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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> we still have catastrophic flooding going on. >> reporter: texas officials calling on fema for more money with many residents still needing rescuing from their homes while others return to what's left of theirs. >> daca awaiting its fate. >> we'll issue it at sometime over the weekend, maybe this afternoon. >> reporter: president trump set to announce plans to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals plan while locals gath tore defend the so- called dreamers. the 4 on 2 begins now. >> record-breaking heat creating dangerous conditions across the bay area. in san francisco, the all-time high was reached at 2:43 this afternoon, hitting 104 degrees. you can see all the hay out there as well. schools are dismissing early and some weekend events have been canceled. welcome to the 4 on 2. >> we're seeing unusually high
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temperatures. baker beach where it's normally mid 70s, hit 99 degrees today. >> incredible. across the bay, the thermometer tipped out at 100 degrees. >> and the real heat hit farther inland. >> can't forget about the heat down in the south bay. let get a look at the current conditions with a guy that's been busy this week. >> san francisco breaks its all- time record of 104. last time it hit 100 degrees in san francisco was 18 years ago. >> wow. >> but listen to this, 104 in downtown san francisco.
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the all-time high, 106. -- the record it broke? 106 years old. when you break records by 3 degrees, all-time records falling. at least san francisco now. the records are kept there. as it sinks, the further it sinks, the more it warms. places that are the most low- lying will typically get the highest heat because they have the most room for the air to sink. air warms at 5 degrees per ,000 feet. it cools for 3 degrees at per thousand feet going up. let's see what we've got out there. we do have your heat advisory
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and heat warning. not happening now, we're talking everybody friday, saturday, and sunday and into monday, a heat warning a for the bay area. this was interesting too. there are 35 million people under some coo kind of heated a -- heat advisory or warning. these are some of the occurring temperatures, 110 in concord, a buck 7 in livermore, and it's just hot. it's a spare the air day. mark, you heard it's 106 in san francisco? >> reporter: at 9:00, it was already in the 80s. it makes sense with us reaching that high. >> i was out there at noon. it was 99 degrees at the beach.
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in my 40 years going out there, i've never seen it that hot. at the sand, it was 99 degrees. >> reporter: a major event today in san francisco. it typically gets hot there. taking a closer look now. if you look at the my thermometer, it shows about 13 degrees in livermore and liver job more high school. i'll pan out. and show you an empty football field. typically, if everything was according to plan, we would have the jv team working out on this plan right now. they were set to play washington with all that heat -- to play washington. with all that team, the game has been canceled and the varsity game has been pushed back from 7:00 until 8:00 this evening. coming up to me is thomas fletcher.
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you've been tracking this since about tuesday of this week? >> yeah. we wanted to do what we thought was best for the kids tonight. >> reporter: and what some of the adjustments you've made to a kip call friday game? >> the temperature was supposed to be 92 at 8:00. we moved that back an hour and wanted to play the jv game. >> reporter: and i understand there will -- there will be misters and extra water stations. >> that's right. we'll also have tents for them to get cool. we normally do water, but we did open it up for the parents to bring in extra containers and coolers with their water in it. >> reporter: it must have been somewhat scary when you saw 114 on the map and you're trying to get a game in. >> that's hot. when we realized it would cool off, pretty good by 8:00. in august when we practice, we're typically over 90 degrees in the valley. we thought that was something
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we could go forward with. >> reporter: looks like a good decision for you tonight. >> yeah, because the kids look forward to playing. this way, they can still be safe. >> we wish you a gad go season. at 5 with we'll probably have some misters set up. we'll talk to more people and talk to one of the players as he gears town get ready and play in this extreme heat in livermore. once again, we're talking about 110, 100 degrees. >> take your temperature gauge, stick it on the grass real quick, give me a number on the turf. seriously, take it down there low. >> reporter: that will go up. let me... can you see it? >> this is what we talk about, you guys. look at it keep going pup a buck 10. it's toggling up as we speak. the temperature down on the ground by where the little kids
