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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 4, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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being left out east oakland oakland is always at the end of the emergency. tonight there is pressure on the federal government to keep the oakland coliseum site open. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville fema has been. operating at mass vaccination site since february, 16th. but now they say they're working. oakland is almost done. ktvu candese charles here. now with more on all of this, candese charles. there's were saying, you know they don't have the manpower, and they fear that they won't have the vaccines either. we need to be able to put more vaccine and people's arms and keeping the policy insight open, especially as we open up even more, which is invaluable on april 11 fema, the federal emergency management agency will close its massive oakland los angeles covid-19 vaccination sites just days before vats and eligibility expands. this is an emergency across the country,
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and certainly when it comes to being left out east oakland, oakland is always at the end of the emergency. local coliseum was one of two sites to be chosen for fema eight week mission to vaccinate but now fema wants to hand the reins to alameda county. something community you're safe. they currently just don't have the resources for it was see extra vaccine on the staff. that really helped us out. alameda county supervisor wilma chan says fema was able to administer 42,000 shots per week, while the county administers between 15 to 17,000 doses. each week, the county asked fema 44 week extension or extra vaccines do what transition? they were told. no. they indicated that there ur missio that this was their eight week mission that they had intended. alameda county health care services agency director colin charla has been a part of negotiations with the federal government and said they're not giving up. we're still trying apply will be increasing. it just won't be increasing as quickly as we
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hope, and unfortunately, this resource from our region will be standing down just at a time when we need it. in the statement, fema says, quote fema has delivered older promise vaccines. the state of california plus some additional doses advisor on sunday, april 11th the eight week community vaccination centers mission will be completed. what that does not mean. vaccinations will end. in quote, they know that there's enough vaccine throughout the country by pharmacies and medical plants that they feel like they can turn this over to those parties. former fema presidential appointee mark novo says input m the white house, local fema leaders and the cdc. in this particular case, they're closing up because they feel like that can continue to get service to those through the agencies. yeah but again, local interest. tell me the concern is that those doses won't come soon enough, local officials say if fema doesn't stick
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around the likely have to close the call the same site just not enough staff there guys and the vote, says fema can always come back. so have to tune in to see if that will be the case for now, reporting live. i'm candese charles ktvu fox to me. okay candace. thank you knew at 11 here. there are new reports of scams involving the coronavirus vaccine. the fbi is warning that fake coronavirus vaccination cards are being sold online. the cards are usually issued by the cdc. they contain a person's personal information like name, date of birth and which vaccine they is asked to call authorities. the fbi is also reminding illego united states had an impressive vaccine milestone over the weekend for the first time, four million americans were vaccinated in a single day. boxing is aisha husni tells us as the rollout ramps up, lawmakers are now debating a vaccine passport as more
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americans get vaccinated and the country slowly reopens a debate over vaccine passports is heating up. some view proof of vaccination as a way to safely return and normal, while others see it as an invasion of privacy. get a nab salute atrocity just the entire idea behind it. it's a complete strike against america's freedoms, our liberties and our healthcare privacy. so far, states are taking different approaches to the concept. florida governor rhonda santa's has banned state and local government agencies and businesses from requiring vaccine passports, while new york has launched the nation's first experiment with them, new yorkers can choose to download an app called excelsior passed to prove. been vaccinated or recently tested negative for covid-19 major venues such as madison square garden and times union center have already started implementing the technology. i think it's one of many tools. and i respect folks who choose not to get
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vaccinated, and we'll work with that as well. but i think particularly. for some private sector settings. it could be a really valuable tool. the bagman ministrations has said it will not federally mandate vaccine documentation but will make recommendations to the private sector to ensure the system is fair, equitable and safe. so will leverage our resource is to ensure that all vaccination credential systems maki standards whether that's universal accessibility, affordability availability, both digitally and on paper, the only nation with widespread use of a vaccine passport is. real where people have to show their passport to get into venues like concerts, restaurants, even gyms in new york. i shall hosni fox news bite administration says johnson and johnson is taking over the manufacturing plant where millions of doses of their coronavirus vaccine were ruined. last week, emergent bio solutions had been making both the johnson and johnson vaccine and the astro better asked
