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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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neighborhood in daily city. the four on 2 starts right now. it appears to be a freak accident, a driver hit in the neck by a pro jikt i'll 101. i'm ted. >> hello everyone, i'm heather holmes. we're going to get to that story in a moment, but first two breaking news. two former officers involved in the sex scandal charged by the da. we're joined by our crime reporter henry lee. >>reporter: nasty owe the da announced charges against two former charges and one is against dan black and oakland police sergeant la roy johnson. there are -- these are misdemeanor charges filed against these former officers. now, what the da is alleging that dan black picked up a woman
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we know as jasmine, picked her up in his rv for dinner date in april. one in berkeley and augustine. this officer is accused of saying, to make very clear, i'm not paying you, but i will buy you dinner. what this understanding is although he may not have paid this woman money, in a sense, he did pay for her dinner which in a sense does constitute a crime. what alameda county is saying -- and you can take a look at these pictures we found on facebook. jasmine is taking pictures of what appears to be her dinner plate from the two restaurant in berkeley back in april of this year with dinners paid for allegedly by this former officer livemore and dan black. in a separate complaint, the da said today that former sergeant la
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roy johnson from oakland police is accused of failing to report child abuse. the da is alleging that during a facebook conversation between jasmine and sergeant johnson, that she told him over facebook that she was engaged in sex with otd officers including while she was a minor. and she kept a screen shot of the facebook conversation and handed it over to authorities. when investigators took another look at another screen shop, sergeant johnson is accused of tell me you're an adult and jasmine said i would be a lying. johnson is accused of not reporting this. notice misdemeanor charges -- this is misdemeanor charges and they're expected to report to court. >> what about the press conference last week, it was seven or former current
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officers. what about the other five. >> no formal charges have been charged against the others. these are the only ones charged and they're working on the others. >> henry, thank you for the breaking news. to that deadly crash, along highway 101. officials say road debris unfortunately crashed through an elderly man's windshield striking and killing him. >> jesse gary is on scene with more details. jesse. >>reporter: traffic has startedo normal on north 101. we're on the march road of 101. the northbound photograph is moving easily. earlier this around and around 1:00, day scene. chp police tell us that an 82-year old driver of a white van heading northbound on 101 in between university and willow road overpass was hit by some type of projectile side of the
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freeway that hit and killed him. emergency officials tried to save the man. here's what chp had to say. >> it appears a white male, approximately 82-year old was traveling north of university on 101 when a projectile came through the left side of the windshield and struck him on the left side of the neck. we don't have an idea what the projectile was. it could have been debris or anything. we're looking for witnesses. >> the fact it blocked two lanes and ran out starting the commute traffic, at any time you shut down the lanes for a little bit of time it backs up traffic quite a bit. the backups went to mountain view. it impacts the northbound lanes but it impacted the southbound lanes because everybody is looking to see what's going on. >> it impacted the surrounding streets cutting through pal low park. you want to avoid the area because the secondary
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streets are backed up due to the backups on northbound 101 a short time ago. they have cleared the wreckage and removed the man's identity. they haven't identified him. we asked the chp could this be connected to the freeway shootings we have seen recently. they're looking for witnesses so if you were on 101 around 1:00 this afternoon, either traveling northbound or southbound in the area of men low park, give chp a call. ktvu fox news. new at 4:00, take a look at where this small plane ended up just feet from the water. the plane came down about 90 minutes ago in march land north of the palo alto airport. and san mateo fire, there were two people onboard. both people onboard walked away without injuries. a helicopter had to land to respond this because they had trouble getting vehicles out there at march land. it's unclear how they're going to get the plane out.
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the pilot and passengers okay. >> that's incredible video when you see that. >> they had a lot of room -- they didn't have a lot of room to land. >> they did not. there was a frightening -- >> a woman was walking with her dog when three coyotes tried to attack. >> we already talked to that woman and we found out what the city plans to do about this. tara. >>reporter: that's right we're off el porto way where a woman says three coyotes charged her retriever. there's the first time that coyotes have made an attack in broad daylight. >> the next point, i happen to look and i was thinking, what are those. >> around 3:45 yesterday afternoon, anna marie and her daughter said three coyotes charged at their retriever.
