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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 5, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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breezy conditions at least in some spots. we are going to have this as we roll through the next few hours. and as we get into the afternoon. a minor warmup. along the bay, on the coast. not much change from yesterday. here's a look at, well, the golden gate bridge and fog there. santa rosa reporting even a little bit of patchy, dense fog. we'll check in on the visibility in just a moment. but santa rosa, chilly at 49. oakland at 50. san jose, 56. most areas are within a few degrees of where we started yesterday morning. that chilly start in santa rosa, though. clearing in the overnight hours. it has filled in. you can so the last couple of hours, from the coast, around the bay, and well, inland, we've got the clouds with us this morning. but as we get into the afternoon, it's going to pull back once again. late morning by about lunchtime. partly clthe coast. mostly sunny elsewhere. santa rosa airport. reporting visibility down about a half mile. stretches to the coast. highway 116.
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along highway 1, you're going to find a little bit there. and along highway 101. looks like petaluma, novato area. may have patchy dense for you there. the winds, onshore breeze, at fairfield. 20 miles an hour. southerly breeze in napa at 9. the onshore breeze and cloud cover making for a cool start as dave mentioned a moment ago. afternoon high. 66 in areas over san francisco and pacifica. low 70s in oakland. upper 80s to low 90s for our warmer locations well inland. saturday, a near repeat of today. then we cool it down. more on this coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, rosemary. let's get you door you abou smooth sailing wherever you need to g. reports of a fire last night may have been caused by children playing with fireworks. it started just before 11:00, near loop court and mccreary avenue. neighbors say kids threw fireworks down the street.
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and one of them exploded and sparked the fire. one man went outside after smelling the smoke and grabbed a water hose to keep the flames from spreading. >> i worry that our house is going to get on fire, too. so i just grabbed the hose. and climbed up the ladder, going on top of the roof. and try to spray our house with the water. >> i ran to the neighbor's door to make sure everybody was out of the facility at the house. so we're just really glad everybody is safe now. >> the neighbors say at least four trees burned this that fire. two parked cars were damaged. ktvu's frank mallicoat is there now. bring us an update at the bottom of the hour. fire inspectors are looking at the causes of 37 separate fires that happened overnight. they have already determined that at least five fires were caused by fireworks. including this one on
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martinez. no homes burned, but a long stretch of grassland is scorched. pittsburgh, crews were so busy at this point. they needed to call in help from the regional parks crews. the cause has not yet been determined. but we're told fireworks were found at two other fires that burned nearby. in antioch, crews got a fire under nelson drive. firefighters say the number of fires they had to deal with was, quote, over-the-top. they say they suspect many are started by fireworks. throughout the night, they had several medical emergency calls from people who are hurt while using fireworks. no fire crews were injured fighting the flames. time is 6:0 throe. san francisco police say a suspect was killed after he ran onto highway 280. it happened last night near the geneva avenue exit. investigators say the suspect was running away from police, when he ran onto the northbound lanes and he was
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hit by a car and killed. that incident forced the closure of all the northbound lanes of 280, for more than an hour. and one person is dead. another one was hurt. after a car crashed off the edge of a windy road in santa clara county. it happened just before midnight on mount hamilton road, near three springs road and alam rock. about two dozen san jose firefighters rushed out to that scene. the surviving victim was ability to get out of the car and climb up the hillside. as the crews were arriving. she was taken to the hospital. we don't know her injuries. the team used special equipment as you see here. to go 200 feet down that hillside. trying to save the second victim. but found out, that person had died. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. and the chp is staying busy throughout this holiday weekend. as they're looking for drunk drivers. the 4th of july maximum enforcement period will
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continue until the end of sunday. also, they're teaming up with the nevada highway patrol to crack down on speeders along interstate 880, between san francisco and the nevada state line. people in southern california are waking up to more aftershocks. and this is video here from the area. new into our newsroom, that shows some of the damage. the usgs recorded a dozen aftershocks so far this morning. some as strong as magnitude 5. 4. later today, authorities will be looking into the shake alert earthquake warning system. it did not warn people in the los angeles area about yesterday's magnitude 6.4 hit j 10:30. centered in ridgecrest. a remote area northeast of along two seismic faults.
