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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: experts say long s surface in every industry and every walk of life . >> i think it is very interesting that the equal pay issue has come up with regard to sports and women's sports in particular. >> reporter: sailing base state economics department chairwoman says gender-based pay inequity started at a time when women performed more did domestic duties but over the decades, social advances have led women to boardrooms, spaceships and leadership roles. she says multiple factors such as age, race, job type and location all play a factor in the pay gap . >> you are paid not based on how hard you work or how good you are a lot of times. it is on how the product that you are producing is received or in demand by the public. >> reporter: the public outcry over pay inequity has led to several recent studies showing the pay gap here in california
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is larger than in the nation as a whole and it is worse here in santa clara county where women earn just $.62 for every dollar that a man earns. the numbers become more distorted for workers in the tech industry . >> we are actively studying and trying to understand better. >> reporter: betty young as the manager of the newly formed county office of labor standards enforcement. she says the south bay's largest county contracts about $2 billion in goods and services each year and vendors are required to heed equal pay laws and young's office is the watchdog with the power to cancel contracts but >> ensure that men and women are being paid in an equitable manner that women are earning dollar for dollar what men are making. women are more prepared and active and ready to do something about this ever than ever before. >> reporter: experts say vigilance has reduced the national paid gap to single digits but complete equity may be a far-off goal. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. federal judge has denied a the legal
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, working on adding a controversial citizenship question to the 2020 census. a judge in maryland has now joined another judge in new york saying that the trump administration needs to explain why they want to replace their lawyers so late in this legal dispute. if you recall, last month, the u.s. supreme court bar demonstration from adding the question, saying that the their reasoning for doing so is insufficient. since then, the general has been trying to find a legal path forward. u.s. secretary labor administrator says he is rejecting calls to resign. eckstein more than a decade ago saying he did not get special treatment. >> reporter: in 2017, alex acosta was concerned confirmed as secretary of labor. now there is a growing chorus
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within congress for the presidents pick to step down over his past controversial role as miami's u.s. attorney. 2 no regrets and a very hard question. >> reporter: during a press conference at the labor department, secretary alex acosta answered critics who had accused him of being tooling in secured guilty plea with a plea deal involving registered sex attend offender registration versus blowing the and multimillionaire, jeffrey dice? epstein. >> what is the value of a >> reporter: the agreement reached more than a decade ago allowed epstein to serve 13 months in il resident face or trial and potential life sentence in federal prison to cite despite allegations he molested teenage girls. >> the goal was straightforward. put epstein behind bars, insured he registered as a sexual offender, provide victims with the means to seek restitution and protect the public by putting them on notice that a sexual predator was in their midst. >> reporter: acosta's defense
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comes one day after top democrats in congress called for the labor secretary's writings ancient resignation . >> it is impossible for anyone to have conference confidence in secretary acosta's ability. >> reporter: monday, he pleaded not guilty to morris charges involving new york and miami. >> this is an opportunity to more fully bring epstein to justice. >> reporter: president trump has defended secretary acosta. the president added he and epstein had a falling out and the two have not spoken in nearly 15 years. in washington, rebound, ktvu fox2 news. an amber alert has been called off. a 1-year-old boy was allegedly kidnapped by his mother in paso robles this morning was found safe this afternoon. investigators have identified the child's mother as rashawna bullock . authorities say she object to the 1-year-old during a supervised visit. an over driver reportedly spotted their car near l.a. county and notified police.
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they say the mother tried to run but was arrested. an explosive report from the wall street journal says pg&e knew for years that doesn't of transmission towers needed replacing, including ones on the powerline that sparked the deadly campfire in butte county. ktvu's tom baker -- tom vacar has the details. >> reporter: pg&e says 40 none of the huge transmission towers holding up power lines serving paradise needed more than maintenance. they needed to be replaced but the gist of the recent reports is that pg&e did not exercise due care in inspecting or maintaining them. pg&e released this statement: >> reporter: >> although we don't agree with or support the charles statements, we have acknowledged that the 2017 and 2018 wildfires made clear we must do more to combat the threat of wildfire and extreme weather while hardening our systems."
