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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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purge. >> kevin duh rants decision, no longer a warrior. >> thousands line market street for the 49 annual pride parade. the differences this year compared to years past. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening, i'm frank. >> and i'm julie. durant announced late today he's leaving the golden state warriors for the brooklyn nets. >> jason is here with more on the decision. so durant said he's leaving. >> yeah, he himself said he was leaving. i don't know if it was surprise. he had all year to say he was
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going to stay, playing with steph, out for a year with the torn achilles. apparently kevin durant didn't want to be in golden state or just wanted to be in brooklyn. durant himself confirming that sign a max deal with the nets when the moratorium ends july 6th. sorry to do this to you warriors fans. team up with kyrie irving who is leaving boston sign a max deal in brooklyn. unless the warriors work out a deal with the nets durant will take $57 million less to leave golden state and sign with the nets for the $164 million. the warriors could have given him the 221. two nba title, likely a third
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had he not torn his achilles. one of the best teams ever assembled. warriors fans, as you would expect, not happy. >> well, that sucks but we knew he was leaving, most likely, but wen didn't think after the injury that he would leave, but we're going to have to accept it for what it is. >> he is one of the best basketball players and i thought he fit well with the rest of the warriors. made me sad. okay, what else do we have? who will we get to le place tha all warriors fans have. i have to give him some credit because he took less money two years ago to stay in golden state for them to bring back
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guy, less money the following year and this year $57 million less. obviously, he's following his heart. it's telling him to go to brooklyn and play with kyrie irving. >> huge hit for the warriors. how do you replace a kevin durant in. >> i don't think you replace him with any one player. klay will be out until after the all star break. what people don't realize is that the warriors can't just use that money they were going to give durant and give it to somebody else. that us ear marked to resign your own player. it's night like they can sign a big superstar. they'll have to piece it together. this is going to be a tough year. it's still a playoff team, in my opinion, but we'll see. >> it's going to be weird seeing him in that nets uniform
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next season. jason, thank you. >> thousands of people hit the treats for the -- for the pride parade. this year's theme, generations of resistance anod to the 50s anniversary of the stone wall riots in new york city and the turning point in the fight for lgbtq rights. >> it created a party like atmosphere in downtown san francisco like it does every year with the floats and hundreds and hundreds of people. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people marched through the heart of san francisco for the 49th annual pride parade to celebrate the lgbtq plus community. >> pride means freedom. >> like this is a chance for us to be us and to be us without n
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>> every year it's a celebration but a recognition of all the work we have to do. >> reporter: this year nearly 300 joined the parades and we saw the floats honoring the 50 year anniversary of the stone wall uprising. this year's theme, generations of resistance. >> be friend, be family, love one another. >> reporter: an estimated one hundred thousand people came to watch. many waved the rainbow flags in support. >> seeing all the people open and 100% free. >> reporter: for the community and ally, pride is a celebration of sexual and gender diversity and serves as a fight for rights for all. >> one family member asked me
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what's the end goal? a day where nobody has to come out and say mom, dad, i'm gay, do you still love me? it's where the pride parades are amazing but one day we won't need one because we're net striving for the recognition because we have it. >> the parade was stopped for about an hour when ten protesters linked arms and laid down on the parade route. some held signs saying death to the police state and police are our enemies. police say one officer was hurt during incident and two people were arrested. >> senator kamala harris had a major role in the pride celebration marching in the parade and later speaking at the main stage at civic center plaza. >> we're there where the celebration just wrapped hi guy
