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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >> a grass fire in the east bay spreads to a storage business, destroying dozens of units and some prized possessions that people had put away for safety. >> one thing we've been able to observe is there seems to be a lot of vehicles stored here.i've classic cars, classic motorcycles, historic vehicles apparently. >> no injuries, but clearly some unfortunate losses. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville.
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>> and i'm julie haener. the fire started alongside a highway and was caused by human activity of some sort. the flames spread from the grass to pacheco mini storage near buchanan field. live coverage tonight from ktvu's amber lee. she's at that storage facility and has been talking to witnesses and fire officials, amber? >> reporter: julie, witnesses including the manager of the store's business tell me the fire caused quite a scare. the dry vegetation and weather are factors. about 2:45 tuesday afternoon winds whipped up a twrasz fire that started along highway 4 near interstate 680 in pacheco. it burned quickly, spreading to pacheco mini storage. it burned the area where a homeless man had settled. >> couldn't get my bike. i lost all my hard drives.
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i lost my laptop. my camping gear. >> reporter: the manager of the storage business tole many eshe saw the flames while in the office and called 911. 49 units were destroyed. there are others damaged by smoke and water. she says customers store a variety of valuable belongings, including classic cars, work tools, and documents. >> they're devastated. i've had people calling to see if their stuff is lost. i had one person come in asking where do we go from here. i had to say i'm sorry. >> reporter: her husband recently trimmed the vegetation around the property, trying to minimize the fire danger. >> it's definitely a concern with how hot it is and how dry it is in the summertime, we have to be on top of it. >> i was one of the homeless guys. i came in last. >> reporter: jim says he suspects another homeless man in the area started the fire. >> he had a torch. he also had a cigarette. he's smoking and he was making a glass pipe out of a perfume,
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little spaul perfume bottle. i accused him and then he said it was an accident. >> reporter: fire officials say they have spoken with him. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but that most likely it was caused by human activity. >> whether it was as a result of carelessly destroying smoking materials a malfunctioning vehicle, or some other human activity in this area, it's hard to tell. >> reporter: cherfy escaped with his dog and his bicycle. his shoes burnt after repeated attempts to try to retrieve his belongings. >> i lost all my stuff. he could have killed me if i was asleep. >> reporter: it took crews two hours to put out the fire a private security will be here at the storage facility throughout the night to keep anof people sn their units, but she expects many more to come tomorrow morning. julie? >> amber lee live in pacheco tonight. amber, thank you.
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further east in contra costa county a grass fire spread to a home at about 6:00 tonight. a few acres burned, that home was destroyed. a man may have sparked the fire doing grinding work. he was placed under arrest. highway 87 in san jose is open following a fire inside a service tunnel. the fire was reported just before noon underneath the northbound lanes of 87 at willis street. firefighters say they face incredibly dangerous conditions as they entered to fight the flames after discovering huge piles of trash. investigators say there may have been homeless people living in the tunnel space. the fire caused major traffic delays for most of the day but there are no reports injuries ts afternoon and apparently rattled a few nerve as well. the largest was a 3.4 quake reported just east of danville. a second 3.5 earthquake hit 13 minutes later. we heard from people on social
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media who felt it from san francisco down to stockton. ktvu ease jana katsuyama in danville this evening. january that, you talked with people who felt the earthquake today, you also talked with an expert about the fault line responsible. >> reporter: yes, frank. the quake did not cause major damage, but it did cause a lot of concern for people who were really worried. and they also wondered whether there might be any connection with the recent morgan hill quakes or the big quake down in southern california just 11 days ago. in danville about 15 miles from the epicenter of the quakes, amor ralless felt the shaking. >> i felt the cafe shake. there's a lot of things that th. >> reporter: shaking buildings and shaking nerves too. >> scared a safety emergency kit for that. so little bit startled. >> the house just started
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shaking and i knew it was an earthquake immediately. >> reporter: people throughout the east bay say the quake had a rolling feel. >> we were seated and all of a sudden it felt like we were on a roller coaster with someone slamming the back of us. >> reporter: the epicenter of the quake near the reservoir east of blackhawk is on the greenville fault. that is the same fault that caused a 5.8 earthquake in livermore in the 1980s according to stanford professor bill elsworth. >> it moved side to side just like the san andreas or haywardt runs from maybe about ten miles south of interstate 580 to 10 or 15 miles t north of the interstate 580. >> reporter: this map shows the green greenville fault. it is unlikely it was connected with the morgan hill or the 7.1
