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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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situation with a nearby encampment has gotten out of control. control. >> the oakland city council member who represent that is district is worried that home depot could pack up and leave and take hundreds of jobs with them>> a proposal is now on the table to shut down the stretch of road where that encampment is located. the large encampment of tents and rvs is on a dead end block of 37th avenue right behind the home depot store on alameda avenue. ktvu's amber lee live at oakland city hall with the drastic now under consideration, amber? >> reporter: julie, city council member noel the street closure could last up to two years. he tells me the situation hasime depot on alameda avenue in the
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fruitvail neighborhood has led to a proposal to clean up the area. employees and people blame the people from the homeless encampment behind the business. >> they're having 29 incidents inside that store of people stealing the items, threatening their employees. >> reporter: all 29 incidents in one day says city council member noel gallo. >> this is a no loitering area. the authorities will be notified if you do not vacate. >> reporter: a verbal warning from a mobile security device equipped with cameras. the store has hired two full-time off-duty police officers and private security. gal loshgso says these steps have helped. still, home depot and other area businesses have notified the city they unless the situation improves. >> i need to protect the jobs in oakland, and secondly we need the revenue to continue to provide services. >> reporter: gallo's proposal will close 37th avenue, clear the homeless encampment, along with the installation of a fence
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and gate. he says the homeless will be relocated to a lot owned by the city. >> at nighttime i'm afraid to leave the house. before the sunset, i'm always back home. >> reporter: the neighbor says the homeless run their rvs late into the night and some speed and spin donuts in their cars. this home depot employee asked us not to reveal his identity. he says a homeless person assaulted a coworker who was clearing out a store shopping cart. >> he told me one of them pushed a cart right into him, hit him. >> reporter: the worker tells me the homeless leave fecal matter and garbage. >> it makes it kind of hard to work out here. >> reporter: one man who lives in the encampment says he does his part to keep the area clean. he says he and others along the street did not cause the problem. >> it's not right. i don't know where they want us to go. >> reporter: the city council is
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expected to vote on and approve the closure on july 9th. >> amber lee live in oakland. thanks, amber. to menlo park where hazmat crews are continuing to perform tests after a package processed by the facebook mail room tested positive for the deadly chemical nerve an agent sarin. the facebook mail facility building is located on hamilton court near the dun barton bridge. authorities say three tests were performed on the suspicious package -- two came back positive for sarin, one negative. late this afternoon fire officials said they believed it was a false positive so the menlo park hazmat team performed another test tonight, but it came back as inconclusive. there are only a few people inside the mail room at time. >> we had five in the building, two with potential if there was any exposure. but again, we're not showing any signs or symptoms. >> menlo park fire will perform
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another test tonight and hope to have results around midnight. police in american canyon are asking for the public's help after more than 30 cars were broken into over the weekend. as ktvu's debra reports, police are hoping neighbors will review their security videos to help them catch the thieves. >> there was police going up and down, going through every house. >> reporter: a rude awakening sunday morning for lopez and her neighbors. on a half dusen streets on american canyon's west side parked cars had windows shattered and interiors ransacked. >> very disappointing. i mean they didn't take anything valuable. there was nothing valuable in there. now we're going have to pay for the repairs. >> the man in the hoodie is looking in the cars. he's looking for bags or things he's targeting for. his friend is walking down the sidewalk. >> reporter: security video shows two suspects before floodlights sent them scurrying away. >> very thin, wears his pants down pretty low.
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looks like a white male or hispanic male. >> reporter: their car is briefly caught on camera. >> it's definitely a sedan. and it's a four-door. >> reporter: police are asking residents of the rancho del mar neighborhood to check home footage during that 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. timeframe. the thieves lifted documents from glove boxes. >> they're looking for addresses and names. really after that they can get a date of birth or social security number they're home free for identity theft. >> they dug under the seats, through the pockets in the seats. >> reporter: matthew carr was surprised all that's missing from his car is auto registration papers. >> if they hit 30 cars in a night they can't be sticking around too long, you know, to figure things out. whatever they did they did in a hurry. >> reporter: and possibly two nights in a row because the vintage ranch neighborhood on the east side of highway 29 also saw seven smash-and-grabs the night before. >> i'm just hoping they get this
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thing taken care of pretty soon. because i know some people if they find out their cars get broken into it's not going to be nice. >> reporter: for now, this surveillance video is the best lead with the hope more will come in. advice as always, leave nothing visible in your car and lock up even in the driveway. some victims found their doors wide open, their stuff strewn about and stolen because they'd simply left their cars unlocked. many american canyon, debra, ktvu fox 2 news. one man is dead and two other people suffered life-threatening injuries this an accident at sfo this afternoon. it happened in the arrivals area of the international terminal police say a ford expedition accelerated from the curb, hitting a group of pedestrians. two men and one woman were taken to the hospital with critical injuries. one of the men died at the hospital. the driver staid on the scene and cooperated with police.
