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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 22, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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concern and protests over animal welfa lets, this year they will try to tote a vegetable oil slicked watermelon around the obstacle course. more than a dozen people accused of spying arrested in iran and tensions soar. what happened to some of these alleged cia agents. using marijuana while pregnant. a new report that shows pot use in that group on the rise. intense competition in the kitchen. we catch up with chef brian o'brian and learn what it's like to cook like a master chef. little steely dan to bring us in on a monday morning. one of our main players is back. i'll get to that in a second. just a moment here. but welcome to the 9. beautiful picture of san francisco. >> great looking day out.
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starting to peel back. >> our friend gasia mikaelian is back. >> i had had the best week ever. we took a road trip. all four of us together. i could do it 100 times over. >> you guys were all talking to each other? >> not even the radio was on. >> not even the radio. so. >> so no ipad. >> no. >> some families are hiring coaches to help them raise phone free children. parents are alarmed by the amount of time the kids spend online so they're trying to turn back the time before we all had smartphones. screen consultants come into homes, churches, synagogues to remind parents how people parented before cell phones. just ask my ng pledges not to g at ast the eighth grade. so your vacation, sounds like you have a handle. you don't need a coach. >> we don't. my children are still little.
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the newsroom n elementary with children who are older and say every child has a phone. i think we've laid a good foundation so far. >> 30 minutes in the car, no phone. once you hit 31 minutes, then you can have my phone. >> i'm not judging parents. do what you have to do. >> we saw that live picture of san francisco. >> wednesday we're going to that giants game, my friend. >> good game. welcome back. >> thank you. >> we'll get to it here. mike is right. the fog is burning off. sometimes this july we've seen a lot of gray over there on the 9. that's not the case today. it's retreating rapidly. 90s to the interior. 70s and 80s from palo alto and san jose. 60s and 70s on the coast. a lot of l clouds come over us. little wave. little disturbance from the
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west-southwest that did fire up thunderstorm activity to the mountains. reno hit 97 yesterday. they have not had a 100-degree high temp yet. might be close today unless e cloud cover stops it. overall thunderstorm activity as well. if you're going to the mountains, i did put some in over tahoe. most of it is just to the east of tahoe. close enough that i'll mention it. highs building in from the four corners. it's been there all summer long. as it does, that's really eroding the fog rapidly here. warm to hot inland. 80s and 90s. temperatures, we're not setting any records. they are above average here. 60s, 70s and getting close to some low to mid70s. 8, 9 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. oakland, hayward, mountain view, no change from yesterday. moisture is producing sprinksouthern california. some of that may drift over us. the humidity is high.
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the combination of the fog and the tropical clouds yesterday as we brought the mugginess factor higher. 70s, 80s, 90s. we'll have more coming up in about a half hour. a 22-year-old woman has beenisted arrested for a deadly crash. the driver hit and killed a pedestrian and seriously injured his wife. alyssa harrington is there. >> reporter: we're learning more about these victims. two people hit in the crosswalk behind me. they were a married couple and had just been at the museum of ice cream right before the crash. that's only a few blocks from here. what we know is a driver was speeding in a tesla then blew through a red light. i want to show you video from the aftermath. you can see that damaged tesla which ended up on the sidewalk. this happened shortly after 2:00 p.m. the driver of the tesla was speeding north on taylor street
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in the tenderloin, then blew through a red light. her car struck a mini cooper. the impact sent both cars veering out of control. the tesla hit the man and the woman in the cross walk and also a parked car. the victims were taken to sf general hospital where the man was pronounced dead. he's been identified asrning i district supervisor of this area. i know you tweeted about this yesterday. you felt strongly hearing about this crash. what was your initial thought? >> i'm devastated at the loss of life and thinking of the woman who is still in the hospital and hoping for her recovery. sadly we're having one of the worst years on record for pedestrian deaths. many of them have been here in this neighborhood in the tenderloin where we have very little traffic enforcement. i've been standing here this morning and seeing cars blow through the red light even this morning. many of these streets are one way and they're treated like freeways and we have tons of pedestrians, we have tourists
