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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 5, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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there. again, this is on sunday morning starting at a safe port a 6.4 manager earthquake rocked southern california and some felt the right here in the bay area. we have an update on the aftermath and this morning's aftershocks. plus, the woman we saw licking ice cream at a walmart store in texas could face serious jail time. how long she could face behind bars. and honoring her northern california roots we will introduce you to the master sergeant putting service before self truly means. >> it is friday morning, the day after the fourth of july. as give you a live look at the
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city by the bay. as a bring you in on the first friday of the month. welcome everybody. south castaneda is off doing who oweklong vacation and not know if he is in town or out. today is also a big day for sales. >> discount bargains. why today? >> the fourth of july weekend sales. >> no. our tv is 10 1/2 years old almost 11 and it is hanging on. >> -11, i meant to get a new one, i won't tell the wife, and a pop up, surprise! she is working, not watching. letter to head out this wee is different saturday versus sunday in a big way.
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we are going to warm it up slightly today and then hold on for tomorrow. by sunday, a normal drop coming our way let us talk about what is going on right now. it is cloud cover and fog you can see covering the golden gate bridge. san francisco at 55, 55 santa rosa, low 60s in oakland, and san jose at 59. we do have the sunshine and there, the temperatures are starting to warm up. now, it is beginning to erode and we will stop the satellite and take a closer look. areas over san jose seeing sunshine. nice sunshine over concord. that stretch along 680 transitioning over to 580. that livermore. closer to the bay we have widespread cloud cover from the east bay shore, the peninsula, san francisco and into the north bay.
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we have a bit of patchy, dense, fog. that has cleared out a big way, but you can to the cloud cover still there. the onshore breeze is 21 miles per hour, oakland at nine. a bit of a mild pattern still in place, even though 90 degrees is a warm day it could be 100 degrees this time of the year for antioch. we will go 90 for concord, 90 for antioch, low 70s around the bay. areas like oakland and santa fe. san francisco 66. when i come back, more on the cooldown that will come our way starting sunday, that will be in the extended forecast just a bit. new this morning we are getting video from overnight where witnesses saw oakland please clear out a sideshow near the interstate on-ramp. hundreds of people were at that sideshow when officers arrived. one person was hit by a car, and one person was setting off fireworks during the sideshow. the police told us they processed about 200 vehicles.
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as they were to get more information we will keep you up- to-date on the investigation. meanwhile, investigators are looking into what caused a car to run into a starbucks store. people inside the vehicle were gone by the time police and fire officials arrived. starbucks, as you can see, has pretty severe damage. one person dead and another injured right off the car crash of a winding road in santa clara county. this humbled happened in. the surviving victim was able to get out of the car and climb up the hillside. as crews arrived, she was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. 18 used special equipment to go to hundred feet down the hill to try to save that second person, but found them deceased. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a suspect as a result at a station was killed when he ran into the geneva avenue exit of the interstate. the suspect was running away from police last night when he ran onto the northbound lanes i was struck by a car and killed.
