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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  March 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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we know about the two people who were wounded and for the first time the entire bay area's out of the purple tear easing restrictions for restaurants, movie theaters and retail. this is ktvu fox two news at six and good evening to you. i'm andre sr, and i'm heather holmes. both frank and julie are off tonight. police in oakland investigating two shootings that assigned show last night. yeah, that sideshow was one of two in oakland last night. ktvu greg liggins talkto, a resident and council member about. this persistent problem, greg yeah, andre to be clear. this is not just a problem in oakland. it's happening in san
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jose and other cities around the bay area, but in oakland, it seems to have escalated and gunfire is bringing added danger. a quick search and social media post of side shows in oakland are easy to find, such as this one taken late saturday posted on youtube. come to oakland, california, baby gunshot, somebody shooting in oakland city council member confirms two men were shot and wounded early sunday during a sideshow near 98th avenue and international victims are reported to be in stable condition and are not considered innocent. bystanders my understanding is that the two who were injured were participating in the sideshow on beyonce occurred that lead to the gunfire, a lifelong oakland resident says he's frustrated by what he calls complete lawlessness. it's gotten worse has gotten worse because they know they can get away with it. they know. all
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they have to do is outnumber the police, oakland police have a task force to address the problem and have been confiscating vehicles for 30 days, which has provided evidence. many sideshow participants are outsiders. there is firm evidence from the cars that are being told and other stops that are made when pursuing side shows that many folks are not from the city council member. taylor says the city needs a multi pronged approach to solve the problem and is looking at using improved intelligence to anticipate gatherings and respond faster. the city is also looking at harsher penalties, the oakland or we spoke with says his solution is simple and effective. you get kind of a side show. spinning out doughnuts. you lose your car. you don't get your car back. you on the bus now changing infrastructure is also something being pondered, such as adding dividers mediums around abouts, an area's ripe for side shows, pushing the problem into low enforcement. uninhabited areas once considered may no longer be an
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option. now that side shows are bringing gunfire. clearly there are safety challenges when you have guns that are being shot and fired off. multiple rounds during a sideshow, no matter where you are, that is not safe. that is not something that we want to condone or allowed to occur. now, councilman taylor says sideshow enforcement has been limited lately due to budget constraints. but he says the federal relief bill is going to be providing some new money that should help add additional resource is for enforcement, andre. all right, greg liggins. thank you so much tonight. or not, we'll look at the weather and rain moving on. sure this is a look at the golden gate bridge toll plaza, slick roads. the headlights are on. this is part of a system moving through northern california right now. and ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin is here with a look at this wet weather system bill. yeah i'm getting a little bit more rain.
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it's kind of cold weather system. it's not gonna bring a lot of rain, santa rosa's had the bulk of their reign and they got up to about a quarter of an inch. thus far, they'll get a few more light showers. most of us have seen anywhere from 500 to 1/10 of 1/10 of an inch of rain. we could see anywhere from a quarter inch and some areas like a prawn gender and the russian river. i saw a half inch of rain. but it's pretty light for the most part. what you see outside right now is what you get. so there's a live picture. let's go look at the live radar. right just so you see exactly where it's raining and you look at the yellow areas representing the heavier rainfall in those areas were saying quarter inch a rate and our rainfall rates quarter inch an hour, which is a significant but short lived so, sandra phil, you're getting some significant yellows or moderate rainfall right now. richmond, oakland, san leandro as well. and then out walnut creek, braga. you see some yellows around oakland and then alameda, so you could see the distribution of this is that the edge of that when i pulled back their sandals, they will go a little further south here and you could see sounds. they did not seeing much of
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anythingll all the way out, what do you see out and you'll see the last two hours, so see where it's going. so it's kind of is winding down. it's a very short lived system. it appears mountains have a winter storm warning. we will see a window. advisory in effect in the hills over the next 24 hours or so i'll get to that when i could see you guys next with the five day forecast and the computer model, all right, bill. thank you. well today for the very first time the entire bay area is now in the red tier of the state's reopening plan, as contra costa and sonoma counties ease restrictions there. katie is james doris sells us tonight. it is a first for sonoma county, which has been in purple up until today, 10% is not perfect, but it works. 10% is the magic number for jim's in sonoma county, a county allowing partial reopening for the first time in nearly a year. i'm just like still upset that it took this long for
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jim's to reopened, even though that we have already proven 9 10 months ago that we can operate safely for 100,000. peoe can now enter the red tier of california's re opening system. sonoma county meets that threshold as results. restaurants have the green light to open for indoor dining way came in. they had expected this sit outside, and when he told me that we can come inside, i was complaining a lot like very excited. welcome news for locals and tourists, according to county tourism data travel in the area decreased by 60% in 2020 like oh, my god, the rest are set up. it's a real now small businesses are ready and a static to partially welcome people back. it's everything super excited about the change, especially with due to weather. i'm definitely excited. just move moving forward. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news,
