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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 23, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on fox 2 ktvu fox 2. >> in seven hours from now former special counsel robert mueller goes before congress. democrats say people need to hear from him. republicans say his testimony won't change anything. >> i've heard all need to hear from mueller. i've read his report. >> that was senator lindsey graham talking. he and other republicans say they've already heard all they need to hear from robert
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mueller. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. democrats say americans need to hear directly from mueller himself and that his appearance will amplify many of the points made in his report. ktvu's jana katsuyama here now to tell us what we can expect, jana? >> julie and frank, robert mueller is a rather reluctant participate. he never wanted to testify but is complying with subpoenas from two congressional committees. we talked with a law professor who knows mueller about what we can expect. >> reporter: robert mueller is scheduled to testify on capitol hill wednesday, spending three hours before the house judiciary committee in the morning and two hours before the house intelligence committee starting at noon. he is a reluctant participant, stating in may he felt his special counsel report was sufficient. >> the report is my testimony. >> he's not a guy who likes to talk doesn't l talk on camera. >> reporter: law professor rory little spent time with mul ner
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the justice department. >> i don't know anybody more controlled than bob mueller in terms of both being honest about his reas but also being closed mouth about things. >> reporter: the u.s. justice department has told muler to limit his testimony to what's in the report. and little says mueller likely will stick to it. >> some people would be trying to stimulate him and get -- see if they can get his temper going. and so he's going to be on guard against that. >> reporter: the special investigation did find evidence of russian interference in the election and led to seven guilty pleas and 27 indictments, including some of president trump's close advisors. republicans will likely question the length of mueller's near two-year probe and highlight that mueller's report said the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign colluded or conspired with the russian government. >> i don't know how many times you want to see this movie again, but i think the american people have moved on past this.
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>> reporter: democrats likely will point out while mueller did not recommend charging the president with obstruction of justice, he noted that congress has the power of impeachment and stated while this report does not conclude the president committed a crime, it does not exonerate him. >> for most people, tomorrow will be the first time they've heard bob mueller's voice. >> reporter: mueller made a last minute request to have his aide sworn in by his side. the committees decided that instead mueller will be allowed to consult with him if needed so as not to detract from mueller's time. >> it's not surprising he might turn to somebody and say what page is on? >> reporter: the hearing was moved from last week until tomorrow so all 41 members of the house judiciary committee will be able to ask questions. and democrats have apparently been holding mock hearings to
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practice their questions. >> jana, thank you. a new poll suggests more democrats are watching mueller's testimony. 44% of the democrats said they would watch. only 18% of republicans sai they plan to tune in. and just 2% of independents say they were interested in watching the testimony. and we'll have live coverage of mueller's appearance starting at 5:30 tomorrow morning on ktvu plus and on plus live updates during mornings on 2. the department of justice announced today that they have launched a broad anti-trust review of major tech companies. the companies under review were not named but it's believed google, facebook, and amazon are on the list because of their dominance in their fields. analysts say all three companiea that gives them edge over smaller rivals. the investigation will look into how they accumulated market power and whether they've acted to reduce competition. after hours shares of facebook
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were down 1.5%. google's parent, alphabet, was down about 1%. so was amazon. shares of apple were down a little lesdz than half a percent. at the closing bell stocks were broadly higher with solid quarterly results for coca-cola and visa. the dow was up 177. the nasdaq up 47. the s&p 500 was up 20. a $10,000 reward is being offered tonight for information about a homicide in richmond back in may. police say the victim was hit by a stray bullet. that reward is being offered in the case of 57-year-old miguel ramirez. he was getting his mail when a gun battle broke out about a block away from his home. ktvu's debora villalon joins us now. she heard from his family and frustrated detectives, deb? quick arrest but had they say he drove the car involved but he didn't pull the
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trigger, and california law now limits charging him. that's just adding to the family's pain. >> my dad did not deserve to go that way. i still need him. >> reporter: his daughters and widow came to richmond pd, expressing heartbreak at the loss of 57-year-old miguel ramirez. and expressing outrage that whoever killed him remains free. >> this person is still living their life, and who has to suffer the pain? i do. we all do. so it's not fair. >> reporter: may 14th, 5:00 p.m. ramirez had just arrived home from his custodian job and was getting his mail when a gun battle broke out that had nothing to do with him. the bullet came from almost 500 feet away. >> proximately a block, block and a half where multiple rounds were fired. we're looking for information regarding the individuals in the vehicle and oninfrom a bull tote the back of his head. >> i was saying you are strong,