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>> three coyotes came out of nowhere and try today attack her. >> oh my god, there were coyotes. they nearly bit her tail. >> dunn was able to get everyone out of the park which borders the san francisco golf club safely. she says she has seen coyote before. >> this is the first time they've been aggressive and they've tried to attack and this is the first time this happened, so i think something should be done about them. >> as you may recall over the past year, coyotes killed two dogs in san francisco and injured more. when the city announced that residents would have to learn how to coexist with the wild animals, people were out rained. >> we don't have a plan to eradicate coyotes >> officials says they'll adopt a policy similar to san francisco and post warning signs. >> especially for pet owners and parents with small children to be aware of their surroundings when they're out in the morning at dusk. >> in san francisco, rec and
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park officials try to educate people about not feeding the coyotes and littering and keeping their dog on a leash. they thought to -- daily city officials will discuss the coyote issue at a city council meeting september 27th at 7:00 p.m. in the meantime, she says she knows what to do if she spots coyote again. >> i would scream and shout to make him scared because he'll go away. >> she described a technique used hazing so they don't get comfortable with humans. neighbors who live near three major golf courses say the animals are already at home, and that the city needs to do more to resolve this issue. live in daily city, i'm tara, fox 2 news >> thank you, tara.
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we're getting a look at a man who set a memorial flag display on fire outside the alta fire station. this video was released the man wearing a striped shirt and ball cap. the fire station put up a total of 323 flags representing the firefighters who died in the collapse of the twin towers. crews says a dozen of those flags were destroyed or damaged on sunday again by the man you saw there on your screen. if you happen to recognize him, you're asked to give east palo alto police a call. a group of families were forced out of their homes. >> jenny explains for one moment crews had to physically restrain her as she tried to go into that burning building in an attempt to save her dog. >>reporter: the fire started in a rear bedroom of one of the units. the woman who lives there is devastated because of
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course she lost her home and she lost her dog. you can see the building is still standing, but it is still uninhabitable and the fire just before 11:00 last night off highway 32. it was burning the 3 story condo complex and by the time firefighters arrived it was engulfed in flames. people in the a jointing units escaped so firefighters concentrated on putting out the fire and preventing it from spreading t. was trapped in the attic and it grew. >> we have 6 units on the roof and also on the backside of the building, we have a wild land area, so we wanted to make sure the fire didn't get extended into the wild land and cause a fire in the hills. >> there's a lot of smoke and water damage to all the un ipts in the building. no one was inside the one where the fire started, but a dog was. and as i mentioned, it did not survive.
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the woman came home to find her condo destroyed and fire officials say police arrested her for interfering with crews. she was try to go get back into the building to see her dog. she was cite and relieved when they calmed down. firefighters don't nope the cause of the fire yet. they - firefighters don't nope the cause of that fire yet. they're talking to officials to see what happened. ktvu fox 2 news. a vigil held for a grandmother beaten and rob. ms. flow remains hospitalized. a 19-year old zackery broke into her home on in the glass mont avenue. robbed her of her jewelry, ransacked her home and beat her. court documents shows the two of them lived less than a half mile apart. investigators say it's not clear if kuen had an a policement. his arraignment set for monday and he's being held without bail. two hate crimes suspects
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appeared in court today accused of targeting the home of a black family in anteox. they're ex suspected to enter pleas, but the judge postponed their arraignment. they were accused of fire bombing a home on mccormick court with spraying racist graffiti on the house. police say the pair were motivated by a despite of mcdonald and a resident of the home. donald trump abandons a position he has held for several years and admits that president obama was indeed born here in the united states. who he's accusing of starting that false claim. plus what kind of weather could we expect heading into fall and winter. meteorologist mark tamile look into the future of round two. we'll be right back.
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ a cool water front brought in the first dusting of snow in the sierra earlier this week. this time lapse video shows the land -- so what will our winter actually look like. it's the big question. we had a lot of rain last year or more than we've been accustomed to. mark tamayo has the answers and the crystal ball. what should we look for?
