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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 30, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> any time we're collecting evidence in an incident like this, it's slow and methodical. >> all of these services coming together to help the community feel. investigators today continue to scour the festival grounds in gilroy for clues of what led to sunday's rampage. the days after the deadly shooting, officials are planning to return items to people who ran for their lives. welcome everyone to the 4. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm andre senior. >> one of the main questions that remained this afternoon is what drove the shooter's rampage? are investigators any closer to determining a motive? once the news conference starts, we'll bring it to you live. >> we have team coverage live at the christmas park with how people are retrieving the
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belongings they left behind. jesse. >> reporter: andre, good afternoon and anyone with a vehicle that's parked inside the main parking lot behind me, you'll not be there and just a little while ago. the emotional trauma who came for a night of summer fun on sunday night only to have to be forced to run for their lives. jessica red spent part of the early afternoon echoing questions. can i get my car? it's a hyundai suv. garlic festival. >> i wanted an eta to find out how long i'm going to rent my car for. >> reporter: people on the property separated when the
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gunman open fire killing two children and one young adult. red was cooking in gourmet alley when the sound of gunfire filled the air. >> very sad that one person can do this much damage. >> reporter: fbi agents only letting drivers that parked in an overflow lot retrieve their vehicles and others must wait. meanwhile, santa clara county officials opened the assistant center at the elementary school monday but started letting in families tuesday morning. >> victims of the horrible tragedy are going to be able to seek services and start the process of recovery. >> reporter: officials say the site is a one stop shop for resources such as behavioral health, red cross, and victim services stretching across county lines . >> they can apply and we help pay for the therapy with the therapist of ce, we help pay for relocation assistance and medical expenses that resulted in the crime. >> people process grief and tragedy in different ways and
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it's often a good idea to talk to someone like a counselor after a situation like this. >> reporter: thousands of others have another need to know when they'll be able to retrieve their possessions. >> i'll let them do their job and take it day-by-day. >> the community support meeting scheduled for tomorrow night at 8:00. we'll put that on our website, additionally family assistance centers open for the rest of the week. today or tomo >> thank you so much. the gilroy community is coming together in the face of the tragedy and family assistance center coming together just moments ago. santa clara county da's office
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of behavioral health, victim assistance services are coming together to help anyone that need support and people can get help for filing claims for medical and counseling bills as you heard there and assistance dogs are providing comfort. >> we'll be asking victims to complete forms that may trigger some. it can be affected by the trauma and tells us why in a live interview coming up here in 20 minutes. >> really important information especially for those who might have been in attendance and
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more guilt associated with it. we're awaiting an update from officials in gilroy to give us the latest on the investigation, here's a live look as our camera gets prepared. one of the big questions that remains unanswered is the shooter's social media pages and his whereabouts for the last few days and tracking that down to connect all the dots too find out if this in fact was premedicated event, preplanned, and if he possibly had any help for pulling this off. >> obviously waiting on official word but right now, based on what we know so far his vehicle was found not far from the area where he breeched the fence and got inside. cut a hole in the fence before carrying that out.
