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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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denounced recent attacks on asian americans, while others draw attention to self defense and champions again. stanford survives a last second scare to win the women's basketball national championship. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm frank somerville for the first time in nearly 30 years, the stanford cardinal women are the new national champions, and it was an incredible game that literally went right down to the last second ktvu joe fonzi is here now, joe. what again? no question about it, frank. yes 1982 was the last time the very successful. tara
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vanderveer led stanford program won the national championship despite some very good teams. since then, the cardinal in the national championship game against arizona team that stanford beat twice during the regular season stand for jump to an early lead and then had to withstand arizona rallies of one in the fourth quarter. hayley jones muscles in a shot in the lane. despite the foul, she made the free throw. it was 54 50 cardinal, but the wildcats weren't finished. they made a three to pull within a point and had the ball with you. has to win with six seconds left. great stand for defense is ari mcdonald is blanketed her shot at the buzzer won't go. stanford hangs on for a 54 53 win, which means they're the best in the nation and national champions for the third time. this is a team that didn't have a home for much of the season because of covid restrictions, but somehow managed to get it done. this is a dream come true for our team. i think it probably hit me tomorrow, but we have some really outstanding women on our change. i'll let the drama's
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been a great leader for us, and wilson, a great leader, chiana, the senior. they're very close team. lexie lacey, our sister. the sisterhood really has helped our team. i think be a very close team and getting through all the things we got through. you know, we're excited to win the covid championship. there is no feeling like knowing you're the best effort going 29 years between national championships lots more coming up in sports. it really is remarkable, joan, you talk about how many games they played outside of california because of the pandemicmen's basketball. wouldu agree? yeah she's already the winningest. she accomplished that record this year, and she said that there were times this year when she told her team pakis suitcase. i don't know how long we're gonna be out there, but we're not going to be home for a long time. and they despite all that they won the national championship.
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yeah, they sure did. what a game, joe. we'll see again in sports. you bet such a great story. well a different kind of anti asian hate event took place today in downtown san francisco. ktvu is greg liggins joins us now he's live with more on what happened today, greg? yeah julie over the last several weeks, we have seen all sorts of different rallies and marches all of course, denouncing asian hate, but this event had a twist and some punches. and kicks. martial artists from nine different schools representing various disciplines, performed combat drills and gave demonstrations outside san francisco city hall, godwin time movie tie digest, sir judo and the may. the asia strong event was the brainchild. of hudson, leo and friends after a group discussion about the deadly atlanta area killings and local attacks on asians realizing how
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#### off we are about the situation, and instead of talking about it, we were convicted to do something. leo a long time student and self described martial arts fanatic, came up with the idea of an event to help the community realize its collective strength and empower people to learn toe literally combat violence themselves. a lot of things are happening. people are getting it. attacked people don't even want to go outside of their house. this hurts our community. there were speakers from the podium and to motivate and show compassion. but the demonstrations were there to show people there are resource is to help them learn to be less fearful and more confidentn 200 attendees told us she liked the idea of making such a variety of demonstrations easily accessible to the public. i think it lets everybody like have, like a 32nd, or like, you know, one or two minutes demonstration on like, if this is good for them. this is
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something that they want to learn. martial artist say they feel confident knowing they can protect themselves and others if necessary. they're hoping the demonstration show others being physically empowered. also leads to mental empowerment, something they say their community could use more of right now. i want people to walk away from today, just feeling empowered that they can't do something and that there is a bunch is of resource. is if they want it now, one of the organizers of today's event told us since the recent rise in violence against asians, more people have expressed an interest in learning some form of self defense. julie greg liggins reporting live tonight, greg. thank you. police in santa rosa are investigating a deadly shooting that happened early this morning at a party. it happened shortly before five this morning on was any avenue. a resident called police and said a man had been shot. officers arrived and found the man dad from it least one
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gunshot wound. the victim was identified as 28 year old sergio santana of santa rosa. a reward of up to $2500 is now being offered for informationlee shooter is president kamala harris, who will be visited in oakland tomorrow. the vice president is set to talk about a number of topics, including water infrastructure and small bit. this will be this will be her firsto she became president. harris is a native of oakland and spent several years of her childhood in berkeley. she and her husband are currently in l. a for easter sunday. no word yet on where the vice president plans to go when they're in the bay area specifically in oakland tomorrow. now to the states. coronavirus vaccination efforts today, health officials reported that more than 19 million doses have been administered so far. on average. that's about 349,000 doses a day about 5.9 million people are partially vaccinated or