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around here. it's dangerous. we're calling for big changes to terms of traffic safety. >> what are some of the biggest issues you see at this intersection? >> cars moving really fast. not obeying the lights repeatedly. freeway-like streets. you have two one way streets that both have fast moving traffic. wide vets streets. there isn't a lot to slow you down. there are issues withment so of the turns on the street. there's a lot i'd like to see change. unfortunately this is reflective of a lot of the problems we have in this neighborhood. we're using our pedestrian areas, residential areas like freeways. >> any thoughts for the victims? they were enjoying their time here, they were at a museum. something like this happens. >> it's devastating. i just want to share my condolences with his family and friends. they were here enjoying san francisco. they were having a great time
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here and they shouldn't have to worry about losing their life or being harmed in that way. there's some things we can do to protect people in the future. right now our thoughts are with this man and his family. >> as for the driver of the tesla police have not released her name. she has two addresses. one in san francisco, another in vallejo. she has been booked for vehicular manslaughter and running a red light among other charges. >> thank you for that. a new report says i.c.e. used oakland international airport to deport immigrants. reporting between the years 2010 and 2018 i. c.e. chartered nearly 2000 flights out of oakland international and flew nearly 43,000 detained people out of the city. immigration advocates say this appears to be a clear violation of oakland sanctuary city policy. >> individuals picked up by a
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matter of hours an they don't have the ability to appear before a judge. so it's really, really important that we do everything that we can to ensure that there's transparency with respect to the process. >> says it is looking into the flights to determine how to address the issue, an east bay deli owner is facing backlash after making a controversial post on facebook. the owner posted on his personal page quote, meatballs made with beef today in case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters. the post continued with free side when you you say send her back. that's in reference to president trump's recent rally in which the crowds chanted. the deli's yelp page was flooded with negative reviews. we have a choice as to where we
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spend our money. despite the controversy some people say they'll continue to support the deli and its owner. responded to the backlash on facebook. >> i greatly love and support my people that support us. i apologize to my family. and those closest to me. and shame on you to all who plow this out of proportion. >> he later deleted that video. a no racism rally was originally planned for this saturday by the east bay human rights advocates but organizers say that was postponed after they received threats. we are following a developing story out of puerto rico. they are calling for the island's governor to resign and are not satisfied with his latest response. in san juan with the story. >> reporter: a massive protest underway in puerto rico as the
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governor refuses to resign overnight. hundreds of thousands of people taking over one of the island's busiest highways hoping to convince governor ricardo rossello to step down. he's facing intense criticism. >> it's one more demonstration of the arrogance of the governor that he doesn't want to recognize the failure of what's taking place. >> reporter: follows a week of protests and outrage targeting the governor. he's admitting writing the messages but has refused to resign. he did announce he would not seek reelection. >> i'm aware of the dissatisfaction and the uneasiness you feel. to each puerto rican, i have heard you and i hear you today. i have made mistakes and i apologized. >> reporter: monday is the tenth consecutive day of protests and more are being called for later in the week. the island's largest mall and several businesses closed ahead
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of the march. it's rs in puerto rico and throughout the u.s. mainland calling on rossello to step down. former special counsel robert mueller is scheduled to testify two congressional committees on wednesday. as ktvu reports from washington, d.c., both democrats and republicans are gearing up for what's expected to be a contentious hearing. >> lawmakers are gearing up for a partisan showdown with the testimony of form special counsel robert mueller. the hearings, scheduled for wednesday, set up a fight between democrats pushing for grounds to impeach president trump and skeptical republicans who say the mueller report should be the final episode in the russia investigation. despite this strongly partisan atmosphere, some democrats are insisting the hearing aren't is going to hment. bring forth the personal understanding of what that
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investigation entails. how deep it is. how wide it is why it's so important for all americans to dig in. >> reporter: republicans are promising tough questions of their own. calling the report one sided and claiming its conclusions have never been vetted or challenged in a public hearing. >> i doubt seriously that mueller left anything out of that report. there's not going to be any new revelations coming out of these hearings. >> reporter: both sides are hoping to use the hearings to shape public opinion heading into the 2020 election. mueller said several times he won't speak beyond the findings of the report and that could rob democrats of the smoking gun they're looking for. >> what you're going to see at mueller's time before the house judiciary committee is democrats trying to show that the president did in fact obstruct justice. >> reporter: the hearings kick off wednesday morning in the house judiciary committee. then shift to the in committee in the afternoon.
