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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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highway 1. it shutdown both directions of highway 1 south of pacifica in the tunnel to half-moon bay. there was a deadly crash that happened at 3:25 a.m. one person was found dead in the roadway hit by a vehicle that did not stay at the scene. there is a vehicle associated with the this crash at the scene. xcelchp says they'll be out there two more hours. they house should be oust -- out by 6:15. we had other problems on the peninsula. northbound 280 edgewood they were cleaning up a truck fire. that is not as serious a problem but there are delays there. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks okay. highway 4 not bad getting up to
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the willow pass. things are getting more crowded in the east bay. y. back to you to the desk. >> thank you very much. it is 5:01. we want to go over to steve talking about weather. it is a week of a little bit of everything. >> today will be the between day. it won't be bad. >> surprisingly cold this morning. >> it is. and my tie is crooked. >> askew? >> askew. thank you. good morning. we have mostly clear skies. there are a few upper 30s wood side and napa airport. we'll get clouds starting to filter in. we'll cloud up late tonight and tomorrow and bring in rain. not a lot but a little bit. forecast projections increase that. the trend is your friend. why waiver from that? our system from yesterday in the four corners is moving into the plains. that will be a big weather maker. ahead of that lower and higher
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clouds. 41 at the napa airport. 43 half noon bay. cupertino is in the miction. -- mix. -- mix. few 40s and upper 30s in lake county. 25 up in truckee. overall mostly sunny today. stly sunny today. we are following breaking news in the death of the couple found shot to death sunday afternoon inside their home on lucas court. we learned both were in their 50s. active members of san jose's islamic community. there are still a lot of
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unanswered questions about this case. janine is on this story. she'll have more from outside san jose police headquarters in the next half hour. next half hour. two san francisco supervisors will unvail a new set of proposals today to improve fire safety in the city. >> reporter: the fire thatted in a building that has had a historeof problems in the last year and a half. d a half. firefighterred had to come out at 9:00 p.m. last night to put out another
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fire. they were able to get it out quickly. san francisco supervisors are proposing new rules for building owners after a series of residential fires that happened over the past year in the mission distribute. -- district. landlords will have to install fire alarms loud enough to wake people up if they are sleeping. they would have to file paper work with the city every year to prove their buildings are up to code. city will create a database for people to look to see if their landlords are complying by the rules. they are supposed to announce the new fire safety proposals later this morning at a press conference in front of this apartment here at 22nd and mission. >> that's an an interesting area with the building and fires. 5:04. national institute of corrections is making new recommendations on how to
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improve santa clara county's troubled jail system. recommendations include more training for jail guard on the department's use offorce policy, using information for inmate service and more out of cell time. it is official. steph curry is out of the playoffs for the next two weeks. mri revealed mvp suffered a grade one sprain in his right knee when he slipped on the court on sunday's game four. he'll be re-evaluated in two weeks. oakland raiders team doctor who once worked as the warriors team doctor said a grade one sprain is the best possible news. >> once they are sure he can jump and run totally pain-free or almost pain-free and he doesn't show any signs of
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instability or laxity of his knee he is ready to go. >> warriors have a three game to one series lead over the houston rockets. they can take the series by winning game five at oracle tomorrow night. curry hasn't talked to reporters but he did tweet this. warriors fans we spoke with in palo alto are concerned going into game five but they say the mark of the team is adversity. >> we'll get the job done. >> hopefully they can make it through. in the last game they showed a lot of grit and poise. >> fans say they believe in the warriors motto strength in numbers.
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if the warriors get past the rockets they'll play either the portland trailblazers. chris paul suffered a broken hand in last night's game-four lost to portland. blake griffin aggravated a left quad injury during the game. both will be out of the game today. paul likely needs surgery and will be out for the season. >> it doesn't look very good for him. >> we have been in adverse situations all year with guys out. i expect us to do this at our place. >> that series is now tied up at two games a piece. game five is tomorrow in los angeles.
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the search continues for the person who robbed a casino in east bay. coming up, the new surveillance video police hope will lead them to a suspect in the case. voters in the northeast will have their voices heard today in the race for the white house. while donald trump and hillary clinton are poised to sweep all five states. we'll have more on why the fight is not over yet. good morning. we are looking at a commute this morning that is mostly okay. there are a couple trouble spots. if you are driving to the bridges it looks okay driving into this area. his area.
