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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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out of the east bay tonight, where a police shooting has left one man dead in a hotel parking lot. oh my god! what's going on? so as i was going to see what's going on, that's where i heard the gunshots. fremont police say officer shot at a suspect when he pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the shooting
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happened just before 6 30, outside of hyatt place hotel on west warren street. that's right off 8 80 near fremont boulevard. ktvu is emma gosta. now, with more on this developing story, and emma, you just got an update minutes ago from the police there in fremont? yes frank and julie fremont. police say they were pursuing a suspect. they identified him in the hotel parking lot and released police canines. the suspect drew his gun, and that's when officers fired at him. the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant, and police have been surveilling the area earlier in the day. no officers were injured and. the people in the hotel were able to go in and out undisturbed, very concerned that we have individuals out there in our society that one of take on and kill our police officers. that's the concern. woman who was in the parking lot of the hyatt place hotel, operating her persian food truck, said she heard three
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gunshots and then saw at least six fremont police officers exit their unmarked vehicles and run direction, she said their cars have been parked at the hotel for quite a while. i asked one of the gentlemen as a did you guys get hold of you guys wanted us? yes. this is the second fatal officer involved shooting in fremont and little more than a week and the third since february. the fremont police have been involved in a shooting in the shooting. the alameda county district attorney's office is now investigating both fatal incidents. frank julie. my gosh. life force tonight, emma. thank you. and a reminder if you want the latest developments on this police shooting, you could always download the ktvu news app. we are constantly updating all of our stories that we're covering, and it's free to download in your app store. 11 million more people in california are eligible now for the coronavirus vaccine now that the state has expanded
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eligibility for people who are ages, 50 and up. ktvu is and ruben tells us the new rules are putting counties with limited vaccine supply in a bind. for those 50 and up the clock is ticking. their newly eligible for the covid vaccine but have two short weeks before appointments open to everyone. and so the race is on to find a slot by the time you click the different boxes that you're qualified. it's gone. liz stuart stayed up until midnight and woke up early, and she tried everything from pharmacies to county sites to her local health provider. i selected all locations and the only one who was in yuba city. so i have to look up. you know? how did i get you? i'm glad i don't have to drive to you, mr dick. the aarp has been advocating at the state level, making sure older adults are given priority. they just wish that priority window was longer. we are very concerned that short period. is too short.
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given the challenges with the supply and access to technology in marin county, they recognized the concern 30,000 residents there just became eligible and all won't get appointments right away, so they continue to block out. time's just for them. even later in the month were able to gate keep still for search certain day certain clinic. so if, if their age residents age 50 to 64, who haven't had a chance to be vaccinated once we open the floodgates to everyone on april 5th. eve were able to maintain protected access for those individuals. stewart who lives in santa clara county, ultimately did get an appointment thanks to perseverance and a friend who checks a vaccine message board. there wasn't anything earlier. and now then something opened up and only because a friend of mine saw that and told me check it, so everybody is talking to everybody else. and while most bay area counties are now open to those 50 and older contra costa and solano counties have skipped ahead and they're already open to those
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16 and older and ruben ktvu, fox two news. there is new concern in the south bay tonight, where health officials say that all four of them or contagious coronavirus variants are now circulated in the county health officer says that includes 92 cases of the uk variant and three cases of the south african variant. stanford's clinical lab has been screaming for coronavirus variants just last week, the lab detected the new india variant just one day after the indian government announced it. little bit concerning that was already here in our area on just shows how rapidly these variants can spread throughout the globe. health officials say that's why vaccines are crucial. santa clara county received 58,000 vaccine doses this week. they expect another 71,000. doses next week, parents in free mind held a protest today to show their frustration with
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school. staying closed. the rally was held outside the offices of the teachers union, the school district announced yesterday that negotiations with union leaders fell apart this week, which means schools will not be reopening. this spring. these children deserve better. they're going to be our future leaders. we need to educate them the best way that we possibly can and online is not working. it was disappointing, however, that we were incredibly close to creating an agreement that would have allowed the elementary students and families who did want to return in person for hybrid learning or proposal to return was comprehensive for all grade levels that off. there should be in place for all secondary students who desire to return to campus by not reopening the district misses out on about $9 million in state money. the district does expect, though, to reopen all of its schools in the fall, and teachers in
