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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 1, 2021 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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third mass shooting in just two weeks. what we're learning about the victims, including a young child, plus more californians now eligible toe book covid-19 vaccine appointment, but getting one could still be a challenge will have the latest on the supply right here in the state and the setback also for johnson and johnson, and it is opening day what oakland a's fans can expect tonight as they head back into the call sam and on the other side of the bay with the san francisco giants are requiring before you can go inside. the ballpark. the news at noon starts now, this is ktvu. two news that newibach. im gasia mikaelian you on a mass shooting in southern california at an office building were a child was among the four people killed. this marked the third mass shooting in our country in the past two weeks, authorities in the city of orange now say the gunman chained the gates to an office
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complex closed yesterday before opening fire. police say the 44 year old suspect knew all of the victims through business or personally and targeted them. the identities of the victims are being withheld, but police say the child who died was a nine year old boy, and that he died in the arms of a woman who was trying to protect him. but this time it is believed that there was one of the women victims who was embracing that child. a apparently after he was shot, and that's how they were found what their relationship is exactly. it's still under investigation. i don't want to. i don't want to say for sure, but that is the belief at least that the child was being protected during that act before he passed. police say the woman holding the child was wounded by the gunman. the suspect was critically injured. it's unclear whether he suffered a self inflicted wound or was shot by police, california is 50 and older are now eligible to get a covid-19
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vaccine. governor newsome falls into this category he took the opportunity to get the shot. ktvu is elissa harrington has the story. mnangagwa and done. governor gavin newsom rolled up his sleeve and received the single dose johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine in los angeles. the governor is 53 years old. he said he wanted to wait until it was his turn. today, the state opened up eligibility to all residents, 50 and older. it's been extraordinarily challenging year so much fear so much anxiety, but now. growing optimism about our fate and future supply is limited. some counties are having trouble keeping up with demand. santa clara county's public health website says vaccination sites are full and there are no new appointments available because of a lower than expected supply of vaccine. then later this month on april 15th all residents 16 and older will become eligible for a vaccine. governor gavin newsom said. that does not mean
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everyone in line will get their shot right away. that doesn't mean april 16th. everybody wants a vaccine will have been vaccinated. it's still will take a number of months to get to that point. availability is based on manufacturing and supply. people are being encouraged to check in with their candy, health department or health care providers daily as new appointments are expected to open up, i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox. two news guys a permanent is telling its members that it does not have enough doses to vaccinate everyone who is eligible. the health care provider says that it has more than 900,000 members. is between the ages of 50 and 64. more than two million members 16 of 49, but it says that they're on lee getting 55 to 75,000 doses a week. they are encouraging people to sign up on the my turn site to find appointments at community sites, as well as on kaiser's vaccine website. four variants of the coronavirus are now circulating in santa clara county health officials just this morning confirmed that the strains of
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the coronavirus that have emerged in other parts of the world are now in the south bay. numbers for the varied from the united kingdom, which spreads more easily or starting to pick up. there's also been a handful of cases of the south african variant on the brazil and japanese variants. this means that we're back in a bit of a precarious place is far as our collective ability to curb this pandemic. it is spring. it is a beautiful day. we all have cabin fever. we all want to get out. we all want to get back to our lives, but we can't do that quite yet. after cody also said there's some data showing the effectiveness of the vaccine on some, but not all of the variance, she says. overall people are far more protected. if they're vaccinated. then if they're not games on the slate, including our two hometown teams giants are on the road in seattle, but the oakland a's are front and center tonight at the coliseum, hosting the astros and, yes,
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there will be fans in those stands. ktvu frank mallicoat joins us live this afternoon with some of the big changes, though in store for the entire season, franken afternoon. good afternoon, mike. one of the big changes is the number of games that will be played last year course 60 games and a shortened covid season. at this year. mlb hopes to play them all 162 games we shall see two games by the way, already canceled today postponed the national mets game was called off because a washington player tested positive for covid-19 just hours before the game and the red sox in orioles at fenway called off because of bad weather. now, weather will not be a factor tonight when the a's host the houston astros, a balmy 68 degrees when started. chris bassett throws out that first pitch at seven. oh seven days are excited to welcome back the fans. capacity at the coliseum has been raised from 20% to 26% which is a little more than 12,000 spectators. alameda county recently. move
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to that orange tear, and that allows one third capacity. well we worked hand in hand with the state and the county to ensure that we have a safe re opening. we're gonna have the pod seeding of two and 46 ft. between everyone. no concessions where you do pick up and then, of course, mandatory masking for everyone who's there? and how about the giants? for the first time? a team history the g men will open at an american league park. the giants are in seattle tonight, kevin gossman gets the start. their home opener is still a week plus away and yes, fans will be back at oracle park is well it will start at 22% capacity or about 8000 fans per game. but some big changes fans, ages, 12 and up, will have to come fully prepared if they want to get inside the park. hard with the health officials to come up with a plan and we're asking the folks be prepared. to show that
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either a proof of a vaccination, right? so you have a car. you can have to take a picture of it and show that if asked, and then also or the alternative would be a proof of the negative test within 72 hours and we have in our links, you know, places to go to get a free test. so we just asked for that, because just to make sure everybody's safe, it's going to be that's gonna be in enforce. at least in the first. the first part of the of the schedule the home scan. yeah by the way, this is the 12th straight road opener for the giants after three and seattle. it's off to sunny san diego for three more before opening day, friday afternoon, the knife at oracle park against the rockies play ball. baseball is finally back. i'm frank malik oh ktvu, fox two news. let's hope they come out swinging a knife for both those ball clubs and get two wins. right frank. thank you. i'm with you the parks across being parks across california a lot. reopen today.