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you are very strong, don't give up. please, don't give up. you know? and he never responded back. he never said nothing to me. >> reporter: a home camera caught this image. watch as bystanders duck amid gunfire and a dodge durango speeds down the street. within days, police arrested the driver, but he didn't cooperate. >> we know this person was involved. we know that for a fact. this person drove the car. >> reporter: under new california law the district attorney's hands were tied. >> having charges filed against somebody, they may be more willing to cooperate. >> reporter: previously anyone in the car could be charged as a participant. but not anymore. >> it has made it much more difficult to prosecute individuals that may not have actually pulled the trigger. >> reporter: now a $10,000 reward is offered to motivate witnesses to come forward and identify those responsible for the death of a man loved ones say was friendly, family oriented, always smiling. >> in reality that area was not
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safe. let's be honest, it wasn't. >> reporter: his daughters worried when their parents moved to chancellor street. >> he would be, like, it's okay erica. i'm going to be okay. >> reporter: now missing him, the unsolved case seems unbearable. >> no one can bring him back. no one. but at least if we get that person we'll get that peace of mind that justice was served. >> reporter: at this point, richmond police have the vehicle, they've id'd the driver, they have some witness statements, but none strong enough. that's why we heard the family making a personal plea themselves. live in richmond, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. now to berkeley where police have a man in custody for the sexual assault of a woman as she was walking her park this morning. police say the suspect approached the woman near dwigha secluded area where he assaulted
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her and took her cellphone. officers took 36-year-old demetrius johnson into custody as he was trying to run away. in oakland, city crews moved in today to clear out a problematic homeless encampment in the fruitvail district. a city council man blames it for problems at a nearby home depot. it's off 880 near high street. gal low feared it would close. alyana gomez tells us that the cleanup comes amid a big increase in the number of homeless on oakland streets. >> we gave the gentleman notice that he has to clear or whatever's there we're going to haul away. >> reporter: all of these rvs you see we're tol east 8th street in oakland with vehicles packed to the brim. trash and glass now scattered wherever. bicycles probably hundreds of them piled on top of each other.
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merchandise, reportedly stolen from the neighboring home depot. >> stealing from them is kind of like stealing from me, you know? from my family. >> reporter: this man transports goods to the home depot in oakland from los angeles and says theft was a big problem for them too. >> some of them used to jump on my truck, try to steal stuff. i had to lock the truck. >> reporter: now the encampment is being cleared out. oakland city councilman noel gallo is overseeing. he says the home depot put the city on notice to resolve the growing homeless encampments that surround its store. he says the city can't afford to lose their business. >> what concerns me the most, i have 300 people working here that are my neighbor that is i grew up in east are working. i lose 300 jobs. then $800 million of annual tax money that helps me pay for services. >> reporter: a new report reveals a 47% rise in oakland's homeless population i last two years. that's according to a street
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count released by county leaders. gallo says the city is allowing it to spiral out of control, and now neighbors plan to file suit. >> not only is home depot and the businesses across ready to sue, but there's now neighbors by high street on bosque, they're ready to sue. >> reporter: in the meantime, the campers will continue to move out, with the option of moving to this designated rv location by the coliseum. there's a larger homeless encampment on the other side of the shopping center and we're told attorneys with the home depot headquarters in atlanta will travel to oakland to meet with the mayor on thursday to discuss plans to clear out that encampment. i'm alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> as she mentioned, the homeless count jumped 47% in the past couple years. volunteers found almost 4,100 homeless people citywide in january of this. and coming occupy ton
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11:00 news, a closer look at the problems. where the encampments have spread and what the mayor the doing about them. a raid targeting bryan carmody. newly revealed court documents revealed -- carmody and his lawyers argue that the police raid back in may violated california shield law which protects journalists from being forced to identify their sources. police want to find out how carmody obtained a police report detailing the circumstances of public defender jeff adachi death in february. and he opened the window, he pulled a guven gun, and they shoot. >> the confrontations on the road moments before a driver opened fire. and we're warming up out there. temperatures today inland in the
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mid-90s. some spots warmer tomorrow. and many brides are just learning a bridal store in san jose is closing up shop. coming up, the options the owner is giving brides quickly trying to find a new dress. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab.
