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to you cats. we will look forward forward to it, then mark, thank you. and next at 11. my dad and i are both one dose more comfortable with the idea of traveling. california eases restrictions on travel as more people across the state considered vacation plans, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, state health officials have issued a new travel advisory now that infection's air down and vaccinations are underway. hello again, everyone i'm frank somerville. and i'm julie julie haener. it removes the recommendation that californians limit travel to 120 miles or less from your front door. but it also warns people should not leave or enter the state. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with the details. janna. after staying at home so long, julie, there is a big temptation, but the
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state is really saying that all non essential travel is not recommended. it's just a feeling of hope. now. it's really kind of special to see the hope for the historic inn at the presidio in san francisco, is that the april 1st reopening will usher in a new era. like many hotels, they are ready with pandemic protocols, rooms sanitized and sealed before each guest arrives. our first night open. we're almost out of 65% occupancy. i think a lot of it has to do with spring break these next couple of weeks. today we're seeing a tremendous amount of families. the california public health department thursday lifted its previous recommendation limiting travel to 120 miles from home. my dad and i are both one dose into the vaccine, and we're getting more comfortable with you. idea of traveling, but some people are still concerned about covid and the circulation of new coronavirus strains. we're not traveling for a while, so we're not vaccinated and we're still into the social distancing of
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california health officials are discouraging non essential recreational travel in and out of the state and said thursday californians should comply with cdc guidelines. the cdc still recommends against people traveling tow help slow the spread of covid-19 sergio avila with triple a in northern california. nevada says there are signs more people are on the move compared to march of 2020. tripoli hotel booking data shows that we're up about 86% in march compared to last year at sfo. passenger traffic remained 70% down from pre pandemic times. but nationwide, the t s a says more than one million travelers have passed through us airports since march, 11th a rebound from just several 100,000 last year, a little break coming to san francisco, visit some friends. we've all been vaccinated, so it feels a little better way have to travel we have to get around. fema n95 masks on and they had a specialty mask. okay
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this week, delta announced it will no longer leave those middle seats empty but begin fully booking flights on may 1st. the cdc does recommend if you travel to get tested a covid-19 test three days before you leave and 3 to 5 days after you return, julie jana katsuyama reporting live tonight, janet. thank you, the nation's chief medical advisor anticipates a change in mask guidelines once there is more data on whether vaccinated individuals. and spread the coronavirus. what we're waiting for and what the cdc is waiting for before they pull back on the recommendation of wearing masks, even though you're vaccinated is a definitive proof of that, and i think you will be coming soon. preliminary cdc research indicates that vaccinated people do not carry the virus advisor says the ongoing phase three trial of its covid-19 vaccine confirms that
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protection remains high for at least six months and likely less even longer than that buys. their also says the vaccine remains more than 91% effective after the second dose, and according to researchers, the fizer vaccine appears to be fully effective against the south african variants of the virus. people 50 and up are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine in california, but they have to wait. rather they have just two weeks before appointments. open up for everyone. 16 and older, the aarp has been lobbying at the state level, making sure older adults are given priority in marin county. they recognize the concern 30,000 residents there just became eligible, and all of them won't get appointments right away. the county plans to continue blocking out. time's just for older adults. governor gavin newsom got his vaccine. today you got a single dose of the johnson and johnson vaccine in l. a the governor is 53 years old. he said that he wanted to wait until it was his
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turn again on april 15th people 16 and older. we'll all become eligible to get their virus shot in california governor newsome also acknowledge that not everyone will get their shot right away. that doesn't mean april 16th. everybody wants a vaccine will have been vaccinated. it's still will take a number of months to get to that point. california has a population of about 40 million people. so far the state has administered more than 18 million doses. nearly seven million people have been fully vaccinated and you could find the latest developments on the coronavirus vaccine and re openings on our website. ktvu calm. it's all under the covid tab on our home page. now to a deadly police shooting in fremont. we're police officers shot and killed the suspect who they say pulled a gun on them. all happened just before 6 30 tonight outside of higher place hotel on west warren avenue.