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investigators said the driver was not impaired and it does not appear that the accident was intentional. one person was taken to a hospital today after a truck crashed into a home in santa clara. it caused a gas leak and authorities ordered people to evacuate. however, crews capped the gas line before any residents left their homes. the crash was reported at 10:00 this morning on bing drive near galeton. the cause is under investigation. a big surprise in pleasanton over the weekend. scenes from an r-rated movie showing adult nudity were shown on a screen in the children's fun house. henry lee talked to a mother who saw the clip and officials at the fair what happened. >> wow. >> reporter: a visit to a fun house at the alameda county fair was anything but fun when a naked couple showed up on a tv screen in full view of children. >> you can see she has no clothes on and they're showing
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what looked to me pornographic material on the screen. >> reporter: it happened saturday night at pirates of the magical midway at the carnival section of the fair. michelle lemons was waiting for her 7-year-old daughter to get out of the fun house woman on th no top on. >> i could see on the screen they were showing a female with her full chest out. and a guy kissing. >> reporter: lemons began recording on her phone and alerted ktvu. in the video you can see a couple making out as her daughter, eliana, watches. her mother yelled at her to leave. are you serious? >> reporter: the video was still playing at other kids leave the fun house. this little boy even stops to take a look before an adult beckons him. >> daniel, come on. >> yeah, i was very upset. i went from being completely shocked that something like this would even take place and then livid. >> reporter: the fair said a dvd
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mix-up was to blame. instead of a 1952 burlt lancaster pirate movie, they saw pirates blood brothers a 1999 movie rated r. in a statement the fair said this video footage is not in alignment with the value of the fair and was unacceptable. moving forward all video footage and other content in the carnival midway will be reviewed before being displayed. the alameda county sheriff's officials have jurisdiction over the fairgrounds. i showed sergeant ray kelly the video. >> it's not pornography of any type. and so there's no crime committed. obviously it's not a good look for that particular ride and it's concerning for parents. >> and to know that you have to even be that diligent to be making sure that they're not even showing is something on the screen that's inappropriate. i didn't think that i would have to think about that at the fair. >> reporter: i reached out to butler amusements which runs the ride.
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they had no comment other than to say they're working with the fair to make sure this doesn't happen again. at the fairgrounds in pleasanton, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a new poll conducted after the democratic debates last week shows front-runner joe biden lost support and kamala harris moved into second place. the cnn poll was conducted friday, saturday, and sunday. it shows biden was down about ten points after his debate performance. kamala harris gained nine points. elizabeth warren gained ground in the poll. support slipd for bernie sanders. he was fourth followed by pete buttigieg. gas prices went up 6.5 cents a gallon today. it is the latest increase from a law passed back in 2017 to raise $5 billion a year for road repairs and mass transit programs. california already has the highest gas prices ining $3.75 . that's a dollar more than the
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national average. for the typical driver this latest increase amounts to an additional $5 a month. the sales force transit center in san francisco re-opened today following a nine month closure due to structural concerns. a lot of visitors came to the rooftop garden to enjoy the five acres of pathways, plants, grassy areas, and areas where you can sit down and eat. the $2 billion facility was closed in september of last year shortly after opening when cracks were found in two support beams. it took millions of dollars of additional work to repair the beams. >> we have a lot of work to do to build trust again with the public. and that starts today with operating the transit center in a way that the public demands and expects for the tax dollars that they put into this transit center. >> bus service is still operating out of the temporary trans bay terminal. it's scheduled to be at the sales force transit center in about two weeks.
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coming up a little girl abandoned. the search for clues about who she is and how she was left at a fire station. up next, fireworks go on sale in cities around the bay area. the risk of injury and fire that has firefighters on high alert. and the the holiday week is coming up. in it right now, heading towards the holiday weekend. i'll let you know what to expect. see you back here. for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases.
