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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 2, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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hazmat crews swarming onto the facebook campus in menlo park. what was the problem there, what the crews think they found and when facebook employees will be allowed back in to their building. i do not apologize for saying this president use ester roar as a weapon. >> oak land mayor libby schaaf doubling down on comment she made about president trump's handling of immigration and reaction to the comments. thank you for joining us. i'm pam coday for you.
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steve is right over here. it will be a nice day for us. here. 60s, 70s, 80s. the weekend warmer. the 4th looks cooler. patchy fog, not much at all. far less than we saw yesterday at this time. sunny to mostly sunny. higher clouds scooting through. record rainfall to portland yesterday. 54/hundred from a thunderstorm. that low is responsible for rain there. keeping news the 60s, 70s and 80s. little bit below average on a lot of these temperatures. inland temperatures running below average. 40s, 50s, 60s, settling in to more 50s, uniform, i so thermal as i have seen around the bay. berkley in the city, mid 50s. a little bit of fog.
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that low is going to hang around for a couple of days. 60s, 70s, 80s. subtle changes day-to-day. >> i can tell there is less fog, steve. i noticed it in my traffic cameras. i can see the beginning of the sunrise. the maps, we want to have you covered north bay, westbound, through cor dealia. see green here, no big problems to tell you about this is good news. slowing on 680. no specific problems there. the east shore freeway, nice clear picture here. a nice fast drive for that distance. bay bridge toll plaza, meeterring lights are not on yet. i suspect in the next 20 minutes or so, that will change. a quick look at the san mateo bridge.
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we continue with the developing story from menlo park. testing continues this morning on a suspicious package sent to facebook that may contain a deadly nerve agent. >> reporter: good morning. the scene cleared 14 hours after the initial report for a suspicious package came in here at the facebook mailing facility. we got an update around 1:00 this morning, about that hazmat situation from the menlo park fire protection district. we will take you to video from yesterday. crews went in to the building for a second time after 10:30 last night and took out the suspected package to run more tests away from the scene. the testing process likely won't be done until later today. pictures showing menlo firefighters and other hazardous materials teams decontaminating themselves last night. this started before 11:00 a.m. yesterday. a package set off app alarm that may have contained sarin,
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a deadly odorless nerve agent. four buildings were evacuated. fire officials say they don't believe the package contained sarin but will continue testing. so far employees are okay. >> we had five in the building, two with potential, if there was any exposure but not showing signs or symptoms. >> reporter: in a statement a facebook spokesperson said quote the safety of our employees is our top priority and we will share additional information when sit available. we reached out to facebook and are waiting for an update from them. once we have that, we will bring it to you, live. a deadly car crash at sfo left a man dead and two others with life threatening injuries. it happened yesterday afternoon in the arrivals area of sfo's international terminal. police say a car accelerateed
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from the curb and hit several pedestrians. two men and a woman were critically hurt and rushed to the hospital. one of the men died at the hospital. the driver did stay at the scene and cooperated with police. the driver was not impaired. it appears to be an accident. happening today, hundreds of people in the bay area are expected to protest conditions at immigration detention centers along the southern border. demonstrators plan to call attention to the lack of medical care and separation of families at the camps and concerned about sanitary conditions in the detention centers. rallies are planned for walnut creek, santa rosa and san francisco, more protests here and throughout the country are planned throughout the month. billof federal dollars are headed to the boarder to help the government deal with the surge of central american immigrants. president trump signed a $4.6 billion aid package designed to improve care
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trump administration has to handle them. lawmakers wanted tougher protections for migrants. libby schaaf is facing criticism for comments she made about the president here on mornings on 2. don't want these acts of terrorism to paralyze our good families. >> are you calling what the president is doing an act of terrorism. >> i believe what he is doing is terrorizing our families. >> in a discussion yesterday, mayor schaaf called it an act of terrorism. viewers objected to schaaf's language by saying she went too far in her comments about the president. she defend what had she said. she later defended what she said. >> i do not apologize for saying this president uses terror as a weapon to scare people. >> mayor schaaf and the president have publicly fought about sanctuary status in the
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past. the president threatened to have her arrested after warning of a raid in march of last year. president trump warned of a raid last week before delaying it. he said the raids will start after the 4th of july holiday. the united states want tariffs on several products imported from europe. the u.s. trade representative released a list of 89 products that could be subject to extra taxes including meat, cheese, olives, whiskey and metal products knead eu countries. it's a long running subsidy dispute between boeing and airbus. a federal judge in san francisco will hear arguments from the company that makes the weed killer round up. or a reduction in the $80 million jury award to a man who says round up caused his cancer. the company lost 3 lawsuits
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claiming round up caused other waiting to be head. a group callin coalition for reasonable the fi steps in overturning a ban on vaping in san francisco. the group will submit petitions. it says the rules would allow adults to have the choice to vape, while preventing young people from getting access to vaping products. members will submit the petitions this morning and hope to have it on the november ballot. jewel labs in san francisco is a major financier behind the effort. san francisco police will present a check -- the departmentsays more than $15,000 was raised that check will be presented to the nonprofit group which helps you people homeless and many are also lgbtq.