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governor gavin newsom issued a state of emergency to make sure quake victims get the aid and resources they need. as ktv u's monte francis shows us now, the shaking could be felt even in south bay. >> surveillance footage shows the force of the quake. as the building shook. items fell off shelfs and employees ran for cover. the quake shook bottles, wiping rack in this road in the small town of trona. town of just 29,000 people, residents braced for the worst. janet and jerry cricher say 30 seconds and knocked them off their feet. >> i wasn't even sure if i
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could stay on my hands and knees. >> it was never ending. and i tried to get off the couch. and i couldn't. he was starting for the door. and it knocked him down. it was just unbelievable. >> at least two house fires were reported in ridgecrest, after the earthquake. although it wasn't clear what sparked the flames. at ridgecrest regional hospital, patients were evacuated as a precaution. ultimately, about 20 patients were transported to are thefields so engineers could inspect broken pipes at the hospital. >> i started like feeling like dizzy or something? but then i realized that all the boxes were swaying as well. but then all of a sudden, all of the lights turned off. >> the shaking waless severe, 100 miles south in los angeles, where one person took this footage of their swimming pool, with water swashing around.
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seismologists say we have been in a quiet period in terms of earthquakes in california. >> this type of earthquake is much more normal. on the long run, we expect earthquakes of this size. it's not even 6 1/2. the long-term average is probably once every five or 10 years in southern california. >> thursday a quake is just a bit weaker than the northridge quake in 1994, which registered a 6.6. and killed dozens of people and caused billions in damage. the difference is, that quake was in a populated area. while this is far from major city. monte francis, ktvu, fox 2 news. former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick br a nike shoe design. nike pulled the shoe that features 13 stars a flag designed by betsy ross. kaepernick complained that it a
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was legal in the united states when that flag was used. now he's quoted abolitionist frederick douglas. the quote says, what have i to do with your national independence. there is not a nation on earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the united states at this very hour. still ahead on the 4th of july. the secret service broke up a fight right outside of the white house. it was between members of a communist party and an all-right group. still ahead, we have details of the confrontation that happened during president trump's salute to america. also, we just had this at the top of the newscast. how fireworks may have started several overnight fires. up next, where people are frustris enough. joined by the low clouds and the fog again
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slightly warmer weather expected for some. details coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 6:12. no matter where you live here in the bay heard both legal and illegal fireworks last night. and many police and fire departments were flooded with walls. in san jose, some people are fed up with the illegal fireworks every year in their neighborhood. one woman said when she complained, she was told to document the violations.
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>> they expect us to go out when someone is actually setting off the fireworks. when the police are afraid to intervene. but they want everyday citizens to take a picture. >> now, san jose has an online form, where can report illegal fireworks. it will be active until july 8th. san jose city councilman johnny camas says having legal alternatives on the 4th of july, that also makes a difference. >> the illegal fireworks around here have subsided substantially. a little carrot. a little stick. everybody wants to enjoy the 4th of july. everybody likes fireworks. so let's go see the free fireworks displays around the city. >> now, the san jose fire department us also had fire engines strategically in special spots, in hot spots, to keep an eye out for fires. >> this is what it looked like in oakland. even though fireworks are illegal in that city. this is video taken right
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outside of our studios in jack london square. there were no reports of any major problems, tied to the illegal firework activity. right next door. san leandro police seized more than a ton of illegal fireworks. a man saw some large boxes being loaded into a van. when officers arrived, they discovered professional grade fireworks. these can be shot as high as 125 feet in the air. two men are released as police are continuing their investigation. time is 6:14. while most bay area cities have banned fireworks. the city of dublin provided safe places for people to set them off. in fact, three public parking lots were set aside for people to legally set off safe and sane fireworks. one family came from pleasanton, where fireworks are banned to enjoy setting off sparklers in dublin. with the risk of fires, especially in california. it's nice to have a couple of places to come. >> it'strying to give you a safe, controlled
