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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 3, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ts a early jump on the independence day celebrations. i heard you guys are off the chain for the fourth of july. and early start to fireworks tonight in san rafael. richmond and the oakland coliseum. good evening. who doesn't like a good fireworks show? we took these
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pictures of the fireworks in san rafael at the marin county fair. the show began at 9:15 pm and lasted for 20 minutes. we check in with deborah a bit later. we are going to begin with amber in san francisco hundreds of thousands of people are expected to watch the fireworks show tomorrow night.>> reporter: we are at pier 39. one of the prime viewing spots for tomorrow's fireworks show. san francisco police tell me they have barricades ready if needed. they are prepared for a large crowd. a summer vacation visiting san francisco's pier 39 and waterfront appeals to many. the city's annual july 4 fireworks show is an added attraction.>> i heard this was going to be happening. i'm looking forward to it.>> i'm a veteran. i was in the army. unpatriotic. i like the flag.
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and enjoy fireworks. >> reporter: crews are setting up for thursday nights fireworks displays. a celebration that is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people.>> it is the freedom of the whole united states. you get to do what we want to do. when we want to and how we want to. >> reporter: in san francisco fog is a consideration. fault or no fog the fireworks show will go on.>> we are going to shoot fireworks. everybody's going to wave their flag and be happy to be part of america.>> reporter: lots of irish coffee will be poured july 4 at buena vista. asap cisco institution at fisherman's wharf. the staff is preparing for the second busiest day of the year. behind only st. patrick's day.>> the manager shows us the 100 cases of irish wispy he stocked up for the fourth. he expects to start up to 4000 irish coffees thursday alone. when the fireworks stop it is a tidal wave. we have to pull out.
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and stop people because you can't even move in here. >> reporter: the restaurant offers a view of the waterfront. on thursday the fireworks. a show this family from omaha nebraska plans on watching. it brings you back to the history lessons we had as children. the celebrations. >> reporter: the fireworks show is scheduled to start at 9:30 pm and last for 25 minutes. the best viewing spots are at the end of pier 39 and aquatic park. the city of richmond put on an early fireworks show. this video was shot in the past hour from our emeryville camera. richmond does is independence day celebration a day early complete with a concert performance by the oakland symphony at crane way pavilion. there's a fireworks show at the oakland coliseum right after the a's game.
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i we have posted a list of holiday events happening across the bay area. millions of americans are hitting the road for the holiday weekend. that includes a lot of people in the bay area. this is what it looked like tonight on interstate 80 from our camera and emeryville. it was a similar scene on interstate 680 and sonoma. aaa estimates a record-breaking 49 million americans are traveling during this fourth of july holiday. in california tonight the highway patrol kicked off the maximum enforcement period. keep drunk drivers off the road. we have a little program called the i 80 challenge. we are teaming with the nevada highway patrol from san francisco and highway 80 all the way to the border of nevada. the choices you make matter. make the right choices. >> the highway patrol's maximum enforcement period began today. and runs through the sunday night. some encouraging news for
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fire crews battling a brush fire southwest of tracy in san joaquin county the alameda county line. the fire is now 50% contained. the acreage has been reduced to 283 acres 500. because of more accurate mapping. there are no reports of injuries. or structures burned. the alameda county fire department and the california department of state parks are assisting in the fight along with cal fire. kessler road across road has been closed because of the fire. we have new information about yesterday's frightening shootout at the tanforan mall san bruno. shops reopened today. is crime reporter tells us police are still searching for the two this is video making the rounds on social media showing one of the two shooters at the tanforan mall in san bruno. he is opening fire on the second floor of the food court. surveillance video obtained by ktvu shows young people scattering after the shots are fired. police say they had argued with another group just before the shooting. i was sitting right behind
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here. suddenly we hear a lot of saltz and shouts were going pop. >> reporter: dashcam shows the chaos as shoppers flee into the parking lot. san bruno police say the two shooters escaped despite a quick response by officers from across the peninsula. an officer was already in the mall the shots were fired. in san bruno police officer was on the first floor of the food court. he reported hearing gunfire on the second floor. >> reporter: a staff sergeant in the mall rushed to help him. 12-year-old boy was hit in the leg. both were in serious condition. one of the victims collapsed in front of this jewelry store. the owner looked on in shock moments after hearing gunfire. it's of between 30 and 30 seconds in a minute. when is it ever going to stop? >> reporter: two groups of people got into an argument. one subject from each group began shooting at the other. to be clear this does not appear to be a random incident. both shooters fled the area