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parents who took their children to the carnival rides at the alameda county fair last weekend probably saw more than they expected. the pirates of the magical midway fun house was are upping a video that was supposed to be from a 1952 bert lancaster pirate movie. what the ride operator was showing was the r-rated pirates blood brothers. a mother was stunned by what the video showed as her daughter was coming out of the fun house. could see on the screen they were showing there was a female with her full chest out and a guy kissing. >> the sheriff's office has jurisdiction over the fairgrounds and says the video was not pornographic and no crime was committed but fair management released a statement saying the video was unacceptable and quote moving forward all video and other content in the carnival midway will be reviewed for audience appropriateness before being displayed.
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still ahead, oak land homeless encampment is accused of causing problems for nearby businesses. what a lawmaker wants to do before the businesses pack up and leave. . the man caught on camera dumping water on the a homeless woman has been identified. what he is saying led up to the incident and why his response is not sitting well with others. the only bay area commute now that seems to be having problems and back ups is the drive on the altamonte pass, we will look at the maps there, here is the bay bridge, slow here as well. lot less fog. temperatures today, similar. maybe warmer by weekend. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn?
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welcome back to mornings on 2, in to our newsrooms facebook updated us on that investigation in to a suspicious package at its mail facility in menlo park. moments ago, facebook said the package tested negative for a dangerous substance and the buildings cleared for employees to return to work. four buildings were evacuated after the call came in. sara is covering the story and will have more coming up shortly here on mornings on 2. more people in san mateo
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are living on the streets. an increase in people living in rvs. the county human services agency says during the last day of january, they counted over 1500 people in the county who had no home. that's 300 more than were reported in 2017. this year 494 people were reported living in rvs in san mateo county. 127% increase compared to 2017. that was the main reason the homeless count went up this year. a councilman wants to clean up a homeless camp he says was a reason for the spike in crime. it's on 37th and alameda avenue behind the high street home depo store. businesses reported 29 crime related incidents in one day, which included theft and assault. the store added security cameras and hired two off duty
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police officers and private security all of which has helped but home depo and other businesses notified the city they will leave if the situation doesn't improve. >> it's hard to working out here. >> i need to protect the jobs in oakland. we need the revenue to continue to provide services. >> the loop up plan includes closing 37th avenue for 18 months to clear the homeless catch and install a fence and gate and the homeless will be relocated to a lot owned by the city. the owner of a saed he is the person seen on video dumping a bucket of water down on to a homeless woman. now he is defending himself and telling his side of that story. the video went viral last week.
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in a facebook comment, don soaker says the homeless woman harassed one of his customers and when he asked the woman to move on, soaker says she cursed at him several times. the video led to a police investigation and homeless advocates are demanding an apology. let's check in with allie rasmus. >> the only place encountering congestion and slowdowns are 580 livermore. this is super commute, coming in from tracy. westbound 205, backed up. it starts to clear up a little bit as you make your way through the altamonte pass. the highway 4 commute, now, sit wide open. no problems there. westbound highway 4, down to
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680 through pleasant and walnut creek looks good. metering lights are on. slow down here because of it. a 15 minute delay to the span. this is a picture of the golden gate bridge. the sunniest i have seen it in a while. temperatures will stay the same. we are under mostly cloudy skies. looking back at the rain year whichenedded july 1st. the water year is october 1st. we did okay. santa rosa 1 33%. over 48 inches of rain. san jose, 16.43ful all of these
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are 100% to 1 33% of normal. a good years wasn't a great year but a good year. patchy fog, mostly sunny, looks like a lot of clearing already taking place. 60s, 70s, 80s, forecasted highs on the column on the left today. oakland going over by 1, livermore still struggling 81. 88 is normal. the low right there is responsible for it. that's keeping us from warming up that much. it controls our weather. a hurricane, hurricane barbara, continues to intensify, there has been intensification of the eye wall as well. it will make it to a category 3 or 4. it's feeding off warm water. it's expected to take a track this way. away to the northwest of the high haiyan islands. it will be fine.
