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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 1, 2021 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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health official is raising concerns of asa mew covid variants that could beginning to pick up and right now we're in a race between the variants and the vaccine. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four good afternoon and welcome to the four i'm cristina rendon and i'm andre, senior, alex and other off today it see a season opener today and the first time since the pandemic hit the team is welcoming fans back in person. now, capacity is limited and there are number of safety measures in place to prevent the virus from spreading. master required. fans will be seated in pods. concession stand will be close. rouz, but fans will be able to order food and drinks to their seats. the gates will only open in about six o'clock, which is about an hour before the first pitch for more now on the excitement, let's go to ktvu sports anchor joe fonzi, who is live at the
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coliseum, joe. well guys, i'm smiling, but you just can't tell that it's amazing how things that you take for granted and do routinely when you get a chance to come back and do them again after a year of not being able to how exciting it is, i got walking o the ballpark today on a beautiful day, we're going to show you a sight that you could not see from the stands last year, and that's a bunch of oakland a's out on the field, getting ready for their home opener now, traditionally a home opener, this place would be packed. that is not going to be the case the age you're gonna allow 12,000 people in today, but there are some of the trappings that you normally see. on opening day. the bunting is there that's usually reserved for either opening day or or postseason and i got to say when i walked in here today. it was so nice to just see some security guards. some people that we used to see all the time and say hi to it madea. so obviously opening day people would be excited, but not the
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way. it was the last time that there was a home game here at the coliseum with fans. that was two seasons ago. the final game of the year for the a's. it was a wild card game single elimination game against the tampa bay rays, a game that the is lost. but man was this place packed and anticipating what they were hoping would be a long run in the postseason. the other thing that is we're anticipating at the end of last year was a really nice run to try to dethrone the houston astros as the champions of the american league west, and they got that. part of it done, but they had to do it before us. basically an empty oakland coliseum if you unless you include cardboard cut outs, his actual people the case for one of the first teams to incorporate that little quirk, which became largely copied throughout all of major league baseball, and then into other sports, but in the eighties, actually had some fun, maybe
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throwing at some of the cardboard cut outs as well, but that will not be the case and to a man. the a's are happy that they're going to have folks in the stands tonight. e think we quickly realized last year that those bottles parks are pretty big, boring if you play with your fans, so i think we're all definitely looking forward to hecht the heck miss of the policy in the off season, when you think about it, you work for them to, you know, to put a show it's gonna be sweet being able to have a low energy in the coliseum is going to be nice again. we draw a lot from our fans that are ballpark. it also lends toe. maybe there's some normalcy on the horizon. you know, playing baseball we know fans is there's no baseball. it's so born. oh the last guy speaking, there was elvis on dress, the new shortstop that the aids acquired from the texas rangers with marcus mnangagwa gone, and i've got to say if you get a chance to listen to him this year, hey, is an exciting
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veteran player got a lot of personality and he'll be one of the guys that were looking forward to hearing from on a regular basis this year, guys, not a shortened season. but a regular season that starts tonight and we could see them in person. can't we? joseph joke? what's going on with the mass vaccination site that's in the parking lot of the coliseum. will fans be able to navigate through all of that? yeah pardon? pardon the finger in the year there, but i had to hear you guys. it's like clockwork. the minute you're getting ready to go alive, somebody down on the field says crank up the music. so they did that, of course to us again today. but, yes, the a's made it known that the. the vaccination site will continue. it won't be interrupted during home stands so far that vaccination site as of last week had had administered somewhere in the neighborhood of 250,000 vaccines s o. that number's got to be close to 300,000 now a a's aaron home stands, that vaccination site good news all
