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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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reports that nearly 30,000 people were deported to oakland international airport since the year 2010. alyana gomez is that jacqueline square where the immigration group spoke up. >> frank and julie, when the report first came out, even local city leaders were questioning whether or not their sanctuary city policy was violated but we are learning tonight that does not seem to be the case. the port of oakland says they conducted their own investigation and found their employees did not assist in these flight deportations and we are learning that local law enforcement had no involvement. >> the deportation has hit hard because that is part of our values. >> reporter: ted lamb with individual east bay says they are outraged by the findings of the university of washington report the claims 27,000 people were deported to a private charter at oakland international airport between 2010 and 2018. over 6000 may have deferred proceedings that should have kept them here a little longer. >> according to i.c.e., they stopped conducting deportations
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of the oakland airport in october 2018 still, allegations that immigrants may have been denied due process left many concern. oakland's current sanctuary status left others questioning whether the deportations violated the city's policy. the alameda county sheriff's office overseas security at the airport but in a statement, a spokesperson says, "a cso's does not assist and is not involved with immigration flights or operations at oakland airport. we play no role in these operations and strictly follow the california values act. at a port of oakland board of commissioners meeting thursday, individual east bay spoke out and called for an investigation. this including any rights violations that may or may not have occurred. want >> we want transparency between what happened between 2010 until 2018 and what they will do to stop it moving forward. >> our investigation does reinforce that employees have
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not assisted or cooperated with any immigration investigation, detention or arrest procedures in the conduction of the deportations. >> reporter: tonight, the port can from the deportation fights were in fact happening at the oakland international airport and were taking place with the use of a six base operator. they maintain they were unaware that the deportation fights were occurring but they say that in the coming weeks, they will be working toward and committed to developing recommendations and a definite response to the events that have occurred at the airport. at the port of oakland tonight, alyana gomez, ktvu fox2 news. new at six call, oakland city leaders met with representatives of home depot today to discuss the problems being caused by a pair of homeless camps outside the home depot store in the fruitvale
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neighborhood. earlier this week, the city cleared out one of the camps that was located on 37th avenue behind the store and with the focus on new ramirez evidence of numerous complaints and blight in the area. home depot is putting up a large fence to protect its property from another camp on eighth street and oakland's mayor is praising home depot for working with the city to address the problem. the mayor issued a statement saying home depot is a valued partner in our community and in this process. city councilman, -- has voiced concerns home depot could move out of oakland if the city does not clean up the area. a man wanted for murder in the east bay has been arrested in south dakota. adam renfro is accused of shooting and kill36-year- old daniel schrader earlonth at concord. u.x. marshals say they found him yesterday at a home in pr, south dakota. detectives are working to arrange his extradition back to california. police say they are still looking for robert brown, the other suspect wanted for this deadly shooting. the vallejo police
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department was evacuated this morning because of carbon monoxide. offices officers and administrators said they noticed a weird smell. they found the source that was a malfunctioning battery in the building's electrical room. the battery was removed and the building was reopened by noon. during the evacuation, solano county took over emergency operations in vallejo. not to san diego county where 16 marines were taken into custody by federal agents at camp pendleton today. reporter, susan tells us they are expected to face human smuggling charges . >> the bases ication strategy director at camp major base and arrested 16 marines during formation thursday.
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identities have not been released but the ranks range from e2 to e4, similar to a private first class to a corporal in the army. of the marines arrested served in the southwest border support mission but their arrests are connected to two marines arrested near the border july 3. border agents pulled over a car on interstate 8, inside, 3 undocumented immigrants and two marines from camp pendleton. they have since been arraigned for human smuggling . >> camp pendleton supports today's fight and supports tomorrow's future . >> -- we were not granted an interview. >> reporter: a statement from the marine corps reads in part, "we are committed to justice and the rule of law and we will continue to cooperate with ncis on this matter. any marines found to be in connection with these alleged activities will be questioned and handled accordingly with respect to due process. >> -- a sniper . >> the news is disappointing, especially to this former marine . >> more disciplined than when i was in there but now, not so much . >> morally, there representing
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the greatest country in the world. you would think that they would do things legally and by the law. >> in los angeles, police have arrested a man accused of shooting 6 people and killing 4 of them including his brother and father. the manhunt for 26-year-old jerry dean zaragoza ended 12 hours after the deadly rampage began in the san fernando valley. authorities say he shot and killed his father and brother and wounded his mother at an apartment complex in the canoga park area. at a carpet cleaning service, where the father worked, colleagues remembered him fondly. >> so sad. carlos was such a positive, wonderful man. i'd coffee with him almost every morning. we would joke. you would talk about his family. he just he would wake up and was just happy he woke up every day.
