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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 24, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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u.s. capitol, preparing for his 5-hour testimony. live team coverage in one of the most anticipated congressional hearings in years. new clues about a bay area freeway shooting, what we are finding out about a confrontation on the road moments before one driver started shooting. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your wednesday weather. steve paulson is right over here with the information. >> warmer for everybody. >> how about the ballpark. >> warmer there, too. we have day baseball. yesterday the city was 64. today 70678 mostly sunny, few high clouds. fog won't be an issue. it will be pretty warm. that's above average. should be 66 degrees.
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oak land above, police officermore above. san jose, santa rosa, 90s through the interior, 80s around the bay and moisture comes up. most is staying south is east of us. some swings the here. high clouds could drift by. there is little fog. what is there is not going to have much of a chance. 50s and 60s. to the south, look at that, 60 morgan hill, san martin and gilroy. that's pretty warm. that's pretty warm. we have a lot of upper 50s, 60s as well. mid 50s santa cruz. for the rest of the day, sunny to start off. clouds will make it, the high pressure system building in. 60s, 70s and 80s and 90s. sal will tell us about the traffic. altamonte pass and the silicon commute, a little slower because of lane closures. we can start with that.
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eastbound, you can see slowing there. westbound on 205 and 580, slow traffic to dublin, pleasanton. to major problems if you are driving south to the silicon valley, the commutes in to sunny veil, cupertino, and palo alto, no problems, oak land to san francisco, a little bit of a delay at the toll masa. toll plaza. former special council robert mauler make his much anticipated appearance on capitol hill. these are live pictures, we are right there in the hearing room. robert muller testify before two congressional committees about his investigation in the russia case. doug luzader is there. there has been last minute drama as testimony is about to begin. >> reporter: good morning, robert muller be here for a very long day. he will not be alone.
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you can almost hear the knives sharp ping around here. for robert mueller, this will be a marathon, two hearings, five hours, and dozens of lawmakers who are pinning their hopes on him. it's important that the american people understand what was in that report. >> reporter: arguments over who is aappearing. he wants a long time deputy beside him. the president tweeted so robert mueller has asked for his long time never trumper lawyer to sit beside him and help with answers. this should not be allowed. rigged witch hunt. while republicans see an opportunity to press mueller and whether investigators had a bias, democrats will press on whether the president obstructed justice by interfering in the investigation. according to a former federal prosecutor it won't be easy for either side. >> it will be a huge
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disappointment. big surprise, bob muller do exactly what he said he was going toreporter: mueller won't beyond what was in his written report he said, the justice department is packing him. democrats have been practicing with a mock hearing. >> we had a feisty opportunity to engage like cross examination in a courtroom and we kept a smiling face. we are going to be very respectful tomorrow. >> reporter: after five hours of testimony today respect on both sides may start wearing thin. back to you guys. here is the schedule for the hearings. judiciary committee goes first. that session will focus on obstruction of justice. at 9:00, both jackie spear will question robert mueller as members of
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the intelligence committee. that session will focus on our live coverage the robert mueller testimony is on ktvu plus, and our ktvu facebook page. we will continue to bring you all of the day's news, weather and traffic right here on mornings on 2. that includes live team coverage of the mueller testimony, and here in the bay area from allie rasmus and david lavigne . the trump administration policy requires my grants who pass through another country on their way to the u.s. to first apply for asylum in that country. aclu is among the groups seeking a temporary restraining order to block the new policy. the rule would mean central americans that crossed through mexico on in mexico. hearing begins at 9:30
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this morning. people who are against the new asylum policy are planning to begin at 8:00 outside of the courthouse on golden gate avenue. federal immigration officers say a raid continues on undocumented immigrants that began july 14th and so far, they have made 35 arrests. the white house released this video, this shows a sweep in the bay area, called operation cross check. the two month operation wrapped up earlier this month, ice says 899 arrests were made. we have developing news from north oakland, a short time ago, police ended the standoff with someone inside a home on stanford avenue. it started 13 hours ago off of interstate 580, near keller avenue. sky fox was overhead after the standoff started. police chaseed two armed men, a man was taken in to custody and
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the other made it in the home but surrendered a short time ago this morning. they are not saying what type of crime the men are suspected of but in the process of re- opening the streets in the neighborhood. a $10,000 reward is offered that could help police in richmond be led to a killer. ramierez was killed by a stray bullet. he was checking his mailbox at the time. investigators say the bullet came from a violent confrontation two blocks away. police released a photo of a dodge durango that is tied to the killing. police identified the driver but need help determining who was with him at the time of the shooting. the widow of ramierez and three daughters hope this reward will generate new tips. >> i want justty for my dad. july 1st was his birthday in
