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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 2, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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s saw ambulances and i thought oh no! are we under some kind of attack again? from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four and welcome to the fore the suspect shot and killed by police today's attack just months since the deadly january 6th capital, right, welcome to the four i'm andre senior, and i'm cristina rendon. hello, heather and alex are off today. ktvu political reporter greg lee has been following the investigation and he joins us now live with the latest details on what's happening tonight, greg kristina. andre good. afternoon, just devastating time for the small capitol police department. they are once again mourning the death of one of their fellow officers. and once again security at the u. s. capitol is a major concern. officer william evans, an 18 year veteran of the force, identified as the capitol police officer killed friday after a man rammed his car in
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the officers and a security barricade at the u. s capitol complex. a second officer was injured, law enforcement said the suspect, then got out of his car armed with a knife. he did not respond to verbal commands. the suspect did start lunging toward u. s. capitol police officers, actually, at which time u. s capitol police officers fired upon the suspect the suspect, identified by fox news is 25 year old. no. one green also died, police said. green was not known to them before the attack, and that this does not appear to be terrorism related, but stressed the investigation is ongoing. we need to obviously understand the motivation behind this senseless act, esos metropolitan police department will certainly be doing that. video from the scene shows a heavy response from police as well as members of the national guard. some of the additional security measures put in place after the capitol insurrection have recently been ramped down,
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but authorities remain on high alert after five people died in that january 6th attack, sick, s has been an extremely difficult time for u. s. capitol police after the events of january six, and now the events that. have occurred here today. the u. s capitol was immediately placed on lockdown congresses on spring recess. but bay area congressman ro khanna was just returning to his capital office from lunch and i got frantic calls from my staff, saying there's been a incident that the capital trying t o get a place where you would be safe. congressman khanna said. he immediately thought back to january 6th. he said he's heartbroken by the loss of officer evans and his discussions about security. the capital continue, he said. the people's house safe. i never would have thought that going to work being in congress and representing our community in
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the bay area would be a workplace hazard, and it's just sad to me. now this afternoon, president biden released a statement sending his condolences to officer evans family. he's also ordered the flags at the white house to be lowered to half staff reporting live. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. joining us now to talk more about the security issues at the capitol tonight. is he spake congressman mark to sonya. congressman thanks for joining us tonight. i'm just curious for stuff. what kind of communication is coming out of washington? d. c. i know you're not there on site this this evening, but what kind of communication are you hearing from your colleagues and capitol police, i haven't talked to the capitol police, but i'll talk to my staff who are back there. and i just overcome with disbelief and sadness us much like my colleague, and it's for officer evans and his family and. family that is a capitol police. many of these opposition become
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friends with that they were struggling before this, and it's just awful. just awful. yeah, this attack coming less than three months since the january riot, and we know that security measures were beefed up at the time, i believe national guard was called in. there was fencing put up. i believe the fence and came down on the outer perimeter, at least around the capital, gino found is the case and what other kind of security measures are currently in place there right now. okay so they have brought the permanent area back, and that may be something that will have to look at in regards to it. this happened here you can see in your video right now. there's still a fence. but it has been the perimeter's been reduced, so there's gonna be an ongoing discussion. but. no, i hope americans can take a deep breath on. you realize that this is not normal, but we've got to hold things together. and i think for those of us in elected office, we have to be very. mindful of our responsibility and our tone.