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newark are also putting up resistance. the newark unified school district was planning to resume in person instruction on april 14th. but in a letter yesterday, superintendent mark triplet told parents the majority of teachers voted not to ratify the. remit reached by the district and union leaders last week, triplett said schools will remain in distance learning and tell an agreement can be ratified. it was opening day tonight for the oakland a's and for the first time in a long time, they allowed a small number of fans to watch the game instead of all those cardboard cut outs. ktvu joe fonzi is there, joe? what a perfect night for baseball. and i'm guessing that the folks who were there were pretty excited to finally get to see a game in person. well, frank, we're all hoping that our lives trickle back to normal as quickly as possible, and there could be nothing more normal than in the first week in april to have opening day and stadiums all around the country, and that was certainly the case here in oakland tonight, you know, last year was kind of ah, makeshift
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kind of thing. they were able to get 60 games in, but we stopped. cardboard fans instead of real fans, and we've already found out what cardboard fans can't do that real fans can do here tonight. there were 10,000 people here in the stadium, and as you said, a limited capacity, the maximum number of cardboard people that were ever here last year was 8500. those were the same people for all 30 home games, so things already very different. the other things that. real people can do which we saw her tonight as they can have reunions with their friends. we saw season ticket holders happy to see security guards happy to see ushers who hadn't seen for a year. the other thing that real people can do is boo. if you remember the houston astros were involved in that sign stealing scandal a couple years back, and they didn't have to face the music of real live. people believe me, they were hearing real life, booze. we also saw you know things that you forget about the seventh inning stretch a marriage proposal. the big board. so yes, fans were very happy to be back here. live tonight. way are out
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of the house and we're doing things we used to do. we're here for opening day. i'm here with my son, nathan. it's just our family tradition that we've started coming here about seven years ago for opening day. it's the crowd the people that you know like we're singing at the bottom of the seventh baseball and just be that games is part of just the american life, man. i miss just being a normal person. and enjoy. those are things that we all deserve to have. let's go ways. baby baby, very happy to see baseball again and be able to see it live unfortunate for the eighth. things aren't working out so well. we're in the top of the ninth inning right now. that's why i'm out here on the asia trailing 5 to 1, but all you know that this is a team that said many comebacks in the past. so if they have one tonight, marco bonnie's will tell you all about it in sports. but in the meantime, people just happy to see based all back and be able to see it live. yeah reporting live from the oakland coliseum. i'm joe fonzi back to you guys in the studio
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kind of reminds me of things we used to take for granted seen fans at a game seen tailgating? and now it really stands out. it's so cool, saying that they were finally able to allow some folks in there and i'd love that marriage proposal. that must have been fun to see joe. thank you. as for the san francisco giants, their season tonight opened in seattle, but when they play their home opener, there will be some very strict rules for fans. the giants will be allowed to operate. add up to 20% of the ballpark seating capacity. however here's what's important to remember to get inside. fans will have to show proof of a negative coronavirus test or proof that they've been vaccinated. also you can on li buy food and drinks through mobile aps. you then pick up your food and designated concession stands in the area where you're sitting. signs of life in the travel industry coming up now, more people are branching out as california announces it is loosening its travel restrictions that we had
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record worf today in the bay area. not so tomorrow temperatures on the trend downward. i'll be back with that detail after the break and a disappointing act of vandalism in the north bay a 10 30 what someone did to this woman's car that has left her believing that she was the victim of a hate crime. i'm a muslim. breakfast islam and we do not eat, consume tik products, and to me that was an insult. that was this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover
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this commercial is now over. logo. once again in vallejo. today the 135 acre theme park reopened for the first time since happened to close last march due to the pandemic. reservations are required since capacity is limited to 15% guests are also asked to comply with safety and social distancing protocols. we are along with our sister park in southern california, the first theme parks in california to open its gates to guests to ride rides. we all just missed the experience, you know, we're ready to go fast. sre think hopping on roller coasters and join the food. i mean, that's why we're all here. six flags will be allowed to expand