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just prior to the responding officers arriving at the second- floor location.>> reporter: police say the victims were shot or part of the two groups involved in the argument. two other people were hurt but refused medical attention. amari open for business on wednesday. officers were on patrol checking in with merchants. i feel nervous. it is business as usual. i'm still feeling safe. i'm just doing my job. it is not their fault they cannot prevent stuff like this. >> reporter: they belie as oakland. that is where they found a pellet gun on board the train. no real gun has been found. within the past hour the san bruno police department released this new video showing tuesday shooting from a mall camera. at first you see a group of people running. and then one of the people in the group pulls out a gun and
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fires somebody behind him. you can see the victim go down after being shot. that prompts everyone to scatter. some running to the exits and other running into stores to take cover cover. you see the second shooter firing multiple shots across the mall. all of this taking place on the second floor near the food court. the two army staff sergeants who want to help those wounded young people were honored today for their courage in the middle of the chaos. and ruben tells us the young recruits is also being called a hero.>> reporter:>> we want to highlight the recent acts of heroism. >> reporter: they say they are not heroes simply soldiers doing their job. today collects at the time to honor two men who ran toward danger not away from it. could not be more proud of my soldiers. >> reporter: staff shots rang out at the tanforan mall. locklear ran to a 16-year-old who was injured and pleading for help. he said i've been
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shot. i ran to him. i started assessing him. i saw he was shot in the stunning. i started taking off my shirt and applying it to the summit. >> reporter: he tended to a 12- year-old who was shot in the leg. they believe the gunfire was targeted. our job is not to run out. honestly we trained for this kind of stuff. you blank out to be honest. tunnel vision. you go do what you have to do. >> reporter: also on a young recruit who happens to be in the office when the shoot out one down. speco liung hasn't been to basic training yet. she ran to help her recruiters as soon as she saw it was say. the training i had is a love guard and emt. i knew what i needed to do. >> reporter: there were given a certificate of accommodation and a challenge coin. staff sergeant received his
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wearing a polo shirt since his uniform was still stained with blood. afterwards is when you think about it.>> reporter: thoughts not about the risk he took the life you save but the recognition was unnecessary. it is a little bit too much of attention. i'm not used to it. >> reporter: while they don't like the words hero they do like the notion of being a role model and they take that seriously. the ceremony to honor them was held in front of a group of future soldiers. another first in california. the new law that bans discrimination based on your natural hair. why some say they have faced that for years. the holiday week upon us. 4 july plus the holiday weekend. what you can expect in terms the fog for the fireworks and heat. a man wanted in palo alto for attacking a woman walking sidewalk. coming up llthce video police hope will lead to the perpetrator.
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surveillance video showing a man wanted in a sexual battery case. police say he groped a woman while she was walking down the sidewalk in palo alto. it happened last week on university avenue near marlow street at 9 pm. at police headquarters tonight with a description of the suspect and his car.>> reporter:
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we have learned the victim as a woman in her 20s. she was just a walking to her home in east palo alto. she had gotten off of work. and downtown when the assault occurred. neighbors of the quite street fear the man's behavior could escalate into something worse. i want them to find the creep. >> reporter: lisa taylor said she no longer feels secure living on marlow street next to the main floor of the university avenue. her neighborhood described as a quiet suburb with little to no crime. what happened right outside her front door has shaken the community. is sounds like he was stalking her. for quite a ways. up here. he waited until it was just after dark. then he attacked.>> reporter:>> incidents like this don't happen often in palo alto. it is shocking. it most certainly was shocking for the victim.>> reporter:
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video capture this man in the neighborhood on june 24 at around 9 pm. you see the man's car stopped at the intersection. police say he had been driving eastbound on university avenue. for some unknown reason he got out with the car still running lights on. he walks to a dark area covered with trees. cameras don't show what he did next. he ran up behind a female victim who was walking along the sidewalk. and then he ran up behind her and grabbed her breasts but ox and groin area. and then he ran back to his car and fled.>> reporter: the suspect hispanic or polynesian dissent. 23 to 30 years old. medium-high and build. po say in the video you can see he has a distinctive walk. cameras captured the suspect's car. believed to be a 2006 2012 white audi.
