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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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more rain is hitting the bay area and it is expected through the weekend we are keeping an eye on the conditions as we deal with another wet morning. the university of san francisco's women's basketball team is headed to the big dance for the first time in a decade. it is the story of the final hours of jesus christ. we are talking about the stars of the musical event, "the passion." we made it to friday everybody. this has been a very long week for some of us, certainly for
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our beloved alex savidge. >> that song is called, "get lucky" and i am lucky. >> he is here and the flesh once again, and joining a day off. it has been rough today. >> i forgot my cup of coffee in the garage because i was running late and then i realized i had no gas. i had to pick up gas station coffee which is, by the way, 10,000 degrees. the wind blew me away. i got coffee all over my shirt. [ overlapping speakers ] i wasn't expecting the wind gusts across the bay. they will bear -- were there along with the rain. >> we have been talking about this all day long.
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yesterday it was north bay and south bay was mainly dry yesterday. that is not the case today. let's look at the radar. we will start in the south bay because that is where it has been moderate to heavy at times. look at santa cruz mountains getting a pretty good rain, even a little bit of rotation out here in this area. it looks like the national weather service has put out an alert for the marine folks to let them know we do have the possibility of waterspouts off our coast. that's an active scene. as we shift to the east bay, steady rain, a little bit of a break along the east shore -- east bay shoreline. a light drizzle steady along the peninsula, even heavier as you move through mountain bill -- mountain view. steady rain north, on the north bay as well. nevada, san rafael, 101 is a wet commute, llama -- napa and vallejo as well.
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we have our eye on the rivers. we have a flash flood watch that will continue for the entire north bay, for the peninsula and the coast, east bay shoreline, we have and talking about this for the last day or so. that continues and we are keeping our eye on the russian river in gardenville which is -- guernevile which is expected to flow over its banks as we get through the afternoon saturday. we will get there in just a minute. we will talk about the bay area weekend coming up. everyone is getting a taste of the rain. several schools in sonoma county are closed because of the storm that has moved in. guernevile has received close to 6 inches of rain in the last day and a half. the concern at this hour is the swollen creeks and rivers in an area. a section of the russian river should spill over its banks about this time tomorrow. coming up here at 9:30 this morning, we will have a live report out of guernevile and
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talk about the dangers facing people living in those low- lying areas. it's tough, also if you plan on driving up to the mountains, be prepared for strong winds and gusting snow. -- blowing snow. at -- as much as 2 feet of snow is expected monday morning. the weather was so bad on i-80 last night it had to be shut down for several hours. you can check out our website for the extended forecast and latest updates, as well as facebook, twitter and instagram. making news where a man was struck and killed in a hit- and-run accident right in chinatown. >> this happened out broadway and powell right about 6 am. >> we are live right now with the ongoing search for the driver who left the scene. paul? >> reporter: good morning. that is so true. lease are looking at
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surveillance cameras. for a brief time the west bound portion of the road was closed. the body was found along broadway. they are investigating this fatal hit and run. this happened just before 6:00 this morning. officers were notified there was a body on the roadway near broadway and powell street. it was a body of an asian man said to be in his six days -- 60s. with it being dark and rainy, it is hard to tell if the man was in a crosswalk when he was struck or if the man or car had any lights. a witness says he told police they saw a white van leaving the scene. >> he saw a white man traveling southbound on powell street making a turn to west bound broadway, striking the pedestrian somewhere here behind me. e fled the scene -- he fled the scene westbound on broadway.
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>> reporter: police believe that the white van they are looking for has no windows. they also say look for front- end damage because that may have been where the collision happened. they are looking for surveillance cameras in the area. if you know anything about this incident, you are asked to call san francisco please. more importantly, they are saying, it is wet outside. it's cold and rainy and windy. take extra precaution when you are driving. stay extra vigilant. turn on your lights and have your windchill -- windshield wipers on. use common sense. >> thank you very much, paul chambers. another republican rival has endorsed donald trump a president. >> there are two different donald trumps. there is a limit you see on the stage and there is a one who is very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. you can have a very good conversation with him.