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this incident forced the closure of all northbound lanes for more than an hour. now to a story we have been following in the north bay where sheriff's deputy's opened fire on a man in bodega bay. they say the man reportedly assaulted people in the street. cristina rendon, live, to bring us more information. >> reporter: good morning to you, we can tell you that within the last 30 minutes this entire street here in pelican loop and bodega bay has opened up. this is a very quite community and sets sits on the links. a golf course community were really nothing happens in terms of crime. we understand about 30 minutes ago a tow truck was down the street telling away what appeared to be a chp unit. we got a look at the unit that was damage to the front end of the bumper. it appears that the suspect may have crashed into that chp unit, which prompted officers to open fire. now, earlier this morning investigators from the sonoma county sheriff's office for out here and searching the area of the cliffside right in front of pelican loop, searching to the
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grass, looking for evidence and really they cannot give us much information because they turned over this investigation to the santa rosa police department because this is an officer involved shooting they want an outside agency to help them with the investigation. we spoke to some neighbors around here, all pretty surprised by what has happened. >> this is quite a neighborhood and area as you will find. and just, it feels so safe here. it has to be a specific does mastic domestic issue of some sort, i would think so, it is a very low crime area. >> reporter: the details we have in the sonoma county sheriff's office is they got a call about 8:00 last night and they responded to this neighborhood in bodega harbor. they were joined by the chp and they found at least two people who had been assaulted that needed to go to the hospital right away. then they were able to track down the suspect down the street and pelin we are, and th
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understand that there was some sort of altercation, possibly we believe that the suspect may have tried to hit or ram a chp unit causing front bumper damage, and that is the deputy opened fire. the suspect got shot at least once. his condition is unknown at this time. and the victim's conditions are unknown as well. it is unclear if they are in the hospital, if they are in critical condition. we do know they were airlifted to a local area hospital. at this point, a lot of questions surrounding what led up to these assaults and to the officer opening fire. we are still waiting on word from the sonoma county sheriff's office, as well as the santa rosa police department who is now helping investigate this officer involved shooting. we are in bodega bay, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. contra costa county fire investigators are looking for the cause of the 37 fires overnight. they have determined at least five are caused by fireworks including this one in martinez on bella vista avenue. no homes burned but a long stretch of grassland is
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scorched. in pittsburgh they battled flames. crews were so busy they need to call in help from the fire crews. the cause of this fire has not been determined but we are told fireworks were found at two other fires burning nearby. in antioch, crews got a fire near nelson park drive under control fairly quickly. there is also tallgrass in this neighborhood. the number of fires they had to deal with this year's was "over- the-top." a poet they suspect many were cited by fireworks even though all fireworks are banned in contra costa county. they had several medical emergency calls for people who were hurt while using fireworks . no fire crews were injured fighting this flames. marin county water managers want people to conserve water the next time pg&e shuts off the power and high fire danger areas. conserving water will help to make sure firefighters have enough water available if there is indeed a fire and also to make sure storage tanks do not become depleted. pg&e recently so the public safety power shut off sundays when there is high fire danger.
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overnight there were at least seven aftershocks for with magnitude 3 or higher following the area strongest earthquake in 20 years. jeff paul has the latest on yesterday's quake from ridgecrest. >> reporter: it was the strongest earthquake to hit southern california in two decades a powerful 6.4 magnitude quake hitting the mojave desert near the small town of ridgecrest. a few minor injuries and isolated damage reported in the town, as well as power outages. officials now say they are working hard to repair the damage. >> we do know that there have been significant power at edges outtages, but also from what i am learning it, most of that has been restored. >> reporter: it hit thursday morning and was followed by dozens of powerful average aftershocks causing vegetation fires, gas leaks and cracked roads. folks from las vegas to the pacific coast, said they felt the started
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moving and everything started swaying and the roof cracked, it sounded like hundreds of pebbles hitting the roof at one time. >> reporter: president trump says he was fully briefed on the emergency response tweeting apart "all seems to be very much under control." local officials are not stressing that while the quake may have rattled nerves, there were no fatalities reported. and now that the recognition is, they are ready for the recovery process. >> we have a plan going gone, we are addressing the resources we will have, a lot of people out there to help. >> reporter: gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency for the area promising resources to help out in the recovery effort. jeff paul, ktvu fox 2 news. we are taking you live to southern california. our coverage continues over at where you will find page. coming up on mornings on 2,
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he was an in central figure in the coal industry. when we returned, tragedy strikes during his vacation in the bahamas.
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a billionaire coal tycoon is among seven americans killed in a helicopter crash in the bahamas. it went on your grand cane yesterday i was headed to fort lauderdale from the bahamas. their captors reportedly found in 16 feet of water. the founder of forsyth energy, chris cline and his daughter, are among the you e sehim ringing the opening bell at the new york stock exchange in june of 2014. the victims were his family friends and the pilot. ntsb is investigating. jussie smollett wants to move the lawsuit to l court.