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are, by where dogs are, look at how fast it's still going up, 111 on the field. >> reporter: if you come back in 2 to 3 minutes, it will probably be 118, 120. >> yeah, i'm guessing it would be radiating about 120 at the surface. the heat warning, did you see this, 35 million in the state of california under some kind of heat warning from southern los angeles all the way to redding. i don't remember this. do you remember a time like this? >> reporter: i can't remember a time like this. maybe 2006 is the last window we can compare this to. when you think of san francisco reaching triple digit territory, how many extra people are you adding to that population? it's amazing with how extreme this event is. by the way, it's 113 on this field right now. >> you'll probably get to a buck 20 later on. we have a lot to talk about
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with the heat. but the lead story, san francisco breaks its all-time record going back to 1874. it's now recording 106 degrees. >> all right, guys. wow. a lot going on. glin credible heat out there. we'll stay on heat watch in the trivalley and go to pleasantton where the mercury is close to 110 degrees there. >> jesse gary continues our live coverage as he wipes his foremepsd hot down there, huh? >> yeah, that's right. we're reading 112 here in pleasantton. just about as warm of a location. that heat is slowing. the pace of the rush hour commute to a crawl. you see the b.a. trvment track. b.a.r.t. say it's running with a 10 to 20 minute delay. train speeds are reduced because of the heat. the speed reduction reduces the
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chance of track movement. electronics are also in danger of overheating. my iphone is burning hot. i'm afraid it will shut down down. there's no escape from the heat for oakland resident annie randal. he's in the trivalley for work as a sign man like you often see standing outside of a restaurant. he says he hydrates and covers exposed skin with long sleeves and pants to persevere through the heat. >> reporter: why not go with shorts and something lighter? >> shorts, you'll get sunburned. on your arm, you'll have that all week. it takes a long time for your skin to recover. if you stay covered up, your body won't burn so much. >> reporter: many school districts in the east bay decided it was better to avoid the sun and heat altogether. in livermore, officials kept all children inside. that meant classroom instruction, lunch, recess all
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took place in air-conditioning. the playground at rancho placitas elementary school was vacant as it sizzled in the midday sun. >> i understand the heat can cause symptoms of heat exhaustion. we schooled them that they had to be inside. we got o some nice substitutions for them to be on in the classroom. >> reporter: back live here in pleasantton blub see a b.a.r.t. train. the system is operating with 10 to 20 minute delays, because they are slowing the speed of the trains because the tracks get so hot in this type of heat they can move in a train moves down the track too fast. trains are moving more slowly. school officials may extend this everybody inside all week thing. we're live in pleasantton in
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the heat, 112 degrees. >> and climbing. >> jesse gary, thank you for much. >> thank you, jesse. now to developing news in texas where flame and smoke are pouring from a chemical plant that was flooded by hurricane heavy. the plant is in crosby northeast of houston. the plant lost power in the storm. one container of chemicals exploded. it caught fire yesterday. the area around the plant has already been evacuated. as the flood waters recede, people are returning to their homes to survey the damage in. >> in beaumont, texas, residents went without running water for a second day. as ellison barber tells us, harvey has diss placed thousands of people. >> reporter: some evacuation orders are voluntary, some are mandatory, all because the u.s.
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arkansas mow corps of engineers has released water from 2 reservoirs that are overflowing because of harvey. >> my whole neighborhood is washed out. >> reporter: one week after harvey hit texas, many houston area neighborhoods are still underwater, and from houston east into louisiana, rescue crews are continuing to search homes. in beaumont, there is no clean public drinking water. flood waters have knocked out the city's water treatment plant for a second day in a row. >> we survived this storm, including 45 inches of rain. yesterday morning, we received a call that said that the city had lost their water source. >> reporter: other challenges ingas shortage witness clearing mud from roadways, and dealing with mountains of potentially toxic trash. president trump who plans to slit this weekend has declared sunday a national day of prayer. center we invite all americans
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to join us as we pray for those who have lost family members and friends and for those who are suffering from this great crisis. >> reporter: in this area of houston, the evacuation order for today is voluntary, but the mayor says if people don't start leaving, they could change that and make it mandatory. if people don't get out of this area they they say they could be trapped in their homes for 10 to 15 days. i'm i'llson barber, fox news. an elderly woman attacked on a muni platform. we're learning what may have been the motive behind that attack. plus. >> some shocking video in utah, an officer arrests a nurse after she explains to him the he galties of drawing blood from a criminal suspect.