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capacity to 25% if and when solano county moves from the red tear to the less restrictive orange tear. there is another sign that life is slowly returning to normal during this pandemic. today the california department of public health issued a new travel advisory. it removes the recommendation that people in california limit their travel to 120 miles or less from their home. however they are still warning that people should not leave or enter this. eight ktvu is jana katsuyama here now with more jenna frank. the travel industry is seen an increase in travel with spring break easter and more confidence in the covid vaccines. but as you mentioned, state health officials say that non essential travel is still not advised. just a feeling of hope. now it's really kind of special to see the hope for the historic inn at the presidio in san francisco, is that the april 1st reopening will usher in a new era. you can feel the energy from from the tear
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orange as soon as that was announced, people started calling. like many hotels, they are ready with pandemic protocols, rooms sanitized and sealed before each guest arrives. our first night open. we're almost set of 65% occupancy. i think a lot of it has to do with spring break these next couple of weeks. today we're seeing a tremendous amount of families. the california public health department thursday lifted its previous recommendation limiting travel to 120 miles. from home. some travelers came to san francisco for easter weekend. my dad and i are both one dose into the vaccine, and we're getting more comfortable with the idea of traveling, and it was just kind of work that for us to see family, but some people are still concerned about covid and the circulation of new coronavirus strains. we're not traveling for a while, so we're not vaccinated and we're still into the social distancing and all that. we're just headed to sonoma for a week to get out of the city and out of the condo. tell. for your health officials are discouraging, non essential
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recreational travel in and out of the state and said thursday california should comply with cdc guidelines. the cdc still recommends against people traveling tow help slow the spread of covid-19 sergio avila with triple a in northern california. nevada says there are signs more people are on the move compared to march of 2020. tripoli hotel. booking data shows that we're up about 86% in march compared to last year. cdc guidelines say travelers should get a covid-19 test 123 days before any trip and 3 to 5 days after returning with quarantines as a precaution at sfo, passenger traffic rnationwide, the t s a e than one million travelers have passed through us airports since march, 11th a rebound from just several 100 thous. one last year, and the airlines are responding this week, delta announced it will no longer
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leave middle seats empty and begin fully booking flights. starting may 1st united airlines says they're planning to hire 300 new pilots, citing increasing travel demand. triple a recommends that everyone who travels check restrictions in their destination and also. refund policies reporting live jana katsuyama ktvu do fox two news. the fourth snowpack survey the season was taken today in the sierra at philip station off of highway 50, a team from the california department of water resource is measured the snow depth that 49 a half inches and found ah water content of 21 inches. that's 83% of average for this date at that location statewide, the water content of the overall snowpack. it is 59% of average. the team says the numbers show that the state is looking at another very dry year. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now. so, bill your thoughts on that snowpack survey doesn't look too good,
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does it? no, it really doesn't julie and you just take the average that one spot was around 80 some percent. but when you take the whole average of the north and the southern sierra nevada in the central square, nevada they're 59 60% of average, which anybody knows is not good. it's a d. and so we're expecting. thing to be below average for the year. there's almost no way we could catch up at this point in this time of year. so in this five day the forecast i have for you doesn't show any rain coming. so yeah, it's not good. the records today the ones on the left at livermore 85. that's a tie redwood city's a ty richmond's a tie san jose and san francisco airport both records. so these guys on this side of the records so pretty warm out there is certainly a very warm day today. tomorrow it's not going to be as warm clouds come back in the winter's gonna shift on shore. they already are. bit on shore. these were some or highs are from today 90 in fairfield. that's ridiculously warm for this time of year. not not the case tomorrow tomorrow and they said the day's coming up into the weekend are going to
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continue cool and we're going to see basically clouds moving in starting tomorrow. that's that big drop more clouds. mork cooling right into sunday and monday. so unfortunately, the rain chances on monday looked pretty diminished over the last couple of hours. so right now we're just kind of staring at a lot of cool down. that call just cooler than the record heat that we had today. i'll see you back here with the full forecast latest models in the five day we'll see you, then. thank you. bill. san francisco's frame line film festival is coming back this june with a mix of in person and virtual events. last year's festival was completely online because the pandemic, but this year, organizers say the lgbt q festival will offer outdoor and drivin screenings, including the first ever pride movie night at oracle park. it plan to release the full schedule of films in the coming weeks and tickets will go on sale in may. yeah. tourist targeted in san
