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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 20, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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of people would usually lined the streets of san francisco. but this year, the annual chinese new year parade looked very different. we very resilient. okay so we will we cover and we will celebrate. yet another beloved bay area tradition held virtually because of the coronavirus.
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good evening. i'm kristine or we're done and i'm andre senior san francisco's lunar new year celebration is one of the largest in the world outside of asia, but not this year new attend. ktvu marie naylor joins us live with the changes to the celebration and the impact on businesses. maureen well, andre tonight, people did say goodbye to the year of the rat and hello to the year of the ox, however, i did it virtually. thistles what the saturday evening of san francisco's chinese new year parade usually looks like in february. the dragon dances, lion dances. oh and this is what it looked like this year because of the pandemic. the in person parade was canceled. meeting in union square, no crowds and no floats is totally different, because we don't have that kind of feeling anymore. we don't we don't feel that the way we don't feel the happiness. we don't feel that street fair this you'll be used to be a
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street fair. harlan wong is the parade's director. this very difficult decision to help with the parade. cancel as you can imagine, because this is one of the largest celebration of the chinese new year outside of asia. revelry did go on. but for the first time it was a virtual celebration with pre taped videos and virtual floats airing on tv and online. this is very very, you know. and i don't want to happen again. actually this is video from last year's parade what organizers say concerns about the emerging coronavirus caused a drop in attendance masks were just starting to pop up, but we're not widespread in the crowd's a few weeks before a state wide lockdown would begin this evening, there was still some impromptu celebrations. as evident by what happened in the middle of this interview. it's kind of set. no parade means just one more challenge for business owners in chinatown, the owner of magical ice cream
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says business has dropped 80% pandemic hit, and actually, there's no torch toe coming in chinatown at all. it's just totally you could see like like a ghost town, honestly, the parade director says, like an ox with fortitude and hard work. community all will see this through together. okay patch i suddenly vital and the most important life issues son taiking hong could help everyone. he says. this is an important chinese celebration of culture, and he likens it to a combination of thanksgiving christmas and mardi gras combined. he is hopeful with the current situation that the parade will be able to go on in person next year. andre fingers crossed for that's gonna be a big party next year. it does happen where we thank you so much. there's another unique way to celebrate the lunar new year. you could check out the 11 ft size oxen statue that has been placed around san francisco and oakland. each ox reflects part of the chinese
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culture, they will be on parade until march, 14th and if you missed tonight's ktvu fox to special honoring the year of the ox, the program airs again tomorrow on ktvu plus from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m, and you can watch it any time a ktvu .com/ chinese new year. you attend. san francisco teachers rally down side of city hall tonight, urging the school district to reach an agreement on reopening schools. the two are at odds over the safest way to reopen classrooms, her in person instruction teachers with the united educators of san francisco have proposed a schedule that would provide four half days of in person. instruction in the school district is proposing to days of in person instruction. teachers say they also want to make sure that they'll have support and resource is the to re open safely like having vaccines and personal protective equipment available to educators. we have demanded precautions be taken at the state level as well as the local level, and now we have an
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opportunity to open our school safely. if we have the leadership and the political will to do it safely. teachers and san francisco are expected to be able to make appointments for vaccines in the city starting on wednesday, and in the east bay that rally in oakland today, parents gathering to protest the school board members complaining about parents and students. but now parents say they have shifted their attention. as ktvu greg liggins reports. they want their students to return to the classroom. schools they're still not open. about a dozen parents gathered outside city hall and oakley rallying for the reopening of schools. the protest comes in the wake of oakley's entire school board, resigning after some were overheard making disparaging remarks about parents during a public video stream they thought had gone private. they want to pick hot as. because they want their baby sitters back. one parent called the incident of blessing in