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report said the transmission towers had an average age of 68 years, the oldest being 108 years. energy economist bornstein of the uc berkeley institute of business says you utilities use risk analysis to decide if and when to upgrade or replace major infrastructure. >> if the dangers have increased and they certainly have over the years due to climate change, then that calls for more maintenance and better maintenance earlier to make sure that the fires don't start. >> reporter: pg&e said it was going to overhaul the paradise transmission lines 6 years ago but never this question . >> were these a real that was neglected by the company? weather unintentionally or through a financial choice they made to take these risks. >> reporter: as we have reported many times, neither the cpuc nor federal power regulars have any significant
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independent inspection system to check pg&e's work relying instead on the utilities themselves to do that critical job. >> in california where it looks like the same sort of mistakes that we made 50 years ago are going to have much more catastrophic effects now, we need to step up the regulatory game as well as step up the performance of the utilities. >> reporter: this raises the old question. who should pay? >> if these reports are accurate it seems like it rises to the level of negligence and if it is negligence then i think it is appropriate that pg&e's shareholders pay all that they have before anybody else steps in like the government or ratepayers. >> reporter: the federal judge overseeing pg&e has ordered the company to respond to every paragraph of today's wall street journal story in a fresh, forthright statement coming up owning up to the full extent of the report.
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san francisco police are searching for whoever shot two people in the citiesbayview neighborhood. one of them ended up dying. officers were called to jennings street near third about 11:30 last night where they found two men will who were suffering from gunshot wounds. one man died at the scene. he is identified as 44-year-old eric wilson. the second victim was a 35-year- old man was taken to san francisco general where he is recovering from injuries that are not said to be life- threatening. >> the only thing we know is there might have been a verbal altercation that led to this but everything is so early in the investigation and we are looking into everything that happened just leading up to the shooting. >> police are interviewing witnesses anfor surveillance video to put togethtimeline of events. this is a cities 23rd homicide this year and the third since sunday. police and separate cisco are arching for two car burglary suspects a rundown a tourist taking photos of them breaking into cars at the legion of honor yesterday.
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ktvu's christian captain christien kafton tells us police are now looking at video . >> >> reporter: most people had no idea that a man had been run down in the parking lot tuesday afternoon. a man was visiting from oregon with his teenaged son and is still house riced hospitalized with a injury. >>thinking about the vehicle that i'm borrowing, it gives me >> reporter: san francisco police say they're looking for the two in the bmw that ran the man down and sped away down 44th avenue . >> suspects have not been apprehended. we are looking for a silver bmw. >> reporter: police retreat is police retreat video from a muni bus that was 4 miles away
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and are looking at the man's cameras to see if he captured images before they ran him down . >> we are processing the equipment for evidence . >> is under investigation. it is a sad occurrence. >> reporter: san francisco police have reported14% citywide decrease in auto burglaries last year over the previous year but one look at broken glass in this parking lot shows burglars are still targeting tourists destinations. the mayor says that is part of the reason she is pushing for an ambassador program bringing law enforcement back. a plan shs slashed by the board of supervisors . >> it was cut in half. we are piloting the program at union square and the goal is to make sure there is a present so folks are not confronted with situations like this in the first place. >> reporter: police stress they are in no way blaming the
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victim in the case was trying to get photographs of the suspects but they are saying, should you find yourself in a similar situation, your personal safety needs to be the top priority that they say they want you alive and well as a good witness to help catch the criminal. in separate cisco, christian captain, ktvu fox2 news. coming up after the break, millions of dollars to fight human trafficking. how the money could make a difference for exploited children. >> the ghost ship warehouse trial came to a screeching halt this afternoon. why testimony was put on hold. where traffic tracking a warm-up. will notice it today and over the weekend. after months of controversy, it is dixie no more. in north bay school district has voted to give itself a new name. a live look outside at the wednesday evening commute. the commute directioheading north is slow going right now. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back. show me the crown.