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francisco coming up at 10 35 more on the violent death caught on camera, plus george floyd's girlfriend takes the stand as derrick childrens trial continu paul minneapolis today. girl from, tot
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both she and floyd struggled with opioid addiction because of chronic pain. defense attorneys for former minneapolis police officer derrick show vin have argued that floyd's death was due in part to his drug use instead of officers show vin kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes. fox's jeff paul with our report. another day of emotional testimony in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show. vin jovan is charged with second degree and third degree murder, as well as manslaughter in the death of george floyd floyd's girlfriend, courtney ross. taking the stand thursday, she cried while recalling their
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first meeting at a salvation army shelter in 2017 put his is great. deep southern voice raspy. like sis, your case. ross also testified about the couple struggle with opioid addiction. the defense has argued that drugs in fluid system at the time of his arrest for partially responsible for his death during a cross examination from defense attorney eric nelson ross testified. floyd was hospitalized for a drug overdose last march at that time frame. did you learn that mr floyd was taking it? thing other than opioids know, also taking the stand. hennepin county paramedic seth brabender, who responded to the scene of floyd's arrest, brabender says when he arrived, floyd was in handcuffs with officers on top of him when i could see where i was that i didn't. i don't see any breathing. he's partner believe floyd was in cardiac arrest, and they moved him into the ambulance. rob inder, says
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floyd later flatlined while on the way to the hospital, you, hon, responsive in wasn't holding his head up or anything like that. the trial is expected to last for about a month in minneapolis, jeff paul fox news. there was also a significant moment today when the prosecution called former officer show vin supervisor to the stand. sergeant david flow. ger testified that there was no repeat no justification for shoving to keep his knee on george floyd's neck for nine minutes, the sergeant said, quote when mr floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers, they could have ended their restraint. the sergeant also testified that officers are trained that if a suspect is rest underground they should be turno their side as soon as possible because of the danger of positional as fix cia. in other words, they could choke to death. today police released a surveillance image of the
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suspect in yesterday's mass shooting in southern california. police in the city of orange say the video was taken inside the offices of unified homes. where 44 year old amina dab gonzalez shot and killed four people. and what a fish. we'll say it was a business dispute and neighbor said he heard a serious of shots, followed by the voice of the gunman, but the first thing i heard after the first after the last set of four shots was don't move, or i will shoot you very loud voice. very clear. no mistaking, and it was said three times. one of those killed was a nine year old believed to be his mother as she tried to protect him. battles of investigation in the north bay. we hear from the victim who says that she considers what happened to be a hate crime. also, thieves target a group of tourists in
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san francisco up next, maura. this dramatic video showing how the victims tried to fight back. also ahead. buster posey is back after a year off due to the coronavirus and his swing looks to be in mid season form. giants get out early against the mariners, see if they were able to hang on a little later in sports. also permitting problems in the south bay. the delays, property owners and contractors are facing as they try to repair homes
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we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ we're made for. a hate crime after someone vandalized her car she is muslim and along with broken windows and slashed tires, she says she found pork products strewn on her seat. ktvu deborah villalon joins us now
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with what police are saying about this case, deb, well, julie, it's under investigation and may or may not be a hate crime. because the details like the incident are a bit messy. all four tires of my car had been slashed. rush mika always parks on the street outside sandra fells kaiser hospital for her overnight shifts as a security guard employed by the contractor, securitas. i don't think i will ever be able to use that car again. what happened three weeks ago was a shock a shattered window. every tire slash paid thinner and glue thrown under honda accord. we do not eat pig products. we do not eat bacon on as a muslim, most jarring pigs feed blood and bacon smeared on her car seats. it's offensive because of my religion. it's frightening. this happened to me at my workplace while i was at work. we're looking at all aspects, including some surveillance footage, police
