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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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holmes. >> i'm andre cedar pick the enforcement action along with the tension of migrants along the border sparking protests across the country today. dozens of people marching in milwaukee were president trump gave a speech entrie. the trump administration says the operation on sunday will focus on families that have been ordered to leave the country. >> they came in illegally and have to go out. we have millions of people, standing in line, waiting to become citizens of this country. they have taken tests and study. they learned english and have done so much. they have been waiting seven, eight, 9 years and some waiting 10 years to come in. it is not fair that somebody walks across the line and can become a citizen. >> tonight the acting head of i.c.e. describing the operation as quote routine and said families will be hous in hotels until they are transferred to detention centers or deported. >> here, activists ramped up efforts to inform undocumented
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immigrants about their rights and resources available. ann rubin reports. ♪ >> reporter: in santa clara county, the immigrant community is on edge. naomi worries about her parents and about what a mass enforcement might mean for them. >> when this stuff happens i feel more scared than angry. because i don't want to lose them. because i don't want to raise my siblings myself. i mean, i'm 18. >> reporter: fear and panic is what community leaders want to avoid. and they say that is why their rapid response network exist. created after the 2016 election it is a 24 hour hotline meant to give immediate help if and when i.c.e. shows up. >> we will be able to give information at that moment and connect you to people who can be at your house, be it your
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neighborhood, be at your door within minutes. with content you with legal representation as well. >> reporter: it will inform people of their rights and inform the community i.c.e. is there. >> that makes a big difference to communities. to know that elected officials welcome them here. and will do whatever they can to uphold their constitutional rights. >> reporter: officials say that they are simply upholding the law. that these are not rates, they are quote targeted immigration enforcement and in a statement they say they are prioritizing the arrest and removal of those who pose a threat to national security and public safety. the community leaders say they are may be collateral arrest too. those in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> we are standing in power. the trump administration will not, will not terrorize this community. >> reporter: while the threat looms, some local churches and
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synagogues are offering things ray to those who are undocumented and advising people to come up with an emergency family plan. naomi and her parents have one. >> they have seen other family members got deported. they know what they have to do. i know what i have to do. >> reporter: the rapid response hotline number -- we will have that on our website, community leaders say it can be used to verify i.c.e. activity. they have noticed problems with misinformation spending on social media. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. happening now, protests are gathering in palo alto to call on the trump administration to close detention centers where migrant children and families are being held. a group lled the coalition to o street near university avenue at the headquarters of technologies. protesters call on the company to and the $38 million contract with immigration and customs
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enforcement. the company uses the government software for data analysis. the company says the product plays no part in the deportations. in oakland a number of groups are holding two separate vigils as part of a nationwide protest against the detention centers at the border. the lights for liberty vigil at city hall is getting underway and another vigil is planned at the lake merritt amphitheater at 7:30 pm. a similar vigil will also be held in san jose and in san francisco tonight. those vigils night follow a day of protest in sam cisco. ktvu 's paul chambers tells us that outrage is growing over reports of overcrowded and inhumane conditions at the border. >> [ chanting ] >> reporter: raid by u.s. immigration and custom enforcement this weekend, here in the bay area and across the country demonstrators showed up with signs outside i.c.e. headquarters in san francisco venting frustrations on how
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families are kept after coming to the u.s. illegally. >> at this country was built on illegal immigrants. but we tell them they don't have the standards. >> [ chanting ] >> my father came in the '50s. my father swam here three times. on the third time he made it through. establish himself in san francisco. >> reporter: jessica is a member of the brand berets, an organization that suffer the civil rights of mexicans in the 1960s. she said the way her people are being treated currently is she right perty. these people are the most impoverished in their own countries. and they don't have the it requ to get a passport and documents
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required to come here legally. >> reporter: many feel that the living conditions of the children were separated from their parents is inhumane. and saying having them live in detention centers is wrong. some even don't want to equate the facilities to the same once jewish people lived in during the holocaust. >> the word is removed by people before and since the holocaust, that they are concentration camps and people are being held against their will. >> we are allowing children to die. not gas but lack of medical care and lack of resources. >> putting so much attention on that, taking the attention away from what is actually happening in th >> reporter: protesters plan o, chambers, ktvu fox 2 news.
