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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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last week. how activists and lawmakers are trying to make city streets safer. >> immigration agents may begin deporting agents without a hearing before a judge. and a lot of eyes on capitol hill tomorrow. lawmakers are preparing to hear testimony from former special counsel robert mueller. good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> dealing with an increasing number of deaths. >> ktvu's allie rasmussen reports. >> are our streets safe for our babies and elders? >> no. >> people held signs and told
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stories of pedestrians on city streets. traffic crashes have killed 21 people so far this year. compare that to 23 in all of last year. >> the most recent death happened sunday afternoon on o'farrell and taylor streets. a couple visiting the city for their anniversary can be seen in the upper left-hand corner of this surveillance video. a black tesla hits them. we stopped the video before impact. but it claimed the life of benjamin dean. on thursday, 54-year-old michael evans was hit while crossing the street a few blocks away. advocates hoping declare a state of emergency will free up funds to make changes to high- risk neighborhoods. like the tenderloin. one idea they're pushing for, take away all the one-way streets here. >> it's proven that when you
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have traffic, cars stretch much more slowly. and that's something that can save people's lives, when speed is such a factor in fatal collisions. >> we want to lower speed limits in san francisco. we believe in neighborhoods like the tenderloin that has the highest number of families and children and seniors, that 20 is plenty. >> reporter: but san francisco needs the state legislature's permission to lower the speed limit and install speed enforcement cameras. >> he has kept hitting walls because of the political environment in sacramento. so this must be a statewide movement. we can't just do it out of san francisco. >> traffic safety advocates say the first step is getting a renewed commitment from city leaders to address this problem. supervisor matt haney who represents the tenderloin is going to bring this to the board of supervisors. in san francisco, allie rasmus, fox 2 news. contra costa county has identified the motorcyclist killed in a weekend crash in concord.
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28-year-old joshua morgan died died. after crashing into the prius, morgan son was killed after crashing into a pickup truck. the crash this morning in rural sonoma county. the victim was riding a bike on petaluma road. just after midnight. chp says the cyclist was knocked down after being hit by a car. another car in the same lane then ran over the victim. the drivers of both vehicles stopped and are cooperating with the investigation. officers say the two drivers were not impaired. the cyclist was pronounced dead there at the scene. about 6:30 last night in the northbound lanes near the 98th avenue off-ramp. the chp says a man in a dark-colored sedan started shooting at two men in an suv. investigators say the driver had multiple wounds. but it appears he will
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survive. the passenger is not hurt. the chp is asking anyone who may have witnessed the shooting to give them a call. >> if they see something, to please contact us. a lot of times, that's what helps solve these cases when members of the public come forward, with even details that they might think are insignificant. those details can help ultimately solve the case. >> the northbound lanes were closed for more than two hours yesterday during the investigation. they reopened at about 9:00 last night. new details this afternoon on i.c.e. operations, targeting immigrant families of the people targeted last week. less than three dozen arrests were made. this comes as immigration officers will have broad authority to fast track deportation ktvu's cristina rendon reports. >> this is another controversial administration. they address the ongoing crisis on the southern border. >> starting tuesday, i.c.e.