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a senior administration official telling fox news that president trump is planning to end daca and the decision could come down any moment o now. >> sometime a today or over the weekend we'll have a decision. is we love the dreamers, we love everybody. thank you very much. thank you. we'll issue it at some time over the weekend, maybe this afternoon. >> the deferred action for childhood arrivals plan allows people brought into the united states illegally as children the prime to work or go to school without fear of
4:17 pm
goration. last night, dozens of people gathered for a vigil for daca recipients, known as dreamers. neighbors near the russian consulate in san francisco got scare when they saw black smoke coming from the building in the pacific heights neighborhood. this comes a day after the trump administration ordered the consulate shut down in a testy squabble between the two countries. tara joins us from the consulate at green and baker. do you know what caused the smoke to come out yet? >> reporter: not yet. neighbors called 911 and were hoping they could learn answers from the fire department, but so far, it remains a mystery that black, acrid smoke could be seen billowing from the chimney just after noon. neighbors that would it would be unusual to burn anything on the spare the air day. when the mercury climbed to an
4:18 pm
uncharacteristic 111 degrees, people were told that it was not unintentional and people were simply burning something in the fireplace. >> i think they're burning sensitive documents. >> reporter: they're trying to do some house cleaning before they take off? >> they have to, if you read spy novels. >> reporter: the so-called house cleaning comes a day after the trump administration ordered the consulate to close in response to the kremlin cutting the number of u.s. diplomats in russia earlier this month. russian americans are annoyed by its closure as the diplomat fight escalates. we'll tell you why neighbors around here are also annoyed as well. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu news. prosecutors are expected to seek hate crime charges against a san francisco woman who they say shoved a woman off a train platform because she is asian.
4:19 pm
police arresting 51-year-old jacqueline mill owner suspicion of aggravated assault and elder abuse. police say she shoved an 81- year-old woman off the mu in i platform after making statements about the older woman's ethnicity. police arrested miller who a witness identified as the assailant. the victim fell onto the pavement and injured her head. she is expected to survive. we're learning more about the bay area man suspected of killing a sacramento county sheriff's deputy. court records show a judge ordered the arrest of 32-year- old thomas daniel littlecloud for failing to appear in july. he was released from jail 2 months later pending trial after his stepmother put up a
4:20 pm
san francisco bay area home. little cloud is hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot by deputy on wednesday. and now to san mateo county where lawmakers are expected to decide on a bill that would allow access to half-moon bay. to get there, you have to cross a private beach. the state has been trying to purchase a public path to the beach, but the two sides can't agree on a price. the bill -- if the bill is passed, it could clear the way for the state to make that purchase. now to disturbing video, a nurse in utah forcibly arrested when she explain -- explains to an officer why under the law, she couldn't draw a man's blood who was suspected of a crime. >> you're under arrest. >> reporter: alex webbel was handcuffed and forced into a
4:21 pm
police car after she refused to let an officer draw blood from an unconscious patient involved in a car accident. >> when he started to come at me and attack me, i was already scared. >> reporter: the nurse said the officer could not draw blood without the patient's consent, an order from a judge, or if the victim is a suspect. >> i was trying to do it the right way. if they needed blood, they needed to go through the proper channels to take it. >> reporter: the officer continued to threaten to arrest her., and then made god on his threat. webbel's attorney calls what happened an assault. >> there was both awn lawful assault and an unlawful arrest. >> it just makes me so... i just feel deby trayed. i feel angry. >> reporter: webbel hopes the video will lead to law enforcement officers getting more training on how to properly work with medical providers. >> we're very alarmed.
