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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 1, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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now administered more than 18 million doses more than 20% of california. adults are already fully vaccinated just over 2200 new coronavirus cases were reported as of yesterday. that is down from the peak of more than 40,000 in january. 154 more people died from a high of more than 900 deaths in a single day, according to the state health department. the test positivity rate is at 1.9% it's been hovering in the 2% range since early march. back down to santa clara county. as we mentioned late this afternoon, tens of thousands of appointments for vaccinations just opened up. ktvu is maureen naylor here is here now and marine. this is exactly what santa clara county needed. frank. it was good news for a lot of people have been waiting, but as quickly as thies appointments were released, they are booking up and almost all filled up within the last hour. we've seen 32001st dose vaccine appointments went were
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released late today for eligible santa clara county residents this after very few were offered up for the past month. these appointments comes, the county warns about an alarming rise in variants cases. this means that we're back in a bit of a precarious place a warning from santa clara county's health officer thursday that all four of the cdc is variants of concern are now circulating in the region, including 92 cases of the uk variant and three cases of the south african variant. the numbers are beginning to pick up and right now we're in a race between the variants. and the vaccine. stanford's clinical vory ology lab has been screening for coronavirus variants. just last week, the director says the lab detected the new india variant just one day after the indian government announced it a little bit concerning that was already here in our area. in just shows
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how rapidly these variants can spread throughout the globe, which is why vaccines are crucial, health officials say. santa clara county received 58,000 vaccine doses this week and expects more than 71,000 doses next week. not enough to meet the demand after the state's eligibility just expanded to include people age 50 and up. officials warned it could take a few weeks before appointments free up, but still adding a lot of people that way don't have vaccine for now. so please everyone be patient told that the vaccine supply should increase by the middle or end of april and well into may for sure, the region has made good progress in the fight against covid-19 with consistent declines and positivity in case rates since january, but with case rates flattening, and some indications that they're starting to take up dr sarah cody is asking residents to continue wearing masks with anyone outside of their household, including with people who are vaccinated and
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also asking people to delay non essential travel for a little longer. don't endure dying. don't go to indoor bars don't host an indoor gathering at your home, even if it's allowed under the state rules. don't do it. it's not safe. not yet. in santa clara county 36% of residents over the age of 16 have received at least one dose while 22% in that age range have been fully vaccinated. we have put a link to our website. if you go to katie dot com and look under webex, you can see where santa clara county, the website that they have, where you can sign up for an appointment. however as i mentioned, they're going very quickly of the nine locations almost all seem to have booked up the i'm still seeing some appointments at locations like gilroy., so it might be a website. you wanna hang on to that for the future, as maura appointments are released, reporting live, maureen naylor will toss it back to you. okay marine. thank you. nearly 18.5 million doses
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of coronavirus vaccine have been administered in california so far, according to the latest data, the state is now administering over 328,000 shots a day, and officials report over 30% of californians have received at least one dose and over 20% are now fully vaccinate. in san francisco mayor london breed says an overwhelming majority of adults in the city could receive their first vaccine shot by the middle of next month. mayor breed, says 80% of san franciscans above the age of 16 could be vaccinated by mid may, she says. that will likely happen as long as the city continues to receive vaccines at the rate it's expecting over the next few weeks. by this weekend, it's expected that 50% of adults in the city will be vaccinated. we're moving right along, but we also have to remind ourselves that this is not over. we are still in a pandemic. we still need to be
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cautious around. others wearing our masks socially distance and following the health guidelines in a way that is going to keep our safe. it's keep us safe and keep our numbers down. as of today about 46% of san franciscans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. governor gavin newsom also got his vaccine. today. he got a single dose of the johnson and johnson vaccine in l. a the governor is 53 years old. he said that he wanted to wait until it was his turn. vaccine supply is limited, and some counties are having trouble keeping up with demand. and then on april 15th everyone in california 16 and older will become eligible for a vaccine. governor newsome said. that doesn't mean that everyone in line will get their shot right away. that doesn't mean april 16th. everybody wants a vaccine will have been vaccinated. it's still will take a number of months to get to that point.
