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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 5, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. friday morning, july 5th. i'm dave clark. pam cook is off today. steve is off today, too. but the great rosemary orozco is here with our forecast. >> the pressure. >> did i call you the great? >> yes. i think you're great, too. >> thank you. >> and we have a minor warmup coming our way today. but by the end of the weekend, another switch in the weather pattern. and a cooldown begins. let's talk about what you can expect for your bay area friday. here's hoping you have the day off. santa rosa, a bit of a chill in the air for you there. 49 degrees, giving you a live look at the golden gate bridge. still a bit dark out there.
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hard to see from this point. 60 degrees now in oakland. livermore and san jose at 57. here's a different view of that cloud cover and fog. and you can see how it kind of filled in the overnight hours. santa rosa looks hike now beginning to creep into your area. but partly cloudy to mostly clear. it's one of the chillier spots this morning. we're going to see this continue through this hour, and peel back once again. it will be mostly clear elsewhere. the onshore breeze. fairfield reporting. oakland, sustained at about 7. here's a look at what we're expecting for the afternoon. we will have the clouds, clear over the north bay, as well as areas over santa cruz. but along this west stretch, expected partly sunny to mostly cloudy. and the color coding shows you we will only be a tad warmer with more orange and perhaps a few reds out there. when i come back,
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>> all right, rosemary. thank you. time is stabbings of three people during the 4th of july celebration. a fight broke out at a navy pier after the annual fireworks show. causing a stampede. and at least 16 people were trampled. the conditions of the stabbing victims ranged from serious to critical. so far, there's no word of any arrests. time is 4:32. we're following a still developing story in bodega bay, where sheriff's deputies shot an assault suspect. and sonoma county sheriff's department says a man was apparently attacking people near bodega harbor. they say several people were rushed to the hospital. the suspect apparently stole a car was later found on pelican loop. that's when he reportedly attacked sheriff's deputies. and he was shot by a deputy. now, we're still waiting now to hear about the conditions of the victims and that suspect.
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we have a ktvu crew latest throughout the morning. time is 4:43. aftershocks have been rattling parts of southern california during the night. after a magnitude 6.4 quake hit yesterday just before noon. it hit in a remote part of kern county, about 150 miles northeast of downtown l.a. we haven't heard any reports of deaths or serious injuries. but emergency responders are still assessing the extent of the damage in the small city of ridgecrest. that's where the quake hit the hardest. let freedom ring. america is a brave nation. >> and san francisco police report no problems from the 4th of july down at the waterfront. thousand of people line that area, watching the 25-minute fireworks show. now, although there was some fog out there, obscuring some of the view, the crowd told us, they still had a great
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time. >> the ones that are lower to the ground, are really nice. especially like you can see all the different colors, that last red, white and blue one that was kind of a triangle was really cool. >> i like it when the clouds light up. what do you think? >> that's thigh favorite part, too. >> yeah. >> there were several fireworks shows around the bay area. among the biggest shows were in san jose, berkeley, and vallejo. time is 4:34. the secret service says two people were arrested right outside the white house, during a clash on the 4th of july. now, authorities didn't identify who was arrested. but after a communist group burned an american flag, demonstrators then clashed with an at right group. this came after president trump took to the lincoln memorial for last night's salute to america. ♪ [ music ] president trump celebrated the birth of america in a
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controversial ceremony at the national mall. white he avoided toutinthe cere included tanks and flyovers and other public displays of america's military might and strength. the president praised the crowd for braving the rain that was falling and threatened the event. also, he talked about america's spirit and achievements like space exploration and technological advances. >> it has willed our warriors up mountains and minefield. it has liberated continents, flipped the atom and brought empires to their knees. >> now, critics of the president had accused him of inserting him into a typical, nonpolitical holiday event. and claimed he used a taxpayer funded celebration of military power to try to boost his own re-election campaign. it is 4:35. the white house has a big decision to make today, whether to move past the
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supreme court ruling and add a citizenship question to next year's census. ktvu's doug luzader joining us live in washington now, with more on a decision the president could make. it could also trigger a new wave of lawsuits. good morning, doug. >> a federal judge wants to know how the administration is going to handle the 2020 census. >> the military flyovers may have stolen the show. but listen closely to president trump's words, as he addressed july 4th crowds in the national mall. >> to every citizen throughout our land, have a glorious independence day. have a great 4th of july. >> a number of times, the president used the word "citizens," perhaps a tell of what was going on behind the th hours earlier, he tweeted about the census. department of commerce and department of justice are working very hard on this, even on week, that the ministration's a
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adding a citizenship question was contrived. and if the commerce department, which oversees the census, reverses court course, a flood of lawsuits could move forward. >> the citizenship question is motivated by racial questions. >> does the president have an option here? could he issue an executive order to add the question? >> is it practicable? i'm not sure. the government has said, worst case scenario, we'll continue to print, and then we'll add on a supplement at the very end and distribute. >> reporter: and the census bureau needs an answer soon, to process the counts on time. ight, doug. time is 4:37. a student from australia, who vanished, is home safe, after being released from custody.