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the city is suing him for the cost of investigating his claims that he was the victim of a racist, homophobic attack now smollett's attorneys argued that the case should be moved to federal court because while he lived in chicago filming the show empire, he was actually a california resident. former san francisco quarterback kellen: kaepernick has broke his silence over the nike shoes that featured 13 stars in a circle like they were on the version of the betsy ross flag. he complained to the company that the shoes were offensive because slavery was legal in the u.s. when the flag was used. he quoted former slave frederick douglass' response to a question "what the fourth of july means." the quote says "what have i to do with your national independence? there is not a nation on the earth will see a practice is more shocking and bloodied than are the people of these united states at this very hour." consumer psychologist joined us yesterday to the
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company. >> most americans i think will consider this to be a bad decision on nike's part. but, icision. the heaviest purchasers of their product are deeply interested in this and they like to feel like the company is emotionally involved in issues they find important. and so, ultimately i think it will be a good business decision because, it is going to appeal to their own target audience, and everybody is talking about nike again. >> kaepernick has been sponsored by nike since 2011 and was featured a new ad campaign at the start of the 2018 and a full set season. since that time nike sales have gone up 9% and stock is increased 12%. >> fire departments were flooded with illegal fireworks calls last night. some people say they are fed up with the illegal fireworks in their neighborhood year after year. one woman says when she complains she was told she had to document the violations.
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in >> they expect us to go out when someone is setting off the fireworkbut they want everyday citizens to take a picture. >> the city created an online form where people can report illegal fireworks and it will be active through the weekend. santa fe city councilman says having legal alternatives on the fourth of july also makes a difference. >> the illegal fireworks around here has subsided substantially. everybody wants to enjoy the fourth of july, really likes fireworks, let us go see the free fireworks displays around the city? >> the san jose fire department also add fire engines is a place placed in strategic hotspots for strategic fires. in oakland, this is what it looked like though fireworks are illegal in the city. to this video from outside the ktvu studios in jack london
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square. the fire department says there were no reports of any major problems tied to all this illegal fireworks activity. right next-door san leandro please see more than a ton of illegal fireworks this week. investigators were called to this facility on tuesday by a man who saw some large boxes being loaded into a van. when officers arrived they discovered professional grade fireworks in the boxes. those of the kind that can be shot as high as 125 feet into the air. the two men were released while police continue their investigation. will most bay area cities have fireworks, dublin provided places to set them off legally. public parking lot were cleared off for this. they enjoyed they said enjoyed setting off sparklers in dublin. >> with the risk of fire, especially in california it is nice to have a couple of places to come. >> it is great, there try to give you a safe, controlled environment to do it. in a parking lot where there are not many flammables, as long as you do it in a controlled activity.
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they have an area full of water so responsible, pick up and dispose of them in the water. >> dublin is one of a handful of bay area cities that allows people to set off safe and sane fireworks legally. we catch up with an airman from the travis air force base who is getting back to her community and the north bay in more ways than one. megan lorenzo reports. >> reporter: master sergeant breanna hunt has what some would call d she is proud of them. >> we have the ocean nearby, the mountains, snow, we have a short drive to yosemite, everything that you want is right here in northern california. >> reporter: hunt grow up in yellow county, class of 2000. she had family in davis and lives near her brother and brooks. she knew she would join the military when at a young age her mother said she had dreamed of serving, but never did. >> i love my mom and she is the best. so, i decided to follow her dream for her and it ended up
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becoming my dream as well. >> hunt has been a surgical technologist, served in the honor guard with an operating room flight chief and an interrogator bravely serve our country in the middle east. two 2003, 2005, 2006-2007. the first one was to ied. the second was to iraq and the last one was iraq. >> reporter: it was family who launched this logo into the world, and it was family who led her back home. >> my father was ill. in the air force supported me to get back here and i was able to spend my dad last hour with him. very grateful to my leaders for taking care of me and my family. >> and the care that was shown to her? she shows to others. attending to the needs of homebound seniors, the homeless, and struggling veterans. she is a mentor with the treatment court. >> the longest war in america's history has just ended. >> reporter: an organization
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has been help to vets who have been in trouble withwe heard here to help the backup. when we say we are not going to leave anybody behind we are not going to leave anybody behind. >> reporter: if you really want to see her smile? ask her about her work with animals. she foster 26 dogs and cats, admitting she has a hard time. giving the back. >> the majority of the animals that we foster, we keep >> reporter: on their family six acres, three dogs, 13 cats, and a horse all rescues once in desperate need of a loving home. all of this work hasn't gone unnoticed. just last month she was in california's fourth district veteran of the year. a prestigious honor given to her by assemblywoman cecilia curry. >> i was definitely taken aback, i was raised that when you see someone or something that needs help, and you can help, you step in. there is most definitely more to life than earning a paycheck and going home. >> reporter: hunt earns that paycheck teaching airman had
