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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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spent 6 hours answering questions from two house committees today. ray bogan reports from washington where the former special counsel insisted that his investigation was not a witch hunt. 2/10 hearings and a lot of questions for lawmakers but not many specific answers from former special counsel, robert mueller. some of the i would have to refer you to the report. it is outside my purview. again, i can't speak to a. >> reporter: first up, the house judiciary committee . >> it was not the special counsel's job to conclusively determine donald trump's innocence or exonerate him. >> reporter: then to the committee where he made it clear double estimate i was appointed as a prosecutor and i intend to adhere to that role . >> >> problematic is an understatement in terms of what it displays. >> reporter: mueller repeated
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his assertion from the morning hearing that russia stood to benefit the most with donald trump in the all oval office. >> reporter: director, who did the russian social media campaign ultimately intend to benefit? hillary clinton or donald trump? >> donald trump. >> reporter: afterwards, the president reacting . >> i think today proved a lot and i think everybody understands what's going on. there was no defense to this ridiculous hopes. >> reporter: top democrats today also claimed victory saying they will continue their investigation and house to dysuria committee chairman jerrold nadler said democrats will go to court to gain access to mueller's grand jury material. on capitol hill, ray bogan, fox news. kate abuse political analyst, brian sobel says a key focus of the testimony was to remind americans that russian interference in u.s. democracy is real and i watched mueller s little bit outside his reports to continue to remind the
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american people that this is serious, that what the russians did was serious, that potentially what went on behind the scenes is serious. that, i think, was the case. we need to learn that they doubled if there are nations states that have it out for us, not just russia, china, north korea and iran and we are going to see all of those countries in the mix in 2020. bay area congressman, eric swalwell has offered a bill that will require campaigns to divulge whether they have been in contact with any foreign government. for in-depth coverage of mueller testimony and rewatch part of it, go to our website, and look on the home page. the north koreans tonight where the regime launch possible missiles today. the so sea after flying 265 miles per u.s. joint chiefs
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of staff says it is analyzing the launches. last week, north korea says it may lift its suspension of nuclear and missile tests to protest upcoming military drills between the united states and south korea. cal fire is sending crews to a while fire burning in the hills east of san jose. you can see the smoke from our canner camera in downtown san jose. cal fire said the fire was first reported about an hour gord 5:24, a little less than an hour go. 20 acres have burned so far with what cal fire calls a rapid rate of spread. the fire is burning above swaggart road, if you are familiar with that area. cal fire says one structure is involved that is apparently an outbuilding. there does not appear to be any homes in the immediate area. we will keep tabs and bring you additional information as it becomes available. firefighters are dealing with 90 degree temperatures tonight as they work to contain a grass fire in solano county. the fire broke out south of cordelia just about 10 pm --
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10:00 this morning. it started on the shoulder of interstate 680 near marsh view road. from sky frocks you can see crews on the scene knocking down the flames. the fire has burned over 180 acres and is 60% contained. no word on whether any structures have been threatened and the chp says the traffic on 680 has not been affected. a homeowner in lake county says he has had a tough time obtaining fire insurance for his property. tom baker reports the problem he is facing may soon be an issue for people all across california. >> reporter: since 2012, half of lake county's landmass has burned. mike's family owns a home in lake county that is still standing. the family home insurance policy has just skyrocketed 80%, a hard pill to swallow. he and his wife also want to buy another home there to live in but getting insurance is near impossible . >> i have run into a little brick wall. i have tried companies numbering in the dozens and can find no one of any conventional insurance company that will ensure the property. >> the only insurance he can
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get is from the california fair plan required under state law . >> i've spoken to agents that have quoted me numbers for a normal policy, 1700 to 2800. >> and the number you got from fair? $12-$13,000. >> in almost 36 years, i've run my insurance agency here in california. i've never seen the marketplace for homeowners insurance as bad as it is today. >> reporter: east bay independent insurance agent, david shafer says one of his clients in the oakland hills had a $6300 per year policy canceled. he could find only one company willing to replace the company policy. >> it is $19,193. >> compared to? >> $6343. consumer advocate, amy but is directed of united policyholder .
