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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 9, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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same for foster city and san mateo. there will be a breeze today. it will be not as strong or robust as yesterday. a few high clouds. otherwise, mostly sunny. and after today, temps will begin a warmup. 60s, 70s, a few low 80s. sal is here. it's super commute time or what? >> yes, it is, steve. we're going to be looking at the drive from vallejo, american canyon. solano county super commute. and it looks good here as you drive on interstate 80 or 680. i didn't notice slowing on the north side of the benicia bridge right there. and the windy area there. looks like there could be a little road work delay. northbound, but also southbound. otherwise, we're looking pretty good into contra costa county. and driving over to the macarthur maze. looks pretty good. and at the toll plaza. there's not a lot of delay. a couple of cars here and there. but for the most part, it is a
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nice drive. it is 4:30, straightup. >> democrats expected to hold the attorney general in criminal contempt after they refused to turn over information about why the trump administration wants to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. we have doug luzader joining us live from washington where the micontinuing to try to justify adding that question to the 2020 census. doug? >> reporter: the attorney general is holding his ground as the census issue moves forward. >> reporter: it's not like commerce secretary, wilbur ross and william barr are going to be led away in cuffs. but democrats in congress are expected to flex their muscles. expecting to hold them in criminal contempt for defying the bipartisan subpoenas that would shed a real light on the administration added a citizenship question.
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>> i think it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census. >> the attorney general is trying to figure out how to overcome supreme court objections to adding a citizenship question to the census. >> just say hey, we want to do partisan redistricting. maybe that will past muster with the supreme court. >> reporter: but if adding the question leads to a lower census response rate from illegal immigrants, it could cost. >> formulas send us money based on how many people live here, citizens or not. and if we don't count those people, we don't get that money. >> and the speaker went even further, accusing the administration of racism. >> you know, this hat, make america white again. they want to make sure that people, certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. and it's not what our founders
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had in mind. >> and the white house counters that we have a right to know who is in the country. back to you guys. >> doug luzader live in washington, thank you. time is 4:33. the council will debate closing a street. we're talking about the cul-de- sac behind this store. the homeless camp on 37th avenue keeps growing, and people in that camp are blamed for most of the crimes. councilman gallow says home depot threatens to move out of oakland because it's dangerous for store employees and for customers. people in santa rosear speaking out, after officials plan to clear out homeless encampments over the next few weeks. agencies laid out their plans to clear camps along morgan street. but activists argue the city does not provide camp it should leave ca
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in their own security. people living in downtown say the surge of homeless people and a lack of services is a recipe for disaster. >> the needles. the defecation. the trash, right in front of our home, is ridiculous. we need safety. >> in case of illness, they can help each other with each other's belongings. but they can't do that if they are constantly moved from bush to bush. it's cruel. >> some say they are open to getting help. at least say those who are evicted will be warned in plenty of time. our time is 4:34. a bay area nonprofit group wants to help the needy by giving them upon valuable skills. and also a second chance. farming hope trains people who were once homeless so they can get management training for jobs and food service. the organization has its own food service. it's called manny's. they teach in the kitchen and
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in the garden over a 3-month period. >> we work with grocery stores to train people who need work who want to contribute. >> moving beyond just handing out. but really giving you a skill. giving you the ability to do something. if you work in a kitchen, you can take that with you wherever you are. >> farming hope wants to empower and also employ people to get out of poverty, giving them dignity and a job with a chance at a better future. so far this year, 11 people have taken part in the program. they successfully have completed it. and all of them are getting jobs. a big change in downtown los gatos. part of the town's main drag is now one-way only. that makes santa cruz one-way enabled. and that allows small packets of seating. many people drive to los gatos on their way to and from santa cruz. and businesses in downtown los gatos are hoping changes to the street
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will translate into greater revenue. >> the idea is to create a sense of space for los gatos and to really invite people into the town. >> the city is planning to return santa cruz avenue to a two-way street at the end of october. and if the project is successful, the city council will look at making the change permanent. time now, 4:36. the california public utilities commission holding several public meetings. they want feedback on pg&e and its plan to charge customers to pay for wildfire safety improvements and others. pg&e wants to collect $2 billion more from customers over the next three years. according to the cpuc, the 2020 increase would raise the monthly gas and electric bill for a typical pg&e customer by $10.47. the first public meeting will be this afternoon in san francisco, beginning at 1:00 p.m. it will be at the cpuc auditorium on van ness and mcallister street.