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in washington, give jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2. paying lots of money for exposing private information. how much equifax is expected to pay. berkeley state city address is tonight. what some of the issues the mayor will be focusing on coming up.
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we're getting our first look at a developing story in livermore. a woman has been killed after the car she was in was hit by an ace train at the livermore station. this crash happened at the crossing and the he arrived. the train involved was a stockton to san jose train. this is also a terrible morning for traffic along the altamont
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pass. this whole region has been affected. we'll bring you more as we find out more. now to the peninsula. the san mateo county sheriff's department is considering changing its use of force policies. according to the mercury news the change would limit how many times deputies can shock suspects. three people died in the county last year after police and sheriffs deused on them. the department was criticized after a death in october after deputies shocked him repeatedly during an arrest in newbright. the proposed policy would direct deputies to stop using their stun guns after three times. it would have been right near san bruno avenue. the plan had called for 425 unit housing complex with shops and restaurants. opponents say the project would have made parking and traffic a lot worse and that it was just out of scale with the neighborhood of mostly single story ranch homes.
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tonight the mayor of berkeley will deliver his state of the city address. >> it comes as berkeley is making headlines with several first of its kind laws. >> live in berkeley. you talked to people about the issues they really want tackled in the city. >> reporter: that's right. they had a long list of issues from homelessness to addressing potholes to health issues. these are what residents want addressed tonight. we did reach out to mayor jesse arreguin's office. we're waiting to hear back. what we do know is highlight the work the city has accomplished over the last year and will talk about priorities for the future. last year the mayor focused on berkeley's commitment to being a sanctuary city, the lack of affordable housing and homelessness. on his website mayor arreguin says he's committed to economic development and affording more affordable housing and tackling
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the homelessness crisis. >> i've seen more and more homeless people and people with mental health issues over the past two and a half years than i have, i was born and raised here. i've seen more and more just the number of homeless people and people with mental health issues keeps increasing. >> reporter: those issues aside, berkeley city council has been busy. council members voted in favor of a ban on natural gas in new construction making beckly the first city in the country to do so. berkeley could also follow in san francisco's footsteps with a possible ban on the use of facial recognition software. and last week they unanimously voted to eliminate gender specific words from the city's municipal code. we'll see if the mayor talks about those decisions in his address. the state of the city address is tonight at 6:00. this is a ticketed event. if you don't have a ticket you can watch the live stream online. in berkeley this morning, ktvu
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fox 2 news. named one of the nation's most unspoiled vacation spots. online travel company fishing booker ranked the city in santa cruz county fourth in the u.s. an unspoiled vacation spot is defined as a spot that doesn't cater only to tourists but maintains its reputation in spirit. as the top three unspoiled vacation spots. coming up next on mornings on 2, more trouble between iran and the united states. the number of people arrested by the islamic republic accused of spying for the cia. more women using pot while pregnant. we'll give you an update on statistics in a new study out this month. ♪ limu emu & doug
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president trump addressing escalating tensions with iran. >> now iran claims it's
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arrested 17 cia spies. >> in washington, d.c. with the story. >> iran state tv releasing this video monday of the british ship it seized friday in the strait of hormuz claiming the crew violated international navigation regulations. its capture further heightening tensions between the u.s. and iran. even as iranian officials call it a justified response for britain impounding an iranian super tanker off the coast of gibraltar two weeks ago. >> they've now conducted what amounts to national piracy. >> on fox this morning, secretary of state mike pompeo dismissing iran's claims that the country also captured some 17 iranian national spies working for the cia. several of whom the regime says have been sentenced to death. calling iran's report regime h