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it's his period time. well i'm just curious because congress wasn't in session today, eh? there's questions over the motive of what was behind this attack here on day. i'm just curious. you know when you do go to washington, following what happened in january, now you see this happen? are you concerned about your safety when you go to washington? yes i've been concerned about my safety and my colleagues for some time. well particularly towards the end of the last administration. and then after being there in january, 6th and having having been escorted out of the capitol building, you have to be concerned. he had beware all the time, but your presence. so it's this is not the way america's supposed to work. we're supposed take a deep breath. we work nonviolently through the system, no matter how frustrated we get, or our differences of opinion, it's just so sad. i didn't think, officer evans, it's just this is unthinkable. it's gotta stop. yeah, you mentioned
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officer evan sernoffsky in what capitol police department's going through having to bury one of their own in january. now they have lost another. hello, officer at they have another officer in the hospital following today's incident, and i'm just curious. it just seems like something needs to change or changes need to be made for capitol police and i'm not sure what the answer is. i'm not either, but i'm it's discouraging. i'm old enough to remember when the capital had very little security that you could walk in. two members office and course now you can't do that, and that's out of necessity than i think we have to be careful, but i hope the whole country you know it's easter weekend and no matter what your belief system is. i think this is a time for us to all take a deep breath and out of respect to the people who lost their lives. really change the tone, and i'm just so distraught that this happened again and you can't help. it's a small community. you become friends with these officers. i asked officer evans, that
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wonderful smile. it's just really hard. so you knew him personally. i didn't know him personally, but i knew him. they all have to memorize. i don't know how they do it. all of our cell 535 members, but you have to engage with them it day to day to day existence. so yes, i have passed. our lives have crossed and now. they want anymore, and it's just needless, yeah, guy, agree. uh he's a congressman marcus sagnier. we're gonna have to leave it at that. but we appreciate you coming on and joining us tonight on dwyer. glad that everyone else's is safe out of washington, and we look to look forward to it. see what comes out of the security issues there in washington. thank you. thank you so much for him. and we'll have more coverage of this latest deadly attack at the capitol in our newscast, you can also get the latest updates and ktvu .com as well as our ktvu news app, ramon police have arrested the
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man who they say left a backpack at the hyatt place hotel this morning, telling hotel staff it was a bomb before leaving the hotel on west warren boulevard off of 8. 80 was also the site of an active crime scene last night to fremont police detectives are said to have fatally shot an armed person. both detectives are under investigation came to me is a magus has been covering it all in his live with an update from police and the alameda county sheriff's office. emma are these two incidents connected? andre fremont. police say they do not believe there is a connection between last night's shooting off a well known suspect in today's false bomb threat. the alameda county sheriff's department did determine that there was no explosive device left inside the backpack. just one day before a bomb scare forced dozens of guests to evacuate the hyatt place hotel and fremont was the site of a deadly police shooting the second one in the span of eight days since the beginning of 2021, we've unfortunately
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experienced a sharp increase in gun violence here in the city of three month. response several units within a department recently established the gun violence reduction team. that team came to the hotel looking for a son. back to add several outstanding felony warrants, who they believed to be armed after police identified him and released a police canine police say the man drew his gun and two detectives fired at him. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene by paramedics at 6 p.m. the shooting comes about a week after a fremont police officer fatally shot a person after a chase that ended on highway 84 in newark. has to do with more suspects intending to attack police officers, very concerned that we have individuals out there in our society that one of take on and kill our police officers. that's the concern, and obviously way believe that
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there are a tremendous amount of illegal weapons out in our community there, causing a lot of these shootings and gun related incidents. no officers were injured, and the two who fired their weapons are under investigation by the alameda county district attorney's office and the fremont police department. meanwhile the man arrested for today's false bomb threat. 24 year old room. suresh is booked in santa rita jail and is charged with making criminal threats and burglary. all right, all right. i'm a gossip 41st live, emma. thank you so much. meantime, in the south bay woman who uses a wheelchair, has died after she was hit by a car that immediately drove away. from the scene. she was in the crosswalk in moderate highway and cutting her avenue late last night, when a white mercedes cls hitter medics took her to a hospital where she died. this is saying is the 10th traffic call them. big