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that is a donald trump that you are going to start seeing more and more of right now. >> ben carson joined trump in palm beach this morning. last night in miami the 4 remaining candidates held a more subdued debate without the personal attacks that we have seen in recent weeks. candidates tried to draw distinctions on policy issues. >> if you have a candidate who has been funding liberal democrats and funding the washington establishment, it is very hard to imagine how suddenly this candidate is going to take on washington. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i am interested in being correct. a president can't say anything he wants. it has consequences here and around the world. >> as for hillary clinton, she is trying to bounce back after her unexpected primary loss and michigan. editor bernie sanders says he is expecting to more surprise victories coming up. >> tomorrow the district of columbia and wyoming will hold
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republican caucuses. florida, missouri, ohio, north carolina will hold primaries for both republicans and primary -- and democrats next tuesday. president obama will be the first sitting president to take part in this event. he is expected to give the keynote address. he will talk about how technology can be used to improve people's lives. that will happen at about 12:30 our time. he will then headline at two democratic fundraisers. there's a special connection between our two countries. may it continue to flourish in years to come. and me my gray hair come in at a much slower rate than yours has. [ laughter ] >> canadian privacy justin trudeau is having a little fun.
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-- prime minister justin trudeau is having a little fun there. we are talking about these things that these guys can do to us in real life. social media and your real- life. where live with a -- an la- based psychologist about who you should keep an an arms length and even farther away. merely seizing accidents -- action is occurring -- the early season action is occurring in phoenix. we have more coming up.
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celebrity among celebrity clients who need to work on personal boundaries. >> she categorizes relationships judging by folks you let pass your picket fence, those you lead into your yard and those you let to your front door -- allow all the way to your front door. >> explain what you are talking about. >> and social media you can be whoever you want to be. there's a lot going on now with twitter and sub tweeting and posting anything you want. you can the need to people on social media. those people that are mean, you can think they are close to you and then all of a sudden they will be passive aggressive and say something about you on social media. those are the people that you want to put out of your fence because they make a mess on your porch. there on your yard -- in your yard or on your porch, and then it's like what is that!
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>> some people have insulted me in passing on the street. that doesn't bother me. the social media stuff doesn't bother me either. i recognize it does bother some people. more personally when you get something on your phone or computer, almost worse than face-to-face. >> it is passive aggressive. if you call someone on it, he would say, it's not about you. and clearly it is about you because you had an argument the day before or you more something the day before -- you wore a particular clothing the day before, something like that. it's now all on social media. >> people are losing their identities too soon, you say. what do you mean by that? >> i work with a lot of young kids, 18 to our age. they are so concerned with what they look like to their friends or there's a big sub tweeting trend right now where they will go, i like my friends
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that argue with me. it gets into groupings and they are getting abused. they can really be mean to each other. >> do they even know what their identity is? i'm not talking about teenagers. maybe they don't even know their true self. >> you are not getting any true development. from the age of 16 through 25 you are really developing your identity. 50% of teenager's life is spent in social media. that's the latest statistic. >> my question to you is, my guilty pleasure sometimes -- i saw the kim kardashian treat with a full nudity on the two bars. i see celebrities saying i am on my yacht drinking champagne and eating caviar. all of a sudden my life which is pretty good, looks lousy. to advise your clients not to look at all of the flash and ash and yachts and private jets? >> there's a lot of narcissism now when it comes to showing
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yourself off. everything is a selfie. this is my kid and my kid dances better and is in this competition. you have to have a good hold on yourself to really know what is real and not. you can be whatever you want to be. in my office, i get to see who people really are and i can also see who they are on social media and they are not the same. >> how to lie know if i am overstepping my bounds on social media? how do i know i need to dial it back? >> when you live it. when your whole life is online and you nor -- you are not connecting with people in person. how many times have you gone out and seen a family and no one is communicating and everyone is heads down, on their phones. parents are not even in contact with their own kids. i have parents that will text their kids from downstairs to upstairs. i see this more for the younger ones. they can communicate through text but they get in person and they don't know what to do. they are awkward.
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they are missing this. i think we need to teach these classes in school on how to interact personally. what do they do when they go to an interview? they can be brave through a text but they get in person, to ask someone to a dance and then what. it's awkward. >> my self-confidence is very strong. -- mike's self-confidence is very strong. he says if he gets a mean text, he can brush it off. i think, why did they say that. i take everything deeply to heart. i look at that one mean comment and 100 others that are very sweet don't compare to the ugly one. >> that is actually the brain. you can have 100 complements a day in one person says one negative thing and the brain will make that bigger. it's processed in a bitter -- a different part of your brain. i would say back off of social media. don't read all of the comments. >> personally, a lot of it has
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to do with the upbringing. i don't know how many times i was told, you can't do that. my head was always up, mostly because of my mom was a keep your head up. that is why i react the way i do today. >> when something is hurting you, i think you have to spotcheck yourself and say, this isn't healthy for me. white away have to keep engaging just because everyone else does it? >> thank you dr. sherrie campbell . >> i am glad you are healthy and well. >> [ overlapping speakers ] and uber driver told her on this over here -- on the way over here. >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> thank you dr. sherrie campbell. speaking of social media and reading the comments of the dinner table or whatever, we want to know from you, how much time do you spend on one of these, on social media. do you like to share it all? do you tweet this and what you had for lunch or keeping's privates and only let your close friends and family know? tweet us and make sure to use
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that #-- hashtag. let us now. much more to come. university of san francisco [ applause ] headed to the big dance. we will talk live coming up.