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that is right off 8 80 near fremont boulevard. ktvu zen biggest, joins us now with the latest on what happened, emma julian. the investigations are just beginning. but take a live look at the scene of the hyatt place hotel. police have begun clearing the area, but police are still present in the parking lot. fremont police say they were pursuing a suspect and identified him. you're in the parking lot and released a police canine. the suspect drew his gun, and that's when two detectives fired at him. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene by paramedics at 6 p.m. fremont police say they were surveilling the hyatt place hotel earlier thursday afternoon when they identified the man they were looking for on lee, disclosing that he was a well known suspect and had outstanding felony warrants. how do you see the actual shooter? but i heard the gunshots. a woman who was in the parking lot of the hyatt
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place hotel operating her persian food truck, said she heard three gunshots and then saw at least six fremont police officers exit their unmarked vehicles and run in the same direction. i asked one of the gentlemen as a did you guys get who you guys wanted us or yes, this is the second fatal officer involved shooting in fremont in a little more than a week and the third time since february that fremont pd have been involved in a shooting very tense. turn that we have individuals out there in our society that one of take on and kill our police officers. that's the concern. we value the sanctity of every life, however, were very fortunate and happy that our officers are safe. lee alameda county district attorney's office and the fremont police department are each conducting investigations into both fatal shootings. julie emma. thank you, the contra costa county sheriff's office is now investigating a shooting that left one person dead and another person wounded. the
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sheriff's office says the shooting happened on appian way and la paloma road in elsa bronte around a 40 last night. one of the victims 25 year old ajanta kennedy of pittsburgh. was pronounced dead at the scene. the second victim was taken to the hospital and is now in critical condition. investigators have not given any information on a suspect. we have some updated information information now on a homicide in hayward. that happened yesterday. but what he say they now have a suspect in custody. police say the body of a woman was found covered in blood yesterday afternoon near b street and walk ins not far from city hall. least told us the woman had been stabbed to death. authorities are not releasing the name of the victim or the suspect was say the two knew each other coming up here. a wrongful death lawsuit on the peninsula after a 23 year old man was crushed to death by a falling tree, also a veteran in the east bay breaks down on camera after his
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car was stolen with his comfort dog inside. i'm a veteran with ptsd and this service. animal is everything for me and we made usaa insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this.
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usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. berlin is now suing the property owner and landscape companies, attorneys for the families say 23 year old khalil gay was on his fourth day of a
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new job at color genomics when he was struck by a 30 ft tree on february 26th. the wrongful death suit filed by his parents claims that the property owner and landscapers failed to keep the property in a safe condition. military veteran is heartbroken after someone stole his service dog from the back seat of his car, and he totally broke down today when he talked with our crime reporter henry lee about what happened. bella a three year old chihuahua was stolen in oakland. mark lipton, a disabled navy veteran, is heartbroken over the loss of a service dog. i'm a veteran with ptsd and this service animal is everything for me and. rouz waterway. it happened late sunday night near 22nd and international in oakland, san antonio neighborhood. lipton had gotten out of this honda civic toe opening gate outside his home, and that's when
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someone jumped into his car and took off with bella and a carrier in the back seat. lipton gave chase banging on the windshield, banging on the on the hood and screaming and in the top of my lungs and freaking out, he even jumped onto the hood and end up getting clipped by his own car. there was nothing he could do, bella, his lifeline to help cope on a day to day basis was gone. she just keeps me level and every single aspect. i mean, good day. bad day doesn't matter everything in between. bella is a rescue dog he got in san jose lipton says they have a unique bond. she's able to read my body language. i'm able to read her body language. we have a connection that's undescribable. lipton's posted pictures of bella online. he's called animal shelters. he's pleading for anyone with information on her whereabouts to come forward. if she's my heart and soul and. uh, i don't care about the car at this point, like the car can be replaced. she can't be replaced. it's unclear whether the car
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thief realized bella was in the back lifting hopes. bella wasn't just abandon, he says it's possible someone else may have her now and not realize she was stolen. please give me my dog back because she's not yours and you know, in your heart. that's not your dog. mark lipton had just moved in that neighborhood that weekend. he's desperate for bela's returned and is offering a $1500 reward. henry lee ktvu. fox two news. detectives in fairfield have made an arrest in connection with a catalytic converter theft ring. police say they have arrested 26 year old erin hoover of vallejo for the theft of multiple catalytic converters. police say whoever was responsible for several thefts in the cordelia area. hoover was booked on charges of felony grand property theft, possession of burglary tools. tampering with the vehicle and other probation violations. we're continuing to monitor breaking news out of taiwan, where at least 34 people have died in a train crash. dozens more were injured. the train