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disguise, saying it exposed what she was feeling felt like our concerns were not addressed. i felt like we weren't being taken serious. i felt like it was way were being ignored. following the resignations, parents have refocused on reopening schools and say the school board incident. was a teaching moment. i think the biggest lesson that we can learn from here is board members need to listen to their community. listen to the parents and realize that everyone the front of board members to the teachers, we're all here for the kids. jonathan zakariyah seuin is apparent from plaster county where his kids are already back in classrooms. he started a facebook group called reopen california schools. even though state lawmakers have tentatively agreed on a $6 billion proposal to fund statewide school reopening by april 15th. he doesn't support it. there's way too many restrictions. there's way too many unscientific things in there that we work with another group called open schools, california and governor. newsome also opposed the reopening legislation. as
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unions, boards, administrators and politicians publicly and privately debate what's necessary to safely return to statewide in person instruction. some parents say the system is failing students who need to get off of screens get on school grounds, working and socializing with friends. i just think it would be beneficial. it soothes the soul. they need this contra costa county board of education has already named temporary replacements to the oakley school board until there's an election. parents say they hope these new board members are a bit more sympathetic to their situation. greg liggins ktvu fox two news breaking news to tell you about now out of eddie ock, where we have learned that to first responders have been shut while responding to a medical call, authorities say the drive by shooting happened around nine o'clock on auto centering. come or drive the firefighter hit in the foot. the gms worker hit in the leg, both taken to the
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hospital. they're expected to be okay. we're told at this point. we do not have any information about the shooter. we're continuing to follow the story. we'll update you as we learn more. yeah. san francisco general hospital is now providing covid-19 vaccines for any san francisco resident over the age of 65. no appointment is needed. and this morning, people lined up down the block outside of that hospital, the hospital's chief medical officer said the line moves quickly, and the high turnout is a good sign that people are eager and excited for their shot. yes, of general is equipped to vaccinate up to 1400 people a day with hopes of reaching as many san francisco seniors is possible. we know that our elderly patients are the most vulnerable. they're the ones who haveetovid. and so our goal right now is to vaccinate as many as possible since we have vaccine available, and so our priority right now is to ensure that every senior in the city received the vaccine. drop in ours are
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everyday nine am until 3 p.m. the hall. hospital has both visor and madonna vaccines. kaiser permanente says it will receive 20% of the state's vaccine supply next week in an email to patients, kaiser ceo said the state has increased the system's weekly vaccination allocation. kaiser says one in four californians are kaiser members and these new doses will help to vaccinate more people across the state. kaiser says it is reaching out to folks over 65 to schedule their vaccine appointments in marin county, costco is offering a limited number of co 19 vaccines. the chains pharmacy in nevada will administer shots, but as of right now on lee healthcare workers are eligible. costco is also offering vaccines at locations in southern california. mass vaccination site at dodger stadium was closed for a second day today more than 12,000 vaccine appointments at that site had to be canceled due to winter weather related delays across the country. but this fox is phil sherman reports hundreds of people still showed
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up to dodger stadium, unaware their appointment was canceled. full stop at dodger stadium. the gates are locked. there's no vaccine. bad weather disrupted the supply, but many said they were not notified by the city about the postponement. no explanation, so they just kept showing up only to be surprised and disappointed. ada montoya brought her father, i check my email every day. i checked before i left. i never got an email, so they concern now is i hope he gets it in that in the time frame ready? brava was here. over there, sister adam receive any e mail toe to say they cancel my appointment and i'm sorry because i'm nervous. zoltan and dorcas talks both over 80 or worried this is kind of hard on us and ah s o. how how are we going to be informed? ah that's that. that's the question l a mayor eric garcetti did answer that one in a tweet that read
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in part appointments that were scheduled will automatically be rescheduled. the new date and time. six city run sites affected dodger stadium. hanson dam san fernando park, lincoln park, pierce college and crenshaw christian center. but what if you're 80 and not online like this man who showed up not knowing about the shutdown after a friend made his appointment? it is what it is. it's just too took hours and hours and hours. toe get this schedule, so i'm wondering what do i do next? that's where get out the shot. los angeles comes in a facebook group of volunteers. we first told you about earlier this month. that's quickly grown to more than 700 members. if there's not enough vaccines for the people that are eligible or right, that's where the issues are going to start, but we're also really concerned about people's ability to navigate the system. the technical aspects. to really understand if they're eligible and what they need to take with, um. again that was filled human reporting, governor newsome