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to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and lha. clearly brighter does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier skinactive. the active way to better skin. you can tell behind us there is rain aplenty. but there's a lot of sunshine at spring training in arizona. we are checking out the early action. >> reporter: good morning to you and the bay area. it is a different story weatherwise here. how fortunate are we? if you are if -- a baseball fan, it doesn't get much better than this. you have madison bumgarner warming up and the rest of the giants pitchers warming up and
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getting ready. there will be an exhibition game this afternoon. that will be about 1:00 in scottsdale. get a good look at how close you can get. i want to show you how close the fans are able to get here. you come to a game early and you are watching some of your baseball heroes from about 10 feet away. that is one of the cool things about spring training. it gives you an entirely different vantage point that you don't get when the regular season starts in the players aren't quite as relaxed. talking about relax, hunter pence, i had a chance to talk to him and his fiancie lexie. they are doing a you tube program. i got to sit down with it. a lot of people don't know what but hunter pence has been dealing with an achilles heel problem so far this year. he is going to make his spring debut today. i asked him yesterday if he
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was a little amped up about that. keep in mind, he had had about a couple of the half of coffee when i talked -- a cup and a half of coffee. >> i'm incredibly nervous. >> why? >> i am thrilled and excited. we took the slowest start as possible. i was trying to get myself in their quicker but i am ready. when you are ready you are not nervous. i feel good. i am excited. i can't wait. >> i live with the guy. three more days. i am ready. he wants to be on the field. let's do it. he is strong. >> reporter: as i said, they had a little coffee in them so they were pete up -- keyed up. as you can imagine hunter pence is usually ramped up but with a little coffee and him, he is really ramped up. they had been playing a
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conservatee -- conservatively with him so far. he assures me that his achilles is just fine. right behind me, i baseball heaven. the giants are going at it this afternoon. we will have a lot of stuff to talk about when we come back. as they say, much tape in the can. a lot of interviews being planned for the next week or so. >> only its digital now. thank you. for the first time since the late 90s, university of san francisco basketball team is headed back to the ncaa tournament. >> [ cheering and applause ] the u.s. -- usf team has won the western championship. >> congratulations. six seed, down 15 in the first quarter, how were you feeling right after that game? shocked? surprised? >> excited, this is what we
9:25 am
set our sights on taking over the program six years ago. i am working with a group of players that love one another. they play with purpose. it is a very exciting time at usf. it is been our vision from day one that we wanted to win a conference championship. we were able to recruit players such as jane dykes -- zhane dikes. >> what does this do for the university? what does it do for the student body? >> when we took over, people said we couldn't do it. it's exciting to do something people said couldn't be done. just watching those highlights, i am so excited for our team and our university. >> i was texting you that my trying to get you on our newscasts. i mentioned -- back in the 50s
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and 60s you either went to usf or calor stanford. i have heard of -- cal or stanford. i have heard a lot of this. have you seen the usf dons. >> we are the only school that gets to where san francisco on our jersey. we take a lot of pride in that. >> i have a question about your style. you are an olympian, gold medalist, do you get more experience from your players or -- as a player or as a former coach. --? >> a lot of coaches become detached for their team -- from their team because there's so much pressure on head coaches. but i bring the understanding
9:27 am
of what it is like to be a player. i love being in the gym. it is my favorite thing to stay after practice and work with them, to be in the mix with them. >> going to the tournament, this is a new experience for your players. how do you prepare them for it? what kind of mind set do you want them to be in? >> i want them to have fun. i wanted to enjoy this. this will be one of their best times of their lives. we talked a lot about the relationships that they have which are going to be for life. way for one another and enjoy it. >> is it more fun to win as a player or a coach? >> it's interesting because i feel like as a player you have more control than you do as a coach. [ laughter ] now it is on them. i said this after everyone of our winds at the wcc tournament. it was our team. it was our players. they did a great job. we have a great coaching staff. it's just an exciting time. >> i know on monday you will find out where you are going. i kind of want you to go against uconn. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. >> take them down. you guys are thinking of maybe even going back to where you played in taking on stanford.