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heaven. it's been super hard for everyone, not just me. i hope that we are able to get justice. >> neighbors speculating the gun battle may have been gang related but police are not saying for they have information that would tie that shooting to gangs. the california highway patrol is still looking for whoever opened fire on an suv drive on the nimitz free monday night. the owner of the toyota rav 4 showed us the bullet hole on the passenger side door. he had loaned the car to friends who told him they were trying to pass another car so they could change lanes. the other driver didn't let them pass and friends made a gesture that was answered by gunfire that injured the suv driver. >> i said, oh my god, it's the first time it's happened to us like this.and everything. it's happening. people want to do everything,
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they think they own the street or the road. >> the chp says at least 10 people died in bay area freeway shootings in four years. if someone cuts you off or threatens you, you shouldn't engage them. if necessary, drive to the nearest police station. a large homeless encampment in fruitvale district is cleared out. people that work at home depo and other businesses say the camp contributed to crime in the area. more businesses would have left if the city had not taken action. >> so what concerns me the most, i have 300 people working here that are my neighbors grew up here that are working.
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>> a spokesperson for is losing money because of theft than any other store. home depo has almost 2000 stores around the country. britain's new prime minister will meet with queen elizabeth to accept the top job. party members elected him by an overwhelming majority. teresa may stepped down after she was unable to deliver a brexit deal this time. our time is 5:10 still ahead, hot competition brewing between two of the democratic presidential candidates. coming up, why hawaii's gabbert says kamala harris is not fit
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to be president. the reason the state is making a sweeping closure. we have traffic beginning to wake up on some of these commutes. highway 24 through lafayette, bay bridge, some commutes are beginning to get crowded. our skies are not crowded. most locations stay clear. a little hint of fog. everything is pointing towards a warm up including the coast. looking at the temperatures coming up.
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all with the sound of your voice.
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san francisco mayor will announce a plan for people visiting the new chase center. if you have a ticket for a chase center event, your fare on muny will be free for the whole day of that event. the goal is to help reduce traffic jams that will come with having a new arena in san francisco. the chase center's first event is september 6th, featuring metallica and the san francisco symphony. we will talk with a mayor about that plan life. she will join us for a live interview during our 8:00 hour. we will talk about this initiative and pedestrian and bicycle safety in the city. that's at 8:00 this morning sig
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the statewide water tax. it will create safe and 1 hillion californians lack access to safe drinking water and schools shutdown their drinking fountains due to e bill allocates $130 millio per year to safe drinking water projects. san francisco launched a project designed to save millions of gallons of water a year. the project diverts ground water to an energy plant to create steam power for downtown buildings. the water would normally go in to the sewer. the utilities commission says using the grounds water to create the steam energy will save 30 million gallons of drinking water a year. happening today, there are more than 170 dmv offices all over the state and this morning, all of them will be closed.
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cristina rendon is at one of th dmv employees can be trained to provide better service. >> reporter: good morning. that's exactly right. do not come to any dmv offices this morning. the doors are locked. they won't open until 1:00 this afternoon. this is part of an inconvenience for some but the dmv says it's about employee training in operation excellence. the training will prepare 5000 employees to process real id applications. the dmv is experiencing unprecedented demand for services. many are not seeking just their driver's license, they are trying to get their real ids before the deadline of october 2020. >> this will better equip them to handle the real id transactcan be
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complicated and better help them, give them the tools to provide excellent customer service. the dmv hired 350 employees since the spring and plans to hire 1800 more temporary employees to help with the demand. the governor announced leadership and promised more change for the department. overall wait times decreased by 58 minutes compared to last august, they reduced the amount of time people wait from 2 hours that time has come down. because these offices are going to remain closed until 1:00 this afternoon, you can reach out to their call centers, those will stay open this morning. if you are a aaa member, some services might be available. dmv offices closed this morning for training and will open at 1:00 this afternoon. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2
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news. sal, we have friends at the dmv in marin county. they love us and all watch. any time i have been in theres i have had great service. >> i was going to say, dave and i have a friend at the oakland dmv. >> we love row and everybody else there. >> er is this there. >> she is a dedicated morning on 2 watcher. let's go to the gilroy commute. northbound 101. we will look at the commute from gilroy to san jose. people on the road early, usually get the benefit of a good commute with a little slowing in morgan nothing out there are no major problems on 101, 280 or 85.
