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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 2, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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months after the january 6th capital riot ktvu political reporter greg lee has been following the latest investigation on the attack. he joins us live with the latest details. greg christina. good evening, just a devastating time for the small capitol police department. once again, they are mourning the death of one of their fellow officers. and once again security at the u. s. capitol is a maid. your concern. officer william evans, an 18 year veteran of the force, identified as the capitol police officer killed friday after a man rammed his car in the officers and a security barricade at the u. s capitol complex. a second officer was injured, law enforcement said the suspect, then got out of his car armed with a knife. he did not respond to verbal commands. the suspect did start lunging toward u. s. capitol police officers. that's what at which time u s. capitol. police officers fired upon the suspect
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the suspect, identified by fox news is 25 year old. no. one green also died, police said. green was not known to them before the attack, and that this does not appear to be terrorism related, but stressed the investigation is ongoing. we need to obviously understand the motivation behind this senseless act, somos baltimore police department will certainly be doing that. video from the scene shows a heavy response from police as well as members of the national guard some of the additional security measures put in place after the capitol insurrection have recently been ramped down, but authorities remain on high alert after five people died in that january 6th attack, including capitol police officer brian sick, nick, this has been an extremely difficult time. for u. s capitol police after the events of january six, and now the events that have occurred here today, the u. s capitol was immediately placed on lockdown congresses on spring recess. but bay area
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congressman ro khanna was just returning to his capital office from lunch and i got frantic calls from my staff, saying there's been a. incident that the capital trying t o get a place where you would be safe. congressman khanna said he immediately thought back to january 6th. he said he's heartbroken by the loss of officer evans and his discussions about security at the capitol continue, he said, the people's house may need to endure long term changes to keep everyone safe. i never would have thought that going toe work being in congress and representing our community in the bay area would be a workplace hazard, and it's just sad to me. president biden released a statement this afternoon, sending his condolences to the family of officer evans. he's ordered the flag with wh reportg lee ktvu fox two news. christina s such a hard dated
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to see this happen in our nation's capital yet again, greg, thank you, old man is behind bars after making a bomb threat at a hotel in fremont. police say the 24 your old suspect left the back back the height place on west warren avenue around nine this morning, he said it was an explosive and took off. police found them not far from the hotel and rest of them. dozens of hotel guests were evacuated. and by the way, this is the same hotel where fremont police shot and killed an armed man just yesterday, ktvu demagogues has been covering it all and has ah live update from police and the alameda county sheriff's office now and because the question is, are these two incidents connected? andre. fremont police say they do not believe there is a connection between last night's shooting of a well known suspect and today's false bomb threat, just one day before a bomb scare forced dozens of guests to evacuate the hyatt place hotel and fremont was the site of a deadly police shooting the second one in the
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span of eight days since the beginning of 2021, we've unfortunately experienced a sharp increase in gun violence here in the city of three month every. spots. several units within our department recently established the gun violence reduction team. that team came to the hotel looking for a suspect who had several outstanding felony warrants who they believed to be armed after police identified him and released a police canine police say the man drew his gun and two detectives fired at him. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene by paramedics at 6 35 p.m. the shooting comes about a week after a fremont police on officer fatally shot a person after a chase that ended on highway 84 in newark. fpd said. the frequency of these fatal police shootings has to do with more suspects intending to attack police officers. very concerned that we have individuals out there in our society that one of take on and kill our police officers.