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officers have the authority to deport undocumented immigrants without allowing them to appear before judges. the trump administration says they will free up beds in detention centers, reducing a backlog in immigration courts. >> if, as the statute is written, they are unable to prove that they are able -- that they have been here for more than two years, then we have the ability to remove them from the country. >> reporter: on mornings on 2, oakland mayor, libby schaaf, responding to reports that i.c.e. was in the airport over the past eight years. people were transported to other holding facilities by plane. it has some questioning if it violated oakland's policy. >> federal regulations limit the information that airports can get about who is flying and for what purpose. and so again, the report shows that these were not on commercial flights. >> chartered fly thes. >> these were chartered flights. right. but i can tell you, that the
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port also is taking this report very seriously. >> reporter: also tuesday, i.c.e. releasing recent interior operations. they say of 899 people arrested between mid-may and july, 605 have criminal history. and more have pending criminal charges. they gave audit notices to 300,000 employees. and last week, an immigration sweep, targeting roughly 2,000 immigration families in major cities, netted only 35 arrests. i.c.e. says they were not raids. >> taking a target enforcement actionegance a specific individual who is in violation of the law and a warrant by an immigration judge is not a raid. a raid conjures up images of indiscriminate enforcement actions. that is not what we do and everybody knows that is not what we do. >> critics say it is unlawful
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and dangerous policy change. the a.c.l.u. is also planning to sue to stop the policy from taking effect. in san francisco, cristina rendon, fox 2 news. new at noon, a new report says the governor's moratorium on the death penalty in california hasn't saved our state any money. governor newsom signed the order back in march. but the order only stops executions. it does not prevent california proskeushtds from continuing -- prosecutors from continuing to pursue capital cases. state costs have decreased as the state continues to fund legal counsel. the governor says he wants voters to abolish the death penalty altogether in a ballot initiative. tomorrow, every dmv office across the state will close for half the day, so employees can be retrained on how to process real id changes. the field office will close and open at 1:00 in the afternoon. the dmv's call centers will
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remain open all day long. the dmv says more train suggest needed because real i.d. applications are more complex and take more time to process. john paul stevens. family members are remembering him in a private funeral. yesterday, the casket was placed in the supreme court's great hall. the president, with the first lady and five supreme court justices and retired justices were there to pay their respects. justice stevens died last week. he was 99. the senate has confirmed mark esper as secretary of defense. the senate voted 90-88. esper is an army vet and a former lobbyist for the former contractor, raytheon. this is the largest the pentagon has gone without a press secretary. jim mattis stepped down in september. he is expected to declare by the trump administration's stance as security issues as
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well as fill several high-level vacancies within the department. after teresa may announced she would step down, a new leader. >> boris johnson will take over tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah, boris johnson getting right to work. he only has three months to deliver on his promise to lead the u.k. out of the european union by halloween. johnson faces conflicting demands from the politically divided country. >> the united kingdom has a new leader. >> i give notice that boris johnson is elected as the leader of the conservatives and humanist party. [ applause ] winning two-thirds of the vote. boris johnson beat rival jeremy hunt. and will replace embattled prime minister theresa may. leave britain's conservative party. >> we're going to get brexit done on october 31st. we'll take advantage of all of the opportunities that it will
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bring in a spirit of "can do." in a passionate speech this morning, johnson said his goals are to deliver brexit. he said he will fulfill his promise to lead with or without a divorce deal. corbin responded to johnson's new rule. >> he's been elected on a program which appears to btax writeoffs for the richest. and no deal for the european union. >> johnson, however, does have support from many around the world. >> it's a terrific result. marvelous victory. and it's a great opportunity for the country to make brexit a success. i know, i'm humely encouraged -- hugely encouraged. >> but still, there are a lot who doubt him. >> he's not the kind of serious politician. >> johnson took over for
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theresa may. may tweeted they'll work together to deliver a brexit that works for the whole u.k. >> boris johnson gives a no confidence vote. the vote of no confidence is a formal motion in parliament that essentially has the house has no confidence in the government. it's debated and voted on. multiple sources say corbin will make a move if it is triggered. how an officer made a split- second decision to pull a man from a burning car. and forger special council -- counsel robert mueller will be on the stand tomorrow. why he won't stay far from his conclusion in the final report. a minor cooldown. beautiful view there over san francisco. mostly sunny skies. away from the coastline. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today and the rest of the week coming up.