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efforts to fight human trafficking in san francisco received a boost today. make city officials say they have been awarded a grant of more than nine me dollars to help sexually exploited 0 runaways and homeless children. live coverage from alyana gomez in the mission where a new service center will soon go up. pollyanna? >> reporter: -- liana. victims of sexual exploitation and as you mentioned, the center will be housed right here will you see the construction markers and the great wall and building. this is where the center will go come this winter.
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in 2017 in san francisco, we had over 300 reported cases from young people of sexual exploitation and in most cases, they were women of color and women from our lgbtq community. what that tells me is we have more work to do. >> reporter: san francisco mayor, london breed with the startling statistics on human trafficking problems in the city as she announced a new grant from the california department of social services but the mayor says predators are targeting homeless youth and runaways . >> we have to make sure this is an alternative. this $9.3 million grant provides us with an opportunity to provide service supportive services, housing, to track and find out what is going on and what we can do better to preven the first plac >> reporter: 11 community partners are in this together including freedom forward.
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they are building a drop-in center where you can access services under one roof. this blueprint gives us an idea of what that space will look like. it will include showers, washer and dryer, open meeting space and art galleries and even childcare, to be designed by you nts the center plans to hire . >> for those people who are trafficked, will provide them with a safety net. >> reporter: meds i will says the services will help their office when it comes to tracking down offenders . >> if someone says they are in a place of safety, there is opportunity for the victim to corward, give them a voice ansure the trafficker is held accountable. >> reporter: the grant is coming at a time when trafficking is prevalent. currently wrapping up an investigation involving a young girl who was coerced . >> there is a 13-year-old victim and a nearly 40-year-old male and we will be investigating further to see if there is additional indications of whether or not this young woman was traffic. >> reporter: when it comes to
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homeless youth and victims of trafficking, the grant will also provide many more services that will be coming again winter of 2019 and some of those services include a launchpad shelter for transitioning youth, short-term residential treatment programs and 24-7 mobile response and emergency services. again that will be coming up the winter of 2019. we are live in separate cisco tonight. i'm alyana gomez. ktvu fox2 news. thank you. looking into your weather, it warmed up today. between 5 and 8, 10 degrees in some places. the valley got into the 80s. the last few days it was all about the 70s and low 80s at best. the plan now is as the high build beckons, the air will sink and as it does, the fog will be kept here along the coast so it cannot get well inland. that is the plan as we go
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throh next couple of days. that is why it will warm up. temperatures warmed up today, 85 in and tear, one of the warmer spots, 89 in fairfield, 87 in concord. temperatures up 5 to 10 degrees. these numbers really pop. these inland areas not quite as much around the bay of an increase. the low pressure is leaving and that is the mechanism or the beginning of the change that will allow the high to establish itself. remember the other did day, it was right in here. now the high will build into that area and that is why we will see a shallow inversion, shallow marine layer, fog at the polk coast, not as robust, and a warming trend that takes us through saturday were we could see mid-90s at most inland bay locations. new at six clock, 6:00, a story about a growing pile of troutside a condo complex at the corner of alum rock and
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checkers drive-in san jose. residents complain piles of trash have been an eyesore for more than a year but they have not been satisfied with the city's response so today, we learned hours after the story aired on ktvu, the pile of trash is now gone. mental health therapists at kaiser walked off the job today sang staffing is at critical levels. they called a one-day strike out side the facility in san francisco. this is the second time they have walked out to highlight the crisis at the mental health care clinic. they say staffing is so short they have had to discontinue 70% of group therapy classes . >> i had a parent in my office a couple of weeks ago who was sobbing to me, asking for more mental health services and asking me why i could extremely frustrating and a starting his disheartening to say i'm here to help you and knowing it is impossible because of the understaffing we have in our community. >> kaiser says it is committed
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to working with therapist to agresti address the increase in demands. up next, an argument about a used cond brings the ghost ship warehouse trial to an unexpected pause. what almond has done by going on the stand has really proven the case against himself . >> today's cross-examination and why the jury was sent home early. and taking on the bay area homeless crisis with a home sharing program. how it benefits homeowners and those in need of shelter.