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possibly an a4 or a6. the car has california plates the police were unable to get a good read on the plate number. it is unclear if he is from the area. my wife was sexually assaulted.>> reporter: neighbor say they learned about the crime after the victim's husband who they say was distraught went door to door the next day the shipping flyers hoping to catch the perpetrator. is pretty brazen to do something on university avenue. with cars coming by. >> reporter: police tell us they increased patrols in the neighborhood. after this attack. they are hoping the surveillance video will help identify the man. anyone with information should contact palo alto police. the reward for information in an armored truck robbery in oakland is now $35,000. two masked men armed with assault rifles robbed in loomis
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armored car outside a wells fargo bank in east oakland on june 27. officials also released a description of one of those two robbers. he is described as a black man in his 30s about six feet tall. 280 pounds with a bald head and dark complexion. authorities might be taking a tougher stand against public nudity. at lake tahoe beaches. some beaches have been considered clothing optional for decades. sheriff deputies in nevada say they had a conversation last weekend with a group of new sunbathers on the lake's eastern shore. deputies told the reno gazette the sunbathers were making lewd gestures. authorities say while it has been tolerated for years going nude at the lake is still against the law. marine mammal center said they are caring the lion pup spotted at ocean beach. san francisco police were called to assist with the public. the mammal center said it appears to be a yearling and is receiving treatment at their facility in sausalito. they have seen high numbers of sea lion pups stranded this year. the center also said if you happen to see one do not approach it.
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instead call for help. it has been mild this week. it will continue that way tomorrow. 4 july is not going to be a hot one. it will be mild. temperatures in the coast upper 50s to low 60s. around the bay redwood city upper 70s. the hotspots livermore valley and down to morgan hill middle 80s. it is not that warm. it won't be hot which is good. the system here the low pressure system is weekend this high over here. there is a high pressure here. it splits the two. the air rises when you get next to a low essentially. we have drifted up the marine layer quite a few feet. it is pushing inland. we don't see fog t we are now. today we did not. we see the cool air pushing and. the marine layer is just not visible fog.
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it is the high humidity concentrated air. tomorrow a lot like to date your fourth of july looks like a good one. the fireworks i have a forecast. just know it will be jackets bay in england. and inland. middle 60s tomorrow. upper 60s in concorde livermore area. it is not going to be a hot one. it will be nice. we will see clearing along the coast. i will see you back here with specifics. for your fourth of july and beyond. 80 immigrants from 31 countries were sworn in as u.s. citizens today. on the deck of the uss hornet. the new citizens were honored with words of inspiration from a top u.s. coast guard commander. the 80 people come from a wide range of backgrounds and various ages. those who spoke with have one thing in common. a love of the usa. i had the opportunity to share in the same date last year. i can't think of a better way to be celebrating our nation's
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independence and welcoming new citizens. my fellow americans congratulations. today ceremony on the hornet included the administration of the pledge of allegiance. adriatic music and congratulatory remarks. millions of dollars in illegal fireworks. cal fire is big halt the season. and where they say many of those illegal fireworks come from. in the north bay no need to wait until the fourth for a firework show. we will show you the fireworks at the marin county fair tonight. also why the fair this year is said to be out of this world. a first and a sketch from police as they look for a suspect wanted in 2 armed robberies.
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new information on a robbery we told you about last night. novato police released a sketch today. of one of the suspects accused of robbing two women and a teenage girl in separate incidents last week. investigators say the men were armed with handguns. when they robbed the women of their cell phones and wallets on friday afternoon near seventh street and marion avenue. the teenager was also robbed of her cell phone near cambridge and buchanan street last wednesday. here is another look at the sketch. the two crimes could be linked. they are asking for any surveillance footage from people living in those neighborhoods that may show the suspect. alameda county sheriff
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department have confiscated more than 2300 pounds of illegal fireworks. so far this week. here's a look at their hall. ariel fireworks including rockets and aerial missiles are banned in all of california. so-called safe and sane fireworks like sparklers smoke balls are legal and on sale in about a dozen bay area cities. illegal fireworks are big business. cal fire has seized more than 140,000 pounds of illegal fireworks this year. that is more than $23 million worth of roman candles or m 80s. they have also cited more than 500 people and arrested more than 35 others. authorities say the illegal fireworks are coming fresere ar legal such as nevada. we are located close to nevada. go across to nevada to purchase the fireworks and then try to bring them back across. the big time fireworks might be fun but they can cause
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major problems. cal fire said two out of every five virus on the fourth of july are caused by fireworks. virus. last-minute preparations for president trump's salute to america. why some say the taxpayers would end up footing the bill for a campaign style event. how about the giants. a big night mark will have a update on their winning streak in sports. law banning discrimination based on hairstyles. you feel like you have to conform to a certain norm. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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starting january 1 california will banned discrimination against people of color due to their hairstyles. the governor signed a bill today. the law is meant to end a type of bias can have a lasting impact on a person's life and career.>> reporter: her edges just press. here are now silky and straight. local attorney lenore taylor explains why she chooses not to wear her natural hair. you have to present a certain way in my profession. i go to court and meet clients. you feel like you have to conform to a certain norm.