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members of congress are premming for special counsel robert mueller's testimony tomorrow. what lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expect from tomorrow's hearings. >> there was a -- an awful amount of work done by a huge team of professionals that resulted in a 450-something page report. >> fbi director, christopher
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wray, answering to lawmakers about the russian probe. >> i really want to be careful not to be trying to add to my own gloss or layering on top of that. >> wray's congressional testimony, coming one day ahead of special counsel robert mueller. in a letter, the justice saying it expects the former cons to remain within the boundaries of his report. adding matters within the scope of your investigation were covered by executive privilege. >> i think both sides are going to find the testimony of robert mueller pretty frustrating. >> i don't think it's going to be helpful. >> house democrats saying the trump campaign welcomed the release of information illegally obtained by russian hacking efforts. and president trump personally received advanced notice, regarding the release of damaging information. >> i don't think it will make much difference. i think it will be some theater
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for their base. but i don't think it's going to affect the american people very much. >> mueller is set to testify observe the house judiciary committee and intelligence panels, beginning 8:30 eastern. lauren blanchard, ktvu channel 2 news. jackie speier sits on the house intelligence committee, which means she'll be among those questioning robert mueller tomorrow. >> i think by his testifying, we're going to be able to shine a bright light on that report, even if he does nothing more than read from that report. it's going to provide greater clarity to the american people. >> in an interview, on our political show, the issue is, the congresswoman said her number 1 question would be whether mueller's question was hampered by apps. we'll have live coverage of robert mueller's testimony for you starting at 5:30 a.m. you'll find it on ktvu plus,
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and you'll get live updates by watching mornings on 2. the trump administration is proposing new restrictions on the food stamp program. the new rule would close a loophole. that means those receiving from only one would mean automatic benefits. the change would save and eliminate what it says is abuse of the program. democrats and advocacy groups are criticizing the proposal as an attack on low-income people. the usda will soon accept public comment on the change. senator kamala harris is accepting new legislation that would decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. senator harris also wants a federal tax that would help people who were convicted in the past of marijuana possession. she is working on the bill, alongside congressman jerry nadler. harris supported the legal use
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of medical marijuana. but was against legislation that would have legalized recreational marijuana in california. new at noon. san francisco is getting a new sustainable water project. one that will save millions of gallons of water every year. it's the city's largest on site reuse project. it will redirect to an energy plant where it will end up in its steam room. that will result in thousands of gallons of drinking water saved every year. >> instead of using drinking water, we're using water that would normally going into a sewer and we're recycling that water. so at a great effort. >> sales force now has the largest on-site water resikesling system -- recycling system in a high-rise in the united states. first passengers went through the nine-gate facility
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this morning. southwest to vegas was the first flight to depart. this portion of the terminal includes gates for southwest, jet blue among others. the facility includes an exhibit, dedicated to the legacy of harvey milk. terminal 1 is being rebuilt in stages and is expected to fully open in the year 2023. let's talk about weather. >> it's nice and warm inland. once again. temperatures are expected to come down just slightly. in fact, we're seeing that this afternoon. but here is a view first of the city. and as we look towards san francisco on the west edge, you can see the clouds still banked up against the coastline. so our summertime, microclimate pattern in place. here's another view of sfo. a little cloud cover there. west edge of san francisco now in the low 60s. meanwhile, our inland cities in the upper 70s. one of our warmer spotsa the this hour. 84. oakland, a very comfortable 68. and san jose, beautiful for you at about 77. here's a look at the 24-hour
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temperature change. we have a little stronger onshore breeze. and we know our inland areas, especially areas like fairfield, down by about tin degrees. as an indication for that. a few degrees cooler along the east bay shore, as well as mountain view. our inland communities in the mid-90s yesterday. low 90s for today. so you may or may not notice so much. it may not be any hotter, though, than yesterday. here's a look at the onshore breeze. concord reporting 9. and westerly breeze at about 12. for your afternoon today, we'll go partly to mostly cloudy at the coastline. mostly sunny elsewhere. south-facing beaches seeing sunshine at this hour. the leanest in some beach. mostly clear skies as we shift over to ocean beach, pacifica, half moon bay, covered in gray. and as we move down towards areas like cap tolla. and beautiful weather coming your way. in addition to the low clouds, you may look up today and see mid and high level clouds.