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the great leaders, showing us what service over self truly means. >> coming back home to work in my community, it is an honor. >> reporter: >> that is nikki lorenzo reporting. master sergeant hunt was also given the community action north bay active-duty veteran of the year award for her work with the homeless. thousands of property owners who live in and/or near the city of cleveland air are getting a special benefit from the all-star game, they are extending the property tax deadline. that is because events including monday's home run derby, the parades, concerts and tuesday's game will cause closures around progressive park and the downtown area. that will make it difficult for people who want to drop off the taxes in person and it will also delay mail delivery in the downtown area. sensitive taxes being due on thursday, they are due four days later on july 15th. of course you could watch the all-star game tuesday afternoon right here on ktvu fox 2.
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we are bringing you all the days and news weather over on ktvu plus. also let reports from cleveland that morning and the morning after on mornings on 2. coming up here next on the nine. holidays in the snow, we are taking back to the mountains and taking at the late-season skiing going on in the tahoe area. the preparations being made ahead of robert mueller's appearance on capitol hill.
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california senator kamala harris is looking to continue her surge in the polls and she campaigns in houston today. she was liable for the fourth of july and reported after joe biden that she distorted his civil rights record in the first democratic debate. >> that was the subject of conversation for days at end. so, if he and his team are not prepared for the topic, i do not know what to say about that
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half a dozen for the presidential candidates spent the fourth of july. >> i am going to make my case the american people and let them decide. if you notice i am the guy everybody is talking about. >> i come from one of the most rural states in america and the people appreciate seeing elected officials. >> and the iowa caucuses kick off the primary season for very third. new hampshire primary on the 11th. once congress is back in session former counsel robert mueller will testify before lawmakers about his russia investigation. we have a preview of what to expect from robert mueller's testimony. >> for the democrats perspective the risk is that many americans will see this hearing and say wait a minute, this is yesterday's news, it is time to move on. i think the risk from the republican perspective is that mueller either provides new statements, new evidence, put a spin on what he said before, that somehow reignite interest in the impeachment debate.
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>> reporter: mueller appeared to want the president's critics he will not go beyond the four points of the report, democrats seem unfazed. reports do not commit obstruction of justice charges and did not exonerate president trump. both parties want clarity after his explanation. >> after long-standing department policy, a present president cannot be charged with a federal crime or he is in office. that is unconstitutional. >> reporter: with the white house current limit to not testify to house committees the mueller hearing gives democrats a high-profile witness and a precarious format. with more than five dozen lawmakers. asking questions. tomorrow is the last day on the job before bart's general manager who is retiring after leading bart for eight years. she said she is proud of the project she is supervised from working on improving bart's infrastructure and building affordabart is still l
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permanent replacement. coming up on a mornings on waged on whether or notill to c judge facing the trump administration picked up ski firefighter still at the scene of an early morning house fire in san jose. police believe a group of children is responsible. in
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welcome back to the 9, it wasn't just humans celebrating the fourth of july. the lemurs of this emphasis goes to time out of their busy day to eat and play with some treats. like many fourth of july events they had some watermelon and they all seem to really enjoy it. we did some research, it doesn't look like lemurs like their fruit. eat bananas, pineapples, papaya and as you can see there watermelon. many snowboarders spent the
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fourth of july area on the slopes near lake tahoe. the heavy snow they had this winter much of the mountains are still covered in snow we saw crowds at the holiday ski resorts in lake tahoe enjoying this rare snow in early july. we saw lots of skiers zipping down the slopes with nothing but t-shirts and shorts. >> a little snow skiing in the warm morning, waterskiing in the afternoon. pretty much, upper 70s is nice enough to be out on the water and snow to be out on the slopes in a swimsuit. i guess. we do have some great weather coming our way, the clouds are clearing out. we have the trough that was over us for a few days, shifting just a little bit east. we are going to see a minor warm up for the next couple of days and then a new trough moves in and closes down once again. here is a look at your futurecast getting into the afternoon. mostly sunny and away from the coastline. most likely to remain partly cloudy to mostly cloudy but areas like santa cruz, north bay coastline, they should get some afternoon sunshine. and temperatures will be mild.
