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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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we were all confused. we didn't know what to spend. it's been one year since health officials announced the first known case of covid-19 here in the bay area. yeah. tonight a look at the pandemic pandemics. heavy toll 12. months later, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. it was just a matter of time for the virus to make its way from wuhan, china to the u. s hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. the bay area's first reported case was in santa clara county. since then, more than 4200. people have died from the coronavirus.s greg liggins here now with a look at where we've been and where we're going in the fight against the coronavirus, greg. yeah, frank. virtually all of the medical experts i've talked to recently tell me that they thought we would be in much better shape. a year later. it
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was, of course, january 31st 2020 that those health officials gathered at valley medical center in san jose to announce what many of us had feared. and that is that the very first case. coronavirus in the bay area had been confirmed. we're not surprised to be announcing the first case in the bay area and in northern california a year later, santa clara county has seen a dramatic change. we're now surpassing 100,000 cumulative cases. it's quite a milestone, which none of us i think ever wanted to see friday, officials also announced the county death toll had surpassed 1300. with 80% of the fatalities, hitting people age 65 older, uc berkeley infectious disease expert, dr jon swartz berg. says for him, the onset of the pandemic has warped time. i noticed it throughout this pandemic. i've really lost my ability. to judge time fairly.
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well was it six weeks ago? was it three months ago was six months ago by the first block down, dr schwartzberg says he felt we'd be dealing with covid for possibly a year or more. no one knows exactly how long the fight against the formidable coronavirus will go on. but vaccines have us entering the ring with renewed vigor. santa clara county officials have the goal of increasing current daily vaccination numbers from 7500 to 15,000, and it's really important to realize that getting these vaccines safely into the arms of our community equitably and efficiently as possible is really are absolute top priority and a key step in ending our pandemic and santa clara county so far, nearly 3.5 million californians have been vaccinated, though inadequate serve. lies and inconsistencies in priorinoculated have hampered distribution, but experts say they're optimistic as they see those issues being addressed.
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it's going to take another probably four weeks or so, to really fix a lot of these problems, but i do see. going into the end of february. certainly in march things, they're going to be better. now in this last year, dr swartz bruce says he has seen and learned quite a bit, he said, is one of the things that really stands out for him is how under our current health care system, these inequalities are really magnified during a pandemic, and he says that is something that certainly going to have to be addressed in the near future. frank great gilligan's life force tonight, craig. thank you knew it. 11 here great america said today that they planned to reopen on a 22nd after being closed for an entire season because the pandemic is now the first amusement park in california to set a re opening date under the state tier system. theme parks can't open until the county is in the least restrictive yellow teer
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park officials say they'll continue to monitor state guidelines. and ensure reopening plans meet safety standards. protesters let a car caravan across the bay area today to demand mass releases for the state's prison population. dozens of people gathered at middle harbor shoreline park in oakland before heading out in their cars, organizers say california prisons have one of the highest coronavirus infection rates in the country, and they're calling on the governor to start releasing prisoners who are elderly and, you know, compromised and transgender. he put a moratorium on the death penalty and is now subjected people to thdehe death of covid-19. he needs to release our people and release them now, organizers say they have seen more than 45,000 coronavirus cases in california state prisons and 184 deaths. you see, berkeley sent out a warning today about a surgeon
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coronavirus cases among their students, including people who live in campus housing, according to u. c berkeley's coronavirus, dashboard 44 people tested positive yesterday. that's about 3.2% of the roughly 1400 people that were tested much higher than the 14000.4 positivity rate that cal saw over the past five months. cal says students should follow current public health orders. and avoid indoor gatherings with people outside of their household. fraternity at santa clara university is in hot water tonight after more than 70 70 people attended a backyard party. it happened last week at the caliph i house off campus on b pictures were posted people were not wearing a face mask the fraternity could face of $500 fine and suspension for violating the county's coronavirus rules. with this