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having to do with that monsoonal moisture that is wrapping around and pulling in through california. and giving us thunderstorms over areas like the sierra. you can see lightning strikes at this hour. for us, mostly sunny skies. with mid and high-level clouds perhaps over the west. we have slightly cooler temperatures today. temperatures ranging over the 60s. to low 90s expected for our inland communities. and some of our hotter spots may get to about 95. here's a look at the afternoon highs for today. 71 for sausalito. we'll go upper 80s for novato. 89 expected for santa rosa. for the east bay. 72 for alameda. 94 expected in antioch. south bay locations. 84, san jose. still a very warm day. just not quite as warm as yesterday. within a degree or two for some. 75 for the afternoon high in santa cruz. going to be gorgeous there. upper 70, san mateo. upper 60 for the city of san
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mateo. getting in. temperatures do begin to drop. thursday, friday, into the weekend. we're looking nice. temperatures in the 80s for our inland communities. 70s around the bay. 60s at the coach. if you're going to see the giants play, i'll have that for you coming up. a potential sign that california's housing market may be headed for a cooldown. a new report describes what is in store for home prices statewide. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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good day on the markets. stocks were high. dow jones is up by almost 200 points. nasdaq up by almost one-half. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the agreement sets federal spending levels over the next two years and allows continued borrowing. economists say it amounts to borrowing for one quarter over every dollar it spends. in a report yesterday, the state legislative office says it is off for a week. this comes after seven straight years of dramatic price increases after the recession. the analyst office says there is no cause for concern. we're learning about new
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features that will reportedly be featured on iphone model. weak designs indicate some of the iphone 11 models will have a triple lens rear camera. there will be three models. they'll still have lightning ports. meanwhile, apple is in talks with its intel to buy its business. the wall street journal reports, the two companies have been talking for about a year now. an announcement could come by next week. oakland city leaders dealing with a big spike. a new report says homelessness is increasing in the city of oakland. how the mayor is getting people into permanent housing. and calling on government to resign. how they are turning up the pressure for him to step down.
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here's a look at some of the top stories we're following. san francisco city leaders are considering a state emergency declaration at tonight's board meeting. the deaths in the past week is prompting a renewed sense of urgency. 21 pedestrians have been killed in san francisco so far this year. the meeting is set to start at 2:00 this afternoon. starting today, i.c.e. officers will be given the opportunity to deport undocumented immigrations without allowing them to appear
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before an immigration judge. they say it will reduce the backlog of more than 900,000 cases in immigration courts. i.c.e. says it has arrested more than 35 people in targeted incidents in the past week. saving 31 million gallons of water a year. it will divert foundation drainage. and redirect to an energy plant on jesse street, where it will be used in its steam room. quick reminder. you can always get a look at the ktvu app. developing news in puerto rico. protestors turning violent there. after demanding what many call vulgar text messages. an estimated 500,000 protestors packed the streets of puerto rico monday. in a peaceful showing of solidarity over the potential ouster of governor ricardo roso yo.
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some people play music. but it was a different scene as night fell. clashes erupting between protestors and the police. clouds of tear gas, billowing after authorities ask demonstrators not to throw rocks but still, there were some in the crowd that did. all of this after the island's governor who many want out. and a series of masogenistic. governor who has come forward to support you in the middle of this chaos? >> there are fogs who have supported me. >> who specifically? >> there are people. >> could you just give me one name. >> there is a protest. >> so you're not able to give me the name of one person in puerto rico whose support you are continuing. >> the governor did give one name of support, though. he says he does not support the governor. and is waiting to see how the process of impeachment turns out. president trump weighing in on
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this. >> he's a terrible governor. i think you have it even worse. mayor of san juan. she's horrible. or incompetent. grossly incompetent. at the same time, the governor is not good. >> and just this morning, the department of justice in puerto rico have issued search warrants in their investigation into governor in the so-called chat gate scandal. in puerto rico, brianien brian lenas. >> fire shut down a six-mile stretch. smoke is visible across much of the county. they called in eight local aircraft. because they hadn't been called to other fires burning right now. >> people need to realize that just because a fire starts, not every fire is going to be
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devastating like we've seen the last several years. >> they were on it before i even knew there was a fire. i saw the airplane before i saw smoke. >> nine families were evacuated from the area. so far, no buildings have been damaged. the cause of the fire is under investigation. cal fire has the area where the flames started taped off. santa clara county, the first county in the bay area, to receive millions in new funding to help with wildfires and other natural disasters. state leaders join leaders in cupertino. to buy two moses systems, which can be mounted on the back of a trailer, and then establish a wifi and mobile signal, covering 35 miles in just 15 minutes. first responders say having dependable communications can really mean the difference between life ask death. >> this technology will provide that gap, help bridge that gap, should we experience the infrastruct are experience. >> those two moses systems are
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on order and should be delivered by the end of the year. >> a former mma fighter, who is now a police officer in fremont, and being credited with saving a man's life. the dramatic rescue happened saturday night, near zappa tech drive in fremont. east of the 680 exit. ktvu's azenith smith spoke about the rescue. >> when jason arrived on the scene of this car crash on kirt ner avenue saturday night. he had no time to think. cell phone video captures what he was up against. a a lexus on its side. engulfed in flames. and a large tree. >> when i got out of my car, people started yelling at me, that there's something trapped in there. so i grabbed a fire extinguisher. that didn't do much. i thought i could control the fire. >> the fire was out of control. he sprayed the gas tank, hoping it would explode.
