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jump. they are already this the 60s. upper 80s to few mid-90s. around the bay 70s and 80s. peninsula, mid 50s, upper 50s, 60s for some, towards the coast, mid 50s. montero beach, half-moon bay dealing with fog. see the circulation around the high. centered in new mexico and colorado forever and a day. occasionally the western edge comes towards us. it brings in the monsoon moisture. it's that time of year. occasionally we get the higher clouds, most focused to the east after the fog burns off, 60s, 70s and 80s and low 90s. nothing we haven't dealt with before. 4:30 in the morning, sal is here, you have a couple of deals already. that's right. is solano county commute and east shore, they are connected. 80 westbound looks good. across the carquinez bridge, road wac before it. you might see slowing.
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east shore freeway, they are getting ready to get that vehicle that went off the roadway off and have a tow truck, the right lane is blocked. we might avoid a bad morning commute. it's early enough. if they get out of there in the next half hour, we will be okay. if not, it's going to be a tough commute. this is a look at the bay bridge. see the lanes on the sides are slower, the middle lanes are doing well. let's go back to the deskch desk. robert mule ser scheduled to testify before a committee on tuesday. doug luzader joins us live where democrats and republicans are gearing fun for what is expected to be a contentious hearing. >> reporter: this is one of the most anticipated hearings we have seen in a long time. he waved but president trump did not answer questions as he returned to the white house from a weekend in new jersey. while this could be a week, he suggested on tried that he
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wasn't all that interested in what robert mueller had to say. >> i won't be watching mueller. >> reporter: he maybe about the only one not watching this week as the former special council, robert mueller, is called before congress to describe what exactly he found in his lengthy investigation in to russian election interference. >> it should be interesting. >> reporter: the democrat running one of the hearings wants to counter the claims that the report cleared him of including with russia and obstructing justice. >> the president and the attorney general and others have spent the last few months systematically lying to the american people about what the investigation found. >> this is about television and educating the public through television. ist about stoking impeachment. >> reporter: republicans see an opportunity as well. >> the republicans have not fornot about where this investigation started and there will be a lot of questions for what he did and didn't say and
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how it started. people will find out hopefuy an >> reporter: robert mueller has made one thing clear, he does not want to come here to capitol hill to testify. back to you guys. you can watch life coverage of the testimony on wednesday morning. we will air it live uninterrupted. here is a look at the top stories. a 22 yield woman is facing vehicular manslaughter charges accused of running a red light and crashing in to a couple visiting san francisco ill can go one of them. killing one of them. a man and woman were walking in the crosswalk when a speeding tesla hit them this the intersection. the man died at the scene and the woman received life threatening injuries. a pickup truck driver involved the a hit and run where a motorcycle rider was killed. the cyclist crashed in to the back of a car he was trying to
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pass and ended up on the opposite side of the road and a dark colored pickup truck drove over the cyclist and the pickup truck never stopped. hundredses of thousands of protesters in puerto rico are expected to take over a busy highway. for puerto rico's governor to resign. they are angry over a leaked online group that the governor had with members of his administration as well as corruption accusations. >> reporter: despite days of protests puerto rico's embattled governor saying he will not step down. however, he did sunday announce he will not seek re- election. in the same video message, telling the puerto rican people
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he will resign from the political party presidency and ready to face impeachment proceedings which are already underway. >> i welcome the process started by the legislative assembly which i will in a responsible manner. >> reporter: protestorring saying that is not enough. it's one more demonstration of the air fans of the governor that he doesn't want to recognize the failure of what is taking place and the demonstration of the people demanding his resignation. >> the only thing we want for him to resign so the country can continue normally. >> reporter: hundred of thousands of puerto ricans have been demanding his resignation. the protest triggered by the release of 900 pages of fencive group chat messages. activists vowing to continue the protest until he resigns. time is 4:36, uk,
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conservative party leads are expected to choose the next prime minister tomorrow. johnson is expected to win that and and replace outgoing prime minister teresa may. he was the mayor of london. the other challenger is the current foreign secretary jeremy hunt. the prime minister will take over on wednesday. johnson signaled he will take a tougher approach to brexit negotiations and open to leaving the european union without having a trade deal in place. uk is right now due to depart the eu october 31st. demonstration over a controversial extradition bill. the protesters flew bottles and bricks at police who fired rubber bullets and tear gas. millions took to the streets of how long continue to protest a bill allowing people that live there to be extradited to stand