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>> they can do it as long as they give to the 45 day notice. crews are making areas less confined by vegetation. there also want them also fire crews going uphill may not encounter evacuees driving down. that may note effect on rate hikes. pg&e wants to raise your rates by $20 per month to pay for their wildfire prevention . >> today the state public utilities commission held a meeting to get public input on the proposed rate hike. alex savidge has more on that and a ruling you can imagine a customers not happy about the proposal. the state puc is holding a series of meetings to discuss
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pg&e's rate hike proposal, being held in various cities across northern california. today it was oakland start. the commission wants to hear how these increases would affect customers. the 6.4% rate hike would pay for wildfire prevention programs and liability insurance. the utility says that would add about $20 per month to the average gas and electric bill. >> $20 for a poor person could be, some people have to make a decision whether they are going to buy groceries or pay their utility bill. we cannot afford to be paying anymore. we are going to be paying bailout charges for the wildfire, we are going to be paying higher rates for electricity and gas. now, this is absolutely disgusting. >> the rate hike meetings are getting underway this hour at oakland state building on clay street and a meeting is set for tomorrow in san jose for south bay residents and also a meeting is happening in santa rosa on july 31 for customers in the north bay.
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in the meantime, in san francisco, a bankruptcy judge agreed with governor newsom to give the state and other parties an additional two weeks to develop a way to review competing pg&e restructuring plans. there was some concern about delaying the process. pg&e must have a restructuring plan ready to go by june 30 of next year. this to be able to use a $21 billion wildfire insurance fund that is going to be set up to help utilities pay for fire claims. a group of bondholders is unhappy with pg&e's reorganization plans and they want to propose their own. the judge says the new proposal must be turned into him by august 9. i alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00, a 14-year-old girl jumps into action when a home catches fire. she ran to help and is now being credited with saving two elderly women. alyana gomez joins us now ve from outside the home in antioch that burned last night. pollyanna? >> reporter: heather, you can see a fence has gone up around
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left of the home here. the garage where the fire first initially broke up is now boarded up. everything inside is reduced to rubble on the outside but luckily, no lives were lost and that is thanks to this good samaritan who stepped in and of course this 14-year-old girl who was brave enough to run toward a loud explosion and help those in need. this longtime family home filled with decades of memories all ruined by fire tuesday night. flames ripped through the roof and shot out of the garage as firefighters doused it with water until the fire was out. the family, looking on in despair, grateful that they made it out unharmed, thanks to the help of neighbors, including a 14-year-old girl. >> we were having a sleepover, decorating our tent and we heard this loud explosion. >> reporter: abby says she heard people screaming and instinctively ran toward the chaos to help. so that we looked up and there
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was a lady in a wheelchair and there was another older lady trying to push her down and she was having a hard time getting it caught so i ran over there. >> reporter: abby says it was a community effort as she and another man help to get the elderly family out of the burning house and safely across the street until crews arrived. >> of course we were super proud. i think every parent would want their kid to maybe react that way. maybe not being so close to a fire but you know, helping somebody in need is awesome. >> reporter: while the family was too shaken to speak with us on camera, the woman she helped rescue was forever grateful for abby's bravery . >> she grabbed my hand and thanked me and was really happy. >> reporter: another heartfelt moment captured on camera, an act of honor and respect as a firefighter hand delivers this cherished american flag back to the family whose father was a world war ii veteran. >> one small little act of kindness can go a long way. >> reporter: no word yet it on if the home is a total loss but
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the family tells me the grandmother at this home decades ago for her family and is absolutely devastated. they were working with the insurance adjuster throughout the day who is here to inspect the home and assess the damage and working to decide whether they can repair or rebuild it. the red cross has stepped in to assist the family in the meantime. live in answer, alyana gomez, ktvu fox2 news. a hero, indeed. coming up, a lawsuit in palo alto now alleging surveillance video shows officers using excessive force and contradicting their own police report. plus san francisco business owners say the city's construction projects are ruining them. now they are asking city leaders to step in before they have to close for good. it is hot out there and temperatures will stay that way through the weekend. details with the five-day forecast after the break. >> reporter: also a new plan to tackle the homeless crisis. how a bay area philanthropist is hoping to find homes for more than 1000 people. storm let's take alive look at the wednesday evening commute on interstate 880 in oakland.