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in addition to san francisco and oakland, lights for liberty vigils are being planned tonight in more than a dozen cities in the bay area including alameda, venetia, berkeley, castro valley, concord, fremont, and livermore. other news out of san jose this evening, police are investigating a homicide that happened in east san jose. the entire block is shutting down for hours. that video of skyfox captured video of officers with guns drawn going house to house. reporter jesse gary is on the scene with what he has learned. >> reporter: police are continuing to investigate a crime in east san jose. the crime scene starts technically here but also extends back where you see the police cars. officers were called around 9 am. they have been here ever since. a short time ago, unit officers, the equivalent of s.w.a.t. officers swept the area and police confirmed, checking to make sure the suspect or suspects are not in the area.
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are also checking for clues in homicide that may be a home invasion. there is no information on the victim other than it was an elderly man murdered inside his home. we have the suspect description information or possible vehicle to be looking for. neighbors are concerned about what has happened. we caught up with a couple of them. one woman said her mother called her out of concern after seeing the police activity in the area. >> i was concerned. i'm not sure about the whole situation. >> this is like the wild side of san jose. >> reporter: police say they are not evacuating residents but they are not letting residents have visitors in the area either. the neighborhood is closed off until the investigation is completed. police promise to update the media at some point this evening but that has not yet happened. when it does we will bring it
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to you either on social media or over the air. in east san jose, evergreen neighborhood, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. information, governor gavin newsom has tapped marybel batjer as president of the cpuc. it regulates utilities including pg&e in the bankruptcy progress. the company faces billions of dollars in claims for damages from wildfires. the governor said he's confident that batjer will challenge utilities to embrace reforms. batjer is secretary of the california government operations agency. governor newsom signed a bill to shore up the biggest electric utilities as another welfare season heats up. power companies will have to spend at least $5 million on safety improvements. the project also creates a fund of up to $21 billion to compensate victims of future wildfires, caused by utility
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equipment. the governor said pg&e will have to pay out past welfare victims as well. >> most importantly they've got to sit down and make a deal with these victims. it has been 1400 days and some of these victims haven't been compensated. you know, you don't walk away and sit down with these victims without a tear in your eye. >> the measure caps utility liability of wildfire damage from equipment failure. calfire has spent the last few weeks retraining and getting seasonal firefighters prepared for what is likely to come this summer. ktvu 's tom becka has more from napa where the academy graduated its latest class. >> reporter: calfire ended a two week training academy today for returning seasonal firefighters of the sonoma, lake, napa district. they will be on the frontlines
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of every wildfire in this district or anywhere else needed during what will be the driest, hottest months of the summer and fall. they will also deal with procedures and technologies from field radios to enhance personal breathing systems with a buddy breather accessory to a new faster way to unload and set up their hoses. >> they are all getting familiar with the new hose bundle and they're very universal. if they go to one station here, in napa and next week they are in lake county, the hose bundle to the same. >> reporter: at the station they take a knot tying class, essential in rescue operations using a triangular brace over deep holes or backlit sites. at the station, this is where firefighters learn to fight fire with fire. not to actually fight the fire but to save their own life and that of their compatriots. >> what they are teaching them is to rent to their safe zone and where they will do play fire shelter. on the way to that location, their safe zone, they will light a fuse and throw it toward the fire heading toward
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them. that, in turn will burn material between them and the main fire. and give them a larger buffer, a larger safe zone. >> reporter: finally at the so- called dollhouse station, the firefighters learn how to read smoke coming from a burning structure that they may have to enter. and how to keep flames and smoke from overwhelming them. >> they see that once the compartments are closed, the fire is being starved and that shows a different colored smoke and a different velocity of the smoke coming out of the cables and eats. >> reporter: so far california has been under less siege this season than this time last year. the largest fire season in california history. leisure this time the state have lost 149,000 acres. this year, the acres burned is 19,000. about 1/8 of last year, up to this time. and only a 3rd of the five-year average of 60,000 acres.