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crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. new at 10:00 tonight, a bridal store in the south bay is going out of
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business at the end of the month. >> and that's left dozens of brides scrambling because their orders are now in limbo. azenith smith is at the brides of california store in the alameda and san jose and you talked to the owner today. >> reporter: yes, frank and julie, the owner tells me at least 30 brides will be impacted by the shop's closure. the reason it's closing -- weak summer sales of these dresses and designer shipping delays have caused financial hardship. many brides are just finding out via email. like many brides, 33-year-old julie samm envisions the perfect wedding when she marries her childhood friend in october wearing the perfect dress, trusting it would come on time. that hasn't been the case. >> i feel super anxious and upset. i feel that, you know, the way that she contacted me was by email, not even a phone call. >> reporter: julie is referring to an email she received from
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the owner of brides of california. she ordered her $3,000 gown back in april to support the small business, paying in full. she got an email, the store is going out of business. the order would not be fulfilled, a refund not guaranteed. >> i didn't know what i was supposed to do. >> reporter: julie took to yelp, she found other brides with similar stories. >> i've been attacked so much in the last few days, i keep losing my voice. i get really sick. i'm not eating right now. it's taking a -- i knew it would be bad, justidn't think this bad this soon. >> reporter: 30-year-old susan is the owner. she took over in 2017. the thought, you know? little things add up quickly. and being in the bridal industry there's no really -- there's not a lot of room for error.
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>> reporter: she can work with the brides directly. she's offering sample dresses as compensation. for some, it's not the same. this man's fiance order address in april. he rushed to the store after getting emailed 20 minutes prior. the store was closed. >> anybody knows me, i have an idea of what to do, please let me know. >> reporter: as for julie, she's disputing her charge with brides of california with her credit card company, hoping to get her money back. >> she should have been honest from the beginning. and this whole thing could have been avoided. >> reporter: well, good news for julie, the bride, she found the same dress elsewhere, paying double the price on a rush order. the store will be open every day from 10:00 to 6:00 until the end of july temperature owner says she will do her best to work with the best. live in san jose, i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. a 35 -year-old man behind bars accused
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mother. homicide investigators as ryan garner. he attacked his mom inside their home in the east san jose foothills last week then drove her to a nearby hospital. his mother, 57-year-old cynthia, died from her injuries four days later. she was a longtime elementary school teacher in san jose. in concord, police say a man has been charged with attempted murder following a shooting at an amusement park. it happened in the parking lot of six flags hurricane harbor on july 13th. the victim told police the other man had hit his car with a door, with his door. the two exchanged words and the man pulled out a gun and shot the vic anymore the stomach. with the help of the victim and surveillance videos, detectives say they've identified 28-year-old donald simms of a wt in a separate assault case and was arrested in sacramento last thursday. and tonight he is still in custody. investigators in alameda county are trying to determine the cause of a grass fire in
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dublin. it was reported at about 2:30 this afternoon on dublin boulevard, not far from 580. crews from three east bay agencies managed to contain the flames in about an hour. the fire burned about seven acres and we're told it did not threaten any homes and no injuries were reported. firefighters in napa county say the canyon fire which broke out yesterday afternoon south of lake berryessa is now 85% contained. a handful of evacuated residents returned to their home this is afternoon. the flames charred 64 acres. no structures were damaged. crews in contra costa county began a project aimed at preventing the spread of wildfires. teams of workers used chain saws and weed trimmers to cut miles of brush and trees through lafayette and marinda. a 14-mile ro ject stretching from lafayette into bay hills. the hope is it will stop a wildfire from spreading and maybe even stop it in its tracks. >> the idea is to keep a fire,