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". time is 5:11. voters in the northeast will cast primary election ballots and have their voices heard in the race for the white house it may be the start of the end of a marathon for the two nominations. it is not over yet. christian fisher is live in washington over the maneuvering aimed at stretching things out into the summer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. both frontrunners trump and clinton are poised to sweep all five states today. republican race has shifted its focus to next tuesday when indiana votes. that will be the first true test of this new cruz kasich alliance. alliance.
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cruz kasich alliance got off to a rocky start yesterday. hours after it was announced the two would split up to deny donald trump deltas kasich refused to told his supporters in indiana to vote for cruz. >> i never told them not to vote for me. >> reporter: this alliance is playing into trump's narrative that the establishment is corrupt. >> it is called collusion. so i wrote up something. but here's a guy that couldn't fight by himself he was saying how well he did. look, he is lying ted. >> reporter: today trump is expected to win pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, delaware and rhode island. he needs blowouts in order to secure the 1237 delegates before the convention. hillary clinton is looking past bernie sanders and past the conventions. yesterday she saved all of the fire for donald trump. >> come out of the towers named after yourself and actually talk to people.
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don't just fly that jet in and land it and make a big speech and insult everybody you think of. >> reporter: for bernie sanders this could be his last dance. he vowed to stay in the race until california. yesterday the bern seemed to be running out of fuel. >>i'm going to need you to come out to vote tomorrow. the one state sanders may be able to pull out a win is rhode island. it has almost become impossible to see a way which sanders can beat clinton. >> thank you very much. you very much. san francisco supervisors will take up two proposals today aimed at creating more affordable housing in the city. first supervisors will vote on a law that deals with new homes. that's proposal will require new housing developments with 25 units to have 25% of the homes priced below market rate. current requirement is 12% for developments with ten homes.
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supervisor david will introduce their proposal to crack down on illegal listings on airbnb and other short term sites. if law would impose a fine up to $1,000 a day for listings not registered with the city. >> this is about the bad actors and other short term rental platforms accountable to get the 1884 units back on the market. so people who need housing this this town can have rent controlled housing in san francisco. >> it required air bnb host to show a verified registration number in the online ad. airbnb says the legal baltimore -- enforceability of this proposal is questionable.
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one bay area college is about to make learning easierfor students. it is allowing free classes to the first 500 of graduating students this spring to apply for the scholarship. deadline to apply is june 1st. students who get the scholarship have to enroll by august 1st. want to go over to sal. he is covering two bigincidents. one is fatal. >> south of the tunnel has highway 1 shutdown. this is highway 1 south of the devil's slide tunnel. the traffic is going to be turned away in both directions. you will not be able to get through. there is no driving on highway 1 between pacifica and half- moon bay. you have to go around. that's the long way. this investigation has been going on since 3:25.
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at 4:15 chp estimated they would be out there two hours. it looks like they'll be out there for another hour or so. moving along and looking at highway 4. you can see traffic is filling in here. bay point in pittsburg nothing major on the way to concorde. at the baylet's go to steve with weather. >> mostly clear skies. upper 30s in the mix. it will be mostly sunny today. tomorrow we'll have to deal with a little bit of rain. tomorrow cloudy. some rain. not a lot. weekend looks warm to hot. just one day, sunday. after that the ten day outlook going into may 10th shows deep low pressure and cool temperatures and off and on
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rain. whopper of a low churning -- before i get going i have to mention. our san francisco observer is going in for knee surgery tomorrow. we want to wish him all the best. he keeps wonderful data. he keeps me entertained in the morning. morning. we wish him all the best. we have a system there. that's it. but it will still make. every system made it. go with the rule of thumb. napa 41. they were 39. palo alto 43. mill valley is in the mix. outside of napa 38 degrees. . 21 truckee. 48 monterey. mostly sunny. you can see a few clouds off the coast.
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the system has a ways to go. it will be in here late tonight and tomorrow. rainfall is double what it was yesterday. i take it it will be one and done. weekend looks warm to hot by sunday. chilly morning. cold for some. few 30s for lows. couple high clouds move in. 60s and 70s. tomorrow clouded up. we get rain in here. not a lot. but some. it will clear out thursday. friday into the weekend it looks like sunny side up and warm. >> i like it when you warm it up for the weekend. >> it will be nice. >> thank you. 5:18 is the time. these guys are cute when they are little. four new residents in the santa cruz mountains. four two-week-old puma kittens were born. kittens were stashed by their mother under downed trees.