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if they're not in a purple tear county. this includes six flags discovery kingdom, and that is where we find ktvu reporter tom vacar live this noontime with what guests there should expect. hi, tom. how you doing? i want to take a look real quick or a lot of people lined up and we're gonna find out what the eligibility requirements are. but this has got to be one of the most hopeful days for this facility since it first opened as marine world 35 years ago, and the hope is that the pandemic is going to caen. died and that this park will continue to be the success that it always has been. and while it may be opening day today for baseball, this is opening day for families and kids who really want to have fun. joining me now is the marketing manager kirk smith. kirk i guess the first question is there some rules that have to be followed in terms of reservation. talk to me about what you want people to know. excellent and thank you for being here and talking about the significance of today because there's a significant day for not only our company, but for our community and. being able to
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reopen with rise and bring that shot of adrenaline back into the marketplace. um, reservations are required to go to our website. you you must have a reservation. even if you have a season pass any type of ticket you need to reserve in advance. we have capacity limits for the state and county guidelines and will operate at 15% capacity while we're in the red tear and being in solano county. that's where we are the red tear. you make your reservation to show up to the park. we will take your temperature. we will scan your belongings and. and you will enter the park. as you see folks doing behind us with little or no hassle it all all thermal technology all contact lists. once you're in the park, you'll be reminded of social distancing wearing your mask. all gas patrons, team members will not only go through the health screening process but are required to wear masks on dno. now we have rides open and you will be socially distance td as always, you will have to wear your mask so people understand this is a massive park. this is his. this is an
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aquarium. this is now a theme park. yes we're not talking about just a few 100 people getting in. we're talking into the thousands. are we not? yeah. when you're looking at 15% it is a comfortable day. it will be a comfortable day for our guests. even with this social distancing requirements going on as you're waiting in the queue line to go on a ride. now that rides a re open if you're waiting in a line to pick up your food or or whatever it is, lines will be minimized just due to the 15% capacity, so it really will be a great experience for people. how about your staff is happy, and you brought a lot of people back to work, didn't you? well i talk about the significance right and the significance for our company, but the significance for the community and we take a lot of institutional pride and being able to bring people back to work and start stimulating not only the economy but stimulating escape, because that's what we do. people come to six legs to escape, and now they'll have a little something extra to escape from. well, i really appreciate it. well, that's it. discovery kingdom. it is a terrific place to go.
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i've been here many times, myself, and especially for families. there's very little that can beat this reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, see a lot of little ones head again right behind you, tom. it's good to have you at noon. thank you. you want to head down to this south part of the bay area, really, just beyond but still santa cruz. beach boardwalk there were you open just about an hour ago. at this point, only people from california are allowed in masks are required here as well. yes even when you're on the rides between eight and 12 rides will be open every day, and they'll be shut down from time to time to allow for extra cleaning. esther encouraged to make reservations before coming to the boardwalk because attendance here is limited to 25% of normal capacity still to come this noontime, the push continues to get more children back into the classroom. the update from state superintendent tony thurman plus yours return to court. i'm jeff paul in minneapolis. i've it's another warm day out here
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in the bay area, maybe even hot for some communities, but changes changes are indeed coming. we're going to check in with meteorologist mark tamayo, who has the forecast for your neighborhood.