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that killed a pedestrian on sunday pick investigators say that tesla involved was not an aa in autopilot mode when the driver ran the red light in the
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tenderloin. the driver, 21-year-old kelsey cambridge was arrested on misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. police plan to analyze the cars store data to determine the drivers actions and events that led to the deadly collision. benjamin dean of fresno county was in the crosswalk with his wife, kelly when the two were hit by the tesla. he was killed. his wife was badly injured. the driver of charged with killing a known owner of a grocery store two years ago made an appearance in court today. the 20 world entered a not guilty plea in the charges of gross vehicular manslaughter, hit and run and be a nonlicensed driver. she is accused of speeding when her car hit and killed 56-year- old gus, the founder of gus's market. she was arrested and is due back in court next month. a man is suing palo alto
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police officers were violating his civil rights. that he says they roughed him up during their arrest and lied about it in their reports. ktvu's jesse gary shows us the for surveillance video playing a role in the case . >> it is aimed at deterring this type of unlawful behavior, this dishonest behavior by the police. >> reporter: attorney cody south and lays out hundreds of pages of evidence, he says proves 4 palo alto police officers are unfit to wear a badge. >> come on! >> reporter: the case centers on this home surveillance video from the rough arrest of gustavo alvarez in february, 2018. officer, chris conte tried to conduct a traffic stop because according to a report, the subject was known to have a suspended license. the report says the suspect was seen driving in the roadway. but the audio from the surveillance video -- >> how do you know i was driving. i didn't.
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>> reporter: alvarez makes a hand gesture and goes back into his mobile home. the officer leaves for minute and causing back up. now several shift officers returned demanding alvarez surrender. sergeant penny test eventually kicks in the door, grabs the suspect and throws him onto the hood of a car. bonita's report says officers moved to make an arrest, "since officers had two on view charges against him, driving on a suspended license and now, resisting officers. the report goes on to say agent destefano and i put alvarez on the hood of his car where he was handcuffed. no other force was used on alvarez. quote" the surveillance video shows officers punching alvarez and slamming him, face first, into the car's windshield. >> you are going to be bleeding a whole lot. not a single one of those officers reported the incident properly. not a single one adhered to the written policy in terms of informing their superiors about the use of force. >> reporter: this civil rights lawsuit against the palo alto
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department claims police officer deprived him of his fourth amendment rights. the police department issued a statement stating, "the police department has procedures to investigate allegations and investigate thoroughly. >> reporter: only sergeant bonita's is on administrative leave. the others are working their normal shifts . >> these officers have no business being peace officers. they are dishonest and they are violent. they have a veil of secrecy that they have created. >> reporter: jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. all right, looking into the weather, it got hot out there today. we saw triple digits in the fairfield area. look at the temperatures again. we looked at them at 5:00 as well. 100 degrees in antioch, 103 and fairfield. 102 in concord. those are big numbers, not record-setting numbers. we have not seen a lot of days like this.
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we have more days like this coming forward and in mind, we will be concerned about fire potential and air quality issues and excessive heat issues toward the week and one temperatures, especially in the inland bay valleys will start to cook. right now we are seeing thunderstorms around the west slope of the sierra nevada. that is monsoonal moisture that comes up from the south from the gulf of california, usually in august, late july, early august and runs off a bunch of thunderstorms in the afternoons in the lake tahoe area. sometimes it can go on for days at a time and sometimes does not show up at all. right now we have a pretty good flow of monsoonal moisture. it is unstable so when the day gets hot, those things start to pop. that is what we are seeing right now in kirkwood deer valley. the temperatures are ahead by 12 degrees in fairfield, 14 in livermore warmer than yesterday. it will be warm again tomorrow but a little cooler so not as warm.
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no fog at the coast. there is the san bruno area. the send brutal gap is there there should be fog but there is not. tomorrow will be hot a hot one and we will look at the weekend coming up when i come back. the dmv is taking unprecedented steps to improve customer service and better train their employees. today, every dmv officer in the state closed their doors for half a day to the 5000 workers could learn to process real id applications. employees took part in the training at every office, test center and business center in california. the dmv says closures and mass training was unprecedented. >> the training involved interactive exercises, role- playing, if you will. customer versus dmv employee to figure out the best way to service our customers. >> a new report from the governor's office shows overall wait times have dropped by 58 minutes at dmv's compared to last year. also, more kiosks are being
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added to dmv locations as people rush to get the real ids before the october 2020 deadline. today's training is just the beginning. call center employees will be trained on real id applications at a later date. still ahead, we are monitoring the latest out of puerto rico. that is where the embattled governor there is preparing to address the people later on this evening as protesters continue to call for his resignation. also had, a worldwide recall from a leading maker of breast implants because of a link to a rare form of cancer. tomorrow on mornings on 2, ktvu examines the growing business pulling childrenus, fo this weekend's food festival, tomorrow. on friday, wendy williams m right here in okun oakland. we are giving tickets away.
