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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 2, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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officers what we now know about the violent incident that left the capitol police officer and the suspect behind the wheel dead. this is ktvu fox. two news that new and good afternoon everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian. we'll start with that breaking news at the u. s. capitol in washington, d. c a suspect rammed a car into two capitol police officers. killing one of them. the suspect was then shot and killed by police will bring in ktvu is frank mallicoat monitoring this breaking news, frank, all right, guys has been quite a morning. the u. s capitol currently is on lockdown after an individual rand into two police officers and then into a barrier outside the north end of the capital and injured one of those police officers. and as you mentioned killed, the other the suspect was killed by the capitol police. at the scene by gunfire course. the capital has been feing and under heavys
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scrutiny and surveillance since the insurrection writes back in early january, the suspect apparently rammed into the two capitol police officers and then into a north barricade that injured the two police officers. the suspect reportedly got out of the vehicle, brandishing a knife and reportedly stabbed one of the officers, capitol police said. the sets. they did not respond to any commands, and they opened fire, killing the suspect at the scene. both us officers were hospitalized. what are the officers had to be medevacked out, and he later died of his injuries. it is what a very, very heavy heart that i announce. one of our officers has succumbed to. his injuries were not able to release any information names. age date of birth or anything
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of that nature at this time, because we still have to notify the next of kin. i just asked that. and their families and in your prayers. this has been an extremely difficult time for u. s. capitol police after the events of january six, and now the events that have occurred here today. thank you. yeah of course. the capital just buried one of their own the police department there, brian sick ####, who died during the insurrection riots. meanwhile the entire capital as mentioned on lockdown, the national guard guard now going through the capital, make sure everything is safe. capitol police do not believe this is a terrorist attack, but they have a lot to sort out once again, the suspect is dead. one capitol police officer is her injured hospitalized after a man. rammed into those two
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police officers and then ran into a barrier at the capitol. it's a very fluid situation we still have an identification on that suspect or a motive as to why he did it in the first place will continue to follow the story update you throughout the newscast on frank malik oh ktvu. fox two news and president biden had just departed the white house for camp david, right before that attack this morning, frank thank you. of course, we have continuing coverage for you on this breaking news incident in washington, d c at the capitol online any time a ktvu dot com as well as our ktvu news app. here at home. fremont police and the alameda county sheriff's bomb squad are investigating a bomb scare at a hotel. a suspicious bag was left at the hyatt place hotel on west warren avenue about nine o'clock this morning. police say someone dropped off the backpack and said it was a bomb. the person left the hotel on a skateboard hotel's been evacuated as a precaution. this is the same hotel where a fremont police shot and killed
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an armed man just yesterday from on. police are investigating that shooting today. it happened just before 6 30 last night outside the high place hotel on west warrant. police say they've been following an armed suspect had been under surveillance by the department's newly formed gun violence reduction team. investigators say two detectives were forced to shoot the man after he pulled out his gun when they tried to arrest it in the hotel parking lot, very concerned that we have individuals out there in our society that one of take on and kill our police officers. that's the concern we value the sanctity of every life, however, were very fortunate and happy that our officers are safe. police have not yet released the name of the man killed. they say he was wanted on several felony warrants. this marks the second fatal police shooting in fremont in just the past 10 days, a day after receiving the johnson and johnson vaccine, governor newsome is visiting a vaccination site in the city of san diego in the governor, encouraging eligible california's right now to get
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vaccinated so the state can reach herd immunity. we're not gonna get hurt immunity. we're not gonna get back that someone's of normalcy unless we get more peoplethe course of the next number of weeks. get to that place. we all are looking forward to californians who are 50 years old and older, are now eligible to receive the vaccine. people 16 and older will be eligible to get vaccinated. starting april 15th happening now san francisco's campaign to vaccinate some of the city's most vulnerable populations continues in chinatown. it's mobile vaccination unit is on site right now at the pinion senior housing center located on pacific the goal to vaccinate more than 1000 people in chinatown in the next week. the idea as if people can't get to the vaccine sites, they'll have been in our clinic and the entire department of health has been trying our best to get the vaccine to everyone way we're