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temperature still 54 degrees san francisco, low 60s in oakland and 65 in concord. heading into the afternoon for today 66 in san francisco, low 70s in oakland and still around the bay very similar to where we have been. if you go inland it's a little bit warmer. 90 degrees in antioch and the north bay 87 expected in santa rosa. if you're seeing the giants play we have 66 as the afternoon high bye-bye 7:15 a southwest breeze and cooler conditions, bring a jacket. we will hold steady as we roll to the bay area saturday and then the cooldown comes our way. 5-10 degrees or so and then we remain with that pattern as we get into monday and tuesday. back to you. let us get you caught up on the rest of the day's news missing good morning again to dave clark in our newsroom. thank you. we are watching is still developing story at bodega bay where sheriff's deputies shot and assault an assault suspect last night. they say the man reportedly
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attacked people near bodega harbor about 8:00 last night. several people were rushed to the hospital for treatment. reports said the suspect stole a car and was tracked down later on pelican loop. that is where he reportedly attacked deputies and that is when a shot him. we do not know the conditions of either the victims or the suspect. our ktvu crew is collecting the details i will have updates later. knew from overnight video in oakland, a witness showing oakland police clearing out a sideshow on interstate 880 near the high street on-ramp. the witness told us hundreds of people for add to that sideshow when the police arrived and one person was actually hit by a car. there were also fireworks during the sideshow. and just moments ago oakland police told us they processed about 200 vehicles from that sideshow. more details are expected later. and san lorenzo, investigators wanted to know why a car slammed right into a
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starbucks. by the time police got there, the people inside the car were gone. the starbucks was badly damaged. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working this morning holiday celebration that got out of hand may have sparked an overnight house fire in the city of san jose. neighbors are telling ktvu they believe a group of children could be responsible. we are joined live now from the scene. i understand some cars were damaged? >> a couple of cars damaged, one completely gutted the. there is a reason why fireworks are illegal down here in santa clara county. also in the city of san jose. take a look behind me you can see the one car, the aftermath of this fire. that car has completely been totaled. we are in east san jose. one car totals, twd and the sou fire. you can see the cypress trees that are completely charred right now. they went up like matchsticks
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last night. shortly before 11:00 the fire started. they have a very oily bark and they lit up the night sky adjacent to the home here, at 1845 loop court, san jose fire responded quickly. witnesses say a number of teens were in the neighborhood shooting off fireworks. and adult as well at the time. neighbor ron malik cannot believe his eyes when he stepped outside his next door. >> when i came out the police or the trees are on fire already and it was huge. >> reporter: were were you where worried for your own home? >> this is not my home, i just ate here to watch the house. if i get blamed, that is why i was worried about it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: were you up hosing down the rooftop? >> when i saw the fire near our house, that is why, i am thinking, the house.
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so, i was watching it on top of the roof and trying to hold down the rooftop. >> reporter: well two homes and suffered manage minor damage, no injuries reported, two cars damaged, one totaled. san jose fire believes it was fireworks that ignited the blaze. but at this hour they didn't have any suspects. i did talk to the homeowner inside the home right here with this car was completely gutted. there was a bit of a language barrier, i got the feeling that she is still a little shaken up. but is going to be okay. it is a very latest here in the south bay i am frank mallicoat ktvu fox 2 news. the white house is a big decision to make today, whether to move past the supreme court are rolling out a set of questions and ask your senses, it ktvu's tom baker with the decision that could bring a new wave of lawsuits. >> reporter: there are mixed signals on this and not a federal judge wants to know what the administration plans to do with the 2020 census.