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environment to do it. right? in a parking lot, to where there's not many flammables. as long as you're doing a controlled activity. you know, they have a dumpster that is full of water. so when you're done, be responsible, pick them up and dispose of them in the water. >> dublin is just one of a handful of bay area cities that lets people set off safe and sane fireworks. >> in the north bay, marin county water managers reportedly want people to conserve water, the next time pg&e shuts off water in high-fire areas. conserving water will help make sure firefighters have enough water available if there is a fire. and to make sure that storage tanks don't become depleted. pg&e recently started public safety shutoff days when fire danger is high. san jose joey chestnut is once again totndout! >> chestnut won the hot dog eating contest. he ate 71 hot dogs and buns in
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10 minutes. the contest is a 4th of july tradition. he could not beat his record of 74 hot dogs from last year's win. >> i was going for 75. i always love to get a new record. everybody out here wanted a record. they're standing in the heat. but we'll see. hopefully next year i'll come back and strategize and figure out a way to do it. >> mickey sudo won the women's contest for the sixth year in a row. she ate 38 hot dogs and buns. >> when i grow up i want to be like joey chestnut. >> two is my limit. passes the point of enjoyable at around two. >> i know. steve is off. rosemary is here with your forecast. >> let's talk about something more enjoyable. how about the weather today. we are going to see just a minor warmup going into the afternoon today, for inland cities, saturday. a near repeat. and as we get into the back end of the weekend. a cooldown coming our way. we'll take a look at that in
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the extended forecast. at this hour and this morning, we are looking at a little bit of fog out there this morning. as we get into the afternoon, it will erode. and we will be partly cloudy at the coastline today. mostly sunny elsewhere. here's a look at the noon hour or so. you can see we have a lot of blue sky. overhead. areas along the coast expecting mostly cloudy skies. we'll get clearing over the north bay. we'll get clearing over santa cruz and capitola, late in the afternoon. very similar to where we have been. temperatures very similar to where we have been. a little cooler in some areas, like santa rosa, starting out at 49 degrees. yesterday, low 50s. 54 in san francisco. day in livermore. afternoon highs for today. inland cities going to be slightly warmer. 85 in novato. for the inner east bay. 90 in concord. close to the water, temperatures are going to feel very similar. 66 in san francisco. 72 in oakland for today. as we head into the south bay,
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we'll go 81 for san jose. a mild, sunny, 70 degrees in santa cruz. if you were going out to oracle park. bring along a jacket. temperatures cooling off. partly sunny skies. southwest breeze at about 15 miles per hour or so. lake tahoe going to be really nice. are you headed here this weekend. as we get into the afternoons, upper 70s for today. tomorrow, slightly cooler on sunday. meanwhile, here at home, we have a fabulous forecast as well. temperatures will be very similar as we going on saturday. 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay. nearing 90 degrees for our warmer locations. but take a look at that drop there. 5 to 10 degrees from saturday into sunday. that's a notable change. and then that trend will carry us a through monday and tuesday. gasia? >> rosemary. thank you. sal is enjoying the morning off again. but traffic is light across the bay area.
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typically, the bay brim bridge toll plaza tells you how it is going to be. you can see smooth sailing between those two cities. certainly atypical for what we would expect. of course, many people extending their 4th of july into the friday the 5th of july. don't worry. if anything pops up, we'll let you know about it. bat's general manager, grace crunican is retiring. she said she is pleased with pe next year's tle is being census. still to come. the deadline facing the trump administration. also, it's kamala harris versus joe biden as she responds to his complaints. buy one take one is back,
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6:22. we've following developing story in the north bay, where sheriff's deputies have opened fire in bodega bay. they said the man reportedly assaulted people on the street. christina rendon has more on the story. >> reporter: there's still a lot of questions about what happened here. i'll step out of the way.
