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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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family members say that he has seen some significant progress in his recovery. today and oakland the
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prosecution cross-examination of the ghost ship trout. it is clear that the district attorney believes that he is responsible. he acknowledged that they signed the lease, shows the inspections made to the building. the landlord son told him -- our crime reporter has more on today's development. live at 5:00. also you can follow the blog online at now to an update on the shooting death of an athlete from livermore. investigators are now looking for people to come forward. they released this image today of a white volkswagen beetle that was at the scene.
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this person they say, may have witnessed the shooting. investigators say that a 16- year-old was shot during a verbal altercation. he died at the hospital. police have been looking for the alleged gunman, anybody with information should contact the livermore police. a san francisco man accused of going on a rampage, on the fourth of july was arraigned today in the hospital. he did not enter a plea, including two counts of attempted murder. eject four doses of lsd. authorities say be he became violent, punching and stabbing a security guard with a metal stake. deputies shot him as he ran
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from the patrol car. a hearing is set for him for august 14. a man is accused of driving into eight people in sandyville. the 34-year-old was in court, one of the victims is a girl who is on the hospital. san francisco leaders asked them to vote on a new bond. where that money will go?
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plus, the president backed off on the citizenship question. will break it all down with our legal expert. a marine layer, even warmer temperatures in our forecast
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we are joined here at the studio. thank you. thank you for coming in. the announcement just came down from the president, what you think he give up. >> in short, he was finally convinced that they had run out of time. the problem is anything that they had done at this point, there are several lawsuits that are pending around country. there's just not enough time, this is assessed to be ready. >> the president and the attorney general during a statement today, they said that they could've gotten the supreme court on their side. >> the main reason that they
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stated that they needed the information, -- >> the chief justice did not by it. what would, and forget about all that stuff that we said. at the end of the day it is a little hard to see. so let's talk about with the president said that he is doing now. he said that he is going to sign them executive order, he is going to force all of these federal organizations to turnover data that they have about citizens that do not belong in this country. what kind of information? >> so for example, homeland
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security, when you enter the country, when you come into the airport, right? that is the information that have. so they do have a lot of data. this is a complete waste of time and the reason is homeland security and other agencies, there are scientifically valid ways to get this by physical sampling, basically how many citizens are here. we have very good numbers. so you send all of this data to the commerce department, it is just a waste. they are going to learn nothing. is >> and this is something that the president could have done from the beginning? >> absolutely. >> i will leave the conversation there. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. let's turn things over to
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your our meteorologist. let's check out our weather on a thursday. >> we're coming from a different weather world, cool temperatures go side, in lynn a different story. this is what you would expect as we approach july. the tree branches moving around a bit, so there is a breeze out there this afternoon. years a satellite image, that is showing some fog that is hanging out on the coastline. if you want temperatures, the inland spots will be up. current numbers, fairfield, 91. oakland, 74. santa rosa, upper 80s.
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san francisco, 64. here's a live camera looking out towards sfo. still a bit of a breeze, that camera is moving around as well. as far as the overnight lows, we are going to bring in some 50s to 60s to start off your friday morning. temperatures are in the mid- 50s, oakland 59. right around the bay, the fog is locally dense, in fact the visibility, watch out on one-to- one tomorrow morning. patchy fog still it noon. temperatures are in the upper 60s. but tomorrow, still some patchy fog showing appear. in fact, here is the forecast model, temperatures mid-60s, this one graphically tells the story. hot numbers in lynn with the
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brighter colors and 60s right near the immediate coast line. we are starting to see that temperature range, low 60s all the way to the low 90s for friday afternoon. cool, warm, hot. santa rosa, 92. half moon bay, 62. it looks like saturday is going to be the hottest temperatures and lend. following the earthquakes in southern california, earthquake safety is getting a lot of did attention this day. we have more from san francisco , where they have announced a multi-million-dollar emergency response bond headed to the balent. >> of the mayor, but the police chief, and the fire chief, saying that they need to get their critical infrastructure ready for the next earthquake. and they said that the voters need to prove this.