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ridgecrest quakes. >> we have earthquakes of this size fairly regularly throughout california. it's unlikely there's a direct relationship between either this in the morgan hill earthquake or the earthquakes that occurred in the ridgecrest area. . >> reporter: the professor says the greenville fault is capable of producing a quake as large as the ridgecrest quake but the likelihood is low. >> this one is moving at a relatively slow pace so it would produce a big earthquake maybe thousands of years between them as oppose odd the san andreas or hayward fault where we're talking about hundreds of years between significant earthquakes. >> reporter: i spoke with the uc berkeley researcher who says their early warning system app which they are developing did work today and gave them a warning four second before they felt any shaking. experts say that today's earthquakes are just a really good reminder that people should prepare an earthquake kit and be prepared if a major one does
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come and hit. >> yeah, you can't be too prepared. jana katsuyama live for us tonight, thank you. retired supreme court justice john paul stevens died today at the age of 99 after suffering a stroke yesterday. stevens was appointed by president gerald ford in 1975 and served until 2010, retiring at the age of 90. the judge was a registered republican when he was appointed but during his 35 year tenure he became one of the leading liberal voices of the court on issues such as abortion, consumer rights, and the death penalty. stevens died the a hospital in fort lauderdale, florida. he is survived by two daughters and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. and among the scores of rulings he delivered, stevens will be known for writing a scathing descent during the disputed 2000 presidential election. he wrote in a landmark case that interpreted the second amendment and expanded gun rights.
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he wrote the dissenting opinion in bethel versus frasier, a case that restricted student's freedom of speech. now to the political fallout from tweets from president trump telling four congresswomen of color to go back to where they came from. today the house voted to approve a resolution condemning the tweets. ktvu's andre senior tells us there was also an argument on the house floor after speaker nancy pelosi said that what the president wrote was racist. >> reporter: before a vote on the house floor on a resolution to condemn president trump's tweets directed at democratic women of color, a dust up when bay area congresswoman, house speaker nancy pelosi, said this. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. >> that comment leading to a dramatic episode, georgia republican collins goine general speaker of the house if she would like to rephrase that
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comment. >> i cleared them before i read them. >> i make a point of order the gentlewoman's word raise to be taken down. >> reporter: that move did not work and the democratic-controlled house voted to condemn president trump's tweets three days ago in which he said before minority congresswomen should go back to where they came from. >> it's like i said. you want to leave, it's your option. >> reporter: on tuesday the president continued the attack, unapologetic about the statement that stirred so much controversy. >> i have a list of things here said by the congresswomen that is so bad, so hardball that i almost don't want to read it. >> reporter: the president tweeting ahead of the vote quote those tweets were not racist, i don't have a racist bone the my body end quote. republicans say democrats are using the uproar to score political points. democrats disagreed, voting 240-187, a benchmark
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highlighting that republicans are solidly in the president's corner. >> let's not be fault about what is happening here today. this is all about politics and beliefs of idealogies of what individuals have. >> it's about time we lowered the temperature all across the board all of us all that contributes to a better level of discourse. >> reporter: the rebuke may be an embarrassment for president trump, but it carries no legal repercussions. i'm andre senior, ktvu, fox 2 news. a bay area group is leading a lawsuit against the trump administration over its new asylum rule. the trump administration has decided that migrants who pass through another country to get to the u.s. must seek asylumsurt today. the group east bay sanctuary covenant says it violates u.s. and international laws. they call the move the most runt by the trump administration. . coming up, a noose found hanging
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from a tree at stanford university. the discovery during a summer session that has some students there feeling threatened. we are looking into the warm-up that occurred today. it's going to continue tomorrow, but change is coming toward the end of the week. and a rowdy crowd tonight at fremont city hall to protest a navigation center for the homeless. coming up, i'll tell you which two sides city leaders are considering.