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announcement today from california health leaders, indoor concerts and theater performances will be allowed to resume in just two weeks, but with some conditions and if you're itching for change of scenery, you may want to hear this. the cdc is loosening some of its travel guidelines, details ahead. the low clouds are back. the onshore breeze and temperatures fell off by 10 even 15 degrees this afternoon with additional cooling for the weekend. better details after the break. aunt. and theater. pen
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resume in california on april 15th. that is the same day they coronavirus vaccine eligibilityh officials said this afternoon that the number of attendees had indoor events will be limited by which tear the county is in venues will also be allowed to offer fully vaccinated sections where
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people can sit close together without social distancing, but still wearing masks. fully vaccinated sections that are separated off can sit shoulder to shoulder. this is really critical because this is going to really be a pathway to allowing, then used to really fulfill to meet. the capacity limits are currently in the blueprints. indoor private events like conferences or receptions of up to 50 people are allowed in the red tear. that number goes up to 200. if all attendees are either tested or fully vaccinated. well, the cdc is relaxing travel guidelines across the board as more and more people get vaccinated. ktvu tom vacar joins us live with more on what the cdc is advising. uh well, if you've got the trouble, but things are definitely looking up land sea. and they're so cdc issued new guidelines saying that fully vaccinated people
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may not travel at very low risk to themselves so long as they traveled two weeks after their last dose. if coronavirus precautions such as masking followed, you're free to travel within the u. s without covid-19 tests prior to traveling or self quarantine afterwards. for international travel fully vaccinated. people do not need to get a covid-19 tests before they leave the united states unless it is required by their international destination. however the cdc says you should have a negative covid test before flying back to the u. s as well as another test 3 to 5 days after returning people not fully vaccinated should get a test 123 days before leaving, and another test again. 3 to 5 days after returning at. well, a self quarantine at home for seven days. i know there's a lot of people that really follow that cdc guidance very closely, and this is essentially enabling that air travel to open up a little bit
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more. the cdc also announced it'll soon issue new guidelines for the cruise industry, a critical step in restarting cruising and god said into san francisco's beleaguered cruise terminal. back east the triple a says they're online car rentals air up 200, the highest level. since the auto club began tracking rules 11 years ago. there are 100% in the west. many folks feel a sanitized, reliable car is the safest way for family travel. for now, you know, the road trip we have seen is the most popular form of travel during this time and be that because maybe people feel more comfortable like you said nationally, rail travel is rebuilding in late may, the california zephyr and the coast starlight resume their daily operations. our guns reiterates that all travelers, regardless of vaccination status should continue to wear masks. some planes, busses, trains and other forms of public transportation while traveling
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each air carrier can and does impose its own mandates. plus uncle sam absolutely requires masks on planes. now those who choose to ignore them face removal permanent, banning stiff fines. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. all right, tom. thank you so much with more on this issue, and others related to covid-19. i'm joined now by dr lee riley, infectious disease expert at uc berkeley's school of public health. dr riley. thank you so much for joining us and let's start with the cdc guidelines on travel, with some states still seeing it uptick. is this really a good idea? so, you know, i think we're beginning to, uh, feel some, uh, i guess, uh, have cdc relax some of the restrictions that they had been im, and this is largely based on the large number of people who are getting vaccinated and decreased number of countries. decreased number of cases were seeing in many parts of the u. s. yes, we are seeing ah, surge in some states
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and northeast question that the florida and those days really need to be monitored more closely and but in other basis. we're really seeing a dramatic decrease. and so i think cdc feels more comfortable and relaxing some of the restrictions that they've imposed in the past will still okay, so the california department of public health will they announce that indoor concerts, theater and performances, another private gatherings that will be allowed april 15th. so what's your take on that move since on lee, half of our state actually received partial or full vaccination? sure. and so, you know, uh, in california, the only three counties i believe they're still in the purple tier state, which is the most restrictive category and so the new announcement by california allows, uh, indoor concert up to certain capacity. of course i think 10% capacity for venues