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>> reporter: professionalism is judged by appearance. for men and women of color their hair is a big part of that. twist cornrows frozen dreadlocks have all been considered at one point time or another unprofessional in the workplace. i have a lot of clients to cut their hair off because of the stigma that was given to them. they cut it off because they did not want to be associated. even though they love their hair. they want to get a job.>> reporter: owner of a salon in oakland rhonda glynn started a natural hair training academy teaching other people how to do natural hair since it is not taught in cosmetology school. is not fair for us to have to conform. because of the people are afraid of how we look.>> reporter: holly mitchell of los angeles authored the crown act. which stands for creating a respectful and open workplace for natural hair. the bill outlaws racial discrimination in the workplace and public schools based on hairstyles. the bill did not get a single
10:29 pm
nobles and was signed wednesday by governor gavin newsom. my choice of how i wear my sh hair should not impact my ability to get a job or be promoted.>> reporter: the ladies at the salon question the oversight. who will hold people accountable? they agree it is a step in the right direction. is sounds good. it is encouraging. that it is being heard. at least the conversation as they are. that is a start. with the new law i hope people feel more comfortable in expressing themselves. as they truly are. the ninth circuit court delivered a setback today for the president and his fight to build a wall at the border. a divided three-judge panel upheld a lower court decision pending the white house from diverting billions of dollars from the defense department. the case can still end up going to the u.s. supreme court. for now the administration cannot use the money to build a wall during the legal challenge. the trump administration
10:30 pm
changed course today is that it is still looking for a way to include the citizenship question on the 2020 census form this by saying the issue was dropped yesterday. a justice department attorney said he is hoping to find a legally available path to include the question. the supreme court has ruled against including the question and the census bureau said yesterday the printing had begun without it. a lawyer arguing against the question said the president is trying to sow confusion and fear among the immigrant communities. reports suggest the interior department consider taking money from san francisco's golden gate recreation area and other federal parks in so-called liberal communities to pay for president trump's beefed up fourth of july celebration. ray bogan tells us critics are questioning why at least one half million dollars is being shifted from parks to pay for the event. >> reporter: president trump said the salute to america will be the show of a lifetime. critics are concerned about the cost and that it will turn into
10:31 pm
a campaign rally for the president at taxpayer expense.>> military bands fireworks tanks and flyovers are all scheduled for the first ever salute to america on independence day. i would like to see the president keep it to the celebration of independence. >> reporter: trump will be joined by the first lady acting defense secretary and chairman of the joint chiefs in addition to other military leaders. u.s. police say they are ready to provide high security. all of our partners across the region. see large crowds come in for inaugurations. for july 4. for any big protest.>> reporter: and antiwar pro-peace organization will be protesting with the trump baby balloon. we want to denounce donald trump politicizing in militarizing 4 july.>> reporter: projects are concerned about the cost after reports that the national park
10:32 pm
service will divert $2.5 million for the event. dc's delegate to congress eleanor holmes norton said residents will end up paying the highest price. we have no idea what the costs are. we do know this. that the inauguration cost more than $7 million. we haven't been paid for that yet.>> reporter: the salute to america is one hour of a full day of events including the national independence day parade in the capital fourth concert. marin county fair in san rafael open today in time for the long holiday weekend. tonight in addition to new attractions people attending got to see fireworks without having to wait until the fourth. deborah is at the fairgrounds tonight with those fireworks wrapped up a little more than an hour ago.>> reporter: a beautiful fireworks show survival in the independence day production. take a look. this is how they wrapped up the
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first day of the marin county fair. here at the civic center in san rafael. there will be a 15 minute fireworks show over the lagoon every single night of the fee. which is five days. it ends sunday night. the fairs theme this year is over the moon. sparking 50 years since the moon landing. like in the county fair arends summertime favorites. but with the beloved traditions some cutting edge tech. this exhibit hall. the fair marks 50 years since the moon landing. we had moon scapes. we had moon pies. crescent moon designing. the appropriate all of our categories.>> reporter: moons in every phase. art and photography even culinary creations. pretend it was them taking out one small step.