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880 is looking good into and out of oakland. the giants and the cubs, 12:45 start, popular game. giants have been winning. it's going to be a tough afternoon commute. plan ahead, plan to get in and out of san francisco using transit. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. a warmer forecast. warm to hot for some. doesn't take much this time of year to jump up inland. 51 santa rosa. four corners, parked there, occasionally drifts towards california. it gets warm to hot and doesn't take long. the coast today is dealing with little fog, what is there will get chewed up rapidly. i would expect a warm day. 70 for the forecasted high. high tropical clouds.
5:20 am
i don't think fog will be an is calistoga 97. livermore 97. morgan hill 94. free month, san jose, 80s to upper 70s. on the coast, stenson beach, 76, 7. half-moon bay 66. monsoon moisture might drift across later today. that keeps the dew points higher and the humidity higher. i saw a tweet from a guy in las vegas, normal relative humidity is 5%. it's 14%. if you are not used to that -- they are complaining down there, too. phoenix, big time thunderstorms around phoenix. monsoon kicked in. i hope it sticks in to august. it's fun to chase. it's fun to view. i'm going to do that. a little bit of patchy fog and that's it. otherwise temperatures up in the mountains, warm as well. thunderstorm activity does pop
5:21 am
towards the lee side, reno, forecasted high will be very warm, 85 degrees. i would expect a mix of clouds and sun and showers later in the day. might be calmer on thursday. isolated showers as well. 50s 60s. leema valley, down to a cool 45. bodega bay 53. not much fog. the high kicks in, see the rotation around that. moisture rotating around and some of that makes it into california. warm above average day for many away from the coast and near the coast, a little bit above. warm to hot, looks like we co friday. a jump up, saturday. cooler on sunday, pam.
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the family involved in the viral fight inside land facing charges. coming up, the penalty for three people for their bad behavior in tune town. police naming suspects in the murders of a young couple in canada. the suspect's connection to another killing not far from where the couple was slain. choosing my car insurance was the easiesaved ision ever.o geid
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family caught in a chaotic
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brawl on video in disney land is facing criminal charges. robinson, his sister and her husband, all facing assault and battery charges. the fight broke out in the middle of disney land's tune town in from of dozens of other families and children. disney land security guards were able to break it up but only after several by standers got involved. two suspects named in the slaying of a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend while on a road trip in canada. investigators are linking it to a major crime they discovered during the investigation in to the couple's murder. authorities identifyinare calli in the murders of a couple shot while on . >> rcmp are considering cam and buy ron as suspects in the
5:26 am
suspicious death and double homicide of lucas fouler and china ds. >> they were considered missing but officials saying the now suspects left british columbia and on the run and seen driving a gray 2011 toyota rav 4 in northern saskatchewan, they are suspected of killing dose and her awe detailian boyfriend, lucas fouler. as they bodies discovered next to fouler's van in british columbia july 15th. on monday, police found from t teen's burning car. the third victim was discovered keeping an eye on re dees and the mueller testimony hearing. we will take you there life
5:27 am
this morning, the former special council preparing to answer questions to congress about the russia investigation. the room getting crowded and the hearing is scheduled to start in moments. we'll be right back. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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today, wednesday, july 24th, you are watching our top story this morning. the imy set to begin any time on capitol hill. >> you are looking at the hearing room door. uninterrupted coverage is on ktvu plus, channel 36, we will be updating you on this story all morning long here on ktvu. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. you are looking at the hot seat there, that's going to be hours of testimony. we are watching that this the newsroom and will bring you live updates and let you know when that begins. if you are inland you might be on the hot seat. 90s showing up. 70s by the coast. starting with 50s and 60s. 40s to the north. the end result will be warm to hot day, 5160s for many.