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you can see the police activity that remains here. this remains taped off. the sonomma county sheriff's deputies are out here. we also saw police officers from santa rosa. i'm told they are assisting with the officer-involved shooting as well. now, there are few details being released at this hour. but we know the sonoma county sheriff's office and the chp were both called to the bodega harbor subdivision, last night, just after 8:00. witnesses reported seeing a man assaulting people in the neighborhood here. and they say that officers found at least two people that needed to get to a hospital quickly. and they also found that the suspect had reportedly stole a car and was found about a half mile away from the initial call of the location where those two people had reportedly been assaulted. and deputies say once they found that suspect, they say he assaulted and attacked them. that forced one deputy to open fire and shoot the suspect at least once. there is no word on his condition this morning. there's also no word on the victims or how they're doing.
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but we do know that they were taken to the hospital. either by helicopter or ambulance. and the sonoma county sheriff's office says they do plan to release some more information this morning. we're still waiting to get that information. and we're still waiting to hear from santa rosa police on how they are going to be assisting in this officer-involved shooting. as soon as we get details, we'll bring them to you. live in bodega bay, cristina rendon, fox 2 news. california senator kamala harris looks to continue her surge in the polls when she campaigns in houston today. she was in iowa for independence, where reporters asked her about joe biden complaining that she distorted his civil rights record in the first debate. >> that was the subject of conversation for days at end. so you know, if he and his team weren't prepared for the topic, i don't know what to say about that. >> biden also stumped in iowa yesterday, where at least half a dozen democratic
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presidential candidates spent the holiday, talking to voters. >> i'm going to make my case to the american people and let them decide. if you notice, i'm the guy everybody is talking about. >> i come from one of the rural states of america. and i know people appreciate seeing elected people get out in the community. >> the iowa caucuses kick off the primary season on february 3rd. alexandria ocasio-cortez they say they knew of a when members of congress asked cbp, customs and border protection if they knew about a group with up to 10,000 cbp officers they just learned about it. looks like cbp lied.
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they reportedly knew about it for years. they condemned the page saying any employees found to violate its code of conduct will be held responsible. a large housefire. in a minute, we'll take you live to the scene. investigators are looking to the possibility that children may have started a fire. also a flash mob out of control. still to come, the crime that took just 30 seconds to carry out inside a clothing store.
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6:29. we will take you here to wall street, where things were very quiet yesterday, as they were closed for the 4th of july holiday. we only had a half day of trading wednesday. all three major indexes are back open this morning. after the 4th of july holiday. economists and investors are responding to at we just reported, a very positive jobs report that came out in the previous minutes. as the markets open, we're going to monitor what happened and how it affects you and more in today's dollars and cents. hopefully good things to come. >> see? >> there we go. >> and there's the bell. good morning. thank you for joining us, here on mornings on 2. thursday july 5th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. thank goodness, rosemary
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orozco is here. our cristina rendon reported a lot of fog and gray. >> yeah. it's widespread had morning. for some, it's patchy and dense. we will take a look at that visibility graphic for you in just a moment. but yeah, as gasia mentioned behind me. the golden gate bridge is covered in fog. and we will see this for the couple of hours. very similar to yesterday. it will be partly sunny at ere. temperatures are going a chilly san francisco at 55. 60, oakland. san jose at 55. as we get into the cloud cover here for you to see, along the coast, inside the bay. well inland past livermore, along 580. although concord, antioch, pittsburgh. mostly cloudy. and that stretch along 680, right along walnut creek.