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>> everything clearing up sort of. last year we're talking about a strong el nino. last week, probably earlier this year you heard about lanina. that has changed. >> the dusting the snow this week in the sierra was a good reminder that winter isn't too far away. >> this is an exciting time. last year was october, this year is september for that first snow. >> what about this winter. remember last year at this time we had the strong el nino developing, all these bright colors showing water temperatures warmer than normal. the opposite of el nino is la nina. things have changed. the la nina watch cancelled earr this month. we have mutual conditions for the pacific and there's a high chance this will persist into the upcoming winter. what does that mean. here's a climate prediction's cr
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, january, and february shows higher condition to the north and dryer conditions to the south and getting into southern california and approaching parts of the bay area. this is a very general forecast for a little more of a closer look, we talk to the national weather service. >> we're telling the national weather service, we're looking at a normal year for precipitation. nothing as stra astronomical. there's a chance could get - this dad swing west, could swing dry or hit in the middle and be normal. so the best thing to do since we're in this drought is we want to continue to conserve water. >> there's no storms on the horizon yet. any long range forecast is accompanied with certainty. what is certain is on going drought. you know what's interesting, last year
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you heard so much about this godzilla el nino. thing was neutral, but don't let that fool you because we've had neutral weather that have been productive in term of rainfall and snow fall. there's a bit of uncertainty. as you heard from the wealth service, he's thinking we could be close to average as a high chance. an average for us is great. >> yeah. >> last year we have have above average. >> not too bad. we don't want too much rain at one point because that dad cause flooding. it's nice to see the show in the sierra. not a lot, but a change in the mountain. hopefully it's the first change to set up for winter. >> signs to come. >> thanks mark. >> thanks mark. trump's statement today comes after he spent several years panelling that conspiracy theater. >> president barack obama was
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born in the united states period. >> donald trump putting an exclamation point on the birther controversy putting on his political opponent. >> clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> the hot button issue reignity clinton. today the democratic nominee rem from the building reaped of bigotry. >> he's feeding into the bigotry that lurks in our country. >> speaking from a black woman's sim poedz yum, trump was blocks away where he countered her claim of racism, but not before
4:20 pm
-- the latest campaign trail tension coming as a new fox news poll shows trump and clinton separated by one point nationally with just 53 days to go before election day. >> hillary clinton's number one challenge and problem is in getting the democratic activist bassen thosed about her. >> trump -- presentations) obama saying i'm confident about where i was born. there's going to be concussion research. we'll speak to a doctor about the issue and what can be done to protect you football players as well.
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the nfl announce this week it will spend $100 million trying to improve player, health and safety when it comes to concussion. roger goodell announced the new an initiative today called play smart, play safe. the money will go towards medical research and improving technology with players helmets. the 49ers support the mission. >> so i think what the league is saying this is not an opportunity for us to go out and engage other experts outside of our own world to help us come up with better solutions, better practices for us to did a better job in protecting our players. >> the nfl plans to bring on an
4:24 pm
independent scientist advisory board to help with this initiative. doctor around the country are stressing the importance of concussion research. i'm joined by dr. javier, director of bare concussion and brain injury center and doctor, here in the bay area, you and your colleagues have unveiled a plan this year, starting this year with high schools to help reduce the amounts of concussions and effects. explain quickly what you're doing. >> sure, so what we're doing is we're very lucky because at the nfl level, at the ncaa level, we have tools which we can put ourselves on the side line. we're using technology to provide side line coverage for athletes in the bay area. we've been successful at this program in arizona and we're replicating >> is this a data gathering or
4:25 pm
are you implementing to help reduce the potential for concussions. >> so there's several elements to the program. the first is the basic and most fundamental with a program called bare brain. it's an education program designed for who this matters most and that's the high school athlete. the second component is based on testing and working with a company called in tact. we're kree kree -- we're creating testing. we are have athletic trainers in the field on the locker room or in the athletic training room consult with concussion specialist in the area. >> the nfl is just getting so fast that players are getting so big and so fast that every week we're seeing hits that are inducing concussions. last week cam newton was hit a few times in a game against the denver broncos that later brought out a
4:26 pm
lot of criticism. there was a penalty flag thrown, but the fact was newton was hit with velocity and he felt because he's a fantastic they didn't want to take him out. what's your idea as to how they're handling the concussion dilemma as we see these hits. >> i can't speak to what happened in denver specifically, but what i can tell you as apart of the side line program, so i serve as an neuro traum cal -- and i work with the spotters that are in the video. they're called to the side line. they're ininstructed to call down to the referees and stop -- they're instructed to call down to the refugee and stop the game. when we see these hits, we remove the athletes and evaluate them to see if there's
4:27 pm
a concussion at that time or at a later time because many of these things can evolve and it's something we take seriously week to week whether it's at the college level or high school level, these are important to implement and so are the rules to prevent these things from happening to begin with. >> some parents be concerned? should parents not have their kids play football? >> so, what we're trying to do is trying to make all sports as safe as possible. especially football. whether [indiscernible] in california we're changing the policies around football. we're changing the rules around football. we're reducing the amount of contact in practice. and we're creating a number of educational tools and if a parent see that is information and they decide that they want their child to play football, fantastic. if they choose not to play football, that is their decision. our job is to make it as safe as possible.
