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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 4, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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liberty herself. the the first things immigrants saw ellis island in new york. i don't have to say his name. this is, of course, the great ray charles, "america the beautiful." >> fantastic. ♪ [ music ] >> and if you haven't been to the statue of liberty or gone to ellis island, have you to, at least once. >> it's a moving experience. >> it is fascinating. you would think it would not be. but it is fascinating. it is. >> we're so glad you're with us this 4th of july. i could listen to ray charles all morning. >> me, too. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. and pam cook enjoying the day off. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off, but rosemary is here with the latest forecast. it's chilly outside our door. >> it is cool and breezy. for the afternoon, it's going to be splendid. we're going to have great weather in store for all of those barbecues. the parades, festists. maybe you're going
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to enjoy the ride. pleasant weather coming our way. we will be a below the seasonal average. there's a look at sfo. san francisco at 54 degrees. santa rosa at 56. low 60s from oakland in towards areas of livermore. and san jose, checking in at 63. here's a look at the cloud cover. you can see, banked up against the coastline, inside the bay. gray skies, stretching through san pablo bay. and for the east bay shore, you can see it's widespread. richmond down through berkeley. through areas of berkeley. stretches over towards 580. although not really seeing a whole lot just yet along the valley floor there. the winds are on shore. we do have an onshore breeze at sfo, at 7. hayward at 6. coming in from the southeast. a bit of variable wind out there. but the onshore flow will continue. that will keep the clouds at the coastline and the coast
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line cool for today. low 50s to low 60s is what we're seeing for this hour. as we get into the afternoon, those clouds will pull back. we will remain mostly cloudy through the day. and take a look how mild that color coding is. 60s at the coast. upper 60s, low 70s around the bay. our far inland areas will be in the mid- to upper 80s. and that's about t. in fact, before i let you go, how about some numbers. 87 antioch. 84 for the north bay of santa rosa. low 70s for hayward. for tonight, san francisco and berkeley may be impacted by the clouds returning over and around the bay in time for the fireworks. i'll have details on that, plus a look at your weekend coming up. rosemary. we continue to follow breaking news in the east bay. this is where dublin police are at the scene of a crash that has killed two people. it happened just before 1:45 this morning. near fallon road and antone way. police say a car hit a light pole right in the center median. the driver and the passenger both died. right now, fallon road at tan
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tone is closed in both directions. police are still investigating the cause of this collision. time is now 6:02. sal is off today. we expect light traffic on this independence day. this is a live picture at the golden gate bridge. you can see the fog out there. some of it out there. in very little traffic. we'll be watching all of the roads and the bridges for you thughout the morning. let you know if there are any major problems in your commute. it's the united states 243rd birthday. all across the country. there will be picnics, parades and fireworks displays. that includes this morning's parade in danville. that's where we find cristina rendon. christina, this is an annual tradition for so many people. >> so many people. good morning to you, gasia. and if the chairs behind us are any indication, it is going to be packed. take a look at the sidewalk here. main street danville. tons of chairs have already been placed outer at 6:00 last night. and early this morning. people were staking out their
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spot, too. one of them was gary shazone. you come to danville this. is a tradition. >> this is a here with up go? we're always in the same place. get out here early. so we can enjoy the whole thing as it starts. we're at the beginning. parade. so by the time it gets to the other end, we're at home, having our barbecue. >> nice plan. anything you're looking for in particular that you come out every year for? >> i love the floats with the bands on it. it's usually my music that i love. the hard rock. but the changes in the parade have taken place over the years. and it's fun to see what people are doing and how they're decorating their floats. it's good to see our city officials coming out. all the cities participate. and that makes this whole 4th of july experience part of this parade. >> sure. >> and so at the en
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like we celebrated is an event roughly 30,000 to 40,000 people attend every single year. this is video from last year. is going to start near san ramon valley high. going to go south, ending near sycamore valley road. and it has been a tradition. it's been on since 1975 here in the town of danville. if you cannot make it out here to danville, there are parades across the bay in pleasant hill, vallejo, piedmont, redwood city, freedmont and san jose. if you can make it down here this morning, i suggest you get here early. because there are already a lot of street closures in this area. especially in the area where the parade route is. so parking is going to be a little challenging. but you can see all of these chairs setting up. we saw somebody sleeping in the back of a truck, just to get their spot here. again, going to be packed today. and we will, of course, bring you live updates throughout the day.