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>> this will be our incident update for july 30th. previous updates from the gilroy police department and deputy special agent will have comments. we'll continue to provide updates as new information is available but bear in mind, the emergency phase is passed and we appreciate the patience and i'll turn it over to chief. good afternoon, everybody. they provide handouts with some information written down for you. but i'll give you some additional stuff as far as updates on our investigation as
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of this afternoon. the investigation is on going and will be ongoing and today and this afternoon, we start add process to try and start getting vehicles back to people who had their vehicles that are within that crime scene area and so staying closer and making the vehicles available and there's a process for people getting escorted and that's a positive for folks that have lost their vehicles in the park. i told you yesterday afternoon at the press conference that we were execute ago search warrant on the suspect's car thatwe found parked just northeast of the park. and some of the reports included that this gentleman
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purchased the weapon that was used in the shooting and any and all and had purchase add shotgun and he was associated with the two weapons. during the search warrant of the car, the shotgun that he purchased was located so we've now accounted for both of the weapons that we knew he purchased recently. also our question yesterday regarding a bag of ammunition and creek and yesterday and people from the santa clara search and rescue and fbi that did a sweep of the creek and warning from the other and i can confirm that they havelocat additional ammunition in it in the creek area doing that
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sweep. z i want to talk a little bit angt that we keep mentioning there may be a second subject involved but we weren't sure at what level that person -- persons involvement was. we have no indication there was actually a shooter but we have several people that thought he was with another person. that investigation into that piece of this has been a high priority for us because we want to put the community and peep's minds at ease as to whether or not there's another person out there that they need to be worried about. our investigations leading us more and more to believe that there was not a second person involved. i don't think i can say that with wb absolute certainty at this point because people saying i saw this or that, we want to follow every single one of the leads and we have been able to track the movements
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around town and including multiple different stores and locations that we visited prior engaging in this shooting incident and in every single one of those cases we've been able to retrieve video and he was by himself. he was not with anybody else. that is sort of supporting the thought now that he acted on his own. again, i don't want to dissuade any witnesses or people that saw things or have any information to come forward. we don't want to rule that out as a possibility until we've exhaust dz every single lead that's been provided to us. i think that's all the updates i have for you.
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i would continue to ask for the community's patience because this is a long process. that crime scene area is achiers and acres. i also want to encourage witnesses to continue to come forward and visit the website that is set up for downloading photographs and video. any information that somebody has, it could potentially be very, very important. we want to continue to encourage people to call in. i know there's more people that saw things that are watching, please call us. that's the update for this afternoon and for me to turn us over and the collection process
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going on at the park. >> the deputy special agent charged and we can continue to provide assistance to the gilroy police department in the city of gilroy and district attorney's office here and we continue to try to understand who the shooter is, what motivated him and if he was in line with any particular ideology and you hear me tactoidology and that's important because -- talk about a ideology and that's important because of investigative implications and takes us down the path. we're reviewing social media and evaluation of digital media and continuing to conduct joint interview withs the police department and i want to talk a
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little bit about evidence responsible and we have a fairly sizable presence as of today and working the crime scene and hospitals. roughly 40 evidence response personnel technicians working in the field doing three dimensional victims in the hospital and staff and work with the coroner's office. the crime scene itself is going to take anywheto five more days to process and it's more vast than we proceed a little further and make more progress a little linn. and i'd ask and do it as quickly as possible and at the same time, we have to be exceptionally deliberate and methodical and detail oriented
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in the collection of evidence. more from the trial. we want to get that back to the public as soon as possible. for us, the personal effects and evidence. as we determine certain items to be personal effects and have no evidence for value, we'll package that and bring to the family assistance center and the elementary school at 325 santa clara avenue and we expect we'll start doing that tomorrow. there'll be a public notice that is put out if you go to
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the san francisco website and go to our website and in the contact information. pictures and videos go to that's all i have for now. thank you. >> we'll open it up for a few questions.
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>> [ inaudible i don't. i don't more from the district. we have planned this one for potentially planning something for the vision as well. >> i don't know that i'm prepared enough to comment an that and it seems to me it was preplanned and how long and how
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widespread. >> i tried to work very hard in our community and passing with immigration status and function with the police department and investigating crime and i think if you talk to anybody in our community here in gilroy and they should not be concerned
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about that. >> the minority. >> we have no reason to believe at this point there's a threat any longer. >> i think that is going to depend on a number of things on principally reviewing digital media and we've got to get into
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the computers, towers, thumb drives, phone to get a holistic picture of him, who he was in touch with, what set him into thoughts or cataloged for his own consumption. >> how long with this take? >> the answer is it depends. it depends on how quickly we get into the phone and how the ease is with which we can do this. there no early indication. jimmy graham can't comment on that because i don't know the answer but the presumption is, yes, i understand what you're asking and i don't have an affirmative answer to that. >> you're listening to the latest update from law enforcement officials regarding what happened at the gilroy garlic festival, the shooting there, one of the big developments to come out of it is the fact that investigators are leading to believe -- or the investigation is leading authorities to believe there's no second suspect but they are
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still searching. they want to put the community at ease and they think that because they visited stores that the gunman visited and checked surveillance at those stores and saw he was by himself. big development out of this. >> yeah, also the fact that the search of the suspect's vehicle that we told you about yesterday. it did in fact find a second weapon and a shotgun that was purchased so they have now locate that had gun and thinking about going back and retrieving it and they also found a bag that had additional ammunition in the creek that's near the festival grounds. again, they think he was going to go back to the scene and retrieve additional information. >> he had access to more weapons and ammunition and it's a scary word for the scene.