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alex sigly made a brief stop. he told reporters he's in good shape. he was among a small group of international students studying in pyongyang when he vanished nine days ago. australia's prime minister said his release came with the help of swedish diplomats. >> these outcomes demonstrate the value of discreet, behind-the-scenes work of complex cases in close partnership with other governments. >> sigley was a werner. he embraced life in north korea. he readily shared his favorable views on north korea, with frequent posts on social media. time is 4:38. happening today, in less than an hour, the federal labor department will release the jobs report for the month of june. it could give us a new insight into the health of the u.s. economy. analystses estimate the report will say that employers added 164,000 new jobs last month. that would be the second straight month the job creation has slowed down.
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there are a couple of different reasons that may be true. employers could be less eager to hire new workers or having a hard time finding qualified new employees. economists believe the unemployment rate will hold at 3.6%. that's the lowest rate since 1969. our time is 4:39. gone in 30 seconds. police in wisconsin. they're searching for the 10 men involved in a very expensive flash mob. in a clothing store. look at this surveillance video. showing this group rushing through a north face store, grabbing things. then running away with more than $30,000 worth of merchandise. no one was hurt during this. but police are on the lookout. they're warning other businesses in that area. time now, 4:39. still ahead, a north bay homecoming. fit for a giant tool. coming up, why an entire city celebrated this. the arrival of a giant hammer. and we'll tell you why the
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egyptian government is calling on an auction house to return a prized artifact. and we're still checking traffic. sal is off today. but we're watching things for you. live pictures, interstate 880, right near oracle arena. things moving nice and smoothly. we'll keep checking traffic for you. a slight warmup coming our way for your bay area friday. we'll tell you how long this trend is expected to last, coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is now 4:42. there's a battle right now. a legal battle, for king tut's head. a sculpture of his head, actually. the sculpture of the famous child pharaoh recently sold for almost $6 million on the auction market. but the egyptian government said no, that piece was smuggled, and egypt still owns it. egypt has long demanded the artifacts taken by archaeologists for private collections in museums all over the world. now, egypt is demanding the auction house show proof of ownership of the sculpture. time is now 4:43. the u.s. women's soccer team has plenty. they are getting ready to defend their world cup title from four years ago. the team is spending today and tomorrow, getting ready for the netherlands. they're going to play sunday. one of the storylines been
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megan rappino's achy hamstring. of course, her replacement kristen press did not disappoint. ra pinoe talked about a possible permanent replacement in the works. >> i might get the boot now. preston did such eight great job. but it's feeling good now. obviously with the extra rest day and not having to travel anywhere or anything. it just keeps getting better every day. and i expect to be ready for the final. >> the americans want a repeat as world cup champs. you can watch the world cup finals game right here on ktvu fox 2, at nday morning. now, tomorrow ask sunday, mornings on 2 will be on ktvu plus. that's because tomorrow morning's game on ktvu is between england and sweden for third place. then sunday morning's match is
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team usa, playing against the netherlands. that's tomorrow and sunday morning on ktvu and ktvu plus. now, if you want to experience sunday's final in person, we sure hope you will come out to civic center plaza in san francisco. ktvu fox 2 is teaming up with the sf rec and parks department to host a finals watch party. gasia mikaelian and mike mibach will be there, hosting the event. there will be food trucks, along with festivities for your whole family. public transportation is probably the best way to get to and from that event. the watch party starts at 8:00 a.m., sunday morning. time is now 4:45. a 4th of july homecoming that surprised an entire town. the theft of a giant hammer that was stolen in the north bay, made big headlines. it also left a lot of people wondering, what happened to it? ktvu's crime reporter, henry