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the way around tonight, guys, certainly good news all the way around and got a return to normalcy in the stadium and you got it in the parking lot to his people get vaccinated. joe fonzi reporting for us live in the coliseum joke. thank you so much. well, the giants opened their season tonight in seattle, though, but when they played home fans will experience some changes at oracle park. the giants will be allowed to operate about to add up to 22% of the ballpark seating capacity. another big changes that fans will need to show proof of a negative coronavirus test or proof of vaccination to attend games. on mornings on two giants president and ceo larry baer said the precautions were meant to keep fans safe. before you've worked hard with the health officials to come up with a plan and we're asking the folks be prepared. to show that either a proof of a vaccination, right? so you have
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a car. you can show that of the negative test within 72 hours and we have in our links, you know, places to go to get a free test. yeah. just another sign that things are returning to normal, but a little bit adjusted here now also food and beverage orders will be permitted on lee through mobile app. so with fans, then picking up at designated concession stands in their seating area. the texas rangers are the only major league baseball team that will allow 100% capacity at their ballpark on opening day next monday. today. president biden expressed concern about that decision when asked about it. that's the decision they made. i think it's a mistake. they should listen to dr fauci and scientists of the experts. this is globe live field, home of the texas rangers, its seeds over 40,000 fans after opening
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day, the team is expected to reduce the capacity for future games to allow for social distancing, all right to the south bay. now, health officials there warned that the so called variant of concern are now in our region and say, based on an alarming increase in case rates. they need people to hold tight a little longer to stop the spread. ktvu is marine naylor's live and with update and the message for those now eligible to get a vaccine but can't get an appointment. just got some good news about those appointments. marine? yeah we want to pass this on in the last hour. we learned that santa clara county just released 32001st dose vaccination appointments that county had released very few and more than a month, so those just came online. i'm looking on the website. we're going to be putting a link on our website, and i've also been tweeting out a link for how you can get an appointment. a lot of people have been wait. for those this as health officials are warning that the region could see a swell or a surge if
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people don't take precautions. this means that we're back in a bit ofous place, a warning from are now circulating in the region, including 92 cases of the uk variant and three cases of the south african variant. the numbers are beginning to pick up and right now we're in a race between the variants and the vaccine. stanford's clinical vory ology lab has been screaming for coronavirus variants. just last week, the director says the lab detected the new india variant just one day after the indian government announced it a little bit concerning that was already here in our area. in just shows how rapidly these variants can spread throughout the globe, which is why vaccines are crucial, health officials say. santa clara county received 58,000 vaccine doses this week
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and expects more than 71,000 doses next week. not enough to meet the demand after the state's eligibility just expanded to include people age 50 and up, officials warned it could take a few weeks before appointments free up, but still adding a lot of people that we know. have vaccine for now. so please everyone. be patient told that the vaccine supply should increase by the middle or end of april and well into may for sure, the region has made good progress in the fight against covid-19 with consistent declines and positivity in case rates since january, but with case rates flattening, and some indications that they're starting to take up, dr sarah cody is asking residents to continue wearing masks with anyone vaccinated and also asking people to delay non essential travel for a little longer. don't endure dying. don't go to indoor bars. don't host an indoor gathering at your home, even if it's allowed
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under the state rules. don't do it. it's not safe. not yet. and again. we want to mention that that santa clara county just released 32001st disappointments were seeing them start to fill up, but i'm looking on the website gilroy high school still has a lot of appointments, as do some of other locations. we're putting a link if you want to get a vaccination appointment, and you're in the eligible category and your santa clara county resident, we're putting a link on our website ktvu dot com. under web links, you should see that in the next 10 minutes, and that should appear there have also tweeted that information out. these are expected to fill up and more doses. we should same or first dose appointments are going to be really released next week. back to you, all right, marie nela reporting for us live. all right. thank you. californians 50 and older are now eligible to get the covid-19 vaccine. governor newsome falls in that category. today he took his opportunity to get the shot. ktvu used elissa harrington.