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trying to increase our capacity and just because you build it, it does not mean they all come. patients have their own reasons, even if they want to get the vaccine they can. citywide 80% of people 65 older have been receiving have received at least one dose of the vaccine, although in chinatown, that rate is considerably lower with just 65% of chinatown seniors, having received at least that first dose. costco is opening up appointments for the single dose. johnson and johnson covid vaccine it. dozens of bay area stores. appointments are available to anyone who meets the state's eligibility requirements, including people who are 50 and older or 8 to 16 to 49 with high risk health conditions, as well as people who are homeless or frontline workers. stores offering appointments include sanders, a conquered fremont, danda, livermore, gilroy and others. we have the fullest bay area costco locations, offering the single dose johnson and johnson covid vaccine at ktvu .com under web links. comes after johnson and johnson announced
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it is expanding clinical trials to include adolescence for the first time, further boosting hopes that children will soon be able to get vaccinated. reporter steve harrigan brings us more from atlanta. about 100 million americans have now gotten at least one shot of the covid vaccine, and younger people could soon be eligible. on friday, johnson and johnson announcing they've expanded large scale clinical trials to adolescents. they are currently testing it on 16 and 17 year olds, and that will soon be expanded to children as young as 12. the announcement comes just a day after the company was forced to dispose of more than 15 million doses due to a manufacturing error at a baltimore plant. but doctors say that incident hasn't nothing to do with overall vaccine safety. well as we get these child's completed and continue to gather that very specific, rigorous data, we will hav say yes. this is safe and effective and childrenination pl expanding, with dozens of states expected to make all adults eligible by mid april
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and a growing number of vaccination mega centers are making it easier for folks to get appointments. yes, so it was very convenient, very easy couldn't have asked for anything better and hope. really? this will prevent us from catching it. meanwhile the cdc and the biden administration both strongly urging americans to avoid travel as the easter holiday approaches. warning we could be on the verge of a new spike in cases people are getting too cavalier, you know, traveling a great deal gathering in larger crowds and people aren't wearing your mask. cdc also giving the green light to fully vaccinated people to celebrate the holiday without masks in atlanta. steve harrigan, ktvu fox two news, the california department of public health has lifted its earlier recommendation limiting travel to 120 miles from home. now this comes as more people are on the move with spring break easter break and mork covid vaccinations. but even though the recommendation was removed, state health officials
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discouraged non essential recreational travel in and out of this okay? compared to march of 2020 triple a hotel. booking data shows that we're up about 86% in march compared to last year. you can feel the energy from from the tear orange as soon as that was announced, people started calling. cdc guidelines say travelers should get a covid-19 test 123 days before any trip, and then 3 to 5 days after returning with quarantines as a precaution. theo us labor department released its march jobs report earlier today, more than 900,000 jobs were added last month and the unemployment rate dipped from 6.2% to 6% ktvu candese charles has reaction from economists as well as president biden. my message to the american people is this help is here. opportunities coming, and the long last is hope. it marks the u. s economy added the largest number of
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jobs since august. 960,000 jobs, most of them blue collar. it's not just those the top that make our economy grow. they're the ones that make you to grow ordinary americans and friday morning conference president biden said 90% of those jobs can go to folks with no college degree. 75% of them to those within associates. it's part of the body administration's american jobs plan and that your plan that will invest in infrastructure throughout the country if passed by then says it will create 19 million jobs. it's a once in a generation investment in our economic future, according to u. s jobs. report 280,000 of those jobs created in march one hospitality and leader most of the jobs related to the opening of the economy. we're expecting when california's job numbers come out that they will be of this, n better, professor jerry nickelsburg of u. c l a address and forecasts expects unemployment go down in california as it did nationally.