4:28 pm
>> dr. javier, i appreciate your time and insight. >> across the world, and here in the bay area, people lined up early to be among the first to get their hands on well, what else am i talking about, apple's newest iphone. apple ceo tim cook stood by to welcome customers. he's there in this shot. we see the new phone and talk to those customers who have lined up at the store in san francisco's union scare who spent all day checking out of product. >>reporter: iphone fans checking out the door. fans flood it had inside. the first -- we were over at&t and got to preview the iphone.
4:29 pm
i can tell you from personal experience, it has a fast processer and it has a call up screen in an instant. that phone expected to be popular. some models have sold out. fans say they think the new phone will live up to the hype. >> i got the iphone 7. i waited 12 hours to get this and i have the smart case for it too. >> you don't want to drop that phone and break it the first day. >> definitely not. >> we talked with iphone fans about the fact this model doesn't have a standard head phone jack. they say that doesn't matter. they say getting rid of the jack allows apple to pack this device with the latest tech. in san francisco, christian cappen, ktvu fox news. one in two san francisco firefighters will develop some sort of job related cancer. it is an astounding statistic. one that prompted firefighter to raise awareness starting together through a photo exit. dozens of photographers of san
4:30 pm
francisco firefighters on the job are on display at the harvey milk center. the exhibit is free. it's apart of the cancer foundation. the public can view images of rescues and burning buildings and walls of fire and smoke. you're seeing the faces of the people who fight fires and your seeing the jobs of the firefighters. you can see how difficult the job can be at times but the human side of it. >> those behind the exhibit home hope it will draw interest and sponsors in san francisco to raise money for cancer prevention and treatments. >> when we look at the picture, it drives home the fact how dangerous the job is. >> staggering. still to come, we're going go back to our breaking news. we want to speak to a legal analyst about charge and what it mean to officers and others
4:31 pm
related to the bay area sex exploitation scandal. and coming up next, we'll speak with the creator of a service that lets bay area residents report prostitution by calling out the men looking for sex. four on 2 will be right back.
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a new plan to tackle prostitution in oakland. >> it's an unusual and
4:34 pm
unconvention nal step where letters are stoent those suspected of soliciting sex. we have sharon. a coordinator of human trafficking. i want to start with you. this lunch is tomorrow. can you explain how this will work. >>reporter: sure. so the system has been around for a little bit while before if someone sees traffic occurring near them, they could fill out a paper form, which will get sent to opd and opd will send a letter letting someone know that their vehicle was seen around an area, and sort of to effect and scare folks a little bit. i was at a conference, i'm a resident, i'm a tech information and i serve as a commissioner here in oakland, i was at a conference and robin from the seize network spoke up and said they're looking for ways to digitalize. there's a website that allows you to up load a picture and
4:35 pm
fill out information about the issue. you can see it right now. and it will submit that digitally as well to opd. by doing this, we're putting the power in the hands of the people. >> opd gets this image and they'll decide whether it's worth sending to that individual? >> i can't speak to this affirmatively. if they receive a report, they'll send a letter. >> cheryl, i want to speak to you because you're involved with stopping sex trafficking, what do you think of this program? >> it's a different way to shift -- that's the demand to purchase commercial sex. so what's been great is that ebasi thought of this organization and having community have the pour to report potential buyers of sex.