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has the story one and done. governor gavin newsom rolled up his sleeve and received the single dose johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine in los angeles. the governor is 53 years old. he said he wanted to wait until it was his turn. today, the state opened up eligibility to all residents, 50 and older. it's been extraordinarily challenging year so much fear so much anxiety but now growing optimism about our fate and future supply is limited. some counties are having trouble keeping up with demand. santa clara county's public health website says vaccination sites are full and there are no new appointments available because of a lower than expected supply of vaccine. then later this month on april 15th all residents 16. and older will become eligible for a vaccine. governor gavin newsom said. that does not mean everyone in line will get their shot right away. that doesn't mean april 16th. everybody wants a vaccine
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will have been vaccinated. it's still will take a number of months. to get to that point. availability is based on manufacturing and supply. people are being encouraged to check in with their candy, health department or health care providers daily as new appointments are expected to open up, i'm elissa harrington ktvu. fox two news. nearly 18.5 million covid-19 doses have been given out in california. the state's population is around 40 million, according to the latest data. the state is now administering over 328,000 shots a day and officials report over 30% of californians ever received at least one dose. over 20% are fully vaccinated are still ahead. this afternoon, the child wasg n that mass shooting in southern california, the details investigators released today about that horrific crime scene and the alleged shooter and a violent car break it and san
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francisco the aftermath captured on video, which included one of the victims. getting knocked to the ground, at a very weather. another warm day with lots of seventies and eighties. we will cool things off the on your friday forecast in some bigger changes by the weekend if you have post 'are my bones strong?' to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®.
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office building that left four people dead, including a child, as anita vogel tells us police now want to know what prompted the shooter in what is now being called the third mass shooting in two weeks in this country. police are wrapping up their investigation into a shooting that left at least four people dead in southern california. the suspect has been identified gonzalez. it happened at an office building in orange and normally
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quiet community about 30 miles southeast of los angeles. police were called to the scene after gunshots were fired on both floors of the two story building, they responded. enforce returned fire, and the suspect is now in custody at a moti is believed to bein related to a business and personal relationship, which existed between the suspects and all of the victims. and this was not a random act of violence. police officials say the area is now completely secure, and there's no further threat to the public. investigators have recovered several items at the scene, including a semiautomatic handgun on a backpack containing pepper spray handcuffs and ammunition. this is the third mass shooting in the us in just the last two weeks following the colorado grocery store and atlanta massage parlor shootings. democrats on capitol hill say they're considering new gun
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control legislation while the white house looks at other options right now we're working on a couple of lovers. one is working with congress were also continuing to review and consider what the options are for executive actions. the fbi is also involved in the investigation, but they say the orange police department is taking the league in los angeles, anita vogel. fox two news, south carolina senator lindsey graham now says he is willing to work with democrats on gun control reform, including background checks, but says that he wants to do so in a common sense way. i'm willing to have a conversation with my democratic colleagues about how we can make sure that people who are a danger to themselves or others that there that we deal with that issue in terms of having a gun. i am willing to expand background
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checks and a common sense way. graham who supports the second amendment discussed the topic of gun reforms today while visiting the south carolina armory, are not in san francisco, where security camera captured the violent aftermath of a car break in now, from the nest camera. you gonna take a look at this ng the suspect's car. 17th avenue and moroccan street. one of the robbery victims was not down by someone who ran and jumped into the getaway car, san francisco police say the victim's car had been broken into. and a backpack stolen. monday afternoon, one of the victims, said a suspect pointed a gun at him as they tried to get back their belongings. ktvu brooks jarocz is working the story he'll have much more coming up on the five o'clock news. yeah, well, i'm very a weather day two of this really warm pattern said no temperatures. a good tend to 20 degrees above the average, basically, after today, we're