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protesters have gathered at the home of puerto rico's governor demanding he step down. a spokesperson says governor governor ricardo rossello will deliver a message to the of puerto rico sometime tonight but did tion he may be ready to resign per puerto rico has prests in recen
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the leak of obscenity-laced online chat between the governor and his advisors that included homophobic remarks. the ftc fit face hit facebook with a $5 billion fine for violating user privacy. facebook did not admit any wrongdoing in the settlement. the ftc is requiring facebook to set up an independent committee that will oversee privacy of the social network. mark zuckerberg will have to personally certify compliance. a critic says the fine amounts to a slap on the wrist for company with a market value of $575 billion. a breast implant maker has issued a worldwide recall for certain models linked to cancer. the recall was in a sponsor the food and drug administration which said new information showed that the biocell implants with a textured surface were tied to the vast majority of cases of a rare form of lymphoma.
6:26 pm
the fda is not recommending women have the implants removed because the cancer is so rare. ktvu fox news at 630 p.m. starts next with growing concerns over struggling businesses in san francisco. the debate over how much the city needs to do as many see foot traffic disappear as city construction projects drag on. the san francisco giants came back to earth this afternoon. joe fonzi will have home lights highlights and sounds from the story. a bay area philanthropist is launching a plan to tackle the homeless prices. crisis. how he hopes to support 1000 people and the support he's getting from professional sports teams and professional corporations.
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not to our top stories tonight. former special council robert mueller total congressional committees today the russian interference in u.s. elections remains a threat. and often terse testimony, he
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said his report did not totally exonerate president trump and he dismissed allegations that his investigators were biased. a grass fire burning in solano county is now 60% contained. the marsh view fire has burned 180 acres near interstate 680 south of cordelia. fortunately, no structures are threatened and freeway traffic is not affected. in antioch, a 14-year-old girl is being credited with saving two elderly women. abby jumped into action when a neighbor's home caught fire last night. witnesses say she and another man helped get the women out of the burning house and safely across the street until fire crews arrived. you're watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. this is in san francisco where they say that seemingly never- ending construction projects are hurting businesses bottom lines . >> katie views rob roth reports where the business is affected may get financial help from the city. >> reporter: construction has been underway 3 years and now has a projected finish date in 2021. businesses like crossfit golden
6:31 pm
gate says the torn up roads, sidewalks and constant work are killing the businesses. >> reporter: >> the project is dismantling my business, not slowly over time, it is crushing. >> reporter: daniel raskin started crossfit golden gate 7 years ago and says her business dropped steadily since construction started. if she doesn't get help soon, she won't make it. >> reporter: i've had barricades and fences and less for traffic so just darker. someone recently told me they thought i was closed for a few months. >> reporter: on tuesday, san francisco leaders debated out to save businesses like crossfit golden gate. $5 million has been certified in a construction mitigation fund. the question now, whether the city should issue 0% interest loans, those would be self- sustaining for future projects as they are repaid and as some supervisors now advocate, a grant system to save struggling businesses. >> loans are not going to help solve the problem for businesses a small businesses
6:32 pm
in particular that are losing money due to construction so we have to give them money and give them grants so they can stay hold. >> reporter: this business owner says if she manages to survive, how can she grow her business with the new loan overhead? >> it doesn't make sense. i need a subsidy for the income i've lost, not a loan to survive this. >> reporter: city leaders in the sm fda expect to formalize plans by september. there are a number of major construction projects separate mission boulevard, gary boulevard and city leaders are saying figure of figuring this out has to be a priority to save small businesses through the city. new at 6:30, san francisco philanthropist, darrell lori is calling leaders to put aside the political differences in tackling the homeless crisis the key is the new profit
6:33 pm
behind the new all-in campaign to find businesses for 1100 homeless people by 2022. the campaign launches tomorrow and has the support of the giants, 49ers and other businesses including airbnb and google. governor newsom has signed a law that will for state money and to clean drinking water. the money was originally meant to help clean up the air more than 1 million californians are estimated not to have clean drinking water. governor newsom signed the law today alongside residents of the central valley rely on jugs of water delivered to their homes. the plan hasalarmed some environmental groups. they worry that using cap and trade money for purposes other than air quality could prevent the state from reaching its emission reduction goals. this afternoon, a federal judge in san francisco blocked the trumpet ministration from enforcing new asylum restrictions for people crossing the mexican border. a hearing was held this morning over the policy.