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availability is based on manufacturing and supply people. people are being encouraged to check with their county health department or health care providers daily as new appointments open up the vaccine momentum has allowed maura and more businesses to reopen and today amusement parks also started to welcome people back. back. ktvu tom vacar joins us now he's live at six flags in vallejo. so tom had to go. it's going just swimmingly. take a look. it's not jam to the walls or anything like that, because the law requires that it be only open to 15% of his capacity. but that's still many thousands of people, and that's why you need to understand that online reservations are a must. six flags. discovery kingdom opened this morning to folks, families and especially children with reservations who were all champing at the bit to get inside them amusement park for the better part of a year, if
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not more than a year, but we are along with our sister park in southern california, the first theme parks in california to open its gates to guests to ride rides. it's a godsend for parents and especially kids. they have got to do anything for a year, so this was really exciting for them, too. want to come out and be able to do something. we have been almost socialized a little one for years. so that was a big thing to our parents got us some of the season tickets and we're expecting to have a great time. since there are restrictions on the number of people who can enter. not every rider, attraction or food place. for that matter was open who will be socially distancing? not only in our cue lines, but on the rides themselves. it's spaced out and when it's based out, kenna feels like a lot of space around and so we don't have to. it will be oscar and stepping all that stuff safety through sanitation, masking and separation are the hallmarks of the park today, and people who come will have to abide by these reasonable rules. we all
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just missed the experience. you know, we're ready to go fast. sre think hopping on roller coasters and join the food. i mean, that's why we're all here. this vast 135 acre park is really three parks in one there are, of course, the rides that range from the simple through the gut wrenching, but the park also has many aquarium features. some of those features eat during the day, courtesy of the guests who can get food for them. it's also a zoological park with many different animals, including everything from small critters to the big cats of the jungle, as well as many more creatures you can see right up close. i know yes for people, jobs, jobs, jobs, we're bringing our team members back toe. work and some some folks, the significance of that has been over a year. sure now when solano county, which is where discovered kingdom is goes to the orange here, what will happen, of course, is they'll be able to take more people 25% but still recommend
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ated recommended to you are going to be those online reservations because that assures that you have a place to get in. and what a place it really is. three parks in one reporting live tom vacar ktvu fox tuning. yeah, tom, i can only imagine how getting it is for kids to be there. but how did it feel for you to be out there today? well it's semi surreal because of course, when you come into a place like this. what you expect, of course, is exactly what you expect during like the holiday shopping season. hustle and bustle. well, the law doesn't permit that. but it does permit this to go on. so you quickly adapt to it. and what you realize is that they're doing the best they can with what they're allowed to do. they certainly know how to handle large crowds and because they haven't had large crowds for a year. this is a little bit of a learning curve for them as well. to bring people ba all that stuff so slightl for ae that entertains so many people s o much of the year. it closes
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in just a few minutes, but normally it's open till eight or nine, depending on the day but closes in a few minutes during this period. yeah, well, it is going to see quickly before we let you go. so aside from making reservations before you get in, are people having to do like temperature checks, and you have to maybe prove it and negative test covid test before you're allowed inside. no, they actually have some thermal scanners to make sure that you know you're not walking in, you know, with a fever or something like that, and obviously they want you to be prepared to answer questions and all that stuff in those with standard questions, but the reality of the situation is most people wouldn't want to come here in that situation. anyhow i also almost no one that wasn't wearing a mask all of the time. and when they weren't wearing a mask, every they're drinking something or eating so people are following the rules here pretty carefully, all right, well, it looks like a lot of fun out there. tom vacar reporting live for us tonight in vallejo at six flags. thanks, tom. and