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starts at 9:00. if t here early. live in danville. cristina rendon. one of the bay area's most popular 4th of july tradition. the fireworks show. they have been getting ready for days. hundreds of thousands of people normally line up to watch this 25 minute fireworks show. we talked to people who are excited about tonight's fireworks show. and say celebrating america's birthday makes them proud. >> i'm a veteran. and i was in the army. and i'm patriotic. and i like to salute the flag. and enjoy fireworks. >> it's just the freedom of the whole united states. you know, we get to do what we want to do, when we want to, how we want to. >> i heard that this is the happening. so i'm looking forward to it. >> the fire works have launched from barges out in the bay. if there's not much fog. you can see fireworks from several places aroundthe best vw
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locations, san francisco's aquatic park. and at pier 39. >> treasure island is usually a great place to watch the fireworks. but this year, visitors are being told to stay away. that's because there is an awful lot of construction going on there. many roads are closed. and there isn't any usual parking at the viewing areas. we have a list of events, covering more than 20 communities waiting for you at time now, 6:07. police in san bruno. searching for the shooters responsible for that terrifying gun battle inside the tanforan mall. now we show the shooting that happened tuesday afternoon. take a look. a security camera at the happy lemon drink stand took these images of a group of people running on the second floor. then one of them pulls out a gun and fires a shot at someone behind him. one of the shooting victims goes down. also, the video shows a second
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condition. a shot in the stomach. a 12-year-old shot in the leg. investigators say those boys were part of the two groups arguing with each other. this shooting, according to police, was not a random shooting. authorities are still sifting through a lot of evidence from the shooting scene. >> one subject from each group began shooting at the other. to be clear, this does not appear to be a random incident. both shooters fled the area, just prior to the responding officers arriving at the second floor location. >> now, police believe the shooters got onto b.a.r.t., may have traveled as far away as oakland. police did find a pellet gun. but they haven't found a real gun. some of the mall workers say the shooti say they still feel safe. but say there was nothing the police could do to prevent it. >> three military service
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members are being honored for rushing to help the victims of the tanforan mall shooting. specialist mariel young, received commendations. they were working when the shooting began. both locklear and mariel took off their shirts and used it to stop the bleeding. specialist young also ran in to help. >> all of the formal training i had as a lifeguard and as an e.m.t. just naturally set in. i knew what i needed to do. >> what they did was to save lives using the skills they had in their courage for outstanding service. >> the three members received challenge coin toss acknowledge -- their service. armored truck rob in oakland. last week, two armed men with assault rifles robbed a loomis armored car. it happened last thursday at
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the foothill square shopping center. a groper in palo alto. caught on camera. waiting to attack. coming up, the uniqueness of the suspect. some are hoping police will recognize. and independence day celebration. it will take place in washington, d.c. today. we'll talk about the controversy surrounding the parade and the president's speech.
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thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy? 6:12. welcome back to mornings on 2.
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take a look at your screen. sal castaneda enjoying the 4th of july holiday off. and by judging this picture. looks like many of you also have the day off as well. smooth sailing going from oakland to san francisco. we'll keep you posted on any major problems on the roads. time is 6:13. the ninth circuit court of appeals just delivered a blow to president trump. a divided three-judge panel upheld the lower court ruling. this could still end up going to the supreme court. but for now, the trump administration can't use that money to build the wall while there is a legal challenge. meanwhile, the trump administration is changing course saying it is still away from a citizenship question to be added to the 2020 census form. that despite the issue being dropped. and the forms being printed.