9:36 am
the military flyovers may have stolen the show, to listen closely to president trump's words as he addresses july nati >> through every citizen throughout our land to have a glorious independence day, have a great fourth of july. >> reporter: a number of times the president use the word citizen, perhaps a tell to what was going on behind the scenes at the white house. hours earlier he tweeted about the census. the department of commerce and the department of justice are working hard on this even on the fourth of july. the supreme court ruled last week that the administration's argument for adding a citizenship question was contrived and that the commerce department, which oversees the senses, reverses course and decides to included, a flood of lawsuits could move forward. >> the citizenship question is motivated by racial and partisan reasons. >> reporter: this may increasingly become a topic out on the campaign trail but does the president have an option? that he issued an executive
9:37 am
order? >> is a practicable, i am not sure, the government has said worst-case scenario we continue to print, and then we will add on a supplement at the very end. and then distribute. >> reporter: time is running out the census bureau needs an answer soon to process the count on time. in washington, fox news. secret service said two people were arrested during a class outside the white house on the fourth of july. authorities did not those taken into custody but said that the demonstrators clashed with an altered right group. this came just before president trump to the stage at the lincoln memorial for last night's salute to america. president trump celebrated the birth of america in a controversial ceremony at the national mall. he avoided touting his poliand
9:38 am
other displays of the nation's military might. he braved he praised the crowd for braving the rain and spoke about american spirit and achievements such as space exploration and technological advances. >> it is willed our warriors of mountains and across minefields. it is liberty contents and brought tyrants and empires to the knees. >> critics accused the president of inserting himself into a typically nonportable holiday event. they claim the taxpayer-funded celebration of military power was used to bolster his own reelection campaign. san francisco police reported no major problems along the northern waterfront. >> tens of thousands people line the area to watch the 25 minute firework show. although fog did obscure some of the fireworks, the crowd told us they had a great time. >> the ones that are lower to the ground are really nice, especially like you lors, the l red, white, and bl oreally cool
9:39 am
>> i like it when the clouds lit up, what do you think? >> that is my favorite part too. >> there were several firework shows across the area and some of the biggest were near san jose berkeley as well as vallejo. >> i was with my family and my brothers house way up in the hills. i was asleep by the time they started, their switch gray and fog and clouds i figured better not with that. if you coming up in a moment on mornings on 2 the 9, a new age conflict, here is the best cyber war between the united states and iran had the trumpet strongest earthquake to hit southern california in two decades whenever live reports were made here at the epicenter.
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♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea summer sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only june 26th to july 7th. ikea.
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was closed yesterday for the holiday, the dell recovers with the bigger losses and made an earlier today's session but still on the downside losing about 50 points, less than a quarter percent. stories similar over on the s&p and nasdaq. those indexes are down one third of 1%. all of this coming after the labor department released its june jobless report this morning. the employment rate rose 1/10 of a percent to 3.7%. the economy created 224,000 jobs in june. that is more than 60,000 more than experts had forecasted. that is assigned the u.s. economy is doing better than expected and that companies are finding more workers but it is also showing that people are searching for work. economic analyst say these numbers could add up to the federal reserve delaying an expected cut in a key interest rate at its meeting later this month that could push stock prices down in the long term.