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announced this week. some 700,000 vaccine doses have been impacted by the weather. will imagine looking out of the window of your flight and seeing this ah united flight blows an engine mid flight after the break the debris that fell down on the colorado neighborhood. wait a pretty nice day out there, whether wise we're going to see more sunshine and a bit of a warm up. i'll have details coming up. the famous monterey bay aquarium, lending a hand at local vaccination efforts at 10 30 how they're helping the hospital double its vaccine capacity, plus her nightmare in texas continues with million's still without clean drinking water. i'm grady tremble in fort worth, the latest on the relief efforts in the state's water crisis coming up
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. if you see wires down,
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treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out jose. the first shooting happened just after 1 30 this
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morning along polka waner story rode. the second shooting occurred just three minutes later on west elma avenue. i know the shooting happened on jackson street in japantown. one adult, was taken to the hospital and later died. police say the shootings appear to be unrelated. they have not said whether anyone has been arrested for any of these cases. three people are dead and two others injured following the shooting inside of louisiana gun store and shooting range shooting broke out just before three o'clock this afternoon in the new orleans suburb of metarie. investigators say a man went into the gun store and fatally shot two people, customers and staff and opened fire on the shooter, killing him, according to investigators. the disagreement inside of the store led to the suspect opening fire. large pieces of a united airlines jetliner fell from the sky onto neighborhoods. no denver earlier today, but this is a shocking video. here, take a check it out just how damaged the engine was during flight. united airlines confirms the flight left denver international heading for
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honolulu around 12 15. the crew reported an issue with the plane's right engine and turned back to the airport landing safely around 1 30 this afternoon. we have a lot of people coming by right now. today and mostly was the sound. a lot of people said they heard that really loud explosion which startled a lot of people, and then they just started seeing basically what they thought was a plane falling from the sky. what it was was debris. scary for people in that plane and on the ground as well, at least one of the pieces that fell off that plane crashed through the roof of a home. there were no injuries on the ground or on the plane. the ntsb is working to figure out just what happened here. after a deadly winter storm. texas is now dealing with a major water crisis. millions of people are left without safe drinking water, and some are still in the dark. and it's fox is grady trimble reports today president biden signed a major disaster declaration for that state. power has been restored to much of texas. but the winter nightmare is far from over.
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nearly half of the state is now under a boil. water advisory, in part because frozen water pipes burst from the bitter cold, officials say the electrical britt is back up and running, but some 60,000 customers are still dealing with power outages. what that a water with that leg? um like electricity and all that is just this is bad man. let's just long just just back a major relief effort is underway. water distribution sites have been set up across the state to take some of the pressure off grocery stores in hard hit houston line stretch for miles, forcing people to get clean drig water up since five o'clock and i've been on the road since six and i know it's 11 30, but almost sit here. until i mean i have no choice. all the stores in my area out of water. on saturday, president biden partially approved a major disaster declaration in the lone star state, paving the way
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for more federal help texas governor greg abbott, meanwhile, loosened restrictions for plumbers with expired or out of state licenses to help repair broken pipes as local plumbers struggle to meet the overwhelming demand. you fix one another one comes you figure. the other one is a never ending. story temperatures in texas are rising, bringing some relief to those still without heat, but the thought could cause problems of its own, potentially making the state's water crisis even worse in fort worth. grady trimble, fox news. new york congresswoman alexandra cozzi, or tess has raised more than $3 million for texas relief efforts. she joined to texas representatives at a food bank in houston today, helping volunteers with a human assembly line to pack food and supplies for people in need. before volunteering, representative acosta cortez told the people of texas that the whole country stands with them. disasters don't strike everyone equally when you already have so many families