6:31 am
perhaps a bit of partly cloudy sky. there's that fog. highway 1, stretches over toward 101. visibility down to about a quarter mile. reported at the airport in santa rosa. looks like you could be in and out of it, heading out towards petaluma and novato. winds onshore. fairfield reporting 22. oakland, 8. concord, a freeze at 12. afternoon highs look like this. we'll go 66 in san francisco. we'll go low 70s for hayward. upper 70s for mountain view and for the inner east bay. 88 livermo. hold with this pattern for the next day or so. and we'll cool down for the back end of the weekend. i'll have details in the extended forecast. sal is off. we're still watching the roads for you. live pictures of the east shore freeway. interstates 80 and 580. you can see for yourself. no problems. things are moving well. we'll keep watching the roads in place of sal to make sure
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if there are any problems, we'll tell you about it. time is now 6:32. illegal fireworks, probably to blame for a fire last night in a san jose neighborhood. some quick-thinking neighbors help to keep those flames from spreading. ktvu's frank mallicoat is out there now in the south bay, with more on what happened last night. frank good morning. good morning to you, dave. you hear the warnings every time around the 4th of july if you're going to use fireworks, illegal or not. you had better be point, an aft firelast night in east san jose. it lit up the night sky in a ho located at 1845, lou court. and that tripe of tree has a very oily bark. and burned quickly in spectacular fashion. two cars nearby, were damaged. witnesses say a number of teens were in the neighborhood, playing with fireworks at the time, when
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they heard a big explosion. >> i ran to the neighbor's door, to make sure everybody was out of the facility of the house. so just really glad that everybody is okay. >> i thought it was going to burn the house and get to our house, too. so yeah. i'm still shaking a little bit right now. >> one neighbor was seen atop of his roof soaking his home. nobody was injured. but as mentioned, the two cars were damaged, both in the driveway of the home here and the adjacent house. and there was minor damage to the home. the owners, by the way, were not home last night. you see the aftermath. the car still has the emergency lights on. that is a total mess. and the trees as well. fireworks are illegal here in san jose, and san jose's fire department is quick to say,
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with the post 4th of july weekend here, to be very, very careful. that's the latest here in the south bay, i'm frank mallicoat. ktvu fox 2 news. time is 6:34. in just the last two hours, 14 aftershocks hit a result of yesterday's magnitude 6.4 earthquake that hit the central and southern part of the state. no deaths, no serious injuries job reported. now, the communities affected by the quakes and aftersho 150 miles northeast of downtown l.a. bottles and boxes were knocked off store shelves. look at the swimming pool here. seismologists say the region is actually overdue for a big quake. >> this type of earthquake is much more normal. on the long run, we expect it's not even 6 and a half. the long-term average is probably once every five or 10 years, somewhere in southern
6:35 am
california. >> now, the seismologists say aftershocks will probably continue for weeks. this is the first big quake since california installed its shake alert warning system. so people near the epicenter enrolled in that program had more than 40 seconds to get ready. but no warning was sent to areas further away because the full force of the quake was not felt there. so the experts are now deciding if they need to change when and where warnings are sent. during a news conference by a strong at earthquake. aftershock. here's what happened. >> we started doing a grid search. of streets. looking for damage. >> after shock. >> that was an earthquake. >> obviously we just had an aftershock. we want to make sure to get enough resources as we can, possibly here to make sure that we take care of the communities that are going to
6:36 am
be affected. >> because we had over 87 aftershocks of this, we don't know what is going to happen. and with that, the state of emergency allows us to seek significant help from other governmental entities and that the reason why. >> the mayor of ridgecrest went on to say that she had heard from the white house and members of congress, all of id many are asking why the shake alert did question state the california authority. >> it didn't trigger in l.a. today, because of the way the parameters were set. and this, while the earthquake was strong where it happened, it was that they, the intensity was moderate by the time they reached l.a. >> los angeles rolled out its mobile app, shake l.a. this year. officials say it operates on something called the modified morcali intensity scale.