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therefor and -- therefor and their if you are fur helps cam plunge them. m. strong winds and hail poured down on southern california. up next we'll show you the damage that's left behind.
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take a look at this. look at the wind. this is in southern california. stormy weather brought hail and dangerous winds to parts of the area. this is what it looked like in long beach. winds were so strong they knocked over a kfc sign. restaurant stayed open. the sign did bring in that lot of passer byes. there were reports that wind damaged businesses and flipped
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over semi trucks. trucks. today is the 30thanniversary of the worse nuclear act in history. it happened at the chernobyl nuclear power plant in ukraine. survivors who knew victims laid flowers at a memorial service at the ukrainian church.
5:24 am
>> translator: 30 years is a lot. a few of us are alive. more are dying year to year. >> more than three million others across the soviet union and europe were exposed to high levels of radiation. death estimates go as high as 4,000. accident site is still contaminated and clean up there continues. government plans to finish building a containment shield around the plant next year and then remove the remaining nuclear fuel inside. thousands of people have gathered outside of the state capitol in north carolina this week. they have come to show support and opposition for a controversial law known as the bathroom bill. north carolina has become the first state in the nation to require transgender people to use restrooms in public buildings and schools that match the sex on their birth certificate. the new law known as hb 2 puts the state at the center of a heated national debate over equality, privacy and other issues. >> that's the reason you are here today.
5:25 am
to stand up for the rights of our ladies, our women when they go into the restroom. >> we know the federal government is investigating whether north carolina schools should continue to receive billions in education funding because of this law. we have seen jobs and money pulled from our state. >> north carolina lawmakers returned to raleigh yesterday to begin a short session that was supposed to focus on the state budget. so far controversy over the new law dominated all of the political activity at the state capitol. hundreds of children in texas who get sick at school can now see a doctor without leaving campus. dozens of public schools are using virtual doctors to video conference with sick students. they are from a texas hospital that partnered with the schools. they say the program cuts down on the time parents have to spend leaving work to take their kids to do doctor. >> i was explaining it to my dad. i said remember the jetson's?
5:26 am
that's like what i'm doing. it was so futuristic, to see a doctor on a screen miles away and get the care that you need. >> the program is free. right now it is available in 60 public schools. next year it will expand to 80 schools. we are still following breaking news on the san mateo county coast. chp investigating a deadly crash. it shutdown highway 1 both directions just south of pacifica. pacifica. >> reporter: mystery surrounded the case of a muslim couple found dead in their san jose them. you'll hear from their friends and we'll have the latest on the police investigation. we are looking at problems on the peninsula including one major closure. we are looking at some of the
5:27 am
east bay commutes. and throwing in the golden gate bridge for good measure. on the golden gate traffic looks good. mostly clear. the breeze will not be as much of a factor today. temperatures will be warming up. we'll explain coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". tuesday april 26th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook.
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it was more like lip syncing. the forecast sounds good. >> can you talk about somebody else's weather briefly? chicago had their temperature drop 17 degrees in one hour. it was 67 yesterday afternoon. then a thunderstorm came through. dropped it from 67 to 50. then the wind came off the lake. it was south and went northeast. the water temperatures are still upper 30s low 40s on lake michigan. i used to live there. i worked at wbbm. i loved it. it is a great city. i had a lot of fun there. i learned a lot about lake- effect snow. the weather producer was born there. he came up to me and says look you'll have to pay attention here. the lake will get a foot of
5:31 am
snow and o'hare there have flurries. that's what happened. i swear there was a foot and a half along lake shore drive. back to our weather we have mostly clear skies and cool. one thing i did learn from that experience. i'm a snow bird. i love forecasting snow. i was one of the minorities that loved to forecast the snow. you could get dia international airport and boulder that would go four inches, eight inches and two feet. that was fun. sierra, yeah, but not like to there. this is an unbelievable weather maker. it will be a whopper of a severe system. there will be tornado i can activity and hail activity nonstop. nonstop.
