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thanks so much for seeing 11 next at 11. this has been an extremely difficult time for u. s. capitol police after the events of january six, and now the events that have occurred here today, president biden has ordered the flags of the white house to be lowered to half staff in honor of the u. s. capitol police officer who lost his life in the line of duty today. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. box to you who starts now. capitol hill is on high alert tonight after an armed suspect drove his car into two officers. good evening. i'm cristina rendon. i'm andre senior officer williamwas killef indiana. fox's lucas tomlinson has the latest on the active investigation, now from washington. thank you. suspect
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of the attack is being identified as noah green. law enforcement sources tell fox news greens background is being closely examined and since deleted facebook page indicated he was a follower of the nation of islam recently lost his job. investigators outside the u. s cattle are trying to piece together clues into a deadly shooting involving a suspect armed with a knife. police say the suspect identified as noah green, true of a car into two officers friday afternoon and crashed into a barrier. we're told greene got out with a knife and stabbed an officer, prompting them to shoot him from what we can see from video at this time. i do not see the suspect wrestling with a u. s. capitol police officer. law enforcement held a procession for the fallen officer being identified as william evans, an 18 year veteran of the force and a member of the capital division's first responders unit. friday's attack is reigniting the debate about capital security. lawmakers still want to know more about what took place. but before the attacks, someone called the
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national guard to be scaled back and barriers to be removed. we'll be reviewing everything, a tous point, including the fencing, we can't get too far ahead of ourselves without knowing that we have the ability. toe protect the capital too hard in the capital to do all the things that are in general honore is report president biden distain camp david for easter weekend released the following statement. quote i want to express the nation's gratitude to the capitol police. the national guard, immediate response force and others who quickly responded to this attack. president biden ordered flags at the white house to be flown at half staff in washington. lucas tomlinson fox news now silicon valley congressman, ro khanna was at the capitol when the attack took place, and he tells us he was just returning to his office from lunch. and i got frantic calls from my staff, saying there's been a incident that the capital trying t o get a place where you would be safe.
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congressman khanna said. he immediately thought back to the capital riots on january 6th as discussions about security at the capitol continuous said the people's house may need to endure long term changes to keep everyone safe, he said his heart broken by the loss of officer evans, now east bay congressman mark this on the a also offered his condolences. for the fallen officer. you become friends with these officers? i passed. officer evans, that wonderful smile. it's just really hard. well that's only a says while he did not know officer evans on a personal level, he did see him on a daily basis when going toe work representative to sonya was not at the capitol the time of the attack, but he says he is concerned about his safety and the safety of his colleagues. our coverage of this incident continues our website ktvu dot com, you can find the latest developments right on our home page. new travel guidance from the cdc today could give a big boost to
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travel. these new revised guidelines will make it easier for people who are fully vaccinated to fly. ktvu greg looking. joining us live tonight with those details, greg? yeah christina, it appears the turbulent times of air travel is beginning to get a lot smoother, at least here domestically and with 17% of the u. s population now vaccinated the changes to the cdc travel guidelines should make it easier for people in that particular group. to fly on a plane. us air travel has recently started taking off and for some getting vaccinated has factored into flying. i like to travel. i was doing a lot of traveling before covid and i wanted to get back out there, even those not vaccinated say their confidence has increased. yes, for sure. 100% airports like sfo resembled a ghost town a year ago, but have recently seen a significant increase in activity. we know that there is pent up. demand we're starting
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to see a little bit of that at sfo in terms of some of the highest numbers of passengers we've seen during the pandemic. demand is seen in the numbers from the t. essa april 1st of last year, only 124,000 passengers went through airport security domestically, but that number climbed to 1.5 million this year and has remained above a million since mid march. revised cdc guidelines say people who are fully vaccinated can travel domestically safely. no. longer needing a negative covid test unless their destination requires it. the fully vaccinated also no longer need to self quarantine after arriving at their travel destination, and really, this is. with vaccinations rolling out. i think the industry is looking to the cdc to say, look, let's make it easier for people who have been vaccinated to feel good about traveling. the vaccine gave these grand parents from texas a shot of confidence to trade roadways for runways to visit family in the bay. the previous times have gone since covid have all