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photo definitely sparked a lot of frustration on one side and then from the university a need for greater accountability because we have the proof. representative from the fraternity, said in a statement that cal fi is committed to preventing a similar situation from occurring again this year. the oakland unified school district is planning to share its plans and how to keep students and teachers safe once kids do. return to school, ktvu is james tourist tells us the district already has supplies waiting in a warehouse ready to go once classroom instruction resumes. return to normal life is slow in all parts of california kids, teachers and parents anxiously wait for the day where students will safely be back in a classroom. the district deeply appreciates our staffs dedication to preparing for a safe return to school, the oakland unified school district published this video on its facebook page detail ng what a back to school plan would look like, just really about. letting everybody know
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where we are as a district and how soon we could open based on what we have in place. students and staff would need to fill out questionnaires online every morning as part of a covid symptoms screening process. among the typical changes like facemask and social distancing cleaning procedures will be enhanced and air ventilation systems are improved to help prevent the spread of the virus. we have. hundreds of thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer. we have half a million masks in our warehouse sitting there ready to go. we've got you know how it's in pallets of paper towels and disinfectant spray and gloves and all the other things that you need in these circumstances, schools in san matteo and marine counties have some of its students back in brick and mortar instruction lost. gatto's elementary schools will begin a hybrid instruction model tomorrow. and in pleasanton district leaders voted to send students after the county enters the red tier of the reopening system staffer receiving face shields they can
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wear or their masks for enhanced protection. but in oakland, while plans are in place to reopen, there is still no start date on how soon that will happen. the district spokesperson says it likely will happen when alameda county answers the orange tier of the state's reopening system. but like news, the virus. things often change districts where schools were not open once they do up, and it's not gonna be the same as before. you know, we're not gonna be having everybody coming back to school all at once. we insist impossible given the circumstances. those listening sessions for board members and parents will happen in oakland on monday and tuesday to find out information like exactly when and where that will be on our website ktvu .com. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. president biden has says said that he'd like most schools to reopen by late april. he's asking congress for $130 billion for schools as part of the next coronavirus relief package in chicago. the mayor is insisting that the school
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district opened their classrooms to some 77,000 students tomorrow. even though the district is still in negotiations with the chicago teachers union. the pattern we've seen with this mayor is that she insists that no compromises possible right up into the moment that we get a compromise. but ctu leadership has failed and left us with a big bag of nothing. the union says they want schools to reopen as teachers get vaccinated. they also say they want medically vulnerable teachers to have the option to work remotely and a reminder here, you could stay up to date with the latest coronavirus developments by downloading our ktvu news app. there, you confined, updates on what's open in the county where you live. it's free to download in europe store. but 11 police in hercules say they have arrested members of a theft crew that stole millions of dollars worth
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of merchandise from home depot stores all along the west coast. the department posted a photo of some of the stolen goods on its facebook page this weekend, police say officers found the cruise van at a shopping center on friday near the home depot on sycamore avenue. the suspects are accused of stealing more than $4.5 million worth of merchandise over four years. all right now to the south bay, where police and centers they have arrested a man after they say he broke into a preschool and abused seriously abused. ah pet tortoise. ktvu is azenith smith tells us the animal survived, but it llely take months before the tortoise is fully healed. tortoise has an owie. the tortoise is at the doctor's michelangelo. the £65 africans all caught a tortoise estimated to be 70 years old is not moving much these days recovering at a pet hospital from horrific attack. it was a horrific sight. i mean, the beating had to be bad. there were several items they used to be in with. knowing that his
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shell is meant to withstand a lions attack in africa, you know that he had to be hitting that tortoise really hard. tell me lyricist with playing learned preschool in san jose. michelangelo is the school's pet around 11 30 saturday morning police a 40 year old george rowe bless, listed as an housed in san jose, broke into the preschool and beat michelangelo. we found all these items next to him that he was hit with. this specifically has the pieces that are missing that we've found in his shell jammed in his show. police say michelangelo was found with a piece of wood stabbed through his outer shell, the school's administrator fears michelangelo would have bled to death had a neighbor not called police. it was pretty brutal. you know, the first thing i thought about it, it takes a special person to cause such harm for an animal that can't even get away argument. animal hospital treated michael angelo right away, dr solomon, calling it the worst case of abuse. he's seen. michelangelo underwent surgery to repair his show and. to remove the wood