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the cool things off. so this is kind of the last of our warm up here. some of the preliminary highs throughout the afternoon hours as you can see coming up. with the maps and we're showing you what this of the few up a few one neighborhoods, and here we go with those the number showing up lots of eighties cupertino 87, petaluma 86. looks like we have pacifica. still even the coastline the seventies 73 degrees. current numbers out there right now, some eighties out toward walnut creek and conquered san francisco. a nice 75 degrees and san jose 84 half moon bay in the lower seventies. here's a sad. we still. sky. up. and down. our co. but you'll know. today. it time. that fog bank could be approaching our coastline as we headed to your friday morning. here's a live camera this afternoon, looking above san francisco completely in the clear, so it has been a nice little warm stretch in the in the city and even the entire region not only for the bayside locations but also for the
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inland spots. great so weather for the a season opener coming up this evening, mostly clear skies, temperatures close to 70 degrees. ah little bit of a breeze out there nothing too bad but winds around 10 to a 15 miles an hour. here is the deal tomorrow. where the headline we're gonna cool things off in your friday. we also have some clouds moving. and with some patchy fog, so kind of a sun cloud mix throughout the day at temperatures not much in the way of eighties were just thinking some sixties the warm spot still in the mid to upper seventies for your friday forecast, but you can't see the overall change with that. the temperature tread. we are cooling off in the friday more cooling into the weekend and into next week. what about that shower chance for next week? we're still talking about that will have that to have more on that with your full forecast all coming up in just a few minutes. all right, mark. thank you. the fourth snowpack survey of the season was held today in the sierra. the a team rather from the department of water resource is measured snow depth of water content at philip station right off highway 50
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snow depth there was it 49ers a half inches and snow water content was 21 inches. that's about 83% of the average for this date at that location, state. why the water content of the overall snowpack is 59% of average. the team says the numbers show that the it is looking at another dry here with below average precipitation statewide. california's reservoirs continue to show the impacts due to dry conditions. lake oroville is currently at 53% of average, and lake shasta, which is california's largest surface water reservoir is at 65% of average. this'll year. snowpack supplies about one third of. all of california's water. it's opening day for friends, fun seeking excitement and some very awesome
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. well it's wide open in here, but that's because it's only at its maximum 15% capacity. and that's why reservations are absolutely required online. six flags. discovery kingdom opened this morning to folks, families and especially children with reservations who were all champing at the bit to get inside the amusement park for the better part of a year, if not more than a year. we are along with our sister park in southern california, the first theme parks in california to open his gates. two guests to ride rides. it's a godsend for parents and especially kids. they have got to do anything for a year, so this was really exciting for the them to want to come out to be about to do something. we have been about socializing a little one for years, so that was a big thing to our parents got us some of
4:25 pm
the season tickets and we're expecting to have a great time. since there are restrictions on the number of people who can enter. not every rider, attraction or food place for that matter was open. but enough was open that anybody could gain access to the things that were open, especially the rise. when you get to our rides and her cute lines, you'll notice the traditional phil phil the train with everyone in every seat. we'll no longer be the case. we will be socially distancing not only in our cue lines, but on the rides themselves. it feels a little bit let less long because it's spaced out. and when it's based out can it feels like a lot of space around and so we don't have to be all scrunched up in all that stuff safety through sanitation, masking and separation are the hallmarks of the park today, and people who come will have to abide by these reasonable rules. we all just. miss the experience. you know, we're ready to go fast. um, so i think hopping on roller coasters and join the food. i mean, that's why we're
4:26 pm
all here. this vast 135 acre park is really three parks in, t the park also has many aquarium features. some of those features eat during the day, courtesy of the guests who can get food for them. it's also a zoological park with many different animals, including everything from small critters. so the big cats of the jungle as well as many more creatures you can see right up close and no yes for people, jobs, jobs, jobs, we think a lot of institutional pride in the fact that we are not only opening a park today to have guests come back and write our ride's safely, but also we're bringing our team members back to work. and some some folks, the significance of that has been over a year. again onl solano co orange, then they'll be able to go to 25% once again. online
4:27 pm