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>> police say zaragoza also shot two people at a gas station in north hollywood, killing a woman and critically wounding a man. they also said he shot and killed a man on a bus just an hour before he was arrested. police have not yet determined a motive for the shootings. a high-speed crash and separate cisco left 4 and people injured and a city street letting when there car sheared off a heart fire hundred. police say the silver mazda mazda crashed at third and carroll in the bayview district just before 1:30 this morning. the accident took on a fire hundred, sending water gushing into the air and onto the street. the driver left the scene. three girls in the car ages 17, 14 and 11, were injured along with a 19-year-old man. they are all expected to recover. no arrests have been made. today, the bart board of directors chose a new general manager to lead bart. katie hughes tom vacar tells us parts new boss comes from within the ranks. engineer, roger robert
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powers after 7 years as an executive at bar, 20 years in the industry, was named the new general manager replacing grace crunican who retired earlier this month. he starts out with a trust deficit and a lot to prove. >> our low customer satisfaction numbers are unacceptable. we can do better. we will do better. and we must do better. the plan? increase customer satisfaction on all fronts . >> a new fleet part replacement report program. a new train control system. rebuilding our infrastructure. reducing crowding. increasing service. and a fully staffed bart police department. >> to deal with quality-of-life complaints, bart will expand the successful elevator attendant program from the civic center and powell street stations to montgomery and
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embarcadero stations. customers appreciate the friendliness and security the attendance provide. bart says there is a virtual elimination of inappropriate behaviors in the elevators. the safe and clean street-level toilet program will continue at the powell, 16th and 24th street stations where, when we arrived unannounced, an attendant was finishing up a recent cleaning. bart is expanding the homeless outreach team, already in service in contra costa county, to sfo, san mateo and alameda counties to connect the homeless folks with shelters and services. bart also voted to spend almost $33 million to fully modernize oakland 19th street station with better access, better lighting, elevators, escalators, and public restrooms. tests continue on the fare evader resistant dates. they are somewhat controversial and the problem is still being studied. don't expect any action anytime soon. >> >> reporter: all of this will be done under the watchful eye of parts new inspector general, who reard and the
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governor . >> i think it is important that we have an independent look at the bright books and how resources are being allocated. i'm not afraid of that. >> the writers are watching. tom baker, ktvu fox2 news. bartz new general manager will be paid $385,000 a year along with $30,000 per year in refined retirement fund compensation. 4 wheels and tires stolen right off their car. $5000 to fix it but add insult to injury, coming up at 630, they also received a $79 parking ticket ticket on top of that. plus california going it alone to cut vehicle emissions. details about the deal that 4 major carmakers struck with the state of california and what that will mean for your fuel economy.
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in weather, a little bit of a drop off in temperatures for today, especially coast side and around the bay but more triple digit heat in the weekend forecast and we will have that coming up. up next, the death penalty is a growing list of things california and the federal government disagree on. we will have governor newsom's response to the news that the federal government plans to resume executions. a live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza. what that it looks like the morning commute. traffic, very heavy, heading into the city. right now, we will double as it will take you 54 minutes to drive from orinda to downtown san francisco. that is how bad it is tonight. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 will be right back.