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in tense opposition tonight to a proposed navigation center to serve homeless people in fremont. city leaders have narrowed options down to two possible sites, either in the dakota neighborhood or behind city hall. ktvu's azenith smith live in fremont where hundreds of residents protested at tonight's city council meeting. >> reporter: it was not on the agenda, but hundreds of residents came here anyway. 250 people signed up to speak during the public comment period. voice their concerns.ting their a boisterous crowd outside fremont city hall, many holding signs referring to a proposal to
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build a navigation center for the homeless on dakota road. hugh started an online petition. >> we want to do the right thing to help and not, you know, getting neighborhoods against neighborhoods. >> reporter: he and hundreds of residents packed council came bers and overflow rooms. they want the center located at a parking lot behind city hall. away from homes, away from schools. >> have you ever talked to a homeless person? have you ever heard their journey? >> we didn't think it would be that difficult. but it has become a difficult process. >> reporter: city officials admit the process has not gone well. the two sites based on criteria near transportation and food services. the goal to house 45 people for half a year and in permanent housing. fremont's homeless population has jumped 27% in two years said
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>> both groups are now unhappy. originally it was the dakota neighbors, but now i'm getting petitions from city hall neighbors so. ultimately we're going to have to make a decision that somebody is going to be unhappy about it. >> reporter: most people's opposed the dakota site. this resident doesn't think the city hall site is good either. >> it's the only site where residents are walking not driving. my personal experience, my wife, she walks in the morning, she got heckled not once, not twice, three times by homeless person right outside city hall. >> reporter: at the city hall parking lot a homeless tent. the couple there didn't want to be but have been unhoused for months. receptive to a censure, receptive to help. >> we'll have to think to ourselves, what if it were me? wouldn't i want that service to be available? wouldn't i want some help with some things? >> reporter: city leaders hope to choose a location in september. they plan to host two community
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outreach meetings in august. despite the opposition, city leaders are committed to following through. they need to proposaluate the funds by january or they'll lose it, julie the. >> a tough issue, azenith smith? fremont. thank you. stanford university police are investigating the discovery of a noose on campus hanging from a tree. they're investigating it as a suspicious circumstance. this picture was sent to us by a student at a summer program who did not want her name used. they say that the picture was taken late friday night across the street from a dormitory called story house. the student told ktvu that they and others feel threatened because they're black. the stanford department of public safety said if more information comes to light the case could be reclassified as a hate crime. the department said quote we feel it is important to state the a foos is recognized as a symbol of violence and racism directed against african-american peoples. such a symbol has no place on
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our campus. the san francisco board of supervisors has approve admeasure that makes san francisco city college tuition free for city residents for the next ten years. there's enough money to start the program this fall, a year earlier than expected. the program is projected to cost about $16 million a year. the city is also providing an extra $5.4 million to cover past expenses due to a rise in enrollment. a three-day meeting the uc regents is underway at mission bay. the board says it's exploring a new method for tuition increases. each new class of freshman and transfers would see a tuition hike. the cost of tuition would stay the same as long as they're enrolled. supporters say this method would make expenses more predictable for students and families and stabilize revenue for campuses. investigators with the ntsb arrived at the hayward airport today and began looking into yesterday's deadly helicopter crash. the robinson r-44 helicopter is
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being removed for closer inspection. the ntsb says it's too soon to know what caused yesterday's crash that killed 62-year-old wayne of sunny vale and injured his tunlt. he was a well respected flight truck ter in the east bay. >> he was such a great person. he was very knowledgeable. he had a passion for what he did. >> great teacher, very thorough. he would sit you down and he would walk you through it. >> he and his student were doing a standard training exercise when the helicopter crashed on airport property. the ntsb says there was no distress call. the investigation is expected to submit a preliminary accident report in about two weeks. looking at the temperatures from today we had numbers that were generally where they were yesterday. lots of 80s and low 90s. it felt warm in fairfield and in santa rosa. santa rosa was 94. these temperatures not unusual at all for this time of year.