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that's the concern, and obviously way believe that there are a tremendous amount of illegal weapons out in our community there, causing a lot of these shootings and gun related incidents. no officers were injured last night, and the two who fired their weapons are under investigation by the alameda county district attorney's office and the fremont police department. andre so strange you have two big incidents at one property in less than 24 hours. are, emma. thank you so much for that live report, and now the latest on the coronavirus data shows there have been more than 3.5 million cases of covid-19 right here in california since the pandemic began with more than 2400 new cases reported in the lab. 24 hours more than 58,000. people have died in our state that includes 179 deaths since yesterday and the state's 14 day test positivity rate is now down to 1.8% that's down slightly from just two weeks ago. ah mobile vaccination team
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aims to inoculate up to 1000 seniors at a large senior living facility in san francisco's chinatown. we understand that shots were given out this morning at ping yang in an effort to boost vaccination rates for people. 65 older and reach those in communities that have been disproportionately affected by covid-19. organizers say. the idea is if people can't get to a vaccine side, the vaccine side will come to them. i have been in our clinic and the entire department of health has been trying our best to get the vaccine to everyone way we're trying to increase our capacity and just because you build it, it does not mean they all come. patients have their own reasons, either. if they want to get the vaccine. they can, the two day event at pyongyang is planned for today and next friday. april 9th, california is approaching 19 million covid-19 doses being given out in the state. the state's population is around 40% excuse
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me, 40 million and, according to the latest data, there are now over 333 shots a day being administered in california. officials report over 31% of californians have received it. one dose and 15.5% are fully vaccinated. really after a year of isolation and zoom services, many churches are now welcoming back their congregations in person for holy week, ktvu is and ruben joins aside this evening and they had a big turnout for good friday, and they're expecting even bigger numbers. easter sunday. yeah those we talked to say they're eager to worship in person, but that the key will be to celebrate safely. somewhere beth church in san jose, congregants gathered for good friday, something many hadn't done in months. it's a miracle and a prayer come true. it was a chance to see friends to worship together just to see some kind of expression and
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people not through a zoom call on be able to celebrate a moment like this, something that's really crucial to our faith. it's on a deeper level, i would say bethel has taken a hybrid. approach to holy week. their largest presence is still online. then they have driving services and finally, they're offering indoor services to socially distanced and with masks. i think that's given people a level of comfort, and there's nothing quite like being together in the building. they're expecting a big turnout for easter. so is the diocese of san jose. or the holy church of god. some parishes are offering extra masses some are offering to simultaneously on different parts of their campus. all are expecting people to register ahead of time. bishop oscar cantu says the isolation of this pandemic has left people craving togetherness affects us emotionally and texas spiritually as well. that we need not only to connect directly with god, but we need
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to connect with each other as a community. and so i've seen a hunger for that the diocese has been ramping up into our services is the county and people's comfort allowed. bethel just resumed indoor services last week as we come into easter sunday, i mean, we're we've already got 11 sunday under our belt, and we're ready to go and the congregation is ready to. we didn't get. have church inside last year, but this year we finally get to get together have community and celebrate easter. now each church is handling things a bit differently, so it does pay to do your research on register ahead of time, and many are also keeping those online and outdoor options as well. andre still have to be careful because you had to church art and ruben reporting for us live and thank you so much. new
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freedoms for people who've been vaccinated coming up at 5 30 with the cdc said. you can now do safely, plus minneapolis law enforcement officials take the stand as the derrick shobin trial wraps up its first week. i'm jeff paul in minneapolis. i've got the details coming up, plus ready to go to an indoor concert, maybe a theater performance. well, the state will give the go ahead. resume. indoor ventral tae won around the bay area this afternoon, a notable in dramatic drop in temperatures. this cool down is going to continue into your bay area weekend covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care
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to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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covered california. this way to health insurance.
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head of the minneapolis police homicide division described the act of kneeling on a suspect's neck. as quote top tier deadly force. as fox news jeff paul tells us he was one of two law enforcement officers to take the stand today. the first week of testimony in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show been wrapped up today. prosecutors pushing their case that shelvin used excessive and unnecessary force, which led to george floyd's death. on friday, jurors heard from lieutenant richard zimmer man, head of minneapolis police department homicide division. he testified that he's never been trained to deal on a suspect's neck. what level of force might that be? that would be the top tier the deadly force? why? because of the fact that if you need is on a person's neck that can kill him. zimmerman testified that after handcuffing a person, the threat level goes down, he testified after viewing body