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and glass shards. the doctor using a special apparatus to help raise his shell. none of michael angelo's organs were damaged the hospital doing everything for free when my book there's no option, right, he needed help. she couldn't afford it. so what we end up doing is you do the right thing. the preschool took the tortoise in four years ago from a rescue group. the kids taking turns riding on his back. the children loved feeding him. the pet hospital plans to keep michelangelo for now the hope he'll be back at the school in two months. we'll all these super excited when he's fully healed. azenith smith ktvu fox two news. san francisco's street crisis response team will be back out again tomorrow. mayor of london breed says the group of paramedics and medical workers will respond to 911 calls involving mostly mental health and drug addiction issues. the goal is to free up san francisco police officers so they can respond to violent
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crimes in major emergencies. san francisco's first street crisis response team launched this program in the tenderloin in late november. coming up more than a dozen trees toppled during last week's storms in yosemite will take a look at the damage. we've got rain back in the bay area forecast plus the heat up, temperature's gonna get back to near 70 degrees this week. i'll have all that when i return at first. well, the gamestop frenzy continue on wall street tomorrow. the action digital trading platform. robin hood says it's taking in response to the chaos. try. on heh shorted gp
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stocks when trading opens tomorrow on their website, the stock trading app says that they're restricting eight stocks, including gamestop, amc and blackberry. robin hood says customers can on li buy one share of gamestop stock and five option contracts. shares of game stop. are up more than 400% compared to last week and up more than 1600% this year following a coordinated effort by online traders to undermine short sellers. president biden has agreed to meet with 10 republican senators early this week to discuss the coronavirus aid package. the president is pushing for a $1.9 trillion
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relief measure, which republicans say is too expensive more now from fox news, richardson in the letter this morning to president biden, 10, senate republicans say they're unveiling a covid relief proposal, and they want a meeting with the president to discuss it. hours later, the president touted his own version on twitter, writing quote. my american rescue plan will extend unemployment insurance. insuring folks can count on the checks continuing to be there in the middle of this crisis, the white house has outlined a $1.9 trillion proposal. democrats are planning to move it through congress, using a procedure called budget reconciliation that would allow them to approve the bill without republican support. republicans say the white house plan is filled with handouts to democratic constituents and that their version cuts those provisions. were targeted to the needs of the american people treating our tax dollars as if they're our tax dollars, not just money to spend and putting it where we need to
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come out of the pandemic. we need to learn a lot more about it right now. we're in a position where delay and inaction are the enemy of moving forward. republicans say the democrats $1.9 trillion bill is too expensive, and they oppose some of its specifics, like raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and money for state and local well, governments. republicans say their plan would cost around $600 billion. they say it would like the white house bill. spend $160 billion for vaccine deployment, testing, tracing treatment and supplies. the republican senators also say they would offer more targeted relief checks than the $1400 payments outlined in the white house proposal. if democrats try to push their larger version, they'd likely need support of all 50 democratic senators to succeed. in washington richardson fox news to new attorneys have joined donald trump's defense team for his second impeachment trial. mr trump's team announced today
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that david shown and bruce castor junior, will head his legal team. this comes a day after the former president parted ways with an earlier set of attorneys shown, is a frequent television legal commentator. castor is a former d a. in pennsylvania. both attorneys issued statements to trump's office saying that they were honored to take the job. you got 11 2 groups gathered in davis today after the mahatma gandhi statue was vandalized this past week, one group gathered to express its sadness for the destruction of the statue in davis central park. the government of india gifted the statue to the city five years ago. now the group is asking the city council to restore it. there are many thousands of indian americans here in the central valley, and we're all very saddened that this has happened and we hope for restoration. we hope for justice. we hope the ideal of peace on earth and nonviolence,