reservations required reporting live from this opening day. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. yeah things to really start to get back to normal with opening day for baseball and opening day hit six flags are tom vacar reporting for us live time. thank you. and it's not just six flags. it's opening up rides open again at the senate cruz beach boardwalk for the first time since last year, visitors are being allowed in at a limited capacity. about a dozen rides like the giant dipper, the pirate ship and cyclone are running people we talked with today say they drove over 100 miles to see the things that they've missed here at the boardwalk. kids weren't given opportunity to do things that they were a year ago, and now we're given an opportunity to take him out, you know, see new stuff again. see the things that they've all missed out on throughout the year. the boardwalk says walk ins are allowed, but this is a,
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deep southern voice raspy like sis. you okay? racist george floyd's girlfriend telling her story how she met george floyd on the witness stand today, up next more on her testimony and others. during day four of the derrick show vin murder trial and more on johnson and johnson's mix up that lead to 15 million vaccine doses being spoiled. we're gonna tell it live with the doctor about how this could impact
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did not help edibles. you say, pal, if it is that you didn't feel are detectable, not detectable. and what if his condition appeared to be to you overall in lady terms? i thought he was dead. well, more powerful testimony on the fourth day of derrick show vince trial, two paramedics who responded to the scene of george floyd's arrest, took the witness stand today. and this fox is jeff paul tells us. the jury also heard from george floyd's girlfriend, who gave them more insight into his personal life. another day of emotional testimony in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick show. vin jovan is charged with second degree and third degree murder, as well as manslaughter in the death of george floyd floyd's girlfriend, courtney ross. taking the stand thursday,
4:32 pm
she cried while recalling their first meeting at a salvation army shelter in 2017 deep southe raspy. like sis, your case. ross also testified about the couples struggle with opioid addiction. the defense has argued that drugs and fluid system at the time of his arrest for partially responsible for his death during a cross examination from defense attorney eric nelson ross testified. floyd was hospitalized for a drug overdose last march at that time frame. did you learn that mr floyd was taking it? thing other than opioids. know, also taking the stand. hennepin county paramedic seth brabendd n handcuffs with officers on top of him when i could see where i was at i didn't i didn't see any breathing. he's partner believe floyd was in cardiac arrest, and they moved him into
4:33 pm
the ambulance. rob inder, says floyd later flatlined while on the way to the hospital you've unresponsive in wasn't when hold. is that operating like that? the trial is expected to last for about a month in minneapolis, jeff paul fox news. and just a reminder you can watch the derrick show vin, try alive on our website ktvu .com and our ktvu news app. the white house, says johnson and johnson's vaccine setback is not a setback for the bidet administration's goal of vaccinating americans. it says the country is still on track to get 200 million shots of the people's arms and violence. 1st 100 days in office. boxes. ray bogan has more on johnson and johnson's dis for the first time in more than a year. fans some see as a turning point in the coronavirus pandemi are welcomig
4:34 pm
at least some fans back in the stands with wrigley, capping attendance at 25% we're confident we'll get the number above 25% but today we're just excited to have people in the ballpark. even dr anthony fauci said he's excited to see the return of baseball and hopes to attend a game in person this summer. but right now he's focused on getting people vaccinated, particularly after this week's setback with drug maker johnson and johnson announcing a delay in doses being distributed because of a mix up with a batch of vaccinations. it's really quite unfortunate that about 15 million doses now are not gonna be able to be used. but you do have checks and balances and you see that, and that's the reason why the good news is that it did get picked up and as i mentioned, that's the reason nothing of from that plant has gone into anyone. the white house is beginning a nationwide campaign to encourage vaccinations, complete with tv ads. covid
4:35 pm
president. harris asked members of the covid-19 community core to reach out to communities of color. we have to be honest, and in some communities, there is a concern about getting vaccinated. some based on mistrust based on history. some based on just rooted and misinformation, of which there is a lot out there. there is promising news about the visor vaccine. new studies show it gives at least six months of protection. ray bogan fox news. ok what's really sad to talk more about johnson and johnson's vaccine distribution delay is dr john schwartzberg, infectious disease expert. there. you see berkeley? dr schwartzberg always appreciate you coming on. let's just start with big, obvious question. is this going to impact distribution across the country? i don't know. um it's 15 million doses and because it's johnson and johnson with one jab, that means 15 million people getting completely vaccinated. so that's that's a
4:36 pm
problemtween madonna and fizer a lot of vaccine should have enough. if all goes well with murdering and fizer, are you surprised that something like this happened or is this something that's to be expected? i know we've never done something like this before mass producing vaccines. i'm just curious that this is the first of many distribution issues we may see or bad batches. we may see. well i think this is really a very unfortunate episode and surprised no disappointed. yes, surprised in the sense that it was a human error. and while you can't always prevent human errors. this particular one really could have been prevented just by paying more attention. on the other hand, the fact that it was picked up