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if one does occur here, using those ladder fuels as a way to get up. >> firefighters are urging homeowners to create the 100 feet of defensible space around their homes. so the last few weeks and a good porg of the summer have been below average mild temperatures. that's changing as high pressure is redominating or reowning the area. as the high builds in, the fog stays at the coast. it gets real shallow. that's what we saw today and yesterday. that's what we're going to see tomorrow and the next few days. fog restricted to the coast. inland temperatures back into the mid-90s. today we had a few mid 90s in the inland bay valley. 94 in fairfield today. a degree cooler than yesterday. the trend is for a warm-up, especially after what we experienced saturday and snupd the bay area. today's high, add three or four degrees to inland temperatures. around the bay it's 70s and 80s
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anmmer weather pattern we haven't really seen. we have the option or concern of wildfires. not a red flag warning environment, but dry and hot. like today's fire we might see a few popping up along the roadside. with that said, tomorrow and the next day and next day warm inland, cool at the coast, classic summer weather pat everyone. we'll see you back here and we'll look at the five-day forecast and specific temperatures. new information about the freeway shooting that sut down 880. coming up, hear from the owner of the car who says it all stemmed from road rage. and in three minutes, the man taking over as chief of police for the city of hayward. and his current job in san francisco. francisco.
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new at 10:00, hayward has nr next police chief. san francisco assistant police chief tony chaplin will take over the job in september. in 29 years at the san francisco police department, he's worked his way up from patrol officer
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to lieutenant and watch commander. he also served as interim chief in 2016 after the resignation of chief greg serr. chaplin, his wife, and his daughter have lived in hayward since 2006. he says the city has an outstanding department and he hopes to make it one of the best in the country. new information on a freeway shooting in oakland. it happened on 880 at the height of monday evening commute. crime reporter henry lee spoke with the owner of the suv that was targeted. he says it was a case of road rage. >> reporter: it happened within moments, gunfire on a busy oakland freeway. >> i opened the window. he pulled a gun. and they shoot him. >> reporter: this man owns the toyota rav4 the came under fire. he wasn't in the suv but two of his friends were. they were driving north on 880 near 98th avenue when they tried to move into the lane on their right. >> they trying to pass another
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car. and other car, they're notthem. >> reporter: truman says his friend who was driving made a gesture. >> no, nothing, he do like, what's up? what's wrong? >> reporter: without warning the other driver reacted, rolling down his window before firing a single shot. >> and the both come in from the right, the passenger side. so they come from the other side from the right to the left right away. >> reporter: the bullet missed the passenger, went through the driver's right hand before lodging in his leg. thankfully survive. >> today he have a surgery. they're trying toeg. >> reporter: he's counting his blessings. >> i'm lucky. i'm lucky too i'm not in the car. >> he says it's disturbing drivers are resorting to violence. >> it's the first time it's happened to us like this. always we drive safety. yeah, it's happening. people are crazy.
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they want to do everything. they think the own the whole street or the road. >> reporter: chp officers diverted cars off 880 as they search the freeway and rav4 for evidence. no arrests have been made. since 2015 at least ten people have died in bay area freeway shootings. the chief says even if you feel like you've been cut off or wronged, let it go, take a deep breath, and put the guns down. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a brand new condo on the peninsula for $177,000. how a lottery is helping narrow down the pool of potential home buyers eligible for the unit at a below market rate. another giants game goes into extra innings tonight. joe fonzi will tell us if they found a way toin. up first, demanding action in the city. the changes to street that is pedestrian safety advocates want made right away. >> with the number of fatalities
10:28 pm
of pedestrian and bike fatalities, this calls for extreme action.
