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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 8, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. during buick's fourth of july sales event, pay no interest for 76 months on most 2019 buick models. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >> new at 10:00 -- >> dramatic testimony from derick almena in the ghost ship trial. he is reduced to tears telling the jury he wouldn't have lived in the warehouse if he didn't think it was safe. >> he's not a tough guy. he's not a criminal. he's an artist. and this is destroying him as
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well as everyone else. >> that's almena's attorney. he says quote very hopeful the jury will be empathetic. >> ktvu's amber lee was in the courtroom late today when derick almena broke down in tears. >> reporter: ghost ship master tenant derick almena wept after taking the stand in his own defense. he said he's been in solitary confinement for two years. i'm just so sad he said. asked by his attorney if he had any remorse, almena said there are no words. asked if he had contrition, almena said i feel death, the loss of life forever. beautiful, beautiful people. almena said he believed the warehouse was safe and was told it was safe. otherwise he said he wouldn't stay there with his family. sarah said his client connected with the jury. >> i thought he started
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beautiful because everyone, you know, expects him to be arrogant and self-centered. and contempt with pause before he answered, and the emotion that he manifested and the fact that he shows and through his dee mean nor and answers he does have contrition. >> reporter: all this is with his own attorney. it's not clear how do under cross examination by the da. >> when you put on a client, it's like having a baby. you don't know, you know, what's going to happen. you don't always know, you know, what the cross examination's going be. >> reporter: also on the stand was darrell leche, a contractor who live at the ghost ship. he heard an argument before the fire. he saw seven people dressed in dark clothing running away. >> so we say that these are the people who started the arson. and we say these are the same people who were at the taco
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stand bragging about it. >> reporter: on cross examination leche acknowledged he's a convicted felon. the da insinuated leche never told investigators about the arson angle. leche testified firefighters had trouble battling the blaze when they arrived. >> he said that the fire department did come in the backyard. they didn't have enough hose to get it in the building. and then they did try to go to the second floor in the front and their ladder got hooked on the wires. and they couldn't reach it. >> reporter: almena will be back on the stand on tuesday. after his attorney is done asking questions, be grilled by the da. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage the ghost ship warehouse trial. find henry's courtroom blog online at new at 10:00. a young boy is in the hospital tonight after falling from a second story window in brentwood. it happened about 6:45 this evening at a home on princess
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way. police say the child is just 18 months old. he was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. no update yet on the boy's condition. unfortunately it appears he landed on concrete. police say they are investigating how the child fell out of that window. now to the race for president and one fewer challenger in the crowded field of democrats. east bay congressman eric swalwell dropped out today. >> swalwell campaigned for three months but never gained traction in the polls. ktvu's jana katsuyama here now, and jana, another is expected to enter the race. >> eric swalwell says pivot to running for re-election to congress. it appears tom styier could announce a presidential run as soon as tomorrow joining an already large field. >> today endsgn. >> reporter: congressman eric swalwell said he was proud to run but did not see a path to the white house beyond the july
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democratic debate. >> we wanted to be honest with ourselves and with our supporters. if there was a viable chance i would not be standing here today. you know, day one was running to win. >> reporter: and winning a spot for the september debate will be difficult for many in the crowded field. they'll need 130,000 individual donors instead of 65,000 and will need to poll at 2% instead of 1%. >> he wasn't faring well in the polls. he didn't have the money. its campaign hasn't reported finance reports in over two months. he didn't have much name recognition from the outset. and so i think he had a number against him. >> reporter: those factors will likely force more candidates to drop out. but one californian, tom steyer, who has gained national attention for leading a grassroots effort to impeach president trump is reportedly preparing to join the race as early as tuesday. >> i fully intend to win this