5:31 am
upper 90s for some. high clouds from the south will drift in later. we are under mostly cloudy skies. mostly sunny, 70 degrees for the cubs and the giants at 12:45 today. all the forecasted highs today are above average. 90s, 70s. 97 livermore. higher clouds rotate around. there are a few to the west, southwest, some will drift across. that adds to the humidity factor, patchy fog at best. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. 1400 feet and you can find 77 degrees. 60s for many in the east bay. i won't take long to warm up. a lot of sunshine, mostly sunny today. thunderstorm activity this the sierra. for us, 60s and 70s and 80s. sal is here he is going to talk
5:32 am
about solano county. i have to talk about breaking news, a fire in san jose. we have it on our traffic camera. it's near san jose avenue. a fire in the 1600 block. the smoke has died down which is good. first we saw a lot of smoke and black smoke. the fire department is on the scene. it's visible. if this fire does get put out, it doesn't look like it's affecting the guadalupe parkway. that's on the right of this fire. we will let you know more about it. not a big traffic issue. solano county, talking about highway 37, we have slowing there, heading towards sanoma. no problems on 80 westbound, herculeses and getting to the macarthur maze. 19 minutes, bay bridge toll
5:33 am
plaza filled in. a busy day in and out of san francisco because of that daytime giants game. back to the desk. former special counsel robert mueller walked in to testify on capitol hill. we are take you there live. he will be answering questions about his report on russian interference in the 2016 election. allie rasmus is live and watching that as well with more on what will take place. >> how it's going to go, what, if any, new information can come from it is unclear. robert mueller wanted to testify before congress but as we showed you in the live picture, he is in the hearing roomin may, he suggested his report should speak for itself. after weeks of eller ageed to ae committees. he is in the hearing room for the house judiciary committee.
5:34 am
this testimony is expected to go r about three hours. the schedule of events as far as we know, once he is sworn in, the house judiciary committee chairman, jerry nadler will do an introduction and turn it over to colins. at approximately 5:45 our time, is when we are expecting mueller to start doing an introduction and answer questions after that. once this is done, the three hour testimony is done, this afternoon, he will answer questions from members of the house intelligence committee. muller have his aid aaron zebley near him and will be able to consult with him over questions during this obe him o found interference but didn't establish that trump conspired
5:35 am
with the russian government. the first three hours of testimony before the committee will focus on the question of obstruction of justice and whether the report found president trump tried to stop the investigation. on that question, mueller's report was less clear saying while this does not conclude the president committed a crime, it does not exonerate him. >> i don't know anybody who is more control than bob mueller in terms of being honest about his reaction and closed mouth about things. >> we want to take you to the live picture of the hearing room where robert mueller is seated there. you see him there. speaking in the background is the chairman of the house judiciary committee.
5:36 am
jerry nadler of new york. brief introductions from the chairman and then the ranking member of this house committee and then robert muller be giving his introduction and taking questions and expected to take questions from all 41 members of this house judiciary committee. we will monitor what goes on in the hearing and bring you live updates throughout the morning. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. a norites poll suggest whose is in interested in watching the testimony. 44% of democrats say they are going to be watching. 18% of republicans plan to watch. 2% of independents want to hear from the former special council. he is expected to give his opening statements, we will take you back there live to listen in to that. you can watch uninterrupted coverage right now on ktvu plus, also online, we are streaming it on our website,
5:37 am we will have live updates throughout our morning here on mornings on 2 as well. here is a look at the other top stories this morning. britain's new prime minister, boris johnson will be appointed today. he is meeting with queen elizabeth. conservety party members elected johnson yesterday by an overwhelming majority. there are reports out of puerto rico that the governor is preparing to resign today after days of protests. calls for his resignation were sparked by government corruption and lack of resources and the chat gate scandal in which 900 page of fence ifs were leaked. police are search for a burglar that broke in to a house in point richmond.
