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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 16, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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happening in the country. the mass policy from the migration at the southern border. from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us, tuesday morning, july 16. i'm pam cook. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about tuesday weather. >> this morning is nice. yesterday, it got a little hot. i was going to text you. cool it down, will you? >> i will. i listen to you, pam. fog is back. we started off clear yesterday. is style important? is sal out there? >> i see some dense fog. the system is digging into
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the north after yesterday's hot day in santa rosa, 95 and 96 and 90's and the interior. not today. a big time cool down and the city hit 70 yesterday, but that won't happen today. 50s and 60s on the temps. 51, 53, 55 in the water temps still very cold. the onshore breeze with the low clouds and high pressure losing its grip a teeny bit. 60s and 70s in the bay and mainly 80s and the interior. you heard the voice, now here's mr. sal castaneda. >> thank you, steve. let's take a look at what we have. we don't have a lot of slow traffic. if you are diving through the traffic coming through the area, you can see traffic is moving very nicely. looking at the east bay, see if we can see and a slow traffic.
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i don't see anything going on, traffic moving well with no major issues on the east bay commute with traffic looking good on interstate 880 north and south and west bound bay bridge off to a good start. now is a good time to go, before the crowd gets here. 4:02 and let's go back to the desk. the ntsb will open its investigation into a deadly helicopter crash at the hayward airport. a federal crash investigator will arrive at the airport, north of 92 and west of 880 this morning. the four seat helicopter was being used for a training flight yesterday afternoon and only the flight instructor and student were on board. the student was taken to eden memorial hospital and there's no information released. the instructor died and the alameda county coroner identified the flight instructor and 62-year-old wayne prodger, who lived in sunnyvale with his wife and was well known around the airport as someone who loved flying and
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motorcycles. >> we see each other every day. we do something christmas time and summer barbecues to get together. i hope and pray for the family because he is a very cool guy. >> witnesses said it appeared the helicopter crashed while the student and instructor were practicing how to hover. they had been talking to air traffic control is just before the crash and did not indicate any type of problem. it's not clear if the student or instructor was at the controls when the aircraft crashed. 4:03 in the family of an antioch man who signed up to be an organ donor and who doctors say is brain-dead fights for more time to let him regain consciousness. >> when you are 30 years old and go to the dmv and click to be a donor, you expect your family will have the ultimate say. >> 30-year-old anthony vallejo lost consciousness 10 days ago when he suffered a severe asthma
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attack and doctors are ready to grab his wish to donate his organs. his wife and father said they should make that decision and they want six more days to do that. we talked with an organ donation coordinator who wouldn't talk about this case but said in general, there is a limited timeframe to remove and transplant the organs and give the organ recipient the best chance for a healthy life after surgery. >> things have to move quickly. the body temperature goes everywhere and blood sugars go up and down. >> she said signing the donor card is like signing a contract and they are honoring the donor's request. his wife admitted she is praying for a miracle and later today will meet again with doctors. the house of representatives will vote to formally condemn president trump for launching a racially charged twitter attack on four congress women of color. the women, now known as the
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squad, held a news conference to respond to the tweets, telling them they should go back to where they came from and the president is not backing away from the controversial remarks. >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >> he does not know how to defend policies so what he does, is attack us personally. >> the proposed measure before the house was that the words have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new americans and people of color. in the house will vote on whether to hold attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt for failing to turn over documents related to the administration's pushed to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census and the move is largely symbolic, as it's unlikely the department of justice run by william barr would pursue the charges. the latest on the crisis at the southern border takes effect today with a controversial new
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policy for people seeking asylum in the u.s. the trump administration said migrants coming through mexico have to first seek asylum in mexico before arriving at the u.s. border. ktvu has amber lee with more on the changes at the southern border. >> reporter: president donald trump's new plan would require migrants who pass through mexico on their way to the u.s. to first apply for asylum in mexico. this is a reversal of decades of u.s. policy. it is said to go into effect on tuesday. >> it's a shocking development but not totally out of the realm of what's been happening recently. >> reporter: the executive director for lawyers committee for civil rights, a nonprofit providing legal help for immigrants and asylum-seekers said -- >> we can't just arbitrarily say you have to go to another country and seek asylum and been denied before you can apply for asylum in the u.s. we'd simply can't do that. >> reporter: the aclu said the