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it will fall apart as it are runs in to cooler water. moving away from baja. for us, lots of sunshine today. temperatures begin to stay about temperatures are cold, 51, 54, 40s, 50s, 60s for some. 47 mill valley. pin grove 46. hillsburg in the upper 40s. 34 truckee. few high clouds, we are looking for a sunny, mostly sunny day and temperatures, 60s, 70s and 80s, these are slightly below average to near average. tomorrow, i don't see much change, maybe a teeny bit cooler near the coast. that will continue in to thursday. a rebound with warm erin land temperatures in to the weekend. warriors continue to make
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off season moves up next, who is coming back for another season and how the team is honoring kevin durant though he is going to a new team. an early exit for venus williams, a 15-year-old takes out one of her idols. i'm blue and i'm an ironworker. work is empowering... ...but brutal on my skin......i.
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nasa successfully tested a crucial system aboard the orient spacecraft designed to
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carry human humans back to the moon. this is computer generated video of what the launch looked like. demonstration models the capsule without a crew on board. when the rocket was 6 miles aboveeth, the abort system fired and pulled away from the booster. it's programmed to do that automatically if there is an emergency with a launch with a crew on board. they will analyze the data. the test is critical to make sure astronauts can get safely back to earth if there is a problem during the launch. thetyler skaggs was found dead in his hotel room yesterday afternoon game was postponed. he pitched over the weekend and posted on social media showing the team in cowboy hats after
5:24 am
landing in texas. police officers don't suspect foul play or suicide. he was 27 years old. the giants set to play padres in san diego. the giants were leading 7- 0 before the padres scored in the 6th inning. giants won 13-2. 15-year-old girl who grew up watching the williams sisters compete at wimbledon can celebrate a win over one of her idols. >> excited and emotional in the first round.
5:25 am
cori gauff defeated williams. by the time goff was in 2004 williams spent time as the number one ranked tennis player and won four of her grand slam trophies. cocoa thanked venus for inspiring her. mba free agency sees players commit to new teams. looney agreed to a 3-year $15 million deal to stay with golden state. the 23 year old averaged 6 points, fife rebounds this past season, he looks to continue improving on his numbers with more playing time during the upcoming season and expected to see more minutes because bell agreed for a contract with the minnesota timber wolves. bell is a second round pick. he will sign with the timber woofs saturday. the contract is for one season
5:26 am
at $1.6 million. warriors co-chairman and ceo says as long as he runs the team, no player will ever wear number 35 for the warriors again. durant was the mvp during the title runs. lawmakers are making trips to the southern boarder to witness the conditions at detention facilities. what they say is happening on the trump administration watch. why the candidates -- we will tell you who is climbing up the polls. traffic on san mateo looks to the peninsula in the westbound direction, you won't find problems there. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday morning, july 2nd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. steve paulson is here with the forecast. heading in to the long holiday weekend for a lot of people. any good beach days? today looks pretty good. half-moon bay 64.
5:30 am
banana belts, they are a little warmer. mild to warm, 60s, 70s, patchy fog, little bit over the city. nothing compared to yesterday. mostly sunny forecast. highs are close. oak land, one above, 72 forecast, normal 71. san francisco, shy, but closer, santa rosa in the ballpark. san jose and livermore, below there. livermore, a nice pattern here. late june, early july has been comfortable for inland years that can't get out of the 80s yet. record rainfall in portland, 54/100, the low gives them off and on rain and cooler temperatures. holding our temperatures where they have been. quite cold, brisk, 40s, 50s, 60s on the temperatures, east bay temperatures, 50s. black hawk 52.