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that can hold up to 1515 100, people and 20% for venues that can hold a glare than 1500 people. and so this is really again based on the continue decreasing number of cases and, you know about seven million people in california already been vaccinated fully about almost half 50% of people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. we have 40 million people in california, so you know we're really making rapid progress. and this is really, uh. this shows that this vaccination program is really working to decrease the number of cases that we're seeing. so here's the deal. the thing is, we had two variants here came out of california alone. i mean, that's in addition to the various out of brazil, the one of the uk so how could allow these gatherings work without contributing to another operator, keeping in mind that we do have quite a number of
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people? nearly half of californians receiving some sort of vaccinations? have you square that? most of the good news is that the vaccines that we don't have our effective against these california variants of his appearance known as a variance of concerned that the cdc designated and so i'm not really all that concerned. even though these variants are increasing in number, it's really not that surprising and the fact that the vaccine can. prevent infections with these variants suggests that it's these various and not probably of a major concern in california. well, dr lee rally you are the expert, so it's good to hear your thoughts on this. they're certainly encouraging to say the least. dr lee rally professor instead of infectious diseases, infectious disease specialist rather easy berklee school of public health. thank you so much for your insight today. thank you. okay, julie haener notable drop off in temperatures came this afternn with some areas falling 10 to 15 degrees below
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what we had yesterday. how about a look at some of those numbers out there? temperatures ranging from the low fifties over areas of the coastline to low eighties inland. so when i say temperatures dropped off close to the coast and around the bay, we saw significant cooling, but you can see areas like fairfield still 82 degrees this afternoon upper seventies. conquered in livermore. so still a very warm day, especially for our inner east bay today, but nothing like all the eighties we saw yesterday afternoon and take a look at the north bay where we're 67 in santa rosa 56 in the city is heh francisco and 54 over half moon bay, sfo 23 degrees cooler this afternoon, so definitely a change underway. 18 half moon bay 18 palo alto, we go to the inner east bay even in the upper seventies to near 80 degrees at this hour still. seven and eight degrees cooler.r
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breezes back the moisture cooler air coming i well. is tht moisture bringing in the low clouds in the fog this morning oakland reporting a wind on shore at about 70 mph, fairfield reporting, 14 and 12 reported over areas of napa. if we shift a little bit further south, we have sfr reporting 21 mph and san jose. harding 13. so this is the pattern we're going to be settling into for your bay area weekend. in fact, i think we're going to have a little bit more cooling as we get into saturday. here's a look at stormtrooper tube and you could see those clouds just kind of drifting overhead through calling for partly cloudy skies as we get into the evening hours tomorrow morning, partly cloudy start with the fog back in place. i do expect a marine larry too deep in some so we could see a little bit more widespread, low cloud cover tomorrow morning. 48 to start your morning in san francisco 47 in oakland in the east bay, 44 in livermore and for the north bay 41 expected over santa rosa. afternoon highs continuing to cool, so we went from record breaking heat
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yesterday to below average by tomorrow. 59 degrees the afternoon high for san francisco. oakland a better look at the afternoon highs and what you can expect for easter sunday coming up in just a little bit. with more people getting vaccinated. when can we ditch the basques up next year? how dr anthony fauci.
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come experience the grand opening of floor and decor's newest location in pleasant hill! our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price
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in whatever way is perfect for you. floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. even suggested that mask wearing may soon be a yes relax or those guidelines may be relaxed. alex michel said interviewed dr fauci this week for his show. the issue is and jordan he joins us now live with moreeir discussion. hi, alex. hi, christina. good to see you. i like your home decor, by the way. very nicely done. yeah so let's talk about the reason that you're at home and that our world has changed
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so much is because. of fear of getting sick and fear of getting other people sick. right so one of the big most important headlines this week came from the cdc director who said that the initial data showed that once you get that vaccine in your arm, not only are you probably not going to get sick, but you're not carrying the virus to give it to other people. so i asked dr fauci if that's true. why do you have to wear a mask? doesn't that mean that we could reopen, potentially at 100% capacity? here's what he had to say. the doctor wolinsky was saying is that the preliminary data that she was talking about strongly success suggests. had vaccinated people do not spread it what we're waiting for and what the cdc is waiting for before they pull back on the recommendation of wearing masks, even though you're vaccinated is a definitive proof of that, and i think you will be coming soon. so what you're likely going to see as more data accumulate? is a recommendation