5:38 am
these are photos of the suspect released. the suspect got in through a sliding gas door while people were sleeping inside. the suspect stole expensive clothing and a television remote. he is described as a white man between 25-35 years old, has short brown here and a goatee. update to a story we told you about about two border collies stolen from their owner. one puppy has been found. police say an alert citizen saw a woman walking that border collie puppy in richmond. when she asked the woman about the puppy, the woman took off leaving the little dog behind. officers were unable to locate the woman or the dog. our time is 5:39, hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard who is run for president says california senator kamala harris, who is also running for
5:39 am
president is not qualified. saying she lacks military and foreign policy experience. she says her experience in hawaii's army national guard and seats on the house foreign affairs and homeland security committees make her the best qualified candidate. gabbert and harris will be on the same stage this the second debate of democratic presidential candidates next tuesday and wednesday. on the first night, here is the line up, senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders along with mayor pete buttigieg. joined by steve bulloch, john delaney, john john hickenlooper, amy lobe jar, beto o'rourke, tim ryan and mare ray ann williamson, kamala harris and joe biden will share the stage with former hud
5:40 am
secretary julion castro. bill de blasio, tulsi gabbard, kristen girl grand. jay ensly and entrepreneur andrew yang. a federal court hearing to challenge the president's asylum ban is scheduled in san francisco. coming up what advocates plan to do just before that hearing gets underway today. the latest innovation coming to police cars in butte county with last year's devastating wild fire in mind. on the way out towards the commute here, you can see 24 looks all right through lafayette and on the way to the tunnel. cool lows to the north, everything says warmer temperatures on the way spent for high clouds, we are set for 90s through the interior. we will look at those coming up.
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as the acting attorney general said at the time, the appointment was necessary in order for the american people to have full confidence in the outcome. my staff and i carried out this assignment with that critical objective in mind. to work quietly, thoroughly and with integrity so the public would have full confidence in the outcome. the order appointing me as special counsel directed our office to investigate russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. this included investigating any
5:44 am
links or coordination between the russian government and individuals associated with the trump campaignch it also included investigating efforts to interfere with or obstruct our investigation. throughout the investigation i continually stressed two things the team we had assembled. first, we needed to do our work as thoroughly as possible and as expeditiously as possible. it was in the public interest for our investigation to be complete but not the last a day longer than was necessary. second, the investigation needed to be conducted fairly and with absolute integrity. our team would not leak or take other actions that could compromise the integrity of our work. all decisions were made based on the facts and the law. during the course of our investigation, we charged more
5:45 am
than 30 defendants with committing federal crimes. including 12 officers of the russian military. 7 defendants have been convicted or pled guilty. certain of the charges brought remain pending today. for those matters i stress that the indictments contain allegations and every defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. >> thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. we are listening in live to the robert mueller testimony about his investigation in to th2016 presidential election. he is giving his opening statements right now talking about that it was necessary for the american people to have full confidence in the outcome and that his investigation was made based on the facts and the law. we are monitoring that in our newsroom.