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charmin super mega roll is 6 rolls in 1 and lasts so much longer you don't always have to worry about the roll running out. i'm glad you were rescued, dad. me too. it was a huge relief. enjoy the go with charmin. guaranteed to fit or your money back. morning on san pablo. road right near may road. the chp says an elderly man was hit by
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a car and died there at the scene. we do have calls into police as well as the chp for more information about the driver involved. it's the fourth day of testimony in the murder trial of derrick show vin george floyd's girlfriend, courtney ross is taking the stand today was an emotional day in the courtroom yesterday as prosecutors laid out george floyd's final moments. reporter jeff paul brings us this story. another day of testimony is underway in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvet. miss ross. did you know george boy? jurors returned to the courtroom after learning more about the final moments of george floyd's life? yesterday prosecutors played body cam video. of floyd's arrest. okay on wednesday, jurors heard from charles mcmillan, who was on the sidewalk. employed struggle with police. he broke down as he watched officers attempt. to
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force floyd into the squad car. i'm trying to tell him just cooperate wouldn't get up. if you can't get in the car, go with them. you can win. earlier in the day jurors heard from a convenience store clerk who suspected floyd had handed him a $20 counterfeit bill to buy cigarettes. the incident setting in motion the events of the day, 19 year old christopher martin said he took the bill despite knowing it was possibly fake. i took it anyways, and i was playing to just put it on my time until i second guessed myself. meanwhile, a key witness who was with george floor and on the day he died, has told the court he will invoke the fifth amendment if asked to testify. they had been. county public defender's office filed the notice on behalf of maurice lester hall hall was with floyd in the carmen police approached him for allegedly using a counterfeit bill in minneapolis. jeff paul ktvu, fox two news
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and a quick reminder you can watch the derrick show open trial live uninterrupted on ktvu dot com and the ktvu news app. the number of americans applying for unemployment, ben. if it's ros last week, 719,000 people filed for first time claims, which is up by 61,000 in california. claims also rose with more than 105,000 new claims since the pandemic began last march. california unemployment claims have been at about 100,000 for 50 of the last 54 weeks. economists say many employers are still cutting jobs even as more businesses reopen. the labor department releases the monthly. employment report. come tomorrow. if you haven't been outside on this thursday, now is the time but if you're smart, like mark tamayo is you probably want to find some shade this noontime. yeah that's a good point fat guys. you got this little umbrella going on to, uh, to help out with the shade that this afternoon because, yeah. if you're in that direct sunshine, it feels way warmer than it really is. so obviously it is a
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warm day. most neighborhoods will be in the eighties this afternoon. but still, if you're in the sunshine, it could feel like it's in the nineties. but you could see here's the plan for today. another warm forecast beaches. in the seventies around the bay, lower eighties, the inland spots on 86 87 degrees, so the possibility of some records yesterday we had a couple records to report in the salinas and sfo and today temperatures a good 10 to 20 degrees above the average so possible records for today, you can see here. all these within striking distance, but livermore could be breaking a record santas they possibly could be tied a record later on this afternoon satellite those showing something different today compared to yesterday, and that is the fall. bank which is drifting closer to our coastline, so this will definitely be here, probably by tonight and into early tomorrow morning, but it just does. it's a difference within a few hours could have a huge difference with the huge impact on temperatures. so with that you want to keep those temperatures warm across the entire bay area. speaking of temperatures right
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now, the 12 o'clock numbers the warm spots already in the lower eighties out toward liver, mort. san jose checking and 78. oakland a nice, 73 san francisco downtown in the upper sixties. here's a live camera looking above san francisco out toward the presidio out toward golden gate bridge and the marin headlands and not a chance of any fog forming for today, at least for this afternoon, we have lots of clear skies and great weather for the season opener for the a's playing the astros later on this evening. temperatures will be in the upper sixties around 68 to 70 degrees by first pitch and a bit of a breeze with winds around 15 miles an hour of a great weather for the opener for tonight. here is the plan, though the syrian five pressure sticking around for one more day that being today so the last warm eighties, we wr friday and into the weekend and the chances of rainfall we're talking about. for next week, those air kind of fading away from monday we had a chance for monday against the slight chance for right now. but that looks like decreasing shower