4:22 pm
>> reporter: the salt lake city police say the training is already taking place. >> we want to make sure we take steps to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: university of utah health says they support nurse webbel and plan work law enforcement to make sure the right steps take place moving forward. >> if this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. >> that was paul murphy reporting. the nurse hasn't pressed charges against e the police department haw but say she's not ruling it out. up next, the extreme heat is causing increased fire concerns around the bay area. we'll show you the prevention methods local fire crews are using in this triple digit heat. stay with us. i love you, couch.
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the annual harvest wine celebration in livermore has been canceled because of the extreme hot weather in our weekend. >> but we have some options in our week watch. >> reporter: it's labor day weekend, and here's what's happening around the bay. in san francisco, it's comic con, the annual convention of comic books, toys, magazines, games, toys, and more. hop over to golden gate park for the aloha poly festival. polynesian festival, dance, and food will fill the building. the art and wine festival will be downtown on saturday. celebrate with music, art food,
4:26 pm
and mardi gras-style fun. or celebrate at the lebanese festival in downtown redwood city. you can experience a variety of lebanese and arab performances. and experience greece at the belmont with food, dancing, and a kids' area. in the east day, the 2017 day street party will happen at the casa votura on friday. or head to the scottish festival at the alameda county fairgrounds, where you'll find scottish highland gatherings, game, music, and more. the sasalito art festival is this weekend. in sports in, a's are are away,
4:27 pm
giants are moment that is your weekend watch. there are a couple fires burning to our north that's contributing to the haze in the bay area. we showed you that right there. >> and we'll sit down with our medical expert to learn how you can stay safe if you have to head out into these triple digit temps. 4 on 2 will be right back. stay right there. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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the heat has triggered a red flag warning in northern california. the ponderosa fire is in butte county. it's now 30% contained and has burned 10 homes. the other wildfire is in the a grass vai valley. it's now 40% contained. it's burned 400 acres since it started on wednesday. the fire has destroyed several structures, but no homes as of this time. governor brown has declared a state of emergency in trinity county because of a wildfire burning out of control. the helena fire has burned close to 5200 acres. there is 0 containment at this hour. about 36 structures have been damaged or destroyed. 2,000 people were also
4:31 pm
evacuated. the governor ordered the mobilization of the national guard if help is necessary. the excessive heat means high fire danger is here, and there's a red flag warning in effect today. alex savage has more on the fire conditions in the oakland hills. >> reporter: strong winds and intense heat prompted a red flag warning today. that's why oakland firefighters will be patrolling the hills, driving around and keeping an eye out for any signs of smoke, trying to get to small fires before they have a chance to grow. >> you'll see companies driving throughout the open hills from the berkeley hills to the east
4:32 pm
oakland hills. >> reporter: it was unusually wriesy as patrick thorson took the dogs for a walk. >> it's so warm and so dry that any spark could ignite the grasses. you get important documents and items ready so that if you have to evacuate on a moment's notice, you can just grab things and go. >> reporter: the combination of triple digit temperatures, low humidity, and windy weather has led to red flag fire conditions today for the east bay hills, the north bay hills, and the diablo range. a tiny spark would be enough to touch a destructive fire. >> of course i'm worried. this area is, well, t a nice area, and i would hate to have something help. >> it's obviously a big concern
4:33 pm
in the oakland hills. that's a perfect storm for a fire. >> reporter: and with high fire danger, crews need to be able to respond quickly. that's why authorities in oakland and berkeley are asking people in the hills to park their cars in driveways or garages to keep narrow roads clear for fire trucks to get through. alex savage, ktvu, fox 2 news. joining me now is dr. larry bursett. thank you for being with us. >> toasty. >> it is toasty. we saw some of the most vulnerable spots in the bay area for fire danger and heat risk. why don't we talk first about the most vulnerable people in this extreme heat? >> yeah, the elderly. i see older folks who probably wait at home little too long, but they come in with symptoms, start mild with dehydration,
4:34 pm
with you but then they get week pup could pass out from dehydration because you're sweating so much in the heat. heatstroke is actually hyperthiemia, where your body temperature is over 104. so what can we do about that? >> what are some of the signs? i think people just try to wait it out at home. that's what leads to these heat- related deaths that we see that are common. >> i would say if you start to feel beyond just thirsty but weak, kind of fatigued, if you're passing out, businessy when you stand up, that's sign you're dehydrated. and if you're just feeling hot, which is kind of silly, because it's so hot out there, come in. get out of the heat. when people come into the e.r., sometimes we throw ice packs necessary armpit and groin to cool them down, and then we give them saline. usually i don't recommend