9:28 am
>> there was a chance. again, it is exciting to get to the tournament. anything can happen. >> we will find out on monday, the selection day for the women's tournament. people can celebrate and find out where you're going. >> 3:30 at the gym and the selection starts at 4:00. >> thank you. >> thank you. a very modern twist coming up. we will talk with the stars of "the passion." the rain is falling down on the river levels are coming up. the russian river neighborhood is looking for the possibility of flooding.
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flooding. we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe.
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learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. welcome back. we're checking the twitter page. how many times are you
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actually on social media throughout the day? [ indiscernible ] says i am on it several times a day but only for a few minutes. >> dan fernandez says it has become outrageous lately. it's more about showing off and interacting with people. >> angela king sent us a treat and says i never go on facebook anymore and they don't post my kids' pictures. >> that's a good rule. it's interesting to see what parameters people use. >> cat smith sent us this picture this morning. this is her grandfather sitting on top of the house in a very flooded guernevile back in the 1930s . every time i see -- go up there, more and more homes are on stilts. i remember seeing that picture
9:32 am
10 or 11 years ago, a similar photo. the russian river, you never know. we were keep -- will keep an eye on the russian river. we are tracking the storm. >> it is a wet and windy one as storm number 2 marches across the bay area of -- bay area. as we get into the second part of your day, we will have scattered showers. this is a look at the radar once again. of the 7 and half of -- the southern half of the bay area has a flood advisory until 11:00 this morning. it is moderate to heavy along the santa cruz mountains. highway 9 is covered due to mud debris. if we shift into the peninsula, we have moderate rains along highway 101, palo
9:33 am
alto through sunnyvale. into the east bay you can see it is wide spray. you can see the peninsula is widespread, san francisco getting rain at this time. as we head to the north bay the steady rain continues as well. another report for the north bay north and west of areas near guernevile. -- a slide is impacting parts of highway 101. we talked about this at the top of the hour but a bit of a rotation has been allowed to expire. the flash flood watch continues not only for today but the entire weekend. it is widespread for the north bay, includes the east bay shoreline, peninsula as well as the coast. the red striping to the north of us is where we are holding the possibility of flooding in and around not only the area around the russian river but not as well. here is a look at the winds. we took a look at this, it is
9:34 am
wet and windy, 31 at hayward, this is what you can expect as we get into friday afternoon. scattered showers remaining. you can see by about noon time it tapers off. not a steady -- as steady and heavy. scattered showers will be a possibility. here is your evening dry. widespread showers remain in the forecast and we will dry out as we get into the evening hours. the next-door will be rolling in by tomorrow afternoon. we're looking at the possibility of reaching flood stage and going beyond that for the russian river at guernevile. that's as we get into a tonight and early tomorrow morning. we will be tracking that for you. your numbers of the afternoon today our upper 50s to lower 60s. as they turn it over to the extended forecast, your bay area weekend is always in view. the next storm after this comes in tomorrow night, went on sunday as well. scattered showers in the forecast for monday. the flood warning remains in napa and sonoma counties as we go to the weekend. we have the possibility of
9:35 am
overflowing rivers. >> reporter: what did you do? said you started talking we had a steady rain and now all of a sudden it is like someone turned a hose on us. what have you done? >> expect more. [ laughter ] >> reporter: let me give you a sense of what it is like. chip and i are out here and it's a steady rain and now it's really dumping. you can see the heavy rain that is now falling. this is what we have been talking about all morning long. this is the rain that people have been concerned about an worried about, possibly leading to more flooding. this is the russian river. you can see debris moving down the river. if you are familiar with dunnville -- guernevile, we are at johnson's beach which is a popular recreational area. this area that we are looking at right now is actually a parking lot. the river is so high that it has flooded through the parking lot, a little bit onto the road.