10:34 pm
kids are making paper rockets with l.e.d. lights. as they tire of spinning on the carnival midway virtual reality can provide a ride on apollo 11. will be ever go to space? will you ever gone the rocket to the moon was not is is a way to experience that.>> reporter: the petting zoo provides the real critters with augmented reality layers ascending farm animals into space. i did not expect this at the fair. it is great. this is a great experience for all the kids. big kids too. >> reporter: dozens of artifacts are on loan from the space station museum in the bottle. including many items from actual missions. they basically wore this more than sitting in it.>> reporter: this full-scale model of the friendship seven the capsule john glenna went up in. this one made of cardboard. in tiny size always a surprise. the only window
10:35 pm
that john glenn had to look out of. they weren't even going to give him that window. he had to say i'm not going if i don't get a window.>> reporter: you have to love the county fair. kicked off the concert series tonight. this fair runs from 11 am until 11 pm. fireworks at 9:15 pm nightly. admission is $20. if you're under 12 are over 65 $15. looks like they got a good turnout.>> reporter: looks pretty good. not so crowded you could not get around. this might have been a great day to come. the marin county fair. still to come new efforts to help the homeless off the street in oakland. see the new community of cabins that is opening in the city. what leaders are saying about the success rate. we are looking into the weather the next couple days. heading to the holiday weekend. what you can expect.
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problems today using facebook and instagram. what the company is saying about the cause. show me the crown.
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sonoma county sheriff
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department is asking for the public's help in finding a suspect in a shooting that injured two people in the small community of bloomfield west of the toddy. it happened last saturday night. investigators say is stem from a gang-related fight. two suspects are already in custody. a third 21-year-old eduardo lopez is still at large. authorities say he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call 911. san francisco police are looking for the owner of a dog a bit a little boy in an unprovoked attack. these photos show the dogs owner holding a lease. the dog was left unattended outside the trader joe's. when it bit a three-year-old boy on the hand. the toddler is getting rabies vaccinations as a precaution. police say the grabbed his petand left the store without identifying himself. the dog is described as a light- colored pug type with black spots. reg leaders have awarded permits away mode to begin testing their self driving cars
10:40 pm
on roads in california. with passengers. the state public utilities commission said they cannot charge passengers during the testing phase and human driver has to remain behind the wheel. they are a subsidiary of google's parent company alphabet. they are hoping to launch a robot taxi service. you may recall last year they became the first company to be awarded permission from the dmv to operate fully autonomous cars without human drivers behind the wheel. stocks rallied ahead of the fourth of july a shortened training day for the holiday. dow jones jumped 179. nasdaq rose 61. s&p gained 22. all three indexes set new records. traders are hopeful talks will bring an end to the trade dispute between the u.s. and china. if you are on social media today you notice facebook and instagram have problems loading images and videos and other data. people were unable to load photos on facebook view stories on instagram or send photo messages on what's app. a facebook spokesperson said
10:41 pm
the issue was triggered during a routine maintenance operation. will be passed said it is taking down is service starting tomorrow morning. the subscription movie service that will be working on an improved version of its mobile app. it did not say how long the service will be affected. the financially troubled company sick customers will be credited for lost days. tonight was military appreciation night at the oakland a's game with dozens of people coming out early to pack up care packages for troops overseas. some of the a's players along with team staff and families organize comfort kit for troops who were deployed overseas. the care packages include snacks t-shirts and hats along with a note from home. nick hundley was among the players who help the pack up the boxes. we obviously have the ability to play baseball. and these girls will have the ability to vote. and to pursue whatever passions they have in life.