4:35 pm
gatorade because of the sugar, but this time, the electrolites -- electrolytes really help out. >> and if it's serious, go to the e.r. >> going to the -- drinking water doesn't cure everything, but this is the time when you need to drink a lot of water for sure. >> and kids are in the vulnerable category as well. what should parents be doing with their children? with toddlers, it's difficult. what should we look out for? >> you look for the mucus membranes, like the lips, cod'oh they look dehydrated? for children, it's a change in behavior. make sure you're pushing the fluids. another thing i look at is what's the color of your urine?
4:36 pm
if it's yellow, you tend to be more dehydrate as opposed to if it's clear. you might want to check that for kids who can't say i feel week or i'm dizzy. >> that's to look out for, something i didn't know to look out for. there are cooling centers open across the way bai area. if you don't have air- conditioning, you might want to head to a cooling center, a mall, huh industry theater somewhere to stay cool. frank? >> thank you, guys. today was a nice day to head to the bay to beat that heat, and a number of people did. continuing coverage coming up after the break. >> it is baking out there. in san francisco's case, the hottest day ever recorded. it will be hot again tomorrow and high fire danger.
4:37 pm
all the details after the break. ♪
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer temperatures soared in the bay area, sending people taking cover from the heat. as one woman explains, playing in the sand and wading in the ocean water was a welcome
4:40 pm
alternative to overheating. >> we don't have an air conditioner, so it's rough. it is what it is, you just try to stay cool all you can. >> the crowd at the beach wasn't bad either. but as the heat continues to climb, the people at the beach seeking relief from the heat is expecting to grow. wet suits were optional at ocean beach. that's unusual. >> i was surfing this morning with some kids, and some you guys had no wet suits on, young guys. i've been out there for -- for 4 years. i've probably only skinned at ocean beach 2 times. in san francisco, you have the
4:41 pm
all-time record that's been broken. it broke the all-time record of 103. 18 years since last time we saw 100 degrees. since 1874, there's only been 10 day, since 1874, there have only been 10 days in san francisco above 100 degrees.
4:42 pm
>> really? incredible. >> in that many years. that's crazy, right? >> you can't even escape to oakland to beat the heat. >> there's the current numbers, there are the departures from yesterday. tomorrow should end up being the hottest day of the year, in san francisco's case, the hottest day ever recorded. and the smoke, a spare the air day tomorrow. the air's sinking and pushing the smoke down to our level. if you saw the sunset last
4:43 pm
night, wait until tonight. the smoke makes for some ridiculous lay great sunsets. that red flag warning is in effect until tomorrow morning. that's a big deal, obviously. really hot. that says it all. 113 in antioch tomorrow, 114. i was talking to mike kelly about this in the newsroom. i find myself a little grumpy. i've been a little surly today. i was like some guy -- i was not happy. >> the cold wakes you up, the heat puts you to sleep and makes you agitated. you heard the doctor, you they say if they have issues with the heat, they get a little surly. >> you just said i'm like a little kid. >> do you need a nap? all right, thank you bill. on segment 2 today, the
4:44 pm
story of a bay area mother who lost her son to violence. >> for years, she struggled to even leave her home. as claudia long reports, she fought through the pain and found purpose. >> reporter: patty pabletti comes here every week to sit with her son. >> love is following your heart, not your fears. >> reporter: she comes to remember young man who died too soon, his headstone a tribute to his dreams. >> reporter: it was september 21, 2014. >> reporter: that day had been busy for his mother, but she had been hoping to see him that night. >> i messaged him, saying your car payment is here. i'm cooking dinner, pick up food before you go to work. he said i'll be there. an hour later, we got the call that he was shot. >> reporter: pabletti was shot multiple time and died at the scene. police believe it was a
4:45 pm
robbery. >> there's no bracing yourself for letting your child go from life. >> reporter: robbie died in valeo in the city where his mother had built their lives. >> i went to school there, raised my children there. >> reporter: she done live there anymore, and for 2 years, she refused to go back. >> for 2 months, i would say i was in shock. -- ill say i was in shock. >> reporter: but through the dark, she began to search for the light and for peace. >> you have to fine purr through pain. >> reporter: jaurnlistty bai trade, she turned to writing, first with letters to robbie. >> but it became so hard, because i neither knew i would never get a response. >> reporter: and then she started writing a book. >> i wrote several chapters back here. >> reporter: her book, a letter to the pabl terks i foundation.