4:37 pm
with the quality assurance program that they had their multiple steps with their quality assuranis whenever you have a very complicated. thing to produce in this case of vaccine, which is quite complicated to produce, there will be production problems, and that's why you have multiple steps of quality assurance, and it worked. okay and you said it yourself. 15 million doses is gonna be interesting to see if it does, in fact, impact distribution and the reason i bring that up is because i'm kind of moving into our next topic on santa clara county officials. they're talking about the new covid variants reaching santa clara county. i mean, do you think that this is concerning? especially given the fact that we're seeing theme parks, baseball stadiums reopening again? everything seems to be opening up. and yet santa clara county is saying, beware of these variants. well santa clara county is right. it's not
4:38 pm
just the variance it if. there's still an awful lot of people who are susceptible to this virus. that's why it's so critical that we get this vaccine into everyone's arms as quickly as possible. we've consistently heard the metaphor of a race and it's really a very accurate when we are in a race with this virus to outrun any variance that it can produce to get everybody vaccinated or as many people as possible. extended so that when you're at, for example of ballpark watching game, you could be very confident that the people around you are gonna have the virus because they should be immune. so bottom line. yeah, it zaveri pivotal time in this pandemic right now. we're seeing about it in the last week, a 12% increase in the number of cases in the united states, frankly, the month of april is not the time to be opening up to aggressively. ok, last question here in alaska quick really? this is about five years, saying that's vaccine is
4:39 pm
effective for about six months after someone's fully vaccinated. is this something that we're going to start to see in terms of getting our covid vaccine every year? like a flu shot? i don't know the reason why, they said six months is because that's the duration of the of the study that they had when we get to 8 10 12 16 24 months, you know, we'll find out how long the vaccine is good. so when people hear six months realized that it's at least six months ago, could be double or treble that we'll see. okay. sounds good. thank you for answering that quickly. ¥100 sword's berg always appreciate you coming on sharing your insight on all of these topics related to vaccines. thank you, well, federal health officials are federal officials rather a warning americans about a scam that asked people to participate any post vaccine survey now the fake survey circulating through e mails and text and promises participants free prizes in exchange filling out questions about the vaccine
4:40 pm
experience now is part of the scam victims or ask for credit card information to purportedly cover shipping costs for the prize. officials urge recipients of such messages not to open them, click any links or provide any personal information. there are some serious concerns now about the pandemic being prolonged in europe because efforts to vaccinate people are not moving quickly enough, the world health organization today said vaccine programs across europe for quote unacceptably slow figures show just 10% of the population there has received one vaccine dose on lee 4% has received the full two doses. the who warned european or wh o warns european governments against having a false sense of security, just forgetting their immunization campaigns off the ground. still ahead of former san francisco school board member now suing the school board for millions of dollars. the harsh words of criticism.
4:41 pm
today by mayor london breed and a very weather another warm day with temperatures. a good 10 to 20 degrees above the average. we will cool things off in your friday forecast. but what about the weekend? we'll have the update coming up. need. is. speat
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
the former school board vice president who is suing the school board for $87 million. we know that this is a school district that doesn't have sufficient resources of this and so you has a member of the board is going to turn around and do something like this. this is this is an embarrassment. i wouldn't say that s r o program. former school board vice president alison callens earlier this week filed lawsuit against the district and five board members. stood claims collins is civil rights were violated when the board removed her for
4:44 pm
her past tweets at many considered racist. collins is calling the campaign against her a toxic political attack. i am a black woman. i'm a mother. i'm an educator. all of these legacies mean that i have no choice but to fight. collins lawyer says she wants a written apology where board members say they misunderstood her words and that her words were not racist. collins also wants all her roles in the district restored within a week. so alison colleges, also among those at the center of a recall effort in san francisco to recall the san francisco school board members over the district's inability to reopen schools now organizer's begun a signature drive, voters in a special election. now, in addition to collins, the effort also targets board president gabriella lopez and commissioner for poor fellow malinga. pardon me for other
4:45 pm
