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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 11, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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oh yeah, the baby can't walk. it's too new. >> a bison who has just given birth is caught in a hailstorm. >> the mom stops and offers protection. >> the remarkable scene as they weather it together. >> that is a good parent. police chasing a suspect open fire from a chopper. >> they're aiming for the engine the tyrus. >> what happens when the bullets fly right behind a baby stroller? bike cops race to a len cbout a toddler.
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>> this little boy had almost drowned. >> see how these young heroes save a life. and the grood is waiting as his bride starts -- >> working her way to the ceremony. >> why she's not expecting what's at the end of the aisle? >> dude are you sure. yellow stone national park. a lot of people will be going there this summer. some people caught some family drama in the national park on video. of the bison kind. as you can see here there is one heck of a hailstorm. the video caught near the lamar valley late last month. the bison are on the run. the person said the hail stoens were the size of tennis balls. you could see how when they splatter on the windshield they're big. >> that's so sad. they're running. they're getting pelted with these things. >> all that fur, that stuff would protect them. they need to go on the run. they're trying to find shelter.
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notice this one? this one is not going very far. >> that's the one with the flag. the buffalo with the flag afachd. >> it's clear to us. it's something else. >> that must be afterbirth. >> it gave birth. now the little baby is getting hit with hailstones. >> oh yeah the baby can't wash. it's too new. it's fresh out. >> it's shaking on its legs. it's a newborn. the mom stops and offers protection for her new baby. >> that is a good parent. >> where did the mama go? >> this is breeking my heart. all at once you're seeing life happen. then you're seeing life happen. >> oh, it's eating now. okay after that storm, it's now hungry. they can resume back to normal birthing procedure. >> everybody keep driving. >> your baby survived it mama.
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you're a good mama. this is euly. he's in switzerland. he's going to attempt to fly right through the cave in this mountain. >> why? >> that is roughly nine feet wide. but he has been working on this for three years. to pull off this stunt. >> i feel like i want to walk away and not watch it. >> i feel a little sick. >> this is the craziest thing anyone's tried to do. >> this is attempt number one. watch this. he jumped. but he misses it. goes way too far left. >> does he miss or does he realize, no not this time? i'm going to go wide. >> it didn't go as planned. he has to pack up again, grab his hiking sticks. he has to get himself to a different exit point. you see him at the very top of the mountain in this goprovide
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video. watch him go. attempt number two. he takes that sharp right-hand turn. the target is up ahend and -- >> oh oh! >> oh. >> goodness. >> how insane is that? >> it's ridiculous. >> it's an amazing feat to say the least. >> that is some incredible human control and a true feat of human ingenuity, too, that we're able to do that. >> i think this definitely just catapulted euly into the realm of one of the great pilots of all time. videos out of brazil. the message is, do not mess with the brazilian police. this is spectacular. we're riding on a helicopter. a police helicopter chasing that white pup truckickup truck that has been
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stolen and is tearing up the town. the helicopter is easy enough to turn on the dime and catch up. the 16-year-old driver of the stolen pickup struck is causing danger. they decide they're going to act. and act they do. as the pickup truck gets into a lesspopulated area are going to take action. >> my gosh. >> they want to stop this before it gets worse. >> this is a populated area. there are other cars on the road. >> there's a police car there. >> two women pushing a stroller right where the truck came to the stop. >> we ride with them as they come running up to the situation. you can see multiple police cars around. the suspect lying on the floor. >> whoa whoa whoa, got him. >> in the end, he got shot in the leg. a look at the truck that he
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stole, you co-an see, multiple bullet knowles the front of this truck. >> no way he was getting away. >> a good thing as well. he's had a run-in with the police. he's been done once for armed robbery and twice for conspiracy. he was taken to the hospital. once he recovers he'll face the consequences of his actions. it's a beautiful day in the netherlands. lots of people heading to places like a lake. >> that's where these guys on the bikes are headed. they're headed there for a different reason. these are emergency workers. as they get close to this lake you see that a crowd has gathered. you also see people holding up towels trying to block the view of the crowd that's gathered. here's why. as the emergency workers get close to the action you realize