5:32 am
it is a cold morning. we'll get partly cloudy skies late. overall temperatures where they should be. in the 60s and 70s. sal, i got caught talking weather so go ahead. >> you worked at channel 2 in chicago. >> wbbm, yes. i was there the last week bill curtis was there. >> i see. >> he retired two weeks after i got there. i said is it something i did? >> good morning, steve. traffic is going to be okay. we'll go to breaking news now. this is video we had taken of a scene of a deadly highway 1 crash. this happened south of the tunnel. which replaced devil's slide. this car was involved. although there was a vehicle that was involved. it took off according to chp. it was a hit-and-run crash. highway 1 will be closed until 6:15. that's what they told us. they gave us that time at 4:15.
5:33 am
we have not gotten an updated estimate as to when they will reopen highway 1. there is a big closure affecting people who are trying to get north of half-moon bay or head south from pacifica. can't do it now because highway 1 is closed. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on a few moments ago. this is a 15 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. if you look at san jose so far so good in santa clara valley. all these commutes look good so far. it is nice and early here. 5:33. now back to the desk. >> thank you very much. a mysterious killing has shocked muslims in thesouth bay. a married couple found dead in their home over the weekend. janine is joining us from san jose police headquarters. ice headquarters.
5:34 am
>> reporter: police tell us they do not have a motive for these killings. they did however release the couple's identity. the man and woman who were found shot to death in their home sunday were in their late 50s. friends tell us he worked as a quality insurance engineer and she was a certified public accountant. they were found shot to death sunday afternoon inside their home in the evergreen neighborhood. the couple is described as gentle, selfless and humble. they are natives of bangladesh and dedicated members of the evergreen islamic center. he likes to hunt and had several guns in his house. >> i told him to be careful. if you have weapons in the house, be careful. >> reporter: police have not said if weapons were found in the house or used in the killing. circumstances surrounding their
5:35 am
deaths are unknown at this point. no motive has been given. this couple leaves behind two sons ages 23 and 17. their coworkers and friends left flowers and candles in front of their home. they are hoping anyone with information on this crime will go to police. >> thank you very much. police need your help to find a person of interest wanted for questioning in a double shooting that killed one person in a south san francisco park. police say 19-year-old christian cruz is considered armed and dangerous. anyone who knows where he is should call 9-1-1. police say the shooting took place after an argument that's which escalated as a group of young men reached orange park.
5:36 am
nearby schools, a boys and girls club and orange park pool and rec center all went on lock down. >> it is on opened park and opened community center. there were people present. it was before local schools went out. there was not as much pedestrian traffic in the area as there could have been. >> gunman ran off carrying the gun. the park is not far from areas known for gang activity. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call police. antioch woman arrested accused of abusing a 10 -month-old baby. this happened danville. it was caught on video. the child's parents told investigators they saw the 23- year-old hit and shake their child on surveillance video in their danville home. police went to the home yesterday afternoon and arrested the woman. the child was taken to san ramon regional hospital out of precaution.
5:37 am
she was booked at the martinez detention facility. contra costa sheriff's deputies need your help to find a person who robbed a casino in the east bay. police released these surveillance photos of a man wearing a halloween mask. he was pointing an assault rifle. he came in and out of the casino quickly before leaving in a four-door sedan. witnesses say he got away with casino chips. >> person came in with a weapon and pointed it at staff and customers. >> maybe putting sensors in chips night help. maybe you can track things. it is crazy. >> no shots were fired during the robbery. no one was hurt. deputies say the man the 6'0". about 200-pounds. if you have any information call the contra costa county
5:38 am
sheriff's department. employee at a massage studio in pittsburg was killed in a shooting inside the business. it happened before 8:30 sunday night at super massage on atlantic avenue. a man entered the store and then demanded money. there was an altercation and the man pulled out a gun. he fired and one man was killed. according to mercury news this was the third homicide of the year in pittsburg. all three happened the past week. two police officers are facing criminal charges in two separate cases. both alleged crimes took place while the officers were off duty. in the first case, rookie officer santos is accused of pointing a gun at a man painting the door at his emeryville apartment in february. he's been charged with falseimprison imprisonment and brandishing a gun. his attorney says santos feared the painter could have been an
5:39 am
intruder going after the guns and ammunition he stored in his apartment. >> i certainly think this case should not have been charged. it is because mr. santos had a right to protect his home. >> in the second case oakland police officer faith is accused of showing up drunk at a house in december and scuffling with a couple who lived there. yesterday faith pleaded not guilty to battery, trespassing and public intoxication. the man accused of killing a south bay teenager asks for his murder trial to get started. he went into court last week asking for his trial to start this week. his defense attorneys asked for the judge to delay the trial so dna can be tested. they want the trial moved out of the santa clara county because they don't believe they can find an impartial jury. >> the volunteers of the search
5:40 am
team were with the lamar family. it bothered us their pain continues. we are looking forward to justice being served. >> he is charged with kidnapping of lamar after she disappeared after leave her home from a bus stop. investigators believe he got in the car with torres and he killed her a short time later. ups driver in san diego was at the right place at the right time after seeing a teenager get pinned underneath his truck. 17-year-old cameron king was trying to change a tire when the jack propping his car up slipped out of place. pickup truck collapsed on his head and shoulder trapping king underneath. >> that's the when the ups guy drove down the street. he heard my screams. >> truck was on top of his head. i was surprised.