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about 18% of the population and roughly 7.2 million people are now fully vaccinated about 22% of the state's population. the cdc issued new guidance aimed at getting cruise ships back in us. waters the cdc did not set a date for when ships will be allowed to sail. instead the agency gave technical instructions about reducing the spread of the coronavirus and how to deal with outbreaks. cruise lines will be required to report coronavirus cases more frequently from weekly to daily and must also take part and simulated voyages that will allow crew members to practice new covid-19 operational procedures. the u. s is now vaccinating more than three million people a day. right now there's seven days. average stands at just under $3.1 doses per day. today it was even higher $3.4 doses. people rather got the vaccine. the u. s. has a total population of about 400 million. so far, nearly a third of the united states now has had at least one
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shot and nearly 20% are fully vaccinated. europe has fallen well behind in their pace of vaccinations. big countries like italy, france, germany and spain have all vaccinated less than 10% of their population. just days ago, the world health organization called that pace quote unacceptably slow. today the french government tried to speed up vaccinations by using soccer stadiums as mass vaccination sites. europe has seen a new surge of cases and parts of europe are now putting new restrictions in place. as a result, the uk has paid ahead of the rest of europe, with almost half of their population having at least one dose of the vaccine. this easter sunday places of worship across the bay area held services today. this comes one year after the pandemic force churches to move events online. ktvu elissa harrington now with how this year is different, we're so happy and grateful that the doors are open. we can come
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back together again and worship the lord the way we have in the past. celebrated two events this sunday. easter and the return to in person worship. just happy to see everybody that we haven't seen in such a long time the church opened for in person service for the first time in more than a year, worshippers were temperature checked at the door and had to wear a mask over a year ago. with that last service that we had inside the building so basic, like started all brand new again, you know, put today and so is everybody. he's just got a spirit of celebration and joy and many bay area counties are in the orange tear in the states, a blueprint for a safer economy. this allows indoor capacity at churches at 50% still, some shows to mark the holiday outside you icu want at lakeshore avenue baptist church in oakland, faith in the bay organized an interfaith sunrise service against the backdrop of
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lake merritt. they prayed, sang into communion and after the service volunteers delivered warm meals to the un housed now we're looking forward to getting closer, having more attachment on connection, the one another and they'll be even deeper, you know, being away from each other. our hearts definitely grew finder in san francisco's tenderloin glide memorial church stayed online for the second year in. a row, thea annual easter service included life music and some archived music of the glide on some humble in the change banned from years past. there was a virtual prayer circle with live readings and an online easter egg hunt for the kids or this sunrise easter celebration. where we know that the light has come to the tenderloin, which means that it has come to the city. it has come to the state. it has come to this nation and it has come
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to the world. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. and oakland, the lake shelia restaurant on lake merritt was busy both inside and out on this easter sunday, super nice to get out. it's um it's a beautiful day to long as you're wearing your mask, everything have a glass of wine. today was the first day for indoor dining at the lake chalet restaurant and the people we talked with today said they couldn't have picked a better way to celebrate easter sunday. tributes are pouring in in honor of capitol police officer william billy evans. he was killed friday when a man drove into him and a fellow officer at a security checkpoint. box news lauren blanchard shows us the tragedy and tells us how that deadly uprising back on january 6th has prompted a lot of discussion about how to keep the capital safe. it's a quiet afternoon outside the capital here on sunday after friday's attack. now a small memorial is
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growing. take a look at this flowers have been left for officer william billy evans. he died after a man rammed her car into him and another officer who was also injured. officer evans was an 18 year veteran of the u. s capitol police. a friend says evans knew early on he wanted to protect the u. s. capitol he chose his path to go to the capital, and he wanted to protect those that did so much for us she has. kids should know that when he when they grow up that his dad the most amazing thing for this country and be proud of him for them. this suspect 25 year old noah green was shot and killed by police when he jumped out of the car with a knife after ramming officers into a capital security gate. green was not on law enforcement's radar and appears to have acted as a lone wolf in since deleted social media post, green indicated he was a follower of the nation of islam and its longtime leader, louis farrakhan, according the associated press. green's family said he had been suffering delusions and suicidal thoughts. there are