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they're returning vehicles today and getting more at risk and today if you left a purse or something like that inside, they're going to start getting that stuff back to you and if you google fbi san francisco, there's a victim assistance link on the website and fill out the information so the fbi can get you your belongings back. >> we'll continue to follow the news conference. go to our facebook page and we're streaming it ongoing q and a with law enforcement officials live for you right now. another big headline coming out of this, the gilroy police chief says he does in fact believe it was a preplanned event. >> still to come, another financial company hacked. more than 100 million capital
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in had the typically blue state in which president trump flipped red 234-2016, the stage is set for the second night of the democratic primary debate. candidates hoping to stand out in a very crowded field. >> they're going to ask who had my back on the issues that matter most to me. >> inside detroit's fox theater, the first ten democratic candidates in center stage leading progressives,
4:25 pm
senator bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, folks waiting to see if they'll try to attack each other to gain ground with progressives or focus on moderate candidates and the pre >> eventually it has to play out. i don't think it should play out tonight. donald trump cannot win this election. he wants to make sure the democratic debate.
4:26 pm
>> candidates need to have more than 130,000 donors and that leaves 2% in qualifying polls. meaning next time the debate stage will be a lot less crowded. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> more now about the second round of debates and associate research scholar and lecturer at princeton university. a lot, lauren, being made of tonight's matchup featuring leading liberals bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. warren insists they're friends. do you think that friendly sort of behavior will carry over to the debate stage tonight? >> you know what, i'm not sure, heather, but if i had to guess who was going to attack whom, i think it comes from bernie to elizabeth. i really do. however, i think what we are going to see is some of these candidates as the reporter just
4:27 pm
mentioned trying to get attention because this really is their last chance to make a big fundraising push or else fall off that stage as donald trump used to say before the third debate. i would watch really closely for steve bullock to make a move. he's not going to be asked a lot of questions but he might take the opportunity to really try to draw the spotlight to himself and i would watch others like john delanie who's there's rumors might drop out. it could be exciting and could be a mixup if candidates are trying to take charge and follow kamala harris lead from the last debate . >> a lot of people are sort of expecting a lot more aggressive approach from all of the candidates tonight. >> i think that's true and i do think kamala harris was the model and a lot of confidence to take the stage with so many
4:28 pm
people drawing that attention and launch an attack on someone that's been an ally in the past and not everyone can pull it off. >> we don't have a whole lot of time but america for affordable healthcare and immigration policy and do you think it'll be more about attacking president trump. >> people like you and me pay really close attention and draw the spotlight and get your attention. >> we'll be watching, lauren. always appreciate your incite, thank you. >> thanks, heather.
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they also say is seems more likely there was not a second person involved. >> we have been able to track his movements around town leading up to the incident including multiple different stores and locations that he visited prior in acts but he was by himself.