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in the state and across the country that are on the brink that can't even afford an emergency to begin with. when you have a disaster like this, it can just set people back for years, not just for days and so we have tragedy in this state. we need to rally around the state. congresswoman jocasta. cartes also said she wants congress to make term policy decisions to help prevent the kind of devastation scene in texas from happening in other parts of the country. chef jose undress and world central kitchen. we're also lending a hand in texas crews from the organization or across the state, giving food and water to people in need. chef posted these photos on twitter today. world central kitchen has partnered with restaurants around the state serving thousands of meals in austin and in history. yeah i gotta tell you, that's what you gotta do help each other out of got some friends down in texas and spend our rough ride. we're so lucky that we have such a nice woman. whether right now i tell you, and today was one of those
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beautiful bay area days taking a live look outside right now at the bay bridge and all lit up and beautiful san francisco or it's about 51 degrees notice. you see those? you know, they usually say the clouds there on the left. it's just clear all across the bay area right now. we have got a beautiful night out there just a few high clouds that are rolling in from north to south. but. that's about it. and those are just kind of spilling over right now from a system that's far to the north of us, and as we go throughout the evening, we're going to eventually see high pressure build in and that will make those clouds go even further away. so little wind out there re little breezy today. mount diablo bloated about 32 mph right now middle peak about 27 mph, but if you take it down to the surface, not too bad nevada is that a little breezy all day today they're still kicking it about 17 mph the coast. also little gusty out there half moon bay, but this should kind of dissipated. we go throughout the night tonight, so we get the mostly clear skies. we're gonna calm the wind down and that means temperatures are going to drop a bit. so for those of you in line, we're getting back into those thirties again in particular up in the north bay u. c santa
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rosa there 34 degrees now around the bay, its gonna be low forties, but we could see some patchy frost in those inland communities. so that's we're gonna have throughout the night tonight. tomorrow. i don't expect much in the way of fog as we get into tomorrow, a warm up on the way we'll start to see it tomorrow, but it continues. i'll talk a little bit more about that in your extended forecast for now, send it back to christina. article i thank you and unusual. moving day will happen tomorrow in san francisco and entire victorian home will be moving from franklin and turk to fulton street a quarter mile away. the move has been in the planning process for eight years by a private owner looking to restore the 139 year old building. the move alone will reportedly cost him $400,000. home will be loaded on a giant dollies early tomorrow morning, and we'll move at just one mile per hour to its new location, coming up later to host served as a beautiful backdrop for nhl game today how fans celebrated this unique match up and we
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told you about those two women who dressed his granny's in a scheme to get covid vaccine shots. well later tonight, the body camera video showing the body camera video showing the moment they got busted. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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like, seeing my mom. it's unthinkable to me that i can't see her and i can't hug her. not being able to hug is just like somebody has to tie me down. touching someone to say i love you, to hug you... those are the things that i miss. ♪ ♪ temporary isa rig stadiums. i should say two games are being hosted in lake tahoe, but the
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nhl built a temporary ice rink at edgewood golf course in state line, nevada for the big event. how cool is this? right today? the las vegas golden knights played the colorado avalanche. no fans allowed at the rink. but as reporter michelle dapper shows, us hockey fans still had a great time. this is the number one hot spot all of lake tahoe. if there's a game on of any sort, this is where everybody comes to hang out with no fans allowed to attend the nhl outdoors game, hockey fans flocked to the lucky beaver bar and berger. we're making it work. you know, i still hear for steel for here for the experience with their game faces on and the beer flowing sports couples closely tuned into the game, including a relationship rivalry. it might be tough getting home. she won't have to walk. it was hard. it was really hard. but we're from reno. so we just have to be in south like to experience it with the majestic views of la still shine bright through the
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tv screen. we have to come of, even if we can't see the arena. we can at least go to the bar and watch the games. oh it's absolutely beautiful, great weather mother nature in all her beauty. the unexpected extreme sunshine put a pause to the play on the ice, but that didn't melt the mood for the hockey faithful at the lucky beaver. it's cool watches thing along these guys. mike grew up playing on old drinks and now being paid to play on outdoor rings. part of you know where these guys grew up and how they played and for you to see them get back to what makes him feel good is amazing. again that was michelle. dapper reporting, joe fonzi will have the highlights later between the avalanche and golden nights later in sports, plus how draymond green's objection set up heartbreak for the warriors tonight against the hornets. advancements more than two hours hospitalized with covid coming up how his family welcomed him home today. also ahead have the monterey bay aquarium is helping one