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election. >> reporter: california senator kamala harris campaigning in south carolina said she's all in after openly challenging front runner joe biden on comments about working with southern segregationists. biden apologized over to weekend. >> i regret it. i'm sorry for any pain or misconception. >> reporter: polls show senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders above the 2% thresh hold. >> the real party activists, i think a lot of them have picked their candidate or narrowed their choice of candidates. but i think the average person has not. >> reporter: robin is chair of the alameda county democratic party and says it's still a wide open race, noting that jimmy carter and bill clinton were tht ran. >> for the most part i think people are just waiting to see the separation of the weak from the top and eventually who are
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going to be the big, strong candidates for the primary. >> reporter: the next debates are july 30th and 31st in detroit. and today the host, cnn, announced it will air a live drawing next week to divide the 20 qualifying candidates into the two debate groups. swalwell said he had expected to make the cut for that debate but didn't think he would qualify for the higher threshold in september. jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. a new "washington post" poll shows president trump with the highest approval ratings of his presidency. 44% of those surveyed say they approve of the way the president is handling his job. a majority 5 # % still say they disapprove. joe bide season the only democrat who gets higher numbers than mr. trump head to head. 5 # % say they would vote for biden. 43% would choose mr. trump. jeffrey epstein has been indicted on sex trafficking charges. the 66-year-old was arrested over the weekend and appeared in
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court t not guilty. he is accused of sexually abusing young girls at his homes in florida and new york between 2002 and 2005. some of them were allegedly as young as 14 years old. >> -- who provided epstein massages while they were nude or partially nude. children who were asked to engage in direct and indirect sex acts for money. children who were enticed to do all these things at the hands of a man more than or nearly three times their age. >> epstein is already a registered sex offender after pleading guilty in 2008 to soliciting minors for prostitution. he used to run in pretty elite circles. his friends include president trump, former president clinton, and britain's prince andrew. today a spokesperson for mr. clinton says he knows nothing about the quote terrible crimes linked to mr. up to prosecutors in the south y
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have decided the fatal shooting of a suspect by san jose police in 2017 was legally justified. the santa clara district attorney's office released body camera today to demonstrate why it made that decision. >> drop it. drop it. drop it. >> we froze the video right before police opened fire, ultimately killing 35-year-old francis dela cruz. the video shows dela cruz holding an ax and advancing on officers when he was shot after repeated commands to put down the weapon. the video also shows dela cruz continuing to advance with the ax after being shot twice. officers then shoot to him. an autopsy found dela cruz had methamphetamine in his system at the time. new information tonight on n francisco. the victim has been identified as 15-year-old day'von hann. he was found shot to death early
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this morning at 24th and capp streets in the mission district. police say they responded quickly following a shot spotter activation and when they arrived on the scene they saw a driver speeding away. they attempted to chase the car but they couldn't catch it. police say this appears to be a targeted shooting. anyone with information is asked to call police. in santa rosa, the homeless crisis is coming to a head. police are expected to sweep homeless encampments in the next few weeks, and tonight a planning meeting was held. and the city council chamber was filled with people emotional on all sides. debora villalon live in santa rosa with what authorities are planning to do here, debra? >> reporter: frank, encampments have been cleared here before. people are given warnings and options and then forced out. critics say no matter how it's done, sweeps are the wrong approach. >> i'm held hostage in my home. >> reporter: residents of downtown santa rosa see a surge
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of homeless people in their neighborhood. attracted, they say, by a service center that's a magnet for lax rules. >> the needles, defecation, trash in front of our homes it's ridiculous. >> we need safety within our neighborhood. >> reporter: those concerns filled city council chambers as agencies laid out plans to sweep the morgan street area along with other trouble spots including a park that police say is plagued by drug use and deal and a walking path that runs more than a mile along santa rosa creek. outbursts by homeless advocates punctuated the meeting. people were unable to share views directly and had to submit questions to the panel. >> well, we don't have enough services. we don't have enough beds. >> reporter: activists argue if the city won't provide camp space with sanitation and security, alone in their ad hoc communities. >> they can help each other in case illness, with each other's belongings. they can't do that if they're