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the pedestrian safety group walk sf is calling on san francisco city hall to declare a state of emergency after a man was killed in a crosswalk sunday when police say a car blew right through a red light. as ktvu's christien kafton
10:31 pm
reports, the advocates for pedestrian safety want speed limits lowered and enforcement increased. >> smart link. tess rothstein. >> reporter: the began with a recitation of the names of those killed on san francisco street this is year so far. >> grace challenge. >> reporter: and a moment of silence. pedestrian and bicycle advocates, city officials saying enough is enough. >> we are here in solidarity to call on our city's leaders to declare a state of emergency. >> reporter: that declaration would free up funding to start making changes to some of the city's most dangerous streets immediately. >> with the number of fatalities, pedestrian and bike fatalities, this calls for extreme action. >> reporter: safety advocates are calling for lower speed limits, better timed traffic lights, and scrambled crosswalks which allow pedestrians to walk
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without cross traffic. and they want san francisco police to step uppen forcement on speeding, stop sign, and red light running. something ktvu's cameras captured time after time after time at the intersection of taylor and o'farrell streets. a disproportionate number fall in matt haney's district. he and supervisors are calling for a resolution to declare that state of emergency. >> emergency funding, quicker steps to actually address what is causing this, which is streets designed like freeways. >> reporter: the spike in traffic fatalities could be tied to an overall increase in traffic in the city. the acting head of the san francisco municipal transportation agency says there are more cars on the road now than in 2010. >> the rapid growth in the city and the growth of transportation network companies like uber and lyft mean more cars on the road. >> reporter: we were here as they installed barriers to stop drivers from turning right where
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sunday's deadly crash happened. last year san francisco saw 23 pedestrian and bicycle crashes. so far this year 14, and more than five months to go. and those are just the deadly accidents. pedestrian and bicycle advocates say every day about three people are injured on san francisco streets, which means every year hundreds are sent to the hospital. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. now to richmond where police are looking far burglar who broke into a home in point richmond early saturday morning. police released surveillance pictures of the suspect. he got in through a sliding glass door about 5:00 in the morning while the people inside were asleep. the suspect stole expensive clothing and for some reason a television remote. he is described as a white man, 25 to 35 years old with short brown hair and a goatee. dmv offices in california will be shutting their doors for the first part of the day tomorrow. ktvu tells you why this is
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happening. >> reporter: wednesday morning the doors to every dmv office in california will remain closed. >> it's exciting because this is historic. this has never been done before. >> reporter: california's government operations agency secretary said the reason for the half day closure is to train more than 5,000 dmv employees and what has been named operation excellence. >> this will better equip them to handle the real id transactions which can be complicated, and better help them, give them the tools, to provide excellent customer service. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom announced new d mv leadership and promised more t department which he says has continually fallen short. the governor pointed out the says wastes billions of taxpayer dollars. >> we are looking to modernize but at the same time do it in a