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storms are coming up and we will continue to monitor tropical storm barry, that system is ready to make landfall in louisiana. you are looking at live pictures and we will tell you the main concern tonight as the storm moves closer to shore. we don't know the intervals between periods of heavy rain. we don't know whether there's going to be time for some of the rain to drain. >> we have more of the forecast track of barry and our local weather pattern. high temperatures inland and we have the forecast coming up. more than three dozen arrests as well as guns and drugs off the streets. we just learned about a six month-long investigation called operation red desert.
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not to the latest on tropical storm. the system on track to make landfall in louisiana. rain is biggest threat. casey steagall has the latest from new orleans. >> reporter: wind is picking up on the gulf coast, heralding the arrival of mary. slated for landfall on saturday morning near morgan city. parts of louisiana could get a whopping 20 to 25 inches of rain. a dangerous amount on its own, made even worse by the already saturated ground from wednesdays flooding. >> we don't know the intervals between periods of heavy rain.
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we don't know whether there's going to be time for some of the rain to drain. >> reporter: officials say it is a slow moving storm. so folks need to be ready to go it alone for an extended period of time. especially if the power goes. >> we also need to be prepared for widespread power outages. that won't be remedied as quickly as we would like. >> we are going to ride it out. we kind of have taken the attitude that this is what we signed up for. we live in new orleans. this is what happens. i can't get scared every time something that happens. >> reporter: normally this time of year the mighty mississippi river back here is about 6 or 8 feet above sea level. right now, it is 16 or 17 feet. expected to cross over the weekend at 19 feet. the highest levy built post katrina, 25 feet tall. before the storm even hits, it is already getting way too close for comfort.
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that is the latest from new it is almost 15 years and new orleans is rebuilding from katrina. marcus is here with more on how the storm will affect this area. we are talking about a slow moving storm, not a good thing. >> you could almost out jog the storm, it is moving so slowly and achy concern is the extreme rainfall totals intensely. that is a big concern heading into the weekend. as we head into tonight and into tomorrow. infect here's a live camera looking toward louisiana. you see the camera shaking around as you expect. the storm center is still 80 miles offshore. 80 miles to the southeast of morgan city louisiana. you see it looks like the conditions are changing just within the last hour or so with more wave action. the wind is picking up. this will not be a major cracking but we have possibly injure problems out of the system as it comes on board. here is the satellite and
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radar. it is not well organized but there is a chance it could briefly top out as a category one hurricane prior to landfall. right now the wind is 65 miles an hour. when wind reaches 74 that is a hurt cane. the northwest at four miles an hour. here's the forecast track as you can see into saturday morning. and into saturday afternoon. as we come closer this could be to the west of oregon city. there is the forecast track, a close-up. as far as paul expectations in general, most areas could pick up a 10 15 inches. this forecast model showing some expectations of different numbers as well. that will be a big concern in addition to the storm surge. it is not a major hurricane but possibly amounts of storm surge 3 to 5 feet above normal tide levels into saturday. we will keep an eye on what is
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tropical storm barry. for us in the bay area we have a low clouds and fog with hot temperatures inland. were on the weekend for us coming up. modesto police say they may made 38 arrests and seized 21 guns in a investigation into a notorious gang. the efforts to make streets safer for residents. >> reporter: this is what ishmael williams calls his awakening thursday morning. startled he recorded this  footage on telly road in modesto. a swarm of officers, a helicopter and a community, confused. >> we have people kind of afraid. you know what i mean? people living in these areas and never like that. >> reporter: this is one home searched and a number of neighborhoods in the stanislaus county was also scoured. 24 hours later, the modesto police department revealed guns, booking photos and charges that dozens of people face as a result of a six month- long investigation that they
6:21 pm
call operation red desert. >> our goal at the beginning was to as i said before get at the root cause. a lot of times we treat the symptoms. >> reporter: police along with chp and the department of justice investigated the street gang after an uptick in unsolved homicides and robberies in recent months. >> the deeper they thought that there would be a reduction between a prison gang. >> reporter: the captain said the gangs in a highly sophisticated, well-financed machine. >> to disrupt and dismantle which is our goal and disrupt as much of the regiment that we could. >> reporter: some of the men facing charges are in jail for murd josi gutierrez. >> it resulted from an assault in custody on attempted murder charge. the gentleman committed while invasion, . kidnapping and violating parole or probation. >> for that time being, to help subside violence in our city.