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astrazeneca. excuse me vaccine. at a plant in baltimore, but the contractor ruined 15 million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine after mixing up the ingredients, the plant will now be solely devoted to the johnson and johnson single dose vaccine in hopes of avoiding a similar mistake in the future. this holiday weekend was very different compared to last year with a covid vaccine and lower case rates. many people say they're feeling more comfortable to venture out or getting together with family and friends. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with the new spring socializing janna, julie, many peopleional, being able to see family and friends again in person safely, but it's also very challenging, trying to figure out the new rules of interaction. this year, spring has brought the bunnies, the babies and family outings back
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at the roost, bancroft garden in walnut creek. it was an easter bunny hunt. no eggs to handle. we have to find all those dumb down. we can get a prize. for many, it's the joy of pandemic restrictions, slowly easing. it is so beautiful and the kids are having fun. hopefully it's just a matter of time and everything will be back on track staff say everyone is navigating a new path. figuring out on the fly, how to keep socializing safe even though people have been vaccinated. we don't know who hasn't who hasn't? so we're still continuing to require a mask on the property patrons havingl choices. i've got both vaccinations now, so things are opening up, i'd be able to do more things than i was feeling comfortable doing before because we have a young child. we try to keep a small bubble and just the family members that were. no that have been vaccinated for many is coming in small steps, meeting up outdoors, as some are still
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concerned about indoor interactions. i don't know, but indulge thing. there's still the threat that just i don't know. fourth waving for those ready to jump into this new world, the cdc says fully vaccinated, people can meet without masks and distancing two weeks after your last covid vaccine shot had my sister and friend and her parents over for a passover state of all the adults had at least one shot. so we felt pretty comfortable with it. larry smith of berkeley, said the greetings were well, different. we're doing a lot available bumping and you know, we sort of this sort of eastern bow was kind of nice and i kind of hope it stays that way. i don't miss the handshake. i miss hugs, but the handshake can go and for so many families getting through this year of sacrifice. to be together is a blessing in the past of a tradition you always say again next year, so next year will be even better. we assume, and we hope, the cdc says for now, even if you are vaccinated, they recommend that
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people wear masks in pli and avoid large crowds. julie so good to see gina. thank you for the very latest on the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccine. roll out. be sure to download our ktvu news app. it is free to download in your app store, knew it. 11 authorities in daly city are asking for the public's help to find a man who's missing. daly city. police say this man edgar cuesta, has been missing since last thursday. he walked away from his care facility near the ceremony area and hasn't been seen since. now. he is deaf. he doesn't talk, and he uses a cane or a walker to get around. family members say they are extremely worried about his well being. he needs to take medications for hypertension. he may be scared. he may be injured. family members also say they're concerned because questa is asian and may be targeted. he was last seen in a camouflage hoody and dark pants again. if you see him you're
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asked to call daly city police in san francisco, a different kind of rally was held today calling for an end to anti asian violence. fema artists from nine different schools, perform combat drills and gave demonstrations outside san francisco city hall. organizers of the asia strong events say they came up with the idea after a group discussion about the atlanta area killings and local attacks on asians realizing how #### off we are about the situation, and instead of talking about it, we were convicted to do something. i want people to walk away from today. just feeling empowered that. they can't do something and that there is a abundance of resource is if they wanted to organizers hope today's martial arts demonstration show others that being physically empowered also leads to mental empowerment, something they say
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their community needs more up right now. steph curry war custom sneakers at today's warriors game in atlanta to show his support for the asian american community. curry worked with the bruce lee foundation after last month's spot shootings. together created handpainted shoes depicting the martial arts icon. they plan to put the shoes up for auction, with the proceeds going to the families of each of the eight victims. coming up uber is forced to pay up the large find that alleges drivers discriminated against a blind woman from the bay area. hope you had a nice weekend temperatures. not all that warm today or yesterday. it goes that way again, tomorrow kind of mild temperatures, but there will be some changes. as we go through this week ahead. we'll look for rain and a warm up after the break. and the easter celebrations this year were extra special coming up. the joyous folks were allowed back into their church to see their friends face to face for the first time in months, a year ago with that last service that