4:33 pm
>> authorities are urging any witnesses to come forward and don't know what they saw. earlier in the newscast, grief counseling being offered for anyone that needs it and the festival was packed with people as the shooter unloaded a barrage of bullets on the crowd. for more, we're joined by a professor of health, sciences and more. thank you for joining us. how could something like this affect us. >> great question, this is a horrible tragedy and as much as we pretend is doesn't really affect so many of us in it does it's sleep a little more, maybe not
4:34 pm
feel as many energy and if we want to pay attention to those. >> i want to press on that issue, some may think they're not affected by this and they were there and ran away but there were a lot of gunshots and people screaming and running for their lives and drilled in how it can really affect someone. >> well, it's important to mention that people have all kinds of ways of experiencing it and noticing it. different types of emotions and that's really normal. >> this is a faat michael a lot of kids were
4:35 pm
among the victims in this case. we spoke to some of those kids who witnessed this horrible event. as a parent, how do you have a conversation with your child about this? >> that's a great question. i feel number one, grieving is normal. all though parents may want to avoid the topic all together, what i tell my clients is talk to your children, you know, ask them what they've heard about the incident, ask them what they know, and most of the time they've already as opposed to them hearing whatever they can hear and other students. also, keep it simple and on their level particularly for
4:36 pm
the young kids. and reassure your children and tell them you care and tell them what makes them feel secure and model good coping skills. they are watching and reading cues off of you to cope. >> from the bottom line that i'm hearing from you is ignore any signs it was a tragedy that could affect you in the long term. thank you so much for your incite. for more information on how to help the shooting victims here receive help on the home page, head to seattle tech worker is now behind bars accused by the fbi of hacking into capital one bank and accessing the information of more than 100
4:37 pm
million people. 33-year-old paige thompson who uses the online handle faces a single charge of fraud and abuse in seattle. reporter tracy has more on this story. about the breach. >> a hacker broke into a day tay base containing information like home addresses and dates of birth. investigators say 140,000 social security numbers have been. >> peased and 80,000 -- compromised and 80,000 bank account numbers were stolen. >> web computing service from amazon but that's essent capital one wacloud and usually to save money on it and that sort of thing.
4:38 pm
>> the company claiming based on their analysis so far believes it was unlikely that any of the hacked information was so used for fraud or made publicly available. >> companies struggle with computing services because they're so complicated and cannot configure them in the right way and vulnerable to the hack. >> apology expressed for the hack which was identified on july 19 saying, "i sincerely apologize for the understandable worry this incident must be causing those affected and i am committed to making it right". capital one said their credit card numbers or log in credentials were exposed and more than 99% of social security numbers were not exposed. customers affected bynotified t company. paige thompson has been arrested by the fbi and previously works for amazon and expected to cost capital one up
4:39 pm
to $150 million. today the department of homeland security talking about modern flight systems being vulnerable to hacking if someone manages to gain physical access. it points out engine readings, complies data, altitude and other readings could all be manipulated to provide false measurements to the pilot. it recommends pleasant owners restrict on off physical access to the aircraft. today in the ghost ship trial, it was the defense's attorney for closing arguments. in his final pitch to the jury, curtis brigs blasted the da's case against his client max harris. he said harris never signed the lease for the ghost ship, didn't promote the music event the night of the fire design d
4:40 pm
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organized youth sports are highly popular at the san francisco retail based at this, leta. this is a really exciting opportunity for girls out there. talk a bit about the grants that you'll be awarding. >> yeah, we're really excited. we've got a partnership with a foundation that's an incredible organization based locally, and they're passional about keeping girls confident through keeping them active and moving. they give grants to allow them to experience a sport they love and getting equipment and grants this fall and excited to give back to the community, it's a hard thing to get access
4:45 pm
to. >> playing sports and there's an expense that cops along with it. 30 different girls and tell me how they apply. >> go to athleta it'll take you to the application and they'll announce 30 different grant winners in december. >> talk about the benefits of participating in the sport with a physical aspect but a lot more to it. >> yeah, i mean, we think it's core to building confidence and keeping confidence in girls. so not only is it fun, it builds friendships, strength, leadership and confidence not only for them while they're young but we think to empower them throughout their lives and new things and keep ongoing. >> sports can translate into performing better at school and