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>> san jose's sam liccardo says the legislation needs to take the responsibility out of pg&e's hands. mayor liccardo said any decision to shut off power should be made with the public in mind, due to the potential risk blackouts could bring. >> we know that there are mes t respirators and other life-sustaining equipment that depend on electricity. we know that an extended blackout will cause some cell phones to be unable to call 911. we know there will be a lack of air conditioning at times of peak summer heat and that will cause serious harm and death. >> the mayor says san jose has formed a task force with the office of emergency management, fire department, and other agencies to prepare for outages, due to fire danger. and people living in oakland want pg&e to answer about future planned blackouts. the community held a forum to answer questions. many customers are concerned about the
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possibility of going days without power. if the utility decides to cut electricity during extreme weather conditio. someone like me, i ca unless i have oxygen. and other people depend on the electricity in order for their wheelchairs orsomething that we're doing for ultimately, the safety of our customers in the communities we serve. so we want these customers to be prepared ahead of time. >> the goal of the program is to prevent devastating wildfires like the ones we saw in butte county last year, which killed 85 people and destroyed thousands of homes. state investigators determined that fire was caused by pg&e equipment that sparked during a windstorm. b.a.r.t.'s new inspector general will start her job next month. tom vacar sat down with harriet richardson to find out what she plans to
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do. >> b.a.r.t. long opposed an inspector general. but now embraces it. even though harriet richardson will not report to b.a.r.t. management. >> i'll be reporting on a but i to provide reports to the state legislature and governor's office, on at least an annual basis. >> she ant to have the support of those who we're going to be reporting to. it helps you know that they've got your back. and that you're going to have your back with the types of things they're looking at. >> her oversight is all- encompassing. nothing is off the table. >> i'm coming in from the outside. i have no obligation, previous obligation to b.a.r.t. i'll be completely independent. >> all are within ms. richardson's oversight. >> yes. and i bought it at police functions in the past. it is like its own city. and it has typical functions you see in
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the city. procurement. maintenance fu>> she has held h positions in atlanta, washington state, san francisco, berkeley and palo alto. the inspector general knows there will be go into a department, they'll kind of say to you, well, what do you know about what we do? how can you come in and tell us what to do? but we do rely on their expertise to explain to us what they do and how we do it. and we look more towards best practices, to see is this the best way they should be doing it? >> she will also consult the customers. >> sometimes it means asking the riders, what do you like about b.a.r.t.? what bothers you? what things will make you stop riding b.a.r.t.? >> how will riders know what she is doing? >> i suspect we'll be putting our reports on the website and they'll be public information. >> and says the inspector general, she'll set up a hotline to report
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fraud, abuse and waste. r, ktvu fox 2 news. well, it is already an internet giant. and amazon is now branching farther from its original home in seattle. we'll tell you what people in the emerald city are saying about plans to set up shop in the city. also, a fist fight in disneyland. the punches thrown in toon town. we'll have the latest on the police investigation. and if you're looking at that oakland commute right now. interstate 880 in oakland. oracle commute. traffic is moving well in both directions. >> not sure if we have a prime forecast. but a nice forecast. a little warmer than yesterday. we'll take a look at temps for a tuesday.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 4:44. happening today, an appeals court in new orleans will hear arguments in the trump administration's latest legal challenge to the affordable care act. the fifth circuit court of appeals is reviewing a ruling that said the affordable care act is unconstitutional. several republican-led states are arguing, the act became unconstitutional two years ago, when congress approved the tax bill that ended. if obamacare is wiped out, 20
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million people would lose health insurance. >> meantime, in hong kong, after weeks of big protests, hong kong's executive says an extradition bill is dead. that would allow the government to pick and choose who to send in main land china to go on trial. protestors have spent several weeks protesting against that bill. hong kong has remained semi independent after britain transferred to china in 1977. areas around the state. the online retail juggernaut is adding jobs to its announced second headquarters in virginia. it is also planning to move much of its seattle campus to nearby bellvu #e. >> jeff bezos is our enemy. he is our enemy. and we have to fight big business.
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>> amazon has been unfairly blamed for challenges that we as a region experienced that we would have experienced, regardless of amazon. >> am zon's 43 -- amazon's 43- story tower. >> this could help million across the country. congressional office is raising minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour would brin many out of poverty. many bay area cities already have minimum wage close to or higher than $15. time is 4:46. new york city getting ready for tomorrow's big ticker tape parade, celebrating the u.s. women's national soccer team. the world in the u.s. they won sunday's final in france. team usa was the world cup favorites. ask they responded with several
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record-setting performances. >> this has been a great tournament. it's been a journey that we have been on together as a group. and to be able to come out and walk away with a gold medal is something special. >> tomorrow's ticker tape parade in manhattan will go down a stretch of broadway, known as the canyon of heroes. the golden state warriors continue an off-season transformation. and the latest warrior to leave the team is damian joe. leaving for marry spelledman. expected that it's another salary dump. just last week, the treme traded away, andre iguodala. >> time is 4:47. let's get you out the door and moving. sal is back. got your ear phones on. well, you're checking on stuff. >> sometimes i use my head phones because it sounds better. but otherwise i'll use my
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earpiece. let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll show you some of these other commutes. but the toll plaza is not light. this is the thing people might expect this week to be completely light. it is not. traffic is going to be a little bit slow as it comes through. now, traffic has also been a little slow in some of these other areas. we'll look at the east shore freeway. it's taken 17 minutes. that's not too bad. as you drive through, traffic has been okay. if you are driving through the area. now, we go to the tracy commute now on westbound 580. we have slow traffic. it's now back to where i normally would see it. earlier, it was backed up here. now, it's backed up here at the 580/205 interchange. so we're back to normal. traffic is looking okay exactly on 580. it's all right as you get out to the dublin, pleasanton area. and no problems into castro valley. right now, it's 4:48. let's bring in steve with the
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weather. >> you're welcome, kind sir. yesterday was a cool day for many. in fact, temperatures way below average. san jose, livermore. officially, 54. although i did see a 52. these were the highs yesterday. around here, gilroy, 78. concord, 74. and livermore, 73. what's normal? 89. so that's way below average. way below average. mere fact that we're seeing a system that strong, that deem for this time of year. is one worth noting. it's going to lift. few high clouds will drag across. look at a little rain. towards humboldt. what about the higher clouds. watch. this is lifting northward. and therein lies the problem with cloud cover here.