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chances. unfortunately as we head into next week, here we go that will bring in some more clouds by friday, and it's a saturday and some cooler air will be moving in as well as we head into the weekend. today, though, it's still very warm upper seventies to the eighties, mid to upper eighties this afternoon by about three or four o'clock and look ahead your five day we begin to cool things off for your friday a bit of a breeze definitely cooling things off into the weekend, and just some clouds on monday like to bring in some rain check. just as well these for right now we're gonna hold back on those, or at least minimize the chances. but of course, things could change between now and then would be nice to have some more rain back in the bay area. yeah. mark frank. you coming up here at noon, the cdc is released some new guidelines for the upcoming easter and passover holidays. the warning about celebrations and the good news for people deserve. her. ther thy
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commemorates the last supper of jesus christ and celebrates the establishment of the eucharist. the church of the holy sepulcher in jerusalem, which ss observing holy week. the service always happens on holy thursday, which leads up to get friday and easter sunday. the cdc wants you to avoid large crowds and don't invite any visitors over for easter or passover celebrations unless everyone is vaccinated new guy. it's released this week also encourages you to celebrate
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outdoors in a well ventilated area. it says. everyone should also wear a mask and socially distance, the agency says. fully vaccinated, people can gather with others who are fully vaccinated without mass. people in the south bay are rallying in support of the asian american community after another racist attack. ah group of demonstrators gathered at the north side library in santa clara last night following an incident involving a 12 year old girl sunday. the girl was walking a dog when a woman pointed at her and called her a racial slur. the girl ran home crying. our children are everybody's children, and so we support each other. and so it's very disconcerting to know that this happened because it could have been any of our children that this happened to santa clara city councilwoman also went to visit the girl personally telling her family they have the support of the entire community. the video is offering a look at the ongoing crisis at the us mexico border. border agents released video of smugglers lowering two children from ecuador over a barrier in
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new mexico and then running away, they found the toddler in her five year old sister brought them to a local border patrol station for a medical checkup. the children were cleared and are now the custody of customs and border protection. in some other cases, parents have been denied access have dropped their children off, hoping they'd be placed with relatives. defense department avail to new policies regarding transgender people who meet military standards. they can now openly serve in their self identify gender. the announcement comes as president biden issued the first presidential proclamation recognizing international transgender day of visibility. defense secretary lloyd austin supports the changes, telling lawmakers that eligibility for service members. shouldn't depend on gender. if you're fit, and you're qualified to serve and you can maintain the standards you should be allowed to serve. secretary austin is also called for a review of service records to look at members who were either discharged or denied re enlistment because of their gender identity. grocery store
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workers and conquered are now getting hazard pay. the congress city council adopted the ordinance unanimously on tuesday. it applies to large grocery stores at the safeway in trader joe's that employed more than 300 workers nationwide. the hazard pays $5 an hour it will last for 120 days, or until contra costa county moves into the yellow tear conquer, joins other bear area cities, including oakland, san leandro in san jose, adopting similar measures still becoming more bay area children heading back to the classroom and update from the state superintendent of public instruction about in person learning statewide. endit update from the city of san francisco was it expands vaccine eligibility to those 50 and older what san francisco leaders have to say about supply astra. of the job. and joo
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vaccine after a problem at a manufacturing plant in baltimore. ray bogan brings us the latest developments. drugmaker johnson and johnson announcing a set back with its covid-19 vaccines, saying a batch of its vaccines are ruined because of a mistake at a manufacturing plant. people should have been distributed to us and have been administered did not come from that plant, so this is not
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related in any way to any of the j and j doses that people have already gotten. the delay comes as president biden announced vaccine distributions are being expanded. two more americans and urged people to get their shots. please this is not politics. starting today. the administration has also unveiling its first television advertisements designed to encourage americans to get vaccinated. let's protect our lives with vaccines we could trust so we can embrace what matters most way want every adult in the united states to sign up and get vaccinated when they can and when it's their turn. because that's what will make us strong, but it's not all bad news on the vaccination front. this week, fizer announced its vaccine is shown to be 100% effective in children ages. 12 to 15. basesno have available. it looks like this vaccine is going to be just as effective in this age
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group as it has been shown in adults so far. despite the j and j set back, there is one significant sign of progress. major league baseball is opening its new season today, and ballparks are allowing at least some fans in the stands. ray bogan, ktvu, fox two news. starting today. california residents 50 and older are now eligible to receive a covid-19 vaccine. gavin newsom said he would wait until it was his turn to get the vaccine, and today he became eligible. governor is 53 years old. he received the johnson and johnson vaccine in southern california, the governor says, starting april 15 those who are 16 years old and older, are will or will be eligible to make appointments. we've come so far together, and we're this close. 18 plus million vaccine doses have been administered in the state of california on lee, six other nations in the world in the world can lay claim to that many doses being administered to their populations. but supply is