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>> reporter: he never witnessed anything in his neighborhood but after this operation, he is left to wonder. >> are there illegal drugs? are there illegal guns? is this a safe area to raise my kids? following criticism of a secret plea deal with jeffrey epstein, labor secretary alex acosta announces his rep -- we will tell you a new date scheduled for the hearing with robert mueller. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before,
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a member of congress delayed the highly anticipated testimony of former special counsel robert mueller. he was supposed to speak before two panels next wednesday. >> with over an hour ago, new word that the hearings are rescheduled for july 24. as kevin harris too lawmakers one more time to question robert mueller. >> how many bites at the apple do you get? they want to go it again and again and again because they want to hurt the president for the elections. >> reporter: president trump was in frustration the democrats want more from former special counsel robert mueller. >> there is nothing he can say. he has written a report. the report said no collusion and it said effectively, no obstruction. >> reporter: the president remarks coming days ahead of robert mueller's congressional testimony scheduled for july 17. the house judiciary committee
6:26 pm
discussed delaying the appearance another week to secure more time for lawmaker questions. >> it is important that the american people have the opportunity to hear from robert mueller. that he has the opportunity to convey to the american people all the evidence he collected. all which described misconduct of the president. >> reporter: in the meantime republicans voicing criticism of another mueller report related hearing. this one entitled constitutional processes sees for addressing presidential conduct. >> we don't like it because we don't like the november 16 election. that is all it's about. why don't we take up real legislation to fix the border process and fix the issue we talk about. >> reporter: his testimony is scheduled to take place before two committees in open session. already he has expressed reluctance to testify thing he won't go beyond what is written in his report. in washington, fox news. next we have a first-person account of what it is like to be deported. we will hear from a nurse who is in the country illegally and
6:27 pm
forced to return to mexico leaving three children here. we will tell you how she was able to reunite with her family. a teenager fights for her life and her family is searching for a stranger. the public plea to find a good samaritan that helped save her. check later in sports, steph curry is in tahoe playing very well in a celebrity golf tournament. his take on kevin durant's departure from the the warriors.
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top story, as we come up on 6:30 pm, shopping for tropical storm barry. the tropical storm could become the first hurricane of the 2019 season and is slated for landfall tomorrow morning near morgan city. some parts of the state could see up to 25 inches of rain. check a homicide investigation is underway tonight in east san jose. and elderly man was found dead inside his home on to see to
6:31 pm
drive never registry earlier this money. officers search for possible suspects throughout the day and what may have been a home invasion. safar police have not offered information on the victim cause of death or suspect subscription. officials trying to make sure the immigrants know their rights if they are targeted by i.c.e. raids. president trump said they would happen sunday. officials urging immigrants to call a 24 hour hotline if i.c.e. officials show up at their door. where the federal immigrant officials plan to arrest undocumented immigrants who have been ordered deported has sparked fear in communities. >> rob roth has the story of one east bay woman who describes what it is like to be deported. >> it is really sad and really scary. >> reporter: maria mendoza sanchez understands the prospect of deportation that is causing fear. >> my heart goes out to those
6:32 pm
people in fear right now of not knowing what is going to happen. >> reporter: in sanchez , a nurse at highland hospital in oakland was deported to mexico with her husband almost 2 years ago leaving 3 of their four children back in the bay area. >> in the time i was in mexico i struggled a lot. not knowing what was going on with my kids and not seeing them every day. it was really sad and i was in major depression and i couldn't sleep. >> reporter: mendoza sanchez came to the united states illegally in 1994 to join her husband. despite appeals from a hospital
6:33 pm