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it's not just six flags that's opening up rides at the santa cruz beach boardwalk are now open again for the first time since last year. visitors though, are allowed on lee at a limited capacity about a dozen rides. thankfully the giant dipper, which is so much fun, also the pirate ship and this cyclone are running. some folks we talked to today said that they drove over 100 miles to get there today. well, the kids weren't given opportunities to do things that they were a year ago, and now we're given an opportunity to take him out, you know, see new stuff again see the things that they've all. missed out on throughout the year. the boardwalk says walk ins are allowed, but it's highly recommended to book ride. reservations online in southern california. disneyland will read. open on april 30th 30th disneyland in california adventure have been closed for a year when they reopened, it will be a 25% capacity and indoor rides and attractions can on lee last for 15 minutes,
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and on lee have outdoor lines and again as we reported at the top of the show, santa clara county just opened up thousands of new vaccine appointments. you could go to ktvu .com/ web links for the link. the sign up website. a tragic story now out of the city of orange in southern california, just east of anaheim. that's where the would you say a gunman chain the gates to an office complex closed yesterday before opening fire and killing four people. one of those killed was a nine year old boy. he died in the arms of his of old woman believed to be his mother as she tried to protect him. authorities say that 44 year old suspect knew all of the victims, either, professor suddenly or personally. reporter stephanie staton joins us now from the city of orange, with the latest on. the investigation. stephanie yeah, julie, we are learning more as the day goes on here about that horrific quadruple homicide authorities held a news
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conference earlier this afternoon in which they released a still photo of that suspect. that photo taken from one of the security cameras inside the office building when this whole. terrible shooting went down now, as you said the exact motive of this shooting is unclear. we're also learning more about where the suspect may have been staying leading up to the shooting. this chilling photo shows the armed suspect inside the office building in orange during his shooting rampage as police say he gunned down four people, including a nine year old boy. police say 44 year old a minute ab gaxiola gonzalez arrived at the business office of unified homes on lincoln around 5 30 wednesday night, they released new details of his whereabouts before the shooting. the suspect arrived at the location and a rental car, which has been located in the parking lot of tuo to west lincoln. the suspect is believed to have been living out of a motel room in anaheim police received 5911
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calls when they arrived on scene they say they exchanged gunfire with the suspect who was outside in the courtyard when officers then tried to enter the complex. they encountered a locked gate. it appears the suspect used a bicycle type cable walk to secure the gates from the inside. officers had to use bolt cutters to cut the locks. once inside, they discovered a horrific scene. officers located two victims in the courtyard area, one of which was a nine year old boy who was deceased. and adult female who. had also been shot was found with the boy what their relationship is exactly. it's still under investigation. i don't want to. i don't want to say for sure the child was being protected during that act before he passed, police also found three additional bodies, two women and a man inside the office building. business unified holmes is described on its website as a real estate mobile home dealer and general contractor. police say the
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suspect knew his victims but didn't specify the exact nature of the relationships. they say the violent shootings are not random. the preliminary motive is believed to be related to a business and personal relationship, which existed between the suspect and all of the victims. no and we also learned today that more than 20 officers first arrived on scene and engaged with that suspect he suffered at least one gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital is currently listed in critical but stable condition. now the woman that survived the woman who was found in that courtyard. she was also taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. we understand she's also in the hospital, recovering the names of the victims have not yet been released. authorities say they hope to have that in for nation for us as early as this evening and again as for that motive, we know that there was some connection between the suspect and the victims, but we're still waiting for more details on that as well. that is the
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latest live here in the city of orange will send it back to you guys. yes stephanie. it is just a heartbreaking story, especially the image is thinking of that woman trying to protect that nine year old boy who died in her arms. do we know we know she's been shot? but do we know? was she the mother of that boy? do we know. well you know what? that is interesting because earlier we heard orange county d a. todd spitzer described her as that little boy's mother that she was literally trying to shield him from the gunfire. but then officials have walked that back so they haven't been able to confirm that with us definitively. they say that they're still. trying to piece it all together the corners, so identifying the bodies, and so hopefully we'll be able to know more about that. we believe that she is the mother of that little boy. but again, that's still unclear at this point, all right, we'll still a lot to go through in just a tragic scene down there. stephanie stand reporting live for us tonight in the city of orange.