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the u.s. department of justice says they will start carrying out executions of federal death row inmates for the first time since 2003. the change restores a seldom used punishment and was pushed by president trump. it also elevates another divisive issue ahead of the 2020 presidential election. the justice department says 5 inmates will be executed starting in december. all 5 were convicted of murdering children. california governor, governor newsom opposes the debt definitely.. the governor issued a stematt sayinis wrong
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penalty system has been a failure." back in march, governor newsom placed a moratorium on the death penalty in california. a grass fire burning in solano county is 80% contained. the marsh fire started yesterday south of cordelia along interstate 680 at marshall marcy road. burn 680 acres but no structural loss. firefighters stopped another grass fire east of milpitas. it broke out yesterday evening and burned 80 acres near swaggart and felt the roads. we spoke with one homeowner who call 9-1-1 when she saw the smoke. the dispatcher told her to leave right away as a precaution. i was semi-prepared. i got the hard drive and the back up to the computer and some other things. things i needed to get out but, you know, it certainly puts a lot of fear in you and you are determined then to prepare better for the next time. >> the fire is 65% contained and the cause is under investigation. the state of california has
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reached a deal with 4 major carmakers to adopt california vehicle emissions standards and not the limit set by washington. jesse gary tells us what this will mean for consumers. >> in a slap to the trump administration, carmakers ford, honda, bmw and volkswagen are joining with the state of california on the issue of auto emissions. >> reporter: the fact remains these companies are committed to california standards and regardless of what the epa does, i will continue to assert that they have the right in california and we have the right to establish them and they will manufacture to the standards. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom announced a deal thursday at a teleconference from sacramento. the new rules call for 3.5% an could set a new nationwide standard. the trumpet ministration requirements, while not finalized, could call for a modest increase of 1%. the 4 manufacturers plan to deliver fleets of vehicles to the golden state by 2026 that can average at least 50 miles per
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gallon. well california may end up getting an environmental boost from the agreement, this is global. automakers from around the world are in facing increased pressure to come up with better economy and fuel efficiency standards. many are pouring money into research and development to come up with better electric and low emissions vehicles which could lower the price of those vehicles and increased demand. the agreement allows other manufacturers to adopt a stricter requirements and join in as well. >> california, including the governor today said we would love for the trumpet ministration to come to the table and compromise here. another thing i think they are hoping and possibly expecting is that other car companies are going to feel the pressure to sign on as well and i think, you know, in the coming days or weeks, we may see these are not the only 4 companies that are going to sign onto this deal. >> reporter: the trump administration's response to the, saying the federal government, not a single state
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should set the requirements. the since the bickering between the most popular state and washington over this issue has not ended. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the heat is on in europe. temperatures topping 100 degrees in places like belgium, france and england. in london, the place seemed to be a popular place for people trying to cool down. the high temperatures in london today, expected to top 102 degrees for the first time ever. a similar story happening in france where red cross workers were delivering water to vulnerable populations such as the homeless. in belgium, temperatures topped 104 degrees. that is the warmest ever since records were kept back in the 1830s. it is just amazing. typically we talk about records for the day but all-time records set, that is quite a huge event hap
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back here in the bay, we cooled off a little bit still hot numbers in land. look at the readings, yesterday triple digits, today, upper 90s toward fairfield, antioch, concord, 98, san francisco cooled off, 68 degrees in the coast in the upper 50s. this is interesting. over the next few hours, tonight right on into friday morning, there is a slight chance of a few dry some thunderstorms, a minimal chance but the main concern would be one lightning strike could start a fire so if that were to happen, that would be concerning at least in terms of a fire danger. right now the bulk of thunderstorms are to the east toward the sierra. we are keeping an eye on the high clouds drifting in from the south and we still have the fog, dense fog and portions of the coast and the bay. f to 58, not, 92, and livermore, 90 and san jose currently checking in at a warm 80 degrees.
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here is our fog. the dense fog back in the picture for tonight. tomorrow, it will be one of the cooler days of the week so no major heat in the forecast for friday. areas of fog to start out today, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, 53 to 63 degrees in the afternoon hours. there is the temperature range come the hotspots predicting lower 90s for tomorrow afternoon as we take a look at the forecast highs for tomorrow. cool coast side, warmer around the bay and inland spots, upper 80s to the lower 90s. that is for the friday forecast. this weekend, heat advisories and excessive heat watches. a major warm-up heading into saturday. more than the forecast coming up in a little bit. we will taping take you deep under union square and show you the progress under san francisco's central subway. morning sun two welcomes wendy williams. plus, mike, sal and i hit the road to sunnydale for our next zip trip. join the fun on the historic south murphy avenue or watch live on fox 2. watch mornings on 2, tomorrow, 4 to 10 am.