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the gandhi stood for prevails. another group gathered at the park and said they were glad the statue had been removed. they blamed gandhi for some of the problems that surfaced when pakistan and india were partitioned. oh turned out to be a pretty nice weekend. overall we got a few clouds moving in tonight. look at the highs from today, well above the average 66 in the antioch 66 fairfield numbers are gonna be a little cooler tomorrow but still in the sixties and then on thursday, friday and beyond that you'll see in the five day forecast temperatures warm up back into the upper sixties. so we're gonna dry out after this potential rain events that starts tomorrow. about sunset and kind of works its way over night into the morning hours on tuesday, tuesday, has the potential to be kind of a shower every day, but not bad, eh? so really the main hit on this next system is overnight tomorrow night. so which is it works out pretty well. when you're getting rain, nice to sleep through it not have to be
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on the roads. there's the system lots of moisture streaming in there's the nor'easter on the east coast. if you have tropical plants stay clear of that next couple of days because they're going to get a lot of snow all over the place and there's gonna be airport delay. is left and right, starting now and probably through tuesday into wednesday. no showers really showing up in the bay area yet the day tomorrow looks like this in san francisco and oakland. mostly cloudy in the morning. some sun in the afternoon and then more sun with late showers and show up here, but you'll see it on this model run. so same idea. this is the model just using the actual little radar, mike. grow up. there's monday morning tomorrow morning, and then there's the increasing clouds. that's dinner time or actually before dinner, but you see the clouds moving in showers and then overnight showers into the morning. more scattered showers probably see a winter storm warning in the mountain done on tuesday warms up little breezy on wednesday and warms up thursday and friday. so. getting some right. we'll get a quarter inch will get half inch
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in some places, maybe an inch and others, but it's not that it's not a massive rain event. this is what we need. obviously we'll get some more snow out of it, too. there's the five day forecast the weekend pops and be a little breezy on wednesday, little breezy on thursday as well, i'll see you guys back here tomorrow night, all right, bill. thank you. yosemite national park, says 15 giant sequoia trees toppled during last week's strong winds. the voluntary zwart discovered in mariposa grove, a popular spot near the park southern entrance. park officials say the grove's most famous trees are still standing, but those that fell were still massive, and some of them damaged the boardwalk and other facilities that were part of a $40 million restoration project. park officials say mariposa grove is now closed until further notice. people who want to see you. somebody's annual fire fall event consumed, make a reservation starting at eight o'clock tomorrow. tomorrow morning. i should say reservations for a day use
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permit will go on sale. the fire fall phenomenon usually starts around valentine's day and draws thousands of people to the valley floor. the waterfall appears to turn into a line of fire cascading down el capitan, when weather conditions are just right. coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap jason appelbaum goes one on one with warriors rookie james wiseman. it's an exclusive interview. but first after the break of world war two vet celebrated his 1/100 birthday in a high flying and daring way, we're jumping on sky job that's about the only thing in life. i haven't done. that's right. he went skydiving, and we're going to take you along for his jump that's coming up next.
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which saves us a ton. celebrated his birthday by going skydiving, fox photojournalist joe tillman takes us along for the ride. i'm just going along for the ride. i'm charlie might narrow and i served were worked to murder marie on way were the spy line. just any place and every place and all over. what am i doing out here today? going crazy, we're jumping on
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sky job. that's about the only thing in life i haven't done because i told adam about well, when i was 98, i think i said about one of them jump when i'm 100, but he never forgot it. well, i'm not jumping alone, and there's what nine other nine other jumpers with me. for all of them on our flight. on her flight. nevada is just it's a wonderful organization 100% volunteer 100% donated all these people like john here and then stuff they don't need their time, tonto. that's crazy people, i didn't have any
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trouble the doctor saying, yeah, he's crazy enough. let him go through that again. yeah. gosh well, i don't think he's crazy. i think he's an inspiration. well okay. like charlie said the jump was organized by honor flight nevada, which works to provide unique experiences for veterans. charlie wait ago. he's amazing. i had that kind of nerve. all right. see you later, julie. weee
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rams and lions steal the spotlight with a blockbuster of a trade. call it tough love. what every fiber information use america's take it in his girlfriend that supplied and they're always worked. we sit down with warriors rookie james wiseman, who opens up about his development, and the guys who were doing some mentoring after 29 years as president of sonoma raceway, steve pages one finish line. we'llpact he ma sports organizations. don't lose your cool because nobody scared no riding recruiter. poor trap sliding home next


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