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partially derailed along taiwan's east coast. reports say that a truck fell from a cliff above and landed on the tracks and when the train came out of the tunnel, it slammed right into the truck video. as you can see here shows passengers climbing out of windows and onto the roof to try to get to save the reports say that 350 people were on board at the time of the crash. the a's welcome back thousands of fans to the coliseum tonight for opening day. but the game did not go without a hitch for fans the problems they had with the new covid protocols coming up and we had record heat today. it will be cooler tomorrow with clouds and then a cool down for the weekend. the five day forecast is next. also had a popular event in the south bay is making a comeback tomorrow. the details on first fridays
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it's up to you. the victim of a hate crime. the victim is muslim, and his ktvu is deborah villalon tells us, someone slashed her car's tires, broke her windows and threw pork products onto her seats. all four tires of my car had been slashed. rush mika always parts on the street outside sandra fells kaiser hospital for her overnight shifts as a security guard employed by the contractor, securitas. i don't think i will ever be able to use that car again. what happened three weeks ago was a shock a shattered window. every tire slash paid thinner and glue thrown on her honda accord. we do not eat pig products. we do not eat bacon on as a muslim, most jarring pig's feet. blood and bacon smeared on her car
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seats. it's offensive because of my religion. it's frightening. this happened to me at my workplace while i was at work. her car was. damage seriously. and you know to add to that that there was chopped up meet in inside the car. it's very concerning. we're looking at all aspects, including some surveillance footage fresh baker believes she was targeted because she accused a coworker of misconduct. if i see something wrong, i will say something she says. she reported another guard for making sexual remarks about a teenage girl who was in the emergency room. this is the internal problem with the car. a company that has escalated into venal ism and hate crime. hate crime rush, mika says, because of the pork, but legally it may not be that simple. i know the victim in this case. has had disputes with co workers. by definition, i hate crime has to be motivated by a person's protected status, whether it's religion, whether it's race.
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and you know, sometimes you just don't know what's in a person's head. at the very least, it's felony vandalism rush. mika's car has been repaired, but she remains nervous. worried about my safety. i'm worried about the safety of my family members yet, she says no regrets about coming forward with conduct she found inappropriate. i'm the one who stood up for this patient. i'm the one who said something in sandra fell. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. way had record warped out there today, showing you some of the numbers again. we had a lot of tide records like in redwood city, richmond and livermore. but san jose and sfo broke records today, so it was really unusually hot when you get records, especially at sandals, a record that goes back a ways. so ah, it was a very, very warm day tomorrow. more more highs from today. tomorrow won't be as warm tomorrow we'll see more of an onshore flow. we've got some fog that will return to the coast. i would suspect by at
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least tomorrow afternoon. maybe sooner and that'll cool things off. and then we have some high clouds coming into. so the trend is for these temperatures to drop off is we head into the weekend, so temperatures were generally going to get cooler. but here's the thing is when we say cooler, it's not going to go down into the fifties. it's going to be the coolest on sundays. going to be mid sixties saturday, a probably upper sixties to low seventies tomorrow is going to be mid seventies, even upper seventies, so it's still it's all relative, but it's been so warm with record warmth in the last two days have been extraordinary. you can see it's already cooling off. these were the departures from last night, so it's seven degrees cooler in oakland. that's the sea breeze and look at the blue out along the coast that's indicating perhaps some marine layer starting to fill back into the coast, which we haven't seen in a couple of days. and there's the wind and there's the fog that dull gray area. so that dull gray areas certain certain fill into the winds are more northerly, but they'll continue to shift more northwesterly as we go into the evening hours into tomorrow morning. here comes the fog and low clouds tomorrow morning and the high
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clouds coming in, and that's the day. that's the forecast model, so it's partly cloudy all day, yellows or seventies. greens or sixties, so we're definitely going to be in the generally in the seventies. tomorrow will be fairly warm. mid seventies and upper seventies. the warmest spots, but around the coast will be mid sixties. there is the five day forecast clouds but no rain. at least that's how it looks right now. i will see you back here on sunday night, first friday, we'll see that bill. thank you first friday is coming back to los altos after a year off because of the pandemic. monthly event takes place on the first friday of every month and features live music and extended store hours. this friday, eight bands will be playing outdoors from 6 to 8 p.m. different locations throughout the downtown area. organizers say the setup will allow for people to maintain their social distance, i think people are just like going crazy and itching to just get out and shake the booty and