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thank you. violent and frightening theft caught on camera in san francisco up next the attack on tourists at a well known spot in the city, also ahead tonight in east bay veteran is begging someone to bring his dog back still to come. why he thinks there's someone out there with his comfort animal who doesn't even know she's been stolen. another hot day out there in many pay area locations, mid eighties, even operating cool down is coming. the fog will return. what's the week? can like
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this commercial is now over. logo. car along morago street. they chased after the thieves but later told police one of the men had a gun. ktvu is brooks jarocz has been looking into the incident. he's here now, with that video and more on what happened, brooks. well frank, two of the victims were heard. one of them had to be taken to the hospital. the other a young girl had just minor injuries, but both of them when, after the suspects grabbed onto their vehicle as the burglars drove off. caught on camera. this blue car pulls up monday afternoon along morag, a street in san francisco. a man gets inside. seconds later, it seemed backing up and two men jump out next. it's not what's seen in this video, but heard. police say those men broke into a family's rental car. one of the suspects, backpack in hand jumps into the front passenger
5:21 pm
seat. the family chases the thieves. another angle shows a young girl lunging at the strangling suspect but trips anfalls 52 year old man runs and grabs onto the burglars car but fell to the ground. he later tells police they had a gun. the family was in shock. couldn't drive themselves back to their hotel. they were worried about their family members. this neighbor who didn't want to be identified, told us the family is from puerto rico, and it was their first day touring the city. first stop these popular 163 mosaics, steps in the inner sunset district that spotted morada and 16th avenue has become a popular target for burglars. it's happens all the time. it's ridiculous. the warning signs. clear from the lamppost to the sidewalk neighbors taking notice. people come to see the steps guys were waiting in the you know to lurch on him and was the folks are gone oftentimes i get home
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from work and i see nothing but broken glass. it's really sad in this case, a camera clothing cash cards into passport all stolen the suspect still on the loose. there's just no consequence, and that's the worst part of it and the preying on the elderly. the preying on tourists are preying on the young and with all of the cameras and police, keeping a watchful eye some criminals are keeping at least one step ahead and ruining what was a beautiful day by the bay. the suspects have not been identified. but police say this is an open and active investigation. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. wow what a day out there today. plenty of sunshine again. almost a carbon copy of yesterday inome cases, a little bit warmer, especially inland little cooler right on the coast right now but inland. it was a few degrees warmer, so we had mid eighties even operate ease. the trend, though,
5:23 pm
is for this as we go through tomorrow, you see as pretty precipitous drop on now. it's not gonna get cold. but temperatures on friday, saturday and sunday are going to trend down and again that has to do with a little pressure getting closer to us that has to do with some clouds that would be infected into our region. it's just not going to be quite as amazing as it was today. but even though it's cooling off your friday for your saturday and for your sunday it's still going to be really warm. i mean, we're still going to be in the sixties and seventies. the temperatures today there's some of the big numbers 87 in cupertino, 85. healdsburg these big numbers cupertino in 87. it's just touching on 90 degrees. alameda almost 80 degrees, so tomorrow will not be as warm tomorrow we could easily lose 10 degrees. on these temperatures. you can see where santa rosa today was 82 tomorrow they go to 74. today in san francisco, 77 to 65. so you see, there's your tat almost 10 degrees in many cases, a little more than 10 degrees in other cases, so cool down tomorrow but still pretty darn
5:24 pm
nice as we go towards the end of the weekend, more clouds, and then the models yanked out that chance of rain. it doesn't mean it won't happen. it just means right now that monday tuesday period might just end up being cloudy. unfortunately s o. we'll keep our eyes on that when i see you back here after a couple breaks, we'll look at the five day forecast in the long range model that shows kind of evan flow of the clouds over the weekend. another emotional day on the stand at the trial of the former police officer accused of murder in the death of george floyd. today his girlfriend broke down. george floyd's girlfriend broke down as she talked about their life and their struggles with addiction, her testimony and the other witnesses at the trial coming up and coming up on ktvu news at six. the effort to speed up transbay bart service will tell you about the federal money heading to the bay area. your mark specifically for the transbay corridor project, plus cutting through the red tape to repair damaged homes in san jose. the frustration from property owners and contractors who say it's taking months in some
5:25 pm
cases, years to navigate the city's permitting process. carefe