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>> it became clear i had to drag the guy out. >> you n the video, you see the officer open the back hatch, remove the man's belongings and pull him out. >> all i could see was his hands sticking up. and i grabbed his hands and got him from there. and was able to get his shoulders and pull him out. >> we gotta get away from this star. >> the officer telling the man to stand up as they both walk backwards to safety. >> because of that officer, that driver not only survived. he walked away from it. it was crazy. >> but koenig took the cell phone video, stunned at how quickly it escalated. >> humble or not. amazing or not. this was an absolutely heroic act. >> there was nothing special i did on or off duty. any of my partners of woo done the same thing. >> the officer didn't care for the parade. previously a mixed martial arts fighter, the 32-year-old from buffalo, new york, has been
12:36 pm
with fremont p.d. for two years. police say the man he saved may have been under the influence. a 28-year-old fremont resident taken to the hospital with minor injuries this. is what the man said to officer travisinski. >> he is not a big fan of law enforcement. he doesn't like cops. but he thanked me for what i did and said he respects us for doing that. >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu, fox 2 news. the a new report says the number of home little people in oakland has dramatically increased. more than 4,000 homeless people, earlier this year, compared to 2700 homeless people in the same town in 2017. that's a 47% increase. oakland mayor, libby schaaf, joins us live. and says the city has new programs now in place to help the homeless. since those numbers came out, we have either added or are in the works of adding more
12:37 pm
than 700 new kind of supported beds. whether those are cabin communities or our 92 very successful, holland rapid. the organization that conducted the count says the biggest growth area in homelessness or people living in cars or rvs, because they just can't afford housing. a new potential fee on disposable products. this time, disposable cups. trying to cut down on waste at coffee shops. outside our doors this afternoon. a lot of sunshine to go around. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today and the warm weather that will last into the weekend coming up.
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new at noon, the number of children who are homeschooled and not vaccinated for measles, is up in california. according to an announcement of state data. the number of kindergarteners
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who were home schooled and did not have their shots quadrupled. they want to avoid vaccines or for other reasons. according to state data. in the school year that ended in june, there were 6,741 home-schooled kindergarteners without their shots. compared to 680. and their 2016-17 academic year. a daughter from the sacramento area is heartbroken, after losing her daughter. alex alvarez tried to rescue his daughter from the yuba river. it wasn't until just yesterday, search-and-rescue teams announced they found his body. >> 12-year-old amelie alvarez wears this hat because she wants the world to know what her dad alex alvarez meant to her. >> nobody could be like my dad. if only a lot of people could have gotten to know him before this happened. >> clutching a pick
12:42 pm
-- pikachu doll. alvarez was found after jumping in the river to save amelie. >> he would do anything for you. just like he did to me in the river. >> she holds the gift. with the voice recording the first time her stepbrother called him cad. >> he meant the world to us. >> his family said alvarez was the head chef at harlow's. the restaurant and nightclub in sacramento. they say his had the r heart was -- his heart was family. >> he loved people. >> he loved his job. loved cooking. >> he loved to cook, since he was a teenager. he passed that onto his kid. >> amazing. my dad brought me to the back of harlow's where he worked. >> passionate about cooking. but his greatest love, family. >> always busy. but always had time to spend
12:43 pm
with his kids and really cherish that time home. >> search teams fire district and chp error operations searched for alvarez for days. now grateful for closure. >> it's been very stressful, even though she knew what the likely result was of him getting swept away by the river. being able to know for sure means so much. >> i'm just thinking about my dad. and how he would be -- and what he would be saying here right now. and that's what's keeping me strong. >> there have been a number of water rescues this past weekend alone in northern california. safety officials report that 30 people had to be rescued from the american river. first responders are urging everyone wading into a river to wear a life vest. two san francisco supervisors are expected to introduce legislation to ban natural gas and all new construction and renovations in the city.