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trial in china. swedish prosecutors have until thursday to decide if they will formally charge american rapper rocky for a fight in stockholm. the 30-year-old rapper was arrested this month after he and three other people were involved in that fight. swedish authorities say a person was beaten and cut with broken bottles. members of the congressional black caucus say the rapper is condition there is. >> thrown in jail and they now sit, all three of them, including asap rocky, in solitaire confinement for 23 consecutive hours. >> this weekend president trump said he offered to personally vouch for asap rocky's bail and working with the swedish prime minister to secure his release. our time is 4:38, oak land, hundreds of people crowded around lake heret taking part
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in an event called barbecuing while black. they came together in response to a video that went viral in april of 2018 of a white woman calling police reporting two african american man were about to use a charcoal grill at the lake at an area where it's not allowed. the people at the event say while this may have started as response to something negative it has become something positive. >> all the negative you sees it's obvious. come to visit the lake, you will see different backgrounds and people having a good time. >> the event was organized by two teachers from oak land who say it will continue every year as long as the community is supporting it. a deli owner made a controversial post on facebook. the owner of cas insa brooklyn heroes posted the on his personal page saying meatballs made with beef in case we
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offend overly sensitive pork haters. free side when you send her back in reference to president trump's rally when the crowd chanted send her back. the deli's yelp page has been flooded with negative reviews including hate is not an american value, do not patron this business. our country is a melting pot and it's sad to see hatred being spread. we have a choice to where we spend our money. despite the controversy, some say they will continue to support the deli and its owner. >> i greatly love and support my people that support us, i apologize to my family and those closest to me. shame on you to all who blew this out of proportion.
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>> he later deleted that video. no racism rally was planned for this saturday but the east bay human rights advocate. organizers say it's postponed after receiving threats. time is 4:40, amazon is offering $10 to people who download a new app. still ahead, why some experts say think twice before you download it. . good morning, we are off to a decent start for the most part. some of these things happening have been slowing down traffic on 80 westbound, slowing hear at ashby avenue. temperatures cooling down and warming up, what is the trend now? it's warming up. we will show you how much coming up.
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a new online system to help people live in and own cars in the city. residents can buy and renew permits and pay fines on the website. the new system will use license plates instead of bumper stickers to identify cars permitted to park in the parking zones. people will receive a letter with codes for their cards to get a permit. the deadline to apply fothe 510 region. everyone that has a 510 area
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code gets to keep it and new phone numbers will get the 341 area code. if you want to call someone and they have the other area code, you have to dial 1, then the area code, then the phone number. the new harvey mill terminal doesn't open until tomorrow but yesterday there was a celebration and a sneak peek. the dedication ceremony, thecare from san francisco glide memorial church sang, the $2.4 billion harvey mill terminal honors the late supervisor and his work for lgbtq rights. he was elected to the board of supervisors in 1977, he was assassinated in 1978, along with mayor george news cony. >> although he serveda tremendous impact. >> this week nine gates will
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open in the new terminal. terminal 1 is rebuilt in stages, it will have 25 gates when sitcom pleatly opened, that's due to happen in the year 2023. amazon is offering a $10 credit to anyone who uses its new web browser add on. users that download the app give amazon access to their browsing history. privacy activists worry about users selling information for a few dollars. >> we feel like that's not a fair trade. it can tell you intimate things about a pen's life. large companies are not able to safeguard data. >> amazon says it collects product and price data. the data is guarded and not sold or connected to any customidentifiers. tonight the san francisco giants start a series at home against the chicago cubs. yesterday they closed out a series against the new york mets. rbi double, major ly until zack
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league debut. the game was tied. kevin lost his cool in the 8th inning. it was called the strike. he grounded out, then he up at the umpire. he was kicked out of the game. the game would go to extra innings tied at 2s in the 12th inning, mike came up the the plate with a chance to be the hero of the game. a walk off solo homer by the grandson of carl. the giants won 3-2 giants are at 500 for the first time all season. tonight's game against the cubs starts at 6:45 at oracle park. oak land a's continue their road trip tonight.