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camera video from floyd's arrest. there was no reason for officers to believe they were in danger, putting your new young and neck. for that amount of that amount of time is just uncalled for. jurors also heard from sergeant john edwards, who was the overnight supervisor. the night floyd died. he secured the scene and arrived to find two of the officers involved in floyd's arrest. he asked them to turn on their body cameras and put up crime scene tape. i asked them to chill out. because later on, i knew from sergeant kluver that he had a mask or sergeant's coming down to transport them to interview room. 100 jurors will return to court monday morning in minneapolis. jeff paul fox news. a big step forward for california in the coronavirus pandemic, the state
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says indoor concerts and theater performances can resume starting april 15th. that is the same day vaccination eligibility will expand to everyone age 16 and up, state health officials said this afternoon that the number of attendees at indoor events will be limited by which tear the county is in, then use will also be allowed to offer fully vaccinated sections where people can sit close together. without social distancing, but still wearing masks fully vaccinated sections that are separated off can sit shoulder to shoulder. this is really critical because this is going to really be a pathway to allowing, then used to really fulfilled to meet. the capacity limits are currently in the blueprints. indoor private events like conferences of receptions of up to 50. people are allowed in the red tear. that number goes up to 200. if all attendees are either tested or fully vaccinated. in a statement, the golden state warriors said, quote we are extremely encouraged with the
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new indoor live event guidelines that were released by the state of california department of public health earlier today. as has been documented for several months. we are an ongoing conversations with the san francisco department of public health and the city and county of san francisco regarding the return of fans to chase center. we hope to have specific details available to share shortly. we'll know the sign of life, finally returning. some bay area attractions are reopening today and over the weekend after the pandemic close them for more than a year. ktvu rob roth is here with which places are regrouping and restarting rob. andrea each new reopening may perhaps feel like a hard won victory. and they perhaps at some fun to what's been hard to come by this past year. families lined up outside the children's discovery museum in san jose friday morning even before the doors opened after 13 months of lockdown, people got to come inside, and kids got to do cool stuff again,
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like tossing balls into the water, pretty excited. the museum is opening it 25% capacity. that's about 250 people in a time masks or a must we have marked out spaces so that one family uses an exhibit at a time. we've also really filled the place with hand sanitizing stations because we're such a hands on place grownups to have a place to let loose a little. the lasalle toes. first friday festival returns friday evening. it's a chance for people that come downtown and listening music from eight different local bands eat and check out the shops. it's a nine year tradition stopped by covid. now restarting people are just like going crazy and itching to just get out and shake the booty. and just having some fun masks in social distancing are required, and it's a way to draw people to the small downtown shops and restaurants in the downtown, the mom and pop stores. people like me that have been in business for 34
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years. we need people to come out again. another attraction that returned saturday, the tilden park steam train near berkeley workers were busy getting it ready for reopening. the train will run from 11 a.m. to six p.m. this weekend. all these kids have been cooped up in the house for so long, and i'm sure their parents are going completely deserved, so we're going to try to get them outside the train's been operating for 69 years until covid put on the brakes. the trains will now be carrying fewer passengers wait times. maybe longer. we're trying to produce to preserve the history and technology of the late 19th century and what steam could do and house team was used. the covid case rates and other metrics are allowing such attractions to reopen, but you see infectious disease specialist dr jon swartz berg says. people may want to wait another month before checking them out because people start to see things opening up like that. people are gonna be less careful. and i see april is really a pivotal months in this
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pandemic. the doctor, schwartzberg says. if people do follow the safety rules, low. na comprehensive list of attractions that air re openings in the bay area on our website at ktvu dot com. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. just in time for easter, the diligently factory outlet in san leandro is expanding its menu. we understand that the factory changed its name to the gear, adelie ice cream and chocolate factory outlet and is now serving you guessed it hot fudge sundaes and milk shakes. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held this afternoon, right there in san leandro. every time that we attack city need anything when we want to impress anybody, we call it there a galley so we can put that little trolley car in front of other mayors and so forth. estimate sure everyone knows where ghirardelli is made. it's made and family andrew on
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and that is something we're so proud of it so. for every sunday that sold at this store for the rest of the year. ghirardelli will donate $1 to the boys and girls club of san leandro. the store is open every day hours. there are nine a.m. until eight p.m. monday through saturday and then on sunday, it's open from 10 a.m. eight p.m. and this is now officially on my list of pregnancy cravings. i have to go check it that high rose very high cristina rendon. i come along to that sounds really good. you're really any day. all right. it's a date. we do have ah, plans for you for the weekend. if you're celebrating easter, something to note, it is going to be a cool one. after record breaking heat yesterday, temperatures dropped off today and will continue to drop as we get into your bay area saturday, leveling off a bit by sunday. here's a beautiful view over the city of san francisco. taking a look at the blue skies up above. we