6:34 pm
it requires migrants who pass through another country on their way to the united states to first apply for asylum in that country. human rights groups say the u.s. has been allowing people to seek asylum through a third country since world war ii. >> this is an abrupt change, a dangerous change and i think one that should make everyone nervous whether or not they need asylum right now. >> the ruling will halt the policy well lawsuits continue in court. so far, the justice department and homeland security have not commented on the ruling. coming up, seeking justice for victims of the ghost ship fire. coming up after the break, we will learn why the two prosecutors are described as a force to be reckoned with the. plus transportation has been one of the main concerns
6:35 pm
about the golden state warriors no arena. still ahead, the new deal just announced allowing free access to muni. a new bay area people podcast is out. actor, director and writer, delroy lindo is featured. we had a chance to catch up with him and talk about his projects, inspirations and what brought him to the bay area in the first place. you can find the interview by searching for bay area people in your podcast player. -- a wet and chaotic commute in the city . >> getting out there where the water is pouring down. >> police insist some military equipment is critical for protection . >> it does not represent safety . >> this pilot program is not just open to san francisco firefighters. in fact, it is open to first responders throughout the bay area . >> it is money, gone viral but it is safe. >> -- >> ktvu and the power of 2 is always working for you. it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about
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making arguments the media pretty much every day . >> but prosecutors have kept quiet outside of court. ktvu's crime reporter, henry lee profiles the two men who are hoping for a conviction in the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. >> reporter: the two alameda county prosecutors trying the ghost ship case are casey brace casey bates and audrey james. james has been a prosecutor who has handled everything from murder trials, white-collar crimes to unfair competition cases. he joined the das office after a big career switch . >> we want anybody who has heard anything, saw anything to come forward and let us know. >> reporter: james spent 20 years as a san leandro police officer rising to the level sergeant. investigated murders, drug and juvenile crime and was a patrol supervisor. james was lieutenant robert mcmanus his first training officer. >> r-tree, for his entire career for here in san leandro and now at the alameda county district office has shot justice for victims he represents. >> reporter: james has been on
6:39 pm
the case and stay 1 but fellow prosecutor, casey bates was brought into the case after d.a. limb left. he is now a criminal defense and land-use attorney. bates was a d.a. in san francisco before crossing the bay in 2000, handling a variety of cases. >> casey bates is a very dynamic , charismatic person. a very good speaker. he understands the law. a really good advocate. >> reporter: off-duty, bates and james are friends. in court together, those who know them say they are a force to be reckoned with . >> they are both very well prepared, they will put in a good trial. they are both class act in a courtroom. i expect them to be that way in this trial. >> reporter: veteran criminal defense attorney ernie castille
6:40 pm
says both prosecutor have shown their steel while grilling witnesses . >> on cross examination they will be cool, climb and calm and deliberate it and there'd questions will be substantive. >> reporter: prosecutors have declined to discuss the case outside of court which is standard practice but in the end, it will be the jury's verdict that matters most pick at the courthouse in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. persecutors will have one last chance to convince the jury on monday when closing arguments begin. you can find henry's complete coverage of the ghost ship trial including his blog at we are looking into the weather. it is a hotline hot one in land. and it will be hot for the next
6:41 pm
3 of 4 day. typical microclimates. details when i return. right now, tremont alex savidge is in the newsroom with some of the stories for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus . >> google has promised to invest $1 billion to create housing in the bay area. today it took step in that direction with an investment in low income housing in silicon valley. also senator lindsey graham is speaking out against a costume choice in the top gun sequel. why he says mavericks new just to jacket suggests china has too much influence. those stories coming up tonight live at 7:00 on ktvu plus. first, coming up after the break, inspiration from within the confines of san quentin . a glimmer of hope from documentarian, burns as he shares the story of a 1959 performance that changed a future for an inmate named merle haggard. looking out across the bay on this wednesday night, here is one for anyone who has the working man blues. >> ♪ ♪