9:23 am
long history of lying. i would take with a significant grain of salt any iranian assertion about actions they've taken. >> relations with iran have been increasingly strained since last year's decision by president trump to pull out of the iran nuclear deal and levy tighter sanctions on iran. >> iran has a history of lying and the president flatly denies their claims they disrupted a cia ring. i need to leave it at that. we cannot comment further on intelligence matters. >> an unnamed iranian official claims the alleged spies were on a mission to collect information from the military and nuclear facilities they worked at. but that none of them managed to succeed. in washington, lauren blanchard. are using more cannabis and using it more often compared to years past. allie rasmus with more of these findings and why they're
9:24 am
raising concerns. >> the study looked at data from 2009 to to 2017. the study found more women reported using pot before and during their pregnancy in 2017 compared to eight years ago. researchers examined data from more than 270,000 women in northern california and found the use of marijuana in pregnancy rose from nearly 2% of women in 2009 to 3.4% eight years later. in the year before nose women got pregnant 7% reported using marijuana in 2009. by 2017 it had grown to 12.5% of women. in it 2017, 25% of women who admit to using pot daily reported using before their pregnancy. one out of every five women who used pot daily used it throughout their pregnancy. pregnant women may be a
9:25 am
substitute for prescription drugs. the study points out there's a growing body of evidence that marijuana use in pregnancy can lead to problems like lowe birth weight and preterm births. recommends physicians do a better job talking about those risks. back to you. >> thank you for that. body cam video shows a police officer in new mexico being pulled into a truck during a traffic stop as the driver takes off. >> you're passed out in the middle of the road. come on. i don't know if that's your house. step out. >> this happened after police found an 18-year-old man sleeping inside the truck. they noticed a gun tucked into the seats. the officer's partner tried to drove off. the man ended up driving the truck into on coming traffic and crashed into another vehicle. he tried to run but the officer was able to tackle and arrest him. it looked like something right owe out a reeway.
9:26 am
this chase was real and it started in orange county. went on for almost an hour. the joker stood up in the car's sunroof while a passenger steered. eventually the masked man ditched the car, walked across the sand, stopped to talk to a few folks here. >> i think if this was a show going on or this is reality. once the cops showed up it was no joke. >> it was more comedy. he was trying to get caught. >> officers did follow that man on to the sand eventually pulling out tasers. that's when the joker dropped to his knees and was arrested. the would-be joker now faces a charge of re mornings on 2 the 9, oakland is a self-proclaimed sanctuary city. new numbers show thousands of detained immigrants flew out of oakland airport under the direction of ice.
9:27 am
a dangerous visit to a river. the reminder to wear life vests after 30 people had to be rescued.
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there is nothing like a family road trip. not to tahoe. we went up to oregon yesterday. took i-5 all the way up and look where we were. this is lassen volcanic national park. about three and a half hours to our north and we found snow. >> did you take this video? >> i did. >> that's pretty good. >> is that dash board? >> this is enough snow for snowballs and sledding and snow fights. i what's that we didn't go to july. >> thank you for sharing.
9:30 am
>> makes me want to go. >> you should. it's a jewel in our own backyard. >> take out your phone and make yourself a movie. >> steve, i told you i was shocked to find snow. i guess i shouldn't be. >> not only there. shasta also up into the sierra. a lot of it below 6250 is melted. above that you can find deep pockets. the snow melt continues. that feeds into rivers. water temperature is still cold here as that water comes down. for us, we focus attention on warmer temps. most of this fog is getting wiped out. temperatures will be above average for nearly everybody. you won't have to go far to find temperatures about 87 to 88 degrees. just been a month where we get it's one of those patterns where it looks like more 90s than 80s. not much changing except the depth of the fog. tropical clouds coming in.
9:31 am
sprinkle activity in southern california. the monsoon has been sneaking r today. 100-degree temp this summer. could be a few isolated showers popping up over the north shear. partly cloudy. mid80s. you can see the low cloud there. it'll get wiped out. we are running significantly warmer. most inland, not around the bay though. livermore, plus 6. little cloud cover could sneak. overall one day of subtle changes we warm up. looks like a week of one day is warmer, next day is cooler. warmer on wednesday.