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started out with some low clouds and fog this morning, the onshore breeze return all this equated to a big cool down and when i say that it's relative, right, 76 conquered right now. 79 in fairfield, so still above average, especially for the inner east bay today, but well below what we came in with yesterday. in fact, let me show you the 24 hour temperature change. sfo 24 degrees cooler right now, that yesterday at this time 18 degrees cooler, a palo alto and in the north base 17 degrees cooler in napa, so the big drop off along the coastline inside the bay and most areas impacted by that onshore breeze. you can see here from the winds. that direction has changed for many, many days it was coming from this direction. it is now coming from this direction is that west southwest wind that helps to moisten things up and bring back the cool pacific air? we do have oakland reporting 10 mph right now. mount diablo reporting 20. that's the higher elevations. let's check in on areas over fairfield, 14 mph as
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if our reporting 18 and napa reporting 14. so that transition underway and will continue. here's a look at the state of california, where we are expected to remain dry, and fortunately, models earlier in the week had suggested we may get some rain on monday that has since removed. we are looking at areas for tomorrow morning in the low forties over santa rosa's a bit of a chill in the air, but not too bad upper forties in san francisco, 44 in livermore again think we're gonna wake up with the low clouds in the fog, and it could be a little bit more widespread. as a marine layer is expected to deep in a little bit tonight and into tomorrow morning. meanwhile, temperatures tomorrow by tomorrow, falling below average so after breaking records yesterday below average in san francisco for your saturday 59 low sixties expected in oakland upper sixties expected for liver more, i'll have a better look at those afternoon highs will have a look at the tahoe forecast in case you're headed in that direction. and the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. look forward to that rosemary frank. you well, they kicked in the door,
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the back door of their oakland home tied up the parents and their young daughter forced to hide under a blanket while theye parents before getting away with their life savings. this sunday, voices for change returns for a special edition. tackling the rise in anti asian hate and violence. we'll talk to community leaders about what's causing this way than what's being done to fight it. voices for change stop asian hate airs this sunday evening at 10
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also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. terrifying experience after a group of armed invaders broke into their home and. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has more on their story and explains that those robbers were thieves threatened to shoot the family seven year old girl. you know, covid-19. we
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have no job, no money. that was the reason that group of armed home invaders cait rouz any after the burst in her house in oakland's diamond district that just pushed in the door and come in and point a gun at me. it happened late tuesday night when several men broke through the back door. they tied up rose any and her husband and punched him in the mouth right in front of their seven year old daughter. they cover up my daughter with the blanket. they had a chilling warning. you said that if i'm moving, try to run away the first person i it will be your daughter. the robbers did reassure rose any if you could call it that we're not gonna rip you or hurt you and your family. we're not going to kill you. they told the robbers they had no money. they weren't satisfied. and then they start searching my house over and over. every single room was rifled through and ransacked. they were looking for anything of value. cash, jewelry, even their son's shoes. eventually they found much of the family's life savings. they finally got it at the last last minute before they leave my house. they got
5:27 pm
what they want with the home invasion has traumatized her daughter sequence lip on i and c is are really frightened as he keep mama asking me. are you gonna come back? oakland police chief laurent armstrong says investigators are following up on leads. my heart goes out to that family. i wanted to know that we are investigating that case, and we hope. that people will come forward and green for information that'll help help us. find out who was responsible for oakland. please say any tip, no matter how small could lead to a big break in the case, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. well, it's another reminder of just how good the vaccines are coming up. next. the cdc gives guidance and travel once you're inoculated, plus the state of california is about to hit another vaccine. milestone what that would be in for counties and they're re opening plants plus using food to break down racial stereotypes. how an arab american chef credits a trip with her dad for bringing this
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award winning bay area bakery to life. four. the cow. the white
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says nearly four million vaccinations were given in the last 24 hours. the 70 average is up to three million doses per day. the coronavirus task force says that 100 million americans have had their first dose 200 million doses have been delivered and more than
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17% of the u. s adult population is fully vaccinated. and as the number of people vaccinated grows rapidly every day, we're starting to see new guidelines about what it's safe today. the cdc relaxed travel guidelines. ktvu town, baker joins us live with what the cdc is advising tom. well if you've got the travel bug, things are definitely looking up land sea and in the air. the cdc issued new guidelines saying that fully vaccinated people may not travel at very low risk to themselves so long as they traveled two weeks after their last dose. if coronavirus precautions such as masking followed, you're free to travel within the u. s without covid-19 tests prior to traveling or self quarantine afterwards. for international travel, fully vaccinated. people do not need to get a covid-19 tests before they leave the united states unless it is required by their international destination.
