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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 15, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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it's a deadly crash eastbound 8 area. i have a map of it here, eastbound traffic is almost at a stands still but westbound traffic may be affected. the lanes are open, there is a lot of looking going on and traffic is backed up from  highway 4, heading west. if you are driving on 680 south, you might want to do that as an alternate. we have a crew on the way. let's talk about the other commutes, 80 westbound, la salle to the mc arthur maize. no longer a light commute. this morning's commute in san josegood start. today's weather, let's go to steve. mostly clear. temperatures 50s, 60s, low 70s, it will be another day where what is new, 60s, 70s by the water. 80s to 90s inland.
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fog was wiped out by northwest breeze. i don't think it's too far away. there is a system in the pacific north west that's going to deepen, that will usher in a cooler pattern. santa rosa, one of the ones that are higher. the's high temperature 67 to 66. 50s and 60s. a few low 70s by pittsburgh and brentwood. 63 by the concord pavilion. look for patchy fog at best, the water temperatures are cold. 50, 53, once we get a west wind, we are looking for sunny side up, almost top to bottom from crescent to san diego, 60s, 70s, 80s and low 90s inland. starting this hour, breaking news in martinez, a fire at an apartment complex, scene one person was hurt, the
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building had to be evacuated. good morning. >> reporter: pretty hectic morning. we are at the lotus apartments, a pretty heavy firefighter response out here this morning. you can take a look around and see what is going on out here. the apartment that burned is tucked far back in this complex. it's hard for us to get to, but you are taking a look at the three-story apartment complex. the district said a person was burned but treated at the scene. the fire went to a second alarm but firefighters got it under control quickly and the fire is out now. the first call came in 4:11 this morning for a fire on the when firefighters arrived, they saw smoke and flames come from the balcony, there were a lot of people that jumped out of bed when they heard the
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commotion. we spoke to a dad who ran out with his wife and three young kids. now, you are not hearing from that map but he said say he had his kids sitting in the back of his truck. they were eating snacks and seemed to be in good spirits. one person was injured and treated at the scene. the fire was contained to one building and is out. a sense of relief out here. people are anxious to get back this their homes. we have breaking news to tell you about the trump administration is moving to end asylum protections for most central american migrants. a rule published today bars migrants from seeking asylum in the united states. if they have traveled through another country first. tens of thousands of families
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from central america traveled through mexico to the u.s. month. the trump administration claims families are taking advantage of a legal loophole that sayses that allows migrant as free pass while they wait out asylum requests. that rule is certain to face a legal challenge. though president trump threatened to we port 2000 undocumented immigrants over the weekend , there is no word of dearrests. at first and several other big cities but those raids were canceled. the president said there would be raids around the country starting yesterday. ice officials saided the focus would be on people with final deportation orders who were a threat to national security. >> using the term raid does even disservice. we are doing target enforcement actions who had their day in court and ordered removedpy immigration judge. we were executing the judge's
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orders. >> few arrests were reported. immigrant communities feared possible raids. tom vacar tales us what is being done to calm the fears. oak land's our lady on lake heret is offering to help pariwho are undocumented. the search set up a desk to help them understand the laws especially what can if ice agents come to their homes and answering phone calls from people shaken and concerned. >> a lot of fear. there were people that were monitoring phone banks, recently and calling a lot of the hispanic population and didn't want to talk on the phone they were so upset. many were crying on the phone. >> the church is offering a sanctuary as well as support to anyone afraid of being arrested. 50,000 people in louisiana have no electricity, no power, tropical depression barry is
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moving towards arkansas. no one was seriously hut, no deaths have been reported from the storm. over the weekend, authorities rescued more than 90 people, louisiana's governor is grateful barry wasn't as disastrous as forecasters first thought it would be. i, for on grateful the forecast did not materialize. >> flash flooding and tornado warnings are still being issued but the power is slowly being restored across louisiana the final phase of testimony in ghost ship warehouse fire trial begins today. prosecutors and defense team wrapped up questions for derrick almenna, he and his codefendant faced 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors will begin calling rebuttal witnesses and a break until july 29th, when both sides will give closing
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arguments. jury deliberations will begin in august. henry lee is reporting from the courtroom everyday of the trial and you can read his blog on police in concord investigating saturday's shooting in the parking lot of an amusement park. it happened at six flag hurricane harbor. the police arrived, they found a man who had been shot several times. there had been an argument between the victim and the suspect , the victim is expected to survive. police have not said if they have word that could lead to a suspect. new on demand ride booking service has not met the ridership goals cog to the independent journal, connect service started a year ago and ofs on demand rides for people in northern san rafael through the marin connect app or by phone. fares are $4 per ride or discounted $2 for seniors and those with disabilities. $40 monthly pass is available.