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the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial was abruptly sent home today after a dispute between prosecutors and derick almena's defense team. >> the delay came after attorneys argued about an incident involving a used condom condom. >> reporter: the d.a. says it is about attacking derick almena's credibility but character assassination. the trial ended hours or of the early afternoon argumenta in
6:24 pm
which the sun found a used condom almost 2 years before the deadly warehouse fire. prosecution -- oakland police bodycam video shows element appearing say that his son founded . >> he a minor, this is an area that should've be do with the case and from my perspective, it was a disgrace to bring it up. >> reporter: the prosecution has been hammering away at almond is -- almena's edibility. the d.a. accused him of lying to investigators after his arrest . >> i infer that as part of that strategy. to wear him down. to interrogation, you know, is, a necessity. my client called it duress. >> reporter: almena
6:25 pm
acknowledged he never got any permits for the changes he made to the warehouse nor were there safety devices like sprinklers or audible alarms. attorney mary alexander who is representing families in the civil lawsuits says almena is not doing himself any favors with his testimony . >> what almena and has done by going on the stand has proven the case against himself and also proven that the city knew what was going on and in this building. >> reporter: after almena is done testifying, the d.a. will likely present rebuttal evidence before closing arguments. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. e nation for first time homebuyers. it is in the bay area. the factors involved in the ranking and which cities remain the bay area's best. plus a hotly contested issue in san francisco. the legal action today to stop the building of a homeless navigation center on the
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waterfront. a showdown at wilmington after the two best biggest stars on the men's finals. joe fonzi serves it up later in sports. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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pg&e is disputing a report in the ll street journal that he knew for years that transmission towers in the area of the deadly campfire needed to be replaced. pg&e reportedly failed to make necessary upgrades, instead spending billions to upgrade substations. secretary alice acosta defended his position. acosta insisted he got the best deal of the time while working as a prosecutor in south florida a decade ago and rejected calls for his resignation. the u.s. women's world cup championship soccer team was honored with a tickertape parade in new york city today. the dominance has elevated the issue of equal pay. several studies show this pay gap in california is greater in the nation as a whole. and is the worth the worst in santa clara county where women earn $.62 for every dollar one a man earns. your walk you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30.
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berkeley has been ranked as the worst medium sized city in the u.s. for first-time buyers. >> they also risk listed the cities for the best for first- time buyers. >> reporter: this house is listed at $798,000 but real estate agents say bidding wars can drive up the price and this is one of the least expensive listings in town. this, perhaps, illustrates why the personal finance website while it have met ranks berkeley worst in the nation are among 300 cities for homebuyers . >> it is a challenging place to buy is a first-time buyer. >> reporter: leslie has been a real estate agent in berkeley for 30 years . >> i work with professors who have a salary that our prices are so high in berkeley, they can't afford to buy in berkeley so they -- i will show them el cerrito, richmond.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: burch berkeley's cauldron restaurants are a big draw but very few berkeley homes at the market. older residents are staying in their homes because they cannot afford to move. that limits the inventory. >> reporter: things have been priced in the 800,000 and ultimately selling at $1.2 million, 1,000,002 point -- $1.3 million. right away, there is this shock. >> reporter: for douglas first- time buyers don't have to be completely discouraged. concord ranked first in the bay. this two story house is about to go on the market for under $400,000 . >> you can still find a house in the high for hundreds to mid 500s for a single-family home. >> reporter: he said that further out from the big hubs it is chico cheaper but there
6:32 pm
are other factors. >> for some areas, the schools are not good and that holds concord back. >> reporter: in the bay area, it is mostly a sellers market. a study found the best place in the u.s. to find a starter home, tampa, florida. b roth, ktvu fox2 news. new at 6:30 pm, a citins group filed city a lawsuit against the city of san francisco to stop a navigation center along the embarcadero. they also filed paperwork for a temporary restraining order to keep the project from moving forward. neighbor subject to the 200 bed homeless center nearby. they say would attract crime and drugs but city officials disagree. they say the project will get people off the streets and voted last month to go ahead with the project. oakland city council members voted early this morning to close a dead-end street in the fruitvale that
6:33 pm
has become a parking lot for rvs, the homeless and illegal dumping. a portion of 37th avenue that rents behind the home depot store has been linked to a surge in crime in tv[he area. the city says it will post signs about the closure and give ample time for people to leave before closing the area. the city council plans to meet with home depot to talk about the closure, expected to last about 18 months. this is the dixie school district in san rafael has a new name after people complained about the name. the district was voted to reap be renamed miller creek school district. trustees also voted to change the name of dixie elementary school to lucas lley elementary. the name dixie has been controversial for years. the change is that set to take place before classes resume next month. cimon sonoma county authorities say a man took his own life. he was due in court to face sexual abuse charges.