5:31 am
livermore, 50. few 60s in the mix mora ga, 53 degrees. lots of sunshine. temperatures, 60s, 70s and 80s. the only place that's a little bit crowd second the bay bridge toll plaza. holiday light traffic pattern hasn't hit that area yet. there is a report, of a hit and run west of the toll plaza. on the bridge. the only vehicle involved the on the shoulder, not blocking anything. a 20-minute delay to get to the span. the south bay, things are looking good. commute hasn't gotten going in this area. we will watch for it. 280, san jose, barely see cars on the road in the southbound direction. highway 24, lafayette, not too bad, traffic is moving at the
5:32 am
limit. no major problems. richmond bridge congested over to san rafael. presidential askeddeds try to capitalize on momentum, joe biden is hitting bumps on the road. his fumbles has him polling 5 percentage points ahead of kamala harris. >> reporter: joe biden is having a tough week. it didn't end on the debate stage. he suggested public sentiment has come far on gay rights issues in a short period of time saying five years ago if someone had a business meeting in seattle made fun of a gay waiter, people would let it go. the audience pushed back saying not in seattle. a city that elected a gay mayor five years ago as biden dealt with push back in the northwest, harris participated in pride parade.
5:33 am
the sit of a post promoted and deleted by donald trump jr. questioning her ancestry and competitors rallied around here condemning the post as racist and disinformation. packer has a problem with biden for saying this. >> that kid wearing a hoodie may very well be the next poleet lorian. head this from people around the country causing frustration and pain with his words. new cnn poll conducted after last week's two democratic debates shows joe biden losing support now down 10 points. kamala harris gained 9 points. elizabeth warren gained ground in the poll.
5:34 am
support slipped for benny sanders and pete butte ditch. bernie marcus donated app estimated $2 billion to charitable organization s he tells the atlanta journal constitution he will give 80% to 90% of his wealth away. he will donate to president trump's election campaign. pentagon approved request for a display of tanks on the 4th of july in washington dc, but there will not be, won't be part of a military parade. the tanks will be parked near the national mall. the president has wanted a military parade of tanks since he saw a parade on bass teal day in 2017. there were concerns the tanks would hurt and damage city streets. visitors arriving in the
5:35 am
nation's capitol say they have seen an increase in security there. . >> police all over the place, walking around. it seems like there is -- it's not as free as i remember it being back in the day. >> the celebration will include a flight demonstration by the blue angels, music, a fireworks display and also a speech by president trump from the lincoln memorial. . congress is on recess for the july 4th holiday, lawmakers have traveled to the southern border this week to see immigration crisis firsthand. garrett joins us live from washington dc with the accusations of inhumane conditions at detention centers. >> reporter: tensions are sky high on this trip with members of congress accusing border patrol agents of inhumane treatment unsanitary conditions and disrespectful posts on
5:36 am
social media. members of congress came to texas to tour detention facilities at the boarder and quickly turned up the heat. >> these women were told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. >> reporter: new york's democratic congresswoman, alexander cortez has been a critic of border operations. calling for ice immigration and customs enforcement to be abolished. agents say these are not long- term care facilities. >> we find ourselves doing best we can, that is providing the essential meals, essential hygiene products and bathing schedules for these folks we have that are coming in to our custody. >> reporter: officials may have a credibility crisis. a private facebook group with disrespectful posts and pictures surfaced yesterday but not clear who was doing the posting. >> there was a lot of people on
5:37 am
the facebook page. people need to understand it's a small group that's commenting and we don't know how many of these individuals are agents. >> reporter: at the border republican senator ted cruz was supportive of agents and officials and says there is only one way out of it. >> enforce the laws. that means ending catch and release. not encouraging illegal immigration. >> customs and border protection is launching an investigation of the group we mentioned. yesterday the agency's chief called the controversial posts inappropriate and will hold agents responsible. el salvador community members are remembering a girl and her father whose bodies were found after they drowned along a river bank trying to cross in to the u.s. from mexico. the discovery shocked many
5:38 am
across the u.s. they were buried in a private service yesterday a day after el salvador's president took blame for their deaths. a book goes on sale today, the book by e jean carol is called what do we need men for. in it she claims president trump assaulted her in a new york dressing room in the 1990s. he says he has no idea who she is. the district attorney in salt lake expected to file charges this morning in the case of a slain university of utah student. a vigil for mckenzie lieuic was held at the school, days after police arrested a man in connection with her murder. during that vigil friends described her as a with her family. >> i don't lot to say other than voice how angry i nd