advanced nursing degree she was allowed to enter a special visa lottery which became her ticket back last december but her husband is still in mexico. with little hope of returning anytime soon. she says people come to the u.s. illegally, often out of desperation and that legal immigration is not that easy either. >> what i went i was able to see the long lines of people. they get rejected for things. people just want to come and they are rejected. it isn't as easy as people might think. >> reporter: mendoza sanchez has these words for families out of options and facing deportation. >> love your families if they're broken apart. they will never be the same. >> reporter: president trump said the rates are part of controlling the humanitarian crisis on the southern border. state and local governments are mobilizing in opposition. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a 14-year-old girl remains
6:34 pm
in critical condition at valley medical in san jose after she was hit by a light rail train earlier this week. ktvu 's jesse gary spoke with the family. >> reporter: family members say that michelle espinoza is an effervescent 14-year-old, lively, athletic and with an infectious personality. she's also a teenager fighting for her life. >> it is hard. we cannot believe it happened. we want to know how it happened. >> reporter: the family sits outside the valley medical center, trying to make sense of the scene from inside the hospital. michelle clings to life, in critical condition with a fractured skull, a swelling brain and broken ribs and clavicle. and other injuries. late wednesday morning, espinoza was riding her bike hi >> all we know is that we are is fighting. she is very strong. >> reporter: san jose police say michelle is riding her bike
6:35 pm
east and went around crossing barriers that were functional. there is no explanation as to how or why she was hit by the southbound train. bta officials stress that everyone should be situationally aware when you are using their system. but often times you may not see or hear a bus or train coming. it is important that you look directions, remove the distractions like earbuds. and really follow directional signs whether it is lights are crossing gates. >> reporter: family members say good samaritan pulled her off the tracks and administered cpr. they are searching for answers including a quest to think a stranger who may have helped save the 14-year-old's life. >> we're looking for the person that helped her to come forward and we would like to meet them. and thank them. and give them a big hug.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: in san jose, i'm jesse garrity, news. another bay area city is ending the red light camera program. what it means for drivers who have received citations. several months later, service resumes at the sales for transit center.
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the shakeup at the white house labor secretary, alex acosta announced this morning
6:39 pm
he would resign. he has faced heavy scrutiny for a secret plea he helped broker for billionaire jeffrey epstein. that deal took place in florida or than a decade ago. epstein served 13 months in prison for sex crimes, many thought he should have spent much more time in prison. he was arrested again last weekend and faces new charges. >> i do not think it is right and fair for this administration's labor department you have epstein as the focus rather than the incredible common amy we have today. >> is deputy, patrick zella will become the acting labor secretary. the city of san mateo is the latest bay area city to announce it is ending its red light camera program. this comes after it learned one yellow light at saratoga drive in hillsdale was set to be shorter than the state required
6:40 pm
minimum of 3.6 seconds. nearly 1000 citations were issued at that intersection. the affected drivers are being notified and their tickets will be dismissed or refunded. nudity is set to resume tomorrow. the center has been closed since last september following beans. repairs have been main and public transit has not returned but it is ready to roll. the services at the temporary terminal are expected to return to the transit center on sunday august 11. typical july weather for the area. low clouds and fog closed but lots of sunshine with hot numbers inland. tomorrow could be the hottest day of the week. mori the forecast coming up. let's go over to alex savidge with a look at th stories we are working for news on ktvu plus. r. kelly is facing new sex
6:41 pm
crime charges tonight. tmc will tell us what is behind the latest arrest. two environmentalist unveil an of a device that they say will tackle pollution in the oceans. we will hear about it and see it in action. it is coming up tonight live at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. we will see you in about 20 minutes. first, after the break it is a life-saving story that comes full circle. will introduce you to a woman working with a firefighter who helped save her as a child.