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sacramento county could soon follow the bay area with a move into the red tear. the state capital is expected to move out of the most restrictive purple tear wednesday. and that would allow sacramento county restaurants to resume indoor dining at 25% capacity and the county's popular museums would be allowed to open their doors to visitors once again. it is arrested for people. it's a place to remove yourself from the stresses of your day from the world and not being able to have that sense of escape. i think has really been hard for everyone. sacramento county is among the growing number of areas across california, where there has been a sharp decline and covid-19 cases over recent weeks. there has also been a dramatic rise in vaccinations. well starting tomorrow, an estimated 4.4 million people in california will be added to the list of those eligible to receive the covid vaccine. they would include people between the ages of 16 and 64 with
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disabilities or underlying health conditions such as cancer and diabetes will join the people 65 older and those in high risk jobs, who are already eligible to be vaccinated. those eligible should contact their health care provider right away to book an appointment for a shot. here's a look now at the vaccine rollout so far, according to the cdc. nationwide almost 70 million people across the country have received at least one vaccine dose that's out of the 135 million distributed here in california, roughly eight million people have received at least one shot out of the 16 million doses distributed in our state. well tomorrow, the san matteo city council will consider adopting a measure to pay certain workers hazard paid. the ordinance requires that certain grocery stores and drugstores pay their workers an additional $5 an hour is compensation for their service during the covid-19 pandemic. the move comes as the california grocers association%y
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over mandates for hazard pay during the pandemic for grocery store workers. the lawsuit against daly city and san jose says the extra pay mandates are illegal because he single out grocery stores in california grocers association. such pay hikes will ultimately hurt customers and workers and could force layoffs. well, doctor anthony fauci issued a strong warning to americans today about staying vigilant against covid-19. yeah. do you have a baseline of infection that is quite high. and if you look at the numbers, we're not out of the woods yet. when you pull back on all mitigation methods on all public health guidelines, that's when you get into trouble and history has proven that christmas, dr fauci said people should continue to follow public health guidelines. oh he does agree with president binds prediction that every american adult should be eligible for vaccine by. may
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1st coming up tonight, details on how in east bay community is banding together to try to help raise money for a toddler recently diagnosed with leukemia, plus a late winter storm is creating problems in the west, midwest and headed east. i'm alicia acuna ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪
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democratically on capitol hill are not trying to drum up support for their next big plan as fox is mark. smart assed fox. excuse me, mark meredith reports. it's an infrastructure package, also, with an estimated price tag of $2 trillion in the days ahead, president biden is expected to urge congress to spend billions, if not more money investing in infrastructure. the question now becomes will congress get onboard infrastructure is normally an issue. both parties are willing to work. gone, or at least talk about. republicans are likely to question the cost, though, especially after congress spent nearly two trillion on the latest stimulus bill. democrats though, will likely push forward with their plan as they control both the house and senate. still house speaker nancy pelosi says a bipartisan bill is possible. so i put out the called upon my chairs of the committees of jurisdiction. to reach out to the republicans
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to see what we can do, as we have traditionally done in a bipartisan way. this is about broadband adverts about water systems. it's about mass transit. it's about good paying jobs all over the countries like the stimulus. the republicans may argue any future bill will contain too much money for democratic priorities. some republicans are already speaking out against any potential tax hikes, and conservatives may have issue with any climate change provisions included. still some gop lawmakers say they are eager to hear what the white house lays out or up when we get more than 10 republicans, the president wants to work with us. we want to work with them. i don't know what the top line number is going to be, but we need a robust plan. that's for sure. but we gotta pay for it now. as for how the administration may approach congress, and when that still needs to be worked out, and we expect will learn a lot more about the administration's efforts later on this week in washington, mark meredith fox news. the department of homeland security has instructed fema to help shelter
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and transfer undocumented migrants or excuse me. miners at the us mexico border. homeland security secretary alla 100 by yorkis says the move will help children get out of immigration detention centers and in the care of health and human services. it is not clear where exactly the children will be housed. but the vacant property at the former moffett field naval station and mountain view is reportedly one of a handful of sites that could be used. former fema coordinator mark tamayo described what that housing would look like. similar to hard sided tense that we use for different field hospitals, command and control centers during disasters and they're going to open up those facilities but to do that they need a number of different agencies. private contractors all moving in the same direction. according to the u. s refugee office of the department of health and human services. there were reportedly 8500 miners in its shelters last week and an additional 3500 and border patrol stations