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moments leading up to the death of george floyd. former minneapolis police officer derrick show. ben is on trial for murder, one paramedic says that when they arrived, they thought floyd was dead. box news jeff paul tells us, the floyd's girlfriend told the jury today about his kindness and struggles with addiction. another day of emotional testimony in the trial of four minneapolis police officer derrick show. vin jovan is charged with second degree and third degree murder, as well as manslaughter in the death of george floyd floyd's girlfriend, courtney ross. taking the stand thursday, she cried while recalling their first meeting at a salvation army shelter in 2017 put his is great. deep southern voice raspy. like sis,
5:28 pm
your case. ross also testified about the couples struggle with opioid addiction. the defense has argued that drugs in fluid system at the time of his arrest were partially responsible for his death. during a cross examination from defense attorney eric nelson ross testified. floyd was hospitalized for a drug overdose last march at that time frame. did you learn that mr floyd was taking it? thing other than opioids. know, also taking the stand. hennepin county paramedic seth brabender, who responded to the scene of floyd's arrest, brabender says when he arrived, floyd was in handcuffs with officers on top of him when i could see where i was that i didn't. i don't see any breathing. his partner believe floyd was in cardiac arrest, and they moved him into the ambulance. rob inder, says floyd later flatlined while on the way to the hospital you've unresponsive in wasn't holding his head up or anything like that. the trial is expected to
5:29 pm
last for about a month in minneapolis, jeff paul fox news. it's a tale of two school district's one opening up for in person learning today, the other won't open until september. look at both district's coming up. plus i'm a veteran with ptsd and this service. analyze everything for me and what i make. a man desperate to find his service dog after she was stolen, coming up the latest on the search for bella and baseball is back. we'll go live to the coliseum with our sports reporter joe fonzi that's coming up in a moment
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the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. returned for in person instruction today for the first time in more than a year, but it's the exact opposite in fremont, where schools won't be reopening at all this spring. ktvu is rob roth is here now with more on all this, rob. yeah frank. it just shows that when it comes to reopening schools, there's no one size fits all approach. some districts are able to do it and some or not. some students walked to william burnett elementary school in milpitas, but for this kindergartner walking just wasn't an option. okay second, and cindy rose. alice appears well aware of the new basic school rules. you
5:33 pm
can't hug or top because you must see six ft. away. milpitas unified. open thursday. two grades tk to sixth grade. they come twice a week. the rest is distance learning rather than having several kids that at a table, which we would typically have it's one kid per table. they have all their own supplies, no shared supplies about a third of the district students who are eligible to return actually did time to celebrate. i think there's been a lot of excitement and anxiety can those first day jitters but in the middle of the school year, right before spring break, so definitely a time to celebrate. oh but about a dozen miles away in fremont, these parents found nothing to celebrate. they gathered in front of the fremont teachers union office thursday afternoon to show their frustration over announcement that came wednesday that the school districtand the teachers union could not reach an agreement. that means no schools in the district will be reopening this spring. these children deserve better they're going to be our future leaders. we need to
5:34 pm
educate them the best way that we possibly can and online is not working. i certainly understand why parents are disappointed in this outcome. it was disappointing, however. that we were incredibly close to creating an agreement that would have allowed the elementary students and families who did want to return in person for hybrid learning or proposal to return was comprehensive for all grade levels. that offer should be in place for all secondary students who desire to return to campus. by not reopening the school district misses out on about $9 million in state funds. the district does say it plans to open this fall. frank rob roth live for us. thanks, rob. state school superintendent tony thurman says california has now secured five million rapid coronavirus tests. thurman shared the news during a virtual briefing this morning for district's that are transitioning back to in person
5:35 pm
learning, he said. the tests are developed by abbott laboratories and give results in 15 minutes. that way we can quickly help to move that person into quarantine while keeping the rest of the school community safe. and so it's a great eyes. a great resource. we're excited to be working with district's on it. thurman says the state is currently working with district's on how to implement the testing program and the contact tracing. that should follow when a person test positive. a military veteran is heartbroken after someone stole his service dog from the back seat of his car, and today, he totally broke down when he spoke with our crime reporter henry lee about what happened. bella a three year old chihuahua was stolen in oakland. mark lipton, a disabled navy veteran, is heartbroken over the loss of a service dog. i'm a veteran with ptsd and this service animal is everything for me and yeah.