board members. they're not currently eligible in that effort because they. haven't been on the board long enough. now the campaign needs the signatures of more than 51,000 registered voters in san francisco. the u. s supreme court is hearing arguments about whether universities can financially reward athletes who played division one football and basketball and it's kevin corke reports. several justices on the high court came across as sympathetic to those student athletes. but. serious questions linger about the path forward. engine hear inside bars and classrooms will now it's playing out at the u. s. supreme court should division one college athletes receive financial compensation for more than 100 years. that distinct character of college sports. has been that it's played by students who are amateurs, which is to say that they are not paid for their play. on wednesday, the high court heard from and questioned seth waxman, who was representing the nce a in a case. brought by a group
4:46 pm
of former college athletes who say current rules violate antitrust law. waxman argued the association is defined by amateur quality meaning student athletes are not paid to play in their questions, both liberal and conservative justices on the court appeared to take issue with wax mons arguments. any trust laws should not be a cover for exploitation of the student athletes. so that is a concern of overarching concern here. theater knee for the former student athletes said players should be rewarded for their hard work and compensation would be life changing. still some justices had concerns about the impact compensation would have and if bigger, more profitable schools would have an advantage to attract the best athletes. like a game of jenga. you've got this nice, solid block that protects the sort of product the schools want to provide. and you pull
4:47 pm
out one log and then another and everything's fine, then another and another and all of a sudden the whole thing's come comes crashing down. a decision in this case is expected before the end of june one that a lot of people will be watching very carefully. in washington. i'm kevin corke fox news. well the barrier weather a second dana rose we had in april were talking about yesterday. last day, march and in april 1st today temperatures well up above the average, not a cloud in sight. tomorrow will be different stories and more clouds and we will begin our cooling trend. but what about the rainfall? it's been about two weeks since we've had rainfall here in the bay area, of course, the rain here and also the snow in the sierra. you heard earlier. they had this snow survey in the april 1st two snow survey is very important because it gives the water managers a good idea. how much in the mountains in the snow pack. so today as you heard they measure the depth of over 49 inches snow water equivalent of 21 inches. that's about 83% of average for
4:48 pm
this one particular spot in the sierra. but as you can see here, up and down the sierra, ranging from 66 to the northern sierra 2 41. in the southern sierra statewide as a whole. the snowpack is running about 59% of average. remember our rainfall totals right now, but not the 40% of average. so we're well behind and unfortunately, there's no sign of real significant rain or snow in the forecast is we take a look into next week. as far as current numbers out there we have the complete opposite. it is so warm once again, close to 90 degrees and fairfield right now, san jose 84, oakland, 80 and santa rosa 81 degrees. i'll be back out the maps. we are showing you this the satellite. the one key difference is that's developing offshore and that that is actually a fog bank that is drifting closer to our coastline with the help of that onshore breeze, so we are expecting some patchy fog to return coast side by tomorrow morning, maybe even in this camera shot looking out toward sunrise tomorrow, so, yeah, frie
4:49 pm
cooling as we head into the weekend, starting out your friday morning. most areas will be in the forties too. right around 50. agrees and you'll notice we are tracking two more clouds that could move on through the region into the afternoon hours. so not complete sunshine temperatures. we are cool enough sixties all the way to the seventies for tomorrow. so here is the overall pattern. this area of high pressure has really been heating up the bay area over the past couple days. that's kind of scooting out to the east. this is kind of setting up camp ashore. ah cooler forecast for your friday in the weekend down threesome or cloud's forecast models kind of changing their mind with respect to rain chances next week. they really backed off on the monday shower chances, so i guess we'll go just a slight chance right now for monday. here's the plan tomorrow, though, for your friday some clouds moving in. this is saturday, so you'll notice not completely in the clear and that'll be the same story as we head into a sun for tomorrow, we are going to drop off those numbers and you'll see just some sixties and some seventies, maybe the warm spot close to 80
4:50 pm
degrees, and as we take a look ahead here with your five day forecast, you will see temperatures dropping off into saturday and it's a sunday mostly cloudy skies by monday and that sun cloud mixed by tuesday. wish we could actually bump up those rate chances on monday, but unfortunately forecast models kind of changing their minds and we've just got probably be trackingto early next week, but definitel e next few days. yeah i'll take a little cool without mark you so much for coming up holy week observances are now underway around the world. the warning here in the u. s for those planning family gatherings for easter. and he's a man desperate to get his service dog back. this veteran says his dog is everything to him coming up tonight at five. this search for bella, plus a tragic scene in orange, california, where four people were shot and killed last night, including a nine year old boy will go to the scene for life report.