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50s to the temps here. low, mid, upper. but everyone is pretty close here. not much of a big spread towards the santa clara valley. 51, steve. boulder creek. loman. and saratoga and cupertino. 50 to 54. and 55 on a lot of these water temps here. pretty cold this time of year. normal for bodega bay is 51. west/southwest. 21 out to travis. not a screaming delta wind. but it will be breezy for some. 57, arcadia, sacramento and monterey. low clouds. a few high clouds. the system, once that goes through, then the high in the desert will build in. and temperatures, looks like they'll be a little below average for most. and then tomorrow, they'll be near average. then after that, temperatures are going to go a little bit above.
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thursday, friday and saturday. look to be the warmest day. still nice. but a little cooler sunday. >> all right. time is 4:50. adding up the damage from the two powerful earthquakes in southern california. coming up, one town that has no water, little power, and several red- tagged buildings.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 4:53. last week's two big earthquakes. ktvu's jeff paul tells us about federal aid. >> many folks are so rattled after two large earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks in southern california. but they're also thankful the damage from these powerful earthquakes wasn't widespread. many homes impacted by the quakes are now boarded up. and some people here are so worried, they're refusing to sleep indoors, instead, opting for tents like these, away from any possible falling trees or buildings. others say they're keeping busy in an effort to take their minds off another potential jolt. >> if it happens, it happens. but i'm not going to sit around and wait for it and not do anything. >> officials say there were fires, ruptured gas lines and reports of some mobile homes damaged and knocked off their
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foundations. >> we had no bathrooms, no showers. and no water, no gas, no electric. and it's just 103 degrees, it's really hard on the old people that are sitting here. >> mother nature let us know that yeah, still boss. going to put us back in our place. >> the concern now is what could happen next. some reports indicate there is a small chance of an even bigger earthquake in the coming days. in ridgecrest, california, jeff paul, fox news. >> all right, jeff. thank you. time is 4:55. people are talking about a big fight at disneyland. anaheim police are investigating what was all caught on camera. >> this was a fight that mily m it all got physical in front of other families and children. at least two entually, security removed the
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family members from disneyland and turned them over to the police. but people are still talking about this. time is now 4:55. still ahead. baseball's midsummer classic. it is tonight, the all-star game. coming up at 5:00. why you'll be seeing a little more of one of the bay area's all-stars. and there could be another pay area candidate. joining the 2020 race for the white house. we'll show you how he could separate himself from that big field of candidates. fans, we look at the morning commute. you can see traffic on the oakland freeway system. looks pretty good here. as you drive past oracle arona. and into downtown oakland. well, a syst won't impact us here. and show you those temps coming up.
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today ends our presidential campaign. >> bay area democratic presidential candidate drops out of the race for the white house. but later today, a new candidate may jump in as the competition heats up to replace president trump.
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jurors that brought him to tears. ears. to mornings on 2 this tuesday, july 9th. i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> i don't want to tell you to warm it up. >> there is a cap. >> all right. warm it up. >> if you want the cool, stay near the coast. if you want it cooler, go to the east and south because it will be. system to the north. dragging in higher clouds. 50s on the temps. pretty cold this time upon of year. santa rosa, cool, 51. and yesterday was the coolest day for many. morning clouds. mostly sunny. slightly warmer tomorrow. then warmer for many inland locations. some 90s inland, by the time we get to friday and saturday. take a look at that system. you can see that in your big
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high-def tv. that deserves a wow. because it is impressive. del nort, humble county, and also up into portland county and portland. end result for us is going to be a few high clouds. otherwise, we are looking at a mostly sunny day. low clouds. 50s on a lot of temps. but there are 40s. a few 40s popping up here. 46, 49 windsor. one observation, nap at a -- napa at 47 degrees. patchy low clouds. inland starting to move up after yesterday's very cool day. 60s, 70s and upper 70s for many now. 5:00. is it tracy time? >> yes, it is. >> our friends in tracy are counting on this. and i'm going to deliver right now. let's go out and take a look at 580, westbound. and 205. you have traffic as it is normally is slow. and that can even see put


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