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cut off the music so the party is wrapping up here. [ inaudible ] [ cheering ] >> a big difference in this year's san francisco pride parade was democratic party's here. governor newsom became the first governor to march in the parade and kamala harris wearing rainbow rhinestone jacket marched in the parade as well. >> i've been doing pride for 20 years. >> reporter: after the parade, senator harris took to the main stage at civic center plaza. >> as you know, 15 years ago not a lot of democrats were on board with it. we said no, civil unions not good enough. we're going to perform marriages and that's what we did here in 2004. >> reporter: she later took
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questions from press. >> i support busing. listen, the schools of america are as segregated if not more to gay than they were when i was in school. we need to put every effort, including busing, into play to desegregat the schools. why is desegregation important? is segregation is a sign of inequality. >> reporter: her participation was a major highlight for several in the crowd who say they want a leader who supports the lgbtq community. >> i came to walk with her team in the parade today. >> she has a wonderful charisma. >> i love the fact that she supports the community. >> we didn't know it was kamala harris until the last minute anyone and then we freaked out because she's the
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next president.  >> reporter: the wrap-up consisted of music, dance, community, group performance art, costumes and all demonstrating creativity, family, love and acceptance. the party is wrapping up and they cult off the music and then we became the most exciting thing out here. you have to go with it when they start dancing.. yes, they have the clean up crews out here and the vendors are taking off as well. this is the end of pride. hello! this is the end of pride this year. back to you guys. >> yeah, you never know what's going to happen. leigh martinez out in san francisco. >> in new york this year's pride celebration has special significance falling on the 50 anniversary of the stone wall riots. new york city claims to host the biggest pride parade in the
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country. many gathered outside the bar where patrons resist add police raid in 1969. that became a turning point for the lgbtq civil rights in america. hundreds more lined the route in manhattan. it tops off a month of rally, par tis an conferences celebrating the lgbtg community. >> we feel a lot of pride being in front of stone wall but then you realize today, still nmuch of the country you can get married to a person of the same sex on monday but then go to work on tuesday and be fired because of it and it's legal. >> we're still fighting for basic rights. we're doing our best to that h continued to oppress us. >> new york's pride parade goes down 5th and circles back near
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washington square and passing near the stone wall inn. watch a history of pride airing right after this newscast at 6:30 tonight right here on channel 2. >> president trump is back in washington tonight after becomeing the first sitting president to set foot in north korea. it happened overnight right after mr. trump met north korean leader kim jong-un in the demilitarized zone. it essential unclear what, if anything, will come from the meeting. kevin has more from seoul, south korea. >> this was a very positive day. >> reporter: it was a historic moment on a day of diplomacy and ending with a step into north korea. president trump alongside kim jong-un crossing the military demarcation line separateing the north and south sunday, making history as the first sitting u.s. president setting
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foot in the kingdom. >> we went and met at the line and in meeting at the line i said would you like me to come across and he said i'd be so honored. >> reporter: the seemingly momentous event comes after the talks in vietnam collapsed. they failed to reach an agreement to denuclearize the peninsula. mr. trump says the meeting was positive, however he's not scaling back economic sanctions on the north. >> i'm looking forward to taking them off. i don't like sanctions on his country. the sanctions remain. >> reporter: pope francis praiseing the meeting between the two leaders. he says he hopes it would be a step towards peace. >> i greet them with the prayer that the suggest sure is a step
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to peace. >> reporter: president trump tweeting about his trip to the dmz tweeting leaving south korea after leaving meeting with the leader, kim jong-un. it was great honor. he inviteed the lead tore visit the white house during their talks today. >> still to come, two are dead and several injured after a horrible injured after a horrible cash on the east bay freeway. >> the bay area man missing in the grand the efforts to find him. >> temperatures in a mild pattern today and that's going to continue a bit. we'll tell you what you can expect for the holiday coming up.