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to get that done. >> today we are announcing a 620 million-dollar public safety bond for earthquake safety and emergency response. >> reporter: the mayor says the earthquakes in southern california are a reminder that san francisco needs to get ready for the next major earthquake. the bond would go to build up critical infrastructure. part of the money would be used to prepare the city's fire station, $120 million would go towards the police stations. they say the critical infrastructure are aging and that now is the time to act. so room first responders can protect the city, following a major earthquake. >> all of these places matter. so when a disaster hits, their only job is to focus on saving lives of the citizens of san francisco, and not worried about the conditions of their building and whether or not
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they can evacuate themselves. >> reporter: the voters of san francisco will have their say in march, 2020. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. one of the biggest concerns , it is just days away, lots of detail still up in the air. up next. it is going down tonight on fox, to nanette 8:00, on master jeff -- masterchef. and then followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 right here on ktvu.
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anticipation is high ahead of the robert mueller appearance on capitol hill. he will go before democratic committees next wednesday.
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weaver preview. >> reporter: less than one week before robert mueller's testimony, this will potentially create roadblocks for republicans and democrats. he is scheduled to appear before two democratic committees . he will talk about president trump's elected instruction of justice. the firing also of james comey. the public testimony before the judiciary committee begins at 9 am, noon eastern respectively. >> i wish that we had more time. but i'm glad that we have the time that we have. >> reporter: but they may not have a chance to answer overall the their questions. >> the leadership of this committee, there is only time
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for certain members to be questioned, even on your side of the aisle, is just plain wrong. >> reporter: they are hoping that the hearing gives more -- this could grab the public's attention in a way that there 400 page report could not. >> his investigation is closed. there is no new information to come out. >> reporter: democrats will be holding meetings in the coming days to craft their line of questions. in washington, foxnews. >> you can watch the robert mueller testimony in its entirety on wednesday morning on and you can watch live updates on ktvu. britain says, that they held to help the will take or
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after it was approached by three iranian ships. they issued warnings while the iranians backed off. 20% of the oil passes through that straight. they have asked them more than once -- tried more than was to close it. >> it is obviously very concerning. the role that they play with british assets. >> their military denies that they tried to intercept the british tinker. but this comes after a string of recent military provocations. it also comes three days after iran the terms of the nuclear deal. still to come on the four, coast barred members, honored for their bravery and service in the line of duty. they are being recognized today by the vice president.
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we sit down with our legal analyst to break down emotion by the san francisco public defender's office, forcing a judge to throughout the case.
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♪ you're the main attraction. jeep grand cherokee. freedom to do it all. the public defender for the man accused of assaulting three women, as posing as a rideshare driver. they gathered the dna evidence while testing him for
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a traffic stop last july. they are now arguing that this was illegal because there was no warrant. he apparently had no alcohol in his system at the time of his arrest. the hearing in the case was set for monday,. we are joined by our legal analyst. welcome. so the attorneys are here arguing that the san francisco police pretended to conduct a dui investigation. >> it is going to be difficult. you've got to think, you have a rapist out on the loose. >> alleged. >> well, let it. and now they say that this is a phony dui test. they winter a sobriety test. this is a little machine that
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they carry, which people do not have to take. they say you don't have to take this one, you have to take the one at the station. we want to see if you have alcohol in your system. if it were a funny face phony arrest, why would they go through all of the field sobriety test? he blows into it, you have his dna, okay, you are 0.0, see you later. and off they go. >> with this prevents law enforcement from obtaining teenager a breathalyzer? >> when they blow into these machines they give up the right. although in the moving papers in the case, the public defender said well, the police
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made him spit into it to make sure that they got his dna. it just doesn't make a lot of sense. and then once i did that, now they have his dna. they just turn it in for what reason? >> that is the part that we do not know. if you were his attorney how would you argue that? >> if i were the district attorney, how what i argue? just as he is doing, saying why did they stop him. start with that. and then why did they did they do you dui investigation, obviously is no blood alcohol in his system? why didn't they just send him on his way? that is how you argue it. and you show that they have no reason to his top this particular person. maybe he weaved a little bit. but when she found out, there is no alcohol in his system, they should have let him go.