6:34 pm
the man was found dead along the tracks near the singing scenic avenue over crossing. the man was arrested for abusing residents at an income in-home care facility he ran for the past 30 years. a train struck a woman today who was riding a bicycle in san jose. it happed at bills where belt western expressway pick she was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. dta set up a bus bridge between the fruitvale and hamilton stations during the investigation. a nonprofit is linking people with extra space at their homes for people who need a place to live. catholic charities has been running the shared housing program for about a year now. the group, rebuilding together silicon valley referred ms. waters after they provided some needed repairs to their home. miss walters is living with muscular dystrophy and is looking for a tenant through the program. >> with economics it is
6:35 pm
difficult and it will help me and help them to manage because it is so expensive over here. >> organizers say catholic charities shared housing program provides peace of mind for homeowners by offering screening interviews and background checks of perspective tenants. a new bay area people podcast is out featuring olympic old metal winner tommy smith. he won gold in the 200 meter sprint. they raised their support in a defiant support of equal rights. he now hosts an annual track meet at uc berkeley. he set them with paul chambers in a new episode of our bay area people podcast and you can find the interview by searching bay area people in podcasts. coming up here, preparing for the big one. the high-tech systems and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rescue equipment being shown off today
6:36 pm
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there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the new bay area home of the u.s. geological survey. the federal agency in charge of monitoring earthquakes is leaving their longtime facility in menlo park and living to moffitt's field. the move is an effort to improve efficiency while saving
6:39 pm
money. ng for most of my career, we the reality of limited federal resources and if we can use those resources most efficiently and collaboratively, we get more out of what we have got. >> today's ceremony celebrated the arrival of the first 220 usgs employees at moffett field. the entire move of workers and equipment is is is expected to take several years . >> in the last several weeks, the menlo park fire department showed its capabilities. as ann rubin explains, it is using technical logical advances and an old school technique to keep people safe. >> reporter: the recent southern california earthquakes are a reminder the big one could come at any time. firefighters in menlo park want to make sure they are ready. division chief, man roland navarro remembers how limited resources were . >> we were down to our knees with hacksaw blades to get people out.
6:40 pm
>> this is a diamond tipped blade. >> reporter: today every blade until imaginable was available on the new rescue unit. it will be operational in august . >> we have almost a $900,000 piece of equipment in the form of an apparatus that carries about $250,000 worth of technical rescue equipment. to have had that back in the day would have been fantastic. >> reporter: also at their disposal, search dollars, a fleet of drones and a new way to take advantage of the governments shake alert system. >> it is great to have sensors but how does that message get out? >> reporter: this is their solution. >> earthquake warning. severe. pected in less than 20
6:41 pm
seconds. >> reporter: skyler turns the warning into action, automatically opening the bay doors, shutting off gas and issuing a verbal countdown of several seconds to firefighters. >> it is more than enough time to get into action mode. >> reporter: menlo park wants to make sure the public gets alerted if an earthquake is coming and for that they rely on just cell phones, going for a high-tech version of an old- school solution. >> it has a 36 put foot speaker paul. >> reporter: they plan to broadcast warnings when necessary so the community can take action. menlo park has already set aside $250,000 to expand their community alert system. the hope is to get 6 versions of these long-range audio devices on their fire station so they can better broadcast warnings to the public. in memo park, ann rubin, ktvu fox2 news. we're tracking the warm-up. temperatures stay warmed quite a bit, 5 to 10 degrees warmer toward the weekend. ktvu's heather holmes is in
6:42 pm
