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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 3, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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plummet a new concern. another covid-19 variant has been discovered in the bay area, it's much easier to transmit. it really means that we all have to, you know. keep all god up. latest variant originated in india and is much more transmissible than the standard coronavirus. good evening and
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thanks for joining us, i'm christina were down and, um andre senior, the variant was discovered in a stanford lab last week, but they did not say where. in the bay area that strain was found. ktvu candese charles joins us live with warning from doctors candese charles ragged, even folks at home, the very end dubbed a double mutant by the indian media. well discovered as andre mentioned by the step for its clinical virology lab, and they're not mentioning where they found that at, but the saying is highly transmissible, very is something to be concerned bay area health experts warn you to stay cautious with the indian variance. you get the very, very similar symptoms that mean differences that is much easier to transmit distinction that ucsf dr peter chan hyung says, is concerning as yet another form of covid-19. years and the bay area we identified this new india variant, um, last week just immediately after it was
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reported in the lay press, dr ben pinsky of sanford's political virology lab says the indian variant dubbed double mutant by the indian media, was found in a patient in one of their bay area clinics. the double meeting is the latest in a growing and diverse field of viral variants, but it has two mutations. and make it easier to catch if you are in an elevator with someone who is infected with the variant, you are more likely to transmit you are more likely to be infected by that variant. it's just a little less forgiving doctor jin hyung says he's concerned about its presence in the bay area, but says the uk variant b 117 is more transmissible. i. in my heart of hearts believe that the vaccines will still be efficacious against this new indian beery, based on some of the information we've been getting about some of the even scare appearance like the south african variant on how fizer is vaccine is effective against it. but he cautions, the more the virus replicates the more chance the virus has to mutate
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into something more concerning the sun is shining over california kisses a don we've made great progress, but we need to be safe. we need to keep our guard up. again. stanford did not disclose the location of the strange process. they're testing for seven more presume cases, so please stay safe. everyone for not reporting live from candese charles ktvu. fox two news. candace sank you. well today the u. s crossed a major mon stone and the vaccine is administrating administering vaccine. pardon me for the first time, four million vaccine doses or administered in a single day. the cdc also reported today that the u. s is now averaging more than three million doses given daily california also hit a milestone today as of today. the state has administered 19 million vaccine doses and more than seven million californians are fully vaccinated. now you can find more on the vaccine rollout on our website ktvu .com. the latest developments are all under the covid-19 tap new attending a sad ending to
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the search for a missing teen from oroville. the body of tatiana dugger was found this week in siskiyou county. her family reported her missing from the oakland area nearly three months ago. authorities say the 19 year old's body was discovered sunday by a hiker in a remote area on side of weed, california her identity was confirmed ordina on thursday, the teen's family said she left orville in january and drove to oakland with a man they did not know. she was never seen alive again. anyone with information should contact the siskiyou county sheriff's office and the tragic crash in bodega bay. fire officials say a car went over 120 ft cliff and crashed up a dig ahead near bodega bay. you could see the car they're resting on the rocky beach at the edge of the water. authorities say both people inside the car have died. crews had to carefully scale the cliff to reach the car and retrieve the bodies. at this point, it's unclear if the crash was an accident or if it was intentional warning tonight cycle is in the east bay say
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they've recently become the targets of armed robbers. in addition to reports of at least three thefts, there have been several attempts. ktvu is greg liggins has more on what's happening and how cyclists are dealing with it. the oakland berkeley hills is a mecca for serious cyclists. this is a vibrant cycling area that people have here. take it real serious. you know, there's a lot of very heavy hitter bicycle riders up here rather than solely focusing on the ride cycle is here are now talking and thinking about a different kind of cycling safety. it's not usually what we're thinking about when we're on the road being robbed. mary and joe willie, president of grizzly peak, cyclist says their form and others have been buzzing with chatter about several incidents. one involved a cyclist who says his bike was stolen. march, 23rd after being run down by two men in a car on wildcat canyon. another talked about incident happened monday evening around 6 30 on grizzly peak boulevard. yeah, you guys had been robbed of their bikes at gunpoint in the evening of