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been driving, and we didn't really feel safe. traveling, but we've both been vaccinated as the tight grip of covid loosens. so do the restrictions and getting from point a to b as everyone waits to see if they can continue traveling safely to make more memories. we had an awesome time. awesome time. now vaccinated or not, a federal mandate still requires mask wearing on planes, busses, trains and other forms of public transportation. and of course, social distancing, as well as frequent hand washing is still highly encouraged on the horizon. the cdc says it will soon issue some new guidelines for the cruise industry. christina greg gilligan's reporting live for us tonight, greg. thank you. and it seems a lot of people are hitting the road as well. the monterey peninsula is seeing an increase in tourism this week. today the fisherman's warf area or monterey. excuse me. monterey's
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fisherman's war look like pre pandemic times, except people were wearing masks, restaurants and hotels. they're recording hordes of visitors from the bay area in central valley, local hospitality leaders say this is shaping up to be one of the busiest weekends in more than a year. you know people are ready to travel, and, more importantly, they're not going overseas. they're staying closer to home and they're all within driving distance. for some school district's this week is also spring break, which may be adding to the increase in tourism. so today. good friday a solemn religious state for christians around the world leading to easter sunday and after a year of online virtual services, many churches in the bay area or welcoming back their congregants in person for holy week, and his ktvu is and rubin explains. they had a big turnout for good friday, and they're expecting even bigger numbers. easter sunday. somewhere at bethel church in san jose, congregants
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gathered for good friday, something many hadn't done in months. it's a miracle and a prayer come true. it was a chance to see friends to worship together just to see some kind of expression and people not through a zoom, call on be able to celebrate a moment like this, something that's really crucial to our faith. it's on a deeper level, i would say bethel has taken a hybrid. approach to holy week. their largest presence is still online. then they have drivin services, and finally, they're offering indoor services to socially distanced and with masks. i think that's given people a level of comfort, and there's nothing quite like being together in the building. they're expecting a big turnout for easter. so is the diocese of san jose. or the holy church of god. some parishes are offering extra masses some are offering to simultaneously on different parts of their campus. all are expecting people to register ahead of time. bishop
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oscar cantu says the isolation of this pandemic has left people craving togetherness that effects us emotionally and effective, spiritually as well. that we need not only to connect directly with god, but we need to connect with each other as a community. and so i've seen a hunger for that the diocese has been ramping up into our services is the county and people's comfort allowed. bethel just resumed indoor services last week. as we come into easter sunday, i mean, we're we've already got 11 sunday under our belt, and we're ready to go and the congregation is ready to. we didn't get to have church inside last year, but this year we finally get to get together, have community and celebrate. easter each church is doing things a bit differently, so it pays to do your research and register ahead of time and again, many of those churches are keeping their online and outdoor options as well. and
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ruben ktvu fox two news. coming up, then you pull that shows just how many people in the us are still hesitant to get the court a virus vaccine. plus, we're following breaking news out of open. we're firefighters are battling a large fire. what we know after the brain
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity. around 9 10 tonight along the
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railroad tracks near san leandro street and 92nd avenue. this is video here from the citizen app. at this point, it's unclear what is burning. but people on the app say it is a large pile of cardboard officials say 35 firefighters are on scene and they have kept the fire from spreading to nearby warehouses. we're continuing to follow this story, and we'll bring you the latest as we learn more. a major announcement from state health officials today. starting april 15th indoor gatherings, including concerts and weddings can resume and his ktvu deborah villalon tells us how many people are allowed in. all depends what tear the county is hot monk tavern. how live music looked at venues across the bay area before covid. and while this music scene won't snap back, we're just kind of wrapping her arms around the fact that we have some have some movement and it zagat thing. a man who books