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and certainly some cases might be below the average, but a warmer day today in many cases or about the same as yesterday. tomorrow does the same thing, and then temperatures begin to drop off significantly as we get into your thursday, friday, and your saturday. so with that said you can see the clouds along the coast. they've kind of got sheered away today because of the strong winds, but the fog is back. let's put it in the current shot. the fog back at the coast now. with that you'll see the fog tomorrow morning around the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge. it'll burn off about the same timing it had today and temperatures will go to about the same place. the real story is that long range when temperatures drop off again as a low center kind of presses itself off our coast and brings our temperatures back down. that's towards the weekend. tomorrow, like today, current temperatures generally in the # 0s, low 60s. we've got a few areas that are blowing significantly. ten mile an hour winds up in the north bay. sfo gusting to 30. when i come back, we'll have the
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forecast for your thursday, friday, and saturday. coming up, growing concerns over to number of suicides along smart train tracks in the north bay. >> everybody has to do their own piece. the law enforcement need to help us control more areas. >> at 10:30, how the transit agency is getting help from outside. in two minutes a mannequin riding shotgun. what officers found on patrol during today's commute looking for carpool cheats. ool cheats. show me the crown.
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new at 10:00, the oakland city council tonight voted unanimously to ban the use of facial recognition software by city agencies. oakland's public safety committee had approved the resolution. tonight's vote was by the full city council. the ban prohibits police and other city departments fromancie the first city in the country to ban the use of facial recognition techno and berkeley is considering a similar ban. the chp wrote at least 75 tickets for carpool violation this morning on highway 4 between brentwood and concord. that included giving a citation to one driver with a life-sized mannequin in the car all dressed
10:25 pm
up and posing as a passenger. one woman who was pulled over said she was watching ktvu's mornings on 2 and learned about the crackdown right before she left her house. >> i was trying to get to work on time, and i thought i would cross over for a quick second. and then boom, there he is. i know i shouldn't have done that. i know i shouldn't have, but i still did it. >> the chp is also cracking down on speeders around the east bay. so be advised. a former youth basketball coach is under arrest in the east bay, accused of felony child molestation. 60-year-old paul fielder was arrested last thursday. he remains in custody in martinez. investigators say he'd been assaulting a minor for years. they also say there may be other victims who have yet to come forward. demanded my watch, my wallet, and then he stomp on my side pocket and he got my cellphone. >> robbed at gunpoint in broad
10:26 pm
daylight. coming up at 11:00, surveillance video of the crime and why the victim believes he was followed home from a restaurant. up first after the break, fireworks outside the ghost ship warehouse trial. the shouting match that broke out on the last day of testimony. and the giants extended their winning street tonight after blowing a lead in the bottom of the ninth. mark will show us the comeback in extra innings later in sports. a spike in suicides has the smart rail system looking for solutions. how the train is partnering with the community to stem an alarming trend.