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waiting to be transferred. ah fund raiser was held in the east bay today for two year old and young boy who is fighting leukemia. the raffle fundraiser was for ballast story boards for the bella story, family farms art and wine festival was helped raise money for little adrian joseph. rodriguez the boy's family is trying to raise money to help them get by for the next few months as the boy undergoes chemotherapy and other treatment. the family runs a food truck and cannot work right now because of exposure to covid-19, and that could force a stop to the boy's treatment. their home and now we deliver food to them, and they can't come out because if they get exposed, they will not allow him even exposed. they will not allow him to have chemo. well, so far, the go fund me has raised nearly $10,000 toward a $45,000 gold. they tell us that the boy is now in remission, but he will continue to have chemo treatments to make sure he is fully healthy. well san
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francisco fashion designer jessica mcclintock has died, according to the chronicle, mcclintock report. leak died peacefully in her sleep last month, mcclintock started out with a dress store called gunny sacks in 19 seventies in a few years later became well known around the world for her line of formal gowns. mcclintock was 90 years old. a memorial celebration is planned for later this year in san francisco. all right. the average price of gas in the u. s jumped 25 cents a gallon over the past three weeks to $2.89 industry analysts. the lundberg survey says the price bike is due to the higher cost of crude oil, the lingering effect of last month's power outages in texas and surging prices on credits for renewable fuel the country's highest average price for a gallon of gas is right here in the bay area at $3.86, the lowest average price is $2. 48 cents in baton rouge, louisiana. well a late season winter storms, bringing heavy
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snow and creating dangerous travel conditions across the rockies and parts of the west. the severe weather is causing concern for travelers both on the roads and in the air. fox is lacey a cognac reports now from denver. more than seven million americans are under winter weather alerts as a powerful storm takes aim at the central rockies and western plains, part of colorado reported several inches of snow on saturday, and the snow continues to fall with the official start of spring, just one week away. some folks enjoyed the last bit of winter before warm weather settles in. we can't get enough of it. this is one of the reasons why we're here in estes and. just we're rooting for more and more, but it wasn't fun for everyone. the late season storm left some people stranded while traveling for their spring break getaways about 2000 flights in and out of denver international airport were canceled over the weekend. our flight was canceled. her flight from california was canceled. the national weather service has issued blizzard
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warnings in parts of wyoming and western nebraska were up to two ft of snow and white out conditions could make travel nearly impossible if you want be safe and we want our community meetings. the safe is that it can be. please stay home. meanwhile multiple tornadoes reportedly touched down in the texas panhandle. texans were told to stay indoors and off the roads is high winds and thunderstorms swept through power lines were down. tractor trailers were flipped over and baseball sized hail was reported in one county. the state is now in recovery mode, but more thunderstorms in light rain are expected in the coming days. the storm is expected to weaken as it moves east dumping freezing rain in parts of the midwest and central appalachians by tuesday morning in denver police yakult nya fox news. oh and wind advisory will go into effect tonight through tomorrow morning. i think the winds could get blowing up to 25 30 miles an hour and on the
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peaks up to 50 miles an hour that says this weather system moves through pretty rapidly after the rain, the winds will kick up. ah winter storm warning is well around the lake tahoe area that stays in effect tonight through tomorrow night, so they're going to get a couple feet of snow foot of snow, maybe a foot and a half, but maybe two, ft two down around kirkwood. those places little southern sierra action on then out on the bay. it's raining, and it's been kind of a light. steady rain. now we've seen up to a quarter of an inch and santa rosa. we've seen up to a half inch farther north along the coast. most of us i suspect over the next few hours as this system slides through are going to see rainfall. accumulations of a 10th of an inch to 2/10 of it. i would think that's most of us and in some areas may get up to three core are four tents or half inch of rain. i think i think that that would be more likely to coastal hills. so while that creek right now, martinez conquered. you're getting some moderate rain san leandro, those yellows, representing some moderate rain, and then you see out in the south bay
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down turd sunnyvale. not too much there yet, but san was a getting ready. i just getting some yellow now, so in san jose didn't pick it out right in here starting to see some rain. so this isn't the system. this isn't the drought breaker for sure. but it's something and there's more coming. as we get down towards the end of the week this week, and you'll see that in the five day forecast, and i could blue piss and look how quickly it's moving along and i'll back it out a little more. you could see the back edge right, so they're behind it. back in here. that's the end of it, so the range should be over the steady rain. should be over in the next few hours, except in the mountains. where is going to hang up, and it's going to probably snow up there all night. that's how they get over a foot of rain. so as we move forward, we're gonna expect tomorrow. pretty much to be partly sunny in the morning hours, and then the afternoon. i think it'll be mostly sunny, overnight lows tonight. down into the forties and mid thirties, the forecast model for tomorrow there's tomorrow or there's tonight. there's the back edge of it. so now here we are seven a.m. tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon.