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a justice department lawyer says he hopes to find a legally and available path to include that question. finishing touches are being put on the lincoln memorial. ahead of president trump's independence day speech. some are turning the president's nonpartisan celebration into a political event. the parade itself is creating fireworks of its own. there's never any shortage of fire power on the national mall on this day. but this year, it will include some big hardware, too. a display of u.s. military might that has been rolling into washington. >> we're going to have a great 4th of july in washington, d.c. it will be like no other. >> president trump threw july 4th organizers a curve ball, when he announced changes this year. now, we know plans include a flyover, from the b2 bomber, to air force one aircraft, to e america. ♪ [ music ]
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>> the big concert on the national mall will still take place as scheduled. but the president will not confine himself to the white house balcony. >> as you can imagine, this is not without controversy. for one thing, the fireworks themselves will have to be moved farther away from the u.s. capitol. and that's just a start. >> he's politicized the 4th of july before he opens his mouth. >> some democratic members of congress are none to pleased about the president's planned speech. but like everything else, the public reaction may reflect deep political divides. >> 4th of july is really a day of celebration am people are out with their families. and hearing him speak kind of there and have something to say. >> either way, though, the day will end with fireworks. something with bipartisan appeal. in washington, doug luzader. fox news. critics also questioning
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why the government transferred $2.5 million from the parks service to pay for today's celebration. one suggests, the president wanted to take away from san francisco's golden gate recreational area saying they are in, quote, liberal communities. >> problem is, we don't know what the costs are. we do know this, the inauguration cost us measure $7 million and we haven't been paid for that yet. >> add to tonight's event, the president and first lady will be joined by top civilian leaders and also top leadeer from the pentagon. announcing changes to today's planned demonstration. the feminist group code pink said it first picked president trump as a baby. but the policy prevents helium from flying in no-fly zones.
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the baby trump balloon will be stationed near the monument. some will take their message to san francisco bay today. the group plans to display this 20-foot inflatable peach with the letter "m" on it. they say they're scheduling their protest cruise to coincide with the president's speech today at the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. time is now 6:17. 80 immigrants from 31 countries are now officially american citizens. the new citizens were honored yesterday with words of inspiration from a top coast guard commander. they came from a wide range of backgrounds and various ages. i had the opportunity to share in this same day last year. and i can't think of a better way to be celebrating our nation's independence and welcoming new citizens. so my fellow americans, congratulations.
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>> yesterday's ceremony on the uss hornet included the pledge of allegiance. patriotic music. and a lot of congratulatory remarks. for those of us who live in the east bay, i think this is always a big draw. typically, we sweat out in pleasanton. >> you're right. you have to strat geez, right? -- strategize, right? today it's going to be warm out there. but not bad at all. how about low 80s for the afternoon high. in around pleasanton. we will be slightly warmer for inland cities. overall, the pattern is not going to change a whole lot. we're going to remain unseasonably mild. at least for this time of year. 60s at the coast. low 70s around the bay. low 80s for most of our inland cities. we will be slightly warmer as we move forward, closer to the weekend and into the weekend. but still no major warmup coming our way. here's a look at future cast. starting out with low clouds
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on the coastline. we have some inside the bay. east bay shore, ere in the morn doesn't look widespread. but maybe a little bit out there. here's a look into the afternoon. festivals. and the fairs. but for the coastline it's going to be cool. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. and even if you get some like stinson beach. going to be cool. mid-60s to 70 degrees on the coastline. we get into the late afternoon, early evening. things don't change a whole lot. but by 9:00, 10:00, things really start to change. as far as the fog returning. making its way back across the bay. so in particular, areas like san francisco as well as berkeley, if these are your spots to watch the fireworks tonight, just be prepared we may have the low clouds and fog return just in time for those fireworks. low 50s to low 52 in san francisco. and for the south bay, 56 in
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sald in san rafael. 66 in san francisco. low 70s for the east bay shore. upper 80s warmer spots. areas like antioch. concord. to the south bay we go. 80 degrees, san jose. los gatos should go to 82. tahoe forecast. looking good. the overnight lows, a bit chilly in the 40s. but afternoon highs for friday. upper 70s. upper 70s on saturday. only a tad cooler on sunday. for us here at home, our marvelous weather will continue as well. with temperatures remaining in the mid- to upper 80s for our inland cities. friday, saturday or beyond. along the coastline. 60s expected. and around the bay, >> 6:20. in just a few hours. san jose native joey chestnut will try champion. chestnut is an 11-time winner
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and the reigning champion. last year, he ate a record 74 h hang onto the mustard belt and eat at least 75 hot dogs. >> i think i can break the record. i have motivation to just not only push a record. but to push for the win. >> in 2013, chestnut ate more than 12,000 calories in under 10 minutes. 18 men, 15 women are taking part in today's competition. and of course, we am keep you posted. thousands of barrels of you bourbon up in flames. the texas destillery. and the impact this could have. first, though, how many illegal fireworks are already seized in alameda county, look pictures. great smoky mountains. but a beautiful piece of america. thanks for joining us on mornings on 2. our news
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i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. the time is 6:24. this is a colorful start to the holiday. fireworks lit up the night sky in richmond at the oakland
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coliseum and san rafael. the marin county fair is ready for a big turnout on this holiday. gates open at 11:00 this morning. organizer says you'll see all of your favorite fair staples, rides. and the fair is marking the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. a virtual ride on apollo 11. there are artifacts from the apollo space museum. >> think about it. will you ever go to space? will you ever go to a rocket to the moon? no. this is a way to virtually this a great experience. >> the fair calls itself the happiest, healthiest. there are initiatives for the environment. healthier food options and a comfortable place to care for your little ones. the jo is calling to report illegal fireworks. you can snap, click or report
6:26 am
photos of anyone using, storing or selling fireworks. there is also a hotline. fines start at $500 for anyone caught with illegal fireworks. the sheriff's office says it has already confiscated 2300 pounds of illegal fireworks. so-called safe and sane fireworks such as sparklers are only legal and on sale some some parts of the bay area. most public transportation running on a holiday schedule today. how bart and muni are stepping up. right now, we'll take you around the country on this 4th of july. a live picture here from niagara falls on the u.s.-canada border. nice cool morning there. stay with us as we continue on mornings on 2. ♪ [ music ] ♪ living in america
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and this is my home town. >> b >> philadelphia, pennsylvania. the declaration of independence august 2, 1776. you're looking at the home of benjamin franklin. independence day, the song, martina mcbride. a truly great song.