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famed documentary filmmaker ken burns was at san quentin today to previous is his latest work about the history of country music and the present's pivotal role in the story. >> tran wants rob roth spoke with him and inmates about what it meant to them. >> reporter: inmates but met with a special visitor wednesday . >> this is a great and essential part of the film. >> reporter: famed documentary filmmaker, ken burns. >> we are telling this story. >> reporter: richard richardson is serving 47 years for a home invasion robbery in modesto. >> for him to come in here and
6:45 pm
us to milk and for how much knowledge he has, it is wonderful. >> reporter: burns as part of a national tour promoting his 16 hour documentary on the history of country music aaron in september carrying in september . >> i want them to feel part of a broad family and maybe being in here that doesn't permit that to happen. >> reporter: johnny cash's 1959 performance at the prison inspired merle haggard who after his release went on to become an icon of country music. burns streamed excerpts of the san quentin version of the documentary for about 100 inmates. many were very move . >> i want you to know how much i appreciate this. it touched my heart. >> -- i'm honored. >> reportermafony of the inmates, the story of merle haggard has a deeply deeper meeting . >> he kind of change his lifear
6:46 pm
he is the blessed that is something we are all trying to do. >> reporter: javier is serving 9 years for manslaughter . >> it gives you a glimmer of hope. >> reporter: burns is known for his meticulously researched documentaries including the civil war, vietnam war and history of baseball. he says the story of country music is an american story he hopes will resonate with people regardless of where they are in life. >> there is value of a human being and when they walk through a door, it looks like this. >> reporter: at san quentin state prison, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. let's bring in chief meteorologist, bill martin but i had forgotten merle hiebert doubles merle haggard was an inmate at san quentin . >> i have forgotten, too. when johnny cash did that album at san quentin, there was a lot
6:47 pm
of blowback on that. do you remember? people were angry that he went to a prison to entertain people who were there. i grew up in the valley and there was a lot of controversy when he did that and he was condemned in my neck of the woods and now, -- >> now it is just a classic . >> all of these years later, it is amazing. times change. there is mount diablo in the distance. we could see earlier some high clouds. monsoonal moisture coming up on the west west slope of the sierra nevada that has triggered thunderstorms. i saw some green out there. there is little green in the grass. maybe it is getting some water. most of the hills out there are brown. okay, temperatures today looking at again 100 in and year, 103 and fairfield. warm again tomorrow but not as hot. was the mid-90s tomorrow as opposed to 100 but it warms backup in time for the weekends. there are those thunderstorms. they pop off when the ground gets hot about this time of day. they start to go.
6:48 pm
you notice that in lake tahoe. if you see big cumulus clouds near lake tahoe kirk word, bear mountain or bear valley or -- you see cumulus clouds at 10:00 in the summer, it is game on. a lot of times, that means these things are going to blossom when the sun gets going. so morning cumulus clouds tend to be a forebear of what is coming in the afternoon. that is the plan in the mountains. the next few days, monsoonal moisture, thunderstorms in the afternoons. some could be quite strong as you know if you have been up there. 100 and fairfield right now. 96 in livermore. it is summertime and it hasn't been a classic summer pattern for while. we are in it and this is a lashley double is actually a little more than classic. no fog at the coast but it should return in sot a slight tomorrow but cool down to the
6:49 pm
mid-90s. that is still hot. bone, back up into the low 100s saturday and sunday. we could see a heat advisory or warning in parts of the inland bay area valley and certainly in the central valley. forced cast the blessed forecast highs are little cooler. they have pushed east, fairfield, 95 and 95 in brentwood, 95 in antioch. i will get the five day appear really quick. you can see is your head toward the weekend, air conditioners are running and water will be needed and you will be looking for shade especially on saturday and sunday. san francisco mayor london breed says people visiting the new chase center will be able to get there for free. anyone with a ticket for any event will be able to ride muni for free for the entire day by showing their ticket. the warriors are paying for the programs that the goal is to help reduce traffic congestion. the chase sanders first event is coming up september 6 featuring metallica and the san francisco symphony . >> that is just around the corner. the giants winning streak
6:50 pm
came to an abrupt halt this week as the pirates took it. joe will have the highlights coming up next and sports. be sure to tune in tonight as the top 13 cook with alaskan crab legs on masterchef at 8:00 followed by first responders live at 10:00 and tune into this 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. ktvu fox 2. where the power of 2 comes from you. fox tuesday, a student learns that when you give, -- >> she donated her kidney to a customer . >> you shall receive . >> this is the most adorable thing i've ever seen . >> thursday at 9:00 on ktvu fox 2. show me the crown.