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moved from bush to bush. it's cruel. >> we can't have people living on our sidewalks and on our trails. >> reporter: officials have cleared established camps before. some existing for years and posing a health and safety risk to the squatters themselves. >> let's see if we can do a push for getting some people into services. >> reporter: as before, police say campers evicted now will be warned in plenty of time and outreach offered. >> and our commitment is before we're taking enforcement action to be able to offer a place to stay. to have a bed there. >> reporter: or transitional housing, identifying needs, a provider, a path. >> this is not just a one size fits all. everyt person's journey is very very different. >> reporter: two campers said they won't resist being moved and are open to help, open to getting indoors. >> it's safer. you know what i mean? people been getting killed over here left and right. stabbed and shot and stuff. i don't know. >> work with us and talk with us. and that's just one side and one
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side. we should come together and try to come to some type of agreement. >> reporter: more than 600 people moved from homelessness to permanent housing in this community last year. the city is spending more money and more energy on the homeless issue than ever before. but tonight we heard what is really needed is housing and landlords willing to give an impoverished person a chance to rebuild their life. in santa rosa, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up. a bay area man speaks out after being gored during the running of the bulls in spain. what he was doing at the time and how he's doing now. pretty cool one out there today. temperatures well below the average. coming but it's goingll have the details. plus, power shutoffs, when the risk of fire is extreme. coming up, why one bay area mayor says peegz should not be allowed to pull the plug without
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thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. a bay area man is making a miraculous recovery after being gored in the neck during the annual running of the bulls in spain. 46-year-old attorney jaime alvarez of san francisco said he ran most of the course ahead of the bulls. when he reached the end of the route, he went to take a selfie
10:16 pm
at the bullfighting plaza and he said that he and others thought that the entire herd had already passed by. >> but that wasn't the case. there was a straggler. and i turned and it was like a truck or a car just hitting me in the side of my head. and i put my hand behind my neck and i saw blood and i felt the -- i could feel my neck was opened up. and i was stunned. >> alvarez works for santa clara public defender's office. doctors told him it was beyond miraculous that the bull's horn didn't hit a major artery. he did, though, suffer a broken cheekbone. . san jose mayor taking pg&e to task over i danger. as andre senior reports now, the mayor wants local governments to have input and that decision should not be left solely to pg&e. >> as everyone has been
10:17 pm
scrambling to try to get ready, no one has really had the opportunity to ask the larger question which is is this the right way to be making decisions like this? >> reporter: sam liccardo on monday criticized a move that allows pg&e to cut power to possibly hundreds of thousands of people during extreme weather conditions when its equipment could spark a wildfire. the issue for the mayor and his staff is the decision is made by pg&e. investigators found the utility's equipment caused more than a dozen fire in recent years, including the camp fire in butte county that claimed 85 lives and destroyed roughly 15,000 homes. poogz faces billions in liability costs, prompting it to file for bankruptcy. while the utility has a threshold that be reached before cutting power, liccardo contend there needs be to oversight because of what could happen in a city as large as san jose. problems include traffic lights going out, people losing air
10:18 pm
conditioning in summer heat, and cellphones unable to dial 911 when power is cut to cellphone towers. >> i think what we are worried about here in san jose are the many safety risk that is a large regional outage would, you know, cause. >> i do believe that this, if we don't fix this problem, it could be an existential threat to californians. >> reporter: at the same time the mayor was speaking about his concerns, lawmakers in sacramento were debating a bill that would set up a $21 billion fund that would help pg&e and its counterparts in southern california deal with liabilities from wildfires. >> represent the best protection of rate payers and holding pg&e accountable that's been put on the table. >> reporter: executive director of the utility reform network is in sacramento. he says the utilities themselves are responsible for putting up half the money in the fund. the other half from a monthly tax already charged on utility bills. >> that bill was passed by a legislative committee and is