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and, why do you then take this as part of the crime lab. you had to suspect something. it keep in mind, our system is a commonsense system. our judge and our elected. now, a judge has to decide this. >> he did in fact commit these crimes. but if he did in fact commit these crimes, in the case does get thrown out, we do have a big issue. >> that's true, but with a perfect law, we are not supposed to consider that. in this particular case, you don't consider that, but remember, you have four women that were allegedly assaulted by this guy. this has to be in the back of the mind of this judge. they are going to look to the prosecution, show me that this is a valid stop?
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or this is a discovery that you would practice in the future? if they cannot do that, the judge will not grant this oppression. i think died at the superior court level, they will not grant this and they will send this to the appellate court. and we have very conservative appellate courts. this is going nowhere. >> okay, we will continue this conversation in the future. >> absolutely, i will be ready. thank you but. harvey weinstein is changing his defense team. the judge approved his request today. just 50 days before he is set to stand trial on multiple charges. during the attorney -- his attorney officially removed himself from wine suitcases,
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after the judge gave the go- ahead. he denies the charges against him. vice president mike pence, visited california today, to welcome the crew at the use u.s. coast guard munro. this carries 16,000 in route to the u.s. the coast guard said that this seizure of narcotics was on one of 14 drug bust. this is the value of the drug was $569 million. >> when the red racing stripes of the coast guard vessel break horizon, those in distress know that help is on the way and are in many me the time has come.
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>> it is estimated that submersible vessels account for about one third of the drugs being smuggled into the u.s. the rising cost of drugs affects millions of people. the trump administration has announced that they are tossing out a bill that would save money for consumers. cigna saw their stock price jump. a couple from milpitas is raising awareness. they lost their son, in what doctors say appears to be rare complications from a common cold. he was just nine years old. there wrapping their heads around how a simple virus ended
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his life. >> it was very unexpected. he was very healthy. >> reporter: they are living a nightmare that they wish upon no one. this is their firstborn, a child that they's car -- that they tried so hard to conceive. he won numerous metals and tae kwon do. >> he is exceptional. he didn't give us any headaches. he is so, this is why our heart is broken. >> reporter: one week before he was to compete in the tae kwon do championship, he complained of a headache, fever, and nausea. >> it would go away, but not totally in it would come back.
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>> reporter: it was not until he became confused and disoriented, they rest him to the er. on the early morning of june 20, after several hours in the hospital, he passed away suddenly. from brain swelling caused by the adenovirus. doctors call this rare. his parents, both nurses are baffled. >> he didn't have the signs. nothing. >> it could happen to any kid. >> reporter: this is video of him playing with his seven- month-old sibling. they hope by sharing the story that parents can be more alert. >> even the healthiest kid could die or get the virus fast. >> god needed a warrior up
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there. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, amazon prime day should -- it could be the for the greater good. after the break. the weather temperatures have been trending up, especially inland. we will highlight the hottest temperatures. tomorrow mornings on 2, it is going to south san francisco. >> we sit down with the congresswoman who grew up there. cell the city trivia and much more. >> all tomorrow on mornings on 2. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make or break moments.
