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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 23, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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last two years. and officials admit city services can't keep pace. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. during the homeless count, oakland had a total of 4,071 people living on the streets or in vehicles or staying in shelters. two years ago during the last count, the number was 2,761. that jump of 47% is one of the biggest of any california city. new at 11:00 tonight, ktvu's amber lee live at oakland city hall to show us where the encampments have spread p what the mayor is doing about it, amber? >> julie, homeless encampments, including one at a popular park. mayor libby schaaf is disappointed but not surprised. since the count was done in january the city has added beds and expanded on existing
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programs. >> reporter: oakland's mosswood park is a playground for families. but it is also a haven for the homeless. the woman in blue identified herself as lulu. she asked us not to show her face. she tells me she lost her job then her home and started living in the park. >> and it changed so much. i used to go, there were four people in the park here. >> reporter: lulu tells me there are now 50 people living here in plain sight and countless others who choose to stay hidden, tucked away in spots hidden by fences or shrubbery. her count of the homeless is -- it found that the number of homeless people increased 47% since 2017. one of the biggest california city. >> discouraged but not surprised. >> reporter: elaine is with everyone home, the organization that did the count. the group hired 164 recently and currently homeless people to
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guide volunteers as they conducted their count. >> that vacant building, people live there. that underpass, it looks like nobody's there, but there's a couple of folks in sleeping bags. >> reporter: the count also found a large increase among people living in their vehicles. many freeway underpasses shelter tents. encampments vary in size. one man tells me he squats in a vacant building. >> so when you get a little something when you're homeless, you try to hide it from everybody so you can keep it. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf tells ktvu the city has taken steps to address the crisis by adding beds, putting up transitional housing, and allowing rvs to park in designated lots stins count was done in january. >> and i'm absolutely determined to not just take this problem out of public view but to actually solve it. and roof over>> i promised myself this is going to be my last summer and winter. i'm not going to make another
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winter here because that's brutal. >> reporter: advocates for the homeless say this crisis is a regional problem and that quote the county needs to up its game, julie? >> amber, thank you. also today the city of oakland cleared out a homeless encampment behind a home depot in the fruitvale district. the people had to pack up and leave. noel gallo said it contributed to theft and crime in the area. the home depot may have left oakland if the city didn't take action. >> so what concerns me the most -- i have 300 people working here that are my neighbors that i grew up near east oakland that are working. so i lose 300 jobs. then i lose $800 million of tax money that helps me pay for services. >> there are nearly 2,000 home depot stores across the country a spokesperson says the oakland store is losing more money due to theft than any other. new tonight a bridal store in san jose is going out of business at the end of the month
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leaving dozens of brides to be without a dress. they're trying to find a new gown in time for t brides of california store blames the closure on slow summer business and designer shipping delays. an angry bride says the bad news came in an email. one woman paid $3,000 up front and may not get her money back. >> i feel super anxious and upset. i feel that, you know, the way that she contacted me was by email, not even a phone call. >> i've just been attacked so much in the last few days that i keep losing my voice. i get really sick. i'm not eating right now. it's taking a -- i knew it would be bad, just didn't think it would be this bad so soon. >> the shop is off the rack gows are simply not the same. now to the east bay hills ah to protect homes and businesses
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from wildfire. as ktvu's rob roth tells us, this is a multimillion dollar project being called one of the state's highest priorities. >> reporter: here in the woods off happy valley road in lafayette fire crews say they're fighting wildfires before they start. using chainsaws, they're cutting fuel breaks, hoping to slow down potential wildfires and maybe even stop one in its tracks. >> and the idea is to keep the fire, if one does occur here, from getting up, laddering, using lower fuels to ladder intup the crowns of the trees. >> reporter: where winds can carry embers into nearby neighborhoods. part of a $4 project called the shaded fuel break. it's a 14-mile project from lafayette tod at limiting what s crave most -- dry brush. >> by having the fire managed so it stays lower on the ground, we can get in. we don't have to fight through heavy brush that would be dangerous for firefighters to get into. we can get to this.