10:19 pm
expected to be voted on by the full senate. sam liccardo says he's hoping to purr see a legislative answer to getting pg&e oversight before they're able to go forward. i'm andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. >> pg&e held a community forum in oakland tonight to answer questions about their plan to shut off power during the fire season. many customers are concerned about the possibility of going days without power if pg&e decides to cut electricity during extreme weather conditions. tonight several people with disabilities expressed concern about when and how long those power outages might last. >> a long power outage, you know, someone like me, i can't sleep unless i have oxygen. i have concentrators running at night. and other people depend on electricity for wheelchairs or other devices. >> so it is a risk by -- it's someth our customers and the communities we
10:20 pm
serve. so we want these customers to be prepared ahead of time. >> the goal of the program is to prevent devastating wildfires like the one in butte county last year that killed 85 people and destroyed more than 14,000 homes. state investigators determined that that fire was cause bid pg&e equipment that sparked during a windstorm. it was a cool one today. most certainly temperatures well below where you'd expect them. these were the highs from today and they looked like lunchtime temperatures for most part. another cool day tomorrow. but not as cool. so those 79s will turn into low 80s, 81, 826789 still below the average. the warm-up is slow and coming. in fact, it is. look to the west and that tthe c northwest. and that's one of the triggers for the continued cooling tomorrow or mild weather tomorrow. once this passes in about 36 to 48 hours, the temperatures will
10:21 pm
come up more markedly, especially on thursday and friday. it's not a heat wave. it's not going to get hot, but we're going to go back into the hot spots low 90s. not upper 90s, so kind of a mild week ahead. fire day career taking a significant break and the air quality is excellent because of this pattern. there's the fog, it's already everywhere. and it's going to be there tomorrow morning. a slow burn off, temperatures a degree or two warmer. you'll barely notice. i'll see you back here at the long range. holding b.a.r.t. accountable. at 10:30 we sit down with b.a.r.t. east new inspector general. her plans once she's on board. and the cleanup from two powerful earthquakes in southern california and the desis on aid from the trump administration tonight. tonight. show me the crown.
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in a span of of rain fell near, virginia. and more than 3 urges at reagan
10:25 pm
national airport. the storm wreaked havoc on the morning commute, creating dangerous conditions on the road. the white house basement flooded along with the press work room near the west wing. president trump has declared an emergency in southern california in the wake of those two powerful earthquakes last week. >> as jeff powell tells us, federal aid will provide much needed help for people who live near the epicenter and may struggle to recover. >> reporter: many folks are still rattled after two large earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks in southern california. but they're also thankful the damage from these powerful earthquakes wasn't widespread. many homes are now boarded up and some people here are so worried, they're refusing to sleep indoors, opting for tents like these away from possible fallinguildings. others say they're keeping an es off another potentially epic jolt. >> if it happens, it happens. but i'm not going to sit around and wait for it and not do
10:26 pm
anything. >> reporter: no major injuries have been reported in the aftermath of the kwaertices, but there were fires, ruptured gas lines, and reports of mobile homes damaged and knocked off foundations. >> we had no bathrooms, no showers, and no water, no gas. no electric. and it's just 103 degrees. it's really hard on the old people that are staying here. >> mother nature let us know that, yeah, still boss. going to put us back in our place. >> reporter: the concern now is what could happen next. some reports indicate there's a small chance of an even bigger earthquake in the coming days. jeff paul, fox news. coming up, a surprise for residents on the peninsula. the mountain lion on home surveillance cameras. also, the warriors are still making deal, trading away backup damion jones today. jason applebaum will tell us what they got in return. that's later in sports. and securing america's elections from interference. the call today to pass $1
10:27 pm
billion worth of legislation.