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lee shows us, the healdsburg camera came back with holiday fanfare. >> welcome back. >> hammer time in healdsburg. hoopla over humongous hammer. >> it's really part of our culture and part of our town. and i love being part of healdsburg. >> on this 4th of july, healdsburg's heart was pounding over this 21-pound piece of art. >> glad to see it back. how they got away with it, i don't know. >> you may recall, this hammer was initially on display outside a community center. but someone, back in in october, somehow stole it. >> doesn't make sense. >> then the 300-pound steel hammerhead showed up. the hammer was never found. >> literally, the vandals took the handle. >> so they decided to make a new handle from redwood and attach it. the new hammer was unveiled at the city's 4th of july
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festivities. we caught up with the healdsburg mayor, aka, dj gavel. >> everyone has a different opinion about it. some people thought it was great. other people thought, oh, it's a joke. but at the end of the day, it got people talking. >> the guy took the time to make that for healdsburg. then somebody stole it. and he replaced it really quick. so that was really nice. >> he is happy that people will again be able to appreciate art for art's sake. >> the ramifications of public art, the way it affects people, i think is a positive. it's a plus in society. to see some beauty, or if you think it's beautiful. >> police haven't nailed down the tool who stole the hammer. >> we're glad we got back what we did. it would have been nice if he had the handle as well. but we're happy we got that back. and at least it's returned to the artist. and now it's on display for the public to enjoy. >> the 800-pound hammer will
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return to the spot outside the community center. it now comes with a tracking device and there is a surveillance camera nearby. >> the hammer is here to stay. here in healdsburg, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, henry. i got your point. time is 4:48. let's check your weather for friday morning. here's rosemary. >> we're going to warm it up slightly getting into the first part of the weekend. and then cool down by the end of it. giving you a look here. we have that trough there that continues to push through. it's hanging right over the west coast for the last few days. now, it's moving east just a little bit. that will allow our temperatures to warm up some. especially inland, where we have been really comfortable. here's a look at the future cast, when it comes to low clouds and fog even. that little bit of blueicalitying we may have a little patchy drizzle out there this morning. outside of that, we are looking at dry conditions for today. 10:00 or so, we're mostly clear, away from the
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coastline. the coastline will also see a little bit of clearing here. especially over the north bay. especially over areas like santa cruz. our west-facing beaches over there, day after day. we've seen partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. another round in the afternoon. better clearing for today and through tomorrow. temperatures right now, in the 50s and low 60s. we have 54 to start your day in san francisco. for the east bay, 60 in oakland. and the inner east bay, 60 degrees in concord. one of the cooler spots this morning with the overnight clearing, 49 degrees this santa rosa. a tad cooler than yesterday morning. and as we get into the afternoon. nice weather coming our way. low 80s, san rafael. as we head towards san francisco. 60s afternoon high. low 60s expected there. low 60s for east bay shore. and low 90s for warmer spots. like antioch. brentwood. and livermore going to 88 in the south bay. 86 los gatos. 81 expected in san jose. if you're going to oracle park
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to see the giants play. bring the jacket. southwest breeze to 10 miles per hour. and temperatures falling to about 60 degrees and cooling off a bit more over the course of the game. if you're headed to tahoe this weekend. great weather here. upper 70s in the forecast for today, tomorrow. a little cooler on sunday. but notice the overnight lows. in the 40s. going to be chilly, chilly start followed by nice weather in the afternoon. for us here at home, we are going to hold steady through saturday. then temperatures drop. 5, 10 degrees or so. as we get into the back end of the weekend. and we'll carry that into next week. dave? >> all right, rosemary. time is 4:50 from traditional festivities to the nontraditional events. we'll take a look at how bay area people are celebrating the 4th of july weekend. first, looetz check the commute. i'll take emeryville for 400, alex -- oh, actually, this is 880. we're right along oracle. still looking nice this we're looking all over the bay