4:27 pm
or a statement that in fact, if you are vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask. but we're not there yet. when you're getting there quickly, and there are a number of studies that have been going on right now that they're going to nail that down. so of course, one of the big questions gonna be. how do you prove that you're vaccinated and should there be so called vaccine passport? i asked him about that something that shows that proof that you're vaccinated. if you don't show you can get into stuff, he said that that night makes sense for private industry. he does not see that being a big federal program is not something that he would recommend on a major federal levels. that was interesting to hear that from him as well. also on the show, kristina, we're talking about a big event for the bay area. on monday. kamala harris is first big public event in california since becoming vice president is going to be in oakland. we preview that with carla marin uchi of politico and john myers
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of the l a times we've both been covering her for decades, asked me a big day on monday for the bay area. yep that's right. coming up on monday, right after easter, okay, looking forward to that, of course, looking forward to more with dr fauci. he's a busy man. glad you got him on your show. as always. how can you say no to you? alex right. thank you. so much for that preview. and of course, you can see more of the interview with dr fauci on the issue is airing this sunday at 5 30 in the morning, right. here on ktvu. putting your knee on the net for that amount of part of that amount of time is just uncalled for that man. a top lieutenant taking the stand today in the murder trial of derrick show vin how he says show been violated policy by kneeling on george floyd's neck. and a new option to get your vaccine. costco the latest
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putting your knee on the neck for that amount of pot that amount of time. it's just uncalled for. i saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger if that's what they felt. um, and that's what they
4:32 pm
would have to feel to be able to use that kind of force. the strong words today in the murder trial of derek showman from a minneapolis police lieutenant, the head of the homicide division described kneeling on the suspect's neck as top tier deadly force. fox news. jeff paul tells us he was one of two law enforcement officers to take the stand today. the first week of testimony in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show been wrapped up today. prosecutors pushing their case that shelvin used excessive and unnecessary force, which led to george floyd's death. on friday, jurors heard from lieutenant richard zimmer man, head of minneapolis police department homicide division. he testified that he's never been trained that would be the top tier the deadly force? why? because of the fact that if you need is on a person's neck that can kill
4:33 pm
him. zimmerman testified that after handcuffing a person, the threat level goes down, he testified after viewing body camera video from floyd's arrest. there was no reason for officers to believe they were in danger, putting your new young and neck. for that amount of pot. that amount of time is just uncalled for. jurors also heard from sergeant john edwards, who was the overnight supervisor. the night floyd died. he secured the scene and arrived to find two of the officers involved in floyd's arrest. he asked them to turn on their body cameras and put up crime scene tape. i asked them to chill out. because later on, i knew from sergeant kluver that he had a rescuer sergeant's coming down to transport them to interview room. 100 jurors will return to court monday morning in minneapolis. jeff paul fox news. so joining me now is
4:34 pm
tommy to son. he's a former chief of police and law enforcement consultant. thank you so much for joining us today, tommy, let's start with lieutenant zimmerman's testimony now as a law enforcement consulting yourself, does what he said about the need of the neck being top tier of deadly force. is that sound accurate to you? yes it is. in california. we call that excessive force and excessive force is that of course used that exceeds the necessary for us to accomplish the arrest of the purpose. so as an expert yourself when you see we saw the video earlier this week of mr floyd, he was handcuffed the tried to push him into the car pulled him out of the car. um, did you see that what they did? even proceeding that to be excessive. it all yes, i did, because the whole purpose and for a possible counterfeit $20 bill and the force used to take somebody in custody and what we
4:35 pm
were considering a fraction or low misdemeanor in california was really incredible for that type of port that was used, especially after he was handcuffed because substantially reduces. the harm that can come to an officer or bystanders. if a person is handcuff now, you know, aspires. those officers are saying the shopping's defense here is that you could see in the video. um mr floored, um, was worked up about being pushed into the vehicle. he he said he couldn't be in place. close quarters, so they're using that and possibly, they say this history of drug use, although that's not really clear if there are any drugs in his system at the time, but what do you think? do you think that they had a reason to use some sort of force when he. refused to go into the cruiser again. the purpose of them being here was for her low crate, mr meter or infraction. we would have a gentleman like that's just sit down on the curb. well, we get all the facts and get the information and not escalate right away to