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responded, put a detective on the case and are pursuing leads. her car was. damage seriously. and you know to add to that that there was chopped up meet in inside the car. it's very concerning rush. baker believes she was targeted because she accused a coworker of misconduct. if i see something wrong, i will say something she says. she reported another guard for making sexual remarks about a teenage girl who was in the emergency room. this is the internal problem with a company that has escalated into vandalism and hateful. i hate crime rush, mika says because of the pork, but legally it may not be that simple. i know the victim in this case has had disputes with co workers. by definition, i hate crime has to be motivated by a person's protected status. whether it's religion, whether it's race. and you know, sometimes you just don't know what's in a person's head. at the very least, it's felony vandalism rush. mika's car has been
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repaired, but she remains nervous. worried about my safety. i'm worried about the safety of my family members yet, she says. no regrets about coming forward with conduct she found inappropriate. i feel like everyone is looking out for themselves. but me. i'm the one who stood up for this patient. i'm the one who said something. rush. mayko won't be back at work for a while. after getting this suspension letter today, the company says she violated confidentiality by talking to other people about an internal matter. securitas has not responded to our request for comment. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. police in los kado said, searching for a suspect in an anti asian hate crime. earlier this week, the victim 40 year old woman filipino descent, was walking on lost gallons boulevard in the area guard lane. she's one of our medical heroes and was dressed in a medical scrubs without
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provocation. the victim was shot from behind, causing her to fall to the ground. as she was falling. she heard someone say, go back to expletive. china. fortunately, the woman wasn't seriously hurt. the suspect is described as a white man with tan skin or a light skinned latino. he was riding a bike wearing a black or gray bicycle helmet and a black t shirt with white writing and dark jeans. now this happened at about five p.m. on tuesday night. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call if they will. this sunday. voices for change returns for a special edition tackling the rise in anti asian hate and violence. ktvu is greg lee will speak the leaders in the asian community about what's causing the wave of discrimination and also discuss what's being done to combat it. the experts will offer solutions and talk about why they're encouraged to see community standing in solidarity rallying for change. i is seeing the broad range of
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ages and different cultures and ethnicities coming out to the rally was also just so amazing, and i think that's what makes it powerful was coming from different, different backgrounds and different stories. covid for change. stop asian hate airs this sunday evening at 10 30 right here on ktvu. we hope you'll join us in san francisco frightening situation for some tourists. they saw two men breaking into their car. they chased after them, but couldn't stop them. ktvu brooks jarocz with the video. more details caught on camera. this blue car pulls up monday afternoon along morag, a street in san francisco. a man gets inside. seconds later, it seemed backing up and two men jump out next. it's not what's seen in this video, but heard.
10:34 pm
police say those men broke into a family's rental car. one of the suspects, backpack in hand jumps into the front passenger seat. the family chases the thieves. another angle shows a young girl lunging at the strangling suspect but trips and falls 52 year old man runs and grabs onto the burglars car but fell to the ground. he later tells police they had a gun. the family was in shock. he couldn't drive themselves back to their hotel. they were worried about their family members. this neighbor who didn't want to be identified, told us the family is from puerto rico, and it was their first day touring the city. first stop these popular 163 mosaics steps in the inner sunset district that spotted morada and 16th avenue has become a popular target for burglars. it's happens all the time. it's ridiculous. the warning signs. clear from the lamppost to the sidewalk neighbors taking notice. people
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come to see the steps guys were waiting in the you know to lurch on him and was the folks are gone oftentimes i get home from work and i see nothing but broken glass. it's really sad in this case, a camera clothing cash cards into passport all stolen the suspect still on the loose. there's just no consequence, and that's the worst part of it and the preying on the elderly. the preying on tourists are preying on the young and with all of the cameras and police, keeping a watchful eye some criminals are keeping at least one step ahead. and ruining what wasabi beautiful day by the bay. the suspects have not been identified. but police say this is an open and active investigation. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. coming out president biden pushing for a massive infrastructure bill, what it addresses and white republicans say they won't support the effort, record warmth again
10:36 pm
today. we're looking at temperatures tomorrow to cool off a smudge is 10 degrees, more clouds as well. back here with the weekend forecast coming up. plus the company that is reportedly buying a small stake in the warriors and how it may affect the team's value, also breaking news tonight out of taiwan, where a trail direct train derailment has killed dozens of people and an intense rescue effort is now underway. we'll have the very latest coming up right after the break. already. for people. .