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we had inside the building, so it's like starting all brand new again. also the easter message from
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. bay area held holiday services. this comes one year after the pandemic force churches to move their events online. ktvu elissa harrington tells us that people couldn't be happier given the chance to be able to
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see their their friends and family in person again. we're so happy and grateful that the doors open we can come back together again and worship the lord the way we have. in the past members of oakland's ax full gospel church celebrated. two events this sunday easter and the return to in person worship. just happy to see everybody that we haven't seen in such a long time the church opened for in person service for the first time in more than a year, worshippers were temperature checked at the door and had to wear a mask over a year ago. with that last service that we had inside the building so basic, like started all brand new again, you know, for today and so everybody's just got a spirit of celebration and joy. and many bay area counties are in the orange tear in the states, a blueprint for a safer economy. this allows indoor capacity at churches at 50% still, some shows to mark the holiday outside you icu. at lakeshore
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avenue baptist church in oakland, faith in the bay organized an interfaith sunrise service against the backdrop of lake merritt. they prayed, sang and took communion and after the service volunteers delivered warm meals to the un housed now we're looking for to getting closer, having more attachment on connection, the one another and they'll be even deeper, you know, being away from each other. our hearts definitely grew fonder in san francisco's tenderloin glide memorial church stayed online for the second year. in a row, thea annual easter service included live music and some archived music of the glide ensemble and the change banned from years past. there was a virtual prayer circle with live readings and an online easter egg hunt for the kids or this sunrise easter celebration. where we know that the light has come to the tenderloin,
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which means that it has come to the city. it has come to the state. it has come to this nation and it has come. to the world. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news president biden and first lady dr jill biden posted an easter message on twitter today for second year most will be apart from their families, their friends, full congregations that phyllis with joy, yet is the gospel of john reminds us. light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. this easter from our family to yours. we wish you help hope, joy and the peace of god. biden's also encouraged all americans to get vaccinated once they're eligible, vice president kamala harris will be visiting oakland tomorrow. vice president is set to talk about a number of topics, including water infrastructure and small business. this will be her first visit to oakland since she became vice president. president harris is a native of
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oakland and spent several years of her childhood in berkeley. she and her husband spent the day in l a for easter. no word yet on where the vice president plans to go when she arrives in oakland tomorrow. oh okay. not a bad weekend. it wasn't that warm, though. we've got fog back at the coast of more typical spring pattern for saturday and sunday tomorrow is gonna follow suit with that. and actually, most of this week is going to follow suit with this. these kinds of temperatures a little warmers. we turns the middle of the week seventies, but not the record numbers that we saw last week in and not as warm and certainly, um. dry with the high pressure will actually is a low pressure off shore, but the highest dominating the landscape so much at the low has toe stay offshore, so it's going to spin clouds. as for these clouds are coming from for the onshore flow is coming from. it's from that offshore low, but the high over us is not allowing it to bump in and bring potential rain. so with that we look dry right through the week, which is very unfortunate.ouds and
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straightest and some fog. fog came back to the beach this evening. it was in and out most of the day, as you know, and tomorrow be back again. see sea surface temperatures are pretty cool. so the fog that's the time you get the wind blowing. you get the upwelling. you get the colder water coming to the surface and you get fog formation and so little little water temperatures. um off our coast will do that. so that's what we're seeing. there are some of the clouds and there's that system or there's the low sitting offshore and you can't really make it out easily there, but it's sitting it looks like maybe 809 100 miles offshore, and it will continue to kind of keep things from being hot around here, so it's not gonna be cool, but it's not gonna be warm, warm like last week, so again open with this cloud's beautiful night. they're over that little stay abe freezing ea rosa napa there in the upper nd we're looking at temperatures tomorrow, some yellow some seventies so you'll see the ice after map threw up the colors to represent temperatures for forecast for tomorrow in the yellows, you