9:32 am
cooler thursday and friday. heading out to the giants and cubs. sunny and 66. >> thank you. let's check in with dave clark in the newsroom. a 22-year-old woman was arrested after a deadly crash in san francisco's tenderloin. a man was killed and his wife is fighting for her life. the couple, 39-year-old benjamin dean and his wife were hit by a car yesterday. they were in a crosswalk at taylor and o'pharrell. the driver ran a red light, collided with another car, then hit the couple. special prosecutor robert mueller will testify before congress this wednesday facing questions from both democrats and republicans about his two year investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 election. and whether president trump obstructed justice. mueller has said his testimony will not go beyond what's in
9:33 am
that 448 page report he delivered in march to the attorney general. democrats and republicans disagree on whether the report high crimes and misdemeanors and that is an impeachable offense. in puerto rico, hubs of thousands of people protesting against the governor and his refusal to resign. protesters are criticizing text messages that were leaked with miss only mystic and homophobic language. also the governor mocked hurricane victims. the governor admitted writing the messages. he asked for forgiveness but says he won't resign but he will not seek reelection. that's a brief look at some of the top stories we're woon. >> tha y holding a news conference to discuss a $700 million 2017 dat
9:34 am
nearly 150 million people. now if approved by a federal district court, equifax will pay up to $700 million to the ftc and others, including consumers. we'll bring comments online and on the newscast at noon. a new report says federal immigration and customs enforcement agents used oakland international airport to deport. >> the oakland mayor is concerned about this. something her office is looking into. oakland has said for months and for years really that d is a sanctuary city. they will do whatever they can to protect all who live here. the bay area news group is reporting u.s. immigration and customs enforcement chartered nearly 1000 flights from
9:35 am
oakland international airport between 2010 to 2018. in all nearly 43,000 people were moved through the airport during this time. of that group almost 27,000 were reportedly sent off to be deported. the other 16,000 were transferred to other holding facilities. there's concern from some about whether this activity violated oakland's sanctuary city policy. a passenger we spoke with this morning had mixed reaction. >> it's the to policy and it's the line that has to happen,  unfortunately. you're in that situation, it's going to happen. that's a tough one. sanctuary city, you believe in that and that's why a lot of residents live here. >> mayor tells us this issue is of great interest to the mayor activity to try to understand it and address it. the port of oakland oversees the airport. they lease the runways
9:36 am
private a decision to that, it's unclear. they didn't elaborate on that decision. no word from the oakland international airport. they may have a statement later this morning or maybe this afternoon. that's something we haven't received yet. from testers in san francisco are calling for the shut down of immigration detention camps. met on sunday to pay tribute to the children who died at detention camps in recent months. trump administration has be criticized for conditions. there are multiple reports the centers are overcrowded. expected to speak about her recent visit to migrant detention centers on the u.s. border with mexico. at the mount view community center. she traveled to mitexas on
9:37 am
julymission is free but it's at capacity with limid in an event barbecuing while black. the second time people got together in response to a video that went viral last year of a white woman calling police to report two african-american men about to use a charcoal grill at the lake. people who said while the event may have started in response to something negative, it has turned into something positive. >> all the negative you see, it's obvious. come visit the lake and you'll see different backgrounds and having a good time. >> the event was organized by toll teac it. a 22-year-old woman is facing charges of vehicular
9:38 am
manslaughter accused of running a couple visiting the city, killing one of a woman visiting from clovis were in the crosswalk when a speeding tesla ran a red light. the man died at the scene. the woman suffered life threatening injuries. the driver had rented the tesla through get around. the owner of the tesla says he does not know if the car was being driven on auto pilot mode but that police should be able to get that information from the car. >> detailed information by millisecond, all the sensors, the speed, steering wheel and the pedals. >> the man who died has been identified as benjamin dean from clovis. police are reviewing surveillance video to determine if the tesla driver will face
9:39 am
more charges. after the crash, matt haney tweeted. the mcarthur channel is back open after a car caught fire in the tunnel causing massive delays. the tunnel was evacuated and all lanes of traffic were stopped. heavy smoke could be seen coming from the tunnel but no one was injured. townsend park neighborhood people are back home after being evacuated following explosions. people at a townhouse complex said they smelled natural gas and heard loud banging noises where the pool heater and other electricity before repairs were made. no one was hurt.