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limited and some counties say they're having trouble keeping up with demand. santa clara county public health web sites as vaccination sites are full, and there are no new appointments available because of a lower than expected supply of vaccine. san francisco mayor london breed says an overwhelming majority of adults in the city could receive their first vaccine shot by the middle of next month. mayor breed says 80% of san franciscans above the age of 16 could possibly be vaccinated by men bay, she says. that could happen as long as the city continues to receive vaccines at the rate it's expecting over the next few weeks. by this weekend, it's expected that 50% of adults in the city will be vaccinated. we're moving right along, but we also have to remind ourselves that this is not over. we are still in a pandemic. we still need to be cautious around others wearing our mask, socially distance and
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following the health guidelines in a way that is going to keep our safe. let's keep us safe and keep our numbers down. as of today about 46% of san franciscans have received at least one dose of the vaccine to the east bay in contra costa county, where there's now a high demand for vaccine appointment since the county expanded eligibility to anyone 16 years and older ktvu andre senior tells us that county health leaders are urging people to be patient when trying to find of an appointment. i feel great. i'm happy. i'm relieved and grateful to be here at contra costa county's first mass vaccination side in concord, wednesday, people lined up to finally get inoculated against covid-19. they have a lot of people here today, and they're doing a fantastic job getting everybody through. we told you tuesday that health officials announced anyone 16 and older who lives or works and contra costa county can sign up for the vaccine by calling the county or through its website we had over 30,000 people sign up for appointments overnight. and more coming in the problem. not
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everyone is able to get through. we take a certain number of calls and a certain number of messages through our phone line every day, and then we and then we stopped. the counties website is also having a problem keeping up, says kima carl, with contra costa county health services for those able to register, she tells us that some users are not getting an email confirmation after signing up. for those who don't you should go to your appointment anyway. you will. that appointment will be there for you. so that's i think a really, really important point, the other important issue to note, she says, is that the registration system is not first. come first serve, even after registering the system weeds through those at higher risk on the back end. it allows us to make sure that we're serving our hardest hit historically marginalized communities and making sure those folks get appointments. health officials say the county has enough vaccine for those who want but is asking the public for one thing, so it's moving fast. it's just not moving as fast as people wanted to, um and so again, i'll just
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say it really takes patients. so to give you an idea of just how many appointments are coming in to the contra costa county health services department, but carl said on wednesday during a one hour period 1500 people booked appointments and that's out of 10,000 appointments at the county has left for the next seven days. have a new allotment after that, so as you can see those appointments coming in fast and furiously, i'm andre senior ktvu fox two news. new details about fully vaccinated people who still get the coronavirus. doctors say normally, it's not a severe illness. they also add once we reach herd immunity with 70 to 80% of people vaccinated. these so called. breakthrough infections will be rare, but because so many people are either waiting or deciding not to get vaccinated, herd immunity may be delayed. health officials say the real danger here is not being protected from those variants. where you have relaxed social measures. people aren't running their mouths. you have virus piri ins's and you have not very
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many people, not enough people taking up the back seat. breakthrough infections also occur with other common vaccines, including for chicken pox, the flu and hepatitis. so doctors say, continue to wash your hands where those mass and social distance. was the first day of school for thousands of students in santa rosa. they headed back to campus for the first time in more than a year. this includes all students from kindergarten through sixth grade, but not all of them will be in the classroom. every day. students will be split in schedules where everyone has two days in class and then three days of remote learning. some students are also heading back today in milpitas, the unified school district, there is beginning its hybrid learning plan about a third of milpitas elementary school students and ninth graders are person learning optionhools aren back on campus for the second half of the day, starting at 12 15, the principle of william burnett elementary said that precautions and adjustments have been made across the school to help keep students safe. there's a lot fewer kids in the classroom. most of our
12:37 pm