10:42 pm
and the main reason is because people have sacrificed their lives and freedoms. and gone away from their families to fight. for those freedoms. the volunteers packed up 400 boxes that will be shipped to servicemen and women deployed in iraq and afghanistan. muscles the latest casualty of last month's triple digit heat. new cabins for dozens of homeless people. the effort to get people off the street into these cabins and eventually into permanent housing. bill martin has the holiday weekend forecast. he is back with how fault will factor in. bald.
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the u.s. coast guard rescued teenagers who was sailing on and strong winds. the coast guard release video showing the pair in a small sailboat taking on water. this was at 6 pm last night. a swimmer help to bring the bolds and the teenagers to safety. the coast guard said strong winds causes three other sailboats the capsize last night. fortunately no injuries were reported. a researcher at uc davis said it was so hot along the northern california coast in june that muscles utterly cooked to death inside their shells. jacqueline took pictures of the
10:46 pm
muscles on the shore and bodega bay. on the rock she said the temperature could've reached 105 degrees essentially boiling the muscles to death. she estimated about 30% of the muscles in a mile-long stretch of shoreline were killed during the heat way. climate scientists say as the earth continues to warm discoveries like this will become more common. just like many cities oakland is struggling with how to help get its growing homeless population into stable housing. one possible solution has been what leaders call the community cabins program. housing people in tough sheds. oakland is about to open is largest tuff shed community. >> reporter: this tent city on 35th avenue has been home to latosha hardeman for quite a while. she will soon be among 70 homeless people now living in camps along the oakland emeryville order who are moving next week.
10:47 pm
into a community of 70 cabins not far on mandela parkway. should be better.>> reporter: this will be the largest of five community cabins are tough sheds. these new cabins are of better quality. they are not tuff shed. that's why we are not calling them tuff shed anymore. we spent months doing outreach with these sheltered residents. ensuring that we heard what their needs are. their desires are.>> reporter: caltrans is leasing the lot for a dollar a month. it is often another instance of. we have 10 positions unwilling to offer and give those as opportunities for jobs.>> reporter: emeryville is sharing operation costs because the homeless are living thereto. the cabins come with electricity plumbing on site and there are social workers assigned to help residents here it more permanent housing. the 250 people who have the city said two thirds have moved off the streets and about the
10:48 pm
same have found jobs. people are getting healthier. they are getting services. and in many cases and the majority of cases they are actually getting into housing.>> reporter: critics call the communities open-air prisons and say they are not a solution to the homeless crisis. the mayor disagrees. i do not apologize for doing something to actually lessen human suffering. another cabin community is expected to open sometime in september. get ready for tomorrow's holiday. hope you have it all. the weather looks like it will be pretty mild. what we have today is what we are getting tomorrow because of this low pressure center. it is not there this time of year. it will set us up with a pattern that will give us temperatures at the coast in the low 60s. around the bay in the 70s. inland in the 80s. those other microclimates.
10:49 pm
you will see variations. minor changes into the bay area weekend. these were the highs from today. like yesterday. very similar. they were rolled into tomorrow and be somewhere tomorrow. what you see is about what you will see tomorrow. what will you see on friday and saturday. no major changes. the story is that low i showed you. they are getting rain in the cascades. afternoon thundershowers around bend. for us it is really enhanced that marine layer. enough that it is in some places went away. it pushed it up over the coastal hills. we see temperatures in linn that are running pretty cool. cooler than that you would expect for this time of year. because of the strong robust seabreeze. the fog is pulling back into night. it will be there tomorrow morning. the green represents seabreeze. this time of night in fairfield would not be hard to be 75. it is 63 right now. that is the seabreeze.
10:50 pm
there is the fog working its way to the golden gate bridge. you can't see it here. the satellite shows it at the golden gate bridge. the fog will be there tomorrow morning. it burns back to the coals like you did today. there will be breaks at the coast. there will be breaks. pacifica and half moon bay. the temperature footprint looks like that tomorrow. your fourth of july. that is your friday and saturday as we go into the holiday weekend. is the typical fourth of july around the bay area. it will require jacket and such at the coast for sure. at the bay as well. along the bay temperatures will be in the low low 60s. the fireworks time. inland where you might expect 70s you will be looking at middle 60s. and maybe some upper 60s. mostly middle 60s. what we see tonight is what we will see tomorrow night. i'm not seeing temperatures that much warmer than 59 or 62 degrees inland. forecast highs tomorrow like today.