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new at 11:00, police in sacramento are asking for the public's help to identify an abandoned child a citizen dropped the little girl off at a fire station yesterday after saying an unknown hispanic female had left her with them and then disappeared. detectives are asking people to take a close look at the girl to with informa the sacramento coy sheriff's department. fireworks went on sale in a number of bay area cities today ahead of the the fourth of july holiday. this year about ten bay area cities are allowing the sale of safe and sane fireworks.
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as azenith smith tells us, fire officials in those cities are on alert. >> reporter: families wasting no time bieg safe sane fireworks now on sale in union city, one of three cities in alameda county and about a doesen in the bay area. safe and sane fireworks are approved by the state fire marshal. they don't leave the ground or explode. >> these ones are smoking snakes. you light them, they're round and then nay grow. >> ton sxishgs her 9-year-old son austin plan to set off e every day leading up to the july fourth holiday. davis doesn't understand don't . >> it would cause more of a problem because it would cause people to sneak to do them. i think it's sad for the kids they can't do them at their own home. >> you have more heightened awareness because of the fireworks going on. >> reporter: battalion chief bradley says july fourth is one of their busiest times of the
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year. among their concerns, people using fireworks inappropriately or using illegal fireworks such as m-80s or other large explosives, increasing the risk for injuries and fires. it doesn't take much to start a grass fire. >> dry grass on those hills, it doesn't take more than a spark too get those to light off. >> it makes sense because we live in california. big fire dangers. >> reporter: this couple plans to save their hall of fireworks and light them in the backyard for their nephews to enjoy. the money sold from these booths helps nonprofits. >> it buys us uniforms, safety equipment. it provides was the funding to rent the fields. >> reporter: fire officials encourage adult supervision and making sure an extinguisher is within reach. >> they are maybe knee high or something like that. so you have the bucket of water close by, and when the fireworks go out, throw it in the bucket of water. >> reporter: last year in the
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neighboring city of newark, an 18-year-old lost part of his hand after setting off illegal fireworks. police and fire plan to staff up during the holiday. in union city, i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the bay area city that is allow fireworks include cloverdale, pacifica, san bruno, dublin, union city, newark, and gilroy. the east contra costa fire protection district says they collected 25 pounds of fireworks during take back events over to weekend. the amnesty program allowed anyone to turn in any kind of fireworks no questions asked at brentwood, discovery bay, and oakley. all fireworks including safe and sane ones are illegal in contra costa county. a woman with a flare gun being blamed for a fire on june 23rd in the hills east of mission boulevard near nichols road. the fire started during an argument between a man and a
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woman. 43-year-old christina haller fired a flare from a modified pellet gun. it missed the man and landed in dry brush which started the fire. haller is now facing charges including assault with a deadly weapon. she has a court appearance scheduled for tomorrow. beach goers in san diego are being warned to watch out for sting rays. it is normal for sting rays to come into shallow water, but yesterday more than 30 people were stung by sting rays at beaches in san diego. that is far more than usual. being stung is rarely deadly but it can be very painful. the best advice is to shuffle your feet when you get into the water. that usually scares off the sting rays. yeah, the sting rays, they hurt when they hit you for sure. and remember the old croc hunter guy. he was killed by a sting ray. >> gosh, i can't remember. >> it is rare. >> sting rays, they don't typically kill you, but it's amazing that that killed him and that how painful those things
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are when you get one. so that's in southern california. up here that's not something we deal with too often. a nice looking forecast for the fourth of july. and if you are planning on some beach activities, just be safe. the weather might be cooperating in terms of fog. it's not going to be hot. it's going be a lot like what we're seeing for temperatures. but we are going to have some rip currents out there. the swell is up a little bit. a south swell running, coming from the southern hemisphere which means it's got a big interval. so sneaker waves kind of a thing. so pay attention to that if you go to the beaches over the next three to four days. the fog along the coast is reforming itself. it's been patchy because that low is weakened the high so much that the fog is just sort of patchy and here and there. it's not as robust a layer as it was just 24 hours ago. but it'll be around, patchy at times, for the next couple days. the overnight lows generally in the 50s. the current san francisco live camera shows no fog in the city.