classrooms can accommodate only 10. kids on maintain succeed of social distancing, rather than having several kids that at a table, which we would typically have, it's one kid per table. they have all their own supplies. no shared supplies. there's a shield up at every desk, sixth graders were able to start in person learning a week and a half ago, administrators say, gave him a chance to make any necessary adjustments to their safetymeitg outside the fremont district office is pushing administrators to reopen schools there. the current plan doesn't allow for in person learning and freeman until the next school year, the union had been asking for a 33% pay increase is part of its negotiations with the district. talks have fallen through and by not returning earlier, the superintendent says the district will lose roughly $9 million in state funding. state superintendent tony thurman along with some school administrators across california, are sharing stories of progress as students return to the classroom. thurman hosted a virtual briefing this morning as part of the state education department's ongoing effort to support s in
12:38 pm
person instruction. the superintendent of the napa valley unified school district opened up on seven months of hybrid learning, adding that covid cases have been rare. the transmission was really outside of the school environment. so i'm here to talk kind of speak as your california, northern california proof point that if you adhere to the mitigation strategies kindergarten tk through 12th grade. i'm your students can be safe. your staff can be safe and we've been able to provide that in person instruction since october through all of those strategies. and dr barbara namco, the superintendent of napa county, was also on the call and highlighted the saint helene, a district where 98% of students are safely back on campus full time in san francisco embattled school board member allyson collins announced that she is finally in a lawsuit against the district and five colleagues for tensmillions of dollars. ktvu is deborah villalon reports. how grateful i am for all the love and support school
12:39 pm
board member allyson collins is being called on to resign by virtually every san francisco politician. after tweets surface from before her election, suggesting asian americans benefit by white supremacy on a stereotype of being the model minority. she apologized but said her words were taken out of context. in this rally with supporters, collins is now defiant, calling the campaign against her a toxic political attack. i am a black woman. i'm a mother. i'm an educator, all of these legacies mean that i have no choice but to fight and fight in court. collins attorney waving a lawsuit just filed a written apology that they misunderstood her words that the words were not racist. the suit seeks some $80 million in damages from the district and five fellow board members. who removed collins as vice president and from committees. she wants those rolls restored
12:40 pm
within a week. they have a choice in seven days. they can do what we've suggested. and then this lawsuit gets threat. it goes away. the turmoil comes as school board members face a recall dr blamed for doing too little to get classrooms reopened as the pandemic east. collins backers say her tweets were unearthed as part of that campaign who dug out these tweets and cruz. chose to be opportunistic to push a political agenda, and supporters say collins rankled people by pushing for equity, namely the recent switch of lowell high school to lottery admission, the reason why they picking on her because guess why?ower lawsuit claims violation of due process and free speech. do not let me or anyone else be swept under the rug. canceled or dismissed for speaking truth to power, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two
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news coming up at noon. it's been a pretty dry year so far with some storms in the sierra. we'll take a look at how much snow was falling. his crews do their latest snow survey. but then again, have you been outside? you have to go this afternoon. it's so nice and warm because cooler weather is coming our way. ktvu meteorologists that has a look at our full forecast, including at our full forecast, including the weekend up ahead. does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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reward athletes who played division one football and basketball and as kevin corke reports, several justices on the high court came across as sympathetic the student athletes, but serious questions linger about the path forward. it's an argument you often hear inside barbershops and classrooms will now it's playing out at the u. s supreme court should division one college athletes receive financial compensation for more than 100 years. that distinct character of college sports. has been that it's played by students who are amateurs, which is to say that they are not paid for their play. on wednesday, the high court heard from and questioned seth waxman, who was representing the nce a in a case. brought by a group of former college athletes who say current rules violate antitrust law. waxman argued the association is defined by
12:45 pm
amateur quality, meaning student athletes are not paid to play in their questions, both liberal and conservative justices on the court appeared to take issue with wax mons arguments. any trust laws should not be a cover for exploitation of the student athletes. so that is a concern of overarching concern here. theater knee for the former student athletes said players should be rewarded for their hard work and compensation would be life changing. still some justices had concerns about the impact compensation would have and if bigger, more profitable schools would have an advantage to attract the best athletes. like a game of jenga. you've got this nice, solid block that protects the sort of product the schools want to provide. and you pull af a sudden the whole thing's come comes crashing down. a decision in this case is expected before the end of june one that a lot
12:46 pm