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marin transit's goal was to average 4 passengers per hour but the average has been about 2 passengers per hour. smart train board members are reconsidering their decision to create quiet zones for trains after a series of deaths along the rail lines. board members say they need to look at all options to improve safety. the quiet zones prohibit trains from sounding horns unless there is an emergency. they were set up to reduce public opposition to the train. backlash this morning after president trump addressed democratic congress women in a tweet. how the president is responding to that criticism. that blackout led to mayor headaches in new york, how some people reacted over the weekend.
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closing arguments in the state case against johnson and johnson and it's role this the opioid crisis. they claim they marketed opioidouts that overstated their effectiveness to treat chronic pain and under stated the addiction risk. oklahoma is the first state to proceed to trial. this could help shake negotiations for 1000 similar lawsuits. millions of teenages use
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products, now the ceo of an e- cigarette company is apologizing to the parents. allie rasmus joins us from san francisco to explain while jewel's ceo is apologizing. >> reporter: the u.s. surgeon general called vaping a nationwide epidemic with as many as one out of five teens. jewel is nation's largest maker of those e-cigarette and vaping products. their headquarters is based here in san francisco in this building behind news the dog patch neighborhood. the ceo is offering an apology. in an interview, kevin burns was asked about what he would like to say to the parents of teens that have become addicted to e-cigarettes and vaping products. >> i hope there was thg we
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did that appealing to them as a parent of a 16 year old, i'm sorry for them and have empathy in terms of the challenges. >> reporter: representatives for jewel ads have said their products are supposed to be a way for adults to kick the habit of smoking regular cigarettes. they are criticized for marketing moves that appear to target kids by using campaigns to advertize and creating and marketing fruit and candy flavored vaping products. fda does not regulate and delayed a decision until 2021, and the government agency has come under criticism for that delay. in the absence, san francisco city and county leaders decided to step in, a ban on will go year. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. new york city authorities are trying to figure out what
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caused a power outage saturday night. thousands of people were trapped in subway cars and elevators, 73,000 people were in the dark for hours. the head of con edson says the problem was not caused by high demand on the electrical grid, not caused bay cyber threat or physical terrorism. andrew cuomo is grateful tho one was hurt during the blackout. >> this could have been much worse, when you are talking about a city like new york, with a significant piece of the city basically suffering a blackout, that could be a chaotic situation. >> the outage occurred on the anniversary of the 1977 blackout in new york that left most of the city without power. this is incredible. this is a case of the show must go on during a power outage, a
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gospel choir due to sing took the performance outside on the street. the millennial choir and orchestra posted on facebook, they were disappointed in missing a tomorrow form inside the carnegie hall but happy to share their talents with thousands of people out on the streets of new york city. i was recently in new york and thought abou that had tickets, shows and wow. relatively safe. unfortunately, we have traffic news to tell you about arguments big accident. >> it's deadly crash unfortunately, eastbound, 80 at el portal, between el portal and the hill top drive exit, eastbound, but westbound, i'm going the see if i can get rid of the icons to show you the traffic better. see there, westbound traffic is also slowing past the scene,
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because people can see the crash, and again, it's eastbound 80 near el portal and blocking several lanes and going to be an investigation. it is a deadly crash if people are driving on 80 westbound, avoid heading west, use 680 which looks okay from the bene sha bridge. the time is picking up on the drive to the bay bridge. the traffic is backed up to the maize. 6:16, today's weather, let's bring in steve. we will get right to it. another area of low pressure to the north. over next couple of days will usher in cooler seen, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. see the low. the giants are in denver facing the colorado rockies. they have had big time lightning shows there. one on saturday.