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new rule is unlawful in the group plans to sue and will impact migrants from countries such as honduras, guatemala and el salvador. if they arrived by land they have to apply for asylum in mexico instead. >> this is going to send a clear message to people considering coming illegally to this country to overwhelm our borders with the hope they will get by that first hurdle and then disappear into our interior. >> in san francisco's mission neighborhood, immigrants say the new policy is unfair and inhumane. >> lots of crime and problems in our countries, bad situations. >> reporter: this man works at a grocery store in the mission and said he's a u.s. citizen but initially came from palestine illegally because of what he describes as terrible conditions in his home country. he said many asylum-seekers come to the u.s. to escape unsafe conditions in poverty in search of a better
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-- they come here to work. >> reporter: in a letter to democratic colleagues, house speaker nancy pelosi wrote, this cruel and anti-immigrant administration is overreaching and stacking the deck against asylum-seekers by limiting their rights to due process under our laws. >> it's being fraudulently abused right now and it's part of what's causing the crisis at the border. >> reporter: there are exceptions to the rule including immigrants who apply for and were denied asylum in another country and victims of what is considered severe forms of trafficking with tens of thouto file a lawsuit aimed at blocking that new policy saying it could not be more inconsistent with our domestic laws or international laws. the trial of a man accused
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of raping women while being a rideshare driver continues in san francisco. the public defender for vilchez lazo said police illegally obtained his dna by testing him for drunk driving during traffic stop last july. the attorney argued the test was illegal because there was no search warrant and on monday, prosecutors called witnesses to support the case. their case is that police lawfully obtained the dna linking vilchez lazo. the hearing could wrap up tomorrow. the oakland city council will vote on possibly banning facial recognition technology facial recognition software helped catch criminals but critics say that technology has led to misidentification and abuse, often involving people of color. in may, san francisco banned city agencies from using that technology and now, oakland may do the same. the oakland city council will
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also consider changing the tax rate on large cannabis businesses. those businesses operating in oakland want a reduction in the maximum tax rates on marijuana related operations from 10% to 4% or less. in may, the city council voted to reduce the tax on small cannabis businesses from 10% to less than 1%. if this is approved, the tax changes would take effect next year. the berkeley city council will take its first vote on a plan to phase out natural gas. the proposal by councilwoman kate harrison would require new home construction to use electricity as the only power source. they say burning natural gas creates greenhouse gasses that can harm children with asthma. it's ann and we are in the last days of the oakland ghost ship a positive miles the town of paradise eight months after the camp fire
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demolished the town. the morning commute off to a nice start. if you are driving on the approach to the macarthur maze, it looks pretty good to oakland. the weather looks pretty good if you like the full moon. there it is right there.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:14 and testimony in the ghost ship trial is winding down with the less two witnesses expected to testify later this morning. ktvu has amber lee in the courtroom every day and said the prosecution tried one last time to undermine the defense case before the closing arguments. >> reporter: and atf agent testified about an interview with a contractor who lived at the ship. he had told the jury he heard bottles breaking and an argument in the warehouse before seeing seven people dressed in dark clothing running away but the agent said s never mentioned in the interviews with the atf. >> of course, anything that impeach his credibility is painful for me but i don't think that he was impeached
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adequately and i don't think, in the bigger picture, it's that meaningful. >> reporter: also was the inspector seen on the left that testified he had never heard the defendant, max harris and's a voice on the 911 call one call reporting the fire. harris testified he did call 911 and used his phone to direct people out with the light. the inspector said that almena had told him he put harris in charge of the music event the night of the fire and according to the inspector, derick almena said because of the younger age of harris, he could better relatefamily members said some defense witnesses are lying to protect the defendants. >> i can understand them lying for their friends but willing to live over 36 dead people, innocent kids that went to an event -- >> reporter: the jury will hear
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from rebuttal witnesses on tuesday and then closing arguments will be july 29th. at the courthouse, ktvu fox news. >> we have more from the courtroom every day and there is a daily blog on the men who admitted to killing a young couple on the beach in sonoma county 15 years ago will spend the rest of his lies in prison. the judge sentenced 40-year-old shawn gallon to three life terms without parole after hearing emotional statements from the victim's family. he's accused of shooting and killing the engaged camp counselors on a beach in 2004 and the parents of the victim were in the courtroom for the sentencing. the mother brought her daughter's unused wedding dress. >> the dress is empty and represents the lives and the marriage that was taken. our children were taken. it shows what he did. >> the suspect was also
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sentenced for the murder of his own brother in 2017 with prosecutors saying he shot and killed his brother with a homemade rifle to avoid the death penalty for all three killings, he pled no contest. it's for 17:00 and a federal judge is slashing tens of millions of dollars from a jury award given to a santa rosa man who developed cancer after using the weed killer, round up, made by monsanto. the original settlement offered was cut from $75 million to $20 million in the a 2013 supreme court ruling that found punitive damages need to be in line with compensatory damages. $5million will be awarded in compensatory damages and $20 million is more appropriate under the court guidelines, the judge said. let's check in for an early look at the commute. how does it look, sal?