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know, there's mostly east of us as far inland, a valley's eastern living or eastern conquered. most of us are in the green that sixties and you see a lot of fifties that's right along the coast is gonna be upper fifties. so tomorrow. not a bad day. just not amazing, like last week and not rain, and that's what we need. unfortunately so we're not seeing it this five day panel or a pop in the weekend, and it's dry there too. so i hope i see you tomorrow night with some better news. maybe things can change, obviously, but just tomorrow a lot like today. wake up in a little fog. mostly sunny all day, all right, bill. thank you. uber has been fined after its drivers allegedly discriminated against a blind woman from the bay area. the right sharing company was ordered to pay $1.1 million after drivers allegedly discriminated against lisa irving, a blind woman from mill valley, an independent arbiter. arbitrator ruled uber drivers refused rise to irving and her guide dog on 14 separate
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occasions. by doing so, the company violated the americans with disabilities act and failed to properly supervised drivers. irving alleged drivers left her stranded at night and caused her to be late to work. huber disputed the ruling say. saying it took appropriate action after each complaint. it was 53 years ago today, the doctor martin luther king jr. was assassinated outside his room at a motel in memphis. he'd gone to memphis to join sanitation workers who are pro testing for better pay and working conditions. king was an incredible speaker, one of his quote, said. darkness cannot drive out darkness on lee light can do that and hate cannot drive out. hate on lee love can do that king was 30. nine years old when he was shot and killed james earl ray was convicted of killing dr king and he ended up dying in prison in 1998. coming up at 11 11 30 on sports wrap joe fonzi and jason appelbaum will break down stanford's
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incredible win against arizona, plus that wild buzzer beater from last night's u. c l. a and gonzaga's thriller was awesome. but first after the break the virtual awards season continues. we have the big winners from tonight's screen actors guild awards that' this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance. it's only three pages. straightforward. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for "spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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virtual ceremony. the actor goes. to the trial of the
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chicago seven. trial of chicago seven, took home the night's top award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a motion picture. the movie is about the trial of a real life group of vietnam war protestors who were falsely accused of inciting riots at the 1968 democratic national convention in chicago. aaron sorkin was determined to tell their story that is loving and respectful direction transformed a group of disparate actors into a non sample. the crown won for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series and creek. and yes, it feels incredibly odd to say that on television, but that's what the show is called. anyway they want outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy serious. unlike the oscars, the sag awards are the only awards show that's voted on entirely by actors. look now at the weekend box office. godzilla versus
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kong scored the best movie opening so far during this pandemic, it pulled in 48 a half million dollars in ticket sales since it opened last week. the previous best opening of this year was tom and jerry with 13.7 million that was back in late february and the previous pandemic hi belonged to wonder woman. 1984 which brought in 16.7 million and ticket sales last december, nasa has successfully dropped off a helicopter on mars. now it's getting ready for the main event, an actual flight. fox news phil keating has the story as is preparing to make space history once again. after hitching a ride on the perseverance rover, the space agency's ingenuity helicopter touched down on the surface of mars saturday. it's now just days away from attempting the world's first powered controlled flight on another planet. the person marriage rober carries with it the most
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advanced suite of science instruments we've ever sent to mars, as well as several technology technology demonstrations, including. ingenuity helicopter that's offered to sneak peek of how the initial flight will work. ingenuity will rise about 10 ft. above the martian service hover for 20 to 30 seconds and then land. the whole process shouldn't take longer than 90 seconds. but if it's successful, it could open up a new era of space exploration in which drones play a major role. we test the mortars to make sure this been right, and we'll be very methodical and even driven. asked this. engineering experiment on falls. nasa expects to make the first flat on april 11th with more ambitious flights planned in the following weeks. ingenuity will open new possibilities and all sparked questions for the future about what we could accomplish with an aerial explorer. could we image areas not visible from space, or that
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a rover couldn't reach like shadowed craters with seasonal water flow? the helicopter will not only be making history it will be carrying a piece of history. the ingenuity is carrying a board itself a small swatch of fabric from the wright brothers original plane, which first attained flight. 1903 in miami. phil keating, fox news. absolutely incredible. that'll do it for us. see let everyone julie see tomorrow. tra.
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stanford survived again. the 29 year wait is over, arizona toe when its long awaited third ncaa championship. never doubted. this came for one minute. just diversity that we we've been through this entire year. just how bad we wanted it. you ever wonder how great this guy is? watch that play. steph curry returns for tonight's game against the hawks. is that enough to bounce back from one of the worst losses in franchise history? four games into the baseball season and the a's have yet to


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