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will below the streets of san francisco, billion dollars in construction work is going on. today we had a chance to go underground to see how much work has been done on the central subway. fishing captain tells us how much longer this delayed project will take to be completed. beneath busy union square, crews are working on san francisco's central subway project. the $1.6 billion, 1.7 mile project will connect chinatown to south of market but has fallen behind schedule. the project was set to open in 2018. it has been playing with
6:24 pm
slowdowns including construction delays at the chinatown station and a contractor initially laying down the wrong kind of tracks. the latest estimated completion date was pegged for february, 2020. today, the city's municipal transportation agency offered a tour of the work underway. the new project director says he will look to see whether the central double is where the project stands right now . >> my first priority is to look and see how much time it will take to finish this job and start running the trains. >> reporter: underground, the main stairway and elevator shaft leading to the station are taking shape as is the massive underground station. what is hard to get a sense of is this station runs for hundreds of feet underground. when it is completed, you will be able to walk from union square to powell street station. take a look. that is the street level. the station goes more than 5 stories down.
6:25 pm
acting director says the project has been slow by difficulties building in the city. >> construction in san francisco is hard. we are building underneath chinatown, underneath a busy street like stockton, 3 lanes wide and we are making sure that as we build, these neighborhoods on union square and china count town, will continue to thrive. >> reporter: it will take about 6 weeks for the project manager to get a sense of where the project stands and when it set to be completed. christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with a family having a very bad day. >> they came and ripped off the wheels and took off. >> reporter: but it is not the theft or the $5000 in repairs that has the couple so angry. we will tell you what happened to them, coming up next. the warriors new rookie, jordan pool supplied some campers today.
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now to our top stories. oaklands port commission is meeting this evening to discuss ways to ensure transparency. a report out this month showed immigration officials used the airport as a hub to remove 27,000 undocumented immigrants between 2010 and 2018. i.c.e. says it has since stopped the flights. authorities say 16 u.s. marines were taken into custody at camp pendleton today for alleged humans bungling. the marine corps says these arrests are linked to a case of two other marines who were arrested earlier this month and charged with allegedly smuggling migrants at the southern border. automakers, ford, honda, bmw and volkswagen have reached the deal with california to tighten greenhouse gas emissions. the deal bypasses the trump
6:30 pm
administration's push to relax standards nationwide. the federal government responded saying a single state should not set the requirements. you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. imagine going to your car in the morning and finding a park where you left but all 4 wheels are gone . >> a couple in seven cisco had that experience this week and to make matters worse, the city later slept a parking ticket on their car. ktvu crime reporter spoke with a couple and as you would expect, they are upset. >> became and ripped off the wheels and took off. >> reporter: this is what the dow families toyota corolla looked at tuesday morning at 17th and cabrillo. >> all four tires have been completely removed and they were sitting on black milk crates. >> reporter: less than an hour later, this is what they found on the wind chill. a $79 parking ticket for not moving the car for sweets -- street sweeping . >> i was livid. it was kind of a slap in the face. >> reporter: parking and
6:31 pm
traffic ticketed the car as the couple was on the phone with police and the insurance company . >> they have the discretion to not write a ticket. do i have to be dead in the drivers street? is that a reason not to give it a ticket? >> reporter: dan says the meter reader would not have mistaken his car as a mechanic's project. >> this is not a 1965 studebaker in someone's front yard they are working on. they say 2017 toyota corolla. nobody leaves a car like this sitting on the crates on the street. >> reporter: san francisco toyota lent the family 4 wheel so the tow truck driver could bring it to the shop without damaging the car further. the repair job will cost more than $5000 but the family will pay the $5000 -- $1000 deductible. but it is not the repairs he's angry about . >> i'm more upset about the ticket that i am about the thousand dollars. >> reporter: sm mta which oversees parking and traffic called it an unfortunate situation and said it empathizes with the family.