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we can lay our hoses in. we can keep fires small. >> reporter: this project is considered high priority as california ramps up its vegetation management as part of governor gavin newsom's fire reduction program. a few miles away on lafayette ridge, other crews are weed whacking dried grasses. homes are not far away. >> i'm scared every day that something could happen. some lunatic, some energy line snapd or something like that. and this is reassuring. >> reporter: the crews carry fire extinguishers on their hips in case sparks a fire. they're ignoring this small area for now. that's because a biologist with the crew found that a mother wild turkey has laid eggs and is nesting here. >> once the turkey and baby turkeys are out, we'll finish that up. >> reporter: fire crews say as they are clearing brush, homeowners need to do the same on their own properties. everyone has to pitch in. >> this is about protecting
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lives and property. >> reporter: this fuel reduction program is expected to take until the end of next year, but firefighters say what they're doing now could pay off big during this wildfire season. in contra costa county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. investigators are looking for cause of a small grass fire in dublin today. it was reported about 2:30 this afternoon on dublin boulevard near 580. crews from three fire agencies contained the flames in about an hour. the fire burned about seven acres. a group of insurance companies say pg&e owes them billions of dollars from wildfire claims and they're making a bid now to take over the company. the company has filed a motion today seeking to end pg&e's right to file a reorganization plan. they want to submit their own plan on compensating wildfire victims and other pg&e creditors. the companies say pg&e owes them $20 billion in losses from wildfire claims. police in rich land informaa
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stray bullet while getting his mail. ktvu's debora villalon joins us now live in richmond tonight with the new reward being offered in this case, deb? >> reporter: julie, it's a $10,000 reward and a personal plea from the family of miguel ramirez. detectives have some witnesses but nothing strong enough to make a case, and they had to let one suspect go. >> my dad did not deserve to go that way. i still need him. >> reporter: his daughters and widow came to richmond pd,sing e loss of 57-year-old miguel ramirez, and expressing outrage that whoever killed him is free. >> who has to suffer the pain? i do. we all do. so it's not fair. >> reporter: may 14th, 5:00 p.m. ramirez was getting his mail
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when a gun battle broke out that had nothing to do with him. the bullet came from almost 500 feet away. >> approximately a block, block and a half where multiple round were fired. we're looking for information regarding those vehicles inside the vehicle and on the sidewalk. >> reporter: ramirez's brother found him fallen, bleeding from a bull tote the back of his head. >> it was saying you are strong, you are very strong. don't give up. please, don't give up, you know? and he never responded back. he never said nothing to me. >> reporter: a home camera caught this image. watch the upper right as bystanders duck amid gunfire dun chance street. within days police arrested the driver, but he didn't cooperate. >> we know this person was involved. we know that for a fact. this person drove the car. >> reporter: under new california law the district attorney's hands were tied. >> having charges filed against somebody, they may be more willing to cooperate. >> reporter: previously anyone
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in the car could be charged as a participant, but not anymore. >> it has made it much more difficult to prosecute individuals that may not have actually pulled the trigger. >> reporter: now a $10,000 reward is offered to motivate witnesses to come forward and identify those responsible for the death of a man loved ones say was friendly, family oriented, always smiling. >> no one can bring him back. no one. but at least if we get that person we'll get that peace of mind that justice was served. >> reporter: their daughters worried about safety after their parents moved to chancellor street, but their dad assured them they'd be okay. that julie. police aren't saying at this point. >> hopefully they get information that will lead to whoever did this. debora villalon in richmond tonight, thanks, deb. now to berkeley where police have a man in custody for the sexual assault of a woman as she was walking her dog near peoples
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park this morning. police say the suspect approached the woman at dwight way and hilegass avenue at 7:30. he said he had a gun and forced the woman to a secluded area where he assaulted her and stole her cellphone. 36-year-old demetrius johnson was taken into custody as he was running away. the city of hayward has named their next police chief. san francisco assistant chief tony chaplin will take over the job in september. in 29 years he rose from a patrol officer to a lieutenant to a watch commander and he served as interim chief in 2016 after the resignation of greg serr. chaplin, his wife, and daughter have lived in hayward since 2006. he says the city has an outstanding department and he hopes to help make it one of the best in the country. coming up, a call to action on the steps of san francisco city hall. the demands being made by pedestrian advocates of a string of deadly accidents.