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comp my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcast business gives you
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a full suite of products with great performance and value. get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year. better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. the operators of the smart train in the north bay may hire off-duty police officers to try to curb suicides at rail crossings. >> it comes after a third death in less than a week, and a total of five deaths in less than a month. debora villalon is there, debra? >> reporter: suicide by train is a sad reality for rail lines, especially at crossings where the tracks meet public streets. smart's boss admits these signs are not enough. >> these are very painful times. these are very difficult times. >> reporter: collaboration helped launch passenger rail
10:30 pm
between sonoma and marin. now it's needed again. >> we partnership and not blaming one another. >> reporter: at the next board meeting, smart will announce it's accepting help. suicides are spiking, three in six days, and two more in the weeks prior. the rail service running for almost two years had only one until now. >> our heart stops. we feel so bad for the families. >> reporter: help will come from law enforcement watching where trains cross local roads. >> we can put a barbed wire on top of the fence and they jump here. it means where the cars, the pedestrians, and train meet. >> reporter: there are 63 at grade crossings among houses, fields, businesses, crossings whereheir lives unimpeded. >> issue. this is a public health issue. our community needs help. >> reporter: and help will come from mental health providers and advocates such as the national
10:31 pm
alliance on mental illness. >> suicide rarely happens out of the blue. >> reporter: those stepping in say mental health care may be fragmented and hard to find. stigma also keeps despondent people isolated with their feelings. >> when those are all boxed up and someone doesn't reach out for help it could be the ultimate consequence. >> reporter: research advises don't avoid the subject. talking about suicide does not encourage it. >> many people are hurting inside and want to be asked how they are doing. >> reporter: it is this insight and awareness smart hopes will turn the tide. >> we've reached out to everybody and you know what they all said? we're in. >> reporter: what smart can't do while off its system. it has no police force, only a chief. and three code enforcement positions, all unfilled. >> could they do suicide prevention? >> three of them in a 30-mile, 45 of mile long, you can imagine it would be minimal. >> reporter: smart made contracts for off-duty officers on patrols. the system's first suicide came
10:32 pm
since months into service. then none, now a flurry that no one wants to see grow. >> we must figure out what to do together. not doing it is not an option. >> reporter: tomorrow afternoon the smart board of directors will discuss next steps. julie, we have put a list of suicide prevention resources on web links at >> debora villalon in ronar park tonight, thank you. today was the last day of testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial. ktvu's amber lee tells us there was plenty of emotion inside and outside the courtroom. >> i hope we can have safety in our community and prevent anything like this from happening further. >> that's why we need max harris locked up so we can have safety in our communities. >> that's not true. >> who did you lose? >> reporter: tempers flared on the last day of testimony in the ghost ship trial. families of victims unleashing anger of danielle silva, a supporter of max harris after
10:33 pm
the tragedy. >> you don't even know him. >> i do know him. >> you didn't know him before. >> this is the last day of evidence. >> reporter: and there was plenty of drama in court as well. oakland police officer hector chavez testified that almost two years before the deadly fire he cleared out a rave at the warehouse where he was told people pay $25 to get in and did drugs. >> it's the police. >> just a moment. >> reporter: after a long delay, someone opened the door and the officer's body cam captured a skuchl. >> hey. >> who told you that? >> do not push the door closed. >> me. >> you don't care if you hurt me, only if i hurt you. >> reporter: attorneys accused chavez of lying when he testified harris was among those he confronted. harris took the stand for the second time saying it wasn't him. freeze frame from the officer's video appears to show someone else. >> with all due respect, i don't
10:34 pm
know how to say this other than officer chavez looking like an idiot. >> it was a great opportunity for max to get on the stand, show the jury his soft demeanor, let them hear his voice. >> reporter: prosecutors believe derick almena made it up when he told the jury that the landlord's son told them to lie and say no one live at the warehouse. da's inspector stoter said almena never brought this up. >> and i said, well, is it possible it yes. is it possiblectims say the da's strong. >> in my opinion they presented a case that is strong enough to be won. i hope the jury will pay attention to all the lies told during this trial. >> reporter: closing arguments begin july 29th and could last three to four days. afterwards, the fate of the two men lies the the hands of the jury. at the courthouse in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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a safe place in san francisco for people who live in rvs where they can park overnight. a proposal already winning support. watching the weather for you as we head towards the end of the week, some cooldown out there. what the weekend looks like with the fast. up next is death in a police choke hold stoking outrage.