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very systemic and sequencetial way. >> reporter: the strike team released a report that found overall wait times have decreased by 58 minutes compared to last august. along with a drop in customers waiting more than two hours. and as part of the modernization, the dmv will accept credit cards for the first time at some dmv locations in the fall. >> everything is credit card now. there's going to be bugs in the system to start, but it's probably going to streamline and make it much quicker and more sufficient in the end. >> there's no reason i couldn't have put my credit card in and paid online. >> reporter: the governor says the real challenge is meeting the expected demand of 22 million californians for the federally mandated real id required by october 2020. the dmv has hired 350 employees since spring and plans to hire 1,800 more in the next year, mostly temporary to help. >> dmv offices will re-open at 1:00 p.m. onedsday. during the hal closure, call centers will remain open,
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and aaa member cans go to some aaa locations for some services. in walnut creek, maureen, ktvu fox 2 news. google has settled a class action lawsuit that claimed the tech giant discriminated against people over 40. the suit brought by 200 people was settled by $11 million. it claimed google denied equal hiring, employment, and compensation to people 40 and older. google denied it discriminated against older workers and job seekers. the company said it works hard to build an inclusive work place. a stolen puppy picked up by police. where officers found the puppy and what happened to the woman who had the dog. and some fog right at the coast, but most of the inland valleys are clear right now. actually all the inland valleys are clear. and it's warm out there. warm to hot day tomorrow, that continues. ville the forecast for some heat after the break. and remember this fight at
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disneyland's toon town? the charges three people are now facing. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet
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at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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boris johnson is replacing theresa may as the new prime minister in britain. conservative party members elected johnson by an overwhelming majority today. may stepped down after she was unable to deliver a deal on
10:40 pm
brexit. johnson is a hard liner when it comes to brexit. he's vowed to leave the european union by october 31st with or without an agreement. the new prime minister will meet with the queen and officially take office tomorrow. the u.s. senate today passed the 9/11 victim compensation bill after lobbying from comedian jon stewart and first responders. the senate voted 97-2 in favor. the bill authorizes money to help first responders suffering with chronic ailments from their time working at ground zero after the 9/11 attacks. it ensures funding for another 70 years. and it already passed the house and president trump is expected to sign it. three members of the same family who were caught on video during a brawl at disneyland earlier this month are now facing criminal charges. prosecutors in orange county said avery robinson, his sister,
10:41 pm
andrea robinson, and her husband, daman petrie, are all facing assault and battery charges. the fight broke out in toon town in front of dozens of families an children. disneyland security guards fighe several bystanders got involved. an update to a story we told you about earlier this month when two border collies were stolen from their owner at a park. one puppy has been found. an alert citizen saw a woman walking a border collie puppy in richmond. when she asked the woman about the puppy, the woman took off, leaving the little dog behind. officers searched the area for that woman and the other puppy, but were unable to locate either. anyone with information should contact east bay regional park district police. a new project launched in san francisco today designed to save millions of gallons of water a year and create enoughof buildings. the project diverts naturally occurring ground water that normally goes into the sewer
10:42 pm
near the palace street b.a.r.t. station and redirects it to an energy plant to create steam power for downtown buildings. using the ground water to create the steam energy will save 30 million gallons of drinking water a year. still ahead tonight, how a lottery is helping one lucky home buyer get into a new condo priced at just $177,000. plus -- >> the latest innovation coming to patrol cars in butte county with last year's devastating camp wildfire in mind. also, chief meteorologist bill martin is coming back with your complete bay area forecast. he says a warm-up is on the way.