4:36 pm
we're increasing technology to combat trafficking and it's not just in oakland to make it regional. >> this is just -- does it work? >> i think it goes beyond shaming. the letter that the license or registered owner will receive provides information regarding human trafficking. we know in oakland, people use the term prostitution and sex trafficking is a monday mussily, but there's a difference. those being exploited and underage, they're being exploited. that's human trafficking. we want to bring that to the attention of individuals looking to purchase sex. >> great, what about those who are in a neighborhood, they think they've seen something suspicious, and really it turns out to be something innocent. what happens to that particular individual or that case? >> sure sue. in the program that's established, the letter
4:37 pm
that's sent out is not -- it's not necessarily penalizing someone. it's really again like you said, very aggressive shaming and in that letter it's explicit. you can call pd and discuss it. historically there hasn't been a lot of cases of abuse. >> what if there's a repeat person. someone -- is there any ramifications? >> opd takes that into account. >> sharan, the hope is this will continue bay area wide, but just describe the impact. i mean, if a person gets a letter, they already know they're doing something wrong. i guess for some of the sceptics out there, you believe this will work. >> i think it's an important first step, right. i mean think as people became more aware of this, as there's more of a -- we'll have more honest
4:38 pm
conversations about a culture that is complacent to sex trafficking >> you're bringing more attention to it. by people getting the letter, they know there's attention being drawn to their activity just like when you do stories here, you bring attention to topics and that drives conversations. >> thank you for coming in. interesting program. i'm interesting to see how it works. >> it will be great to see those at the music festival. >> great, thank you. new information about the cases that locked iphone in last december, san bernardino -- the association press and two other news organization filed a lawsuit against the fbi to learn who it paid and how much it spent to hack into that locked phone. now the fbi says getting into that phone was necessary to
4:39 pm
investigate the deadly shooting. the suit was filed under the freedom of information act and the fbi said that it paid more than 100-0000 to a third party to break into the iphone of one of the -- they paid $1 million to a third party to break into the iphone of the sarn shooter. the top spokesperson for isis known as dr. lile was in charge of providing propaganda. his death follows the group's most prominent members. he was killed last month. he was a close -- served as the group most senior recruiter. coming up next, here on the 4 on 2, the latest on the police sex scandal that rocked the bay area have several months including the first official charges filed in the case. most of the bay area warming up today, and the trend will continue into the weekend. coming up, the hottest day of
4:40 pm
the upcoming weekend and where a few spots could be approaching 100 degrees.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls.
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together, we're building a better california. this week's version of thes verdict. we have the first two indictments in the case dealing with jasmine. formally known as celest.
4:43 pm
2nd district attorneys says there's seven more and we expect four more. >> they filed five counts against officer black, and two against mr. johnson. keep in mind, ted, these are all misdemeanors. no felonies here. i assume there were no felonies committed by these two police officers, felonies command at most 1 year in the county jail. >> misdemeanors. >> yes. >> stakes are low and these are the first two. i found interesting is one of the indictments had to do with not reporting something and there was digital evidence. it seems as though celeste kept of a record of what was going on during this entire episode or some of the episode with photo and dinners and et cetera, and screen shots. that i would assume for the district attorney is going to be paramount in proving not only the first 2 cases but others >> when you have direct evidence
4:44 pm
like that, and some cases circumstantial, but that really will effect the defense in the case, and that's, for officer johnson. apparently jasmine slash celeste was in puerto rico with her mother at the time and she was telling officer johnson, here's what's going on. and he said okay. i'll keep it a secret. well, you know, doesn't that go to what police officers do at time is cover each other. and isn't that what the public complains about a lot when we see a police officer who covers for other police officers. but yet it's a misdemeanor. is it tough? that's what they charged. >> you mentioned her mother. she was with her father at the press conference in florida after she was released from jail. we haven't much from the parents. >> i'm going to tell you. i think that's interesting because here's a young woman from what
4:45 pm