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the 29th. it sounds like the wild west. some of the bikes rolling through these hills cost thousands of dollars. bicycles could be really expensive. it's basically some of the people living around here. their bikes might be $10,000 on this party. a lot of people up here riding bikes they cost way more than my car. grizzly peak cycle is now urges members to not ride alone, something that has been commonly done during the pandemic, but makes them more vulnerable, especially when slowly going uphill. in addition to riding with at least another partner, cyclists are being told to keep personal items in pockets instead of bike bags and take advantage of extended daylight hours. yeah, i think i'm gonna avoid evening right for a while. another tip that's practical, but not necessarily popular with cyclists, who tend to have several bikes is leave the expensive bike at home and take out the commuter or the least attractive bicycle, now, several law enforcement agencies are responsible. for responding to an investigating
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crimes in this region, berkeley police say they're aware of these crimes but have no official reports. we did not hear back from oakland, greg liggins ktvu fox two news. on disabled navy veteran is reunited with his service dog nearly a week after the pump was stolen, mark lipton tells ktvu that he got out of his car late sunday night to open up a gate outside of his home in oakland. and that's when someone jumped into his car and took off with his three year old she wawa bella in a carrier in the back seat. he agonized over the whereabouts of bella for several nights, it turns out, a woman spotted the dog near foothill and 70 or 80, so oakland and kept her for several days. but after friend sal bella and her heart broken owner on ktvu, they told us that the woman returned the doc to its rightful owner. there's another stolen dog case out of oakland. the owner of this dog, says a french bulldog boston terrier mix puppy named duke ellington was taken from a front yard last night. it
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happened just after seven p.m. at a home on durant avenue at bancroft. duke ellington is an emotional support dog for its disabled owner. the owner is offering $1000 for the dogs safe return are going to washington, d. c construction crews spent the day fortifying the fencing around the capital, following yesterday's encounter with an armed man capitol police officer was killed. another injured fox is lucas tomlinson has more now from washington, d. c. the attack took place on constitution avenue at the skate right behind me. so far, security crews have been seen tweaking the fencing head of the capitol hill, police says. expect no major changes that can put a police as far as its security posture remains in a steady state at this time, we are very thankful for our national guard partnership. we do have national guard on the campus, but the security posture at this time remains the same. the suspect. 25 year old noah green. he ran his car into two officers and slam into a
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barricade next the capital green, then got out of his card slashed one of the officers before being shot and killed by responding. police green was not on law enforcement's radar. it appears he was a lone wolf with no ties to terrorist or extremist groups. facebook has deleted greens page, but not before fox was able to grab some screenshots officials here noting the time of the grisly murder. good friday, construction crew's been busy fortifying the fencer on the capitol in recent days, the outer fencing had come down 2300 national guard members continue to stand the watch ever being extended two months. many lawmakers object to this guard deployment. expect security here to be a big topic when congress returns a recent security report recommended the capitol police hire 850 more officers were on good friday, two of those officers stood their ground killed the suspect, but tragically, not before losing one of their own on capitol hill on lucas tomlinson, fox news. and we're hearing from a friend of the
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fallen officer died in the incident. he says officer robbins had a terrific sense of humor and loved sports, and it was his dream to become a capitol police officer. billy was, you know an average guy who had a heroic job, but i don't think he envisioned waking up yesterday morning that he was going to die as a hero and be processed down pennsylvania avenue. um escorted by his brothers and sisters in law enforcement after his tragic death. well, officer evans spent 18 years with the capitol police department as a member of the capital division's first responders unit. he just celebrated his 41st birthday on february 18th and leaves behind a nine year old son and seven year old daughter, mew, a 10 police in southern california say someone stabbed an asian woman to death in a random attack. it happened around 7 30 this morning in the city of riverside when paramedics
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arrived on scene, they found an asian woman in her fifties with stab wounds to her stomach. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. the suspect fled the scene, but investigators say they have detained a homeless woman as a person of interest in the attack. and the effort to stop asian hate continues at 10 35 the rally and. march held today on the peninsula and a barrier weather from the record heat earlier this week. we're talking about a cool down this weekend will continue for your easter sunday, we'll have the update coming up. also ahead tonight parties litter and a parking problem at lake mary, how city leaders are taking action amid the crowds that flock to the lake on weekends, plus this the fall out from major league baseball's decision to move the all star game. came out of atlanta.