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10:29 pm
take a look at this. a home surveillance camera caught a mountain lion roaming around a neighborhood in san mateo. the video was taken about 4:00 yesterday morning on 22nd avenue. police say they searched the area once they were notified but
10:30 pm
couldn't find the mountain lion. officers are now warning people to be on alert. they also say if you do see a mountain lion, don't run. instead make noise and try to look bigger than you are by waving your arms. the newly appointed inspector general of b.a.r.t. states next month. tom baker sat down with harriet richardson to find out what she had planned. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. long opposed a inspector general but now embraces it. >> i'll be reporting on a day-to-day basis to the b.a.r.t. board. but i also have a requirement to provide reports to the state legislature and the governor's office on at least an annual basis. >> reporter: and she has their full support. >> it's really important to have the support of those you're going to be reporting to. it helps you know that they've got your back and that you're going to have their back with the types of thing that is you're looking at. >> reporter: her oversight authority is all encompassing. nothing is off the table.
10:31 pm
>> i'm coming in from the outside, so i have no obligation, previous obligation, to anyone in b.a.r.t. i'll be completely independent. >> reporter: all departments including the b.a.r.t. police are within miss richardson's oversight. >> and i've audited police functions in the past. it's like its own city in that it has typical functions you'd see in a city, procurement, hr, maintenance functions. >> reporter: she has held high oversight positions in atlanta, washington state, san francisco, berkeley, and palo alto. the inspector general knows there will be skepticism about her. >> a lot of times when you go into a department, they'll kind of say to you, well, what do you know about what we do? how can you come and tell us what to do? but we do rely on their expertise to explain to us what they do and how they do it. and we look more towards best practices to see is this the best way they should be doing it? . >> reporter: she will also
10:32 pm
consult the customers. >> sometimes it means asking the riders what do you like about b.a.r.t.? what bothers you? what things would make you stop riding bart? >> reporter: how will taxpayers know what she's doing? >> i'll be putting reports on the website. and they will be public information. >> reporter: and she'll set up an internal hotline to allow employees to report fraud, abuse, and waste. tom baker, ktvu fox 2 news. nancy pelosi is calling on republicans in congress to join democrats and pass a series of measures aimed at protecting elections from interference. ktvu's christien kafton tells us today pelosi kicked off what she's calling the election week of action. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi today kicked off a weeklong effort aimed at putting pressure on senate republicans to act on election security measures, saying the democratic controlled house has passed bills to protect the u.s. from
10:33 pm
foreign and domestic interference. >> we've recognized that has happened. our president refuses to do so. he said if they offered help again, he would accept it. that's totally unacceptable. >> reporter: congressional democrats are calling for $1 billion to update elections equipment, audit elections, and ensure paper ballots are used to verify results. pelosi was joined by alex padilla who said california is leading the way by hardening the state's elections against interference. >> today many state and local elections officials are grappling with voting equipment that has reached or is near life expectancy. >> reporter: san francisco is in the process of switching to a new system which will take a photograph of every ballot. the director of elections saying election security is an ongoing process. everything from taking advantage of the latest technology to keeping paper ballots in the loop as a safeguard, the key he says is a multilayered effort. >> there's very many levels of
10:34 pm
government. and there's a lot of people. there's a lot of tools that are applied to make sure elections are secure. >> reporter: south bay congresswoman zo says it's in republicans' interests to make sure no one undermines america's process. >> it was the russians last time to benefit mr. trump. it could be the chinese to benefit a democrat. the point is every american citizen should have their vote counted as cast. >> reporter: democratic leaders say time is of the essence. they say even if the elections security bill does get passed this fall, it would still be a crunch to get every county in the country ready. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu news. san francisco assemblyman bill ting is proposing a bill to give rebates to drivers who buy zero emission cars. it would give rebates of up to $7,500. that's try times the existing
10:35 pm
rebate. assemblyman ting says transportation accounts for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in california. and he says car emissions are a big part of harmful pollutants. >> 80% of our greenhouse gas emissions in transportation comes from you, me, and the cars we drive getting to work, dropping off our kids at school, doing our everydayer randz. >> the proposal would require the state to come up with a way to fund that program. car buyers are put on a waiting list because of funding issues. the bill passed the senate committee on environmental quality last week and has been referred to the transportation committee. a decision tonight about a bill that sparked violent protests in hong kong. so did the demonstrators get their way? coming up, late word about the fate of the controversial legislation. a slow warm-up will begin tomorrow. it's going to be slow. i'll let you know when things get back to normal. also ahead tonight a brawl at disneyland. the fight in toon town now bein.