5:41 am
i saw the tire marks on the side of his face and swelling. has a tough kid. >> fire crews say if king's head had been one inch to the right or left he likely would have died. king only suffered minor injury -- injuries. and said he is the luckiest man alive. happening today a protest planned in front of a chipotle in downtown san francisco. taylor farms and teamster's union say they'll protest in front of the fourth street restaurant. they want customers to know the produce is not safe. teamster lead protests at chipotle restaurants have been happening several weeks now. in march taylor farms released a statement saying these allegations are baseless and an attempt by teamsters to force bargaining with the union. protest is set to take fireplace at noon. voters in arizona want the results of the state's primary
5:42 am
thrown out. coming up at 6:00, fronts they say they encountered that are at the heart of a lawsuit. first, more questions surrounding last week's accident involving a new bart train car. the reason one lawmaker is now putting bart's leadership into question. good morning. we are looking at a morning commute that has a couple of trouble spots. for the most part we are doing very well. we'll tell you more about some of these east bay commutes that are beginning to get heavy. heavy. starting off mostly clear. some clouds will start to filter in later. no rain today. we have some tomorrow. some tomorrow. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back.
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a state lawmaker is questioning bart's leadership after a new train car crashed last week after testing. the train failed to stop and crashed into a mound of sand on friday. bart is looking to see if the crash was caused by human failure or mechanical error. >> we are having preliminary discussions of what it might be. nothing we want to make public yet. >> bart needs to be honest about the circumstances in which they find themselves. do they have the leadership and act together for us to invest in this system as we know we need to? >> bart says the $2 million train car was not damaged in the car. burkeley investigators are looking into what state agencies are doing after the balcony collapse. main company behind the construction of the balcony paid $27 million in settlements involving water infiltration problems.
5:46 am
that's the same problem that caused the balcony to collapse. right now contractors do not have to report problems to the board that oversees them. a bill introduced by two bay area lawmakers will change that. >> it is routine for other professionals such as architects, accountants and engineers to report settlements and judgements to their appropriate regulator. >> most of the victims were college students from ireland. family members and irish council general attended yesterday's meeting. five californiaians took the steak in stockton last night to replace barber boxer. ber boxer. the debate spanned a range of issues. but failed to produce any major zingers.
5:47 am
at one point there was a clash on gun control. primary is six weeks away. two candidates who receive the most votes will face off in november. >> sal is here on a busy tuesday morning. >> we have had the commute two highway 1. it has been very slow because of a closure on highway 1. this is just south of pacifica. i want to let you know traffic is going to be slow at highway 1 coming out of the pacifica tunnel because of a deadly crash. we have a reporter on the scene. we'll get more information. bay bridge traffic is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay. it looks normal for this time of the morning. we are looking at the san mateo bridge. things are waking up. we have had a couple incidents. for the most part the general commute is okay coming through. there are no major problems
5:48 am
getting into the city as we mentioned. at 5:47 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> good morning. well, mostly clear out there. some higher clouds working in. not a big deal. eventually they'll start to work in by this evening. you can see some offshore. not going to lead to any rain today. it would lead into increasing clouds. we will not be as windy. look at this system. this is a low that came out of here. it is in the four corners. once it comes out of the rockies and picks up low level moisture from the plains and cold air aloft it triggers wide- spread thunderstorm activity look at the line from rapid city, south dakota into nebraska. this will be a huge hail producer. it already has been. you can bet there will be a lot of severe weather in the form of tornadic activity. c activity.