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10:38 pm
in a train crash. dozens more were injured. the train partially derailed along taiwan's east coast. reports say that a truck fell from a cliff above and landed on the tracks. and when the train came out of a tunnel it slammed
10:39 pm
right into the truck. video shows passengers climbing out of windows and onto the roof to get to safety reports say. 350 people are on board the train at the time of the crash. president biden has announced his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. now he needs to sell it to congress. house majority whip james clyburn says he thinks there are enough votes in the house to pass the bill, but it could be a little more difficult in the senate if democrats used what's called reconciliation, they would need all 50 democrats to vote in favor and then the vice president would cast the tie breaking vote. house speaker nancy pelosi says her chamber is ready to work on the legislation to improve roads, bridges, railways and reports. the knees of american people are great. the infrastructure needs are self evident. there's no more expensive maintenance than no maintenance, but the plan also addresses what democrats say our current and future infrastructure needs
10:40 pm
like broadband, renewable energy, affordable housing and fighting climate change. the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell, says the president shouldn't expect any support from republicans because president biden. it's to increase taxes on corporations to pay for the bill, private equity firm is reportedly buying a minority stake and the golden state warriors. the deal values the warriors at $5.5 billion. now, to put that in perspective, it was exactly 10 years ago that joe lake up bought the warriors for only $450 million octo sports partners specializes in pro sports teams. according to reports the equity firm is buying about 5% of the warriors franchise, the warriors by the way of the second most valuable franchise in the nba after the new york knicks. bureaucracy and the hoop jumping to get even a simple project going is, you know, insurmountable. a lot
10:41 pm
of red tape in san jose for people trying to rebuild after their homes were damaged by fire. why it's taking some people years to get permits from the city. also it feels a lot like summer in the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us if this warm weather will last in our five weather will last in our five day forecast coming up. i'm not sure if there's anything i can say to my family members to convince them to take the covid-19 vaccine. i'm not even sure if i'm convinced. hi darius, i think that people respond more to what we do than what we say. so after looking at all the data and the science about these vaccines, i got the vaccine. and i made sure my mom and dad got the vaccine. because these vaccines are safe. ♪ ♪
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by fires. they say the city is holding up construction projects that are supposed to be prioritized our ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky tells us that residents and builders could be waiting months, even years before they can begin construction. just help us they're feeling isn't like a helpless fourth of july fireworks ignited the side of li fong hong's rental property here in san jose, but her concerns about the damage soon turned to frustration and anger as she tried to get her home fixed. it's the viability. it's a safety in. it's it in those bad the whole that burned the house. it was very bad for the neighborhood neighborhood. she said her contractor was waiting to get a permit. the city didn't respond about when that might happen, so she tried to find out for herself. i wasn't really kind of really confuse
10:45 pm
of why, such a permit issue is so difficult to get. and i see my country ter has is ready to work on it and he has to work to make a living two weeks and then months went by. she sent email after email to the address the city provides and still nothing. the fire was so intense that just the front of the garage and the sides left and right and a little bit of the roof were damaged by the heat long is renting the home to a family with a newborn baby. it's still partially boarded up a neighborhood eyesore. it was kind of a black hole, emails went in. nobody responded. you send another email. nothing would happen. steve klimovski is a construction manager with serve pro specializing in restoration work. nothing's more frustrating than a customer calling you and asking you for an update, and you know for the six week in a row, you tell him the same thing. hey, i've sent in another email. i've left a
10:46 pm
message. still got no response. after weeks and weeks, he said wong's case isn't unique. he took us to properties all over the city where construction is stalled there. dozens of fire damaged homes like this all over san jose. families want to move back in, and builders are ready to get to work, but because of all the bureaucratic red tape that could be waiting for months. or even years. it's been almost two years since this home was damaged by fire. the residents didn't want to go on camera, but they've been living in a rental apartment and the insurance money is about to run out. we have the people available. we have the skills available, but the bureaucracy and the hoop jumping tol even a simple project going is, you know insurmountable. for what reason nobody knows klimovski shared some of his email exchanges with the city. some say no damage plans are required and then later asked for the plans. in one case, an issue with paperwork started the process all over. we reached out to the