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hospital doublet vaccination efforts and demand is up 300% for some morgues because of the coronavirus pandemic coming up the wait list at funeral homes across the country. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out
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and keep the public safe. and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out people get vaccinated in monterey county. it's one day one of its massive vaccine freeze or massive freezers to a local hospital for vaccine storage, and his reporter felix cortez tells us this means me. memorial hospital will now be able to double the number of people it inoculates. so this is huge for the community, the monterey bay aquarium, lending this large freezer to me memorial, which means the hospital can now begin to administer the fizer vaccine that needs to be stored at
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negative 70 degrees, which is a industrial freezer. that's beyond the capacity of our hospital previously before the freezer arrived, me memorial was on lee able to administer the madonna vaccine, adding the fizer vaccine is a huge shot in the arm. which is going to allow us to offer both vaccines, our community and almost double our capacity to vaccinate. and that means more vaccine in the arms of south county residents, many of them latinos, who may not have easy access to the vaccine due to transportation barriers. folks in south county aren't gonna be able to get up to salinas. they're not going to be able to get up to the other sites, so the more that we're able to offer vaccines and doubling our capacity right here is going to improve the chances of south county residents in order to get those vaccines and we want our vaccines to go toe. our people. the aquarium freezer comes just as the salinas valley is gearing up for influx of farm workers. the hospital now looking at going from hundreds of shots a day to more than 1000, we can start to think
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about offering not only clinics here on site at the hospital for up to 300 each day, but we could support a larger. mass vaccine site at somewhere like the salinas valley fairgrounds in conjunction with the county and vaccinate up to 1200 per day. again, that was felix cortez reporting right now the hospital currently vaccinates only 1000 people per week. caught in the act. new body camera video of the moment, two women were busted. the duo dressed as senior citizens trying to get the coronavirus vaccine. take a look. stone a vaccine from something that needs it more than you, and now you're not going to get your second one. so that's a whole waste of time. we just wasted here on this. so all this happened at a mass vaccination side in orange county, florida wednesday. this is an orlando the women ages. 34 44. we're just about to receive that shot when they were caught by staff. one woman who has been waiting since december to get her vaccine was upset with the
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woman scheme. just wrong. it's just wrong. any kid who uses a fake i d gets a third degree misdemeanor, so no, they should be punished. their punishment was this. the women received a warning for trespassing and after further investigation, it was discovered that the women were there for their second shot. and it's still not clear how they managed to get the first doses in the first place. we've been hearing about the problem for months now. funeral home starting people away because of the coronavirus pandemic. stocks is 100 davis reports despite improving numbers, funeral homes across the country are still reaching capacity. the grieving family first question when they call a funeral home shouldn't be. do you guys have room, but it is before the covid-19 pandemic, optima funeral home in los angeles says they were hosting about 35 funerals in a month. as of december, that number has more than tripled this last
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month of december was the bcs for us with a little over 100 and 50 cases. the funeral home has turned away roughly 25 families a day and in some cases started a waiting list for those who need services. the reason is the mortality rate right now, if hospitals icus are completely packed. their mortars are packed. our morgues are packed, packed as well. california bringing in refrigerated semi drugs for bodies. texas is doing the same we're used to doing, you know, between the three anywhere from 50 funerals a month now we're looking at 80 90, sometimes 100, the carville funeral home brand operates in three different areas in the lone star state. the last six months. their caseload has gone up. 300% are funeral home in west texas has been 90% covid-19 related passings here in the hill
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country, i would say about 30 to 40% have been covid related passings funeral home staff in some cases or working 12 to 16 hour days to meet the demand. at the same time dealing with their own loss and waiting to catch a break. my grandma actually passed away from covid-19. it's no joke. you won't tell people toe where their mask stay at home and just let's ride this out together. field hospitals like this one here in texas, aimed to provide some sort of relief during this covid-19 serge. still, though, those funeral home directors i spoke to say at this pace, they don't know how much longer they can last in austin, 100 davis fox news. he would turn the roosevelt family welcomes a loved one home with a drive by parade. david levin was in the hospital for 64 days. in december. his wife, deborah, they're two adult sons, all testing positive for covid-19. his