5:49 am
there are a lot of low 40s to mid 40s in the mix. palo alto 42. 40 danville. concorde 42. upper 40s and low 50s. lafayette 42. a breeze, not as bad as yesterday. still west southwest. i expect that to turn more southerly. truckee 37. mostly sunny in the morning. partly cloudy in the afternoon. that's cloud cover there. our system is up here. it is not going to do much. it will give us rain tomorrow. then as possibility of instability of thunderstorms. high would think the general area of rain will be out of here quick on wednesday. chilly morning. mostly sunny turning partly cloudy later on. few clouds move in. slightly warmer for a few. 60s and 70s. this is about where we should be this time of year. seasonal averages on the temperatures. by tomorrow we cloud it up and cool it down and get rain in here. it gets out of here by late
5:50 am
wednesday into thursday. sunshine and warmer temperatures on the old weather menu for sunday. unday. there is new information about fire at a popular bay area sports bar. coming up, what investigators in the south bay are saying about how the fire started after the bar closed.
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investigators in santa clara county say materials kept in a water closet caused the fire on saturday night to the double d'ssports grill after the bar closed. no one was hurt. flammable objects including cleaning supplies, paper towels and electrical equipment set off the fire. long time lawyer for prince is calling his death a complete shock. and says prince lived a clean and healthy lifestyle. he is strongly deceiving suggestions prince was addicted to drugs. "tmz" reported prince was treated for an overdose of a powerful painkiller last week. his lawyer told the associated press he never saw any evidence
5:54 am
of drug addiction during the 25 years he new prince. results of official autopsy won't be known for several week. l week. -- weeks. -- weeks. bates hospital in burkeley is planning to shutdown the emergency room leaving the entire without emergency services. the plan is to close the acute facility and emergency department. the departments would move three miles away to the allta bates campus in oakland. the change requires all hospital facilities to be able to with stand a major earthquake by the year 2030. legislation that would ban smoking at california state university and community college campuss is one step closer to reality. state assembly passed a bill that would ban people from smoking cigarettes and e- cigarettes on campus. six of the 23 campuses have outright bans. the bill now goes to the state
5:55 am
senate. we'll find out tomorrow which team the san jose sharks will face off in the second round of the stanley cup playoffs. national predators beat the anaheim ducks last night to force a game seven. duck had a 3-2 series lead of winning last three games. predators won game six 3-1. game seven is tomorrow night in anaheim. giants started off their three game series against the san diego padres with a win. hunter pence and buster posey hit solo home runs. madison bum gardener struck out padres. giants bullpen threatened to let that go to waste by giving up two runs in the 8th. garcia came in to get the last four outs of the game. that was his 100th career save. a's last three straight after the six-game winning streak. they lost to detroit tigers 7- 3. a's starter gave up three home runs including two to
5:56 am
cabrera. a's have three more games against tigers in detroit before coming home on friday. new details about the new "star wars" attraction built at disneyland and walt disney world. one involves flying the falcon spacecraft. space travelers will be able to steer the ship through space and fire the laser cannons. other ride will put guests in the middle of the battle between resisting forces and the first order. construction starts earlier this month. disney hasn't announced when guests will be able to enter the world of "star wars." >> we are all anxious. it looks very cool. coming up in our 6:00 hour, a grade one sprain.
5:57 am
that's the diagnosis on steph curry's knee. when the warriors say the earliest he can be back on the court. voters in five states making their voices heard today. expected victories in the primaries that could help the frontrunners widen their leads. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy this morning at the toll plaza of the bay bridge. we have trouble on the peninsula. that's coming up. that's coming up. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". steve is here with your forecast. >> we have a change in the forecast here. not so much in the morning. it will be in the afternoon and evening. tomorrow there will be rain. then sunday it will be hot. that's right. today we start off mostly clear. a little chill there. couple upper 30s. a lot of low 40s. not as cold or breezy as monday morning. little low cloud deck. high clouds leading edge of a system up here tomorrow. it will give us some rain. napa at the airport 49. 42 santa rosa. 43 palo alto. 43 livermore. stanford is close and san mateo 47. there is a breeze. nothing like yesterday. mostly sunny


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