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but he says it's also likely going to be another year before california returns. to the same level of proof. pandemic employment, getting new skills and continually getting new skills is going to be important as we go forward through this decade, and this is even more important for women and people of color who are still facing high unemployment rates. there is a policy challenge here. to keep from having increasing inequality in the state. biden says he won't tax families who make 400,000 or less but there are still a 0.4 million fewer jobs than last march. both unemployment down to 6% the report is a bright spot in a dark road, still a long ways to go. but you know, the addition of almost a million new payroll jobs is really a nice chunk of that, and it's bringing us closer and closer to where we were when we entered the endemic induced recession. you
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candese charles reporting happening today. it's good friday, a solemn religious day for christians around the world, leading to easter sunday today of commemorating the crucifixion of jesus christ. many christians commemorate this day with fasting and church services. cbc for the second straight year, says we should avoid big crowds the easter weekend. they say, don't invite visitors to your home for passover or easter celebrations unless everyone is fully vaccinated. the cdc recommends the people celebrate outdoors in a well ventilated area coming up here at noon, new testimony from minneapolis police in the george floyd murder trial with the highest ranking member of the department has to say about the use of force during george floyd's arrest, then new research on this side effects of two vaccines being used against the covid pandemic. the difference between the visor and moderna shots and why doctors say the side effects are happening and can actually be a good sign. then let's go outside. we see some trees rustling in the breeze in the east bay. not quite as warm as
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we were 24 hours ago. ktvu meteorologists. rosemary oroczo has a look next at the cooler forecast safe. lee. 50. peep werd
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in a train crash and more than 100. others were injured. the train was going into a tunnel
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and crashed into an unmanned truck that had rolled down a hill and landed on to those tracks more than 400. people were on the train when it crashed and partially derailed with part of the train. still in the tunnel, people had to climb out of windows and then walk along the trains rooftop to reach safety. officials say the truck that rolled onto the track did not have its emergency brake properly engaged. the fifth day of testimony and derek showman's murder trial is underway where we're learning the most senior member of the minneapolis police department said on the stand. he did not think that the police officers were in any danger during the arrest of george floyd. and felt the amount of force used on floyd was, in his words totally unnecessary. as jeff paul reports yesterday, jurors listened to testimony from paramedics on the scene as well as george floyd's girlfriend. morning, your honor. thank you before the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek shobin wraps up its first week today, with prosecutors calling more people to the stand. the state calls john
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edwards yesterday, the court heard from two paramedics who treated floyd last may. they testified he was unresponsive and had no pulse when they arrived on scene in lay terms. i thought he was dead. prosecutors have made showman's use of force, the main focus of the trial. jovan, supervisor at the time testified that. after reviewing body camera footage, officers could have stopped restraining floyd earlier than they did do you have an opinion as to when the restraint of mr flayed should have ended in this encounter? yes. what is it? when mr foley was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers they could've into their restraint. and that was after he was handcuffed and on the ground and the longer resistance craig defense attorneys have argued drugs found in floyd system during the time of his arrest or partially responsible for his death, and that show van was following proper police protocol. on thursday. floyd's girlfriend, courtney ross, discussed the couple shared
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opioid addiction and emotional testimony. uh classic story of, uh, how many people get addicted to opioids? we both suffer from chronic pain. mind was in my neck and his west in his back. the judges giving jurors a half day today being that they are ahead of schedule in minneapolis, jeff paul ktvu, fox two news. and a reminder you can watch the derrick shobin trial live as it unfolded ktvu dot com and the ktvu mobile news act down to check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo when little cooler than what we saw over the last couple days. yes absolutely. we are looking at a drop in temperatures today and the continued cool down will go into the weekend. given you a live look here at what is happening. over sfo at this hour. you can see we've got toe blue skies there. we started out with some fog this morning, and i think the low clouds and the fog will be with us as we
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get through the weekend as well. temperatures at this hour, especially cool over areas like half moon bay of 52 degrees as well. a san francisco we have s o phone reporting 58. and along ari space shore 59 in oakland. meanwhile you go inland. it's still mild for the inner east bay 70 degrees and livermore 75 in brentwood. still a notable change from all those eighties we had yesterday afternoon but still above average. for some. meanwhile you get into the north bay upper fifties over areas like santa rosa and 62 degrees right now and napa, take a look at the 24 temperature change and proof, right? and they're all those numbers showing you anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees cooler at this hour. compared to the lunchtime yesterday. napa and santa rosa down by 15 half moon bay down by 14 san jose down by 13 so the cool down has already begun and will continue into saturday and sunday the winds out mount diablo reporting 14 mph middle peak reporting 10 so not too breezy out there, but
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it is an onshore breeze. notice how. winds in the flow coming from this direction. that's different than what we've had over the last a few days, and with that comes the fogather. od reporting 12 mph conquered reporting 10 at this time, backing up and showing you sort of what's going on out there on the grand scheme of things still going to be a dry weekend for the bay area and state of california, but again a change in the pattern when it comes to the cloud cover. and the cooler temps future cast model for you here at lunchtime notice the partly cloudy skies continuing to stream over the bay area. there's tomorrow morning, we'll wake up partly cloudy more of the same expected for saturday, and there's a look at sunday if you are going to be celebrating easter. a partly cloudy day and a relatively cool day expected comparison where we typically are compared to what we will see. for today. notice we are still well above average for some areas inland, 72 expected person rosa today. meanwhile in
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her east bay of livermore, 77 in san jose, expected to go to 76. meanwhile you get close to the coast san francisco just inside the bay temperatures are within a few degrees or where we typically are for this time of year. a better look at some of these afternoon highs here along the peninsula for today, 72 degrees in redwood city for the south bay, 78. morgan hill and for the inner east space 78 expected in antioch. when i come back, i'll have a look at your like tahoe forecast for folks that'll be heading up for the weekend. and of course, your numbers here as well in just a bit. all right. see you soon. rosemary frank, you oakland a's fans out of the calls him not happy about that loss in the home opener, but also disappointed about something else coming up the problem seeing out in the stands and the complaints to the president of the team.