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yesterday's shaking was a 2 or 3, but it is set to respond at 4. you'll find more video from southern california. look for the story on our home page. time is 6:37. the white house has a big decision to make, whether to move past a supreme court ruling and place a question about citizenship on the 2020 census. ktvu's doug luzader, joining us live from washington. and that decision could lead to a new round of lawsuits. good morning, doug. >> a federal judge wants to know what the administration plans to about the 2020 census. >> reporter: the military flyovers may have stolen the show. but listen closely to president trump's words at the national mall. >> to every citizen in our land, have a glorious independence day, have a great 4th of july. >> a number of times, the president used the word
6:38 am
"citizen," perhaps a tell to what was going on behind the scenes at the white house. hours earlier he tweeted about the census. department workers are working hard on this, even on the 4th of july. the supreme court ruled that the argument for adding a citizenship question was contrived. and if the commerce department, which oversees the census reverses course and decides to include it. a flood of lawsuits could move forward. >> the citizenshi partisan reasons. >> this may increasingly become a topic out on the campaign 2020 trail. but does the president have an option here? could he issue an executiadd th >> is it practicable? i'm not sure. the government has said, hey, worst-case scenario. we'll continue to print. then we'll add >> reporter: and the census bureau needs an answer soon to
6:39 am
process the count on time. back to you guys. >> all right, doug. thank you. time is now 6:39. outside, the white house says two people were arrested during a clash on the 4th of july. now, they didn't identify who was arrested, but after a communist group burned an american flag, the demonstrators then clashed with an alt right group. the arrest came just before president trump took the stage at the lincoln memorial for last night's salute to america. president trump celebrated the birth of america. in a controversial ceremony at the national mall. while he touting his political agenda. the ceremony did include flyovers and tanks and other public displays of the nation's military strength. the president praised the crowd for braving rain that threatened the event. also, he talked about america's spirit and achievements like space
6:40 am
exploration and technological advances. >> it has willed our warriors up mountains and across minefields. it has liberated continents, flipped the atom, and brought tyrants and empires to their knees. >> now, critics accuse the president of inserting himself into a typical nonpolitical holiday event, and claimed he used a taxpayer-funded celebration of military power to try to boost his own re-election campaign. >> time theft is national headline. but an 800-pound hammer stolen months ago, is on display again in the north bay. coming up, the ceremony and unveiling for the field healdsburg hammer. and a 5-year-old boy fell down a sewer drain. coming up, what first responders use, from a nearby playground to improvise his rescue. and coming up at 7:00. shoppers in san francisco may have to spend a little more for a bag at the checkout
6:41 am
counter. the proposal that would more than double bag fees. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea summer sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only june 26th to july 7th.
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6:44. let's check your traffic. i know many of you have the extended 4th of july
6:44 am
weekend off. many made their the heart of east oakland. awfully smooth sailing. traffic is quiet around the bay. if anything major pops up, of course, we'll let you know about it. >> time is 6:44. new in chicago, police investigating after three people were stabbed during the city's 4th of july celebration. a fight started at a navy pier after the fireworks show. that caused a stampede. and at least 16 people were trampled. the conditions of the stabbing victims remain serious to critical. so far, there's no word of any arrest. gone in 30 seconds. police in wisconsin, busy a ver flash mob in a clothing store. look at the surveillance video. the group rushed through a north face store. they grabbed items and ran with more than $30,000 worth of merchandise. nobody was hurt during this. but police are on the lookout. and they're warning other businesses in that area. >> a student from australia,
6:45 am
who vanished in north korea is safe at home after he was released from custody. alex told reporters he is in good shape. he was among a small group of international students, studying in pyongyang. they said his release came with the help of swedish diplomats. >> this outcome demonstrates the value of discreet, behind-the-scenes works of officials. in close partnership her govern >> sigly is a werner who embraced life in north korea. regularly sharing his favorable views on north korea, with media. time is 6:46. a special homecoming. a giant hammer that was stolen in the north bay, drew some big headlines and left a lot of people wondering what happened to it?