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very little fog out at the coast right now. but i suspect we'll see some tomorrow morning again. the model says that too. the model shows fog along the coast, clearing in the afternoon. that's san francisco, but san rafael will do the same thing. so will oakland and fremont and san mateo. temperature in san francisco will be mid 60s tomorrow. the rest of us end up in the 70s for the most part. no 90s. just mid to upper 80s. and the hot spots, so a place like vacaville where you'd expect it to be 93 tomorrow, you're about 87. this pattern holds for wednesday too. probably into thursday as well and a little bit into friday. and after that we warm bit. so you get the picture. nice day tomorrow, almost exactly like today. the only significant changes come when we get -- well, not even that significant. look at saturday there and sunday just a little bit warmer. a nice looking weekend ahead. not a high fire danger which is
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important for this big holiday weekend. major league baseball is mourning the sudden death of tyler skaggs a starting pitch we are the los angeles angels of anaheim. he was found dead in a hotel room this afternoon. investigators say foul play is not suspected but so far no word on how he died. skaggs just pitched against oakland on saturday and posted a picture on social media yesterday. it shows the whole team wearing cowboy hats after they landed in texas. you can see him highlighted right there. tonight's game between the angels and texas rangers was postponed because of his death. sports is next. tonight a rare power show from the san francisco giants. mark has all the highlights from the night game down in san diego. up first, clear skies as we look live from our mt. sue troe cam in san francisco. what a nigh, huh? thanks for joining us. the 11:00 news continues after
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the break. the break.
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a fun night with junes fans and buster posey. >> all year long major league
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hitters are jerking the ball out of the park like record pace. the giants have been one of the poorest hitting teams. finally last two games they scored ten yesterday and double digits tonight. buster posey starting to hit the ball. a lot of fun in the sun. an evening game. you can actually wear shorts to the game and not freeze. here's part of a big four-run fifth inning. tyler austin had a two-run double. then buster. six for his last eight. he can smile again. long face for buster most of the season. now the long ball. austin slater. they just called him up from sacramento. he hits one out. he had a triple earlier. that's his first ao shot. the route is on. kevin polar, his 12th home run of the year comes with two on and the giants with hits. that southern california 13-2 is the final.
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in the nba it just keeps on rolling. kevin durant leaves and you just got to think of the future. no time to brink. kevon looney will be here for part of the future. nice to know someone wants to be here. three-year, $15 million deal. hard nosed, hardworking, and it pays off for him. a great work ethic and a valuable role player will be back next year. jordan bell will not. he's gone. athletically gifted, but he's been rather inconsistent particularly in his second year out of oregon. the minnesota t-wolves offer him a guarantee of more playing time, maybe more money. and he is a restricted free agent, but it is said that the warriors will not match that offer. some big goings on at wimbledon. i'm sure they're not real happy about it because venus williams one of the big names. but she is ousted in the first round by a 15-year-old -- coco
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gauff. the floridian comes innd knocks out one of the player that is she idolized growing up. in fact, she says the williams sisters were a big reason she got into tennis. beat her 6-4, 6-44, and gauff takes care of the 39-year-old venus williams and the emotions in their family it all pours out. beautiful sight. in case you missed it, over the weekend some stuff going on. frank, add this to your workout. this is an mma fighter by the name of max holiday. the bottle top challenge. >> come on. >> is that precision or what? he just watches. >> pretty cool. >> great fighter too. >> he is? >> absolutely. >> i like his reaction. >> not easy to do with your feet. >> no it isn't. >> that's the sporting life, in case you missed it. >> all right, julie? see you later, everyone. >> good night.
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well, how do i look? big day. i'm going to see alex. i'm, uh -- i'm a little nervous because she's been pulling away lately. calls don't get returned. i don't get asked to visit as much. maybe it's hitting me hard 'cause i never went through that with my dad. after my junior year, we -- we rode a tandem bike across mykonos. come to think of it, there were lots of fathers and sons there. phil, sit. we need to talk about the ducks. we hate the ducks. (duck quacks) (duck quacks) (duck quacking) again? you have a problem. i'm hearing a lot of negatives, but we're overlooking the fact that feathers can now fetch. honey, she pulled a wet hot dog bun out of the sink, and you said, "get the bun." that doesn't count as fetching. please tell me they're not gonna live here forever. you're really not the one to make that argument. oh, like you're not gonna die of natural causes in that bunk bed upstairs. look, we have provided them with a good home.


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