4:36 pm
an arrest. and it was just incredible how it escalated and how this occurred because of what they were there for their call for service was for a low grade counterfeit $20 bill, and they handcuffed in which again minimized any risk that they may have had, and they could still set him down. when you had come somebody from behind, you know that it's going to impact their breathing. it's gonna impact your whole being. especially if they're laid in a prone position yet, thanks for thanks for rolling with me because you have seen the video i'm trying to, you know, trying to come up with a reason in my head to see why it would have gone to the extent that it did, and i think a lot of people are looking at the video still to this day, and it happened last year to figure out why would have gone to that extreme and we still don't have really a clear answer as to why did although derek shoppers defense his attorneys saying it was because he had a history of drug abuse, now the another former supervisor with the police department. he took the stand before zimmerman did, and he did mention that shaman did
4:37 pm
not say anything about putting his knee on floyd's neck at the time. do you see a potential issue? why would he or would he not tell the folks in charge that he had done this? yeah withholding information from your investigators is never a good idea. it cast doubt on your testimony casts doubt on everything that you said, and we got to keep in mind. you know the whole purpose of while this took place and it's just incredible to me how it escalated so quickly. it really is. i mean his past. addictions or what have you are irrelevant? his conduct in the store is irrelevant. what is relevant? what should be at issue is the. cause of death the neck, chokind prevent any ever fixation keeping him from breathing. and we only have a few seconds left. but i did want to get your take. i don't know people are watching the trial it any length, but based on what
4:38 pm
you're seeing. i mean, it seems as though the prosecution is presenting a pretty intense argument here, and it doesn't seem like the defense is. is keeping up and for lack of a better term. what is your take on the trial first weekend? the defense is waiting there. leading the prosecution present. it's case and i can see the cross examination come and i can see the defense trying to, you know, go into the credibility of the prosecution for the prosecution does have a good case. it's a very reasonable case, but i can see the defense. they're laying back thinking that they'll find a strategy thinking they'll poke a hole. in the prosecution's case, and i don't see it. i see. all right. so next week is gonna be another week. certainly to watch to see what they do. all right. tommy, tucson, former chief of police and law enforcement consultant. thank you so much for your insight. my pleasure, andrea thing and just a reminder you can watch the derrick shobin trial lives. it happens on ktvu dot com and the ktvu mobile app. costco now offering
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appointments for the single shot. johnson and johnson covid vaccine appointments are available at nearly two dozen costcos across the bay area, including stores in san jose conquered fremont, danville, livermore and gilroy. you don't even need to be a costco member to sign up for an appointment there, available to anyone who meets california's eligibility requirements. san francisco's chinatown campaign or excuse me. san francisco's campaign rather too. accident some of the most vulnerable populations continues in chinatown. it's mobile vaccination unit visited the pinion senior housing center located on pacific street, the gold heirs to vaccinate over 1000 people in chinatown in the next and the idea is if people clinic and the entire department? public health has been trying our best to get the vaccine to everyone
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way we're trying to increase our capacity and just because you build it, it does not mean they all come. patients have their own reasons, even if they want to get the vaccine they can. citywide 80% of people. 65 older have been receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. but in chinatown, that rate is considerably lower. with just 65% of chinatown seniors having received at least one dose. california is approaching 19 million covid-19 dose is being administered in this state. the state's population is around 40 million. according to the latest data, there are now over 333 shots a day being given out here in our state officials report more than 31% of californians have received at least one dose and 15.5% are fully vaccinated. cal fire is already getting ready for the fire season up next to look at the new fleet of planes put in rotation this year. around the
4:41 pm
bay area this afternoon and notable cool down go underway with the temperature is continuing to fall into your easter weekend. better details on what you can expect for the weekend cal. so to preparations l
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
fire's aviation fleet foxes melanie townsend shows us the new and updated aircraft they'll be using this wildfire season. in his 11.5 years with cal fire in nearly 40 years with the u. s. forest service, cal fire's senior chief of aviation, dennis brown nose when the conditions are right for another hectic fire season, we're headed into another dry season. so with once the last vs reason for concern, which means stations, starting with
4:44 pm