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that's a small toddler on the blanket. this little boy had almost drowned in the lake. the little boy with his mom, got away from her for just two seconds. she thought he had run ahead to play. instead, he ran into the lake. fortunately, two amazing young girls, amina and sara saw what was going on and knew what to do. they jumped in and saved his life. they got him out of the water. they called emergency workers. that's how these people got in and saved this boy's life. this all happened in june of last year. the little boy is okay. police released this video along with the permission of this litt boy's could help other parents keep their children safe. >> we hear and see the moment where we know this little boy is conscious. [ crying ] >> isn't that heart-wrenching? just the nick of time. >> a relief for parents to hear
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that sound. >> i just can't believe how quickly you can lose sight of your kids. >> the police have honored these girls. they gave them movie tickets. here are beautiful photos of the girls. look how young they are themselves. we see the moment this little boy is taken away in an ambulance to a hospital because the young girls were looking out for this boy they didn't know. ♪ a camera catches a toddler with a snake that may be a viper. the scene that's raising questions all over social media. and, complimenting others doesn't always come naturally. so -- >> what about paying people for their compliments? >> see how people react to this social experiment.
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just because four wheelers
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have those big puffy tires doesn't mean that you can cross rivers like an amphibious vehicle would. here's this woman crossing the river with a quad. very quickly she starts to float. get out of hand. and there's a water fall right there. here come some people running to her aid. they said don't let i go. >> don't let go of it! >> now, she's in hip-deep water holding on to a, what 500-pound, 600-pound atv. trying to keep it from going over the waterfall. people are backing up trying to offer assistance. people trying to rope up this atv. they're going to try to tow it out of there. it's real close. it's right on the edge there. you have the person in the red hoodie holding on to the rope. it's hooked up to the utv on the other side. that person givers it a tap. all right, start pulling. the woman holding the atv slips and down she goes.
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over the water fall. >> oh no. >> oh no! >> she's been carried downstream. >> you don't see what happens with the atv. because that also went over with the guy holding it at the same time. both people were able to get of of this uninjured. they were able to recover. >> it is really nice paying people a compliment. what about paying people for their climtompliments? >> kind of defeats the object. >> andrew started paying people to pay each other compliments. >> your shoes are so great. i love the colors. the black laces really match the white tones of your spacey shoes. your legs are so smooth. >> your teeth are really white and nice. you're a good kisser. >> looks like he's finding couple. in particular.
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i think that's nice. it sounds like they don't do it very often. with this opportunity, they let go and started telling each other nice things. >> you're amazing. let me get the pan onoramic view. look at that birthday cake. i melt every time i see you. i've spent ten years with you. >> i love your smile. i love theay you look at me. i life without you. >> oh. >> this is really sweet. sounds like they've been together for ten years. >> he finds another girl i think he might be going out on date with later. he seems to like her. >> i like your hair flow. the soft hair going. blond lox. >> you have will havely hair. if you grew it out it would look better. >> i think you have a pretty laugh. >> i think we get along so well.
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>> i love how open you are. >> let's take conclusion from this video. we get the point. say nice things when it comes into your head. it's a nice thing to do. >> that was fun. >> that's awesome. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. most children simply love animals. this child seems to love reptile reptiles reptiles. oh that is a very long snake. this girl a mere toddler playing with this very long snake that some reports say may be a viper. >> that would be venomous. >> well snake charmers have to start somewher >> this video is going viral quickly. many people are alarmed by this because will is an adult behind the camera that doesn't seem to be afraid that this child is pulling on the snake. the snake looks like it's trying to get away. >> lots of people sharing the
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video having the same reaction. the next video, this girl loves animals. she's crying saying i don't want to eat animals. in this moment, her dad, noel was trying to tell her where meat comes from. that it is in fact from animals. when she heard this in march of 2015 she decided no more. >> you don't eat onions. >> i don't like -- >> did you eat vegetables? >> but i don't like when people eat animals. >> oh. >> very sweet. that's adorable. >> according to her mom, she's still sticking to the principle. >> we shouldn't eat them? >> no. when it comes to playing fetch, jack the bulldog is not in any hurry.