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all summer long, ktvu , the 9 has hitting the and today
6:44 pm
we were in south san francisco to see the hidden gems of the industrial city. they talked with the mayor, visited the original candy shop and sal got to spend time at a brewery. but one of the people that makes the city so special is a woman who needed help from south san francisco firefighters more than 15 years ago. she is not helping the department that helped her well chasing her dreams. >> reporter: it is about being prepared. but for emt sarah buscher doesn't feel like work. >> i been working here about a year and a half. >> reporter: si she can remember this is the career that she has wanted. >> little things that kid talk about when they want to be when they grow up and everyone said paramedic and firefighter. >> reporter: she said that she may have been born when south city firefighters responded to a 911 call. she was just 4 years old. >> two calls in a matter of 12
6:45 pm
hours. >> reporter: this captain was on both of those calls. >> you are two afterwards i go into kindergarten and i come to go to her the fire station with girl scouts. while entering we see the ambulances and they asked if anybody had taking a ride. >> as soon as it was answered a light bulb went on. and i looked over and then i recognized sarah and her mom. i was like, okay now i remember. >> we put two and two together and it turns out i was in school with his son joey. >> reporter: over the next 15 years these two families would grow closer. both joey and sarah knew that they wanted to be firefighters when they grew up. >> i ran into the captain and stuff like that and said i cannot wait to come be a firefighter and work for the city. >> reporter: a few years ago when captain's son joey left for college, sarah stayed close to home. >> i continued college preservice fire academy and well as my ent certificate. in the fall i will start
6:46 pm
hermetic school that is about a beer and a half process. after that i hope to be hired. >> she's not going to quit until she gets it. that is wyatt teller to keep going. >> reporter: while there are no guarantees she will get to work here in south city, when she becomes a paramedic she's already making her mark as one of 4 women in the department. >> it is changing. of course it is changing. to be part of that change is honestly one of the greatest things for me. >> reporter: both admit it is something to to think about. the odds they have been crossing paths the first time so long ago. >> we are in the neighborhood of 8000 calls of year. the odds of me being on duty at that time, to be the one who responded to her house, those are pretty long odds. >> reporter: remarkable when you see where they are these are pictures of their families in d.c. on vacation and both sarah and captain's son joey in the blue shirt are working toward that dream of
6:47 pm
becoming firefighters. a dream they are getting closer to every day. the weekend is almost here and you can plan out some high temperatures inland but the coast is a different story. if you have lived here a few years you know that is the typical routine for mid july. looking at the highs from this afternoon, san francisco, 65 and vallejo 82. concord, 93 degrees and san jose 80. you can see some thunderstorms flaring up. not in the bay area but for this year and around novato. typically it matches with the hottest portions of the day. that is right on schedule for today. the storms are moving in or drifting into novato. for us, no thunderstorms that we have low clouds and fog to talk about. we will check on some of the current numbers. right now we have 80s where to concord and 88 in fairfield.
6:48 pm
san jose, 73 and san francisco, upper 50s. 58. cooler because of the fog that is not completely cleared out. it is increasing so this will bump up the coverage of the next couple of hours. a layer of warm air above our heads is compressing the marine layer. you can see that defined cloud layer giving portions of the bay and that will be the case for today. the shallow fog bank in the bay area. for tonight and into tomorrow. overnight lows starting out tomorrow morning into the 50s up to 60 degrees. the area of high pressure has been building a and it is the source of inland heat. nothing extreme. know triple digits for us but tomorrow will be warm. was again a big temperature range from the 60s all the way to the 90s or your saturday. tomorrow should be one of the warmest days of the week.
6:49 pm
tomorrow morning at 7:00 we have the fog coast side and around the bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. into the afternoon hours the clouds will clear back onto the shower line. a big temperature range keeping it cool at the beaches and inland we bring some 90s toward fairfield and vacaville. santa rosa, 92 in san rafael mid-80s. around the bailouts of 70s and inland you will see lots of 90s. take it easy for tomorrow and drink lots of water. san jose, 85 and gilroy 93. low visibility for the morning hours toward the sunset district. and into portions of the shoreline. afternoon hike downtown san francisco into the upper 60s. your 5-day forecast, tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. warm inland on sunday and it looks like temptress are mainly mild to wahead into early next week. the california state fair kicked off today in sacramento. there is new attractions this year including the splash dog
6:50 pm
competition. the dog that jumps the farthest wins. look at that. there is plenty of music including a queen tribute band and the group tlc. remember them? no scrubs. they perform tomorrow night. also plenty of fair food too. >> i signed up for the pie eating contest. but did you really? my guess i did. >> have you ever done it before? >> it's the first time. i might end up winning. >> good luck to him. admission is just $14 for adults and $12 for seniors. kids under the age of 12 pay just $10. the state fair runs through july 28th. there is always great fried food at the fair. seth curry playing really well in a celebrity golf tournament. coming up next in sports. show me the crown.