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show the issue is he indicated that while federal health experts need to collect more data, masked guidelines could soon be eased what we're waiting for and what the cdc is waiting for before they pull back. on the recommendation of wearing masks, even though you're vaccinated is a definitive proof of that, and i think you will be coming soon. dr fauci added that he expects the surgeon vaccinations will prevent 1/4 coronavirus wave from hitting the united states. you can see more of the interview with dr fauci on the issue is very in right here on
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ktvu fox do this sunday 5:30 a.m. that's followed by fox news sunday with chris wallace at six and then ktvu mornings on to starting at seven. it's more more people get vaccinated against covid. you've probably heard more. talk about side effects from the vaccine, especially the second dose when it comes to the visor or madonna vaccines, according to the chronicle, about twice as many participants in five years clinical trials said they developed chills and joint pain after the second dose. then after the first dose, with moderna five times, as many people said they experienced chills after their second dose compared to the first. experts say those side effects are too cause to worry. instead they say, there are good signs showing that your body is developing immunity against the coronavirus, the most popular tourist spot in all of santa cruz county is back open and just in time for the weekend. fema santa cruz beach boardwalk was back in business as of yesterday after being closed for a year, visitors on the
12:26 pm
giant dipper roller coaster and the boardwalks many other rides. even during world war one world war two, the great depression every summer since 19 oh, seven. we had rides at the boardwalk except 2020. oh this is perfect. i mean, he couldn't be a better day it being my birthday, but i'm glad it's back. his people need to be in the master on the grand re opening of the boardwalk came just a day after santa cruz county moved to the less restrictive orange here. from oakland. a's fans are down on their team for reasons both on and off the field. last night, the ace struggled against the houston astros in an 81 lost top of the astros lineup, had most of those hits and scored all the runs. thea's bats were cold against houston. exact cranky, but fans did turn out for opening day with coronavirus restrictions in place the call sam had more than 10,000 people in attendance. we are out of the house and we're doing things we used to do. we're here for opening day. i'm here with my son, nathan. it's just our family tradition that we've
12:27 pm
started coming here about seven years ago for opening day, it's the crowd the people that you know, like we're singing at the bottom of the seventh. alameda counties in the orange tier of the state's color coded reopening system. attendance could be one third of capacity, but the coliseum is about 20% capacity because there's just not enough room to follow those physical distancing guidelines. the a's are suggesting fans bring food when they go to the games at least early this season. concession stands are closed because of covid protocols. now fans went on social media and complain to team president dave cavil about the mobile ordering system. one fan started ordering food. apparently at the bottom of the first inning. that order was not filled until the middle of the eighth. another fan described the experience is quote brutal. now, cavil says, the a's will have more people walking through the stands selling food and drinks and response. san francisco giants are in seattle to continue their opening series against the mariners giant started strong last night. the bats
12:28 pm
very hot or players hitting home runs, including buster posey and his first at bat in a very long time that shot over the left field wall. giants up five in the bottom of the eight things were looking great, but then struggles in the bullpen. so many walks and also a big air. mariner scored six runs in the bottom of the a seattle would go on to win this 87 in 10 frames head into the final four. coming up a look ahead at stanford's big game today as they take on south carolina after a season unlike any other plus more on the deadly attack back east at the nation's capitol coming up, one led to the death of a capitol police officer and the suspect involved in the attack.