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however the cdc says you should have a negative covid test before flying back to the u. s as well as another test 3 to 5 days after returning people not fully vaccinated should get a test 123 days before leaving, and another test again. 3 to 5 days after returning. well, a self quarantine at home for seven days. i know there's a lot of people that really follow that cdc guidance very closely, and this is essentially enabling that air travel to open up a little bit more. the cdc also announced it'll soon issue new guidelines for the cruise industry, a critical step in restarting cruising and god said into san francisco's beleaguered cruise terminal. back east the triple a says they're online car rentals since the auto club began tracking rules 11 years ago. there are 100% in the west. many folks feel a sanitized, reliable car is the safest way for family travel.
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for now, you know, the road trip we have seen is the most popular form of travel during this time and be that because maybe people feel more comfortable like you said nationally, rail travel is rebuilding in late may, the california zephyr and the coast starlight resume their daily operations. our guns reiterates that all travelers regardless of vaccination status should continue to wear masks, some planes, busses, trains and other forms of public transportation while traveling each air carrier can and just impose its own mandates. plus uncle sam absolutely requires masks on aircraft, those who choose to ignore them well, they face removal, permanent banning and very stiff fines. tom vacar ktvu. fox. two news laundry back to you. all right. tom vacar reporting for us. stop! thank you so much for joining us now to talk more about that decision, and much more is dr monica gandhi.
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infectious diseases expert at u. c s f. dr gandhi. thanks so much for joining us today. obviously a lot of people glad to hear that restrictions around travel or being eased here. but is this a good move? yes i actually do think it's a good move. and why? because i think it's motivating for people to hear good news about what can happen and how life can be more normal after you vaccinated. i think it's motivating to take the vaccine and then it's motivating as our vaccine axis is going up for people to get those appointments and i, you know you could decide how you want to do your public health messaging, complete caution or giving people kind of rewards. in a way for the great things that vaccines unlock for us, which is going back to more normal ways of being absolutely. i'm curious to know if you think we might see some type of summer rush people booking flights and traveling around the country. i'm curious. also this there was some difference
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when it comes to traveling domestically versus traveling internationally, right? yes so there isn't what the cdc said today is that there isn't a need to test or quarantine when you return from travel. mew domestic and that actually makes sense because they've already said that you don't have to quarantine if you've been vaccinated and you have an exposure. so for example, is a health care worker. i've been vaccinated. i can come back to work if i've had an exposure if i to have no symptoms, there's no need to quarantine. but this testing what they said about testing was in the international study. they said that. you only have to test to go somewhere. if you're if that country says you have to test and then to test to come back to this country, which a little incongruous with the other guidelines. and i think they're just being super careful, and that i'm sure is that could be dropped later. when we way see what happens if that's too much of a barrier, okay? another big news today. california going to open up into our concerts and
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theater performances mid april, a curious to know if you think some type of process should be in place here requiring proof that you've been vaccinated or maybe proof of a negative covid test. i'm curious to know how all of this is gonna work when everyone starts getting back into one space. you're right that there's two things going on. there's this complicated time in history, where, like some of us were vaccinated, and some of us are not, and yet keeping everything closed down when the cases are so low is really unhelpful for the economy and for businesses that need people toe come back. and so i think it's prudent to say okay, we're gonna open because our cases are so low in this way, but they were very careful. people still have to mask until we all get to back an opportunity to have a vaccine. and then they said, vaccinated people can sit close together shoulder to shoulder and not the unvaccinated. so it was a little bit of a complicated guidance. but it makes sense because we're in this happened here half way. we're 31.4% of
5:37 pm
californians got their first dose, so that's amazing. but we're not there yet. in terms of everyone wants a vaccine to get it, so it's kind of a half way of opening that. um, allows safety to still be maintained. and i think it's prudent. you mentioned the 30% there roughly 30% of vaccinations. you know, this week earlier, we heard reports and warnings. hey there could be 1/4 wave. i know that you don't think that's necessarily the case here for california? correct i do not. i do not think we will have a four surge in california for actually three reasons. one is that. unfortunately actually we had a terrible third search and that led to a lot of us being exposed. so sarah prevalence is studied by the california dph that 30% of us of antibodies even more in southern california. and so there was a lot of exposure. unfortunately that gives us natural immunity. then we're putting back feeds on top of it. 31.4% of us
5:38 pm
vaccinated first does then we're opening up very slowly and prudently as we are in a very not wide open way. all three of those were not gonna happen. other search. i'm very calm. french, okay, so then what is your message to people now that they hear cdc says, yep. you can travel if you're fully vaccinated. what would your reminders be? my reminders would be that we're not all accidents, so we're still doing masking and distancing and public spaces, which is so fair, right? like it may not be that you can pass it on to someone. it's a vaccine, which i don't think you can. but it's so fair that we don't wear it on our sleeves for vaccinated and we all have to mask a distance and stay with the rules our public spaces, including flights, which is certainly not gonna be dropping mass right now, but i think that her hand i'd say if you're fully vaccinated and you have a low risk child, for example, that lives with you because children are low risk for infection. go into your grandparent's. if you'd like to think it's time i'm gonna be doing the same. yeah absolutely.