5:39 am
took my best friend away from me, her families her sisters and other people that are here to support her. >> she was reported missing june 1st after taking a lyft ride to meet someone at a park. police believe she met 31 year old achia who they arrested on suspicion of murder, kidnapping and desecration of a body. san francisco giants ceo returns to the team today. he was suspended after a video showed him in an altercation with his wife. the team announced bare will return to the people but with less power. many of his ceo duties will be divided among executives. alameda county deputy lost his job after falsely reporting a burglary at his homes now another bay area law enforcement agency is giving
5:40 am
him a second chance. get ready for rallies all around the bay area today. the latest on efforts to improve conditions for migrants at detention centers across the country. a fire near the roadway on 101 in sap tarosa. more details on that. here is a look at the san mateo bridge. slow as the morning goes on. no major problems. some big news from mr. clean. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray
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happening today, several bay area rallies will be held to protest conditions at immigration detention centers near the u.s. southern border. the protests follow a visit by a congressional delegation to border detention centers in texas.
5:43 am
cristina rendon is in san francisco where one of the rallies will be held. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. one of the rallies happening here in front of senator feinstein's office. the goal is to bring attention to reports that migrants are being treated padly and kept in dire conditions. a dozen members of congress visited the facility yesterday and reported seeing children left apart from their families and sleeping bags set up on the concrete familiar and women held in rooms without running water. days after we herd p trump warned of pending ice immigration raids on the community across the southern border. that did not happen. oak land mayor libby schaaf talked about how she felt he was terrorizing families. we asked her to clarify
5:44 am
yesterday. >> i do not apologize for saying that this president uses terror as a weapon to scare people. >> reporter: the group move on dot original is organizing the rally, called close the catch rallies, calling attention to the dire conditions, children separated from their families as well as medicare care reportedly denied to migrants. the rally happening at noon in san francisco in front of senator feinstein's office, the second if santa rosa at noon and this evening in walnut creek. the rallies come about a week and a half before a nationwide rally is set to protest the migrant facility s that one is happening july 12th. police want to identify an abandoned child. someone dropped this little
5:45 am
girl off at a fire station after saying an un known latino female left the child with them and disappeared. the girl appears to be no more than 2 years old. the detectives want you to look at her and if you recognize her, get in contact with them. the police department was aware of an officer's past misconduct but hired him anyway. josh shave ys reported someone broke in to his house and destroyed his furniture. a neighbor said it was him that broke the furniture. the sheriff's department fired him in 2015 after an internal investigation concluded he filed a false police report. the pa knoll police department said the his standard of accountability, we must also take in to account there is a
5:46 am
human behind the badge and cert life where second chances are warranted. if you walk the beach in san diego, watch out for stingrays. it's normal for them to swim in to shallow water during the summer. more than 30 people were stung this weekend by stingrays at beaches in san diego. that's more than usual. it's rarely deadly but can hurt a lot. the best advice, shuffle your feet around when you get in the water. it normally scares away a stingray. 5:46 is the time. >> it looks good out there.
5:47 am
before we go to the map, there is a 15 minute delay on the san francisco line in the antioch and dublin direction because of an equipment problem on one of the trains affecting bart riders this morning. on the maps, we want to show you a report of a brush fire near the side of the highway, southbound 101, near the town of hillsburg, it's not causing traffic delays. far south of there, the bridge to mc arthur maize, a nice drive for you here, traffic moving without problems. bay bridge, metering lights are on, a 15-20 minute the span. car pool lanes any problems. 680, northbound and southbound, traffic looks good as well. of
5:48 am
traffic cameras. there is one in the san francisco shot. let's show it to you right now. you tweeted out a clear golden gate bridge, maybe in the next couple of images it might not be clear but it's close. patchy fog, showing up. far less coverage than we saw yesterday. a good push yesterday. mostly sunny today. forecasted highs are close, santa rosa 82 today. the city 65. except for that heat wave you had back around june 10th and 11th. it's been mild. oakland 1 above average. livermore 81. should be 77, should be 83.