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family recovered, but dave was hospitalized and even had to be put on a better later. they've now says it's the best feeling in the world to get a second lease on life and be back home. with his family a steam. congratulations. man has surprised call from president biden coming up his words of congratulations for nasa's chief. after the perseverance rover landed on mars. and if you're ready for a warm up, we'll have i got a forecast for you. we've got some interesting weather, unfortunately, not a lot of rain, but i'll tell you about it coming up. plus celebrating black history month tonight's annual event
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geico motorcycle. wallops island, virginia today. 321. we have engine ignition, so this launch marks nasa commercial cargo providers 15th resupply mission to the international space station about £8000 of research equipment is on board. the s s s katherine johnson. she by the way, is one of the first african american women to work for nasa. it is named after her. she's in nasa mathematician whose calculations were critical for the first manned space flights. yes says
10:39 pm
katherine johnson takes flight on this the 59th anniversary of john glenn's mercury flight carrying £8000 of cargo to the international space station. good performance on the first stage so far. and the spacecraft is expected to reach the iss by monday. the white house released a video today showing president biden watching the perseverance rover land on mars. my show so impressed. you took a good president biden watch the landing on thursday from the white house and about an hour after the rover landed, he called masses acting director to congratulate him on the successful mission, hey, steve. congratulations man. hey, thank you so much. i'm so proud of you guys and tell all your folks down there and i watched it with bated breath like millions of other people around the world. a lot of what we do is show the united states in the war of the country, the world what is possible? and we
10:40 pm
did that again today. you sure did. the rover is exploring a river delta, where it will search for signs of ancient life. over the next few days. perseverance is expected to raise its camera master begin a shakedown period to ensure that all of its systems are working properly. first lady jill biden says he bided ministrations committed to our nation's veterans. the president and i see your service. we're in this with you, and we will never stop working to make our nation. worthy of your sacrifice. the first lady addressed a conference in washington, d c today held by the student veterans of america, miss. biden said the administration would carefully implement the forever g i bill so veterans can receive their benefits on time. the new law would bring significant changes to education benefits for current service members, veterans and their families, too. the legislation has unanimously passed in both the house and the senate. prince charles
10:41 pm
visited his father today in the hospital. the prince entered the london hospital through the back. philip the duke of edinburgh, was admitted to hospital on tuesday after feeling unwell. the 99 year old royal is expected to remain in the hospital until next week. both philip in his wife, queen elizabeth, had been vaccinated against the virus. philip will turn 100 in june, and he retired from public appearances a few years ago. the voice of black women is it is very different than any other woman. well, she is just one of two black women to ever hold statewide office in california's history coming up what the states newly appointed secretary of state says about her new role and her goals for the future and 70 degree temperatures in february. will they continue? meteorologist college growing up next with your five day forecast?
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covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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covered california. this way to health insurance. black history month celebration. fema get you ready for sunday? the online event by the way, was hosted by assistant director paul daniels and vocalist nikola gooding with several guests artists. tonight's event was free, but a $20 donation was suggested the oakland interfaith gospel choir describes itself as a cultural arts performance organization with the mission to inspire joy and unity among all people through black gospel and spiritual music traditions. aziz we continue to celebrate black history month we're hearing from the recently appointed california secretary of state, surely weber, she and kamila harris are the only black women to hold statewide office in california. ktvu rouz
10:45 pm
greg li tells us one of her priorities is to expand voter turnout. it's quite an honor, obviously to be asked to serve in that capacity and at the same time, quite a responsibility. surely webber on the eve of black history month, dr shirley weber made history. she was sworn in as california's first black secretary of state, the democratic assemblywoman from san diego. when longtime educator said the moment was bittersweet 170 years. that's a very long time in the history of california to not have a naff rickon, american service secretary of state but equally important, only have two black women to ever serve as statewide officers myself in kamala harris. dr webber led the california legislative black caucus before her appointment, she said, one of her focus is will be continuing to expand voter turnout. and civic education. we have to create greater opportunities for people. that voting rights is extremely important. my father was never allowed to vote in south. dr. webber was born in hope, arkansas. her father, a sharecropper


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