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an apartment fire in newark killed a dog fire wasr 3:00 today in the 6000 block of joaqui by
10:39 pm
the fire but no injuries were reported. anaheim police are investigating a violent brawl caught on camera at disneyland over the weekend. the fight broke out on saturday at toon town where children and families can meet and take photos with disney characters. at least two men and two women were involved in that fight. police say they were member of the same family and the fight started between a brother and sister. eventually security officers removed the family members from the park and turned them over to police. new at 10:00, hong kong's chief executive says that a controversial extradition bill is dead. protesters have flooded the streets for weeks to oppose the legislation. at times the protests turned violent. civil rights activists were concerned the bill would allow the government to pick and choose who is sent to mainland china trial. they also feared that those
10:40 pm
extradited would face much harsher punishments there. hong kong was returned to china from britain in 1997 but has remained quasi independent. california prosecutors launching a new program aimed at reducing the state's prison population. the $5 million pilot program is called restorative justice. the idea is to have victims directly confront their offenders and then give the offender a chance to make amends instead of serving jail time. victims can demand restitution from medical bills or time lost from work, but some just want a letter or statement of apology. the program has both supporters and critics. >> a program i guess would never bring your daughter back. >> no, but maybe it will save somebody else's life. you know? when they get out you don't want them to reoffend. you want them to be on the right track. i don't want another mother to go through what i go through. i got a life sentence. >> it's kind of like aa for criminals, and you meet and you admit that you've been bad.
10:41 pm
the bad news is that a lot of these people are scammers and they will lie to get the program and to avoid jail time. >> the offenders can't already have an extensive criminal background to participate. those charged with murder or sex crimes cannot take part. increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour could help as many as 27 million workers across the country. the nonpartisan congressional budget office says gradually raising the minimum wage from $7 nt 25 to $15 an hour by 025 would bring more than a million people out of poverty. the report says as many as 1.3 million jobs could be lost. this comes as lawmakers are considering the first raise to the federal minimum wage since 2009. many bay area cities already have a minimum wage close to or higher than $15. stocks were lower on wall street today. traders are expecting an interest rate cut at the end of the month. they think it may only cut
10:42 pm
interest rate as quarter point after a strong jobs report last month. the dow was down 115, the nasdaq was down 63, the s&p was down 14. coming up, why some are calling far boycott of home depot. then, a second chance for homeless people. the program teaching skills in the kitchen. and chief meteorologist bill martin has the complete bay area forecast. he's break with whether we'll break out of this pattern. s pattern.
10:43 pm
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life. to the fullest.