5:46 am
we will have live updates here. we have uninterrupted coverage on ktvu plus, channel 36. also happening today, san francisco federal judge will hear arguments challenging a tough new trump administration rule that severely restricts applications for asylum. sara zendehnam is in san francisco right now. you have more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. human rights organizations will be in federal court today in hopes of seeking a temporary restraining order to block the policy. this policy requires migrants who pass through another the ir go through mexico on their way to the united states would have the civil lib teres union,
5:47 am
southern poverty law center and center for constitutional rights filed a lawsuit arguing it will turn away tens of thousands of people. mark morgan, the acting head of u.s. customs and border protection cede it would be testing the rules in a pilot program along one stretch of the border. he doubted the courts would allow the rule to move forward siting the lawsuits amount protest is planned at the federal courthouse at 8:00 this morning, and that hearing starts at 9:30 this morning. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check this with sal as people get ready to head out the door what do they need to know? >> it is going to be a slow commute on 80 westbound, and 580 westbound through the altamonte pass. slow traffic out there. 50, 205, seeing slowing,
5:48 am
eastbound 580, out to the pass. you will see slowing as well. no major problems. if you are driving interstate 880, that traffic looks good in to downtown oakland. you can see it's fine. at the bay bridge, we have a tough day. people are get on the road early in to san francisco. it's backed up out to the maze. it's going to be a tough day because of the daytime baseball day. if you have to get in and out of san francisco, using the car is not the best option. sometimes that's your only option. temperatures are set to warm up. they will jump up in to the 90s for many today. 80s around the bay. 63 san jose. mostly fog free. it has very little chance of hanging around as the high kicks in. it's bringing up monsoon moisture. a few high clouds could drift
5:49 am
across. that adds to the humidity factor. giants going for the sweep. 70 degrees. mostly sunny, i think it will be one of the ones, it doesn't matter if it's 70. temperatures are bumping up. napa 84 to 88. a couple of people told me this is the best july they could remember. the best july ever is what a couple of people told me. palo alto, if you are at stanford on the campuses it might be 90. this town 88. see the cloud cover around the high, drifting more towards arizona, that is really bringing warm air aloft. wood acre 71. that's pretty warm. the fog is getting smashed. there will be thunderstorms
5:50 am
over the sierra. sunshine and clouds, 85. today is the day where it's pretty warm. truckee h 3. incline 55. 50s and 60s on our temperatures. woodside is cool at 50. 53 stanford. 54 menlo park. half-moon bay and pacifica, 52. the high kicks in to the west. it should get bumped out tomorrow for cooler weather. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. some pushing the upper 90s today.90s. santa cruz 76. that's the spirit. looks cooler thursday. jump up, warm to eye on the mueller testimony hearing in washington dc. he is giving opening statements now.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
east palo alto has a program helping low income home buyers find and buy affordable
5:54 am
housings the below market rate ownership program or bmr, connects buyers with affordable housing if they earn up to 60% of the median income. the program has 100 properties and could be available if the owners decide to sell below market rate or when new developers come in to the city. recent listing had more than 100 interested parties and a lottery and cut the list count down to 60 people who were interested in buying a home. >> i'm surprised there went 1000. our intention is for it to go to a member of the community. people that live here and work here. >> east palo alto wants 20% of the homes and condos and new developments to be affordable housing. new details coming out about the san francisco police raid that targeted a freelance journalist. newly unsealed court documents confirm investigators did was a
5:55 am
journalist. the police issued press pass when they sought a search warrant. the raid in may violated california's shield law which protects journalists from being forced to identify their sources. police investigators were trying to find out how car mody got a police report. san mateo county sheriff's department took a step to change the use of force policy. it's a response to public outcry over the death of a man last year. he was shocked several times with a stun gun. the current police policy allows a deputy to use a stun gun when there is quote active resistance. the sheriff gave a presentation yesterday on a change use of force policy at the county
5:56 am
board of supervisors meeting. deputies have to feel the subject is causing immediate physical injury and that a assault should not be shocked more than three times. >> we had a form, there were community members that came forth, we worked with aclu to create the policy and incorporated their ideas. >> the sheriff says he will send a draft to supervisors at a later date. taking the witness stand, robert mueller is testifying now in washington in front of two house committees, these are live pictures, there is robert mueller what the special counsel is telling lawmakers including the bay area's jackie spear and eric smallwell. a warning from food and drug administration, about cbd. the company it says is making fake health claims about cbd.
5:57 am
we have traffic that is moving along pretty well on some commutes. it's getting crowded on others and a busy day in san francisco. more about that coming up. not much fog. few high clouds might drift across but won't stop temperatures from warming up we will show you how much coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live coverage all morning long of special counsel robert mueller's testimony in house of representatives. >> full uninterrupted coverage is underway on ktvu plus, comcast channel 6. we will have a live report in a couple of
6:00 am
minutes. >> updates on mornings on 2. i'm pam cook. dave clark, steve paulson. we want to get weather and traffic as well. there is a little bit of fog. it's going to be out rapidly. warm air aloft. sfo fog free. 51 santa rosa. livermore 61 degrees. day baseball, a few high clouds. 64 yesterday. butching up to 70 today. temperatures look warm across the board. inland jumping in to the 90s redwood, oakland, free month,


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