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just having some fun, shake the booty, okay, organizers say. the musicians performed for free for the sheer joy of playing in their community rides at the santa cruz beach boardwalk are now open again for the first time since last year, but there will be limited capacity about a dozen rides, including the giant dipper, the pirate ship in the cyclone are all running, the boardwalk says walk ins are allowed, but they are highly recommending that you booked reservations for rides online. the oakland a's welcome back about 12,000 fans today for opening day capacity at the coliseum, though, was captain 26% to allow for social distancing between pods of fans, fans and team staff were also required to wear masks. sports director market bodies will have more on the game coming up in just a few minutes and opening day apparently did not go off without a hitch. tonight many people on twitter complained about the a's mobile ordering system that fans are required to use to order concessions, eh? president dave
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kabul responded to some of the complaints on twitter, saying they're not equipped to deal with all the mobile ordering that is required is part of covid protocols and the fans are encouraged to bring their own food, all. abduction sports, speaking about both the giants and the a's, there were some great plays today in the games. unfortunately sports director marco bonnie's will hit us with the bad news on the outcomes. that's coming up after the break, but first today was april. tuesday, and many businesses came up with some outrageous ideas to try to trick their customers. for example, almanac beer based in alameda, posted that they are now selling a clam chowder flavored beer about that sounds awful. you're watching the 11 o'clock
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out clerk. chowder flavored beer, but the only thing that sounds worse than that is what happened to the giants and dazed tonight j so excited at baseball back 161 more of these things. let's go to the oakland coliseum. first fans were in there, and dusty was back tie dye, mass. nothing cooler. the dusty baker. all right, fifth inning astros were up one. nothing jose altuve bay thought he had a base it too, right? think again, pal. chad pinder laying out he made a couple of great catches out there getting the start right field fans that were there appreciating that in a big way, helping chris pass it out, but bassett is relieved by us marrow petite in the sixth with two on your then alvarez crunches, one up the left field scoreboard. that's a two run double and the astros begin to step it out that frustration i'm talking about for the a's. that's a chance to
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get back in it down 51 in the eighth inning to one models, and i don't know if this is a strike here. tell me what you think. whatever the case, he is called out and that's it. the astros had three more eight ones. the final. and the apes are not gonna go undefeated this year. bob melvin, give it to him to the giants. i mean, what were the two major concerns coming out of spring training their bullpen and their defense and man? did they stand out poorly tonight? there? garlic flies them seattle and that kid is loving it. all right. evan longoria homer to the first for giants and that it's buster posey cranking one the left ticket to ride. they got him hidden in the cellar. been slot giant said four homers tonight build up of five. nothing lead, but if he ate the mariners down, 51 they score six bad defense pitch better. marmalade jose with the grounder, brandon belt throws wide to second brandon
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crawford can't handle it to run score. mariners take a lead into the ninth inning, but it's not gonna hold up alex dickerson leads off the top of the ninth and the chance with a shot to right. got a 77 ball game, then that lame rule where you get to start the extra any with a man on second, and there it is. bases loaded for the mariners. jose alvarez walks jake fraley before sin. the game winner. the walk off, just walk off quite literally. giants fall 87 in their opener, the warriors kind of in the back seat tonight. that's unusual for them. they're on the tough road trip down in miami. we're old acquaintances reunited andre iguodala and draymond green veterans second quarter. andrew wiggins keeps the warriors in its bombing from three and five of them wound up with 23 points and steph curry had himself a night
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as well, doing his best to stay with the heat does for some creek. moves great handles. 36 points 11 rebounds. plus he's fouled right there. but miami up 10 in the fourth quarter. jimmy butler looking that passed for duncan robinson going back door for butler is a great player. five minutes left eggy from three over steph curry hidden in the clutch. 1 16 +109 is the final opening day all over the major leagues and you need to check this out my favorite. sequence of the entire day. it's in detroit, or snowflakes are falling far from those summer days when you think of a little beer at baseball, kicking back in the sun, miguel cabrera through the snowflakes out there and right, he can't tell whether the ball went out or not slides in the second empire says no, no, no, go ahead, go ahead and round the bases with your home rather
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than tigers wanted 32 over cleveland. what a way to start. the season and unbelievable. that's the sporting life lately. that's the sporting life lately. opposite from here merry christmas eve, alex. so, he's still alive -- must mean you haven't told mom you're pregnant yet. we want to be careful to do it right. i can't keep this secret anymore. look at me! -(gasps) -ugh. she's going gray. oh my god, she is! i was just gasping at the haircut. apparently, this is what happens when i feel stress now. well, we're telling them today, okay? that way, if mom freaks, she'll have 10 days in bermuda to calm down. then go now! she's never in a better mood than on christmas eve. wait, is this a good way to tell her? we hang a stocking for "grandma claire," and when she goes, "i'm not a grandma," we go, "tell that to haley and my's baby." promise me you won't home school this kid. hey, mom. what are you doing? christmas cards are just clutter. wait, wait, wait, wait. you can't throw away uncle cam's card.


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