5:39 pm
okay. last question here, and this is just about what we heard this week, about five years. hey are our vaccine is effective for six months after you've been fully vaccinated. do you think we're going to start to see this turn into something like the flu shot where we have to get it every year? no, and it's just fundamentally for two reasons. it's not gonna be like the flu shot. one is that this? ah, coronavirus just not mutated. the same rate is influence that they're totally different rna viruses coronaviruses. actually, very they have a high degree of fidelity. it's called with their primaries. they don't you take that fast? it just seems that way because we hear a lot about the variance and there's a lot of transmission going on second t cells that you get from vaccines work against the variants. two pieces of good news this week after fauci message this to us on wednesday morning at the white house task force pretty thing and if you don't have if you still in vaccines work against the variance, and we're gonna need we're not gonna need your league boosters. maybe once every 10 years. i don't know how long it's gonna last, but it's not gonna be your ears,
5:40 pm
okay? all right. dr monica gandhi. appreciate your insight, as always. thanks for coming on the show. okay. thank you. a day after receiving the johnson and johnson vaccine, governor newsome visited the vaccination side in san diego. the governor says vaccine supply is said to increase substantially in the coming weeks. the state expects to receive four million doses next week. governor newsome says the delivery of these vaccines will help counties move up the color tears in the states reopening plan. 3.6 million almost 3.7 million on their weight. four million next week, which will allow cities and counties like san diego to move more quickly through these tears, ultimately getting to a green tear, which will be talking a lot more about next week. the governor also urged more people to get vaccinated so the state can reach hurt immunity. californians age 50 and up are now eligible to receive a vaccine. people 16 and up will be eligible to be vaccinated. starting april 15th. years of
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legal disputes between two south bay city's have prevented affordable housing from being built for years. now those mayors are trying to break down the barriers to help yourself to help solve the housing crisis in silicon valley. also had this evening scientists trying to figure out what killed a whale that washed up a chrissy field announced their findings. is. in a deadly crash n
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5:43 pm
highway for it happened early this morning around three o'clock on the eastbound lone tree way on wrapped in brentwood, investigators say. a 20 1000 sedan went off the road overturned and crashed in the center median. the driver, whose identity is not known, died at the scene officer say it is unclear if drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. scientists were unable
5:44 pm
to determine why a great whale washed up dead in the san francisco bay this week. the necropsy performed by the marine mammal center came back inconclusive. the whale discovered wednesday morning there, chrissy field was a 41 ft adult female scientists were trying to determine if the whale was hit by a ship something that has happened several times in the bay. but they didn't find any blood force trauma. the center plans to re examine the mammal to rule out human involvement in the whale's death. well now to the south bay, where there's a regional effort underway to build more affordable housing. today, there was a joint press conference held by the cities of santa clara and san jose in san jose, where mayor sam ricardo says a single unit of housing has not been built in more than five years. that's because of a decades old legal issue between san jose and surrounding jurisdictions like the city of santa clara. elected leaders from both of those cities say now it is time
5:45 pm
to move past the litigation and work together to solve the housing crisis in silicon valley. we can clear that cloud by having an agreement between our two cities will be able to get housing bill and so with the election of new council members and change of leadership in this city, san claire, we think there's a new energy to make something happen to finally get housing built in north santa's a intel and surrounded by near the carter says he's written a letter of the city manager in santa clara. he hopes the city will take up the issue at a council meeting. well, bart is launching a new campaign today targeting sexual harassment and gender based violence. the campaign is called not one more girl, bart. officials say many girls experience unwelcome sexual advances while riding public transit. so bart is partnered with alliance for girls, black girls, brilliance and others to spread this message. for transfer to this is the first of its kind initiative that takes on the daunting task of correcting a system that is a lifeline for many and
5:46 pm
addressing the wrongs that should never have existed to begin with. we are at a crossroads. we can either continue to center system that serves on lee men, or we can face the challenging task off taking it on head on and addressing this issue to ensure that those most impacted can ride safely and so, starting today, 300 posters went up and bart trains or will go up in bar trains. they'll have messages meant to combat sexual harassment. they show bart's policies and procedures and tell riders how to report incidents. using food to break down syria types about her arab american culture. how one woman's trip with her father brought her award winning. bakery to life, a significant cool down felt over the bay area this afternoon with the deep, deep ng deepening marine layer and cooler temps expected for tomorrow. better details coming after the break.