6:30 am
you have to go there. >> bring back memories for you. what were your little boy 4th of july likes. >> you had to go to the liberty bell and see the crack in the bell. and the park where rocky did his thing. >> right. so much history. >> you have to fake take your boys. >> it will be a history lesson and vacation all at once. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us. i'm gasia mikaelian in for pam cook who has the morning off. >> and i'm dave clark. it's still cool outside. cooler than i expected and overcast. >> and a little breezy for some. so if you are getting out early this morning. make sure you bring the jacket. because you just may be a little cool. at least to start the day. as we get into the afternoon, mild weather on tap. it's going to be another fabulous one. with only minor changes expected for today. there's a look at sfo.
6:31 am
san francisco at 54 degrees. santa rosa, 56. we have low 60s to start your day. oakland, livermore, and san jose. temperatures will climb. we'll be slightly warmer for some of our inland cities. but overall, not a lot of change going on. here's a look at some of that cloud cover. along the coastline, fills in pretty good. as we move across the bay. we've got some for the east bay shore. areas like vallejo. and napa. seeing that gray sky. stretching over towards fairfield. partly cloudy for you there. all the way down into the south bay areas. like morgan hill and gilroy covered as well. got just a bit. along 580. 680 corridor in there. we'll go partly cloudy for the morning hours. and for the afternoon. that cloud cover is going to move back towards the coastline. not expecting it to be removed from mostly cloudy skies there. the onshore breeze is 15. concord at 13. bit of a variable wind out
6:32 am
there. the onshore flow. cloudy skies acool. areas like stinson beach at 65. even santa cruz going to about 70. mostly cloudy in pacifica. low 60s there. 66 for the city of san francisco. 70s for our bay side communities. mid to perhaps upper 80s for locations. when i come back, a detailed look at your afternoon highs. we'll talk about your cloud cover and the fog. because it may impact some of those fireworks shows for tonight. more on this coming up in just a bit. time is six:: -- six:32. police on the scene in dublin at the scene of a crash, a deadly crash. ktvu's lee martinez, you're in dublin now. what is the latest and what police are sailing about this crash. >> reporter: yes. you mentioned police have confirmed this is a double fatal accident. the accidentad.