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you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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we're talking a little bit of golf and what a beautiful setting. >> i could imagine a weekend in tahoe, the place to be. you bump and turn a corner and you bump into a celebrity of there. justin timberlake is up there and tony romo. one of your favorite quarterbacks. am i not right? formerly of the dallas cowboys.
6:54 pm
but a couple of guys that the warriors want to see. check this out. south lake tahoe, that is. because they are not teammates doesn't mean they don't love each other. they are up there. look at steph curry, he cannot get basketball out of his system. i would say that was a pretty legit 3 right there. from his backside, the same result. golfing is not bad either. he finds himself in a five way tie for 12th. he always comports himself well but his dad is in sixth place. tony romo is the defending champ and again is the leader after today's first round. and steph curry was asked to comment as you would guess. about katie leaving for brookland.
6:55 pm
>> of course is always taking the high road and with his departure, of course that leaves a vacancy. to say the least. a huge vacancy. many will compete and we will see. it will take a village i think to re-create what he did but one of the guys, alec work with these highlights with the cavaliers, he's one guy who could step up. remember this, back in 2011 he was picked just one slot after ty thompson in the 2011 draft. in 2014, alec burke signed a $42 million extension with utah.
6:56 pm
so many things he could play. and he talked today about some of the reasons he agreed to sign with golden state on a one year veteran minimum deal. >> it is a collective effort. but i saw that and i felt it was the opportunity and i chose the opportunity, took the opportunity plate playing basketball the fans are amazing. that is pretty much it. >> center court at wimbledon. i watched most of this match. rafael nadal, king of the clay found himself on grass. at center court against 38-year- old roger federer. who seems to have found a fountain of youth today. he hit another gear dominating the spaniard in four sets. federer in search of his ninth singles title at wimbledon which would be a record. 14 aces to differentiate himself with the spaniard today.
6:57 pm
jude law and hugh grant on the premises. and i will tell you what, federer will be the underdog against the defending champ, novak djokovic sunday. and today he faced roberto of spain. it took them four sets to prove himself a worthy finalist. novak djokovic looking for his fifth wimbledon title and he looks primed and ready. let us go to the nba, check this out. it is a little kid being notified by his mom that i guess we're not going to do that -- we are going to show you this 8-year-old. >> look at this girl. >> she is from china. 4 years old and she has a ping- pong prodigy. we will have more on her later. >> i don't have that kind of
6:58 pm
coordination. the news continues lives next on ktvu plus.
6:59 pm
so, what are you working on these days? i'm studying one-celled organisms to try and find the neurochemicals that lead to the feeling of shame. what would a one-celled organism have to be embarrassed about? same as all of us, getting out of a car without underwear. speaking of underwear, i haves, leonard already told us.
7:00 pm
he was being funny. i'm pretty sure. anyway, i was asked to be a part of a magazine article about the 50 sexiest female scientists in california. isn't that cool? i think it's awful. why would you say that? bernadette is a successful microbiologist. she should be celebrated for her achievements, not her looks. i mean, what kind of message does that send? i think the message is-- "check out the rack on that scientist." why can't someone be thought of as both smart and pretty? i just don't think a professional woman should have to flaunt her sexuality in order to get ahead. okay, what's the big deal? look, if it helps me make a sale with a physician, i don't think it hurts to flirt a little. i mean, laugh at their joke, touch their arm, maybe crank up the ac in the car beforehand, you know, to wake up the girls. maybe it's different in the world of sales, but it's already hard enough for women to be taken seriously in science. i was kind of excited about the article,


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