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. the faa is investigating small plane crash that killed ten people today at an airport in addison, texas near dallas. it crashed into an empty hangar and caught fire. it was headed to st. petersburg, nrg nrg. two were killed and five injured after a driver driveing the wrong way lawed into another car head-on. it happened between the fish ranch road and wilder road exit. the driver and pass sen jersey traverse citying the wrong way were both killed. the driver and passengers in the other car were taken to hospitals with major injuries. the chp says it appears the saturn driver was under the influence of drug, alcohol or both. >> the council is expected
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to approve an ordinance in vallejo this week. managers at two apartment complexes tried to raise rent by a hundred percent. to prevent price gouging after the 2017 and 2018 wildfire, former governor jerry brown signed an executive order to cap the rate hikes. >> san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting. officers found the victim around 1:00 this morning. two possible suspects were seen driving away in a car but investigators don't yet have a description. >> four people including 12- year-old boy recovering wounde during a shooting in east
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oakland just after midnight outside of an afterment complex in oakland's lower diamond neighborhood. they were all family. police don't have a motive. fortunately, all of the victims are expected to survive. >> a search is on in the grain canyon for a bay area man missing after a hike. 66-year-old peter swab of hills burg has been missing since friday. he had been on a trip along the colorado river and last seen on a small beach from lower national canyon. he went on a hike in the national canyon and out a hiker who survived in the san gabriel mountains in california. he says he stayed alive by getting close to the hot rocks
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at night and drinking water from a riverbed. he didn't eat for five days. joe heard rescuer voices yesterday and screamed for help. he was released from the hospital in good condition. >> several countries in europe have shattered records. this is what it looked like at the vatican today where temperatures neared 100 degrees. people gathering tried to cool downie way they could. visitors say they're taking the heat in stride. >> you take a lot of breaks water and we stop in a lot of cafes and we visited a lot of free water in rome so we've been taking advantage. >> in spain fire crews continue to work on a ten thousand acre wildfire that started last week. it's burning just outside of a madrid. they believe a pile of manure self combusted and started the
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fire. >> hot, hot, hot. here at home it's a beautiful day. our chief meteorologist is back from vacation. it's been nice around here. not a lot of heat, bad conditions. we had 70s and 80s around the bay. fairfield 88, santa rosa 84, san francisco 63. nice day and weather for the pride festival. a lot of folks out and about. the weather cooperating on the coast, the fog. that sticks around pretty much on and off all week. get used to that. that is very typical as we move into july, exactly what you'd expect to see. the satellite loop shows the fog at the coast. it's stuck in at san francisco along the beach and across the city.
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it will cut across the bay tomorrow morning. temperatures and you see they're running behind where they were yesterday to. day was a little bit cooler, more marine layer. we're deep and pushed in. minus 4-degrees in fairfield and livermore from last night. there's the fog, there's the city, a lot coming in. temperatures tomorrow in the low 60s. san francisco's probably got 10 or 20 microclimates. when we say ocean beach at 62, 61, that doesn't mean mission rock is running about 68 degrees. so, with that said, tomorrow will be very similar. you start off with the low fog. you end up mostly to partly
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sunny by lunch time. tomorrow especially by the ballpark. here is the forecast for tomorrow morning, the fog forecast, burns off, back to the coast like today. there you go. there is the temperature footprint for tomorrow but also for the next couple of days this. pattern, pleasant pattern, is going to stick around. you can see the 80s, big 80s inland. 88 in brentwood and out in the antioch area around the ridges around the bay 70, rim of the bay, and san jose in the low 80s. a really nice week ahead. at least at that point no extreme weather to be concerned with. there is the five-day forecast and i can plug in the weekend right now. more of the same except warmer as we head towards saturday and sunday. >> bill, thank you. >> . coming up next, more on
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. jason here now with sports. not the kind of news bay area sports fans want to hear. two big names leaving the bay area moving on. let's start with kevin durant. >> you'reyou're also talking about the sharks. kevin durant is leaving the golden state warriors and signing max deal with the net, four year, $164 million and here is what he's going to look like in a nets uniform. this is not official until next saturday. july 6th is when the moratorium ends. kyrie irving is also signing with the nets and they're going to team up this. is the last shot we saw of kevin durant when he walked out on crutches when he came back and tried to help the warriors
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win a title. here two nba titles and possibly a third if he had not torn that achilles, two final mvp's and probably the best collection of player wes've seen. sadly, kevin durant is out. as we mentioned earlier, joe pavelski with the sharks is gone after 13 seasons with san jose. he's going to sign with the dallas stars. he's been the captain with the sharks. helped lead them to one stanley cup final appearance, multi- playoff appearances and this past year was derailed with injuries. one of the shark's all time greats leaving the bay area. >> mlb reserves today. bob melvin announcing who made it from his team.
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>> we do have an all star [ inaudible ] [ cheering ] >> yep, and speak about all star matt chapman, he is one of the best third base men defensively. three-run home run against the angels today, his 21st of the season. we're not even at the all star break and the a's win 12-3 and the giants roll over the d- backs. >> great baseball fans. >> have a good night. >> good night.
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the city known for fostering an open and welcoming community. >> this is one of the largest festivals of lgbtq rights and the role. >> and a safe haven for some of the most marginalized people. >> a look back at the uprising. >> those killed by the disease him of the downfalls. >> aids is killing all the people. >> the people and the progress. >> and the setbacks. >> there is still so much to be done. >> ktvu fox 2 presents a history of pride, the


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