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
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bay area restaurant owner. her mission is to bring a better awareness of her heritage and tear down ethnic stereotypes with the help of food. okay to be is rob. rob has our story. reema seal, maybe the award winning chef of reams california in san francisco's mission district and in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood, but her main goal is to offer an understanding of her arab american culture through good food to break down barriers of understanding, right. like i think cream's is really an educational space, the seal who was part palestinian and port syrian, got the idea to introduce our food to the general bay area more than 10 years ago after a trip to syria with. your father. the thing that really, really struck me was how arabs show their hospitality through food and threw the bread. the bread is kind of the lifeline of arab
5:50 pm
culture and history on and i just fell in love with the bakeries there, so it's still spent years perfecting her culinary craft and in 2017 opened reams, bakery and restaurant in oakland, and it became a hit everything i could have asked for it, but something she didn't ask for people. calling and saying, you know, way hope that your bakery blows up. go, go! go back to wherever you terrorists, but such calls have died down the open bakery thrived in a seal opened a second spot in san francisco in 2019, then the pandemics. truck sales dropped by 80% of l became a ghost town. nobody was writing the bar. we were on a transit line. so the bulk of our customer base were really the worker. there's three employees that were in those nonprofit offices. people going on, bart. all of that just disappeared. assume now uses the oakland location is the commissary kitchen,
5:51 pm
making food to sell at farmers markets and pop up stands and catering. she's also feeding the hungry, helping contribute some 80,000 meals during the pandemic and a seal feel she's fulfilled her mission of terry down racial and ethnic stereotypes about arabs and bring a better understanding of her heritage. we need to be recognized. we need to have a voice and i think people are starting to do that and see that and celebrate it. rob rock ktvu fox two news. well, cal fire says he dry winter is a reason for concern about what could be coming the summer cal fire senior of every senior chief of aviation, dennis brown says the conditions are right for another hectic fire season and polish your busy with refresher training for their existing air tankers. they're also training pilots to fly several new. typically are specially designed modified s. 70 e cal fire hawks from poland there twice the size of their current huey helicopters. scott
5:52 pm
in extended landing gear that makes it sit up higher. it has 1000 gallon tank that's put under its those seats that are up in in the aircraft itself that fold out. the aircraft can drop 1000 gallons of water in less than a minute. they're also equipped with exterior cables for rescues. cal fire is also looking into acquiring several more lockheed c 1 30 air tankers. way have a nice weekend. coming our way is going to be a cooler weekend. so if you didn't enjoy the record breaking heat from yesterday, good news. it's not coming back for the weekend. we're looking at temperatures even below average for some outsider doors at this hour. a mix of a partly cloudy skies, little bit of clothes, low cloud cover along the coastline, and you could see. san francisco here, even a little bit of fun. they're drifting by our camera. as we attempt to take of you there of the city. we are with the onshore breeze once again, the deepening marine layer and as a result, temperature's coming down by 10 even 15 degrees this
5:53 pm
afternoon. for some, here's a look at stormtrooper too, unfortunately, not expecting any rain in the forecast. we had been. tracking and hoping for the possibility for monday. it doesn't look like it any longer. we're looking at dry weather, but the onshore breezes moistening us up just a little bit and again bringing our temperatures back down. we will remain with the partly cloudy skies for your bay area saturday. the onshore breeze and temperatures even a bit cooler right now as a five reporting 21 mph. livermore reporting 13 san jose, a 14 and in our hills, a breezy one. mount diablo reporting 24 at this peak reporting 24 mount st helene a reporting 19 getting into your future cast tonight and into tomorrow morning notice the partly cloudy skies continue waking up the low clouds in the fog along the coastline. get into the afternoon call for mix of sun and clouds out there sunday. if you're going to be celebrating easter, it's a dry day, but again mix of sun and clouds with the fog and low clouds in