of people will be watching very carefully in washington. i'm kevin corke fox news. golden state warriors forward draymond green says female athletes need to stop complaining about the gender pay gap and start taking action. green speaking with reporters yesterday, said women need to say which companies claim to support them, but actually don't green says he's turned down requests of public service announcements calling for empowering women because he doesn't believe the company's actually practice what they're encouraging others to do. some female athletes have called out green, saying they have been asking for more resource is marketing dollars and investment. players and coaches. fourth snowpack survey of the season was taken today. up in the sierra. the team from the california department of water resource is measured the snow depth and water content and philip station of highway 50. so depth was 49ers a half inches. the snow water content was 21. that's 82% of average for this date at that location. statewide the water content of the overall snow pack is at 59% of average team
12:47 pm
says the numbers show that the state is looking at another dry year. with below average precipitation statewide california's reservoirs continue to show the impacts due to dry conditions. lake oroville is currently at 53% of average, and lake shasta, which is california's largest surface water reservoir is at 65% of average. yeah. sierra snowpack supplies about a third of all of california's water. well we wish those numbers were a little bit higher. but speaking of higher numbers, as we bring in mark tamayo, possibly some record temperatures out there for a few cities. yeah that's right. mike pompeo for the second day in a row, we are talking about record heat here in the bay area yesterday, the two locations salinas and sfo, and i think we'll have a few kind of within striking distance. so yeah, no rainfall to speak of. we're talking about temperatures well up above the average and. as you know, it has been a dry stretch nearly two weeks now, basically
12:48 pm
two weeks since we've hadcent of averages continue to come down you and that santa rosa number for the season so far, 12.82 inches is to put that in perspective, the average a number would be around 32 inches, so we are well below average in terms of rainfall here is, you know. and also in the sierra snowpack. hopefully we could add at least a little bit of some more rain and some snow as we head into april possible records once again today, seventies and eighties. that means temperatures a good 10 to 20 degrees above the average and as i mentioned kind of a sampling here off a few cities that could be within striking distance, especially livermore. that could be a record this afternoon, and san jose that could be tying a record later on todaye actuallyg fog bank offshore, that'll grad so that coupled with that onshore breeze will lead to that. the cooler friday forecast and that temperature drop will continue
12:49 pm
into the weekend as well. right now it is 69 degrees in san francisco. lots of seventies for santa rosa walnut creek, 76. livermore 81. even free month one site showing you 81 degrees. here's a live camera above san francisco. clear skies over the golden gate bridge and the marin headlands. so another warm day today and today is basically the last of the sequence but still greater whether to get outside for the season. an opener for the a's of this evening. we are expecting mostly clear skies and temperatures close to the 70 degree mark, so warm start baseball season here in the bay area storms rack is still anchored off shore up pushing all the storms up to the north. so with that today, the last warm day what about rain chances yesterday we're talking about the fairly good chance on monday, the latest of models kind of backing off on those that chances so least for right now, early next week, we'll bring in cooler temperatures and some more clouds but in terms of significant rainfall unfortunately, not showing up in the forecast. we're just talking about that cool down for friday and into the weekend
12:50 pm
with the sun cloud mix for both saturday and also as we head into easter sunday highs this afternoon warm spots in the mid to even the upper eighties. warm thursday san jose 80 sea temperatures approaching the mid eighties and simpson san francisco in the upper seventies. so we begin to cool things off for tomorrow and then more cooling into the weekend and just some clouds into early next week by monday and a hook we eventually april, bringing some more storms typically released. talk about the couple systems that movement for this month and hopefully that'll be the cases. we kind of look ahead over the next couple weeks. all right, mark. thank you. for that. google is setting new work from home guidelines as it speeds up plans to get staffers back into the office employees will now be able to start returning offices in a limited capacity this month that, according to a memo released yesterday. all employees who prefer to work remotely. we'll also be able to do so until september, whichanne expected, though to show up in person three days a week. starting september 1st. vice
12:51 pm
president kamila harris is set to visit the bay area next week. the white house says the vice president will be in oakland on monday, focusing on topics ranging from water infrastructure to small businesses. today vice president harris and her husband traveled to los angeles. that's where they'll stay through easter sunday still to come in noon, more family friendly attractions are reopening as the state reports fewer covid cases. what's happening this weekend out at tilden park for the popular steam train.
12:52 pm
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this year... let's bring. on. spring. use your phone to grow a garden. rent tools from the world's biggest toolbox. have an idea then have it delivered. with more ways to bring your fresh ideas to life... this is doing like never before. this is today's home depot. how doers get more done.