12:44 pm
the ban would reduce emissions and demonstrate the city's commitment to go all electric. they plan to introduce that legislation in september. berkeley passed a similar ban on natural gas and new construction earlier this month. also today, the san francisco board of supervisors is expected topaz a -- to pass a proposal. after the flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes ban. according to the examiner, a 2017 economic impact report estimates businesses would suffer a $15 billion loss. the office of small business estimates that shops would lose another $70 million in annual sales from the ban on e- cigarettes. the ban would kick in, unless voters decided to reverse the ban. coffee drinkers may have to pay for for that cup of coffee to go. >> the idea here is to cut down on waste and encourage the use
12:45 pm
of reusable coffee cups. ktvu's andre senior explains how the plan would work. >> the gastro coffee company has been serving up coffee in this popular neighborhood in san francisco for more than three decades. java served up piping hot or ice cold, all day long, at this long-time establishment. >> we had a little seating outside. and locals like to come. congregate, see each other. and chat. about the daily routines or whatever is going on in life. >> just like any coffee shop, you'll see no shortage of customers using disposable cups. an additional cost of 25 cents should be added to the purchase when using disposable cups to minimize waste. >> i think it's okay. because i think there are some people who are going to do it. >> if it were going to cut down on the usage, i'd be all for it. >> supervisor peskin thinks it will encourage people to bring their own reusable coffee mugs
12:46 pm
with them. >> but ken curry, owner says it would not benefit customers. >> it becomes a little burden. >> in san francisco, customers already pay a 10-cent fee for bags in stores. and supervisors are expected to get final approval to raising that fee to 25 cents. in january, berkeley made a litter reduction ordinance. which forced cafes and businesses to charge for each disposable cup. customers at castro coffee company are split. anything compostable should be nontaxed, i think. and just put in the compost. >> some think the tax won't be an issue. because many in the city are conscious about their waste. >> people do that here way. if you see people here long enough. >> they must bring their own cup. and they get a better deal. we're going to charge them the full price.
12:47 pm
they get a little discount. >> andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. one year after 18-year-old nea wilson was stabbed and killed at the b.a.r.t. station. her mother says it's just like yesterday. >> you know, some days are better than others. they say time heals all wounds. but it's still fresh. >> wilson's alleged attacker, john lee cowell, has been charged with murder. in the year since wilson's death, b.a.r.t. says it has improved security. but incidents continue. just last sunday, a woman was punched repeatedly, after confronting a suspect, who just robbed her of her phone and wallet. bart police were not at station. b.a.r.t. recently unveiled fare changes. mia wilson's father says he's not impressed. there have to be physical people there to protect other people. instead of machines. machines can't do the work. >> b.a.r.t. has hired 33 officers this
12:48 pm
year. 24 in 2018. still has 16 officer vacancies. that's the lowest in two years. aren'ts on a broken escalator at the 24th street b.a.r.t. station are moving forward. after a nesting pigeon delayed that work. a b.a.r.t. says the pigeon family left work on there. good news for the comedy club in san francisco. club was facing eviction by august 1. it opened up in 1978. and helped launch the careers of many comedians, including the late robin williams. today is warm. but tomorrow, i believe, is going to be even warmer, rosemary. >> yes, gasia, exactly. after a relatively mild july. that summertime heat is finally in full swing. and we are likely to remain with this pattern until the final weekend of july. giving you a look there at san francisco. we have low clouds up against the beech line. all of our small communities in
12:49 pm
between. all covered in clouds this morning. 60s for you once again. we tend to see this pattern as we roll through our summer months. kind of a tug-of-war between a trough that moves through areas of the pacific and cools us down. and builds. we are in that area, where high pressure is rebuilding. we are going to remain in the 90s for our inland communities. only subtle changes expected moving forward. patchy fog and a little cool weather on the coastline is going to remain in place. south facing beaches are facing sunshine. but our west-facing beaches. we're talking about ocean beach, pacifica, half moon bay, all covered in the gray skies, still at this hour. also this time of year, we get wrap-around moisture from that high over the desert southwest. and we begin to see that monsoonal moisture pull in from california. you see southern california over the high sierra. even thunderstorms firing off over areas of lake tahoe. this is a three-hour time lapse. and you can see how the lightning moves across the