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it looks pretty good. we start with the bay bridge and it's moving along pretty good. as you get to the bay bridge, and looks very nice with no major issues in some of these lanes and if you are driving other parts of the bay, you will find the same thing. the gilroy commute, northbound 101, looking very good and driving into morgan hill, off to a nice start and into the west valley, no major issues with traffic on highway 24 looking good all the way to the tunnel. we are off to a nice start. it's for 18:00 and much better than yesterday, by far. very thick on the golden gate bridge and other places, a push inland. 50s on the temps, 55 in the city and yesterday, it was hot. in santa on the back and say we
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want this weather. 95 in santa rosa, fairfield, 94. concord, 93 and gilroy, 92. the systems are moving in and sweeping through and you can see the depth of that little trough and the area of low pressure moving through and that will give us more of an onshore breeze today. 50s and 60s on your temps and 61 at the oakland airport and fremont, 59. the castro valley, 59 and in vallejo, 60 and 56 in mill valley. the wind is at 63 with water temps very cold and it doesn't take much to get that fog going. you reverse with more of a southwest wind and that will do it. 50s and 60s on those water temps up and down the coast. the delta breeze is up early this morning versus yesterday when it was snoozing in. southwest to vacaville, a big
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change from yesterday. 65 and 64 in ukiah and for the low clouds and fog to move inland and then peel back, temperatures will cool down. it might be the same or a little warmer and spilling over the ridge but after we get through wednesday, it looks like a cooling trend for everybody. 60s, 80s, a few lower 90s. cooler wednesday, cooler thursday and may carry it friday. nice on the weekend but a little bit warmer. don't forget to download the ktvu weather app with interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven-day forecast. it has an easy feature to upload weather photos and video. the ktvu weather app is a free download. a powerful and deadly explosion and a southern california neighborhood and coming up, we hear from witnesses who heard the blasts
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and rushed to help their neighbors. facebook back on capitol hill and up next, what they're expected to tell and the answer to congress over the next couple of days.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's for 23:00 and in southern california, a big explosion in the investigation continues. it happened in murietta and killed a utility worker who showed up to investigate the smell of gas. it happened yesterday afternoon
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in riverside county, 15 people were hurt and taken to the hospital and that includes three firefighters. >> i heard the loudest boom i've ever heard. it only lasted a second and it was like a loud boom and shook my house and rattled my house. >> the southern california gas company set a contractor was working on the house and damaged a gas line. a preliminary investigation shows the contractor did not file a request to have the gas lines marked as required by law. nevada police are asking for help to find an armed robbery suspect. investigators said this man robbed a woman at gunpoint yesterday morning when she was in her car and they said she was behind a business on 1st street and grant avenue when the man opened a passenger door and pointed the hand gun at her. she told police he took her money and credit cards and drove off in a dark blue
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volkswagen. newly released video shows men stealing expensive court equipment from a san jose gardener. this man parked his truck and trailer in a driveway in san jose. the trailer was left unlocked and in a matter of minutes, his lawnmower, leaf blower and other tools were gone. he walked out just as the thief's were driving off. >> i'm very sad. >> his equipment is everything and without it, he can't pay for gas to get to work and to put food on the table for him and my mom. >> a gofundme account has been set up for new landscaping equipment. it's for 25:00 and an update with pg&e equipment problem. we have the latest fire risk an being done to fix that equipment. a fire in a marin county
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home and up next, a look at the helmet camera and the challenges crews face while fighting that fire. fighting that fire. good morning. we see traffic is off to a nice start. if you are driving on 24 going to the tunnel, that is. after a toasty monday, fog is back big time and some of it is very thick. we will have an update on your tuesday forecast.
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pam, it's tuesday. july 16th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up on this tuesday morning. thank you for reminding me. >> i wanted to say it emphatically.
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the fog is back if you missed that yesterday. we warmed up. today we will cool off a little bit. for some inland, big time for those near the coast and around the bay. santa rosa was the warm spot yesterday, 95 degrees. today, though it's 80 concord and livermore and gilroy. san mateo, oak land, san jose and freemont, 70s. san francisco, pacifica and half-moon bay to the 60s after a warm 70 in the city yesterday. the warmest temperature so far this july. fog is roaring back. the wind is turning west, southwest. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. east bay temperatures, low 60s,
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upper 50s for some. brentwood says 70. pittsburgh 68. we will cool off today. the fog returning. 60s, 70s and mostly 80s through the interior. it is solano county time. i'm looking up at the screen, things are doing very well from fairfield, vellejo, 680, 580 is good see traffic is moving along very well with no major issues heading


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