10:51 pm
a good news is we are not dealing with high fire. we always have high fire danger. we don't have a red flag warning up. we don't have a spare the air. this pattern is nice for that. it gives was clearing along the coast the next couple days. stella hit the san francisco giants do it again. another big night at the plate. if they extended their winning streak coming up next in sports. new surveillance video from inside tanforan mall. see the moment gunfire erupted between two groups of young people.
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10:54 pm
the giants is still in last place. they are on a roll. you say that with a straight face. you can't won the world series every year. what you can do is build a team that is not boring. there have been times. snooze bill for the giants. not lately. they are on a roll. tomorrow will be there first fourth of july off since 1941. all kinds of first tonight. first time they swept a three- game series. first time they have gone back to back. it is fireworks night. we will start this thing early. the giants get to it. evan longoria his fourth home
10:55 pm
run of the series. to get it rolling for the giants. his 11th of the year. i said it was a back to back. there is alex dickerson former padre losing it to deep right. kevin pilar is beamed by that page by lewis. he can't believe. it begins a big four run six ending. will myers offensive. he cannot see it. the ball drops when you're going good you are going good. call it a double and rbi for pablo sandoval. this kid austin slater. they just brought up from the minus a couple days ago. another base hit to right. the giants. pablo dancing in the dugout. will smith 22-22. for in a row. like fireworks night for holiday spirit.
10:56 pm
nothing but four hours and 40 minutes of frustration to get the fireworks. early it is all a's. ramon three run homer. his 14th of the year. on defense helping to protect the early lead. it is a beautiful backhand catch. runners at first and third at the time. nobody is going to score. however the twins eventually tie. we go to the top of the 12. there it is. mitch garber with a base hit to left. the fastest man in the major league. byron. the a's bottom half. but are denied. they have won eight out of 12. this is all about soccer weekend. team usa men and women. we will start with the women in the world cup. they know who they will be facing in the final. it is the netherlands. an exciting for both squads. the 56 minute. fisher of sweden. with a say.
10:57 pm
to keep it 0-0. it seems like she just at her fingertips on that. and denies the goal. onto the 64th minute. vivian with a header. sweden's goalie the save. she manages to keep it out of the net. just getting her hand up there. now to the 99th minute. maybe a little fatigue on both sides. the netherlands jackie ronan will score after a couple quick tic-tac-toe passes. the only goal 1-0 the final. it will be the netherlands versus usa. sunday. their first meeting together since 2003. pile it on. men. it is the men of usa going to the final. ninth minute team usa weston
10:58 pm
mckinnon. with a side footer. they'll reach the directed target to make it 1-0. they had a 90 minute weather delay. they are in nashville. thunder and lightning. the did not keep the usa from having moments on diomede 52nd minute. christian he had 2 tonight. off the rebound they are. it is a 3-1 final. team usa will meet in mexico sunday in the gold cup final. billie jean king you can name a number of them. how about the new name and tennis? do not forget it. cocos williams on monday at wimbledon. today she moves on again. she takes magdalena straight sets. only 10 unforced errors with her family to watch her.
10:59 pm
the youngest player ever going to qualifying to move on to the third round at wimbledon. we have time to check this out. interesting tonight. you know about mike when his grandfather. watch grandpa in left field at fenway park for the boston red sox make a beautiful throw to the plate. to nail an unnamed oakland a's. his grandson mike in san diego. the giants new right fielder comes up throwing just like grandpa. he is also got an arm. it's his man at the plate. a little of the here and now. from the family. all worth checking out. what feels like a friday night. it is 11 pm and time for more news. next at 11 pm. new information about
11:00 pm
yesterday's terrifying shooting at the tanforan mall in san bruno. new video from inside the mall. of the gunman who are still at large. shots at the tanforan mall reopened today is police continue to search the shooters. hello again everyone. investigators say the shootout involved 2 groups of young people. late tonight san bruno police released new video showing the shooting as it happened. you see a group of people running. at one point one of them pulls out a gun and fires somebody behind him. you can see one of the victims go down. after being shot. the video also showed a second shooter across the way. everyone starts running to the exits or in the stores to take cover. police say the shootout stemmed from an argument between the two groups of young people


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