5:36 pm
this is what airway. it happened late sunday night near 22nd and int in oakland, san antonio neighborhood toe opening gate outside his home, and that's when someone jumped into his car and took off with bella and a carrier in the back seat. lipton gave chase banging on the windshield banging on the hood and screaming and in the top of my lungs and freaking out, he even jumped onto the hood and end up getting clipped by his own car. but there was nothing he could do. bella, his lifeline to help cope on a day to day basis was gone. she just keeps me level and every single aspect. i mean, good day. bad day doesn't matter everything in between. bella is a rescue dog he got in san jose lipton says they have a unique bond. she's able to read my body language. i'm able to read her body language. we have a connection. that's undescribable. lipton's posted pictures of bella online. he's
5:37 pm
called animal shelters. he's pleading for anyone with information on her whereabouts to come forward. if she's my heart and soul and. uh, i don't care about the car at this point, like the car can be replaced. she can't be replaced. it's unclear whether the car thief realized bella was in the back lifting hopes. bella wasn't just abandoned, he says it's possible someone else may have her now and not realize she was stolen. please give me my dog back because she's not yours and you know, in your heart. that's not your dog. mark lipton had just moved in that neighborhood that weekend. he's desperate for bela's returned and is offering a $1500 reward. henry lee ktvu. fox two news, promising information on the visor vaccine still to come tonight with the ongoing study found about how long the vaccine may protect people. also the snowpack was measured today in the sierra will tell you how it measures up and whether we're looking at a drought and coming up next, we'll head out live to
5:38 pm
the oakland coliseum, where baseball is back the changes you'll see if you head out to a game. to sport fans are celebratg
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
opening day of the new baseball season, but one of the huge parking lots outside the coliseum is still being used for a federal covid vaccination site. apparently the world we're going to live in for awhile. ktvu joe fonzi joins us now he is live at the ballpark and joe so great to see baseball back and also to hear the real crowd noise. yeah, no question about it, julian. you can't see it because i'm wearing a mask. but i'm also worrying us. smile right now, because it's just so enjoyable to be back in the ball park and seeing the things that you kind of had taken for granted, but forgot about number one, just
5:41 pm
the sights and sounds of baseball. we're gonna take a look at the field. now we're going to see something that has happened obviously last year, but not with live people taking a look at it right now. the houston astros around the field, the a's had their batting practice and left the field maybe a half hour so go, but the astros, one of the aides, chief rivals in them. our colleague west is the opponent for opening day and this will not look like your normal opening day. normally this place would be packed. they're going to allow 12,000 people in and that's a significant contrast to the last time that there was a game here in front of live people. julie haener. thank you for that was two seasons ago enough. remember, the a's were a wild card team. they played a single elimination wild card game against the tampa bay rays. it was the rays that eliminated them that year, and the fact that the a's were wild card meant that they had to play that single elimination game,
5:42 pm
but they came out of that season with very high expectations for 2020, if remember, last year at this time, things were shut down completely, and one that would play finally resumed in july. the a's just like ever. one else in baseball played a short 60 game season, theeighties were pretty innovative. they're one of the first teams to put the cardboard cutouts into this dance with the players that little bit of fun with and it was, as did we kind of try to identify people and fans and season ticket holders. but there's no question about the fact that to a person the a's prefer having real people in the stands. i think we quickly realized last year that those bottles parks are pretty big, boring if you play with no fans, so i think we're all definitely looking forward to the hector the hector miss of the policy in the off season, when you think about it, you work for them to, you know, to put a show it's gonna be sweet being able to have a low energy in the coliseum is going to be nice again. we draw a lot from
5:43 pm
our fans that are ballpark. it also lends toe. maybe there's some normalcy on the horizon. you know, playing baseball we know fans is there's no baseball. it's so born. yeah, that last guy we heard from was the a's new they acquired shortstop elvis, sandra's of veteran. hey in that chapel gonna hold down the left side of the infield. i suggest that you kinda listen to him. he's got a lot of personalities of fun. got to get to know this year, and we should add one other note, and that is the fact that you mentioned the vaccination site on the premises of the oakland coliseum here, and that will not be disrupted even during a home stands. so the vaccination site will continue even when the a's are at home and. at last word that number had reached in the neighborhood of 300,000 vaccinations distributed here and those will continue not be interrupted even when the a's are in the middle of the home stand, guys. yeah, they're doing a good job of giving those shots out, jode in order to go to a game, do
5:44 pm