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double header, that's right. so, usually kicks in at 4:00. we will see. a lot of thunderstorm activity around the rockies, coming off of the front range. 90s through interior. 70s and 80s for the those around the bay and 60s and 70s, under mostly clear skies. 50s, 60s here on the temperatures and temperatures probably not going to cool off anymore than this. menmenlo park. half-moon bay 55. freemont 56. not a huge difference. fog is a teeny bit, offshores on the san mateo coast. 50, 53, running below average for this time of years that's cold water down to southern california. it's one thing to mention when to mention it when it's cold, too. we will see the fog tonight and
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tomorrow, north west wind took care of it. 36 truckee. 60, 64, ukiah and sacramento. the moisture fires up over arizona and new mexico. it wasn't southern california and the weekend, winds southwest pushing it out of the area. 60s, 70s, 80s, low to a few mid- 90s on the temperatures. i think today, if not today, the warmest day, it's going to start decreasing on the high temperatures, we will see a drop towards the end of the week, pam, in to your weekend. 6:18, 07, like you have never seen her before. the shocking casting news for the new film. inspecting immigrants at detention facilities, what bay area represent tvs have to say about the conditions inside.
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a bakersfield college stsuing immigration officials for violating his first amendment rights. he was detained after he recited a poem criticizing fede
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the aclu is representing him in his freedom of speech fight and requesting ice allow him to appear in court at the hearing. he migrated to the u.s. when he was 3 years old and says agents arrested him last year and accused him of being involved in a bakersfield gang but was later released. attorneys will argue his case this morning. ice is not commenting on the case. two bay area congress women were along the lawmakers that went to an immigrant detention center at the texas border. jackie spear gave us that recording after touring the holding area in browns veil. this group insisted on being allowed to video what they saw and heard. ana esu says the conditions are
6:23 am
inhumane with people packed in to tight spaces. >> the conditions are such that influenza and meningitis and chronic conditions have cropped up. that is a child that is very sick and the father is with that child waiting to see if they are going to be able to be transferred to a hospital. >> the top priority should be getting medical care and she said people are being detained that have sponsors and could be fitted with ankle bracelets to track locations and should be released to the sponsors. the president is being criticized for a series of tweets against progressive members of congress. the president tweeted sunday morning quote, why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. these places need your help badlies you can't leave fast enough. it's believed the president was
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referring to four in the u.s. omar came to the u.s. from somalia when she was a child. house speaker nancy pelosi tweeted in response saying when dopped trump tells four american congress women to go back to their countries he reaffirms his plan to make america great again to making america white again. warriors coach also speaking out tweeting quote, come on members of congress, call out the president for his racist tweets, show leadership, it's the job you are elected to ende president trump in a hypothetical match up. candidates joe biden and bernie
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in a poll. bidenned that largest lead with a 9% advantage because he beat the president with independent and suburban voters. bernie sanders is holding on to a 7- point lead in the poll. >> what we need is a political revolution. i'm the only candidate that's cleared and has the capability of doing that and defeating donald trump. >> the next debate is at the end of the month in detroit. the 2020 census has been the focus of a political battle over citizenship question and now there are new conditions about possible security problems that affect next year's census. the u.s. census bureau is going digital with almost all of the information being passed along in cyber space. computer experts worry the hackers could go after the census information changing or even deleting it. >> any time you move from a manual process to a digital
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processes you you have things you never had to worry about before in terms of cyber security. the countries i worry >> the census bureau says it confident it can stay a ers. the slight change could have an impact on state funding, congressional seats and the electoral map. we track the storm threatening flooding. look at the impact tropical storm barry is making on the gulf coast this morning. and a surprise end at the end of the fishing line. what happened once these fishermen found a great white shark in the bay. first we want to take you over san francisco, the bay, the golden gate bridge. lovely morning. monday morning, you are watching mornings on 2 .