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some home depot shoppers are threatening to boycott home depot after learning that one of their founders supports president donald trump. the hashtag #boycotthomedepot is trending on twitter. this after former ceo bernie marcus said he donated $7 million to the trump campaign in 2016 and that he intends to support the president's re-election efforts. marcus retired from home depot more than 15 years ago. home depot says they do not endorse presidential candidates and that marcus does not speak on behalf of the company. . and more tonight on the arizona starbucks where six police officers were asked to leave. starbucks executives met today with the officers from the tempe police department and their chief. the officers were asked to leave
10:46 pm
the starbucks on the fourth of july after a customer complained about feeling unsafe. the president of the tempe officers association says starbucks again apologized for what happened. the officers came away from the meeting saying that they feel heard and respected. a bay area nonprofit is working to provide feel in need of a helping hand with a second chance. ktvu's paul chambers tells us about farming hope a program that uses food to help those in need be needed. >> from the garden to the table. >> reporter: the kitchen inside manny's san francisco looks like any other restaurant -- >> i always wanted something new. and this is it. >> we train folk who is used to be homeless or incarcerated. >> reporter: farming hope is a nonprofit program giving these men a hand and not a handout. teaching and paying his
10:47 pm
apprentices culinary skills in a kitchen and a garden. over the course people work 26 hour as week, learning everything there is about farm to table cooking. >> moving beyond the handing out, but giving you a skill, giving you the ability to do something. if you work in a kitchen, you can take that with you wherever you are. >> i like getting my hands dirty right there. putting seeds in there. planting them up then harvesting them. then bringing them in the kitchen. >> reporter: farming hope opened up last year. so far this year 11 people have take ton program and successfully completed it with all of them getting a job. >> we work with grocery store, tech companies, restaurants to train people who need work who want to contribute. >> reporter: farming hope says it wants to empower and employ people out of poverty by rebuilding trust a commitment to those underserved, overlooked but not forgotten. by giving their apprentices dignity with a job and cnce at a better future. >> it helps in a variety of
10:48 pm
ways. the group works with us to find affordable housing. and we're making money. that helps. >> reporter: it doesn't take much to help others. they're able to keep their program afloat by people coming to manny's and enjoying their food. in san francisco paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. let's take a peek at those temperatures from today only because tomorrow's temperatures will be about here but a degree or two warmer. concord with turn into an upper 70. 0 maybe 4, 5 degrees warmer tomorrow. this system to the north here, that's the real deal. i mean, if this was, if i didn't know any better, i'd say this was march. of course, we're not getting rain, but this system is close en keep us on the mild side. fire danger's down, air quality is good. and the northwest is going to get rain in areas around seattle and portland. the fog is in low clouds pretty
10:49 pm
much everywhere tomorrow morning. the fog right now shooting across the bay. it's in the livermore valley, concord as well. it'll be in san jose tomorrow morning and it'll be slow to burn off. little quicker than this morning. this morning it didn't really burn off. i don't know if oakland burned off maybe around 2:00 or 3:00. tomorrow a little quicker burn. here's the footprint for the morning then burns back slowly around lunchtime. and this is the temperature footprint. greens are 60s. yellows are 70s. that's how it goes. that footprint rolls into wednesday as well. maybe a little warmer on wednesday and then thursday the reds, the 90s will start to come back into that map. so we're looking at a warming trend. but it's slow. it's not where you go, it's a warming trend, it's going to get going. it's a low grade kind of a slow. 84 in clear lake. 83 in fairfield. these are the highs for tomorrow. a little bit warmer again on
10:50 pm
wednesday. and then a little more than a little bit warmer on thursday and friday. so it's just a slow warm-up. that's all it is. you'll see it in the five-day forecast. i should get right to, that huh? you can see along the coast temperatures in the low 60s. mid-70s in places like redwood city and along the coast. look at the top tier numbers. that's coast, bay, and inland. i'm sorry, inland, coast, and bay. you can see the top tier are your hot spots. let's call it livermore, livermore valley. 85 by wednesday in the hot spot. thursday up 4 degrees. up to 89 and low 90s. it never really gets hot. it just gets warmer. so 90 degrees in live more. in july it's not that big a deal. but warmer than today and warmer than tomorrow. tomorrow's going to be a mild day as well. coming up in sports, a's third baseman matt chapman part of the home run derby in cleveland. it was a couple of rookies who stole the show and the $1