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back now with some good consumer news. when it comes to spending and e- commerce, amazon prime day is on monday. this year, we are learning how the rest to take advantage of those online deals will impact other retail giants. it is on the 2019 prime day prediction report released by adobe digital insights. thank you so much for joining us. so we are learning that rivalry retailers like ebay, walmart, target, are offering competitive deals. can you share some of the
4:43 pm
predictions? >> sure. from one thing we are seeing prime day from being a regular day in the week, to now the second and maybe third $2 million e-commerce day. the first being more memorial day. depending on how this 48-hour prime day goes, this could be one of the biggest events between the beginning of the year and christmas. >> what kind of gains could we see with e-commerce? >> so we are saying that large detailers, retailers that have more than $1 billion in revenue in the year have done a good job of taking advantage of the halo effect. so they are able to deploy a lot of marketing, they're able to put forth a lot of deals. we see in those cases, on the order of 30, 40, 50% gains, versus your average day over the summer. the kind of gains, that they have not seen since memorial
4:44 pm
day and then he will not see again until the end of the summer. >> you know, it is interesting because you see, it is almost like have a conversation with somebody and then all of a sudden you are on facebook or online and you see these ads popping up on your phone. for the exact item that you're talking about. i feel like people are impulse and buying on their phones. you have some numbers backing this up. >> absolutely. so we, for long time, we have been tracking a lot how much people purchase on the phones. most people do their research on their phone. they still do a lot of triggering from their desk top, this has shifted. by the first half of 2022, we are predicting that most sales are going to happen on the phone. this is not too unexpected. in china, they are already at 90% of sales going on on their
4:45 pm
phones. are not a lot of barriers there. >> is it more impulse buying? are we seeing a lot of returns for days like amazon prime day where you see deal and you like oh man, i have to have it. even though i don't really need it. >> it, that is really interesting question. people are primed to purchase. therefore more likely to purchase because they're ready for another great deals after that. you are right, at the end of the day, one thing that we see for retailers is that items that are purchased on prime day are 30% more likely to be returned. so this leads to a little bit of a buyers remorse going on. >> okay. either way, good for the economy and good for the other retailers now. amazon is actually helping
4:46 pm
their competitors in a way. >> absolutely. >> will have to see what happens on monday and tuesday, amazon prime day. we appreciate your time today. thank you so much. a whole lot of online shopping going on. one look outside, it is a fine day across the bay area. a beautiful shot here. a little marine layer there. we have warm temperatures if you're not stuck in that fog. >> just classic july weather. we have a pesky fog. it is i live camera looking out towards sfo, you see some of the fog making a comeback. there is a bit of a breeze. the numbers on the map, are scattered around. you get the idea that it is cool coast line, but it is hot in length. we see some spots approaching
4:47 pm
triple digit territory. here is a satellite shot, showing you some clouds. you we see some monsoonal moisture moving into arizona. some high clouds moving into southern california. for us, we have some low clouds. this will have a huge impact on the temperatures. currently fairfield, 91. oakland, 73. san jose, upper 70s. a quick update on what is now a tropical storm. trouble cool storm very, very unorganized cloud pattern. we are expecting some strengthening over the next few days, approaching louisiana, there is a chance that this could become a category one hurricane. it is slowly moving to the west at five miles per hour. here's a forecast for friday and and saturday, making landfill
4:48 pm
-- landfall possibly a saturday. with the rainfall, we are expecting along that path, the rainfall on average around 10 to 15 inches. the mississippi river is already running very high. right now, it is about 16 feet, it could be approaching moderate flooding, approaching major flooding at 19 feet. this could happen on saturday. out here, out across the west, we have this big area of high pressure that is developing. this will be the source of the inlet he over the next few days, friday and saturday. no triple digits, we are thinking some 90s. as we should you with a live camera, the fog does not want to clear up. the warming is not happening too much at the beaches. here we are in the morning, expected cloud pattern.
4:49 pm
this is a typical summertime weather pattern for us. temperatures tomorrow low 60s all the way to low 90s. you can see some 90s in san francisco. vacaville, 95. oakland, mid-70s. livermore, 91. san jose, mid-80s. gilroy, 93. san francisco, 60. beaches, mainly in the low 60s. here is a look at the 5-day- forecast. saturday, likely the hottest day of the week. still hot inland.: things off by sunday. here in the bay area, you can pick your temperature, we have those microclimates. 58 or 96. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. we're talking about a moment ago, a hurricane warning has been issued for parts of the louisiana coast. tropical storm barry.