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the u.s. justice department said today that they are not going to pursue federal charges against a new york city police officer in the death of eric garner. a video showed police officers on staten island arresting the 43-year-old man five years ago. he was suspected of selling untaxed cigarettes. one officer used a chokehold, which the to coroner ruled caused his death. garner's dying words, i can't breathe, became a rallyingrs use for a minor infraction. >> five years ago my son said i can't breathe 11 times. and today we can't breathe. because they have let us down. >> federal prosecutors in new york say u.s. attorney general wash made the final decision in
10:39 pm
the case. barr found insufficient evidence to try the officer on federal civil rights charges. the president of planned parenthood fired today after less than a year on the job. she was the first physician ever to lead the organization. the move comes amid increased political opposition of planned parenthood and recent legislation in some states limiting access to abortion. she had reportedly tried to take planned parenthood in a less political direction and refocus its mission as a health provider with a wide array of services. alexis mcgill-johnson, co-director of a research consortium called the perception institute will serve as acting president of planned parenthood. stocks ended their five-day winning streak today. the dow lost 23 points. nasdaq dropped 35. and the s&p was down 10 points. tech and health care companies were among the sectors moving lower. lyft's new bike sharing program is expanding across the bay area with a new name. the ford go bike system is now
10:40 pm
called bay wheels. name change comes after lyft sued san francisco to maintain what it says is an exclusive contract to operate a bike share business in the city and elsewhere. the new bikes are now showing up in oakland and san francisco after making their debut in san jose last week. wildlife officials now have more money to eradicate an invasive rodent that's threatening waterways in the dellta. the new state budget has allocated almost $2 million to get rid of the delta nutria. it can threaten wildlife. the state department of the fish and wildlife plans to use birth control and dogs to help catch the rodents. 50 years since the apollo 11 put the first man on the moon. coming up, the ceremony on board the "uss hornet" today and the big role in the mission that ship played. morning fog making its way
10:41 pm
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san francisco city esponse to the living in carssal and rvs. the city has identified a
10:44 pm
parking lot near the balboa b.a.r.t. station at geneva and san jose avenue where people could park for up to three months. as ktvu's christien kafton reports, they'd have services including showers and restrooms. >> reporter: for some in san francisco, this is the only home they have. in a recent count, the city found people living in their cars and recreational vehicles are the fastest growing population of homeless. for more than 400 san franciscans, their homes have wheels. fou some city leaders are looking at this parking lot as a first step in getting more secure housing for those living in vehicles. >> we've seen a dramatic increase in those living on the streets in our neighborhoods. this is a way for our neighborhood to step up, show compassion and take a positive step in the right >> reporter: this parking lot is eventually slated to be turned into 138 units of affordable housing. in the meantime, san francisco supervisors want to see it transformed into a temporary triage center a place for 30
10:45 pm
cars and rvs to park, stay for 90 days or more, and begin the process of getting into more permanent housing. >> it will have 24-hour security. it will have offices for social service providers to come on site. it will have bathrooms. it will have lighting. it will be a -- and it will have privacy screening, so it's not just going to be everyone on display. >> reporter: we knocked on more than a dozen doors, trying to get someone living the an rv to weigh in on the city's new plans, but to one opened up. but neighbors in the ingleside balboa park area say they're the using vehicles for shelter to go to. >> i like the idea because you do see around here and people living in all that. >> reporter: others said the idea sounds good, but they want more details. >> bring them in one place can bring more people over here. which can cause some people to
10:46 pm