9:43 am
back to that southern california earthquake, a number of aftershocks have been filled following the magnitude 6.4 earthquake that rocked the central and southern part of our state yesterday. >> weather it down to mario ramirez with an update on the damage at the epicenter. talking about the aftershocks, did you feel in this morning? >> reporter: >> i did, not sure if you guys have been feeling them in the bay area but we've deftly been feeling them, several of them here in ridgecrest, that we are about 25 miles southwest of the epicenter and we felt one at the 4:00 hour, another of the 6:30 half-hour and they were really strong. i want to show you before hi me, this is one of several damaged homes that we have seen it. this one here has been red tide you can see has been clearly knocked off of its foundation. the residence will not be able to return at le community worry that their homes could look like this with all of his
9:44 am
aftershocks following. in the video of the damage and the shaking really is incredible. the initial quake hit s after, fire crews and kern and san bernardino work called to down power lines, broken water mains, buildings with cracks in them at least one structure fire. we understand the american red cross has opened up a temporary shelter for residents in nearby ridgecrest regional hospital. it was evacuated yesterday, and will be shut down for two weeks. city leaders have declared a state of emergency. governor gavin newsom signed off on the declaration which allows officials to seek relief funding and many of the smollett we spoke to are hoping that is the case that they will start to see some funding. many of them don't have earthquake insurance. the mayor says they are sending crews around to assess more of the damage and coming back up your live, he says prepare for back know a lot of people in
9:45 am
los angeles said they did not get any warning about the earthquake to the through the shakelaert system, with people closest to the epicenter get some sort of a warning or not? >> according to the app developer, it should have given people here an alert, but all the people we spoke to this morning doing around in the community did not have the apple readily available. many, like you just heard, do not have earthquake insurance. the case we saw many people never thought this would happen to them although they do live in california, earthquake country. they weren't prepared even with the apple. app. >> a lot of people signing up for and now probably. think you for your report, from ridgecrest. two new concerns over tensions between iran and the u.s., it has nothing to do with a war tu maybe how they might launch a cyber attack. >> bes. and iran. they cite new attackers are
9:46 am
planning large-scale attacks to use against american businesses. this includes reports that over the past few months over 1200 command and control linked to iran were registered and more than 700 of those are now active. national security services are worn new iran's could wield a cyber war between washington. the white house is prepping for anything in every eventuality. here on earth and in cyberspace. >> i was standing a few feet away, yesterday he was serious about this. we have to protect our allies, we have to protect our citizens here and abroad and we are going to do that. >> up till now u.s. engagement with iran in cyberspace has been limited to what experts describe as -for-tat operation. >> reporter: there has yet to be any prolonged back and forth cyber warfare between the two countries. but, on june 22nd, u.s. cyber command confirmed the u.s. conducted online attacks
9:47 am
against an iranian intelligence firm believed to be behind the attacks on oil tankers in the city of hamburg. >> it is a very good very good tactics and techniques and since a very serious signal. >> reporter: iran has a history of retaliating against the u.s. in cyberspace. in 2012 and attacked a major oil company after the u.s. carried out a cyber operation that damaged iran's nuclear infrastructure. now, the preparations raise the stakes and the potential for warfare. >> i would fully expect that they would respond in some manner in the cyber way. and, again, in many ways that is a new domain. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the scenario has lawmakers up. >> will from every thing from china to russia using cyber against us. it is the modern warfare, we certainly know that from our elections in 2016. >> reporter: cyber experts say
9:48 am
american businesses could already be compromised by iranian hackers and not even know it. a risk that is especially dangerous in the midst of escalating tensions between washington and iran. tonight signs point to both countries mobilizing for an online battlefield. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. police in texas a woman who licked the inside of an ice cream container face serious jail time. this is a video that has been shared around the country. you see a woman open up a container of ice cream, take the top off, licks the top and put the right inthe frozen food case. they believe they have identified the woman, but have not released her name because it is an ongoing investigation. they say she could face up to 20 years behind bars for doing that. >> don't do it. >> they took all the ice cream off the store shelves it was any walmart in the houston area. coming up unsolved, summer took an 800 pound sculpture of a hammer from
9:49 am
last year, the thief is still at large potato hammer is back. he may be reaching for the world's largest bottle of antacid today. joey chestnut wins another hot dog eating title. why the 12 time champ says he gets appointed. in of a giant hammer
9:50 am
9:51 am
stolen in many people wondering just what happened to it. >> our credit card crime reporter shows us what happened to the hammer when he came back with holiday fanfare. >> reporter: hammer time in
9:52 am
helderberg. hoopla over a humongous hammer. >> is a part of our culture and town i love being a part of here. >> reporter: on this for the july the community's heart was pounding of the return of the 21 foot long piece of art. >> glad to see it back. i'll never got away with it, i will not now. >> reporter: you may recall this hammer was on display outside the community center but someone, somehow stole it back in october. the artist has no idea why. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: than a 300 pound steel hammerhead showed up. the handle was never found. >> literally the vandals took the hammer handle. >> reporter: so the artist decided to make a new hamill hammer handle from redwood. it was unveiled at the fourth of july festivities for the city. we caught up with the mayor, a.k.a.