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this one we first told you about this story last month when the duck named roberta was taken surveillance videos, you see their catch of the crime and after this video was released, the duck was returned. investigators identified all three of the thieves a search warrant at a residence in santa clara turned a burglary, tools and narcotics. all three are facing several charges, including grand theft. we're learning about a major data breach. facebook information on half a million users has been found online, according to business insider. the data has information from 106 countries, including phone numbers. facebook id's full names, locations, birthdates and email addresses. this isn't the first time that social the social networking giant has had a data breach. in 2018 facebook disabled a feature that allows users to search for one another via phone number following revelations that the political firm cambridge, analytica, had accessed information on up to 87 million facebook users
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without their knowledge or consent, another parent said to the tent to prison rather for their role in college admissions keep cheating scandal was released today must emoji o'neill, junie lee, husband of actress lori laughlin, served five months in federal prison near santa barbara, the 57 year old fashioned designer was transferred to a halfway house in long beach and maja, newly and lachlan admitted to paying half a million dollars in bribes to get both daughters into the university of southern california as crew recruits even though neither barack obama and donald trump are has pulled its own star game out of atlanta following georgia's controversial new voting laws. and his fox's steve herring herring in tells us the state's governor is vowing to put up a fight to get that game back. major league baseball cave to fear and lies from liberal activists. they ignored the facts of our new election
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integrity law, and they ignored the consequences of their decision on our local community. georgia's governor, taking a swing at major league baseball after the league announced it would move its annual all star game out of atlanta in response to a new state voting law that the president and some civil rights groups have called voter suppression. the very people who are victimized the most. are the people who are the leaders in these in these various sports, and it's just not right. this is jim crow on steroids what they're doing and in georgia for presidents barack obama and donald trump, both weighing in on saturday, obama congratulating the league for taking a standvoting rightsp called on americand all of the e companies. they're interfering with free and fair elections. among other things, the law requires voters to show i d to vote and makes changes to ballot drop boxes and how voters can request an absentee ballot. republicans say those changes are needed to shore up
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confidence in the states elections and georgia. we had as many early voting days is anybody in the country. we've got no excuse absentee, but we also want to make sure the election secure and that all georgians have confidence in it. it's not clear which city yet will get the game. last year's game brought in roughly $90 million in atlanta. steve harrigan fox news. well, very weather marriages. a couple days ago, we had record heat with lots of eighties out there. we haven't cooling things off and looks like this pattern will continue as we head into what your sunday forecast highs from this afternoon. you probably know is that cool down, especially coast side with temperatures on lee in the fifties out toward pacifica in san francisco quite a few sixties out there and 1 72 report right in the antioch area about 70 degrees. take a look at the current numbers right now we have some four he's already in fairfield and santa rosa, san francisco, checking in 51, a lots of a neighborhood still in the
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forties and the fifties satellite picking up on some high clouds moving across the area this evening, so we have the high clouds in addition to some fog, which is hanging out coast side and still that onshore breeze, so that all kind of cap our temperatures as we head into your sunday for your easter, not moving around too much with those temperatures. here's a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge towards san francisco, where the cloud cover will continue. to move in over the next few hours, so we should wake up to mostly cloudy skies overnight lows in the forties, too, right around 50 degrees, so some cloud cover to start out your sunday morning. here is that forecast model pick it up on that we'll still have a son cloud mix kind of that filtered sunshine into the afternoon hours for your sunday afternoon forecast highs from the fifties for the beach is quite a few sixties. the war spots could be approaching the 70 degree mark by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. sandwiches do warm up a little bit. the five day forecast, which is some minor changes will have that with your full forecast the update
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coming up in just a little bit. all right. thank you so much mark and update to fire we first told you about last night here, 10, authorities say a fire that originated at a homeless encampment sparked a two alarm fire at a recycling plant in san leandro. the flames left behind a large amount of charred debris. the fire was reported around nine 16 near worldwide green resource is on san leandro street and 93rd avenue. investigators say the cause is still not yet determined of the fire. no one was injured and no other structures were damaged. well now to taiwan. we're family member family members made an emotional visit to the side of a deadly train crash that left more than 50 people dead. more than 100. grieving relatives came to the city of while lean saturday, many cried and chanted as a more than 51 people who were killed in the crash earlier this week. that crash happened thursday when a train rammed into an empty truck that had rolled onto the track. officials say that the
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trucks, emergency brake was not engaged, causing it to slide. 65 ft down a hillside and onto the tracks. the owner of the truck is out on bond tonight on charges of causing death by negligence. the accident is taiwan's deadliest train crash today. we're growing number of migrant children are at the border and later tonight, the army base in california that could be used to house unaccompanied minors, then one of the best college basketball games in history to close our sports department of the gonzaga bulldogs punched their ticket to the championship game, first, the wedding industry is back up and running in las vegas. how today's date had people rushing to the altar.