10:47 pm
san jose building division, a spokeswoman said. they worked to prioritize fire damaged homes. they wouldn't go on camera but addressed our questions in a statement, saying the pandemic and shelter in place has caused challenges with timely customer service, as staff started working from home. in march of full year into the pandemic, the department launched a new system where applicants can download documents and schedule appointments online after our inquiry, the city issued a permit for that property that's been vacant for two years. we only have one city government, and so it's critical that we build trust by providing service more effectively. we found hong reached out to city councilman matt may hand when she was having trouble with her permit. he wants all city agencies. start using widely available technology to streamline customer service and accountability, you know, is the capital of silicon valley, san jose, and lead the world in technology adoption. we ought to be the easiest government
10:48 pm
long eventually got her permit more than seven months after the fire, who knows how long it would have taken if she hadn't gotten involved? they really need to have a good system. so people need to help can get help in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu. fox two news, looking at the temperatures from today very impressive 90 degrees in fairfield today, 86 conquered 88 antioch record highs today. some tide records. it was a warm one last two days have been pretty toasty, but that all goes away as we head into tomorrow and into the bay area weekend, where temperatures are basically going to drop. well tomorrow they could drop a good five. maybe 10 degrees in some places beautiful out in san francisco. right now, you can see plenty of clear skies. there are some clouds filtering in tomorrow and i suspect we're going to see a little bit of coastal fog return by tomorrow night. i would think maybe even sooner than that. the winds are going the other way. now
10:49 pm
they're coming more on shore, and that's why temperatures tonight. so here's where they are the currents and then the difference. it's five degrees cooler and napa four degrees core nevada so that offshore wind or that sinking air we talk what about the other day when the high builds in has kind of ended, and now we're seeing a push of onshore flow, and that brings in the cooler numbers and drops our temperatures? it won't be freezing tonight or in like that. it's just not going to be like this time last night, we had sixties and seventies, so that's not going to be the case as we head into tomorrow in the next couple of days as clouds move in, or whether system gets closer, this onshore flow those little jet streaks show you kind of which way the winds blowing and you'll see some fog submarine. they're kind of getting pulled into along the coast. so that's gonna be enough. future as well. so a complete reversal of the weather that we've been seeing the last three days or so. so the forecast tomorrow watch on the clouds or coastal fog here and then this is the model. you see all the clouds coming in overhead. so partly cloudy. i just call it partly cloudy tomorrow still pretty warm the underneath those clouds. you
10:50 pm
see some yellows and oranges those or sixties and seventies greens air fifties or sixties yellows or seventies oranges or eighties? so we definitely have a cool down tomorrow. still really pleasant, considering the time of year is like, you know, it's pretty warm. 79 3 months 79 annie oxes still pretty warm there along the coast cooler 62 in pacific and, of course that has to do with the probable fog that will be there and that onshore flow so it's going to start feeling more. typical spring except the absence of rain. we just don't see anything coming up. anytime soon. all these clouds do indicate that the jet stream is trying to break through and things were trying right. the clouds come in, and they indicate that there's a weather system out there and there is, but it's just not going to get to us. and if it doesn't get to us, we don't get rain or snow, and that's how it looks today. hopefully something changes tomorrow, but your forecast will be cooler for the weekend. but it is not cold by any means highs on the weekend, i'll still be in the mid and upper
10:51 pm
sixties coming up in sports. baseball is back as fans. go into the stadium to watch the a's play our sports director market baniyas takes us through both the a's. and the giants season openers that on the 11 o'clock news, the cdc says people vaccinated against coronavirus may not carry the disease. what dr fauci said today about how that could change mask mandates. i'm draymond green with my subway sub with tender steak and melty cheese. my sub is gonna dunk all over your sub. excuse me? my sub has bacon. choose better be better and now save when you order in the app.