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see how he takes the game at his own pace. [ laughter ] and, see some guys terrorized by -- >> probably the worst roommate you could ask for. why nobody is safe in this house of horrors.
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scare your pants off. >> he doesn't stop at night. you get snacky. you're in your jim jams you go to eat, he's waiting for you. >> gosh. >> how does that not make you pee your pants? it's the middle of the night. everything is dark and quiet. >> you start looking for that 900-square-foot apartment with the noisy neighbors and the big dog so he doesn't come over unexpected. >> it's boys being boys. >> ah! >> i salute you. >> oh oh oh my god. a couple of really cute videos of the four-legged furry good time on the bed. until kenzie's not having a good time on the bed. [ dog barks ] >> bye. >> bye. >> not optional. [ dog barks ] >> just slid right off in the cutest way possible. >> i love how animals fall off
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the bed. they're like wee! they can't grab on. they have the confused look on the face. it's awesome. this next video, the dog jack like cartoon dog. jack playing fetch. >> fine, i'll get it. >> yeah. >> that dog doesn't want to play fetch. >> this is the first doing that figured out fetch is a pointless game. >> i'm just staying here. >> and i don't need the exercise. >> thank you very much. i like my role. >> yeah. this groom is waiting patiently as his bride is -- >> working her way out to the ceremony.
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experiment to watch and see how it all plays out on the battlefield. a lovely family on holiday in iceland. a pretty darn good vacation. they headed to this popular g geyser. they're waiting for it to erupt. >> are they standing too close? >> they're standing in the designated safety zone. >> oh! [ screaming ] >> oh that had to burn. >> oh yes, gayle. it's a windy day. at the moment the geyser erupted, a gust of wind came through and blew the boiling hot water on the tourists there, including the family catching the video. [ crying ] >> you hear a young child crying. this family had two children a 6-year-old and an 11-year-old. they suffered first and
10:57 am
second-degree burns. they said that the people at the geyser all the staff, immediately reacted. got emergency workers there very quickly. the coast guard even arrived within minutes with a helicopter. air-lifted the two children to a hospital in reykjavik where the children received treatment. >> and if safety zone needs to be bigger. i think even those people that considered themselves not to be very emotional types will love this video. this is at the wedding of cody. this fine handsome groom here. and katie. he in this moment is waiting for her. she's working her way out. to the ceremony. >> this is the best moment of the wedding. >> beautiful. >> the an missation. they haven't seen each other all day long. >> oh oh. >> he's cracking. >> did you see that? >> he doubled over.
10:58 am
the second he sees katie, he breaks down. like you see grooms tear up. never seen this. >> there's a few angles. of this moment. and you see her walking up. we see the back of her dress. we do have pictures. you goat to see just how lovely she looks. >> oh. she does look lovely. >> look how happy he is. he's beaming in every way. >> he looks so in love. >> andou're goingove this story mo apparently that morning, she had given him a letter that she had written back in 2009 about the love of her life. she met him in 2011 and kept this letter because he was everything she had written about in this letter. gave him that letter on their wedding day in the morning. and then he said it started off a day of emotion and joy and happiness. and then it just manifested in the water works. >> that's beautifu
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>> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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♪ some dudes are so busy doing a wheelie -- >> they don't pay attention to what's in front of them. >> the moment the rubber meets the road block. even though the guests are all in their wedding guest. >> they can't hold a candle to the bride. >> but see why you can hold a candle to the photographer. >> no. hikers come across an amazing water fall. what happens when there's only one way to get down. and a dude pretends to be a drug deerl prank his


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