4:46 pm
when he died, he was working as a welder at genentech. it's about providing an opportunity to others. >> i would not want them taking another mother's child way. if we have a program that can help the people that did this to my son, i'm for that, because that's the alternative? i don't accept that. the vocational program offers opportunities for use -- for youth and ex-offenders, youth coming from juvenile hall, foster newt youth that are apt about to age out. >> reporter: but it doesn't stop there. patty says the foundation of the mission is about change. >> the weapon used to till kiln robbie was illegally obtained. after they shot and killed my son according to one of the suspects, they sold it and it was used for another crime.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: for the foundation to make change on that level, she needed more help, so she reached out, and the first meeting for a project called art of peace had an overwhelming turnout. >> each and every single person i invited came. that was my first drive to valeo. i wasn't driving towards trauma anymore. i was driving towards hope. >> reporter: last week, the project took its first step with a gun buyback in valeo. the robbie pabletti now addition provided funds with gift cards. but the guns will not be destroyed. instead, they'll be given to art is. >> right now, we're acting as member of the art community to help bring the art community together on this. >> i can't even -- >> reporter: i can't even tell that this is a gun. >> i'm working on taking gun
4:48 pm
barrels and forging them into feathers that the phoenix. it's a grand statue of the phoenix rising from the ashes. >> reporter: it's inspired ideas from artists all around world. today, patti, while still in pain, can sit in her garden and know she also has purpose. >> the garden is something i started after robbie passed. this has given me a lot of o peace and serenity. i think robbie would love it. >> reporter: be the change. that's the foundation's plant are -- foundation's mantra.
4:49 pm
>> i chose to follow my heart, not my fears, as he instructed his friends to do. that's why this foundation exists today. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu news. ♪
4:50 pm
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(male announcer) shop like a pro at bass pro shops for huge savings during our labor day sale. and bring the kids this weekend for a backyard casting challenge pond ...crafts and more ...all for free. at bass pro shops. los angeles is the latest big city to say no to columbus days. it comes as many areas are trying to purge symbols of an american past that some people found offensive. >> william lageness reports from our l.a. bureau. >> i don't want our children and grandchildren to be taught anymore that christopher columbus is someone that discovered america when he
4:52 pm
didn't even set foot on this land. >> reporter: 2 competing visions of history. one celebrated as an explorer, navigator,er, and colonist, yesterday the l.a. city council portrayed christopher columbus as a slave trader, sex trafficker, and mass murderer. >> we will no longer celebrate someone who was responsible for setting in motion the greatest genocide known in world history. >> reporter: by a 14 to 1 vote, the council compared dropping columbus day to cleansing the south of confederate statues. s. >> i think the events at charlotteville have shown you how much we need racial healing in this country. >> reporter: worn this italy but sailing for spain, supporters say he brought western culture, science, and religion to the new world. >> want to celebrate with you, we just don't want it to be at the expence of columbus day. >> reporter: around the u.s., a move to erase columbus from harris history in baltimore and
4:53 pm
houston, monuments defaced. in new york, a statue deheaded while mayor in -- a statue beheaded while the mayor in new york is considering removing the explorer's statue. >> reporter: the 2nd monday in october became columbus day 80 years ago, thousand but now in l.a. and a dozen other cities, it's history. coming up, some security changes coming to a couple of airports around the country. how your travel could be affected next.