12:50 pm
lake. this will remain in place for the afternoon. we could see the thunderstorms. so the risk thereof for the lake tahoe area. for us, low clouds. mid and high level clouds over parts of the bay area. again, you may notice those. there's a look at the clearing. we will remain partly to mostly cloudy sky at the coast. 63 now at haoo 62 on the west edge of san francisco. areas like the sunset district. here's a look at the north bay now. 83 degrees in novato. and east bay, upper 70s in fremont. 84 at this hour in livermore. 77, san jose. the inner east bay. it's a warm day. 88 already reported in brentwood. i showed you in the last half hour. for most, temperatures are actually just a tad cooler. may be hard to tell. because it is justice within a -- just within a few degrees. moving through san jose at 9. and livermore, onshore breeze
12:51 pm
at about 10. so the onshore breeze is slightly stronger today. still going to be a warm one. 71 degrees by the water in sausalito. 74 in oakland. low 90s in danville. into the south bay, 92, morgan hill. 75 by the water in santa cruz. 84 expected for cupertino. upper 60s in san francisco. are you going to the game. partly cloudy skies, west breeze. we'll continue to cool. make sure you bring along the jacket. here's a look at your extended forecast. warming it up for your bay area wednesday. temperatures coming down slightly thursday into the weekend. heat is back on. 80s around the bay. and 60s expected at the coast. back to you. >> it's going to be a hot weekend. all right. rosemary. thank you for that. coca cola, feeling the fizz of better-than-expected financial results. and how it's not just soda, fueling coke's bottom line. fo.
12:52 pm
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just into our newsroom. the senate has a bill, ensuring that the 9/11 victims compensation fund never runs out of money. the house passed a bill earlier this month. but the senate version was delayed this week, by kentucky senator rand paul because he objected to the cost. the fund compensates first responders who suffered illnesses, injuries and other first responders from their attacks. this has been the subject of a political fight on capitol hill. the bill now heads to the president's desk. taking a look at the market now. before the closing bell. several companies report solid second earnings. several banks also gaining ground this afternoon. you can see here, the dow jones is currently up, more than 170 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500, also having solid days. this week, the federal trade
12:55 pm
commission is expected to announce a settlement. facebook stock mentions it is down at the moment. right now, it would be the largest civil penalty paid to the ftc. they are investigating for sharing the private information for 87 million of its users with the political consulting firm cambridge analytica. the government is expected to announce new controls on how facebook treats user privacy. net revenues rose 6%. while sales volumes rose 3%. the spark was really driven by the release of several new products and the continued success of their zero sugar line. coke's cfo says the orange vanilla performed strongly in the united states the while coca cola plus coffee helped sales in europe. acquisition also increased revenue.
12:56 pm
we're hearing from a shooting in that car-to-car shooting. what he says that left one person seriously injured. as the highway patrol continues that. renovations on a very popular universal studios hollywood. park goers have been lining up to experience jurassic world live. >> it was closed last september for the overall and upgrade. the ride gives guests a thrill by taking them on an excursion through the jurassic world theme park, which looks pretty much exactly like it does in the movie. >> you know, i'm excited. i used to come to the park, one time every year to ride on the jurassic park ride. i've been waiting. i've been waiting. >> getting into the experience. and you get very wet. you see some creatures you've never seen before. and then you see some really big dinosaurs. >> universal studios is not saying how much they spent to
12:57 pm
overhaul that ride. not my money. looks like it's a fun ride. maybe we'll get down there one day. >> let's have a great day. meet you right back here for more news at 4:00.
12:58 pm
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>> a twisted love triangle that left a marine's wife -- > i knew that something had happened to her. >> dead. >> he lured her into the desert to kill her. plus sunday school sickoings. >> he asked me to unbutton my blouse. religious teachers that prey. >> i was mortified. >> on their students. doing alized that he was these things to these girls in this new school. >> coming up next. dr. oz: season 10 starts now! i


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