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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vegas? as reporter jacqueline schultz tells us today's date 4321 had couples racing to the aisle, and it's looking promising and hopeful, and it's starting to get busy. thank god. yeah we were just slammed all of a sudden thousands flocking to the strip have an extra spring in their step to walk down the aisle this weekend, all in time for the banner day of the year and the wedding capital of the world. 4321 a little bump. another big weekend for us is always good.
10:24 pm
we will be busy. every chapel in town is gonna be slammed businesses like rent address and talks. downtown is one of the thousands of small businesses and diane schiller, one of 18,000 workers in the juggernaut. $2 billion las vegas wedding industry recovering from the year many weddings came to ah, halt couple weekends ago is when it really just sort of opened up this stimulus. check it come in, and the weather was nice. and you know more people were getting vaccinated. it was just like a sudden lift. those people are accident, ecstatic that things were finally coming back and getting. 2020 made people rethink some of their values and weddings became even more important to a lot of people. county clerk ling goya says the clark county marriage bureau issues 75,000 wedding licenses a year, 2020 brought a dip but 2021 so far from valentine's day to this weekend seems more like a
10:25 pm
spring down the aisle, and it's good news for all these businesses. you think about a destination wedding people flying on the airport. they drive and. they, you know, stay at the hotels. they did the restaurants. they go to the shows, and then they do all the wedding things on top of that it impacts almost every business that build the tourism in clark county, all of us photographers, djs, you know venues, restaurants, and i'm grateful for that every day that we are all seemed to be coming back. e again that was jacqueline schultz reporting, the clark county clerk's office says nearly 700 couples applied for a marriage license for today, a new york city club. a comedy club got a star studded headliner for its first night back open and more than a year native new york and iconic comedian jerry seinfeld helped to welcome back an audience to the gotham comedy club, the iconic comedian admitted to getting the pre show jitters
10:26 pm
ahead of last night's performance. i felt like getting electrocuted in a good way. the audience was great, and i was actually feeling like, can i still do this? you know, i don't know if you wonder if you remember it's like not playing tennis for a year. can you be electrocuted in a good way? who knows? well the audience was maxed out at 100. lucky people inside the club, the other two thirds of the comedy clubs, tables and chairs will lay sat and florida way have been inside our our sanctuary in over a year here easter celebrations will be even more special this year coming up. churches are preparing to welcome parishioners back plus crowds causing problems at lake merritt. the changes the city's making and why some people aren't happy about them. and later tonight how san francisco is already on track for a record number of overdose deaths.