4:50 pm
>> the storm has formed in the gulf of mexico, it could be threading louisiana. we have more . >> reporter: of thousands have been ordered to evacuate as tropical storm barry develops off of the coast of louisiana. it could become the first hurricane of the 2019 season. before making landfall friday night or saturday morning. >> this is going to be a major weather event. for a huge portion of the state of louisiana. more information that we get, the more concerned we are that this is going to be in extreme rain event. >> reporter: at as it turned and intensified on wednesday, the storm system dumped almost a inches on new orleans in just a few hours. the floodwaters that swamped the downtown,'s turning streams into rivers. this could be a taste of what is to come. a slow-moving storm could bring up to 20 inches of rain to some parts of louisiana by monday.
4:51 pm
according to forecasters. officials in new orleans are urging residents to stay home and to have supplies for at least three days. >> we cannot pump our way out of the water levels that are expected to hit the city of new orleans. we need you to understand this and again be prepared to shelter-in-place. >> reporter: the mississippi river is near flood stage, raising concerns that heavy rain could over top levees. although the army corps of engineers is now reinforcing low-lying areas around the river, they say this is not likely to happen. the louisiana national guard has also been mobilized. roughly 3000 troops are on the ground, assisting with preparation ahead of the storm. and they will be here for search and rescue, and recovery once tropical storm barry comes through. this is the latest from the big easy in new orleans, foxes. customers tried to get is
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use anywhere odors can spread. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze air effects. sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. two people were hospitalized in seattle, after a vehicle crashed into a donut shop yesterday. dramatic surveillance video shows the vehicle as it climbs right into the business. no word yet on what caused that crash. a criminal investigation is
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now underway in agrees. after a missing scientist from oakland was found dead inside a cave. the coroner says the woman died as a result of a criminal act. >> reporter: the the missing for american scientist, could be turning into a murder investigation. the 59-year-old molecular biologist, was reported missing. a greek coroner believes that they have found her body. >> with certainty i can say this is a criminal act, for self-explanatory reasons that we will not say. >> reporter: they say that the time of death is roughly approximately the time that she disappeared. that she was a fixated and had minor stab wounds. they wrote a statement quote, she was in inspiring scientist,
4:56 pm
a loving spouse and mother, and athlete as well is a truly wonderful person you love to us all. this sparked a major search and rescue effort in agrees. family members traveled there almost immediately. believing at first that she may have succumbed to the exhaustion or a bad fall. now there waiting for more answers. the investigation, as it wraps up. >> it was on a day two hours after she had her last meal. we cannot know whether it happened close by or for way. >> reporter: in lynden, foxnews. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 is next. real danger during a large earthquake. what one agency is doing to prevent extensive damage along the hayward fault.
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mornings with kate give you means more power to you. make the power to know before you get up and go . >> monitoring big developments . >> rain on the way . >> the power to conquer your commute . >> more power . >> more power. >> more power. >> to you. >> mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2. ktvu fox2 news starts right now. trump is getting into trouble with the citizenship question on the census but he has not given up on getting the count of illegal immigrants in the united states so the census question is out but i.c.e. raids this weekend are still
5:00 pm
on. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. we start with breaking news in the north bay. police say a toddler was injured in a hit and run collision the coddington mall on range avenue in santa rosa. it happened drone 2:30 this afternoon . >> the toddler is about two years old and was taken to the hospital. there are initial reports the child may have run into the street. at this poinwe n't know how bad the charlack badly the child was her. we are working to gather more information about the circumstances of the accident. as soon as we get details we will bring them to you. now the latest on the census question. president trump back down on his evans efforts to put a question on the 25 section census. in a rose garden decision, he double his opponents believed it would lead to an undercurrent of immigrants which could reduce federal funding to many, predominantly democratic areas. the id


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