay mud's upper san leandro water treatment plant, joined by governor gavin newsom the american jobs plan looks at it in terms of
6:00 pm
the infrastructure, peace and in particular what we need to do to build back up and to build a new. what we can do to preserve and to make sure all people have access to clean water and affordable water. harris his visit to the plant part of a concerted effort by the white house to build support for sweeping $2.3, trillion infrastructure and climate proposal, introduced by president biden last week, the so called american jobs plan includes 621 billion for transportation improvements. 213 billion for affordable housing, schools and government facility upgrades. 100 billion for the nation's power grid and 111 billion for water infrastructure, including 45 billion to replace lead pipes. let us 100% of our lead systems and lead pipes. let's upgrade them. why because drinking lead will kill our children. literally. it's a game changer to complement the efforts that are happening at the local level to address the needs here


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