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rouz elissa harrington tells us there are restrictions on traffic and vendors. this is what visitors can now expect to see weekends at lake merritt road closures along stretches of lakeshore avenue, no parking areas and police enforcing traffic and issuing citations. for some residents. these changes are breath of fresh air like justin, who win, who hopes fewer cars will create a safer environment for bicyclists. we biked here every single day, so it's great having the closure. it's be a lot more space and allows kids to like you just scooters or roller skating is losing more than space because you know we don't need for we don't need four lanes. i'll make sure almost daily basis. but others call this a classic case of nimbyism, the city of
10:30 pm
oakland made this decision to crack down after a wave of complaints from residents fed up with garbage noise cars blocking their driveways and large crowds gathering during a pandemic. i understand like the parking and everything, but i hope that the residents don't feel that. they have like that they have like ownership over the lake. just because they have they pay like high rent and mortgages. that's not really our fault. the city described the changes as safety measures, cars, double or triple parked, have blocked access for emergency vehicles. big weekend crowds have also attracted unauthorized vendors who are sometimes involved in illegal cannabis and alcohol sales. legal vendors like james watkins with lip smacking treats must now set up in a dedicated vendor area. the lake is like a place worse to come set up. no. a supposed to having a brick and mortar or something like that. we could come right here in our own neighborhood and having like a little flea market thing, and, you know, make some money. take your family's vendors. tell ktvu they understand the safety issues, but weekends at lake merritt is when they make their money. they're concerned all
10:31 pm
this red tape will keep their customers away. we gotta find a way we're all a small businesses can come out here, you know, continue to support the small businesses try and make a living at the same time we got to still make it safe. and for the people that live around here, it's not fair to them. understood so hopefully we could find a way to make it work for everybody. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. today was a big day for u. c. davis as it welcome back fans to a football game. it's the first time fans have been in the stands and more than a year attendees were spaced out of pods they were required to social distance and where mass and those mass could on lee be removed to eat and drink for students lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out game. it meant a lot to be among those filling 20% of the stadium seats to chair on the aggies. it's been over a year. the last time game i went to was probably in the fall. i don't know. sometimes i feels great to come back and try last year to come back. see my
10:32 pm
friends play and support uc davis. fortunately though, the yankees lost to the eastern washington university eagles 32 to 22, but that did not dampen the excitement for those able to finally watch the game in person. churches across the country will be holding in person services on easter sunday, some of them. welcoming back provision for the first time in more than a year, and it's boxes, lauren green tells us church leaders say tomorrow services will be especially meaningful during the pandemic. as the banks in becomes available to more americans. easter brings a renewed understanding of resurrection from many houses of worship. i can't couldn't be more excited. you know, baptisms. we haven't been inside our sanctuary in over a year on easter sunday. wildwood united methodist church in florida will hold its first in person services since the start of a pandemic as houses of worship, reopen, a new pew survey shows, 76% of
10:33 pm
churchgoers say they feel somewhat or very safe to return to in person services. that's up from 64% last year me still it will be another. a typical holiday season for most as many houses of worship keep their online presence like this virtual passover seder, but for bishop nicholas dimarzio, ceo of the brooklyn diocese that waged a legal battle against the state to hold socially distant mass, this easter will be especially meaningful, i think. this easter, we will see more people coming back to church is going to give the pastors and priests ah boost because they haven't seen the people believe there, many of them senior pastor michael back, says the last year has been like a prolonged holy saturday, the space of time between jesus dying on the cross and easter morning, so i think when the pandemic started, we've just been in an extensive tomb time. boston college theologian thomas groome agrees. i think the pandemic has brought a lot of us. variability to our knees
10:34 pm
where we had to stop a nice pretty deep, ultimate questions like what's my life? all about the meaning of easter is that death does not have the final word on the message for this easter is that covid doesn't either in new york lauren green fox news. american airlines is looking to boost travel to international destinations in italy with quarantine free flights out of new york. the air carrier is offering quarantine free flights to rome and milan. passengers who tested negative for covid-19 will be able to travel on americans flies out of jfk international airport. after arriving in italy, passengers will then have to test negative again, but they won't have to quarantine after suspending service last year, the airline plans to resume service to milan starting april 4th and roam on may 8th. we'll rally and march in support of members of the a p i community was held in pacifica today. organizers