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calls on congress by the union that represents capitol police officers to once again, beef up security. they're also ongoing congressional reviews, but so far, lawmakers have not all been on board with increasing force size and fencing. i think it be a mistake for been seen to be a permanent part. of the capital of the message we send is the wrong message. the flag remains at half staff for officer evans. this is the second line of duty death for capitol police officer. this'd year in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. go ahead. parts of florida are under mandatory evacuation orders tonight because of the risk of a reservoir failing and leaking close to 400 million gallons of wastewater. also it hitched a ride to mars, and it's finally going to get a chance to fly on its own. the historic flight that nasa is planning one week from today. i mean, that kind of a cool weekend out there after a very warm week last week, but this
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back. the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. getting ready for the main event, an actual flight box news phil keating has more as
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is preparing to make space history once again after hitching a ride on the perseverance rover, the space agency's ingenuity helicopter touched down on the surface of mars saturday. it's now just days away from attempting the world's first powered controlled flight on another planet. the person marriage, robert carries with it the most advanced suite of science instruments we've ever sent to mars, as well as several technology technology demonstrations, including the ingenuity, helicopter that's offered a sneak peek of how the initial flight will work. ingenuity will rise about 10 ft. above the martian service hover for 20 to 30 seconds and then land. the whole process shouldn't take longer than 90 seconds. but if it's successful. you could open up a new era of space exploration in which drones play a major role. we test the mortars to make sure this been right and we'll be very methodical and even driven
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as this engineering experiment unfolds, nasa expects to make the first flat on april 11th with more ambitious flights planned in the following weeks. ingenuity will open new possibilities and all sparked questions for the future about what we could accomplish with an aerial explorer. could we image areas not visible from space or that a rover couldn't reach like shadowed craters with seasonal water flow? the helicopter will not only be making history it will be carrying a piece of history. the ingenuity is carrying a board itself. a small swatch of fabric from the wright brothers original plane, which first attained flight. 1903 in miami. phil keating, fox news today. missouri senator roy blunt criticized president biden's proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plant. the senator says that on lee, a fraction of the money will actually go to infrastructure projects. in its current form.
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the bill would use billions of dollars for roads, bridges, rails and airports. but it would also address what democrats say our current and future infrastructure needs like broadband. renewable energy and affordable housing. on fox news sunday, senator blunt said the president should pare down the proposal if he wants support from republicans. my advice to the white house has been take that bipartisan win do this in a more traditional infrastructure way. if people think that this is too aggressive than we'd like to hear what their plans are, it's something we won't have a conversation about, but this is a responsible way to pay for a significant capital investment. the white house says most of the bill would be paid for by tax increases, mostly on corporations. parts of florida under state of emergency is federal, state and local officials try to contain a leak of hazardous waste water homes, businesses and highways in the area are being evacuated.
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officials say the leak is coming from a reservoir that holds nearly 400 million gallons of wastewater and radioactive radioactive material from an old phosphate mine. emergency crews are trying to contain the leak with rocks and other material. rescuers in taiwan are we're still working to remove a third train car from a tunnel where train crashed on friday, killing at least 50 people. the train was carrying almost 500 people at the time when it crashed into an unmanned construction truck that had rolled down a hillside and landed on the tracks. the taiwanese government said the trucks, emergency brake was not properly installed. the owner of the truck issued an apology today, saying he takes full responsibility for the crash and will cooperate with investigators famous broadway stage opened up its doors for the first time in more than a year, the curtain rose again at the st james theater in manhattan yesterday, theatergoers had wear masks and ushers check their temperatures
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before they took their seats. new york pops up showcase the tony award winning dancer savion glover, who tapped out a tribute to frontline workers and nathan lane. performed a new monologue entitled playbills. it was written specifically for the occasion. thean vitae shin only event was the first of 10, which will play in broadway's theaters. over the next 10 weeks, all right, kind of a cool couple days around here after a very warm week, with record high temperatures today. he's in the numbers and they were pretty mild. 68 antioch 68 in fairfield. certainly no records. yesterday's very similar. nice day, not as warm as that had been, and if you look at the coastal sections like pacifica happened, upper fifties low sixties so more typical. spring pattern. if you will than what we saw last week, which was full of warmth s o the plan here as we go forward is to get a graphic