9:53 am
dj gavel. >> everybody has a different opinion about it, some people thought it was great, other people thought it was a joke but at the end of the day it got people talking. >> the fact that he took the time to make that and then somebody stole it, and then he replaced it with a quick, that was nice. >> they are happy that people will be able again to appreciate art for art's sake >> develop ramifications of power public art. how it affects people, i think it is a positive, it is a pleasant society to see some beauty and or if you think it is beautiful. >> reporter: police have not nailed down the tool who stole the hammer. >> we are glad we got back we did, would've been nice if we had the handle as well. but we are happy we got that back and elyse is returned to the artist and now on display for the public to enjoy. >> reporter: the 800 pound hammer return to a spot outside the community center. and now comes with a tracking device and there is a surveillance camera nearby. the city is hammering at home
9:54 am
and this hammer is here to stay. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the u.s. women's soccer team has plenty to celebrate this week as they prepare to defend their world cup title from four years ago. >> the team is spending today and tomorrow getting ready for the netherlands for the fil match up on sunday. one of the major storylines has been megan rapinoe's achy hamstring. it kept him out of the for london. replacement did not disappoint. she did so well, that he she feels that press could be here for a permanent replacement. >> i might be the root or get the boot now. but i'm feeling really good i had a session this morning, obviously with the extra rest draped day and i have you travel, it keeps getting better every day. and i expect to be ready for the final. >> it is in the netherlands versus u.s. on sunday. americans looking to repeat as world cup chance, you can watch the final right here on ktvu fox 2 starting at 8:00 in the morning.
9:55 am
tomorrow on sunday mornings on 2 will be on ktvu plus because tomorrow mornings match on ktvu is between english and sweden for third place and then the big matchup is team usa facing off against the netherlands for the world cup. that is tomorrow and sunday morning on ktvu and the news on ktvu plus. we hope you will come out to civic center plaza in san francisco where ktvu fox 2 is teaming up to host the finals watch party sunday morning. we will be out there watching and hosting this event. it will be food trucks and plenty of activities for the family. public transportation is probably your best way to get in and out of civic center plaza, expect a lot of people at that watch party.? i cannot wait. let us talk about food. joey chesnut is once again a top dog. >> champion of the world! joey chesnut. >> chestnut won the nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island he it everyone hotdogs
9:56 am
and buns in 10 minutes. the contest is a fourth of july tradition and this is his 12th time winning it. he could not, however, beat his record of 74 hotdogs from last year's win. >> i always love to had a new record. get everyone out here, they wanted a record, they are out here standing in the heat. but, hopefully next year, i will come back and strategize and figure out a way to do it. >> the winner of the women's contest one for the six-year and the row. >> chestnut may have competition in the state of florida, a man in key west ate an entire key lime pie and 58 seconds without using his hands. this happened yesterday, look at that right there. what is going on there. david johnson be 24 other people at the annual fourth of july key lime festival. key lime pie was detonated as florida's official pie in 2006. we reached out to local media
9:57 am
about how we do not think we've ever tasted key lime pie. she said if you do go to berkeley, they have a good slice. >> she said we will think her later. i said i like lemon bars, maybe it is similar, tart and sweet. a little bit of everything. >> i like cheesecake. >> thank you for chiming in and watching, see you at noon. to
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> live from new york city, it's
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"the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause]. ♪ [cheers & applause] >> thanks for watching our show. say


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