10:35 pm
say the goal of the event was to call attention to the recent spike in violence across the united states against asian americans and pacific islanders. and here in the bay area. there have been several instances as we reported of a pia elders being targets of violence. there's been so much violence and we know that this was going on for centuries. but for some reason, and i think we all know what that is. it's all been elevated, and our students are here. our community is here because we want to stand in solidarity. they stopped. asian hate march began at the pacific, a community center on crispy drive and ended at rockaway beach. it is one of several demonstrations taking place this weekend across the bay area, reminder this sunday, voices for change returns with e rise in anti asian hate and violence. ktvu greg lee is going to be talking with asian community leaders about what's causing the wave of discrimination and also discuss what's being done to combat it. the experts were all for so long. oceans and explain why
10:36 pm
they're encouraged to see so many communities standing in solidarity rallying for change. i think is seeing the broad range of ages and different cultures and ethnicities coming out to the rally was awesome. just so amazing, and i think that's what makes it powerful was coming from different different backgrounds and different stories. way invite you to join us to watch voices for change. stop asian hated. there's tomorrow night at 10 30 right here on ktvu. well the number of migrants crossing the southern border reaches new levels and coming up the california base where the government is considering. housing unaccompanied minors, and a burial, whether a temperature drop to start off your weekend. this pattern sticks around your easter sunday. but what about next week? another war of could be headed our way we'll have the update coming up. then one of the bay area's beloved attractions back open now the
10:37 pm
crowds of people that flocked tilden ever. met. me how unaccomd
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
migrants at a california army national guard base along the central coast. the pentagon approved the use of camp
10:40 pm
roberts in san miguel. your pass a robe leads to temporarily house migrant children traveling alone. it's not clear how many children could be placed at the camp, the u. s department of health and human services says the camp is under active consideration. the department has not yet finalized its decision. border authorities and counted more than 9000 children without a parent in february and last month more than 171,000 migrants were stopped by u. s border patrol. that is the highest number since 2000 boxes. alex hogan is on the texas border with the latest on the situation. the white house facing growing pressure over a surge at the southern border, hundreds of families with children have been making the dangerous journey. fox news obtained this photo of two little girls from ecuador who dropped over the wall by smugglers. and left alone. the three and five year old girls are now safe there. mother lives in new york more than 18,000 unaccompanied kids are currently in u. s custody in 80% of those cases. the
10:41 pm
child has a family member in the u. s c b p estimates that 184,000 children could arrive by the end of 2021, which would be a record. critics say the binding administration's taking a humanitarian approach which is created an opportunity for smugglers, incentivizes people pushing their children across the border unaccompanied, so you have a massive number record breaking number of unaccompanied children. you have huge numbers of families on doll of this because they have just well announced that they wouldn't send anybody home. the white house says the current situation is decades in the making, attributing the influx of migrants to a crisis and central america vice president kamila harris was tapped to lead the administration's response. this includes renewing diplomatic talks with the guatemala, honduras and el salvador. it's a similar role to one biden once served as vp when he paid a visit to central america in 2014 in la hoya, texas. alex hogan, fox news. opioid
10:42 pm
overdose deaths in san francisco continues skyrocket, according to supervisor matt haiti, he says, on average, two people died from overdoses around the city every day, and that means san francisco is on track for its worst year ever. and haney says it's possible the city could surpass 1000 overdose deaths this year, 699 people died from overdoses last year, and that was a 63% increase from 2019 officials say the pandemic has played a role. year since people are physically isolated and drug users may overdose. before someone could help them, every summer since 19 oh, seven, the rides have been opened at the santa cruz beach boardwalk except for 2020, but that is all changing. ah, look at the sights and sounds of the boardwalk reopens next. and still no april showers. meteorologist mark tamayo is ready to go
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back in action after being shut down for the past year due to the pandemic. the redwood valley railway has been a popular family attraction for the past 70 years. people who lined up today we're very excited to board those trains once again. if you're interested, all ticket sales are on site at the little depot. reservations are not required. and speaking of a thrill ride for the first time this weekend rides at the santa cruz beach boardwalk her open, but it doesn't rides like the giant dipper. the merry go round and cyclone are up and running. ktvu photojournalists. steve door, captured some of the sights and sounds. thank you. very well. you make sure to maintain physical distancing and we're discovering over your
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