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area. so far, no big problems. we'll keep checking for you throughout the morning.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is now 4:53. celebrating the 4th of july weekend. from parades to concerts, a lot is going on around the bay area. ♪ [ music ] now, in san francisco, a large
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crowd gathered at golden gate park for a free 4th of july concert with the golden gate band played patriotic music. it's a free show. it's been a tradition for years and years and years. organizers say the shows all about pride and things to make america the land of liberty. and in the east bay, in danville, big parade for 4th of july. the annual parade down hearts -- hartz avenue. 40,000 people came out to show patriotism and pride on america's 243rd birthday. every year, this parade is so highly anticipated, many people stake out their spots on the sidewalk, the night before. in alameda, thousands of people line the streets for a parade there. the celebration include floats and marching bans, and horses. dance troops and classic cars. alameda's parade is one of the largest and longest in the country. the parade route is 3.3 miles more unconventional
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way to celebrate. many skiers and snowboarders from here in the bay area and elsewhere, spent the holiday on the slopes, above lake tahoe. the heavy snow up there in the springtime, left part of the ski resorts, coated in snow. many holiday skiers zipped down the slopes, wearing shorts, t-shirts, even bikini tops. time is now 4:55. well, most of us kicked off a long weekend with the 4th of july. and again, as i said, a lot of things are happening around the bay area, through sunday. once again, here's ktvu's rosemary arose co -- orozco with the weekend watch. >> the weekend here. and in the north bay, monty rio hosts its big annual rockies game with kids game, contest, fireman's barbecue at the monty rio firehouse. in the east bay, check out the alameda summer fair. more than 65 artists will
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feature live paintings, sketches, sculpting, and illustration. live music, poetry and performance art. in livermore, the shakespeare festival is under way. in addition to performances, you can enjoy wood-fired pizzas, beer, wine, as well as other drinks. on the peninsula, enjoy free friday concerts, all summer long on courthouse square in redwood city. music on the square is surrounded by restaurants for dining before, during or after the show. in burlingame, the 2019 park will take center stage. this series will run in july. in addition, there will be art and ice cream for kids. the fill filmore jazz festival. you'll find craft beer, food and more. in sports. a's are away. i'm rosemary orozco. and that is your weekend
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watch. [ bleep ] >> a powerful earthquake shaking southern california. after the break, the damage assessment from there. and the state of emergency now in effect. and we'll tell you why investigators believe a fire in san joaquin county was set on purpose. and we're still checking the roads for you this morning. live pictures near the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems at all at this hour. we'll keep an eye on things.
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holy [ bleep ] >> what we know this morning about that magnitude 6.4 earthquake that rocked parts of california yesterday. and how the aftershocks are still being felt. and a sheriff's deputy opens fire on a man in bodega bay. what that man was doing and why the officer believes he was forced to shoot. good fourth of july and here we are on the fifth. i'm gasia mikaelian.
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>> we were asleep before the fireworks happened. so you know. >> we took it easy. >> steve paulson is off today. but rosemary is here with us our forecast and the 4th of july. >> the low clouds and fog that stuck, still with us in some areas. another warm one. all in all, the pattern will change there are little, over the course of the 48 hours or so. then we begin a cooldown by the back end of the weekend. here's a look at what is happening outside of our doors now. you can see still a dark one out there. santa rosa at 49 degrees. partly cloudy skies this morning. a little chill in the areas of santa rosa. san francisco at 55. and oakland at 60. 56 in livermore. san jose in the mid-50s to low 60s this morning as well. storm tracker 2 there, showing you over the last couple of hours, that low cloud and fog cover, continuing to fill in over the bay area. we'll have this for the morning hours. and then


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