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hot monks, four venues. he's just glad to see progress, bringing live entertainment indoors again. were chopping at the bed. everybody in the industry is well, we can't wait to get something going seated live events such as sports and concerts will limit fan numbers, depending on the location size and what tear it's in. well today is really a big milestone day, forgetting fans back in chase center, but teams along with conventions at hotel venues have waited longer than other groups for rules to finally relax. the indoor of that guidance that was issued by the state is really encouraging, santa rosa's luther burbank center has an expansive campus for seminars, receptions. private parties, mostly empty rooms for months, but not much longer. we have seen an increase in enquiries in terms of our availability and what we can do, and. people wanting to scheduled date the performing arts theater now doubles as a vaccination site, and when acts do book again,
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they probably won't be headliners or national tours not went only 400 seats can be sold out of 1800. the capacity is a huge factor in any venue when you're determining what type of act and how much you can expend new guidelines also restrict food and drink, ban out of state guests and allow more people in if they are vaccinated. it's a lot to navigate in sonoma cow. the deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. my mobile vaccination team aims to inoculate up to 1000 seniors at a large senior living facility in san francisco's chinatown, the city began administering shots this morning to residents and ping yuen. it's all in an effort to boost vaccination rates for people 65 older and reach those and communities that have been disproportionately affected by covid-19. organizers say. the idea is if people can't get to a vaccination site, the vaccine sight will come to them. i have been in our clinic and the entire department. public
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health has been trying our best to get the vaccine to everyone way we're trying to increase our capacity and just because you build it, it does not mean they all come. patients have their own reasons. even if they want to get the vaccine. they can. another vaccination clinic is planned for next friday. april 9th. a new poll shows that one in four americans will not get the vaccine. that poll was conducted by the associated press it founded 25% of americans say they probably or definitely will not get the covid-19 vaccine. they see the reason that they're concerned is about possible side effects. meantime 75% say they're willing to get vaccinated or have already received at least. one does coming up a disturbing discovery at university of san francisco how officials are responding after finding. a noose on campus and a burial, whether from record heat
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yesterday two more fog today and cooler temperatures is cool down is here to stay. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up. a cut found e
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bathroom with a restaurant on trinkets. street investigators say the memory card contained video off wendy's employees and customers using the bathroom. the suspect is identified, as i say to say to benitez. he was taken into custody at his residence, where authorities also found 27 used glass, methamphetamines, smoking pipes andsuspecting suspected meth. he's facing several charges, including child endangerment, because the two children we're also inside the home were the meth where the meth were located. university of san
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francisco is investigating after a noose was found hanging from a campus housing balcony. the usada excuse me, the u. s. f. department of public safety says it received a report about the news from students on tuesday. this didn't who admitted to hanging the noose was immediately removed from university housing, school officials say, as they learn more about the incident. further action may be taken, the school released a statement reading in part. usf condemns all acts of racism, including artifacts and weapons that express the legacy of hatred, violence and racism. the city of late hell's fire two veteran police lieutenants and suspended a third lieutenant michael nicolini, who is the vallejo police union president and lieutenant herman robinson, 50 year veteran. well, they both been terminated now. robinson allegedly improperly shared information with former officers. nicolini is accused of playing a part in the destruction of a police truck windshield after an officer shot and killed sean monterroso
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in june. 1 to rosa was suspected of looting. for niccolini and mean there's there was ample reasons to get rid of him a long, long time i o surprised to see that that is hearing was unsuccessful. lieutenant bobby rodriguez has been suspended for 40 hours for playing a role in the windshield incident. the first full week of the derrick shoving murder trial wrapped up with members of the minneapolis law law department. excuse me. law enforcement police department taking the witness stand. the former minneapolis police officer is facing murder and manslaughter charges in george floyd's death. the head of the homicide division testified today that once a person is handcuffed, they should not. remain in a face down position, and he also described kneeling on a suspect's neck as quote top tier deadly force, pulling him down to the ground face down. and putting your knee on the neck for that amount of pot.