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under lockdown just a few hours ago after a suspect rammed a car into two capitol police officers that suspect then got out of the vehicle brandishing a knife. one of the officers was killed. the driver who rammed his vehicle into that barricade and the officers was eventually shot and killed by police. that suspect transported to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. in addition to the officer who was killed, the second officer was injured. it is what a very, very heavy
12:32 pm
heart that i announce. one of our officers has succumbed to. his injuries were not able to release any information names. age date of birth or anything of that nature at this time, because we still have to notify the next of kin. i just asked that the public continued to keep u. s. capitol police. and their families and in your prayers. this has been an extremely difficult time for u. s capitol police after the events of january six, and now the events that have occurred here today. officials say there is no longer a threat at the u. s. capitol you can find the latest updates on this breaking news out of d c .com and on the ktvuews app. the u. s economy. ray bogan has the latest jobs report from the
12:33 pm
labor department and what it means as the nation is still working back to find itself essentially after the pandemic began. the economy is proving rebounds aren't just for march madness, the us added 916,000 jobs in march and unemployment dropped to 6% that's the lowest unemployment level since the pandemic forced shutdowns. help is here. opportunities coming and at long last is hope the positive job numbers coming as president, but it makes it push for his multi trillion dollar infrastructure plan, the president holding his first cabinet meeting thursday, one of those. other things are administration is a commitment torto buy american plan we're putting forward to make sure that when the government spending taxpayer's money that they're spending on american made goods, american corporations and american employees, the president says it's important for americans to
12:34 pm
get more help and is calling on cabinet secretaries to help sell the plant. but republicans are not on board the net impact of many of these crack policies are to actually hurt the people. they say they're helping, but the economy is still directly linked with the coronavirus pandemic. the body administration says it's on track to meet its goal of 200 million vaccine shots in arms by late this month, but with all of these vaccinations, it's important for people to still remember. wear masks. another sign that things are starting to get back to normal. the president says he's looking forward to easter given he and some of his family members are vaccinated and hope to get together in washington. ray bilgin, ktvu fox two news, san francisco has started a campaign mint to vaccinate 1000 seniors living in public housing in chinatown. cities mobile vaccination unit is providing covid vaccinations and a senior housing center up pacific street right now, or vaccinations will take place at the same location one week from today. this is part of san francisco's effort to boost
12:35 pm
vaccination rates among seniors and others in the city most vulnerable to covid-19. there are new reports of blood clots possibly connected to the astrazeneca covid vaccine today. health officials in the u. k reported new cases of blood clots, bringing the total now to 30, but they still say the doses of vaccine benefit the rich outweigh the risk that they may carry. uk health systems rely mainly on the astrazeneca vaccine. meanwhile, the dutch government announced today it's temporarily halting the use of astrazeneca vaccines for people under the age of 60, following reports of a very small number of people suffering unusual blood clots after receiving the shot in the south bay. woman using a wheelchair was struck and killed by a car. the driver of that white mercedes immediately drove away from the scene. the victim was in the crosswalk at monterey highway and curtner avenue in san jose late last night, when that mercedes cls hit, her medics took her to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead. this is san jose's 10th traffic fatality of
12:36 pm
the year. police are asking anyone about this case to give them a call in southern california police have released surveillance images of the suspect in wednesday's mass shooting police. the city of orange. say the video of 44 year old almond dob. gonzales was taken inside the offices of unified homes, where four people, including the nine year old boy were shot and killed in what investigators are calling a business dispute. one neighbor heard several gunshots and then a voice from the gunman. but the first thing i heard after the first after the last set of four shots was don't move, or i will shoot you very loud voice very clear. no mistaking, and it was said three times. police say the nine year old boy who was killed was in the arms of a woman believed to be his mother, who was trying to protect him, sam ato police announced they've made an arrest in the deadly shooting of a local musician. officers say they
12:37 pm