use b.a.r.t. walking home late at night to feel a little bit scared and not really secured. but they said they're going to have security. >> reporter: the supervisors are looking for community input on the idea and have a forum planned for the public to learn more and express concerns for this upcoming saturday at balboa high school. they hope to have some legislation on this plan within about a week or so. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. today is the 50th anniversary of the flight of apollo 11 to the moon. it was one of mankind's greatest scientific achievements. it was on this day in 1969 that the crew of apolla. they landed on took place just seven years after president kennedy vowed to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. the "uss hornet" aircraft carrier, which is now a floating museum in alameda, played a critical role in the final phase
10:47 pm
of the apollo 11 mission. a recovery team from the hornet helped secure the apollo 11 capsule after it splashed down in the pacific. tonight there was a celebration on board the hornet to mark the 50th anniversary. one former crew member says never forget the moment he spotted the space capsule descending from the sky. >> we can see the fire ball from the command module. as it was reentering, and that was extremely exciting. and then we didn't see it for a minute or two, i think probably because of clouds. i don't remember that exactly, but then all of a sudden we looked up and right above us it was coming down. >> the "uss hornet" crew was also in charge of keeping the module afloat during the crucial minutes after the splash down. all righty, then, here are the high temperatures from today. we looked at them once, let's look again because tomorrows temperatures are pretty similar, within a few degrees either way. but generally in the low 90s in
10:48 pm
the hot spots. 70s around the bay to low 80s. mid-80s towards san jose. fog moving in at the coast. back tomorrow morning, and temperatures follow suit with what we experience today. then things change around with that same kind of pattern that's been breaking things up, that low pressure that drops down from the gulf. and it sits close to us and it breaks up the high pressure and bring as cooler pattern. that's what's going to happen as we head into thursday, friday, and saturday. winds are blowing out there. check out sfo. blowing pretty significantly. gusts to 30, sustained at 21. so big onshore push. the fog's now. look at oakland, see the fog out there. and it's getting up over -- the coastal or the oakland or the -- the kald cot tunnel. the fog's getting in the arun da area towards lafayette. overnight lows tonight the marine layer stretches out, that's the plan, right? as we go into thursday, friday.
10:49 pm
not tomorrow, but the cooler weather pattern which shows up towards the weekend with this guy right here. and the cooling trend will begin on thursday. and you'll notice it. not tomorrow, right? you'll be back where we were today. but on thursday you get this kind of a deal which makes sense when that low gets close it drops the temperatures through saturday. even sunday a little bit. so in terms of fire danger, we're feeling good about it. this pattern, we've had a few patterns these past couple days, this heat and the wind conditions are not horrible, horrible. we can see that this time of year and we are not. 92 in st. helena. 90 in pittsburg, antioch. santa clara valley lots of 80s. foggy at the coast. i don't think we'll see as much clearing tomorrow. some clearing pacifica and stinson beach, but not as much as today. i think the fog is going to hang if thor. and in the five-day forecast when you get to look at here,
10:50 pm
the big drop off, right? these upper tier numbers drop off, clouds come in, the fire danger goes down, air quality gets wetter, but your barbecue in say oakland or berkeley is going to need a jacket. that's on the weekend. there's your five-day forecast. i'll see you back here at 11:00. skiers and snowboarders are going to have to put away their gear. mammoth mountain said after an epic winter snowfall they are going to close for the season on july 28th. mammoth had more than 700 inches of snow at their summit. that's more than 58 feet of snow. and they had nearly 500 inches at the main lodge. mammoth initially hoped to stay open through the fourth of july but said they would continue until august. however, a recent warm-up has started melting the remaining snow fast to make it until august. coming up the sports, after blowing a lead in the bottom of the ninth, giants extend their winning streak. then on the 11:00 news,
10:51 pm
hundreds of protesters show up at a fremont city council meeting. it's something we've heard before. they don't want a homeless navigation center in their neighbor.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
mark's here now with sports. a's and giants doing really well. and the giants -- >> you said they're smoking.