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that amount of time is just uncalled for. i saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger if that's what they felt, he went on to say there were strange should have stopped once george floyd was in handcuffs. the trial is. set to resume monday morning. we'll bury weather we had record heat yesterday. the fog making a comeback coincides with a pretty good temperature drop for today. so no more nineties no more reports of a record heat and the cool down. going to stick around as we head into the weekend. in fact, the big biggest cooley today near the coast and out towards san francisco temperatures there only in the upper fifties warm spot still right around 80 out toward vallejo and the fairfield. so cloudy start this weekend, then a sun cloud mix into the afternoon. we will not be completely sunny will have some visiting clouds throughout
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the afternoon hours and temperatures not moving around too much, mostly in the sixties. the coast, though kind of stuck in the fifties satellite showing you some low clouds offshore and then we have. some higher clouds moving in from the north, and some of their the fog is kind of already been flirting with san francisco bay this evening, so right now, our live cameras show and, of course, get idea that we do some patchy fog and haze in the camera shot this evening overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning in the forties, lots of overcast and some fog to start out the day, especially near the coast and near the bank are warm weather pattern is already moving out in this a trough was to set up camp offshore. so today we saw the cooler pattern this weekend. lots of clouds with. 18 hours and then a sun cloud mix for the afternoon, so just some minor changes over the next few days, but overall, we're not talking about any major warmups and we're not talking about any significant rainfall no, in fact, it's pretty much a dry pattern into next week, although we could have some drizzle first thing tomorrow for your saturday, so
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maybe a little bit tobias missed out there and that easter for sunday we will have some more clouds moving into the region throughout the a day. so here is the plan on easter sunday partly to mostly cloudy.o right around 70 degrees, and that's what we have for tomorrow. so as i mentioned some minor tweaks and the temperature forecast over the next 3 to 4 days, and if you take a look ahead here your five day we have minimal changes early next week, in fact, a little little bit of a bump in the numbers by wednesday, maybe a week from today or maybe next weekend, we could be talking about the chance of some right fall, but overall, it's a pretty quiet forecast, especially. for april. yeah. speaking of that no rainfall, mark. talk about this. cal fire says the conditions are ripe for another hectic fire season. pilots are busy with refresher training for their existing air tankers, and they're also training pilots to fly several new specially modified s. 70 i cal fire hawks from poland there
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twice a size of their current. huey helicopters and can draw 1000 gallons of water in less than a minute. they're also equipped with exterior cables for rescues. coming up in sports title could be on its way to the bay area sports director mark your body is up next without the stanford cardinal of wooded h want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile, you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g?
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bar. room tonight. the giant shows of early season resilience bouncing back off of that heartbreaking loss last night when they blew a 61 lead tonight in seattle, despite the joy of that seattle fan, her mariners were going to go down because buster apparently like sitting in that seventh spot second night in a row ticket to
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ride the 11 ball game. evan longoria also homered for the giants, but come the seventh inning. it's a 33 ball game two on for donovan solano. they call him donny barrels, barrels everything up. that's a shot down the left field line. two runs are gonna score and the giants take themselves a 53 lead at another 63 final. jake mcgee, the no nonsense saved for the giants first win at the oakland coliseum tonight, the very zen like astros zack greinke, last night's pitcher. yoga pose but a very violent swing from alex bregman gets the astros off to a quick three run lead shot to left up. jesus liz otto struck out eight but gave up five runs in the a's find themselves down 62 in the seventh. a bright note here. the swing of chad pinder. that's a two run blast his first. it's a 95 final in the aids find themselves looking
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for their first win of the year and one win away are the stanford cardinal women from taking it all in the ncaa is great for tara vanderveer, coach of the year. third time she's won that award, the names of his events and take it under 40 seconds down. one lexie hall missed, but haley jones, barry's the clutch, dad. stanford 66 65, now under 10 seconds left nerve wracking brink loses the ball. south carolina comes out with it. a missed shot. aaliyah, boston right there for the follow to win it. no, it will not go and absolute pure emotion breaks out both sides. it's a one point win for the stanford cardinal glee and agony on display for the first time since 2010 stanford. go to the ncaa championship game against arizona wildcats taking care of
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you. come on, in a surprise tonight that game to be played sunday. the warriors, conversely, were terrible, tough. the what dream on green out with a sprained finger steps not playing in toronto had their way. get this. they led by as many as 61 points over the warriors. bad pass here. turnover leads to the pascal seatac um three, and it just continued. terrible passing. kelly, you break turnover. damian lee with a flagrant foul here on gary trent junior, and it just gets worse all night long. siachen had his way he'll get a spot up three here three of his 36 disinterested and unmotivated to say the least. 1 30 to 77 step. what are you so happy about? all right, the sharks did win their third in a row. three. nothing over the kings. and there are other parts of the animal, moke inglis said to the sharks. how about this cat that manages to find its way
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onto the field in the middle of the colorado game with the dodgers? that's a big cat, right? build up the game a right? build up the game a little bit. that's the sporty -(birds chirping) -phil: mm! (both speaking italian) ah! we're taking a four-week bicycle trip through the vineyards of italy! we figure that this summer, our whole lives are gonna be turned upside-down when haley, dylan, and their twins move in with us, so why not splurge on a grandbaby-moon? i can't believe after all those nights at fratelli's talking about going to italy, it's actually happening. (italian accent) ohh, american lady! why do you do this to me? don't make me practice my slap on you again. -(cellphone plays) -what's that? oh, i'm on hold. i'm booking us into a converted castle in tuscany -for our anniversary. -does it have a moat?


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