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yesterday minnesota jumped out to a 4-0 lead. a 2-run homer. then in the 8th inning, a's tied up the game at five with a chris herman double. a sacrifice flay later that inning. in the bottom of the 9th, the twins would win on a walk off single. oh oak land a's lost 7- 6. a's are ofthe astros tonight. we are going to check in with sal castaneda. you showed the shot of the east freeway. it looked up. anyt are looking at it to make sure this truck is taken away and the traffic is pretty slow here, 18 minutes for not even 5:00 in the morning because of this truck they have to get out of there. westbound 80 traffic is getting
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busier past ashby avenue as the right lane is taken away. give yourself extra time if this is your commute. looking at the livermore commute, westbound 580, 205 on the way to livermore is going the be slow, 205s slow from 11th street. to pleasanton looks good. no major problems there. this is interstate 880. let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> a little change heres not a dramatic one. temperatures will warm up, inland yesterday, you probably notice it. you can feel the warmer change coming. that change is that high in the four corners that's been there all summer long. warm to hot inland. thick fog, coast and parts of the bays that will burn off sooner. see the system, again, nothing
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new here we haven't seen for 6 weeks. the high sometimes wins out as it will today and funnels in high clouds. sometimes that low, lower pressure sweeps by and gives us cooling. that might take place tomorrow. 60sing thick fog, some, 70s and 80s. inland 90s. temperatures near average to above. santa rosa above. livermore now 4 above, san jose where they should be, at least downtown. fog is there on the coast. each day getting compressed. there is not much of a breeze. it's variable. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. santa clara valley, low 60s for some. saratoga 62. 53 santa cruz mountains. san martin and morgan hill 50s.
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look at the flow around that, that's funneling in the monsoon moisture. you can get big time thunderstorm activity as that builds westward, that smashes the fog. we have a lot of fog but not making the push inland that it did on saturday. 60s to 90s, pretty close to near average. wednesday will be the warmest day. a cooling trend takes us thursday in to friday. a warm up expected on the weekend. in the town of paradise, more signs of progress after the devastating wild fires. how firefighters helped re-open a pool that was filled with debris from the campfire.
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time is 4:53, public swimming pool in paradise has re-opened. 8 months after the campfire almost wiped out the town. firefighters used their fire hoses to refill the pool with clean water. it had been filled with debris for several months since the campfire. the campfire also destroyed the pool's snack shack which has to be rebuilt. we are get an update from the conservationist who is swimming from hawaii to san about the plastic liter in the ocean. he started his mission in hawaii on june 8th, he is swimming through what is the gr
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pacific garbage patch. his goal is to cover 300 nautical miles, representing the 300 million-tons of plastic we produce every year. yesterday we talked to him via skype from his boat halfway between hawaii and san francisco. >> two days ago i went swimming, there was a whale with a baby passing by. an hour after that, a big piece of net and floating net and trash floatings that's the day that we collected two worlds li together. >> he hopes to arrive in san francisco around labor day. . the marvel movie avengers end game is the highest grossing movie of all time. >> disney says that movie
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brought in $2.79 billion at the worldwide box office since opening, topping avatar's record of 2.78 million dollars. disney's acquisition of fox, it owns avatars avatar's upcoming sequels. a taste of hollywood, a brief cameo on hbo's silicon valley. in a post op facebook, here is the mayors he meets with the cast members. it's not clear where he is playing himself on the show but he did reveal his appearance to be on episode one of the show's 6th and final season. the last season of silicon valley is due to premier in late 2019. there are 7 more days at the california state fair at cal expo, you have a chance to go see it and enjoy it for free. some of yesterday's highlights included a youth maria which
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mariachi competition. food, looked like the big draw. fair organizers are encouraging everybody, try something new. >> people do get in to a routine, they come to fair they go to their favorite food stand and to their favorite ride or exhibit. that's it. there is so much more all over the fairgrounds. >> even person has to bring free cans of food to donate to get through for free. a pedestrian in san francisco killed, another one seriously hurt. coming up, we will be live in san francisco. the growing concerns about a dangerous area for pedestrians. why a report claims firefighters love their job the most.
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we have traffic that is doing okay if you are driving on 80, they are taking time to get this truck out of the way. look at the east shore freeway, it's growing. look at this slow traffic. temperatures inland started a move up yesterday will that continue today. watch out for fog. there are pockets where it's rather thick.
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a tragic accident leaves a man dead and his wife in the hospital. >> a man knocked off of his motorcycle and run over by a pickup truck. police are looking for the driver that hit him and drove off. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. sit monday, july 22nd. i'm allie rasmus. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your monday weather. steve paulson is in his office. >> it will be warmer for some today. inland temperatures, started to move up on sunday, will continue that today but not looking for upper 90s unless you are way inland. the highs building in from the four corners but centered around colorado or new mexico,
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not over us. we have seen that in the past. warm to hot inland. fog, foggy for some around the coast and the bay. that will burn off sooner. tomorrow, this system to the west will sweep through and knock the edge off. thick morning fog, sunny and warmer for most. areas on the coast will stay in the 60s. that fog is on borrowed time. west, southwest breeze, travis, that's not strong. 55 in the city. 57 in alameda. 55 berkley. the moisture coming around the monsoon, feeding in to the central sierra. a few clouds from the south yesterday, maybe a repe


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