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good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on morning, july 15th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. >> the beaches at lake tahoe are smaller this summer, billions of gallons of water from the snow mount filled the lake to the top, these are live pictures you are looking at,
6:30 am
too. snow blanketed the sierra, meting all spring and summer. officials say the lakes will reach their maximum limit this week, the water will have to be released from the dam in to the truckee river to reduce it. these are live pictures pam took us right there to lake tahoe. >> i'm going to be heading there towards the end of summer. that water, it's clear, it's so inviting. it's very cold. it can be very cold. that is correct. i believe it's 51 at the surface, i believe. >> it's about normal, right? >> it's about normal. >> the levels, too. >> i'm trying to find a current temperature, it's like 51. nice on the coast, warm to hot inland. temperatures really not changing too much. this looks to be one of the warmest days of the week, system is to deepen along
6:31 am
the west coast. that's in the pacific northwest.70s, 80s and 90s, the city's high temperature has been 67 on the average side. it's dipped to 66. they have yet to have a high temperature san jose 83. that's downtown. in the santa clara valley, 50s. upper 50s for most. patchy fog. mostly clear but the water temperatures are very cold. 50, 53s looks good, all of california sunny side up. fog will be back tonight and tomorrow and monsoon cloud cover kicked out of here. look for today to be warm to hot for some inland 80s, 90s. by the end of the week, cooling not so much today. res down far 60s, 70s, 80s to low 90s. 80, eastbound. eastbound 80, up between el
6:32 am
portal and hill top, a truck went off the road, several car accidents, one person died at the scene, the traffic is going to be slow eastbound, westbound, i thought it would be slower than it is. this is a good area to avoid, driving richmond to the vellejo area. the the other way expect slow traffic, all the westbound lanes are open. 680, doesn't look like a bad route. 680 looks good to walnut creek. 80 westbound after the crash, to the maize looks fine. bay bridge is crowded. it's a normal day. some commutes are a little better. we will talk about the silicon valley commute coming up next time. back to the desk. following breaking news in martinez. firefighters evacuated that building. fire crews put out the flames quickly. one person was treated for
6:33 am
burns. the damage from the fire was limited to just one unit of the building. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a man charged with killing three people including his brother is scheduled to be sentenced. the crimes investigators say were committed over a span of years. cristina rendon joins us where the sentencing hearing will be held. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a day that a lot of people have been waiting for. it's closure, if you will, for a lot of people not just the prosecutors and investigators but the families of the victims. 40 year old sean gallen of forestville is expected to be sentenced today to three consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole. he is accused of shooting and killing lindsey cut shall and jason allen in 2004 while they were in their sleeping bags, the couple was engaged to be married and on a weekend trip
6:34 am
away from their jobs as counselors at a youth camp. for 13 years they had no leads until 2017, gallon for killing his brother at the family's home and began talking to investigators killings and a of a map two months before that. the district attorneys office says in exchange for gallon's plea of no contest for all three murders and the attempted murders it will not seek the death penalty. that was the decision weighing the evidence and talking to the families of the victims. they talked to the families of the two or of the couple killed in jenner and say they are satisfied with the fact this will be a life testimony without the possibility of parole term without the possibility of parole.
6:35 am
the county courthouse this morning. also today a man convicted of a hit and run that critically injured a san 51 year old willie ficer is due flanigan guilty of several charges including assault with a deadly weapon and evading a police officer. flanigan was being investigated for a possible gun violation when he tried to flee. he crashed in to bicycle patrol officer elia, who suffered severe brain damage and currently in an intensive rehab program in arizona. happening today, a santa rosa man arrested for thursday's felony dui hit and run crash at a shopping center is due in court. hector larios ran in to a 2- year-old girl at cutting town center and drove away. he was later arrested. officials say larios had four other dui convictions over the last six years. witnesss is say the little girl
6:36 am
ran in to traffic and not in a cross walk when she was hit and expected to survive. are trying to find a man swept away by a river. the search is centered around south yuba river state park at highway 49. the area is closed to visitor because of that search. the incident started when the man's 12-year-old daughter slipped from a rock in to the frigid waters. the father jumped in to try to save her. >> the state park ranger, james kerry, rescued the 12-year-old daughter with the help of a good samaritan, that was the end of the rescue as the father went downstream. >> the nevada county sheriff's office has identified the man as 34 year old alexander alvarez of citrus heights. officials are warning visitors the water is flowing 4 to 5 is
6:37 am
still underway. 50,000 people in louisiana have no electricity this morning. the downgraded tropical depression barry is moving towards arkansas. louisiana's governor says he is grateful extremely grateful that barry didn't cause disastrous flooding. no one was seriously hurt, no deaths have been reported from this storm. over the weekend, authorities in boats and helicopters worked tirelessly rescuing people and pets. >> all together with search and rescue across the state of louisiana, 93 individuals were saved from 11 parishes. >> flash flood and tornado warnings are still being issued but the power is being restored to tens of thousands of people across louisiana. the port and the new orleans airport are open for business. new orleans, the coast guard rescued a dozen people and two
6:38 am
pets stranded were rescued from rooftops. the residents were taken from that island on a helicopter and also by ople were hurt. a sports fishing trip turned in to a once in a lifetime event in san francisco bay. people out with golden state sports fishing hooked a fish that dragged their boat around the bay and battled to reel it in for an hour, each person trying to pull it in and the experts got tired. white shark.