track down the suspect, 34 year old isaiah rupini yesterday at his home in oklahoma. photos of the rest here were posted on social media. police say he shot and killed 30 year to la zr outside of wells fargo bank at hillsdale shopping center last december. investigators did not disclose a motive, but say they tied the suspect to a white mercedes seen leaving the area after the shooting. bart is launching a new campaign today. major targets sexual harassment and gender based violence campaign is called not one more girl, bart. officials say many girls experience unwanted, unwelcome sexual advances while riding public transit. so bart is partnered up with alliance for girls, black girls, brilliance and other groups to help spread the message. this is the first of its kind initiative that takes on the daunting task of correcting a system that is a lifeline for many and addressing the wrongs that should never have existed to begin with. we are at a crossroads. we can either
12:38 pm
continue to center system that serves on lee men, o face a challenging task off taking it on head on and addressing this issue to ensure that those most impacted can ride safely. starting today, 300 posters will go up in bart trains and stations. the love messages meant to combat sexual harassment and show bart's policies and procedures and tell writers how to report incidents. a woman in the north bay says she is the victim of a hate crime. the alleged victim is muslim. and as ktvu deborah villalon tells us, someone slashed her car tires, broke the windows and then threw pork products. under her seats. all four tires of my car had been slashed. rush mika always parts on the street outside sandra fells kaiser hospital for her overnight shifts as a security guard employed by the contractor, securitas. i don't think i will ever be able to use that car again. what happened three weeks ago was a shock a slash paid thinner and gluee
12:39 pm
thrown on her honda accord. we do not eat pig products. we do not eat bacon on as a muslim, most jarring pig's feet, blood and bacon smeared on her car seats. it's offensive because of my religion. it's frightening. this happened to me at my workplace while i was at work. we're looking at all aspects, including some surveillance footage, police responded, put a detective on the case and are pursuing leads. her car was. damage seriously. and you know to add to that that there was chopped up meet in inside the car. it's very concerning rush. baker believes she was targeted because she accused a coworker of misconduct. if i see something wrong, i will say something, she says. she reported another guard for making s a teenage girl who was in the the company that has escalated into vandalism and hate crime. hate crime rush, mika says, because
12:40 pm
of the pork, but legally it may not be that simple. i know the victim in this case has had disputes with co workers. by definition, i hate crime has to be motivated by a person's protected status, whether it's religion, whether it's race. and you know, sometimes you just don't know what's in a person's head. at the very least, it's felony vandalism rush. mika's car has been repaired, but she remains nervous. worried about my safety. i'm worried about the safety of my family members yet, she says no regrets about coming forward with conduct she found inappropriate. i'm the one who stood up for this patient. i'm the one who said something. rush mekas employer doesn't see it that way. now says spending her for talking about confidential matters to people outside the company. securitas hasn't commented in sandra fell deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. parents and free motor showing their frustration over the fact that
12:41 pm
schools there will not open this spring, they gathered to rally outside the offices of the teachers union yesterday. this comes after negotiations between the district and union fell apart this week. it means fremont schools will not be reopening in the spring. children deserve better. they're going to be our future leaders. we need to educate them the best way that we possibly can and online is not working. it was disappointing, however, that we were incredibly close to creating an agreement that would have allowed the elementary students and families who did want to return in person for hybrid learning or proposal to return was comprehensive for all grade levels. that offer should be in place for all. secondary students who desire to return to campus by not reopening the district is missing out on about $9 million in state money. the district says it does e unified school
12:42 pm
district was planning to resume in person instruction april 14th, but the majority of teachers voted not to ratify the agreement reached by the district and union leaders last week, the superintendent said that schools will remain in distance learning until an agreement can be ratified. this coming sunday. voices for change returns for a special edition tackling the rise in hate crimes against asian americans. ktvu is greg lee will speak the leaders in the asian community about what they believe is causing the wave of discrimination and also discuss what's being done to combat it. the experts will offer solutions and discuss how they are encouraged to see communities standing in solidarity rally for change. thing is seeing the broad range of ages and different cultures and ethnicities. coming out to the rally was awesome. just so amazing. and i think that's what makes it powerful was coming from different, different backgrounds and different stories. voices for change. stop asian hate airs sunday night. 10 30 right here
12:43 pm
on ktvu fox to still to come this noontime of violent situation con on camera in san francisco as tourists were targeted by thieves out in the sunset district of valuable items now lost and how witnesses are reacting to the crime
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when a family visiting the bay area saw two men breaking into
12:46 pm