6:33 am
we don't have good visibility from this road block. but we did see the alameda county coroner's van arrive here. the crash happened about 1:43 a.m. it appears the vehicle was traveling south on fallon road. the driver and the passenger were killed. they have not been identified, pending notification to families. and police are still investigating what led up to that collision. now, in addition to antone way, fallon road is also blocked at gleason. in dublin, lee martinez, ktvu a accused of a number of robberies in the north bay. novato police released a sketch of a woman and a teenage girl, in separate incidents last week. investigators say the men were armed with handguns when they stole cell phones and wallets from the women. two days earlier, police say the men stole a cell phone
6:34 am
from a teenager near buchanan street. another look at that stretch now. police say the two crimes could be linked. they're asking for any surveillance video from people lifting in those neighborhoods that may show what happened. police in palo alto, searching for a man accused of groping a woman as she walked down the street recently. police say it happened on the night of june 24th, near marlo street and university avenue. some home surveillance video, captured a man in that neighborhood, about 9:00 in the evening. now, look at this. and look at the way he walks. police say he had been driving eastbound on university avenue. but for some reason, he got out of the car, with the car still running. and then walked to a dark area. >> he ran up behind a female victim who was walking along the sidewalk. and then he ran up behind her. and grabbed her breasts, buttocks and groin area. and then he ran back to his car. and fled. >> the suspect is believed to be between 23 and 30 years old. has a medium height, medium
6:35 am
build. and again, he has a distinctive walk. now, his car is believed to be a 2006 to maybe 2012 white audi, possibly an a4 or a6. again, look at the video. if you have any information, call palo alto police. >> 6:35. let's help you get out the door if that's where you're going. sal is enjoying his day off because it is 4th of july. and looks like not a lot of people going to work as they typically would. any time you see 80s like this in berkeley. you know it's a holiday. something is going on. we're keeping an eye on the traffic for you. we'll let you know if there are any major crashes for you. but so far, so good for your morning commute. triple a is estimating the hikicked off its maximum enforcement to keep drunk driving off the
6:36 am
road. >> we have an i-80 challenge. we are teaming up from san francisco on highway 80 to the border of nevada. the choices you make matter. so make theory right choices. >> the maximum enforcement period happens now through sunday night. >> they're not playing either. time is 6:36. nice weather probably means big crowds with all the bay area parades takes place this morning. and there are quite a few. two in copt ra costa -- contra costa county. one is the big danville parade. starts at 9:00 this morning. but it is so popular and so good. people set out their chairs, their folding chairs along the route hours in advance. and the parade in pleasant hill begins at 9:30. there are lots more that start at 10:00. beginninwiparades at edredwood city. alameda, sausalito, and the rose white and blue parade in san jose. then there are parades in
6:37 am
vallejo, piedmont. most of the parades -- those parades in several other cities have picnics and several concerts after the parades and all day long. more boats are out on the water, during the 4th of july holiday than any other time of the year. according to the national boating safe council. they include having everyone on board wear a life jacket at all times. the council says 76% of all boating-related deaths drownings. and 85% of those were not wearing a lifejacket. the council says no one on board a boat should be using alcohol or drugs especially the boat's captain. a couple of reminders. we want to review fireworks on the bay. boaters are being told to stay away from the lodges. and they're being fold told not to do this. the coast guard warns that using flares as fireworks or
6:38 am
even saying mayday as a check is a felony because it could distract from an actual emergency. most will be on holiday or reduced schedules because it is 4th of july. san francisco's muni, running on a sunday schedule today. but it will run buses instead of cable cars after 2:00 this afternoon. several lines are being rerouted near the best locations to see the fireworks. also, they're offering extra service from cal train, the ferries, the muni metro subway and b.a.r.t. to get to those viewing areas, starting at 3:00 this afternoon. b.a.r.t. is also using its sunday schedule today. which means service really doesn't start until 8:00 this morning. but the regularly scheduled trains will be longer. and some extra trains will be added. the last northbound trains from the san francisco edgebark dero -- embarcadero will leave before 12:30 this morning. the final southbound train will leave at 1:00 tomorrow
6:39 am
morning. and cal train will operate on a sunday schedule today. but is already adding extra service after the san francisco fireworks show ends. special southbound trains will operate from san francisco to san jose, making all the usual weekend stops. the last train will leave the station just after midnight. or whenever it's full. whichever comes first. on our website. you can find a list of bay area, july 4th fireworks and festivities. we posted a list of events in more than 20 local communities. again, you'll see it at 6:39. banning discrimination. based on natural hair. details on a new law that is designed by governor nusome -- governor newsom. >> what one woman did with a tub of ice cream. and why police are involved.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 6:42. live picture. sal is off today. but we're pretending we're sal. we're watching the commute. look at this. you never see traffic like this near oracle arena on 880. but that's what we have rue now in oakland. it looks good. we're going to keep watching the various traffic routes you nd the bay area for throughout the morning.
6:43 am
a volcano in the italian island of stromboli unexpectedly erupted in a deadly explosion. dozens of tourists on the beaches below had to run for safety. lava and ash covered the popular tourist destination. fire crews had to manage a number of fires that broke out. this is one of three active volcanos that broke out. federal officials have raised the alert level for the world's largest active volcano. mawna lowa. they made the shift from normal to advisory status. following an increase in ground swelling in recent months. the bulging ground is entering the val coino. while it is not thought to be imminent. scientists are keeping a close eye on it. our time is now 6:43. the company that makes that popular bourbon, jim beam, suffered a big warehouse fire. but says there won't be a shortage, despite that fire.