6:39 am
they are protected. the group took the video, a few photos and quickly released it back in to the water. >> you bleeped out everything. >> yeah. they were a bit surprised. time is 6:39, still ahead, airline delays because of problems with the 737 max jet. how much longer flights will be canceled. co-workers maybe distracted. amazon's prime day sale underway. inside amazon to see how the packages get from there to your door.
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india called off the man mission, aborting the mission an hour before take off because of a technical issue. the aircraft was set to land on the moon in september to search for the existence of water, the lunar south pole. organizers have not released a launch date yet. hawaii, hundreds of demonstrators gathering at the base of a volcanos protesting plans to build a giant telescope at the top of the volcano. native groups considered the ground to be sacred. back in 2009 scientists picked that location after a ideal
6:44 am
site. the projects that battles. more protests are expe5 years ago, man for the first -- 50 years ago, man for the first time stepped the moon. there will be a dedication in florida. >> every tree represents the hardships, the sacrifices and greatness of the apollo program. >> her father was member of the apollo 14 crew, there is one tree forever manned mission that made it to space. there is a bronze statute of the apollo 11 crew. it is outside of the visitor's center. one of the original modules is inside the museum. it's a spare original lunar lander, we created a lunar landing scene here of apollo 11.
6:45 am
>> there is a replica of with a color tv, showing what it might have looked like as a family watched the launch landing and the return of apollo 11. in today's dollars and cents, technology u.s. based em some here. according to the wall street journal, the research division future way will be the hardest hit. possibly includes locations in dallas, seattle, santa clara and cupertino, the move not surprising it comes amid the u.s. blacklisting of huawei and trade dispute with china. prime day is underway, the shopping frenzy has become so big, analysts expect more than $6 billion in total sales over 2 days, reporter monica guy, shows us how amazon's delivery process works. >> reporter: it was a beehive of activity on this regular day
6:46 am
prime days. new jersey, monday and tuesday. message to fulfillment center and apology rumba, people understand what that is. our robotics drive, we call them drives, the orange robot, it knows where to go to pick up the right shell before the item that the picker needs and brings the entire shelving system to the associate that's picking and knows where to go. it has the white stickers on the floor showing a grid pattern. >> a person called the picker greets the unit and takes out the item. >> the picture comes up on the screen and tells me what bin it will be in. i grab the item and place it in the bin, place in the correct tote, confirm it and send it down the line. >> reporter: after a few clicks of a mouse and a trip through the full millment center your package is at the doorstep and
6:47 am
ready to open. other retailers are battling amazon for our shopping dollars as well. wal-mart started a sale yesterday. e bay will have today. some items will beet will have and tomorrow. american airlines says it will keep boeing 737 max jets off the schedule through november 2nd. that's two months longer than the earlier target. it's been reset five times. faa says no guarantee the max jets will be back in the skies before next year. boeing is trying to reassure airlines that the jet will be ready , the process of developing and certifying new software and also training pilots has run in to a lot of unexpected delays. the original software problem reportedly has been fixed but hasn't been improved by the government after a different an
6:48 am
have reached a contract agreement. according to espn and nfl network. it is a 2 year, guaranteed extension. today is the last day for playe signlong-term extensions. gold wanted to be traded to a team in a city closer to his wife and children who live in chicago. he led the league in field goal percentage at 97% last season. spiderman far from home still dominating movie box office, beating out toy story 4. the marvel movie earned the top spot for a second weekend, brought in $45 million. toy story 4 took second placen the fourth weekend in movie theaters.