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emergency agencies in butte county unveiled a new groundbreaking fire warning system today. the new sirens are programmed into marked sheriff's vehicles countywide. they're designed to speed up emergency evacuations in the event of another disaster like the camp fire in paradise nearly nine m will allow go through neighborhoods sounding this very distinctive siren. that would alert people to a problem. i want to be very clear. this does not replace the other
10:46 pm
mechanisms of notifying people. >> authorities in butte county say these sirens blaring from deputy cars will be heard by far more people in the event of an emergency. buying a home is an uphill battle the many first-time home buyers in the bay area. but tonight there's a program in east palo alto that's pairing low-income buyers with affordable housing. >> reporter: purchasing a prime piece of real estate in the comings law condominiums. it comes with a view, technically a view of the ikea parking lot. what's turning heads is the asking price. comparable units are selling the for high six figures, this one just $177,000. >> it's that price because it's part of our city's below market rate program. >> reporter: started just this year, the east palo alto below market rate ownership program or bmr pairs buyers making up to
10:47 pm
60% of the area median income with affordable housing. this condo had 101 interested parties. a lottery last week peared it down to 60, most of whom are paintball low residents looking to own. >> i'm surprised there weren't a thousand. our intention is for it to go to a member of the community. people who live here, work here. we'll see how that plays out. >> reporter: epa candu has 100 properties deemed affordable if they were to sell. most in neighborhoods like this. new properties come online when owners decide to sell or developers come in. the city is mandating 20% of new development be affordable housing. the lottery ranked the finalist one through 60. starting with number one, the process begins to see who gets the condo. >> if the family that ranked at the top of the lottery can qualify for a mortgage, their house. >> reporter: one family's dream means the remaining 59 would-be buyers must go back to their
10:48 pm
long search and try again for affordable housing in the land of seven figure sales. in east palo alto, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a quick revisit of those temperatures from today. which were just a tad cooler than yesterday. the general trend since last week and the week before that is this warm-up which will find temperatures in the olympic valleys tomorrow in the mid-90s. we'll see triple digit heat showing up eastern sacramento valley and southern sacramento san joaquin valley. we might see a heat warning go into effect for fresno and modesto toward the end of the week. 94 in fairfield. 91 in antioch. not that hot, but story is high pressure is reestablishing itself. the fog can't get into the city. san francisco at this hour is clear. that tells you something right away, right? that means what fog is out there is stuck right at the coast and staying there. so when you wake up tomorrow in san francisco, you're going be
10:49 pm
quickly into low 60s. the winds generally northwest onshore. the temperatures right now san francisco's downtown, 57. 69 in fairfield. 75 degrees in concord at this hour. that's pretty warm. temperatures are generally running a little ahead of where they were last night at this time. the high pressure builds out of the southeast, and that creates the biggest -- the highest temperatures on the eastern edge of the valley because the heat's coming from this direction. but as we get closer to the coast, we'll find the fog right at the coast where temperatures will be in the low 60s. around the bay it's 70s and 80s. 90s and upper 90s inland. that's whole week essentially. not looking at a spare the air day yet. we could see one by the end of the week. and we mightd of fire weather get down towards wind, not lookt wind, but obviously heat and low humidities. that temperature footprint is tomorrow. and that might as well be for thursday, friday, right through. because we're going to see the
10:50 pm
100s, the 90s, the 80s, the 70s, and the ofs to the coast. that temperature footprint is a classic microclimate pattern which give dwrous 40 degree spread from ocean beach to delayton. so it's going to be a warm one next few days. forecast for vacaville, 95 degrees. with the heat comes fire danger, obviously. low humidities, decreased air quality. air quality is sketchy. might see spare the air days pop up in here. this is not record stuff, this is normal stuff. we've seen an abnormal sum we are below average temperatures. we had a cal fire said the other day, we've been jumping these fires because we've had high humidity days, cool days. that's not going to be the case. the remainder of this ws week sp for the rest of the fire season because we're going to seeeas r. and then it's game on for fire. which it always is as you get
10:51 pm
into late july, early august. there's the five-day forecast. air-conditioners will be pumping out there in the east bay, inland bay valleys. when i come back at 11:00, we'll take a look at the latest models. coming up in sports, another extra inning win for the giants tonight. joe fonzi will tell us how they again found a way to get the victory over the cubs. then the 11:00 news, homeless encampments in neighborhoods and parks across oakland. the staggering new numbers behind the crisis and how the city is trying to tackle it. so that early retirement we planned.