6:44 am
that fire destroyed two kentucky warehouse where they make jim beam. and where they age it. the company says 45,000 barrels of bourbon were destroyed. that's almost 2.4 million gallons of jim beam. the company called that just a drop in its total inventory. fire officials say they let the fire burn. so some of that alcohol would burn off. and would not contaminate the runoff that would end up in the rinking court supply. well, the holiday getaway took hours longer than people in new jersey. look at this. a garbage truck flipped over a stone wall outside of the lincoln tunnel which connects new york and new jersey. the truck collided with a bus and five other vehicles. 12 people were hurt. but all are expected to survive. california is now the first in the country to ban
6:45 am
hair styles. they are calling this creative and open work face for natural hair. corn rows, afros and twists were all considered unprofessional in the workplace at one time or another. >> my choice on how i wear my hair shouldn't impact my ability to get a job, keep a job or be promoted. >> with this new law, i hope people feel more comfortable, expressing themselves as they truly are. >> governor newsom signed the law yesterday. limiting sensational ding h to propose exaggerated health claims for things like miracle cures. also, they'll promote based on a health-related claim like a medication that claims to help you lose weight. it will change the way they are ranked. so it will be seen by fewer
6:46 am
people. although the e-cigarette company. a new study suggests it is being branded. in november last year. they took down the instagram accounts. following criticism that it was remark of rationalling. it is so associated with this. young people feature the -- company's products. the volume of jewel-related content on the platform has increased. time is 6:46. solano county sheriff's deputies will be increasing patrols to protect sunflower farms from all the tourists. the sunflower bloom only lasts a few weeks. and seems people just can't resist taking a sunflower selfie along fields on interstate 80. the growers say they don't mind the photos. but the touring vehicles can
6:47 am
sometimes block the farm equipment. and sometimes people steal or damage the flowers. >> some of these people are accessing fields. rolling over sunflowers. in order to get a little picture. you cannot be doing that. >> growers say the most popular time for sunflower tourists seems to be on the weekends. the new spiderman record, far from home set a new record for tuesday opening. >> thank you, spiderman. >> that was so good. >> the movie made more than $39 million at the box office. beating the previous record set by the amazing spiderman in 2012. tom holland reprises his role in far from home. the movie is expected to make around $25 million over this 4th of july week. disney's new role of
6:48 am
ariole will go to singer halle bailey. ms. bailey is african american. she was chosen after a long search. and according to movie director rob marshall, she has everything it takes to play that character. this features several songs. the original composer of the animated movie is going to come back. the production of the movie begins next year. today is the nation's 243rd birthday. and today also marks a s separate milestone for fans. >> we have to stop this. together. >> we're going to end you. yeargoing to end your fame. season 3 of the hit stranger things, dropped
6:49 am
midnight on netflix. more than 50 million people. it shows a small town. the search leads to secret government importance. and mysterious. >> police are going to file appropriate charges when they catch a woman who is called the lufkin licker. >> oh, you foul. put it back. put it back. put it back. >> gasia. are you kidding me? >> no. it's not funny. >> you saw the video. you can hear somebody encouraging this woman. she opens a container of ice cream. takes the top off. licks the ice cream and then put its back in the frozen foods case. now, look. they hope somebody recognizes her and will call the police. workers at the wal-mart store in lufkin, northeast of houston, texas, recognized their store. they notified authorities. they removed all the ice
6:50 am
cream. they just haven't found her yet. >> if you're going to do that -- not that you should. but why would you video it and pop it up on social media? >> i don't know. >> a number of questions about this story. let's hold off. >> okay. all of a sudden. >> all of a sudden, right? >> you know how much i like ice cream. >> oh, yes. >> me, too. rosemary, i don't know. are you putting a pause on ice cream as well? >> i'm saying she's cold busted, right? with that video there. >> it's going to be pleasant out there. it's going to be nice and warm inland. half moon bay and pacifica. if you get to santa cruz, 70s in the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. around the bay. a lot of 70s. going to be nice and mild for
6:51 am