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10:54 pm
baseball, and we're gonna start with the a's today because after all, they were the home team. nice to see dusty baker back in the bay with the coolest mask yet the tide i look. even the dusty, all right. 15 astros up one nothing. jose el pooh wei, a 2 11 in progress. that's pure robbery right there. chad pinder laying out in right field. he made a couple of great catches for the aids tonight. we are not worthy, say the fans that were there. pender helping out chris bassett, who was relieved here. he has merrill petite, not able to close the door on the astros in the 62 on your alvarez off the boards and deep left field that'll go free. to run double and the astros pretty much ready to put this thing away frustration in the eighth for the a's that i was talking about down 51 on mad als called out on a questionable pitch right there. he lets the don't know about it, and the bottom line is the a's. the short end
10:55 pm
tonight in their opener, bob melvin, let him have it to you could not have drawn up a board nightmarish opener for the giants. they came out of spring training. what were their two biggest worries the bullpen and defense and both of those items on blast tonight up in seattle? where, yeah, they've got garlic price to make. japan is going to town. great start they get from right hander kevin gossman. he fielded well, too, but he pitched even. better. he went six and two thirds for the giants. two hits gave up only one run, struck out six. they gave believe evan longoria homered in the first and buster's first at bat of the year. batting in the number seven slot ticket to ride a solo shot to left and the giants lead to nothing and adding to it. wilmer flores gives him a good bat from the right hand side. he just rifles went down the left field line into the corner. donovan solano and a couple of more hits three
10:56 pm
healthy lead. they built it up is austin slater also homered. here's what i was talking about. mariners down 51. they scored six times in the eighth. the pressure bases loaded jose mama leo's with the grounder that the giants turn into a two run here. i don't know who you give it to belle to crawford, one of the brandon's, and that's it. but in the top of the night, alex dickerson delivers. solo shot to right center field and that ties it at 77. and that is where we stand right now, with the mariners batting in the bottom of the 10th inning. all right. the golden state warriors not used to be putting in the back seat on any given, but baseball takes over today, but the warriors in tough down in miami, one of the best teams in the east, and they go back to the field is andre iguodala and draymond brothers forever and steph curry. i'll tell you what he looks like. he's still smarting with that tailbone bruised. he takes the charge,
10:57 pm
but obviously in pain right here second quarter andrew wiggins helps him stay with the heat. he got hottie at five. reads winds up 23 points for the warriors in the third step with this harlem globetrotter stuff, doing everything he could to keep the warriors that he's felt it. county went up with 36 points, 11 rebounds, but the warriors fall shy, fourth quarter. miami you've got to see this past by jimmy butler, just a rocket to duncan robinson going backdoor buzzers really great player. five minutes left down stand, andre iguodala, always in the clutch. coming through. he hits the three there. he had 10 off the bench. 1 16 to 109. the warriors start their road trip on the short. well, by this time, we will definitely know tomorrow whether the stanford cardinal are going to the ncaa championship game with a chance to bring the title back to the bear. this is squad that gets
10:58 pm
along, so l've camaraderie off the court. look at him after practice today, they will take on south carolina tomorrow. that's gonna be a three o'clock start. pacific time. very relaxed, obviously great chemistry on this team. of course, they've had to deal with a lot during the pandemic truly bonded them and tara vanderveer just you could sense just adores this group. we just really come to appreciate the kind of the little things but maybe the real things in life. so for this team that has showed some great resilience, great determination, incredible togetherness. i'm their biggest fan, and i just know that i only have two more games of potential coaching them, and i wanted to be two great games. all right tomorrow. stanford cardinal trying to get into that championship game. in the meantime, we go back to baseball, not exactly what you would call typical baseball weather. check this out. this
10:59 pm
is detroit this afternoon. one of the game's best hitters. miguel cabrera will go deep, except he can't tell whether that thing went over the wall or not watching. well, actually. slide the second base because he couldn't see it in the snow will eventually get up and realized that he's hit a home run and truck like a mailman through what is its sleek snow rain. whatever tigers wanted 32 and one of the most popular giants ever, pablo sandoval, now with atlanta at man, did he come through braves were down in the eighth inning panda with a pinch it glass two run homer off aaron nolan and the. those, however, eventually wanted 10 innings 3 to 2, but nice to see panda at it. and i guess they just told me in my ear, the mariners one in the bottom of the 10th inning on a walk off walk so heartbreak on both sides of the bay giant. today's yep. well maura 11.
11:00 pm
that's the sporting life back to you cats. we will look forward forward to it, then mark, thank you. and next at 11. my dad and i are both one dose more comfortable with the idea of traveling. california eases restrictions on travel as more people across the state considered vacation plans, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, state health officials have issued a new travel advisory now that infection's air down and vaccinations are underway. hello again, everyone i'm frank somerville. and i'm julie julie haener. it removes the recommendation that californians limit travel to 120 miles or less from your front door. but it also warns people should not leave or enter the state. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with the details. janna


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