the newsroom with a look at the stories we are looking at at the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. >> could kanye west be an answer to the housing crisis? we will tell you how he is using star wars as inspiration. plus a happy ending to tell you about. after someone breaks into a soccer stars home and steals his dog. how he was able to get his beloved puppy back. those stories and a lot more coming live on the 7 on ktvu plus. thousands of acres have additional regional parkland in the east bay. the new acquisition set to be celebrated this weekend. a live look outside. a beautiful day as we listen to a little bit of cool and the gang. >> ♪ celebrate good times come on. ♪ let's celebrate many people living with diabetes
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the u.s. navy has turned over thousands of acres at the former naval weapons station to east bay regional park. over the next 6 months, the navy will transfer ownership of 2200 acres of landto the park district. the land will be turned into a new regional park. the navy hand over an additional 320 acres and an additional eight. the celebration is this saturday at the former naval weapons station. berkeley is w city councilwoman, kate erickson wants berkeley to ban national gas natural gas. she says burning natural gas creates greenhouse gases and affects the indoor in the environment and can affect children with
6:46 pm
asthma but she wants to lay the groundwork for a law that would require 40% of all new construction across the state to rely on something other than natural gas. >> we are getting a little ahead of the curve to ensure that new buildings which will last for 100 years will meet the standard. >> the council could vote as early as next week. if the ordinance passes, berkeley would be the fi city in the country to impose a ban on natural gas. a lot sunnier today around the bay area. a little bit warmer. let's check with chief meteorologist, bill martin for what will keep trending this way . >> the trend is up and we will come from well below average temperatures to not above average but average temperatures. that should be fine because it has been basically the entire summer, we have been pretty mild around here or below average in many cases. these are the highs from today. they warmed about 5 to 10 degrees from where they were yesterday. fairfield, 89 today. 87 in concord. just tapping on 90 degrees
6:47 pm
right now. tomorrow we will see those 90 degree readings. satellite image shows the system that was giving us issues here is moving north so it gives that high-pressure a place to set up shop and the high builds in you get the idea. the high builds in here where it belongs. it builds in pretty quick. that is where you notice the warm-up inland and you will notice more tomorrow. when the highs build income the air sinks and when it sinks, it warms. when the air rises, it cools about 3 degrees per 1000 feet. when it sinks, it compresses and warms about 5 degrees per 1000 feet, rough numbers. as the air sinks, it warms more rapidly. temperatures are warming. good-looking air quality right now. you have the city, the east bay, berkeley and some fog on q rolled on in. that is the thing. the fog will not be as pronounced tonight as it was last couple of days with the
6:48 pm
big in land pushes but it will be there and that is kind of ol the way it came in and out. the fog is right up by the cameras, near the top. that is how deep it is but not as deep as it was a few nights ago. it will not have that big cooling impact that it did in the end. tomorrow, the temperature footprint brings warms and reds, 80s and 90s to the west. the last week, we were pushing the yellows toward the east. forecast high is 90 in fairfield, 92 in vacaville. about as warm as we have seen as a in a while. it will seem hot in pittsburgh and concord. around the bay it does what you expected to do, mid-70s. not record temperatures, not above average either, just temperatures you would expect to see in july. we have not been seeing that but been seeing below average temperatures and even rain. showers north of mount shasta yesterday. there is the five-day forecast. fog around and will burn off
6:49 pm
quickly and we will get low 90s inland. temperatures spike on friday into saturday and cool off on sunday and monday. it looks like a good weekend. again, there was no spare the air day or red flag warnings and that is what we are working on now. this is a pattern we can live with and it makes it easier to get around the bay area and not worry about some of that stuff. there is the five-day. we will see you tonight at 10:00. a championship salute to the canyon of heroes today to the u.s. women's soccer team. we will have the sights and sounds of the tickertape parade that honored the world cup champions today. it is a tell you night on mastership at 8:00 followed by first responders live at 10:00 followed by the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news all right here on ktvu. ♪ ♪ here i go again on my own