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tomorrow's a pretty nice day tuesday. pretty nice day. that's the morning. that's the afternoon wednesday starts off pretty nice, but then see the clouds increase as we go into the afternoon, and there's a system out there looks like it wants to bring rain thursday night into friday morning. it's kind of an overnight event is how it looks right now. so your day tomorrow well, like this plenty of sunshine temperatures in the fifties. not that warm. that's a cool air system. so you see the forecast size with that chance of a morning shower generally in the mid fifties. and some upper fifties and no sixties tomorrow, this whole week's gonna be certainly cooler than we've seen. we've had a pretty good run of warm weather for this time of year, and we're going to see temperatures just a little bit cooler. even even on tuesday and wednesday, when it gets into the low sixties s. oh there's let me move that pop the weekend in, but there's thursday night into friday. the showers and then some more clothes on saturday and sunday, and so when you see like clouds like, especially thursday through sunday, certain is a
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potential that something could organize. i got my fingers crossed for that something could organize that. thursday, friday thing could turn into a little more, so let's hope for that. in the meantime, the showers will continue on and off until about midnight. and then that should pretty much be over. i think valley fog might be a little thing in the morning, but that's about it. and then we got a nice day after that. i'll see you back here tonight at 10 and 11, bill. thank you. tomorrow one of the bay area's most popular tourist attractions is real, putting. the national park service is welcoming visitors back to alcatraz island ferries will run from san francisco to the prison known as the rock. although admission is limited to no more than 900 people a day ticket prices run from $25 to $41 and include the price of admission into the cell block, the gift shop and the theater. outdoor areas will also be open. well up. next we'll tell you who walked away with a $2.7 million check for winning the players championship. and how the warriors had one of their
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biggest statement wins of the season today on steph curry's birthday. joe fonzi up next with sports coming up tonight, though, on the 10, o'clock news, new social distancing guidelines could be on the way at 10. why dr anthony fauci believes we could soon produce hd
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losers of four in a row. things didn't look bright for the warriors today as they hosted utah, the team with the best record in the nba, the warriors hoping to celebrate more than steph curry's 33rd birthday, his family designed shoes that he wore today featuring unicorns and butterflies. the waters with good defensive intensity the entire game. kelly who great tips the ball away creates a fast break for the warriors that it's andrew wiggins to curry back the wiggins. nice shooting day for wiggins you put in 28. point warriors played from my head most of the first half final seconds of the half the jazz forget about draymond green green had his 26 career triple double 11 points. 12 rebounds, 12 assists and more good d in the second half is james wiseman blocks down oven. mitchell that gets the warriors off and running. who? breda
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wiseman wiseman off the bench for 16. one of five warriors in double figures. jazz trying to stay close down the stretch down eight here, curry smokes and pass across court to wiggins, who buries the three the words lead back up to 11. they win 1 31 1 19 curries. little guy kanan knows what to do when the cameras are on him on dad's birthday, scavenger hunt. well sunday on one of the most interesting courses on the golf tour can be nerve wracking. and it was justin thomas today was up to the challenge. thomas got himself in contention with a 64 yesterday today chased down leader lee westwood. this was the biggest shot of the day for thomas. he's putting for eagle on the 11th hole. that was the one that vaulted in past westwood. thomas had two birdies and a bogey the rest of the way, and that was enough to edge westwood by a stroke. his 14th tour win. in arizona today. the a's frankie montas made his spring debut and didn't allow a
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run, but the odds were one nothing losers to the white sox. the giants 6 to 3 winners over the diamondbacks, evan longoria and brandon crawford. both had a pair of hits. mike you strip ski had a couple of rb eyes. after 15 years in the same in 20 years in the nfl, our dad, it's finally gonna retire, so they were the same all the time. breeze kids making official what most nfl observers thought would be the case when the saints playoff run came to an end. this year. they're 42 year old dad, drew is retiring. grease goes out as the league's leader and career yards passing and completions in his 20 nfl seasons breeze was voted to the pro bowl, 13 times and lead the saints to a super bowl title after the 2009 season. i think this is the sportscast of cute kids today. that was very nice, but he is going out his kids. they're they're going on a great note welcoming their dad back home, aren't they? absolutely and steph got to have his son their
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first 33rd birthday. yeah. alright, joe. thank you so much. they'll do it for us. we're back for the 10 o'clock news and 11 o'clock news. stay safe out, everybody, and we'll safe out, everybody, and we'll see that later. okay, raj. hand me the #6 torx screwdriver. stop. we can't do this. it's not right. sheldon, you have two choices. either you let him put a bigger hard drive in the tivo, or you delete stuff before we go out of town. but once you open the box, you've voided the warranty. the warranty is a sacred covenant we've entered into with the manufacturer. he offers to stand by his equipment, and we in return agree not to violate the integrity of the internal hardware. this little orange sticker is all that stands between us and anarchy. okay, then we won't touch the hard drive. we'll just erase the first season of battlestar. there. we're outlaws. here you go, leonard. is this going to be big enough? it's perfect.


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