10:52 pm
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joe's here now with sports, in for mark tonight. the giants got the win. >> they did it again. >> all i wanted as a kid was extra innings. for the price of one ticket. it was the staple of the four-game series with mets over the weekend. they went overtime again tonight against the cubs. you need supplies when you're going extra innings, if not food, something to keep you entertained. darvish took a 2-1 lead the fourth inning. dickerson did something about that. dickerson goes o what a fight. he's been batting over .350 with six home runs. that is a good souvenir. same inning, two runners aboard, kevin pillar send one to the
10:55 pm
base of the wall in left center. bran down crawford scores, so will mike. it all seemed to be in order. some were saying this could have been the last game at home for baumgardner. he strikes out chris bryant. was not involved in the decision of going seven innings. cubs tied it. and giants headed to extra innings in the 13th with brad brock on the mound, pablo sandoval sent one the opposite way. garcia just has the ball out of his reach. over the fence. the giants are winners. 5-4 this time. two games over 500 and two games out of the nl wild card. and for the second night in a row, the a's began play in the number two wild card spot and with a chance to move up on the only team in front of them. this youngster in houston has covered no matter who wins. a's shirt, astros hat. scoreless in the second, a
10:56 pm
runner at first. yuli gurriel lines one to center where ramon makes the dive. the ball gets by him and this will not turn out well for the a's. as it rolls, lure ya know chases, gurriel turns on the speed. the dive for the ball made it possible. and then when you run that much, you need some relief from your teammates. the astros wade miley was cruising for eight innings. roberto trying to nail it down in the ninth. matt olsen puts one in the bleachers with a pair of runners on. that's homer number 21 for olsen. the astros tied it in their half of the ninth. in the 11th, the a's put runners at first and second. then laureano roped one down the line. bringsls second. markl was ruled a ground roll double. houston out in the ninth, and the a's were 4-3 come from
10:57 pm
behind win. it's getting harder and harder to tell what season it mh ago. a's and giants in the middle of meaningful summer baseball, and raider rookies reported to training camp today in napa. >> dude. >> oh, man, what is up with you? >> how you doing, bro? >> good. how you doing? >> plenty of handshakes and back slaps when camps open and nobody's hitting anybody or getting cut. last one was a transitional one for the raiders as gruden replaced stars with draft picks. part of the challenge is fitting the rookies, including three first round picks, into the mix. one guy who's expected to be up to speed immediately is beginning his sixth season at quarterback shared his pre-camp thoughts. >> very excited nor season. for excited for this team. the bond we've built and the trust, this is where we find out who makes the team. who's going to be with us on the
10:58 pm
53 and all that stuff. man, i can't tell you how excited i am, you know, just to get back to football. >> right, we're all excited about a day off, the tour de france entered the final wave of competition. stage 16 was a 110 mile flat loop in 104 degrees of heat. tough day for to mas who crashed early in the race. tomas did get some held sxp got back on his bike. he managed to stay in second place in the overall standings. today's stage winner was caleb yuwen of australia who was on his bike just short of four hours. the overall leader is felipe of france who leads tomas by one minute and 35 second. and we'll leave you with things to check out. football camps open this week around the country. philadelphia eagles defensive end brandon graham had to break the news to his young daughter that he was going to be away
10:59 pm
from home for a little while. >> i know. i know. i know. i know. i know. i'll be back, okay? when you come you going to get to see me at the eagles shop. >> who cares about chasing quarterbacks when dad's away? dallas keuchel had a respectable game, but not without an embarrassing moment. the retuned throw from the catcher not so routine. those shoelaces will get you every time. no decision for keuchel in the 5-4 royals win. >> i love stuff like that. that was great. >> yeah, joe, thank you. next at 11:00. >> it changed so much. i refuse to go there were four people in the park here. >> tonight startling new numbers reveal a spike in the number of homeless people in oakland. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox e
11:00 pm
last two years. and officials admit city services can't keep pace. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. during the homeless count, oakland had a total of 4,071 people living on the streets or in vehicles or staying in shelters. two years ago during the last count, the number was 2,761. that jump of 47% is one of the biggest of any california city. new at 11:00 tonight, ktvu's amber lee live at oakland city hall to show us where the encampments have spread p what the mayor is doing about it, amber? >> julie, homeless encampments, including one at a popular park. mayor libby schaaf is disappointed but not surprised. since the count was done in january the city has added beds and expanded on existing programs. >> reporter: oakland's mosswood


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