9:40 am
people who are visiting the american river in the sacramento area are being reminded to wear life jackets after 30 people had to be rescued there over the weekend. up in of them were seriously hurt. according to the sacramento bee, none of them were using proper rafts. many were also not wearing life vests. >> this morning i warned the guy because didn't have the little kid. the kid didn't have a life vest on. the rankler cite you if you don't wear vests and the guy goes okay, thank you. they just floated off. >> authorities say people should also watch out for tree branches in the river. the water level recent dropped which has exposed branches that rafts can easily get snagged on. the new harvey terminal doesn't open till tomorrow. yesterday there was a and a sne pretty festive there at the dedication ceremony. you saw the choir singing. the $2.4 billion harvey milk
9:41 am
terminal honors the late san francisco supervisor. milk was elected to the board of supervisors in 1977 and was assassinated in 1978. >> although he served less than 11 short months on the board of supervisors, he had a tremendous impact. >> this week nine gates will open in the new harvey milk terminal. terminal 1 is being rebuilt in stages and will have 25 gates when it's completely open, which is scheduled to happen in the year 2023. coming up in a minute on mornings on 2 the 9, whipping up something delicious in studio. we learn how to cook like a master chef. stay with us. ith us.
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under pressure. especially when you're in gordon ramsey's kitchen. chef brian o'brian managed to break through the competition. we're happy to welcome him to the 9 as you're gearing up for a pop up dinner. let's talk about master chef. when i hear and see gordon ramsey, i feel it. what's it like to be under the gun? >> it's so much pressure. you have him right in front of you. barking orders, screaming at you. you want to come with the best dish you can. it's nerve racking. he's just a gentleman when the cameras aren't a good chef. >> he's trying to push you to get to your limit and keep moving and progressing in your career. i couldn't thank him enough.
9:45 am
>> good. okay. well obviously he's catapulted you to great things. i'm a huge home cook. what i do not do is something your mother did. she invited you to the kitchen. here, you can mash these strawberries. i'm all about getting it on the table. what did your mom do right? >> my mom wanted me to use my creativity. i wasn't a good artist. but my creativity came out when i was cooking. that started when i made a strawberry sauce out of macerated strawberries. she saw my love for that. i watched the food channel all the time. like master chef. she embraced that. >> she probably let you make a million messes. >> absolutely. >> you're making a dish here. it's a soup i've read on menus. >> a classic french soup. you can serve it hot but this
9:46 am
particular name is a cold soup. it's a potato and leek. >> these are the potatoes. similar to an autumn soup i make. you have tomatoes. if you haven't had leeks, they melt down into sort of a sweet caramelized. >> you don't want to cook them too much in this particular dish. just sweat them out. >> this is white onion. >> it's an oniony based soup. >> four cloves. >> got to have that garlic. basically a clove of garlic, pepper corns, a bay leaf, thyme sprig and parsley. >> and you wrap it up so the bits don't get in your soup. >> absolutely. i like to leave extra string so i can tie it so i don't forget about it. it's a blended blend this cloth infiber we don
9:47 am
can this be chicken or vegetable? >> absolutely. this is chicken stock myself. that's what i prefer. if you want this to be a completely vegan dish you can do that. >> this is cream? >> we'll hold off on this. we'll add this at the end. generally we'd put this on a hot stove, good and simmering until the potatoes are cooked. cover t let it. >> let it come together. it gets sort of thick but still textured so how do you give it that silken. >> because of the magic of tv we have some here that's been completely cooked down. everything is just looking great. nice and warm. >> so the 6-year-old would mash this with his hands. >> correct. nowadays we have utensils. we have an immerse blender. use a regular blender. immersion blender. any way you can blend this into a puree. there's a couple different ways
9:48 am
to puree soup. so we're using the ingredients themselves to thicken the soup as opposed to using flour. >> if you don't have a stick blender you can do this in a regular blender. >> absolutely. i just didn't want to lug that up. >> can i do it? i used to have one of these and i think i broke it. i think i used this when i made baby food. >> exactly. once you're at the spot you're at now, we can at the some. add some of that half and half. get it nice and creamy. >> oh my gosh. >> can't forget to finish it with salt. because it's a white soup. we'll use white pepper. >> does white pepper taste different? >> it doesn't have the specks of black in the soup that you would expect when you have an absolutely black. >> perhaps with croutons on top or if you're decadent some bacon?