9:36 am
you can see we have our news vehicles parked up here. you can see there was a ton of water on the road, running down to this area all shedding down into the russian river. we have video of what it looked like when we first arrived. when we first arrived we could already see the water rushing to the area. this was before 6:00 this morning. we could see all kinds of logs and things floating down the river. a lot of rain yesterday and more today, the big concern is that once the ground becomes completed -- completely saturated there is no place for today's rain to go. now the major concern is tomorrow's ring. people in guernevile are getting ready for the possibility -- tomorrow's rain. people in turn 25 are getting ready for the possibility of flooding. >> can you tell us -- guernevile are getting ready
9:37 am
for the possibility of flooding. >> can you tell us what they are doing to get ready? >> -- >> reporter: it rains here a lot and people are pretty hardy . we have a video of one guy that showed us his canoe. i will show you the video when you can see that he already has it set. he has an evacuation plan. he says in a matter of minutes he can rush downstairs with whatever he needs, a change of clothes, etc. and he can paddle out. the way i picture it in my mind, it is like venice. they are paddling along the canal. he says he will paddle out along mill street to third and at that point he could run aground and then walk around in guernevile. folks are getting ready for the possibility of flooding. they are hearing that 34 feet is the highest level and flood level is 32 feet. people here are very aware of the possibility of flooding.
9:38 am
>> christian, thanks for that report. the pride of america cruise ship is human the bay area in san francisco getting refurbished -- is here in the bay area in san francisco getting refurbished. >> lucky ducks, aboard the ship , giving us a look at things. is this extreme ship makeover? is this more than mopping the floors? [ laughter ] >> this is expensive. this is part of a $400 million program by norwegian cruise lines where they are revitalizing and refurbishing their ships to make them as much -- is relevant as brand- new ships. normally we would be a terminal 27 and san francisco. we are actually at the shipyard
9:39 am
. top to bottom, this ship is being completely redone. they are spending an enormous amount of money. they have 300 people from the shipyard, 900 contractors, 900 staff on board. you can see areas of the ship under major reconstruction. this area was completely stripped down to its core. they are literally putting in the flooring right now. this is only a 3 1/2 week project that they are working on. they have to get all this work done in that amount of time. >> stewart, a lot of manpower is going into this. who is doing the work? is this putting a lot of local people to work? >> reporter: i lost you. they have 900 contractors and 900 crew on board. new bars, new restaurants, if you have ever been on pride of america in hawaii, it is the only u.s. registered ship.
9:40 am
as mentioned earlier, it doesn't have to visit a foreign port. it is great to be able to spend about 100 hours in port. there is nothing on this ship that hasn't been touched, brand-new pool deck, brand-new spot -- spa, this is no better way to see the hawaiian islands . >> when will it be completed? >> reporter: this is a 3 1/2 we come -- 3 1/2 week project. it will be completed when the ship the parts of san francisco on the 15th and it will return to honolulu. that cruise is completely sold out. it will be resuming, because of the u.s. registry, unlike the ships that ship out of san diego and los angeles, it can spend twice as much time on port because it is american
9:41 am
register. i have been to so many shipyards in the last couple of years with some of the largest ships in the world. this is just amazing! the amount of work they are putting into the ship to make it completely relevant and reminiscent of their newest and largest ships, is amazing. >> aboard the pride of america. we appreciate your time. coming up, we know him as ali g. we are going to talk about a new movie now. we focus in on the controversial storyline including donald trump.
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welcome back to morning's on 2, the nine. [ name indiscernible ] were both eliminated at last night's show. the remaining contestants paired up to do some duets. the list was narrowed down to 6 . earlier this morning i got to talk with what she has -- her about what she has plan next. >> i'm going to get back into the studio. i miss writing and creating. that was one of the hardest things for me was not having the time to do that. i can't wait to make some r&b music and go touring and collaborate with anyone and everyone and do my thing. >> last season's champ performed his hit, american
9:45 am
idol is tomorrow night 8 pm. let's talk about "the passion" which talks about -- which shows the final hours of jesus is -- jesus' life. >> gentleman thank you for joining us this morning. >> how are you? >> on some. we love san francisco we want to give a big shout out to everyone. we love you. >> i love this whole idea of this musical. it is mind blowing. i will start with you, chris. we have a story that's 2000 years old and you are interjecting these modern-day songs. i am excited about it. how does this work? >> it's not just the songs. >> our attire, we might as
9:46 am
will be unset right now. this is jesus. this is judas. it is all relevant to today. there is nothing that looks like the pictures that we saw growing up. because of that, i think kids that normally wouldn't watch something like that, especially in this generation when we are all on our phones, i think something like this is going to be a little more compelling. i don't think it matters what your religious background is. i don't think it matters how you were brought up. we only love. we all need acceptance and forgiveness. this is what the story is about. i think the way it is being told shows that more than ever. >> chris, you came to fame through american idol. jen carlos -- jencarlos, what was it like to get that cool that