you need to be vaccinated or show and negative covid test to get into the a's games, no. as a matter of fact, i know that some teams are requiring either proof of vaccination or negative test and when i came in today, i had my temperature taken, but that was the extent of it mass are required here among not just us, but all the employees here. i imagine you probably see players wearing masks in the dugouts, but obviously not on the field. but we did have our temperature taken, and that was the extent of the testing that we had here today and really quicklyy important. do you have to be a season ticket holder? or can anyone get a ticket to a game? you know, you do not have to be a season ticket holder. and as i understand it, there are actually a few tickets that are available still online for tonight's game, so if you're dying to come out and see live baseball and again, i'm smiling because i get to sit here and do that. tonight they're still available, but there is a limit of 12,000 people that are going to be allowed into the coliseum
5:45 pm
tonight, so there are still a few tickets available. if you want to come out and see baseball in person, all right, well, you enjoy it. it's great to see you out there and a beautiful night for baseball, joe. thanks. all right, so the giants open their season tonight up in seattle, but we're in a play at home. they're going to be some very strict rules for fans that are completely opposite from what the a's are doing. the giants will be allowed to operate at up to 20% of the ballpark seating capacity. but here's what's important to remember. in order to get inside. fans will have to show proof of a negative coronavirus test or proof that they've been vaccinated on mornings on two giants president and ceo larry baer said that precaution and you're being taken to keep fans safe. we've worked hard with the health officials to come up with a plan and we're asking the folks be prepared to show that either a proof of a vaccination, right? so you have a car. you can have to take a picture of it and show that if
5:46 pm
asked, and then also or the alternative would be a proof of the negative test within 72 hours and we have in our links. no places to go to get a free test. also food and drink orders will be permitted on lee through mobile aps with fans than picking up their food and designated concession stands in their seating area. coming up. how well did the coronavirus vaccines work months after injections? visor studied people for six months and the result should make you very happy, and it's a response to recent violence against asians soon. teachers in california will have new lesson plans to teach asian american history. van
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
remains high for at least six months and likely last even
5:49 pm
longer than that. visor also says that the vaccine remains more than 91% effective after the second dose, and according to researchers, the fizer vaccine appears to be fully effective against the south african variant of the virus. teachers across california will soon have new access rather to new lesson plans about asian american history. in today's virtual meeting with states who would school superintendent tony thurman, education leaders said teachers are eager for the new curriculum in the wake of the recent anti asian violence, the asian american education project helped come up with the lesson plans 48 in all we've gotten calls from teachers. who are being harassed by their students being called names s o. we think the curriculum provides a historical context on multi racial democracy. on how different people of color in particular have worked together and the issues that they face. the curriculum was
5:50 pm
developed over 14 years with u c l, a stanford and cal state l. a free training for teachers will be available beginning april 11th this sunday voices for change returns for a special edition. tackling the increase in anti asian hate and violence. ktvu is greg lee will talk with leaders in the asian community about what's causing the wave of discrimination and also talk about what's being done to try to fight it. the experts will offer solutions and talk about why they're encouraged to see communities standing in solidarity rallying for change, solidarity is number what we need our brothers and sisters from the jewish faith latino muslim we have to see our struggle as the common struggle against hate, and until we get to that point. you know, we're still going to escape goat each other. there's ways to break out of our convenient shells to create new
5:51 pm
kinds of communities and in the long run dust that that's what i'm hoping for. voices for change. stop asian hate airs this sunday night at 10 30 right here on ktvu, the fourth snowpack survey the season was taken today in the sierra, a team from the california department of water resource is measured snow depth and water content at philips station off of highway 50. snow depth was at 49 a half inches and snow water content was 21 inches. that's 83% of average for this date at that location statewide. the water content of the overall snowpack is 59% of average, the team says the numbers show that the state is looking at another dry year with below average precipitation statewide. california's reservoirs continue to show the impacts due to dry conditions. lake oroville is currently at 53% of
5:52 pm
average, and lake shasta, which is california's largest surface water reservoir. is at 65% of average. the sierra snowpack supplies about one third of all of california's water. so what was just said there is that we're way behind where we need to be. we're about 59 60% of average. if you average out this from north to south in the sierra nevada, um it's not good. that's not what you want to see. and if you remember right last year wasn't much better for snow pack and rainfall. so this is gonna be a dry year. in the summer. there will be issues there will be water regulations and water tears how they charge you different and it's just gonna be a they're gonna have to. i mean, this is his bad is that the drought? we the drought or the situation. we're in a few years ago when we had the lot of the dawn lawns dry and put in gravel gardens and such so with that said, it's sort of a bummer. i mean, right, we need the rain