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also, robert mueller's much anticipated testimony before congress. what we in a little more than six hours. and pressing forward into the week here, temperatures are going to start to warm even more. upper 90s in some places. i'll have the five-day forecast when i see you next. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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former special counsel robert mueller heads to capitol hill this morning for a day of testimony before two congressional committees. >> it'll be the first time he talks at length about the investigation of russian election meddling. the trump campaign, contacts, and his findings on obstruction of justice. kufrz's jana katsuyama joins us now after talking to a bay area law professor who knows mueller, jana? >> julie and frank, mueller's former justice department colleague predicts mueller will stick to his report, which most americans probably have not read. mueller will likely be asked why he followed policy and did not recommend charging a sitting president. but at the same time made a
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point of saying he could not exonerate president trump of any crimes. >> reporter: robert mueller is scheduled to testify on capitol hill wednesday, spending three hours before the house judiciary committee in the morning and two hours before the house intelligence committee starting at noon. he's a reluctant participant, stating in may he felt his 448-page special counsel report was sufficient. >> the report is my testimony. >> reporter: uc hastings law professor rory little spent time with mueller in the justice department. >> i don't know anybody more controlled than bob mueller in terms of both being honest about his reactions but mouth about t. >> reporter: the u.s. justice department has told mueller to limit his testimony to what's in the report and little says mueller likely will stick to it. >> some people would be trying to, you know, stimulate him and get him -- see if they can get his temper going. he's going to be on guard against that. >> reporter: the special investigation found evidence of russian interneerns the 2016
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election and led to seven guilty pleas and 27 indictments, including some of president trump's close advisors. republicans will likely question the length of mueller's near two year probe and highlight that mueller's report said the investigation did not establish that member of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities. >> i've heard all i need to hear from mueller. i've read his report. i accept the findings. i don't think it's going to change public opinion. >> reporter: democrats likely will point out that while mueller did not recommend charging the president with obstruction of justice, he did note that congress has the power of impeachment and stated while this report does not conclude the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. >> for most people, tomorrow will be the first time they hear bob mul aero's voice. we can't assume most americans know what happened. >> mueller made a last minute request to have his aide sworn in by his side
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intelligence committees both decided instead mueller will be able to consult with the aide if needed so as not to detract from mueller's time. jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and we will have live coverage of mueller's appearance starting at 5:30 tomorrow morning on ktvu plus and plus live updates during mornings on 2. new details now on an i.c.e. enforcement operation in the bay area. the white house released this video today showing a sweep earlier this month called operation cross check. i.c.e. said that operation ran from may 13th to july 11th and resulted in 899 arrests. a second sweep that began july 14th and is ongoing targeted around 2,000 immigrant families. i.c.e. says it has made 35 arrests so far. the department of justice announced today it has launched a broad anti-trust review of major tech companies. the companies under are view were not named but it is believed google, facebook, and amazon are on the list because
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of their dominance in the fields. among other things, the investigation will look into how the tech companies accumulated market power and whether they have acted to reduce competition. there were new calls for action in san francisco today following a series of pedestrian and cyclist deaths. safety advocates and their supporters gathered at city hall to demand an emergency declaration which would initiate emergency funding. they say that money could go toward lowering speed limits, installing better timed traffic lights, and scramble crosswalks which allow pedestrians to walk without cross traffic. they want police to step up enforcement on speeding, red light running, and stop sign violations. >> with the number of fatalities, pedestrian and bike fatalities, in san francisco this calls for extreme action. >> today's demonstration comes after a deadly crash in the tenderloin last sunday where a tourist was hit and killed and