9:47 am
you were going to be jesus. >> it was unbelievable. we were touring for year. i was finally home. i was flipping through channels and went through three consecutive stations that were talking about the bombings and all the terrible things that were going on around the world. i get a message from a manager i says you have to see this. i clicked the link and it was a demo reel. they did this in holland. when i saw it, from going to that image on the tv of the bombings, to this image of hope and love, it just took me. it gave me this big, warm hug and said you have to do this. i needed that message in my life. i think we all do. i think it's important that we remember, you don't have to be religious to identify with the story. jesus is a symbol of love, of
9:48 am
hope, of light, of loving each other with our differences, accepting each other, forgiving each other. we need those messages. we need those things in our lives. i think our country needs those things more than ever. that is one of the main reasons why i signed on and said yes from the beginning. it is an honor. >> it's definitely a relatable story still today. >> let me ask you about this, chris. this event will unfold live. you will be making your way through new orleans. talk about the preparation that goes into a major production like this you it --. you have to make sure that it all goes to plan -- according to plan. >> we can't mess up. [ laughter ]
9:49 am
>> i think it's one of those things where you know everybody has a job and if everybody does their job well, it will work. there are a lot of moving parts. it is not just me or jencarlos that is going to make this thing successful. there is so much love and passion behind it, no pun intended. from what we have seen in rehearsal, it is way bigger than i saw in my own head when i was approached to play judas. i am so very happy that i signed on to do this. not only have i met a guy who has easily become a brother to me within the first two days of working together -- judas and judas bffs. >> [ laughter ] >> it is so powerful. you have to watch it. >> i know you love san francisco. i appreciate the shout out. >> i can't wait to get back in play for you. >> take you so much chris and jencarlos. sacha baron cohen has a new
9:50 am
character debuting in his new brother -- his new movie, "the brothers grimsby". he also has a about donald trump that is causing headlines. i asked him what fans can expect from this latest adventure. >> finally i can make things right. [ shouting ] >> it's kind of jason bourne meets bharat. if you don't like either of those movies, you will hate this movie. it has got some crazy scenes in it. there was one scene, a couple of scenes actually that make those look like disney movies. you are either going to absolutely love it or, i imagine quite a few people
9:51 am
will walk out within the first few minutes. >> you like controversy. we know that about you. we do have this scene in the movie where donald trump makes an appearance. do you want to give us a hint about his role in the movie? >> it's a bit of a spoiler so close your ears if you're going to see it tonight. there's a fairytale ending and donald trump does get aids. i don't want to spoil this for you. we got a message from the aids representatives and they don't want aids to be associated with donald trump. there was a bit of a fight with the studio who said you have to prove that donald trump was not involved in this movie and he's not hiv- positive. i said, we're not in the 80s.
9:52 am
there's no stigma attached to it anymore. i don't know if he is hiv- positive. donald trump, show me your certificate. if he is, fine. >> clearly, not a huge fan of donald trump. we can gather that. let me ask you, i love all of the stuff that you have done throughout your career. i have to be honest. when are we going to see some more allergy -- ali g come back? >> i did a little bit of that at the oscars 10 days ago. i had to smuggle in the costume and my wife's dress. she put the beard on me and it took about 40 minutes. i have to tell you hollywood is the only place in the world where man and woman can do this for 40 minutes without anyone questioning why they are doing it works >> we appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. as i say, coming out tonight,
9:53 am
if you like to bharat -- borat , you will like this. if you walk out. --, i will not pay you back. >> [ laughter ] >> you are probably going to hate my movie but by the time you're in there. --, i already have your money. [ laughter ] >> was it a hard interview for you? >> yes, there were moments that he serious. a lot of the time he is in character. you can't quite figure out where you are at. are you seem -- is he serious? he's a special kind of comedian. he manages to play these characters and you don't know when you are getting sacha baron cohen and when you are getting someone else. i said nice western outfits and he said what outfit, this
9:54 am
is what we wear all of the time in london. and i thought okay, that's how it's going to be. ali g was fantastic. >> nice work. we will be back.
9:55 am
9:56 am
before we go, we want to remind everyone it is daylight savings time this weekend. that means you don't change
9:57 am
your clock back. you go forward. spring forward. >> that is always hard to remember. >> you lose an hour of sleep that's okay because the benefit is it is lighter at night. i like that. some people like it darker during the dinner hour. eventually as we reach of june, it will be light out at 9:00. the nor -- the more daylight the better. if you are curious, bruce springsteen is live on sunday at oracle arena. we will leave you with a little springsteen on his friday morning. i will be back at noon. let's start the weekend a little early.
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