6:46 am
ktvu crime reporter, henry lee shows us, the healdsburg hammer is back. and there was great fanfare. >> reporter: hammer time in healdsburg. hoopla over humongous hammer. >> it's really part of our culture, part of our town. and i love being part of healdsburg. >> on this 4th of july, healdsburg heart was pounding over this 21-foot long piece of arts the. >> glad to see it back. how they ever got away it, i have no idea. >> you may recall, this hammer was initially ide of a communit but someone somehow stole it in october. artist dug unclery has no idea >> then the head showed up. but the handle was never found. >> literally, the vandals tookh it. the new hammer was unveiled at
6:47 am
the city's 4th of july festivities. we caught up with the healdsburg mayor, aka, dj gavel. >> everybody has a different opinion about it. some people thought it was great. others thought, oh, it's a joke. but at the end of the day, it got people talking. >> the guy took the time to make this for healdsburg. and somebody stole it. and he replaced it really quick. >> for uncree, he is hoping that people will be able to appreciate sake. >> the ramification of public art the way it people is a positive it's a plus see s you think it's beautiful. >> we are glad we got back what we did. would have bif we had the handle a but at least we got that back. and it's returned to the artist.
6:48 am
>> the 800-pound hammer will return to its spot outside of the community center. it now has a tracking device and there's a surveillance camera nearby. >> this hammer is here to stay. here in healdsburg, henry lee, ktvu. a 5-year-old boy is doing well after falling nearly 30 feet down a sewer drain. happened about 9:00 last night. in the city of evansville. the boy somehow fell into a hole while watching fireworks with his family. police and fire quickly responded. the hole wasnarrow for their equipment. rescue crews came up with a plan to lower a swing set down to him have him st and be pulled to safety. >> our rope rescue team is trained to do whatever they can to try to makeshift whatever is needed to get the young man out. and that was just an idea. since he had some issues, trying to respond to us, the best thing to do was to get him to where we could basically take care of him. >> the boy was taken to the
6:49 am
hospital and has minor cuts and bruises. officials are now investigating how the boy fell into the train. and whether or not it had been left open from some previous work there. >> wow, wow, wow. >> good work by those rescue crews. steve is off. rosemary is here with the forecast. >> very typical for this time of year. we have a microclimate pattern in place. the clouds staare the to the morning. a little fog out there. the onshore breezes with us as well. we are going to see just a bit of a warmup for our inland cities as we get into your friday afternoon. saturday afternoon looks fairly similar before we take a turn, once again. and we cool it down. we have the clouds out there, along the coast. inside the bay, well inland. and that is going to continue at least for the next couple of hours, before it finally starts to erode and peel back. we are even dealing with a little patchy, dense fog. looks like right around santa rosa, novato. and stretches over towards highway 1. if by chance, you do
6:50 am
have an early morning commute. as we get into the afternoon, we will remain partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. along pacific beach, half moon bay. similar to where we have been the last couple of days. we'll get clearing over north bay beaches over areas of santa cruz and capitola. looks like it could hold pretty tough over areas of that stretch. 54 san francisco. we have upper 50s in napa. 56 livermore. and 55 in san jose. afternoon highs, mid-80s expected for novato. we'll go upper 80s to low 90s for the inland communityoss the east side. 90s forrantioc. close to the bay, 72 oakland. 66 in san francisco. low to mid-60s expected from half moon bay over towards pacifica. down through santa cruz. 70, the afternoon high. a bit more mild for you there. with a little more sunshine as well. 86 in the low 60s.
6:51 am
going out to oracle park for the giants game this evening. partly sunny skies. and 60 degrees at gametime, continuing to cool down as we move through the evening hours. so bring along a jacket. even see folks out there with blankets at times. it if you're going to tahoe. mostly sunny today, tomorrow, partly cloudy. overnight lows. upper 70s for areas friday, saturday and a little cooler sunday. we will follow the same pattern. today, tomorrow, very similar. then as we get into sunday. notice that. a 5- to 10-degree drop. monday, tuesday, similar to what we feel on sunday. all in all, a good-looking forecast. time is 6:51. scientists in sweden say the best way to fight global warming is plant a lot of trees. one trillion, they say. the researchers say all of those could suck up almost 830 billion tons of heat-trapping
6:52 am
carbon dioxide. also, they say there's enough land out there to make room for those 1 trillion trees, even with the existing cities and farm lands. time is 6:52. colin kaepernick speaking out about the big controversy over nike's betsy ross flag shoes. what collin said about nike recalling those shoes. and how he quoted a civil rights legend. and netflix just announced a new anti-smoking policy. it's aimed at discouraging teenagers from lighting up.