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the power of 2 continues to work for you. fox 2 news at 7:00 coming up in a few minutes on ktvu plus. here's where to watch ktvu plus on your tv. joe joins us now. the giants are really trying, working hard at the playoff spot . >> they are working hard and you can't win them all. these have been magical times for the giants but they came up short today as they ended a homestand that saw them go 5-2. if there was ever a day to inflate a giants one, this was the day. comes didn't waste any time getting on the board. javier baez sends one deep into the not so occupied left field bleachers, 1-nothing chicago. the long ball twice more in the third with bias and brian also finds a deep in the left center, over 21 of the year for bryant. it is three have an zero. the giants made a little noise,
6:54 pm
a big two out hits, making a 3- 1 but that was as close as the giants got. the cubs won 1 game in the series by 4-1 the final. there was still the matter of the nice day on the swan. >> it was a great group of guys and we want to keep going. i think everybody plays this game to win the world series. at least i want to believe that, obviously today was a tough one but we feel really good going into this off day. we needed in a bad way and it is going to be big for us and then go on to the eagles and get a big momentum. the oakland a's and who stood today, trying not to drop two out of three. the astros, we showed you last night. here's a different kid within a's shirt. he gets a souvenir. the oakland a's roundup against an old nemesis.
6:55 pm
a single to right and joss radix has trouble with the ball. that allows marcus to come all the way around and score from first. they held onto the lead until the third. in the third, with a runner on, george springer got into it, number 23 on the year for springer. the astros would hold the lead the rest of the way. in the fifth, josi with a two run spot. this one a straightaway, houston hangs on for 4-to win and the oakland a's miss a chance to gain on the division leaders even though they retain the number two wildcard spot. to call this a dynamic nba free agency would be a dramatic understatement. kawhi leonard was the last big chip to fall. today, the guy who helped toronto to its first ever championship was introduced along with teammate, paul george as a member of the los angeles clippers. that is a grinning coach doc rivers also in the shot.
6:56 pm
leonard's pedigree is pretty well-established at this point.'s acquisition should elevate the clippers the upper echelon of the west. if you think doc rivers is happy, here is how a billionaire owner acts when he thinks he has all his ducks in a row. contrast that with the demeanor of leonard. >> mike is a, i'm just fired up to be here today! it is pretty cool! pretty cool! woo hoo! >> we have something special. we can make history here. you know, we have the right team to do it with steve, lawrence and doc, the championship coach and i'm excited. >> another big off-season move is a block blockbuster trade of anthony davis to the lakers. it was not a trade new orleans wanted to make but the pelicans had their hand forced when davis demanded to be dealt. steve kerr was on a podcast today talking about what made the transaction different.
6:57 pm
but i'm talking more about the anthony davis situation. our guy is perfectly healthy and has a couple of years left on his deal and says, i want to leave. you know, if you come to an agreement with the team, it is probably best to part ways. that is one thing. the davis stuff was really kind of groundbreaking, i think and hopefully, not a trend because it is bad for the league. 4 straight stages remain in the tour de france. there are times when the scenery is so good it gets distracting. this was a hilly stage and the guy who made his move was mikael turrentine of italy. he got up front and nobody could catch him as he came in at 4:21:46. he wins his first stage in 5 years but does not change the overall standings. the leader remains julian l philippe of france by 1:31 seconds over thomas. thank you. have a great night. see you later . >> i will see you on the 7:00 on ktvu plus.
6:58 pm
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i just read about an experiment designed to see if you could make two people fall in love in a matter of hours. that doesn't sound right. my research has shown that it takes three to five years of shameless begging. honey, neither of us comes off good in that story. koothrappali: yeah, i-i... i saw that article you're talking about. uh, the participants ask each other a series of questions designed to promote intimacy. and then they finish it off by staring into each other's eyes for four minutes. oh, that's nonsense. i proclaimed my love for you. and the last time i looked into your eyes was when you thought you had conjunctivitis. other than the fact that i had it, that was a magical night. raj, would you ever try an experiment like that with emily? what? i don't need science to win her heart. i have my family's wealth for that. i'm telling you, you can't create love in a few hours. right? oh, careful. you're poking at the whole foundation of the bachelor. sheldon: yeah, but we don't have to debate this. we're scientists.


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