10:51 pm
million prize. jason's up next with that. then new at 11:00, a big change for a south bay street. why it's now one way in an effort to boost business downtown.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
jason's here now. he's in for mark tonight. it's about the home run derby a lot of big hits. >> if what they say is true that
10:54 pm
the chicks dig the long ball then tonight was their night. >> who says that? >> i've heard it. >> is that true? >> that's what mark says. like the hits, yeah. >> tonight was their night. cool night for a's third baseman mike chapman playing in his first home run derby with his dad alongside to pitch for him. >> a dream come true. we talked about it. watched the home run derby on tv at home, dreaming that maybe someday he'd be in it. i can't believe it's real, but we're going to give it our all. >> tonight chapman and his dad jim got to live out the dream. >> oh man. 13 home runs in the opening round, including one that traveled 477 feet. only problem is he was going against blue jays rookie vladimir junior who had a record setting night. he knocked chapman out in the first round with a record 29 home runs. >> that is a big fella right there. >> he's a big guy and then he
10:55 pm
squared off joc pederson. a 488 footer. the finals he ended up going against another fellow rookie, pete alonso of the mets. and alonso with gur ya looking on would hit the last two runs to edge out guerrero. and one spectacular bat flip as well to win the $1 million first prize. nearly doubles his rookie salary. not a bad night for pete alonso. all star game tomorrow on fox 2. the warriors had high hopes for damion jones when they drafted him three years ago, but it never really panned out. so today they shipped the 30th overall pick out for the 30th overail pick in last year's draft in power forward amari spellman who helped villanova
10:56 pm
win the ncaa title in 2017. jones averaged just under four points per game over his warriors career. and though he did win two titles he couldn't quite crack the lineup for many meaningful minutes. in trading jones the warriors will save $400,000, which does help them get under the salary cap. warriors summer league action and new laker guard quin cook on hand to watch his new team play his former team. and warriors first round pick jordan poole, he had a nice little night. off the curl, knocks down the jumper, 19 points. warriors hoping poole can provide offense off the bench next year as this game is still in the fourth. that's stephen curry's new back court mate. >> i'm excited more than anything. i think it's a huge opportunity, you know, just to take another step. you know, and learn from a good
10:57 pm
group of guys that have done that marked their way in the league. so super excited. yesterday's women's world cup final was the watched soccer match in three years. and today the champs they returned home to what's it called with the sprinklers there? >> i don't know. just a cool tradition with firefighters. >> water dowt's santa clara stae erch. she showed off the hardware. cal alum alex morgan and megan rapinoe. >> is there anyone in the erch family that's not athletic? >> no. the united states women's team became the second back-to-back champs ever and first team to win the title four times, so yes, they were in a celebratory mood. >> we are the champions, my
10:58 pm
friends. >> i love this. >> we are the champions. no time for losers because we are the champions of the world. >> baby, yeah. >> it may have been a cocktail or two on the flight and, yes, they deserved it. 15-year-old cocogauff's remarkable womenable done run has come to an end. gauff was no match for simona halip. at times she overpowered gauff, and great shots like these. she won the first set 6-3 ove in straight sets 6-3, 6-3. but a great run for gauff who
10:59 pm
became the youngest player ever to reach the main draw and she beat her idol along the way. the stanley cup runneth over with margaritas. in case you missed it, the ice, salt, limes, and yes, of course so 27 days after the blues hoisted the cup in victory, the st. louis center tyler bozak and his wife molly hoisted it for a very different reason today. pretty cool. next year it will be the sharks, i promise. >> all right. >> and if so, they got to bring the cup here so we can take a look at it. and have a few margaritas too. >> huge margarita, hope they didn't drink it all. what we've 11:00. the competition heats up in the race for the white house. ite house.
11:00 pm
bay area congressman swaldz iscongress congressman eric swalwell is the first to step out o democratic candidate. >> jana katsuyama here now to help sort it all out for us tonight>> that's right, big changes. congressman swalwell said he would have qualified for the next debate but didn't have the poll numbers or money to continue into the fall. tom steyer does have the money. need to pull together donors, poll points in a short time to become a serious contender. >> reporter: congressman eric swalwell said he was proud to run but debate. >> if there was a viable chance would not be standing here today. you know, from day one was running to win. >> reporter: and winning a spot for the sep


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