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doing better in classes and things like that as well. >> yeah, we see confidence really drops starting at age 9 in girls and we see girls that continue to participate and not only stay the same and school and all that. >> according to athleta, our mission is to inspire healthy and confident girls and drop everything we do is possible and we found the activity and movement and we felt likegirls
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continue to you. s that will inspire them. take a look at the forecast. a little cooler again. can i complain? >> no, thinking about hannah, your daughter. it's right up your alley. confidence builder, works well with others. >> we were raised and that's how we got through school. we all play football and my grades improve when i involve everybody. it translated later in life to doing better and d
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you can see is it right now is a category 4 and it's dropping down on the sound bite and the islands on the saturday and sunday period and significant period of hurricane eric with that, we've got fog off the coast or very little and fog in san francisco and half-moon bay and we have the fog everywhere and kind of a slow to clear and slow to warm today but warm today. 83 in concord and minus 5 in napa and little cooler today and fairfield but a degree warmer and basically going
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through time and that's the weather plan, temperatures will begin to increase towards the weekend. and there's your forecast for tomorrow. looks a lot like today but it'll be a degree or two warmer. this will be a slow warmup so this is how it plans out wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. it does warm and you happen by the weekend, we're back into the mid 90s. championing our way out and mid to upper 90s from as far inland and we'll keep an eye on that for fire danger and gilroy and on the coast and that was wednesday and thursday, warmer friday and the weekend that's when you get into the real heat and see that in the into
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wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday sunday, there's a top tier numbers and saturday and sunday period, we might see upper 90s and see how that goes. models trending it down a bit like into the mid 90s but some models saying upper 90s. that's a big difference and 95 degrees or 100 degrees. that's the plan for the week coming up. that's at 5:00 and we'll have a bunch more about weather and pictures of the bay area and more. washington up next of it all. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. president trump elaborated on his comments about baltimore. residents of baltimore are "living in this after last week call ght the city a disgusted rat and rodent infested place where no human being would want to live. he placed blame on the city's long time congressman, representative elijah cummings, a democrat. he's african american and drawn mr. trump's rath for his policies dealing with immigrants at the southern border. african americans have done well under his administration .
4:54 pm
>> by the way, african american unemployment, the lowest in history, obama couldn't do it and i got it done. great to be african american. >> rez definites blasted president trump for his criticism of baltimore. more from washington. >> the fate of thousands of migrants following the trump administration that family ties will no longer result in thousands of children being separated from their parents.
4:55 pm
>> the democrats want open borders and the problem is open boarders mean tremendous crime. >> substandard conditions and unacceptable treatment and tragic deaths of children. >> skeptical lawmakers with more resources needed at the migrant shelters and denying allegations of widespread abuse among border patrol officers. >> demonizing law enforcement professionals must stop. these false misinformed, and overheated attacks are de- moralizing. >> along the southern border, there's widespread confusion about who is eligible at back to mexico. >> we've been walking on the streets for three days because
4:56 pm
when we were turned away, there's a shelter they're waiting for us at the shelter but that's not true. >> travel ban in guatemala and in washington, i'm garret tenny, fox nudes. we're up next with the latest on the gilroy shooting investigation. also, we'll tell you about the adjustments being made by organizations with other large gatherings in the bay area and the sunday shooting. it's all coming up next at 5:00.
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ktvu fox2 news at 5 pm starts now. it is sad that one person can do so much damage. >> victims of the gilroy garlic festival cope with what happened on sunday. a government open fire killing three people including two children. tonight the latest on the investigation as authorities try to figure out a motive. >> we begin with the latest in law enforcement who have delivered a briefing less than an hour ago. investigators updated us. he said it will be a long process and they are making progress. police completed a search warrant on the suspects car a
5:00 pm
sweep of the creek uncovered a bag of ammunition. it is likely that there was not a second person involved. >> we have been able to track his movements around town leading up to the incident. this includes multiple different stores and locations that he visited in the shooting incident. in every single one of those, we have been able to retrieve video and he was by himself. he was not with anybody else . >> reporter: authorities are urging any witnesses with information to come forward. investigators have scoured the area looking for clues. >> people are still waiting to get back inside and retrieved their property. we're joined live from outside the crime scene a christmas help park


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