13 -- 14 years of age and she's in the streets and going with bliss officers. where were the parents at that time. i would love to hear from them. i would love for them to come on the verdict and talk to us and say here's what was going on at the time. i'm not blaming them. i'm not saying that they're at fault for this, but it certainly would be nice to know what role they took in this. why didn't they prevent it. where are you? who are you going out with? so there's questions a lot of us would like answers but you know what's interesting to me, the father shows up at the press conference. what do they talk about at the press conference? suing its police department. >> mrs. price representing jasmine said that it started at the age of 12. so that's a very young age and you're right, that's something that is concerning a lot of people. last question here, what do we
4:46 pm
expect moving forward? there have been allegations that there could be more kids, more officers involved. what do you see in the next few weeks, months. >> certainly i expect in the next few months, they'll be other officers and those officers will be charged with felonies in some cases and they'll move through the judicial system. the one -- they have a loss of their jobs and i think that's a paramount importance. >> okay. michael cordova saturday, thank you. that's this week edition of the verdict, mark. the weather with verdict is heating up the temperatures inland. back up to the mid-to upper 90s flirting with 100 degrees. on the satellite, this looks like a typical summertime weather pattern out there we have the low cloud and fog near the california coastline, and come in closer. we have rain showers way to our north toward the pacific northwest and we're seeing activity to the north. jet
4:47 pm
stream is getting more active as it should as we head into fall and winter. take a look at the follow. the fog is hanging out near the shoreline closer to san francisco. good onshore wind as well. we'll check on the numbers out there. updated for the 4:00 hour. right now, we have 60 degrees in san francisco. you see that fog tank is nearby having an impact on the temperatures. 80s in north bay. livermore in the upper 80s, 89. compressing the marine layer, so we could have fog as we head into the weekend for saturday and into sunday. overnight lows, partly cloudy skies, areas of fog, temperatures will be in the 40s. awful the way to the 50s for redwood city -- all the way to the 50s for redwood city. winds approaching 9 miles-an-hour. san francisco, 60. and there's a breeze over the bay. that will transport the fog into the bay. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, low clouds and our sky cam is showing. by lunch time, we'll have this.
4:48 pm
partly sunny skies, 64. wrapping up the afternoon hours, mostly sunny. it will put san francisco in the upper 60s, but downtown could be approaching lower 70s tomorrow afternoon. we'll have to keep an eye on that temperature pattern as we head into the afternoon. that's the key headline. we're warming up the temperatures saturday away from the shoreline. so the game plan for tomorrow, only 60s for the coast around the bay though, creeping back up into the 80s. and then inland spots easing back into the 90s. a warming trend setting up as high pressure develops offshore. we have a good shore wind that will transport the fog or keep the fog at check for the morning hours. 60s, 80s and 90s. and the warmest day inland could be close to 100 degrees. fire danger this time of year as we heat up and dry out. a fire danger this time of year is a big concern for september and october. here we go tomorrow morning, the fog towards san
4:49 pm
francisco, oakland and heyward clear skies england and clouds clear to the shoreline. we'll see temperatures for tomorrow as you can see the scale here. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, warmest locations around 95 to 96 degrees. take a look it at the highs. everybody up a few degrees. santa rosa, 90s. some more neighborhoods for youe rim of the bay, mainly in the 70s close to 80 degrees and head inland, you'll find mid-to upper 90s out there with san jose, we'll go 86. gilroy, 94. santa cruz, 70. and san francio in the upper 60s, but down south closer to the lower 70s. here's your 5-day forecast. temperatures soaring inland. you have 99. whenever i have 99 on the forecast map there's a few spots that go to # 100 degrees. we'll owe he we'll be cooling off monday and tuesday. it's the summertime weather. we begin fall on thursday, but we're
4:50 pm
holding to the micro climate. 61 all the way to 99 possible. 100 degrees weekend. that is the bay area this time of year. >> i'll be on the cooler side of that, mark, of san francisco. >> frank joins us with a look at the stories that we're working on fox 2 news at 5:00. we're following breaking news from the bay area police exploitation scandal. today we learned two former police officers have been formally charged. coming up at 5:00, details about what the two officers are accused of doing. also frank, at-risk vest getting hand offs. >> they risk their lives, but for many veterans, life at home has been difficult. coming up, standing down for troubled troops. getting them the help that they need, it's going on at the pleasant ton -- at the alameda fairgrounds in pleasing ton. >> always a great event. thank you so much, frank. coming up next, twitter made history last night by live streaming its first nfl game.