their car. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz as the story. caught on camera. this blue c pulls up monday afte street in san francisco. a man gets inside. seconds later, it seemed backing up and two men jump out next. it's not what's seen in this video, but heard. police say those men broke into a family's rental car. one of the suspects, backpack in hand jumps into the front passenger seat. the family chases the thieves. another angle shows a young girl lunging at the strangling suspect. but trips and falls 52 year old man runs and grabs onto the burglars car but fell to the ground. he later tells police they had a gun. the family was in shock. he couldn't drive themselves back to their hotel. they were worried about their family members. this neighbor who didn't want to be identified, told us the family is from
12:47 pm
puerto rico, and it was their first day touring the city. first stop these popular 163 mosaic steps in the inner sunset district that spotted morada and 16th burglars. it's happens all the time. it's ridiculous. the warning signs. clear from the lamppost to the sidewalk neighbors taking notice. people come to see the steps guys were waiting in the you know to lurch on him and was the folks are gone oftentimes i get home from work, and i see nothing but broken glass. it's really sad in this case, a camera clothing cash cards into passport all stolen the suspect still on the loose. it's just no consequence, and that's the worst part of it and the preying on the old early. the preying on tourists are preying on the young and with all of the cameras and police, keeping a watchful eye some criminals are keeping at least one step ahead and ruining what was a beautiful day by the bay. the
12:48 pm
suspects have not been identified. but police say this is an open and active investigation. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. i knew in colorful, tiny home village is now open in the city of oakland, meant for young people who are homeless. the grand opening happened this morning at the village on hagen. berger wrote the villages two dozen tiny homes for 18 to 26 year olds from oakland and berkeley. young people were either homeless or at risk of being homeless while transitioning out of foster care. housing is a human right and that that extends to our young people, whether they are part of a traditional family or not. they're part of our family as the oakland community. the village was four years in the making. construction here took 10 months to complete. i think t of people other outside or making plans to get outside and
12:49 pm
wondering what happened to the heat is definitely feels different out there today. it's a lot cooler high. garcia alone mike and hello to all of you happy friday. we are looking at the temperature's dropping off by several degrees today already seeing it and feeling it and the cooling will continue into your bay area weekend in and around the bay, though still in the seventies. for many, it's a beautiful one, giving you a look here at sfo where we do have. sunshine at this point, we woke up with the low clouds and some fog along the coastline and inside the bay. it is pretty much retreated, but it will be back. in fact, the marine layer will be deepening and the onshore breeze perhaps strengthening a bet getting into your bay area saturday. there's a view of storms wrecker, too, and you could see right up against the coastline from areas near a eureka all the way down to a point conception. we've got that fog there along the coast, so it is here with us. not going to, uh, see the pattern change for the next we'll have a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures about average and uneven, falling
12:50 pm
below average for some eventually, right now, sf are reporting a 20 mile per hour breeze. hayward reporting an onshore breeze at 13. and as i mentioned a moment ago, the flow is on shore at this point atlas peak in the hills of north bay is showing 19 mph and further north mount st helene a reporting 16. monty able at this time reporting 12 coming in from the south. here's the view of some of those numbers. they're so our eyes shift into the inner east bay where we have 75 degrees in brentwood. but then if you had west 52 in san francisco, 54 half moon bay going to the north bay, we have temperatures reported 60 degrees mill valley. and then if you look over towards pope valley 77, so it really is one of those days where it depends on where you're at sea there. cool ah montero 59 degrees or. nice and mild upper sixties reported right now stanford and one more shift into the inner east bay where we have 70 degrees danville 71 in dublin. as you know where you may know. we broke records yesterday because of the heat, taking a
12:51 pm
notable drop today. 64 in san francisco expected for today. yesterday it was 78. here's a better look at some of the afternoon highs expected still a very mild and as i mentioned a moment ago and actually showed you in the last half hour, some of these numbers are still above average for this time of year. it will begin to change into the weekend, though, if you are thinking about heading to tahoe a beautiful day, their upper fifties to low sixties at this hour and for the weekend sixties in the forecast is well mid sixties on saturday, low sixties expected on sunday, the overnight lows chili just a few degrees above freezing there. the extended forecast for us here at home if you're going to be celebrating easter on sunday, that looks to be the cooler day temperatures ranging from the upper sixties around the bay area, not much change on monday, we will be a little bit warmer on. tuesday. back to you. rosemary thank you. some new items have been added to the menu at any space spot that is already. very popular with