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his wife seriously injured. all righty, then. looking at the temperatures that we saw today and going to add a couple degrees to those temperatures tomorrow will be warmer inland. and that's the trend, really, for this hot inland valley weather to continue. which is not what we've been seeing this year. we've had an atypical summer thus far. some warm days for sure, record heat, but we haven't had that persistent mid-90s inland, 40 degree spread between coast and inland. well, that's going to happen here in the next four or five days. mid-90s inland, maybe upper 90s. then the cool cand it's a summen that'll stick for more than two days. it's going to be around for a little city. it's indicating that fog bank is minimal, very pinched down and hard to get onshore. tomorrow morning when you wake up in berkeley and oakland, there's no fog. when there's no fog tomorrow morning, that means it's going to warm up quickly. no low clouds, no significant
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onshore flow. we have a bit of a north-northwest wind now. it's 72 in concord at this hour. 67 in livermore. and the heat is building. and as i mentioned earlier, in one of the earlier shows, down in the central valley they're going to look for a heat advisory or warning toward the end of the week here. they've got a high heat watch going on down there that will most likely turn to a heat warning as we head into -- from about modesto south -- as we head into the end of the week here. we'll be on the other end of it. the real heat is in the east side of this valley. the purples tomorrow, those are 100s. high is building from the east, so the heat's going to hang on the east side of the sacramento, san joaquin valley. we're going to ours. that's the temperature can roll. 98 in vacaville tomorrow. 96 in fairfield. temperature forecast with these numbers. not record setting stuff, we just haven't really seen this. this is the first five-day i can remember where we've had the mid
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and upper 90s rolling in the inland valleys every day. there you go. stay cool. use the air-conditioner in your car and if you see smoke dial 911 if you see anything that looks like it could be a fire. >> bill, thank you. word tonight apple is planning to release three new iphone 11 models this fall. it's said to be the new iphone camera. apple insiders say there will be three camera lenses so a user can take wide angle photos and videos. the camera on the front will also be upgraded and allow for slow motion videos. how about this? the giants did et again tonight. another extra inning win. up next in sports, joe fonzi will show us the walk-off homer from the hottest team in the major leagues. >> milky way from the chan dra x-ray telescope. the colorful images quote highlight tumultuous processes happening among the stars. today is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the telescope into
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space. you're watching the 11:00 news on ktvu. on ktvu.
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mark's off tonight.
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joe's here. how about those san francisco giants? >> you know, they just keep on rolling. doesn't matter regular innings or not. nine-inning games have not been the norm for the giants as of late. they like to play more. and as long as they're winning, they're fine with that. overtime again tonight with the cubs. you need supplies when going extra innings. if not food, something to keep you entertained. chicago's darvish. dickerson goes opposite field. what a find he's been batting .350 with six home runs. that guy got a good souvenir. two runners aboard, kevin pillar send one to the base of the wall in left center. brandon crawford will score. so will mike. giants in front 4-2. and all seems to be in order. some were saying this could have been the last game at home for madison balm garner. he strikes out chris bryant.
11:26 pm
went seven innings but was not involved in the decision. the cubs tied it, and for the fourth time in six games, the giants headed to extra innings. garcia can't get the ball that just makes it over the fence for the 17th time in 20 games the giants are winners. 5-4 this time. two games over 500 and two games out of the nl wild card. the a's in houston where this youngster was ready for the outcome no matter how the game turned out. scoreless in the second. astros have a runner at first. yuli gurriel lines one to center. laureano, the ball gets by him. gurriel turns on the speed. he slides into home with an inside-the-park home run. a dive for the ball is what made it possible. when you run that much, you need relief from your teammates. wade miley was cruising for eight innings. roberto trying to nail it down
11:27 pm
in the ninth but matt olson puts one in the bleachers with a pair of runners on. homer number 21 for olson. the astros tied it in their half of the ninth. in the 11th, the a's put runners at first and second. laureano ropes one down the left field line. that brings olson home. mark canna also scored, but he was sent back to third when the ball was ruled a ground roll double. houston out in the ninth and the a's a 4-3 come from behind winners. and and we leave you with things to check out on this tuesday. dallas keuchel had a respectable game tonight but not without an embarrassing moment. making the routine throw back from the catcher not so routine. shoelaces will get you every time. no decision for keuchel in the 5-4 royals win. >> at least he's smiling about it. >> it's so funny to see someone so good at what they're doing -- >> in a moment like that. >> then they trip. >> see you later. >> good night.
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