6:32 pm
in a statement, the agency said, they will, however, have to contest the ticket. "with the proper documentation of when it occurred, the ticket will most likely be dismissed." that couple tells me there was nothing special about the tires. they say they will fight the ticket. they hope the wheels of justice will turn in their favor. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. a sacramento man is under arrest tonight on suspicion of pointing a gun in a road rage incident is on 680 in fairfield. a woman call police last night to say a man through an object at her car near the north texas street offramp. both cars exited the freeway and stopped at a red light. the woman says the man, identified as 28-year-old branden jackson, pointed a gun while yelling at her. she quickly drove off. fairfield police and the chp were able to track down jackson. they said they found the gun during a search of the vehicle. he was booked into the solano county jail on a weapons
6:33 pm
violation and for making criminal threats. a san francisco superior court judge has ruled that prosecutors can proceed with her case against a suspect dubbed the "rideshare . " they decided that orlando vilchez lazo can proceed even though police took his dna during a traffic stop last year. the judge says there was probable cause to support the warrant to search the suspects home and property regardless of how the dna evidence was obtained. orlando vilchez lazo is accused of sexually of assaulting 4 women while posing as a ride hailing driver. now to the 2020 campaign. several democratic candidates are in indianapolis to address the urban league conference ahead of next week's debate in detroit. as fox news peter ducey tell us, former vice president, joe biden hinted he is ready to fight back against attacks on his record. >> reporter: joe biden just told donors that at the next
6:34 pm
democratic debate in different detroit, it is no more mr. nice guy. he explained, "i'm not going to be as polite this time." >> reporter: what did you mean when you said you would not be as polite in the next debate? >> we will see. >> reporter: biden is hinting he will challenge carmella harris just like she challenged him in the first matchup, telling donors it is "because this is the same person who asked me to come to california and nominate her in her convention." nobody disputes that biden went to the golden state. >> it is great to be back in california. >> reporter: just one thing, a harris campaign spokesman points out he did not nominate her. not how it works. he did not endorse or until months later. the front runner, biden is also trying to keep a radical cory booker at bay saying of booker and harris, i got a test i'm proud of, they have a pass that's not quite so good. biden padded his lead by a point in a new fox news bowl
6:35 pm
with 33% support among democratic voters and the others in double digits all improved slightly, too was sanders, warren and harris all rising. booker sits at 2% but candidates should not be considered strictly on their electability . >> what were you doing 5 to 20 years ago to fight for racial justice? >> reporter: for 8 years of the time, biden was barack obama's vp . >> then comes inequality and that actually grew during that time and continued to grow in the age of trump. >> reporter: biden basically blames obama . >> i was the guy at the family picnic who kept thinking we should be dealing with middle- class tax cuts. >> reporter: democrats like the joe biden a no enough to make joe biden number one. he is the affable lawmaker laughing and helping people out having a tough time but now biden says he will not be as polite at the next debate and we don't know if democratic
6:36 pm
like that joe biden. in indianapolis, indiana, peter ducey, fox news. coming up, a big win for protesters in puerto rico. may be short-lived. why they already have their sights on the ousted governors successor. in jail and awaiting trial. details about injuries suffered by accused six trafficker jeffrey epstein and reports that the industries -- injuries may be self-inflicted.
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6:38 pm
crowds in san juan puerto rico spent the day celebrating
6:39 pm
news that the government governor of the territory plans to step down next week. governor ricardo rossello says he will resign august 2.'s announcement came after days of protests and the threat of impeachment proceedings. a series of lead sexist and homophobic chat messages and crude jokes about the victims of hurricane maria. frustrated residents took to the streets for 13 straight days of protest. we have been out here for two weeks. we are tired, we are excited. we are happy. i can't even believe a big >> we are living proof that we can rise from a horrible hurricane and horrible person. >> many protesters immediately set their sights on governor rosario's designated successor, justice secretary, wanda vasquez. critics fear she will be far too loyal to rosario to bring
6:40 pm
about any real change in puer many of america's allies in asia or on edge after north korea conducted two ballistic missile test. south korea says the two missiles landed at the korean coast. one, they say, traveled more than 450 miles. u.n. sanctions prevent north korea from developing ballistic missiles but leader, kim jong-un was photographed two days ago at a shipyard where submarines reportedly capable of carrying ballistic missiles are being built. a platoon of u.s. navy seals has been sent home from iraq over allegations of drinking too much during down time. u.s. special operations command released a statement yesterday that said the seals were being sent back to san diego due to a "perceived deterioration of good order and discipline during nonoperational periods. the statement also said the
6:41 pm
commander had lost confidence in the team's ability to accomplish the mission. accused six trafficker, jeffrey epstein is reportedly on suicide watch tonight. he was found; in his new york jails sell with bruising on his neck. authorities are not saying whether he tried to hang himself or if he was assaulted by another inmate. he was treated and remains in custody on sex trafficking charges. he is accused of having had sex with girls as young as 14 years old. he has pleaded not guilty. a judge has denied him bail. in weather, a little bit cooler. the weekend will be completely different story. we will talk more about triple digit heat and we will have the forecast coming up. ktvu's alex savidge joins us now with some of the stories we're working on for the 7:00 news over on ktvu plus. you may be able to buy marijuana at next month's outside lands music festival. how festival officials are working to try to make that happen. plus, swedish prosecutors have formally charged rapper, a sap rocky with us all.