12:52 pm
chocolate lovers. that ribbon cutting mark tamayo opening of what is now the ghirardelli ice cream and chocolate factory outlet in san leandro. the store is adding hot fudge sundaes and milkshakes with chocolate offerings. san leandro's mayor says that dear adele is a source of pride for the city, noting that many people outside san leandro don't know the main production facility for ghirardelli is in san leandro. every time that we are a city need anything when we want to impress anybody, we call it you're a galley so we can put that little trolley car in front of other mayors and so forth. estimate sure everyone knows where ghirardelli is made. it's made and family andrew on. that is something we're so proud of. it just smells heavenly around that chocolate shop this morning near delhi announced for every sunday that sold at this store for the rest of the year. it will donate $1 to the boys and girls club of san leandro coming up in a minute. possible cure for baldness could be on the horizon after the break with scientists say, is a major cause of hair loss and what they found
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪
12:56 pm
that there may be a cure for baldness insight. scientists say that constant exposure to stress appears to be the main reason for hair falling out and not growing back when they removed the adrenal glands and mice were stress hormones are produced three times as much hair came back. researchers also uncovered a protein that fuels hair growth and say the breakthroughs could lead to a hair growth cream. the iconic rainbow flag is now flying in san francisco's castro at harvey milk plaza. the flag symbolizes the progress made for the lgbtq community here in the bay area and throughout the world due to the wear and tear of the rainbow flag has to be replaced every 3 to 5 months and historically, the replacements are made by local residents. tom taylor and his partner, dr jerry goldstein. taylor recently passed away and the ceremony is being held. in
12:57 pm
his honor, along with announcing the new avenue green li the flag alive. san francisco's frame line film festival is coming back this june with a mix of in person in virtual events. last year's festival was completely online. but this year, organizers say the lgbt q festival will offer outdoor and drivin screenings, including the first ever prime movie night at oracle park. they plan to release the full schedule of films in the coming weeks. tickets will go on sale next month. yeah happening today. stanford takes on south carolina in the semi finals of the nce a women's. basketball tournament. dead for coach tara vanderveer says she's treasuring every moment with her team for this team that has showed some great resilience. great determination on
12:58 pm
incredible togetherness. i'm their biggest fan, and i just know that i only have two more games of potential coaching them, and i wanted to be two great games. go demanded. we're also making sure that our players have time to relax. the school posted this fun video of the coach squaring off against the players in a fun game of foosball, the coach. by the way one. we do have some breaking news coming out of major league baseball here. the league just announced plans to move this year's all star game from the atlanta braves ballpark in response to georgia, enacting a new law last month restricting voting rights. mlb had awarded the game to atlanta in may of 2019, and the game was scheduled for july. 13th is part of baseball's mid summer break here, but commissioner of the league made the decision to move the all star events and the amateur draft, which had been scheduled to be held in atlanta for the first time, the commissioner said, quote major league baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans and imposes restrictions to the ballot box
12:59 pm
and quote the golden state warriors played the raptors in toronto tonight. last night, the miami heat beat warriors 1 16 109 in miami's stephan curry finished with 36 points and 11 rebounds for golden state. draymond green had a pretty good game, too. he was just, too was his shy of a triple, double the wires and now 23 25 on the season, sitting in the 10 spot in the western. conference standards now to san jose, where the children's discovery museum has reopened. for now, the museum will only open a 25% capacity and over time will increase to 50. some exhibits are off limits and others have been moved outside. but again, this is another sign mike that things are sort of slowly cranking back to normal and saying that just crossing the wires here, california will now allow indoor concerts and theater performances and other private gathering starting april 15th live concerts inside, starting april. 15th this site, lower covid numbers across the state more coverage on that coming up today on the four thanks for watching everybody. our next news guys is indeed at
1:00 pm
four o'clock. have a great weekend, everybody doctor on. she is coming but when i'm done with you, i'm done with you. dr. oz: my no holds barred interview with weppedy williams, keeping it real about her brutal divorce. >> kevin was a serial cheel -- cheater. dr. oz: i was scared for you. >> i want to get back to dating, oz. honestly. dr. oz: plus her take on getting vaccinated. are you planning on getting your vaccine? coming up next. ♪ >> wendy williams is not going anywhere. i'm going to come in like a hurricane. so, whitney, are you still using drugs? >> he wants to give you a talk show. >> people calling


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