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in here that we can use. sorry about that. you gotta hear this. okay, so waiting for the rain. it's going to be drive for a while. we're basically looking at a situation where we are not going to see rain for a long time. and with that in mind, we are going to be, um, drive and we need the rain certainly, and that's that's the big problem around here, and we're not going to see it. the five day forecast and beyond basically. goes drive. and so with that in mind, i mean more warmth. second get hot. the record highs are going away for this week. but we are going to be, dry and the mountains, no snow. and so that's a drag. considering where we are what we will notice this week. we won't see the big heat as this little pressure sort of hovers over the top of us and gives us a very spring like pattern and that spring like pattern includes temperatures in the sixties, mostly with a few low seventies live camera shot there of oakland. as we push into tomorrow we're going to see temperatures begin to warm
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a little over today, over today, so today we sought sixties tomorrow we might see a couple of low seventies the clouds outside right now, there they are. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow morning. you wake up clear. it's not that cold overnight. we're basically looking at overnight lows in the forties and then daytime highs tomorrow sixties with a few low seventies clouds in the morning coastal fog. the whole shooting match there, which is what you would expect for spring springtime, so there's the model. put the clouds in, get the clouds out and you can see where we go. we go toe seventies or yellows, so lots of seventies but they're inland. most of us tomorrow are like this sixties so very similar day tomorrow to what we had today in the five day forecast continues in that realm of just sort of mild daytime highs. it's nice warms up a little bit on thursday and friday, and then, as we get towards the weekend, it maybe cools down again. so but the down inside here, and the real problem is we're not looking at rain anytime soon, and hopefully that'll change. i'll see you back here at 10 and 11, and we'll maybe find something in the long range models. well
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let's hope so. we'll see then bill thank you coming up after the break war from the women's national championship game, the stanford women's team won their first championship since 1992. and if you missed the game, joe fonzi has some great highlights because it went right down to the last second. coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news, the mass vaccination side in oakland is scheduled to close in one week, and fema has denied alameda counties request to keepit open longer will have much more on the story and reaction from city leaders tonight at 10
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verse, 10 years, stanford has been one of the best college basketball programs in the nation after winning two national titles early in her career. that third championship had been elusive. today the cardinal got another chance playing guest in arizona team that stanford twice during the regular season. stanford jump to one early, then had to withstand arizona rallies. one in the fourth quarter, hayley jones muscles in his shot in the lane. despite the foul, she made the free throw. it was 54 50 cardinal, but the wildcats weren't finished. they made it
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three to pulls in a point and gave themselves a chance to win here. stanford guilty of a shot clock violation, which means arizona got the ball with six seconds left and a chance to win. great standard. stanford defense, though, is ari mcdonald is blanketed. first shot at the buzzer won't go. stanford hangs on 54 53, which means stanford is the best in the country and national champions for the third time. this is a team that didn't have a home for much of the season because of covert restrictions, but pulled together despite the adversity, i think that's what helped those you know, being on the road for two weeks. we didn't want to do that. but you know afterwards, we're thankful for because we grew out the team. we grew up individuals, and that was hard, but you know, it's helped us. you know, against louisville, you know, having to come back down, 12. all right? no, i get stopped at one of jack one on that runs and then also tonight getting that big stop. well this is not exactly how the a's envisioned the start of the season against their ale. west rivals the
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houston astros shaman i on the mound for oakland, j finding himself in a one nothing whole right away when i leaves one and kyle tucker his wheelhouse and tucker drives it over the wall like they did yesterday, the aids had an immediate answer. mark canha at third one. jed lowry ropes one down the right field line up jose hooky day. that's a double for lowry won. one game is can it trots home, but also like yesterday the astros kept producing runs is the game or on jason castro drives one to left center with a runner on it's a two run shot for the castro valley native the astros go on to win 92 sweeping the four game syriza, oakland off to its worst start since going oh, and five to begin the 1987 seasons. it's a long season, but that is not the way it brought up at the beginning of the year. no kidding. but how about the stanford cardinal? that was an incredible game today? no amazing. yeah. congratulations to them and all the things that they had to overcome to win that national championship. that'll do it for
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us. everyone fighting yes, i have a great night. see? attention good night, attention good night, everybody. good night. so two years later, there's a knock on the door. guy opens it, and there on his porch is the snail, who says, "what the heck was all that about?" (both laughing) i don't really get it. well, see, it took two years for the snail to... not important. can i ask you a question? sure. where do you think this is going? to be honest, i was hoping at least second base. you're so funny. you're like a stand-up comedian. a jewish stand-up comedian, that'd be new. actually, i think a lot of them are jewish. no, i was just... never mind. look, howard, this is our third date


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