6:49 am
rounding out the top five this weekend, the thriller, crawl, and the comedies stuber and yesterday. . if you are a fan of james bond movies, pay attention, we have reports on who will inherit the title of 007. according to the daily mail newspaper and tmz, it's that lady, la shanna lynch, granted the license to kill as 007. you may recognize he as a fighter pilot in the captain marvel movies. she is a british actress, the first african american and the first female 007, insiders say daniel craig's james bond, is brought out of retirement for the movie that for now, is just being called james bond 25. it is due to released next april. >> i think a lot of women are saying it's about time. let's check in with sal. >> pam, dave, we have the crash i have been talking about for
6:50 am
an hour, eastbound, 80, before el portal. here we have live pictures of it. a vehicle lost control and took out guardrail. sit a deadly crash. there is the vehicle under, that went off the freeway, this truck. chp with their vests on still doing an investigation. the lanes on the freeway are not completely closed. keith, if you can hear me, if you can pan over to the left, i want to check out the freeway. there is eastbound, you can get through. westbound 80, was slowing down for a bit. there is westbound on the otherside of the guardrail. we will have a live report from sara zendehnam on the scene coming up after at the top of hour with details on chp told her about this deadly crash. let's look at other things here, i pressed the wrong button. we went to eastbound 80, that
6:51 am
traffic is going the be slow. if you are driving in the area, i want to mention, westbound 580, getting towards the rich land bridge slow. marin county traffic looks pretty good heading south. a look at the south bay commute, off to a nice start. here is 280, downtown san jose. silicon valley is moderate. it's not too bad just yet. clear skies this morning, probably the warmest day of the week for many as temperatures have been stuck. mostly clear. patchy fogs i don't think has much of a chance. we are staying in a range of 60s to 90. we got a northwest breeze along the coast yesterday afternoon and evening, that brought in drier air. that wipes out the low clouds and ushers in a southwest direction aloft, pushes the monsoon moisture out of the picture. that's not what is going on,
6:52 am
hold on. don't you go anywhere now. there we go. 90 santa rosa. the city's normal high has been 67 until now, it's 66. they have not had a we will see if they get close today. temperatures around the bay, inland, anywhere from 60s, 70s, 80s to low 90s. nothing we haven't seen for a while. we have the temperatures near average as you saw, 50s, 60s on the temperatures. we bottomed out as far as cooling goes to the north, we are seeing low 50s for a few. mostly mid 50s to low 60s. fog is having a hard time, except patchy fog on the san
6:53 am
mateo coast. the water temperatures are cold. 50s, 60s down the coast. no warm water here but we have lots of top to bottom. anything coming back is not going to have much of a chance and the monsoon kicked off towards the four corners. probably one of the warmest days of the week. looks like gradual cooling in to midweek and towards the end of the week. 60s and 70s and upper 80ss low to mid-90s across the board. no big change, looks cooler towards friday and in to the weekend dave when the inland temperatures will start to come down. time is 6:53s president trump defiant when it comes to the trade war with chinas that's having a big impact on american businesses. how one of the biggest names in gaming is getting ready for a fight with the trump administration. moit hit a couple of hours ago.
6:54 am
here is your monday, monday, now, we are looking live surf line camera. you are watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, happening today, in a white supremacist that was convicted after ramming his car in to a crowd of proest teres in charlottesville virginia will be sentenced for murder. james field was found guilty of ramming his car in to counter protesters at a unite the right rally in 2017, killing heather hire and injuring dozens more. he has been sentence insides federal court to life in prison, after pleading guilty to almost 30 federal hate crime charges, the jury in the state case is recommending prison plus 419 years. also happening today, federal prosecutors are expected to argue against bail for billionaire jeffrey epstein. several more women have come forward since he was arrested, saying he abused them when they were under age. epstein who was 66 years old is facing six sex trafficking charges, prosecutors also say
6:58 am
he is a flight risk because he is so wealthy and has overseas connections. epstein's lawyers say he should get house arrest in his mansion in manhattan while the court battles go on. he could get 45 years in prison if convicted. another big earthquake in the pacific. usgs reports magnitude 6.2 quake hit new guinea this morning. in reports of injuries or damage. no tsunami warnings issued as of yet. two earthquakes in the pacific rim over the weekend. a magnitude 7.3 quake rocked a profanes in indonesia yesterday. it was a land based earthquake and did not have a possibility of causing a tsunami, though. the shaking caused panic in cities and villages throughout that region. see people running out of a shopping mall out in to the streets. there have been several after shocks, some as strong as 5.8.
6:59 am
some of the people are staying in shelters and others are sleeping outside. a magnitude 6.6 quake hit in the waters off of northwest australia. it happened saturday night, the strongest quake ever recorded in western australia. seismologists say they dodged a bullet, the quake was just far enough away to avoid major damage and injuries. breaking news a deadly crash block lanes on a major freeway. live with details on what happened and when crews could get the lanes back open. a person was hurt overnight in an apartment fire in martinez, what firefighters told ktvu about where this fire started. the the we went to bay a deadly crash on the
7:00 am
eastbound side of interstate 80. >> chp says one person has died in the crash in richmond. part of the freeway is shut down. >>reporter: it is an extensive seen right now. we are just before the exit on i 80 eastbound. we have the investigative officers with the chp here can you walk us through what happened? >> this morning around 6 am we got a call for locked lanes. a few moments later we ha


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