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starting right after labor day, pittsburg international airport is changing its security rules to allow people without tickets to go to the departure and arrival gates. it will be the first airport in the country to do this since 9/11. airport officials in pittsburgh say they have no safety concerns with the new initiative. visitors will have to show identification before they get to the tsa checkpoint and airplane passengers take priority if the line gets too
4:57 pm
long. meanwhile, mccarren in last just unrevealed automated screening lanes. fox's cindy londonburg shows us how it works. >> reporter: mccarren international a tsa officer is guiding passengers through a new screening process. >> station number 3, sir, please. all set. >> reporter: it's called asl, or automated screening lane. it was unveiled about a week ago in terminal 3. here's how it works. a tsa agent will tell you to go to either lane 3, 2 or 1. and you can kind of come over here and this is your space. you can move as slowly or quickly as you want. if you are moving slowly, people on the other lanes can go around you, you put your stuff in the bin, push it over, and it's off. >> having folks there, being able to go around someone who is maybe not as ready to go as they should be, um, is really helpful. >> reporter: here's what makes this new system different. first a camera will snap a picture of your bag before x- ray so the officers can see
4:58 pm
the outside of the bag. >> this provides an additional layer of assurance that the tsa is looking at the correct bag. they have a scanned tag to keep track of what's in each bin and those bins you no longer have to wait for. >> speaking of those bins, those bins are actually 25% larger than the bins that we have today on the standard lane. >> reporter: the new system also has an arm. when a bag is flagged, the arm pushes the bag into a separate area, not accessible to passengers. >> so that the tso isn't pulling the bag out of a standard lane. 100% clarity that we have the right bag. >> reporter: it will screen up your process by 30%. i timed a person from the second they got up to the bin until they had their belongings on the other side. it took two minutes, 45 seconds. >> closely behind safety and security next top priority is customer service and that's one of the reason we are so excited about these automated screening lanes. >> reporter: does it change what we can and can't bring in our carry-on luggage?
4:59 pm
the answer to that is simple. >> the same things that were prohibited before are still prohibited. san francisco hits a record. the city by the bay hits a sizzling 106 this afternoon and that is an all-time high. it is hot out there. good evening, i'm frank mallicoat in for frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the bay area is baking with dangerous heat. power concerns, fire danger, and bad air. every corner of the bay area feeling the steamy weather today and things aren't about to cool off anytime soon. even downtown san francisco seeing triple digits. san francisco at 106 is setting a new record. livermore saw110 keeping kids inside. the south bay 107 and even in alameda, 102 degrees at 4 p.m. this afternoon sending people to the water to try to cool off. we have live team coverage at 5:00 including how the heat is changing plans tonight and
5:00 pm
throughout the holiday weekend. plus what people are doing to try to stay safe. but we're going to begin our coverage with our chief meteorologist bill martin and this one is one for the books, bill. >> yeah, it is. and you can feel it outside. you got everything going on. the heat advisory, the "spare the air" day, and then you have this record in san francisco that goes back to 1874. that was literally crushed! i'm getting 106 degrees. it's not quite official yet but i have seen 106 degrees. the old record all-time record for any day ever recorded in san francisco is 103. so if that verifies, we're three degrees warmer than that. we have a couple of records as well but not all time. san jose was 99 degrees. that sets a record for the date. san jose -- i'm sorry, san rafael is 99. san jose 95. couple little facts here. 35million people right now it's not just the bay area but 35 million people in the state of california are are under some kind of heat warning or heat advisory. so this is


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