5:49 am
the low, parked it in between seattle and portland, gave portland a record rainfall, 54/ a major hurricane, category 4. it is moving towards the northwest. it's not heading towards the hawaiian islands. feeding off of deep warm water and little sheer in the atmosphere. it will encounter cooler water and stronger high level winds which should take care of it. the track is taking to it the northwest. it's away from baja. some of the moisture -- we will keep an eye on that. we have pretty clear conditions here except for that patchy fog, 51, 54, 55, 56 on the water temperatures. near average for this time of year. the average july 1st to 15th, mo day gobay is 51 degrees.
5:50 am
40s, 50s on the temperatures, a few 60s. those are far inland. upper 40s and 50s on the peninsula. monetaryra beach, 52. free month 54 degrees. 32 truckee to 56, 60, sacramento. only patchy fog at best here, start to pick up a little bit. i don't think anything close to what we had yesterday. couple of spins in the atmosphere all over the place. the main one impacting us in portland and seattle. 60s, 70s and 80s. not much of a breeze yet either. it's a very quiet pattern. tomorrow similar, maybe increase in patchy fog. temperatures aren't traveling very far. a little pegy thursday. that will give us a slight cooldown. we see inland telephones bump up temperatures bump up in to the weekend.
5:51 am
coming up, we will show you the stores that will open soon inside that transit hub. safe and sane fireworks are now on sale in bay area cities. coming risk of injury and fire and why firefighters are on high alert. taking you live, to the bridge. golden gate bridge out there. you see the fog at the bottom of your screen. these are live pictures. you are watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox 2 news. familiar
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5:53 am
5:54 am
our time is 5:54, later today, 43 year old christina hol ser due in court, accuse of firing a flair from a pellet gun causing a brush fire in the freemont hills. the fire burned five acres in the hills east of mission boulevard. nobody was hurt. no serious damage. detectives say she fired the flair during an argument with a man at a nearby property. the flair missed the man but landed in the dry brush that ca holler is facing charges that include arson and assault. what is called safe and sane fireworks are on sale this
5:55 am
morning in 10 bay area cities for the 4th of july. azenith smith says fire officials are on alert. >> you typically have more heightened awareness because of the fireworks. >> reporter: alameda county fire chief says july 4th is one of the busiest times of the year. people using fireworks inappropriately are using illegal fireworks such as m80s or large explosives increasing the risk for injuries and fires. officials say it doesn't take much to start a grass fire. >> dry grass on the hills, a lot of homes around them. it doesn't take much more than a spark to get those to couple in the backyard for their nephews to enjoy. officialsen coursure an exting
5:56 am
>> they are safe. they go knee high. off bucket of water nearby. >> reporter: in the neighboring city of newark, an 18 yield lost part of his hand after setting off illegal fireworks. azenith smith, ktvu. muny will be running a special schedule on the 4th of july, muny routes operate on a sunday schedule but running extra service before and after the fireworks show is operate three shuttle buss to the caltrain station, embarcadero and cic but with extra trains the fireworks show. bart will be running on a sunday schedule but haven't told us yet if there will be extra service to and from the
5:57 am
fireworks show. we are still getting more information about a hazmat scare at facebook. we will bring you a live report on a possible attack at facebook's headquarters. . the president is not backing down from plans to have an elaborate 4th of july celebration on the national mall. bart rides are facing a 10- minute delay from san francisco to parts of the east bay. here is a look at the drive on 880, oakland, no problems. patchy fog, drifting over the city. a sunny nice day, the temperatures are coming up. ♪
5:58 am
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facebook employees are allowed back to work today after the fbi investigated a package. look at what is going on in san francisco, it's terrible. >> president trump calls out san francisco.
6:00 am
the threats he is making against the city and leadership. good morning. look at that sunrise, we were talking about it. a little bit of fogs though, covering the city a bit. lovely sunrise on this second day of july. it is tuesday, july 2nd, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. there is less fog. there is change. we have patchy fog. yesterday there was a big fog bank. not the case today. mostly sunny, looks good for about everybody. low churning there


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