6:42 pm
how president trump is responding after he tried to get the rapper release. we will have those stories and more coming up tonight live at 7:00 on ktvu plus. first here at 6:00, laborers, tech companies, nonprofits and even the san francisco giants are joining the same team. the ambitious goal they have to house more than 1000 homeless people in the city. first a live look outside on the summer night here in the bay area. >> ♪ this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of people are watching? yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience.
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the goal is helping the homeless and in san francisco, that means everyone working together. >> tran wants rob roth shows us
6:45 pm
everyone including the labor groups and the san francisco giants introduced a plan for homeless housing in every neighborhood. >> reporter: joe wilson knows what it is like to be homeless in san francisco. he used to sleep on a sidewalk on market street. >> i felt i was worthless. i was hard to maintain a sense of hope. >> reporter: he got help from a nonprofit agency called hospitality house. now, years later, he is the ceo of that agency. >> first and foremost, it was people taking an interest in you, making you feel like you were works worth something. >> reporter: he was one of hundreds of people to kick off a new campaign to kickoff more housing for keke pecurrently on >> it is simple and clear. the problem is lack of places for people to live. >> reporter: the group leading the charge is called "all in, close.
6:46 pm
they are looking for vocal support from the public . >> tell me where you have seen an array of companies nonprofits, labor, coming together all in support of solutions? we haven't seen this before. >> reporter: the goal is ambitions, create housing for 1100 homeless people within two years. but the group is promoting a plan that could cause perspective currently almost all homeless programs and low income housing are in the tenderloin or south of market. he wants housing and services in every supervisorial district in the city including pacific type heights, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country . >> people say, i don't want homeless living next. if they are housed, they are not homeless. they are just your neighbor. >> reporter: neighbors at the embarcadero have gone to court to happening . >> we see at these meetings that the vocal minority comes out and what we are trying to
6:47 pm
build is a vast majority of loud voices of people that say "yes" to solutions. >> reporter: he expects to begin housing some of the homeless in a matter of weeks. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. in another warm day around the bay area. let's go to -- >> i was not expecting the toss there. i was watching. >> we will go this way, mark to find out what is happening. there has been up in head to the weekend . >> we have been dealing with the heat and that has been okay but i think the weekend will be changing quite a bit for saturday and sunday. temperatures trending way up this weekend. we are talking about 102 to 103 degrees. today was still hot. you can see 98 degrees in concord, livermore, 97, san francisco, 68 and san jose, 86. here is the satellite and radar showing the monsoonal moisture moving from the south. that is the mechanism that could bring in the possibility of thunderstorms here in the bay area. dry thunderstorms with a slight chance but something we are
6:48 pm
watching for tonight into friday morning. definitely, the thunderstorms toward the sierra for this evening. you can see some of the textured cloud cover, that is an indication we have high clouds moving and in addition to the fog offshore. here is the current satellite showing you the cards -- clouds near the bay. right now san francisco, 58, 90 toward walnut creek and livermore, san jose currently 80 degrees. live camera looking out toward sfo for the thursday evening, one patch of fog moving in. this will gradually expand in coverage over the next few hours and overnight lows, the fog near the coast and the bank and we will have a high clouds moving in from in that moisture from the south so there is thunder overnight and friday, clouds. the high will strengthen once again, like yesterday into the weekend.