training for existing air tanker and air tactical pilots. they're going through refresher training ground school and then also fly. training today. and for the next several weeks, brown says, they're also training pilots to fly several of these new specially modified as 70 i. cal fire hawks from poland, which are double the size of their long standing. u h i age or huey helicopters and were replaced 12 of these vietnam era aircraft by 2022. it's got extended landing year that makes it sit up higher. it has 1000 gallon tank that's put under its those air seats that are up in in the aircraft itself that full down there are also equipped with exterior cables for rescues and a snorkel system that can suck up 1000 gallons of water in less than a minute in the mechanics and mcclellan are also making additional adjustments to the rest of their summer fleet have 23 grown men s to air tankers. those air tart 1200 gallon air tankers that we have at our 12 air attack bases we have ah
4:45 pm
16th ov 10. that aircraft will be going to the paint shop that will be going to fresno. cal fire is also looking into acquiring several more lockheed. 1 30 air tankers they can store up to 4000 gallons of water and fire retardant all to help maintain cal fire's goal to have an aircraft on any fire in our state responsibility or in california within 20 minutes ago, they hopefully won't have to see fulfilled too much this summer. airplanes and helicopters typically don't put fires out. we will slow him down. we can assist the ground folks, but without the ground resource is we won't be successful. and mcclellan airfield. melanie townsend, fox news. oh no rain in the forecast for the weekend and earlier in the week, we figured we may get some brain by monday that no longer the case for going to remain with dry conditions throughout. it cooled down, though notable change in that area right to anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees cooler this afternoon from yesterday's highs. here's a
4:46 pm
look at the sfo where we do have mostly blue skies started out with partly cloudy skies and some falling out there. and if you look to the back in there a little bit of cloud cover. i do expect thad cover could be even more widespread than what we woke up with this morning. stormtrooper too. they're showing you that besides that, we've got dry conditions overhead. you may also notice the direction of the flow now coming in from this direction. it's that westerly southwesterly flow that cools things off brings back the humidity. for the last few days, we've had that north northeast wind in place. and that's what helped to provide us with the windy conditions and the warmer conditions no longer the case moving forward into the weekend temperatures dropping off we went, we're going to even fall below average in some areas by tomorrow as a phone right now reporting a wind to about 21 mph livermore reporting 12 little breezy and our hills as well. we've got mount diablo reporting 18. and atlas peak reporting 25. the future cast
4:47 pm
here shows you tonight and into tomorrow, continuing to see the partly cloudy skies we wake up tomorrow morning continuing on into sunday morning. if you are celebrating easter, you're going to have a dry one, but a relatively cool too mild one. as we get into our bay area sunday temperatures in and around the bay area right now low fifties at half moon bay, we've got upper fifties and hayward upper seventies in concord and 80 degrees and fairfield so still well above average for some this afternoon along the peninsula there, 71, a stanford and one more shift to the inner east bay where we have 72 in danville. and near 80 degrees or so reported over near the areas of it looks like walnut creek, and i mean farther inland, the overnight lows for tomorrow morning, low forties to upper forties 41 degrees to start your morning in santa rosa. so bit of a chill for you there along the east bay shore 47 in oakland 48 in san francisco. the afternoon highs noticed that change opera fifties over areas of san francisco so not a huge change
4:48 pm
for you. you took your big drop today, but you go inland in some areas like antioch in brentwood and fairfield. we're in the upper seventies to low eighties today 65 to about 70 degrees expected for some of our inland cities, and that does include the north bay as well. santa rosa and napa. if you're going to the sierra, a nice one. we've got mostly sunny skies low sixties right now and for the weekend, mid sixties tomorrow low sixties, expected on sunday with dry conditions. partly cloudy skies. creatures in the overnight hours near freezing tomorrow and then only slightly better on sunday. yeah temperatures for us here at home looking at your bay area weekend notice. not much change on sunday, slightly warmer on monday and then even warmer as we get into tuesday wednesday, but unfortunately, no spring showers in that forecast back to you, all right, rosemary. thank you. godzilla versus khan, one of the few movies to be released over the past year, is expected to set a new record. in ticket sales this weekend
4:49 pm
during the pandemic. way, need.e pandemic blockbuster weekend, but experts do forecast the film to make at least $25 million, according to warner brothers opening day, take it sails on a wednesday for kong. excuse me. godzilla versus kong totaled $9.6 million, which is a single day pandemic record. the a's had their season opener with actual fans in the stands, but things quite didn't go quite as planned the problems that many fans experience with the food service and the adjustments the team is making down. armed home invaders kicked in an oakland families back door and made their young daughter hide under a blanket. what they told the family was the reason they were doing this. and yet another weekend round of re openings at five. we'll take a look at the latest round of businesses from family friendly
4:50 pm