5:54 pm
the morning expected on sunday as well, with only subtle changes in store for sunday temperatures outside right now a definitely the story over half moon bay 50 degrees and then you get closer to fairfield. almost 80 degrees. that's like a summer time span there 30 degree difference there. 66 in santa rosa in the north bay and in the south bay, 66 over san jose theater east based on holding on to some warmth with brentwood reporting. 78 76 reported in clayton. we have temperatures tomorrow morning, falling off into the forties. low forties expected for liver more, one of the cooler spots in the north face. santa rosa 41 upper forties expected for the city of san francisco, your afternoon highs way different than what we've seen lately. 62 for sandra fell 15. in san francisco. upper sixties expected for conquered some of our warmer locations, barely getting about 70 degrees or so 71 expected. morgan hill upper sixties expected over us san jose. right now. blue canyon reporting 60 degrees low sixties in tahoe is well is truckee and a beautiful weekend
5:55 pm
here with relatively mild temperatures low to mid sixties in the forecast for the afternoon's near freezing tomorrow morning and only slightly better on sunday, the extended forecast for us here at home noticed we kind of do the same thing low to mid sixties expected a tad warmer on monday and then better warming expected tuesday and wednesday. back to you. arteries. mary frank, you will a touching moment today in san francisco's castro district, the iconic rainbow flag that flies at harvey milk plaza is replaced every few months due to wear and tear. all those new flags were paid for by tom taylor and his partner, jerry goldstein. well, taylor recently passed away today, a ceremony honored their contributions with goldstein receiving the flag. the avenue green light initiative. well they will take over the flag repl. president body weighs in on the latest jobs. report i'm rebuilding in washington with war on what it means com. is sh. sir of recover.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
fox news correspondent ray broken has more on today's jobs report and what the president had to say about the latest numbers. help is here. opportunities coming and at long last is hope. president biden cheered the march jobs report showing the economy, added 916,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped to 6% that's a long way from the 14.7% last april, but the administration is stopping short of a full celebration over eight million jobs that existed a year ago today are yet to return. president biden is trying to carry his mo mentum from the american rescue. plan and vaccine success into a new multi
5:59 pm
trillion dollar infrastructure package. the president says he'll meet with republicans and democrats after easter break to negotiate a path forward and a way to pay for the package, which may include a tax increase. debate is welcome, but in action is not an option. republicans have not offered their support and like the last covid relief package, say it's incredibly expensive and contains unrelated items. it really is breath take. the white house wants to get the infrastructure package signed into law this summer, giving them some time to negotiate in washington rebuild in fox news. this'll is ktvu fox two news at six. now a six capital car attack an armed suspect, ramzi car into the barricade at the capitol, hitting two police officers, the suspect and now one of the officers dead. asked that you keep our u. s capitol police family and your thoughts and prayers. thank you, for the
6:00 pm
nation's capital on high alert again tonight, just months after the deadly insurrection in january. good evening. i'm kristine or weird own, not monetary, senior. the car that was used in the deadly attack was towed from the scene late this afternoon. you see it there, police say a man drove that blue nissan ultimate into to capitol hill police officers at a security checkpoint officer william evans, an 18 year veteran. he was killed. police then shot and killed the suspect. when this is said the chaos brought back memories of the january six assault on the capitol on this good friday. it's cherry blossom season, and it's. holy week. it's good friday. you're out, enjoying a beautiful walk on capitol hill. and the next thing you know, shots are being fired and people are on the crowded cars are going around. that was one of the witnesses there. a police procession by the way, pay tribute to officer evans outside the hospital whe


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