10:54 pm
>> i did say they were smoking. >> yeah, i'm telling you -- >> just smoking. >> you would have to say a month ago, trade everybody. >> oh my god, they were horrible. >> bring in youth. it's hard to say but they in no way resemble the team we saw in the first couple of months. they've won ten out of the the last 1. and i don't know, if think you're going to have irritated people if you trade guys now. wearing the shirt that his kids gave him for father's day there. and 4-1 entering the ninth inning. will smith in. he's been automatic in save positions, but one run in and ian desmond about 467 feet. giants waste no time to regain control. alex dickerson who was on the opening day roster, four more hits tonight. that's what's happening, julie, this guy for one. two rbis and brandon crawford back to looking like his usual
10:55 pm
self after a very slow start this season. a slap to left, rbi. 6-4 lead. look at the giant bench. they're all pumped up, and also another guy who wasn't on the opening day roster, mike. he had a double a homer, and this his third hit knocks in another run. eight for the final. the giants are only three games under 500. he blew the save did will smith, but he picks up the win. all right. the dress code at oakland's coliseum, wear anything you want, whatever. the a's, they're rolling themselves. now, this could have been really bad for the a's. matt chapman, though with a beautiful catch avoiding chand pinder down there, and it's a darn good thing chapman wasn't hurt because they needed his bat a shot to left. a two-run single. and the a's coming from a 1-0 deficit to take a 2-1 lead. marcus siemian sliding home. chapman again ticket to ride
10:56 pm
with a man on, his 22nd. 3 for 4 with 5 rbis, and back to backers for the second time this year the two matt go deep. a's won 11 out of 13 playing their best ball of the year. all right. we got one of the golf biggies coming up this weekend, the british open. little twist this year. first time in 68 years it will be played in ireland. ticket sales, how about this? they've sold 190,000 tickets so far. >> good grief. >> golf is healthy. so is tiger woods. might be more than a coincidence right there. challenged, however, as and that challenge will probably come from this guy, brooks koepka, who has won four of the last ten majors and in the one he is didn't win he's been a runner up twice. tiger would like to get in a
10:57 pm
little practice round with koepka. that's not going so well. >> tell you a funny story. i texted brooks congratulations on another great finish. i mean, what he's -- i mean, what he's done in the last four major championships and -- has been just unbelievable. i said, hey, dude, you mind if i, like, tag along and play a practice round. i've heard nothing. >> all right. tiger woods living it up right now. hey, it is that time of night where we need to check this out. you're asking me what's different with the giants of late? well, defense too. and this guy, kevin pilar has made some great grabs. three sensational plays tonight. they used to call him superman when he played with toronto, and just an example of his great work. they have been great on defense. and here's a nice little play in left field from the yankees. brett gardener that helps the
10:58 pm
yankees to a win over tampa. robbing garcia with a perfectly timed leap. take it away from the fan in the bronx right there in left field, and garcia not a happy camper having a ball robbed like that. some more nice defense as the cubs get another victory. jerry botto hit it deep. albert almora jr. out in the vines in deep right center field with a great grab. hey, the dodgers lost tonight. phillies were trailing 8-7 in the bottom of the ninth, two out, one on. and the kids are saying, bryce, bryce. and he comes through as a.j. misplays it in center. the tying and winning runs will come in. harper is a walk-off hero in philly tonight as the dodgers go down just a little bit pumped up are the phillies to get that win. and the kids are like, yeah, bryce, bryce. they've got a fan favorite there.
10:59 pm
and so that is the sporting life. i mean, the giants and a's, you know, the a's everybody expected them to be good. and the giants this is out of nowhere because everybody was saying, you know, you got to trade all these other players and get some youth in here, turn it around. i think the giant players will be a little agitated right now if they made a lot of trades. >> yeah, definitely coming alive. >> they're very close to -- >> excitement. >> i thought it was going to be a drag until football season started but they've livened things up. it's 11:00 time for more news. frank and julie? >> thank you. coming up next at 11:00. >> a boisterous crowd voicing strong opposition to a new navigation center to serve homeless people. >> the 11:00 news on kuchz fox 2 news starts now. >> like other cities, fremont has a growing need to house the homeless and city leaders have
11:00 pm
narrowed options for a new shelter to two possible sites. hello, again, everyone i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. those two sites are city-owned land, one in the dakota neighborhood, another behind city hall. azenith smith is in fremont where hundreds of people showed up at tonight's city council meeting. >> reporter: and frank and julie, many of them are still here. 250 people signed up to speak during public comment period. this item was not on the agenda, but many people filling the council chambers and overflow rooms, hoping citys. a boisterous crowd outside fremont city hall, many holding signs not dakota, referring to a proposal to build a navigation ce


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