4:51 pm
see how experts feel the experience was. that's up next on the four on 2.
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terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles?
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(all) no. that'y i'ing if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk for shingles. all right, twitter already looking ahead to next thursday's nfl game between the new england patriots and the houston texans. last night twitter streamed an nfl game for the first time in its history, and twitter reportedly paid the nfl $10 million to show 10 games this season. most experts are considering last night's experience as pretty successful. the new beatles documentary "eight days a week" is hitting big screens around the bay area. paul mccartney and ringo starr reunited yesterday in london to walk the blue carpet at the film's premiere. it is directed by ron howard
4:54 pm
who said he saw those early years as an adventure in survival story for the beatles. he used some rarely seen or heard material in the film and says he took the project very seriously. the documentary shows the fab four as they toured the globe in the 1960's. we're going to take a quick break. we will be right back.
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it seems the chances of a presidential pardon for edward snowden are slim to none. the aclu, amnesty international and human rights watch are asking president obama to former the former nsa contractor who is currently living in russia. both the white house and house lawmakers are pushing back against the effort. >> reporter: edward snowden is not keeping quiet while evading u.s. authority. the former contractor is speaking publicly again this week from moscow, and he says he plans to vote in the 2016 presidential election. snowden's remarks come just days after a coalition jointly launched an effort to ask president obama to pardon the 33-year-old. >> when the public has its seat taken away from it at the table of government, we all bear an individual responsibility to try to right that. >> reporter: in 2013 snow deny revealed several of the u.s. government's mass surveillance programs by leaking sensitive
4:58 pm
documents to journalists. he is now facing espionage charges and living in russia where he has been granted asylum. as a result of the classified documents the nsa ended its bulk collection of phone data and now needs a court order to obtain such records. >> edward snowden should be thanked and not punished. >> reporter: the obama administration is maintaining that snowden is not a whistleblower and says he failed to follow proper procedures while also putting national security at risk. >> he should return to the united states and face those charges. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill largely agree with the white house. the committee rephutted the claim in a report released thursday just a day before the release of oliver stone's new movie "snowden." every member of the bipartisan committee has sent a letter to the president asking him not to pardon edward snowden before leaving office.
4:59 pm
a man is killed while driving on 101 when a projectile smashes through his windshield and hits him in the neck. hello, i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> and i'm frank somerville. the man in his 80s was driving north on 101 in menlo park and that's when something wept right through his windshield and killed him. it ended up causing major traffic delays that are just now getting back to normal. our south bay reporter jesse gary is in menlo park with more. do investigators have any idea what this projectile was? >> reporter: frank, i just got word from the chp. they believe the projectile is a large nut. i'm told it's bigger than something that would come off a tire like a lug nut, but it's some kind of nut, maybe the size of a small softball that came from the object sit side of the roadway and went through the windshield and killed the driver of this white van. the impact snarled traffic along the 101 northbound. you can see behind me it is moving fine but traffic for the surrounding streets on this stretch of the peninsula from
5:00 pm
palo alto up to menlo park, all those surrounding streets have been jammed because of the backup that was on the 101 earlier this afternoon. let's take a look at our video. this was around 1:00 in the afternoon. chp tells us an 82-year-old man was driving northbound on the 101 between university and willow road overpasses. investigators say the projectile was a large nut. it came from the opposite side of the freeway. it went through the windshield of the white van, broke it, leaving a hole. that object then hit the driver in the neck. he crashed into the center divide and the vehicle continued to roll. first responders tried to save the unidentified man but they were not successful. >> at this time we don't have any idea what the projectile was. we are looking into any possibilities. it could have been debris. it could have been anything. we're looking for witnesses to hopefully give


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