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6:55 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 6:55. the labor department just said the un employment rate went up .1 of a percent last month to 3.7%. that new report says 224,000 jobs were created in june at 60,000 more than most of the experts predicted. that's considered a sign the u.s. economy is doing better than expected and companies are finding more workers. also, it reportedly shows more people are searching for jobs. numbers could lead to the federal reserve delaying an expected cut in the key interest rate this month when they may push stock prices down in the long-term and the major markets are all down in early trading so far today. one of the most soon
6:56 am
disappear from newsstands. talking about madd magazine. you know about madd magazine. they will end their regular editions after almost 70 years. mad magazine back in the 1950s, it became a big hit with baby boomers, like me. it hit a peek of more than 2 million subscribers in the early 70s. mad magazine is stopping printing because sales dropped. eliminating smoking scenes along shows with younger viewers. truth initiative, which found depictions of cigarettes and e- cigarettes more than tripled in the past year on several of the most popular programs among 15 to 24-year-olds. researchers reportedly found that scenes of use of tobacco were most prevalent on netflix. season 2 of stranger things was
6:57 am
the biggest. time is 6:57. the u.s. women's soccer team has a lot to celebrate as they get ready to defend their world cup title from four years ago. they are spending today and tomorrow getting ready to play the netherlands on sunday for the final matchup. one of the big story lines this week has been megan that kept her out of the semifinal win over england. her replacement, kristen, did not disappoint. she was great in that game and scored the first u.s. goal. repino joked about a possible permanent replacement in the works. >> such but it's feeling really good. i had a good session this morning. with the extra rest day, and not having to travel anywhere or anything, it keeps getting better every day. i expect to be ready for the finals. >> the u.s. will play the dutch on sunday.
6:58 am
the americans want to repeat as a world cup champ. don't forget, you can watch the world cup finals game right here on ktvu fox 2 at 8:00 a.m. now tomorrow and sunday mornings on 2 will be on ktvu plus. because tomorrow morning's game on ktvu is between england and sweden. the third place. since sunday morning's game where the u.s.a. will play the netherlands. you'll see that on ktvu. tomorrow and sunday morning, ktvu's mornings on 2 will be on ktvu and ktvu plus. if you want to experience sunday's final in person, we hope you'll come out to civic center plaza in san francisco. ktvu fox 2 is teaming up with sf rec and park and hosting a finals watch party. two of my favorite people, gasia mikaelian and mike will host that event. there will be food trucks, activities for the whole family. you'll like it. public transportation is the best way to get to and from
6:59 am
that event. the watch party starts at 8:00 sunday morning. an officer involved shooting in the north bay. we're live in bodega bay with why police opened fire on a man and what they say he was doing just before the shooting. plus, dozens of aftershocks in southern california this morning. new pictures taken just a short time ago of the damage caused by that big earthquake. the strongest one in the region in two decades. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us at 7:00 on a beautiful friday, july 5, and good morning, i'm clark. rose marry is talking about the overcast outside. >> we have a lot of cloud cover in place. a little bit of fog. patchy dense fog reported over portions of the north bay. temperatures on the cool side. 50 degrees right now in santa rosa, which is a bit of a chilly one for you there.
7:00 am
a minor improvement. you bottomed out at 49 degrees earlier this morning, santa rosa. 55 san francisco. 60 in oakland. upper 50s in livermore and san jose. all that cloud cover in place. fairly widespread. north bay, east bay, down to the south bay. it is going to erode. we will have mostly sunny skies away from the coastline for today. some of our far inland areas in the east bay will reach about 90 degrees. a tad bit of warming coming our way as well. we've been watching the visibility over the north bay and along the coastline. dropped down to a quarter mile. for some along 101 as well as highway 1. hopefully not a lot of folks on the roadway. if you have a place


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