the barbecues. and festivities. and the fair going on inland. alameda. low 80s. a warm day. could be worse. we know it could definitely be worse this time of year. here's a look at the future cast model. when it comes to low cloud. widespread along the coastline. it's inside the bay. into the east bay. it has stretched into the north bay, not being picked up on the future cast model. but areas like napa, vallejo, over toward i-80. seeing some of this. spread east shore. richmond, all the way down through areas of fremont. here's a view of the noon hour. expecting it to pull back. but it is going to remain at the coast. throughout the bay. south area beaches. like santa cruz. areas like stinson beach. not going to get sunshine. it will be mild at best. here's a look at the afternoon. as we get into the second part of the day. maybe the dinner hour. barbecue out there. we still have mostly sunny skies. by 9:00, it begins to move
6:52 am
back across the bay. we now have it into san francisco. and we have it approaching the east bay. san francisco, berkeley. two areas that will be having fireworks tonight. something to be aware of. if you're planning to head in this direction. we are looking at that possibility of cloud cover in time for the fireworks. temperatures now in the 50s as we get into the afternoon. 84 for the north bay of santa rosa. 87 for the east bay of antioch. around the bay, low 70s. berkeley. 66 for san francisco. south bay, san jose. 80 for you there. if you're going to tahoe for the weekend. you've got great weather coming your way. upper 70s in the forecast for friday, saturday. low 70s on sunday. overnight lows, a bit cool, though. in the 40s. here at home. temperatures will only be slightly warmer, getting into the weekend. we have mid-60s expected at the coast. upper 70s around the bay. upper 80s expected inland. l ri thank you. time is 6:53. more disturbing news about your privacy. when it comes to amazon's alexa.
6:53 am
coming up in the next hour, we'll tell you how long alexa keeps your personal information. also, helping oakland's people get off the streets. we'll take a look at these temporary homes now being used in oakland. right now, though, i want to show you a live picture of beautiful yosemite national park. ♪ [ music ] ♪ from california to the new york islands ♪ >> it's okay. you can sing along ♪ from the redwood forest ♪ >> man, this land and this waterfall was made for you and me. did you know yosemite was declared a national park in 1890? well, now you do. you're watching mornings on 2, ktvu fox 2 news. ♪ [ music ]
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our time is 6:56 am, live pictures of the bay bridge. we do expect light traffic on this daybut on this fourth of july morning, that is what we see right now on the bay bridge, basically no traffic. we'll keep an eye on the commuter in the bay area for you. san francisco police are searching for the owner red dog that bit a little boy. here is the dogs owner holding a leash. the dog was left unattended outside i trader joe's on the
6:57 am
street. it bit a 3-year-old on the hand, the child is getting raby s vaccination. the dog described as a light-colored hug type dog with black spots. a santa rosa city leader holds up for monday night, he talk about removing two homeless encampments. one is right along the memorial greenway the other is on six street along highway 101. the city wants to get rid of those encampments yet still give some assistance to the people who live there. public meetings say the city will notify the homeless that they have to leave and the police will clear out those areas. in oakland, they have opened a fifth cabin community for the homeless. this latest cabin community, it
6:58 am
will be home for about 70 people. people who have been living in a tent city under a over pass. the city says there will be 250 people who are in the cabin community. two thirds have moved off the streets and the same amount have found jobs. >> that means people are getting healthier and services and in many cases, they are actually getting into housing.y are social workers help people living there. it will be the united states versus the netherlands and the women's world cup finals this weekend. the netherlands got there final match by beating sweden. the netherlands who are in the orange, there were a lot of scoring opportunities but the game would go into extra time.
6:59 am
the netherlands hit a shot outside the box, sweden had 21 minutes trying to counter but they were not able to score that means they will play the united states on sunday. the americans want a repeat as the world cup finals champ. it will be a packed sunday at civic center plaza in san francisco. ktvu fox 2 is teaming up with the parks department hosting a finals block party. we will be out there and hosting this special event. there will be lots to do with the whole family. public transportation is the best way to go there. the watch party starts at 8 am.
7:00 am
they are gearing up for independence day festivities. we're live in danville as thousands of people are expected to attend the annual parade. we will meet the service members of the ones who must help the victims of that shooting inside of a mall. you'll hear how they managed to save one of the victims. the surveillance video is out showing moments the shooting started. 7:00 a.m., fourth of july. thank you for being with us. your fourth of july weather, you will want to know about it. rosemary is in for steve. go


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