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and is 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. ahoy! (laughing) bounty, the quicker picker upper. the power of two continues to work for you. fox 2 news at 7:00 coming up in minutes on ktvu. here is what to watch ktvu plus on your tv. joe fonzi is in for mark tonight. we were talking about team usa and a fun day. >> it is an honor reserved for some of america's most revered
6:53 pm
heroes. it has a canyon named after them in new york city. today, the women's world cup soccer team tickets turn down broadway for a tickertape parade, a route known as the canyonf heroes. they join the likes of charles lindbergh, jesse owens, dwight eisenhower and neil armstrong to name a few to be so honored. there is no question the women are the best-known soccer team and are happy to share in their notoriety . >> we have been known as america's favorite soccer team but from here on out, we will just be known as america's team. >> meanwhile on the other side of the country, brandi chastain was at the rose bowl counting unveil a statue that honors were signature moment 20 years ago today. it was on the day that chastain kicked the winner in a shootout against china to give the u.s. its first world cup title in 1999. chastain's famous winning pose
6:54 pm
was captured on the cover of sports illustrated and became a symbol of the rise of the women's movement in sports. this was a day for high profile men at wimbledon. the term is number two seed, roger federer is after his ninth win. it is fedor against co he rocked the first but was dominant winning 3 in a row. now it is fedor in the near court and wrapping things up and dropping the first at 4-6, came back to win 6-1, 6-4 and 6- 4 and is on to the semi finals to face an opponent. that will be third seated, rafael nadal. he is after his third wimbledon crown. he had a little easier time against fedor. he was a straight winner and matchpoint, 7-5, -- 7-5, 6-2, and 6-2. on the other side, top seed of its was also --
6:55 pm
stage v of thaffair with two category two climbs and who the man with the yellow jersey came in at the same time. that means julian all the philippe with a margin of 14 seconds will be in yellow for stage vi. this is the weekend for the 14th-century golf tournament at lake tahoe. hockey players are known to try their hands at golf every chance they get. now former shark, joe pavelski is in the range again this year. it will be strange to see pavel ski wearing the uniform as a dallas star after signing a free agent deal. he spent 13 season in san jose becoming a fans favorite. we headed chat with him after
6:56 pm
he was hoping to finish his career as a shark. >> we definitely wanted to come back. that was probably most important for us right away and once we realized certain things, probably could not be met, is the way the business side of hockey showed up and no hard feelings towards anyone. the organization was great. >> you probably looked at the schedule but january 11, stars are coming to san jose. >> reporter: how emotional do you think that experience will be like? >> i think it is going to be a tough night. i don't think you can prepare for something like that. there will be a lot of emotions . it is a place i love and just trying to win a stanley cup. we never got there but had some awesome wins. >> that is the one thing the shocks have not done. make it always seems like next year, next year, next year and so p÷far it has not come. it will be a bummer to see him
6:57 pm
in a dallas uniform. he is a san jose shark . >> i say this every year. you've probably heard me say it every year. whether it is baseball, hockey or basketball, take a snapshot at the end of the year. that is the last time those people will be in the same place. we had amazing times with the warriors. >> 14 seasons is a long time. >> it will be kind of fun to see fedor and rafael nadal go at it again. thank you for joining us tonight. news at 7:00 on ktvu plus is next.
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hey, i read that someone invented a way to convert your footsteps into electromagnetic energy so you can charge your cell phone while walking. we had that idea years ago. how come we never did anything with it? probably because we left the diagram of it in the restaurant, and none of us wanted to walk back. i know the real reason you never made progress with that idea. you thought of it september 22, 2007. two days later, penny moved in, and so much blood rushed to your genitals, your brain became a ghost town.
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that's not what happened. i remember it distinctly because i had just composed my annual poem commemorating the anniversary of dr. seuss's death. no one wants to hear it. i was told he was old. penny is not the reason i didn't pursue that idea. oh, really? since meeting her, what have been your greatest accomplishments? koothrappali: easy. sleeping with penny.


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