5:53 pm
and we need this. no we're not going to see any this five day period. it's dry. the temperatures tomorrow will drop, and that is in response to a low pressure center and you'll see it bump in here. here it comes. it looks good. looks great. but it just this time of year when the days get longer, the jet stream weakens a little bit. you get a situation where the dynamics are not really enough to produce much rain, and in this case, there's not much dynamics for this next for the end of this weekend and early next week, and there's not a lot of moisture available. windsor turning a little bit on shore, so that's the beginning. two of the cool down so really, what the weather story right now is we're big story if we don't we don't have enough rain and we don't have enough snow. but the weather story today is very warm temperatures in the mid and upper eighties. even currently it's 88 fairfield, significant, so it's warmer today and fairfield than it was yesterday. eight degrees warmer guess fo the same in san jose in about the same in santa rosa in terms of temperature departures, so these last two days have been very similar. tomorrow is going to be
5:54 pm
noticeably. cooler by 10 degrees, and that's going to be that onshore flow. still gonna be nice. somebody beautiful day. it's just not going to be as warm as it has. but these have been unusually warm days. the overnight lows to be generally in the forties and low fifties in some spots and the model. will show oranges, which represent eighties and they're going to be well to the end and you see those oranges. that's what we were. we were today tomorrow, with the cloud cover and the onshore flow temperatures sixties, basically, so the five day forecast to take a peek at it looks like it's going to be dry, but clouds and cooler as we head into the weekend. see you back here at six. friend embodying touting his infrastructure bill. i'm lauren blanchard in washington, plus his assignment for his new cabinet
5:55 pm
covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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covered california. this way to health insurance. asking several members of his team to work on getting his $2 trillion infrastructure plan through congress. fox news, lauren blanchard tells us republicans opposed to the level of spending and the corporate tax hike that would pay for it. president biden's fully confirmed cabinet meeting for the first time in the east room atop meeting agenda item was the american jobs plan. a $2 trillion infrastructure bill, the president announced wednesday. we've got business to do. five members of the president's cabinet have been specifically tasked to help find tune the bill, then sell it to congress and the american people. the white house is trying to frame it as a once in a generation investment, and they want it passed by july, 4th. republicans say the price tag would leave younger generations with the bill and send taxes skyrocketing. we're
5:58 pm
talking about here is making adjustments to the tax code to make it more fair to invest in our infrastructure invest in american workers so that we can be more competitive over the long term for corporations. it would require 15 years of higher tax rates from 21% to 28% to offset just eight years worth of spending. i think this whole heart the economy just being charitable about 15% of this bill is addressed to infrastructure. the rest is climate subsidies and social welfare spending, the u. s chamber of commerce said they applauded the administration for focusing on infrastructure, but quote we strongly oppose the general tax increases proposed by the administration, which will slow the economic recovery and make the us less competitive. globally the exact opposite of the goals of the infrastructure plan. the president also directed his cabinet heads to check agency spending. he wants to focus on american made goods, businesses
5:59 pm
and employees, and he wants a full report by the next cabinet meeting in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at 61 and done for governor. gavin newsom is he received the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine today and in doing that he helped to kick off the states. expanded eligibility for people age 50 and older. we're here for people that are in my age bracket, and so it's an opportunity to remind people that they're eligible. everybody in california 15 over. the state says today's expansion. adds 11 million californians to those who are eligible to get a shot. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville in some areas. those new eligibility rules are putting counties with limited supply in a real bind. ktvu is and reuben is here now and this latest group has just two weeks to get their shots before everyone 16 and older becomes
6:00 pm
eligible. that's right, and so many who are 50. and older are scrambling to try to get in before april 15th but as their quickly finding out those appointments are hard to come by. for those 50 and up the clock is ticking. their newly eligible for the covid vaccine but have two short weeks before appointments open to everyone. and so the race is on to find a slot by the time you click the different boxes that you're qualified. it's gone. liz stuart stayed up until midnight and woke up early, and she tried everything from pharmacies to county sites to her local health provider. i selected all locations and the only one who was in yuba city. so glad i don't have to drive to you, mr dick. the aarp has been advocating at the state level, making sure older adults are given priority. they just wish that priority window was longer.
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