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this is doing like never before. what caused tiger woods. serious suv crash in late february, but they won't be releasing those details. the l. a county sheriff's department says it's an issue of privacy and the agency would need would permission to release the information. golfing great was badly injured in that february 23rd crash when he hit a median
12:55 pm
crossed through to oncoming lanes and hit a tree. wood is in florida recovering from his injuries here at home. san francisco police have released some surveillance video of one of two break ins at wine shops in the city's russian hill neighborhood. some expensive bottles of italian wine was stolen from two wine shops, the burglary at the wine boutique beyond the vino two weeks ago, was caught on surveillance tape. men can be seen using a crowbar and a blow torch to break in through the door. last week, someone used a crowbar to break into habibi bar on hyde street and stole 65 bottles of wine. high end italian, specifically barolo barbaresco, which generally retail's. for anywhere from 82 $500 a bottle is this someone in the wine world who is taking these and plugging them into their own inventory? police haven't said if the two cases are related, the final dinner service for a family favorite milpitas baja cactus mexican restaurant is closing its doors after more than 35 years in business, ktvu
12:56 pm
azenith smith talked with customers who lined up for one final meal. driving down, not at of restaurants or shops, but one restaurant in particular, has been thriving for years. baja cactus on wednesday people found down on facebook. it's closing. somebody posted that this'll is the last day baja cactus is going to be open, so i changed my dinner plans and had to come down and get my chicken and mellitus one more time. longtime customer gave them a nice tip as a thank you for being a milpitas for so long, another longtime patron, rushed down to double his usual order. they grew up with us, and we grew up with them. so it zta part of our family open since 1985 by a family cuisine t region, now, second generation family members operate it.
12:57 pm
they're often in the kitchen or serving customers remember having a birthday dinner? here once for my dad. gosh this had to be 35 years ago. she's no longer with us mariachi music playing in the background chairs, the place filled with memories and tradition. it feels like home. you got the old time, phil. you know, there's a lot of mexican restaurants in the bay area, but this one is, you know, small and cozy again. you know, it kind of reminds you of you know the old times the pandemic has led to the demise of many restaurants, but not this one. the owner says the build. has new ownership and isn't renewing their lease, leaving locals in disbelief. we don't have a favorite mexican spot anymore where it's just so sad. i think the worst thing you ever happened to us is this place closing for its last night? dinner service was supposed to end at eight in the evening. lots of people stayed well past that building the place very well. thank you very
12:58 pm
much for all the years of good food and good company on and i'm gonna cry now. azenith smith ktvu fox two news historic hotel at the san francisco presidio is back. open the end of the presidio will welcome back guess after being closed for nearly a year because of the pandemic. it was built in 1903 and originally used as bachelor officer's quarters when the presidio was a military post when the presidio became a national park, the building was turned into a hotel, which opened exactly nine years ago today. because of the possible need to get a booster shot. people being told not to laminate there. covid-19 vaccine cards if you want to have a laminated vaccine card during told, eliminate a copy of your original car than keep that original in a safe place. in case you do need to have additional shots added to it in the future. some office supply stores, including office depot and staples, are offering to laminate the cards for free. one of my favorite things to do in berkeley, the steam trains until then, park are now open again after being closed during
12:59 pm
the pandemic, the little trains have been operating for about 70 years here, but they were closed for months due to the pandemic. but now the steam trains in tilden park will re open on weekends from 11 a.m. to six p.m. and on weekdays from 11 a.m. to five p.m. course we still have to wear a face mask and you have to observe proper physical, distancing some animals at the london zoo celebrated easter a little bit early this year. today, several animals including monkeys and meerkats, were able to take part in the zoos. annual easter egg hunt. zookeepers hit treats in easter eggs hanging them from branches inside the animals enclosures while u. k zoos have been closed visitors due to the pandemic. many are scheduled to reopen on april. 12 you don't have to go to london. no gas here, right? oakland, san francisco, those user open and. ready for business. oakland and san francisco animals were getting treatsks fr joining us today again. the weather is gorgeous, outside. nice and warm, sunshine. go get it. we'll be back here with your next newscast coming up before this afternoon. when you stay with us, you'll see dr oz and we'll find you on the ktvu
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and we'll find you on the ktvu dr. oz: coming up next, it was a chilling 9-1-1 call, shannon gilbert reportedly claiming, they're trying to kill me. how the search for her revealed the possible burial grounds of a serial killer. could your phone save lives? >> you can locate your loved ones. dr. oz: cutting edge apps that protect you and your family. >> you can do check-ins so you know they made it there. dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime.


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