6:49 pm
temperatures can range from the low 70s to 102. 103 degrees possible. here's a rough draft of the forecast. we are skipping ahead a day for saturday because temperatures really are soaring. try to stay cool. it is stop with triple digits toward livermore and concord. we could have another round of temperatures near 100 degrees in your sunday forecast. here we are, tomorrow morning, fog and high clouds working their way, approaching the bay area overnight. this is friday morning. this forecast model is not bringing in the thunderstorms. there is a tiny chance and we will watch the radar later tonight. santa rosa, 86, 90s in fairfield and vacaville, oakland, 74. in the south bay, san jose, 83. san francisco, 67. the heat moves in this weekend, triple digits inland, 90 , lowe
6:50 pm
70s. we can finally cool off into monday and tuesday. a lot to take in there and hopefully, -- >> i can't take temperatures over 100 degrees . >> but you can go to the coast. >> there is a reason why we have all those numbers on that graphic. you can head to the coast to get some relief. >> mark, thank you. a warriors rookie shares wisdom with kids at a basketball summer camp. it was payday for the san francisco 49ers top pick in the draft. joe fonzi up next with all the details.
6:51 pm
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joe is here with sports. he is in for mark tonight. football! >> it is football time. it is not as big as it used to be but the 49ers will hit full strength on the open training camp tomorrow. the first round draft pick nick bosa and this year's overall. agreed to a contract and will be there on time with everyone else but the 49ers are hoping from big things from nick bosa. at ohio state he sacks in 29 games and this is assigning a bosa. they also signed a second round pick, receiver, deebo samuel up meaningful summer baseball continues as the a's are in
6:54 pm
texas for 4 game series. they have the number two wildcard spot, one game in front of tampa. the giants are enjoying a much- needed off day after a series of extra inning games in a 7 game homestand that southern go 5 and 2 in those games against the mets and cubs. the celebration that comes with a walkoff. tomorrow, the giants play the first of 3 in san diego that starts a key 70 day stretch that will determine how legitimate their playoff chances are. they have certainly earned the respect of its manager. >> what a great job they have done. i can't tell you. first well, how hard they've been fighting but, i mean, they have to be running on fumes. the workload and the innings they have played, this day off comes at a good time and no question, it has changed the vibe. they know how important each game is and it is a whole different titude now. the approach and drop july
6:55 pm
31 trade deadline is a time when teams have to commit to being buyers or sellers. the mets will be sellers and they are shopping a guy who was considered one of the dominant pictures in a game a short time ago. noah syndergaard has been an erratic 7, 5 in 20 starts this year. it is the highest he has been in this five year season. he will not be eligible for free agency until after the 2021 season which makes him desirable to any number of teams with playoffs aspirations this year or in the future. the yankees and padres are said to be among his strongest pursuers. thanks in part to the warriors, basketball is about as popular as it has ever been with gradeschool kids around the bay area. the warriors are hosting 33 summer camps in 23 bay area locations this summer. one of them was on today at redwood high school. imagine the excitement of the camp is one first round draft
6:56 pm
pick, jordan poole made a surprise appear. kids got to ask advice from a guy who will have a learning curve himself about how to survive and excel in the nba. >> always find a way to learn. whether it is on the court, off the court. you can never learn too much. there is always somebody who knows more than you. so try to be other minded and legacy, learn. stage xviii of the tour de france today was 118 mile affair that led them into the alps. on a downhill, george minute george bennett and nicholas roche made contact. both writers had to go down and had to regroup at both got back on their rights and finished tver cantata from colu the big story was the leaders margin. egan for now moved up from 5th to 2nd. for now is just one:30 behind the leader.
6:57 pm
brett thomas is 35 behind. we are leaving behind with an example of how you are only as old as you think you are. some athletes were working out at kennesaw state university in georgia. a 75-year-old security guard was watching them and then plopped himself down with a benchpress. that is to a 25 pounds of weight that nfl players used to measure how many reps they can do. the security guard knocked out a few. players initially said they thought they had done something wrong when the guy came over. then he just said, hey, can i work in? and the players recorded and he knocked out a few. yes, he did. he is still pretty done strong, isn't he? >> that is great. oh, my gosh. >> i could maybe do that . >> could you? >> that guy was incredible! >> he seemed very comfortable. >> that is outstanding. see you later, everyone. have a good one . >> take care . >> good night. thanks for joining us.
6:58 pm
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