4:51 pm
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commemorates the last supper of the of jesus christ and celebrates the establishment of the eucharist. today a church in jerusalem, which is known as the place where jesus was buried and resurrected, held a special service for catholics observing holy week here in the u. s is cdc wants to want to let you know to avoid large crowds and not to invite any visitors over for easter or passover celebrations unless everyone is vaccinate. new guidelines released this week also encourages you to celebrate outdoors in a well ventilated area. it says. everyone should wear a mask and safely. distance agency says fully vaccinated people can gather with others who are fully vaccinated without masks. this sunday, voices for change returns with a special edition tackling the rise in anti asian hate and violence. ktvu
4:54 pm
political reporter greg lee speaks toe leaders in the asian community about what's causing the wave of discrimination and also to talk about what's being done to combat it. the experts will offer solutions and talk about why they're encouraged to see community standing in solidarity rallying for change. solidarity is number one. we need our brothers and sisters from the jewish faith, latino muslim. we have to see our struggle as the common struggle against hate. and until we. get to that point. you know, we're still gonna escape goat each other. there's ways to break out of our convenient shells to create new kinds of communities and in the long run dust that that's what i'm hoping for. voices for change. stop asian hate airs this sunday evening at 10 30 right here on ktvu. we hope you'll join us president
4:55 pm
body and touting his infrastructure bill. i'm lauren blanchard in washington, plus his assignment for his new cabinet during their first
4:56 pm
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skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break, call your doctor today, and ask about prolia®. he's asking several members of his team to get started working on his $2 trillion infrastructure plan to get it through congress boxes, lauren blanchard tells us republicans are opposed to that level of spending in the corporate tax that would pay for it. president biden's fully confirmed cabinet meeting for the first time in the east room atop meeting agenda item was the american jobs plan. a $2 trillion infrastructure bill, the president announced wednesday. we've got business to do. five members of the president's cabinet have been tp find tune the bill, then sell it to congress and the american people. the white house is
4:58 pm
trying to frame it as a once in a generation investment, and they want it passed by july 4th. but republicans say the price tag would leave younger generations with the bill and send tax skyrocketing. we'ree ig adjustments to the tax code to make it more fair to invest in our infrastructure invest in american workers so that we can be more competitive over the long term. for corporations, it would require 15 years of higher tax rates from 21% to 28% to offset just eight years worth of spending. i think this will hardly economy just being charitable about 15% of this bill. is addressed to infrastructure. the rest is clam it subsidies welfare spending. the u. s chamber of commerce said they applauded the administration for focusing on infrastructure, but quote we strongly opposed the general tax increases proposed by the administration,
4:59 pm
which will slow the economic recovery and make the us less competitive globally, the exact opposite of the goals of the infrastructure plan. the president also directed his cabinet heads to check agency spending. he wants to focus on american made goods, businesses and employees, and he wants a full report by the next cabinet meeting in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news, ktvu fox two news at five starts now, people in the south bay being asked to keep following coronavirus restrictions just a little while longer. right now, it's a race between vaccinations and the variants of concern. and in the south bay. there just aren't enough vaccines to go around. but there is some good news late this afternoon more than 30,000 appointments just opened up in santa clara county. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie because today california officially opened up vaccin eligibility to all residents age 50 and
5:00 pm
older. the state, which has a population of 40 million, has now administered more than 18 million doses more than 20% of california. adults are already fully vaccinated just over 2200 new coronavirus cases were reported as of yesterday. that is down from the peak of more than 40,000 in january. 154 more people died from a high of more than 900 deaths in a single day, according to the state health department. the test positivity rate is at 1.9% it's been hovering in the 2% range since early march. back down to santa clara county. as we mentioned late this afternoon, tens of thousands of appointments for vaccinations just opened up. ktvu is maureen naylor here is here now and marine. this is exactly what santa clara county needed. frank. it was good news for a lot of people have been waiting, but as quickly as thies appointments were released, they are booking up and almost all filled up within the last hour. we've seen 32001st dose
5:01 pm
vaccine appointments went were released late today for


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