9:49 am
>> i like fried shallots. >> now i have to mention you're hosting a pop up dinner where people who have seen you on master chef can actually experience a dinner with you. >> absolutely. i partnered with a company called eat with. they're bringing home cook the the opportunity to do these pop ups. >> you have one in san francisco. >> i have one in san francisco on friday, august 2nd. it's going to be fantastic. we have a promo code for that dinner. for all the details, menu and everything. >> i love good home cooking. >> let me get you this cold finished soup here. i got a couple bowls ready to go for us. >> let's have a quick taste. >> i'll grab a spoon. >> please do. >> let me grab this bowl and i'll take a sip. >> tell me what you think. >> right? >> it's wonderful. >> creamy.
9:50 am
cold soup which is good for a hot da >> i love it. it's a perfect taste. thank you so much. congratulations. >> very good. back to you. >> save me some of that. coming up next, swimming hundreds of miles in open water polluted by trash. we'll hear from the man making the swim in an effort to highlight climate change. dabbling in the limelight. the san jose mayor's appearance on silicon valley and why he's still going to keep his day job.
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9:53 am
we are getting an update from the conservationist who is swimming from hawaii to san francisco to raise awareness about the plastic litter in the ocean. he is swimming through what is known as the vortex of the great pacific garbage patch. his goal to cover 300 nautical miles. yesterday we spoke to him via skype from his boat halfway between hawaii and san francisco. >> few days ago i was swimming and the three sperm whale with a baby passing by and then now after that you have a big piece of net and a floating net and trash floating and that's the day that we collected the most microplastics. you have those two world living together. >> hopes to arrive in san francisco around labor day. offering users a $10 credit for using it.
9:54 am
but users who download the amazon assistant app access to browsing history. legislative activists worry about users selling their browsing information for just $10. >> we feel like that's not a fair trade. it can tell you things about a person's life. large companies aren't able to completely safeguard data. >> amazon says it only collects product and price data and says the data are closely guarded and not sold. avengers endgame is the highest grossing movie of the a we got to finish this. >> disney says the film brought the global box office. opening since just the top avatar's record of 2.78. that was 2.79 the first number. that's a lot of money.
9:55 am
it owns avatar. getting a taste of hollywood with a brief cameo on silicon valley. seen meeting with cast members. it's not clear whether he's playing himself on the show. that would make sense. he did reveal his appearance will be on episode one of the show's sixth and final season. expected to premiere in late 2019. record setting opening weekend for the lion kiplace th remake roared stunning opening weekend with $185 million in ticket sales. the movie toppled records in two categories. movies that open in july and pg rated films and was the ninth biggest opening of all time. spiderman far from home slipped
9:56 am
one spot to second. toy story 4 still at number three. thriller, crawl and yesterday rounded out the top five. you can see the official contest rules by going to click on the contest tab. entries are accepted from right now till 1:00. these are the mucks we're talking about. mike, will you do the honors? ktvu fox on one side and ktvu plus on the other. toyota giving us a look at some of the robots year's tokyo discus and other objects thrown during the games. another robot is a screen on wheels. there will be a mascot robot that can hold the olympic torch. robots in in the olympics.
9:57 am
>> big summer olympics watchers? >> track and field games for sure. >> what was your event? >> 400-meter dash. >> i can walk a 15 minute mile if anyone cares. thanks for joining us. we're back at noon with more news. news. ♪
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