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all in response to georgia and acting a controversial law last month that summer, criticizing as restricting voting rights, the game which is set for july, 13th and the game is set for july 13th and the mlb amateur draft will now take place in another city in a statement and will be commissioner rob manfred says. major league baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box. medford says details about a new host city for the all star game will be announced soon. well some oakland a's fans are down on their team for recent on and off the field last night, the a's struggled against the houston astros. they lost that game 8 to 1, the top of the astros lineup, had most of the
4:53 pm
hits and scored all of the runs. a bats were cold against houston aces. greinke the fans did not turn out for opening day. excuse me did turn out for opening day with coronavirus restrictions a coliseum had about 10,400 people attending. we are out of the house and we're doing things we used to do. we're here for opening day. i'm here with my son, nathan. it's just our family tradition that we've started coming here about seven years ago for opening day. the crowd the people the you know, like we're singing at the bottom of the seventh. alameda county is in the orange here of the state's color coded reopening system. attendance could be one third capacity, but the coliseum is about 20% capacity right now because there's not enough room to follow physical distancing guidelines. the a's are suggesting fans bring their own food when going to the games, at least in the early part of the season. concession stands are closed because of covid protocols. fans went on social
4:54 pm
media and complained last night a team president dave cavil, abou ordering system one fane first inning, says he started ordering at the bottom of the first eating, but the order wasn't fulfilled until the middle of the eighth. another fan described the experience as brutal, gavil says he is will have more people walking through the sands selling food and drinks. i'd like to. a world renowned bay area restaurant with a special mission. we'll hear from the business owner whose goal is to educate about her heritage through food. and this sunday voices for change returns for a special edition tackling the rise in hate crimes against asian americans. it airs sunday evening at 10 30 right here on ktvu foster news. d
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
tonight we're bringing you a story about a woman or rather, ah, business owner, bay area business owner whose mission is to bring better awareness about her heritage and tear down ethnic stereotypes with the help of food. ktvu is rob roth has the story. reema seal. maybe the award winning chef of reams california in san francisco's mission district and in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood, but her main goal is to offer an understanding of her arab american culture through good food to break down barriers of understanding, right. like i think cream's is really an educational space, the seal who was part palestinian and port syrian, got the idea to introduce our food to the general bay area more than 10 years ago after a trip to syria with. your father. the thing that really really struck me was how arabs show
4:58 pm
their hospitality through food and threw the bread. the bread is kind of the lifeline of arab culture and history on and i just fell in love with the bakeries there, so it's still spent years perfecting her culinary craft and in 2017 opened reams, bakery and restaurant in oakland, and it became a hit everything i could have asked for it, but something she didn't ask for people. calling and saying, you know, way hope that your bakery blows up. go, go! go back to wherever you terrorists, but such calls have died down the open bakery thrived in a seal opened a second spot in san francisco in 2019, then the pandemics. truck sales dropped by 80% of l became a ghost town. nobody was writing the bar. we were on a transit line. so the bulk of our customer base were really the worker. there's three employees that were in those nonprofit offices. people going on, bart. all of
4:59 pm
that just disappeared. assume now uses the oakland location is the commissary kitchen, making food to sell at farmers markets and pop up stands and catering. she's also feeding the hungry, helping contribute some 80,000 meals during the pandemic and a seal feel she's fulfilled her mission of tearing down racial and ethnic stereotypes about arabs and bring a better understanding of her heritage. we need to be recognized. we need to have a voice and i think people are starting to do that and see that and celebrate it. rob rock, ktvu fox two news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. for the second time this year, there's another deadly confrontation outside the u. s capitol. this time a car rammed a police barricade, prompting officers to open fire. and in the end the suspect and u. s capitol police officer were dead. good evening. i'm on, andm cristina rendon. today's attack came just less than three
5:00 pm
months after the january 6th capital riot ktvu political reporter greg lee has been following the latest investigation on the attack. he joins us live with the latest details. greg christina. good evening, just a devastating time for the small capitol police department. once again, they are mourning the death of one of their fellow officers. and once again security at the u. s. capitol is a maid. your concern. officer william evans, an 18 year veteran of the force, identified as the capitol police officer killed friday after a man rammed his car in the officers and a security barricade at the u. s capitol complex. a second officer was injured, law enforcement said the suspect, then got out of his car armed with a knife. he did not respond to verbal commands. the suspect did start lunging toward u. s. capitol police officers. that's what at which time u s. capitol. police officers fired upon the suspect


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